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Physical Welfare of School Children, Committee on. Ph3rsical wel-
fare of school children; an examination of the home conditions
of 1,400 New York school children found by school physicians
to have physical defects. Boston, 1907. (Amer. Statist. Assoc.
Publications, 10 : 272-316.) C

Sanitary Bureau. Instructions for medical school inspectors. N. Y.,

M. B. Brown, 1897. 37 p. A

Hew York State — Health, Board of. Health in the common schools.
Albany, 1882. 41 p. C

Reprinted from and annual report of the N. Y. State Board of Health.

Public Instruction, Department of. Results of inspection in public

schools. Albany, 1903. 22 p. C

Public Schools Athletic League. Discussion of athletic badge test and
general review of work of league. N. Y., [1909?]. C

Official hand book, 1907-8, by L. H. Grulick and L. F. Hanmer. B

Yearbook, 1909. New York, 1909. P

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Snedden, David S., and Allen, William Harvey. School reports and

school efficiency. N. Y., Macmillan, 1908. 183 p. A
PabUahed by the Committee on the Physical Welfare of School Children.

Allen, William Harvey. National programme for departments of school

hygiene. No. Amer., 188 : 112-22. 1908.
Bancroft, Jessie H. Physical training in the public schools of New York

City. Amer. Physical Educ. R., 8 : 16-23. ^9^3-
Chace, Lydia Gardiner. What medical inspection means in New York

schools. Char., 10 : 409-10. 1903.
Chapin, Henry Dwigbt. Sanitary defects in primary schools, Leslie's

W.f 72 : 40. 1891.
Cronin, J. H. Medical inspection in the schools. Univ. Settlement

Studies, I : 138-40. 1905.
Define, Edward Thomas. Underfed children in the schools. Char.,

20 : 412-6. 1908.
Do 70,000 New York children go to school breakfastless? Pub. Opinion,

38 : 242-3. 1905.
Farrell, Elizabeth. School luncheons in the special classes of the pubKc

schools. Char., 13 : 569-71. 1905.
Hamilton, James Henry. School children's Itmch room. Char., 20 :

400-2. 1908.
Heffem, Abbie I. The School nurse and her work. Craftsman, 14 : 619-

25. 1908.
RavenhiU, Alice. Report on the teaching of hygiene in the United States.

Jour. Sanitary Institute, 23 : 29-132. 1902.
Lat^ely New York City,

Rogers, L. L. School nursing in New York City. Univ. Settlement

Studies, I : 141-6. 1905.
Schoenfeld, Mayer. East Side and the panic. Char., 20 : 426-7. 1908.

A criticism of the feeding of school children.

Spargo, John. Nurse and doctor in the public schools are evidence of

the growing regard for child life. Craftsman, 11 : 472-80.

Stewart, D. H. Unsanitary schools and public indifference. Forum,

20 : 103-12. 1895.
Wald, Lillian D. Feeding of the school children. Char., 20 : 371-4.

Medical inspection of public schools. Annals Amer. Acad., 25 : 290.

1905- A

Whitin, Ernest Stagg. Hungry children in New York public schools.

Commons, 10 : 300-1. 1905.


City Club. Proposed school legislation. [N. Y.?], 1900. 33 p. A

Finegan, Thomas Edward. Text book on New York school law, includ-
ing the Consolidated school act, the University law, the decisions
of courts, and the rulings and decisions of State Superintendents.
Albany, Weed-Parsons Printing Co., 1902 384 p. C

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Johnson, W. D. School law for training classes. Syracuse, 1901. 60 p.

iU. C

New York City — Commission to Revise Laws affecting Common Schools and

Public Education. Report. N. Y., C. G. Burgoyne, 1894.

28 p. C
Education, Board of. Charter provisions relating to the Board of

Education, borough school boards and the public schools of

New York City, laws of 1897. Brooklyn, 1897. 5^ p. C
Compulsory education, [Act of May 11, 1874]. N. Y., [1874]. 4 p. A

Education, Department of. Educational chapter of revised charter.

[N. Y., 1903.] 104 p. C
Report of the Committee on School System relative to proposed

legislation, Dec. 18, 1895. [N. Y., 1895.] 19 p. C

New York State — Legislature. Act to extend to the City and County of
New York the provisions of the general act in relation to com-
mon schools, passed April 9, 1842. (In Bd. of Aldermen
Docs., V. 8, no. 86.) A

Act authorizing a Free Academy in New York City. N. Y.,

Nesbit, 1847. S P- A

Act relating to common schools in the City of New York,

Jan.9, 1895. [Albany, 1895.] 8 p. (Assembly bill, no. 47.) A

Act in relation to the common schools and public education

in the City of New York, Jan. 10, 1895. [Albany, 1895.] 33
p. (Assembly bill, 681.) A

Act to amend section 1025 of Chapter 410 of the Laws of 1882,

entitled "An act to consolidate into one act and to declare the
special and local laws affecting public interests in the City of
New York," relative to the appomtment, powers and duties of
school trustees, March 8, 1895. [Albany, 1895.] 3 p. (As-
sembly bill, 1390.) A

Act in relation to the common schools and public education in

the City of New York, April 5, 1895. [Aloany, 1895.] 33 p.
(Assembly bill, 956.) A

Act in relation to common schools in New York. Albany,

1896. 13 p. C

Act in relation to education, constituting Chapter 23 of General

laws. [Albany] 1900. 302 p. C

Act to amend Charter of 1897 relative to uniform salary

schedtilefor Dept. of Education. Albany, 1900. 7 p. A

Final report of Committee on Educational Unification. Al-
bany, 1904. 249 p. C
Public officials in New York State, City and Kings County, and

laws for office appointment. Brooklyn, 190 1. 16 p. (Brookljm
Eagle Library series, no. 60.) C

■ Statutes. Comptilsory education law. Albany, 1 894-1 905. 3 pts.


Consolidated school law of the State of New York, in force

Oct. I, 1905. Albany, 1905. 224 p. (N. Y. State Education
Dept. Bulletin, no. i.) C

Statutes relating to the general school laws, passed 1879-1883,

inclusive. Albany, 1883. 36 p. C

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Association for Improving the Condition of the Poor. Communication on
behalf of vacation and night schools, recreation centers and pop-
tdar lectures, Jan. 9, 1905. N. Y., 1905. 55 p. P

Report of Department of Schools on vacation schools. N. Y., 1895.

12 p. A

Vacation schools. N. Y., 1896. 32 p. P

Buck, Winifred. Play centers. (In Eastern Public Educ. Assoc. Con-
ference, 1904. p. 53-9.) P

Fulton, Elizabeth. Evening recreation centers in Manhattan. (School
of Philanthropy thesis, 1909.) P

Greene, M. L. Among school gardens. N. Y., Charities Publication
Committee, 19 10. 390 p. ill. (Russell Sage Fotindation Pub-
lication.) P

For scattered allusions to the DeWitt Qinton Park School Farm see Index. Contains also a
Bibliography of school gardens.

New York City — Education, Department of. Outlines of work and occupa-
tions in the vacation schools and playgrounds. N. Y., 1902.
47 p. P

• Report on play schools for Manhattan and the Bronx. N. Y.,

1899. A

Report on vacation schools and playgrounds, Boroughs of

Manhattan and the Bronx, 1898-. N. Y., 1898- C
Evening School Committee. Annual reports, 1848-60. (Appendix

to Board of Education Reports.) A

Parsons, Henry Griscom. Children's gardens for pleasure, health and

education. N. Y., Sturgis & Walton, 1910. 226 p. ill. P

Based largely on experience in New Yatk City school gardens.

Chaufour, ^mile. Les classes de vacances k Paris et k New-York. Revue

Philanthropiqiie, 4 : 324-30. 1899.
Idea of vacation schools. Char., 9 : 220-4. 1902.

Johnston, Bertha. Children's school farm, De Witt Clinton Park. Kin-
dergarten M ., 19 : 567-73. 1907.
League of Social Service. Recreation plus education; vacation schools

in New York. Munic. Affairs, 2 : 432-8. 1898.
Parsons, Mrs. Fannie Griscom. Children's school farm. Soc. Service,

V. 8, no. 2 : 23-5. 1903.
First children's school farm in New York City. School Jour., 74 :

405-6. 1907.
Outline story of the birth and development of DeWitt Clinton Park.

Playground, no. 18 : 4-9. 1908.
Second children's farm school in New York City. Char., 11 : 220-3.

Parsons, Henry Griscom. Children's school farm in DeWitt Clinton Park.

Southern Workman, 36 : 91-4. 1907.
Riis, Jacob August. City farms and harvest dances. Century, 56 : 773-

7. 1909.

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Smith, Bertha H. Health and recreation for city children. Craftsman,
8 : 735-46. 1905.
What New York City does for children in summer.

Summer vacation schools. Outlook, 89 : 324. 1908.

Tolmany William Howe. Vacation schools in New York. Munic.

Affairs, 2 : 433-8. 1898.

R. of Rs., 16 : 191-2. 1897.

Wilcox, Marrion. New York's vacation schools. Harper's W., 45 : 842-

3. 1901-


Address of the Roman Catholics to their fellow citizens of the City and
State of New York [relating to the education of their children,
stating their objection to the present system of common school
education, etc.]. N. Y., 1840. A

Green, Nelson G. Argimient and amendments to educational law on be-
half of Catholic interests. N. Y., 1899. C

New York City — Aldermen, Board of. Iniportant debate on the claim of
the Catholics to a portion of the Common School Fund before the
Board of Aldermen of the City of New York, 1840. ad ed.
N. Y., 1840. 57 p. C

Report of Committee on petition of Catholics for distribution

of School Fund. N. Y., Bryant & Boggs [1841]. (Bd. Aid. Doc..
40.) A

Assistant Aldermen, Board of. Report of Committee on appropriat-
ing money to reHgious societies for schools. N. Y., 1840. (Bd.
Aid. Doc, 40.)

Education. Board of. Report of Committee in relation to sectarian

character of books, 4th Ward. N. Y., S. D. Slamm, 1843. ^i
p. A

Report of Committee relative to use of the Bible . N.Y., 1844. A

Report of minority of Committee on By-laws against com-

pelling reading of Bible. N. Y., Wynkoop, Hallenbeck &
Thomas, 1859. 21 p. A

ReUgion in the school fight. [N. Y., 1903.] 14 p. A

Union League Club. Cherish, protect and preserve the free common
schools; sectarian appropriations of public money; report of
Committee on Political Reform. N. Y., 1872. 16 p. C

McDevitt, P. R. Grievous school question again discussed. Catk. World,
72 : 696—708. 1901.


[Interborough Association of Women Teachers, New York.] Governor
Hughes's veto message on Women teachers* ' * equal pay bill " and
comments thereon. [N Y., B. H. Tyrrel, 1907.] 27 p A

Memorandum on Teachers' equal pay bill. n. p. [1908?] 45 p. C

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New York City — Education^ Board of. Report on minimum requirements
[for teachers' licenses], adopted 1898. N. Y., 1898. 11 p. A

Education^ Department of. Directory of teachers, 1902-. N. Y.,

1902-. C

New York State — Education, Department^ of. Examination for state cer-
tificate; regulations. Albany, 1905. 6 p. C

Teachers' training classes. Albany, 1906. 22 p. P

Public Instruction, Department of. Regulations governing examina-
tions for teachers certificates. Albany, 190 3-. A

Teachers' Association. Report of the Committee on the Promotion of
Teachers. N. Y., 1907. 75 p. C

Maxwell, William Henry. Stories of the lives of real teachers. World's
Work, 18 : 11877-80. 1909.

Nelson, Charies Alexander. Bibliography of teachers* salaries and pen-
sions. Educ. R., 31 : 24-35. ipo?'

Schwab, Gustav Henry and others. Equalization of teachers' salaries.
Educ. R., 39 : 289-95. 1910.

Vetoes needed for Teachers' salary and other bills. Outlook, 92 : 95-6.


New York State — Labor Statistics, Bureau of. Selected bibliography
on industrial education. (In its Annual report, 1908. no. 26, v. i,
P- 357-69.)

Association of Sewing Schools. Report, 1899-1900. N. Y., 1899-1900. A

CoQtams a Bibliography of the teaching of sewing, 33 p.

Reports, letters, and circtilars [moimted in a scrap-book]. C

Auchmuty, Richard Tylden. To Trustees of Coltunbia College on in-
cluding a trade school. [N. Y.?], 1890. 24 p. C

Brooklyn Manual Training High School. Courses of studies. Brookl3nti,
n. d. C

Chamber of Commerce. Report of Committee on Commercial Education.
N. Y.. 1899. 18 p. C

Children's Aid Society. Arguments on legality of appropriation from
School Fund for industrial schools of the Society. N. Y., 1883.
27 p. C

Chittenden, Lucius Eugene. Value of instruction in mechanic arts;
address before the American Institute. N. Y., 1889. 28 p. A

Cooper Union. Annual report, i860-. N. Y., i860-. A

Charter trust deed and by-laws, with letter of Peter Cooper accom-
panying trust deed. N. Y., 1859. 61 p. C

Parton, James. Cooper Institute and its founder. (In his Triumphs

of enterprise. 1872. p. 23-34.) B


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Flexner, Mary, ed. Directory of trade, industrial, and art schools in

Greater New York. N. Y., 1909. 20 p. P

Hebrew Technical Institute. Anntial report, 1884-. N. Y., 1885-. C

Catalogue, 1893-. N. Y., 1893- C

Hebrew Technical School for Girls. Annual report, 1896-. N. Y.,

1897-. C

Slitchen-Garden Association. Report of secretary, constitution, etc.

[N. Y.], 1880. 12 p. C

Metropolitan Museum of Art. Prospectus of technical schools. z88o;

1881-82; 1890. N. Y., 1880-90. A

New York Cooking School. Annual report, 1890-. N. Y., 1890-. A

New York Electrical Trade School. Circular of information concerning

aims, courses, [etc.]. N. Y., 1909. 48 p. ill. A

New York School of Applied Design for Women. Circular of information,

1908-. N. Y., 1908-. C

New York State — Labor Statistics, Bureau of. Institutions offering courses

in industrial training in New Yort State. (In its Annual report,

1908. no. 26, V. I, p. 324-56.) A

The schools, with a few exceptions, are in Greater New Yorit.

Pratt Institute. Annual report, 1888-. Brooklyn, 1888-.

The reports of Pratt Institute may be found in the Pratt Institute Free library, Brooklyn.

Catalogue, 1890-. Brookl3nti, 1890-. C


Andrews, Henry V. Marvelous work of an Italian trade school. Leslie* s
W., no : 290. 1910.
Italian House, Five Points, N. Y.
Boland Trade School. Cath, World, 57 : 822-31. 1893.

5zst St. and Madison Ave.
Industrial education in New York. Science, 9 : 553-8. 1887.
Industrial schools of New York. N. Y. Quarterly, 3 : 559-75. 1855.
Lord, Katharine. Greenwich Handicraft School. Craftsman, 13 : 717-

21. 1908.
McCracken, Elizabeth. Making the working girl a craftswoman. OuP-
look, 84 : 1013-23. 1906.
Manhattan Trade School.

Mead, Leon. Work in the New York trade schools. Engin. M., 3 : 55-

66. 1892.
Woolman, Mary Schenck. Manhattan Trade School for Girls. Char,,

10 : 2p-32. 1903.
Same. Educ. R., 30 : 178-88. 1905.


Abigail Free School and Kindergarten. Annual report, 1895-1907.

N. Y., 1895-1907. A

Brooklyn Kindergarten Association. Annual report, 189 2-1 900.

Brooklyn, 1892 - 1900. C

Digitized by



BrookBy Ang6line. Mission kindergartens for New York. N. Y. 1891.

4 p. (Teachers College leaflets, no. 79.) A

Rei»inted from Christian Vnicn, Aug. 8, z88o.

New York Kindergarten Association. Annual report, 1890-. N. Y.,

1891-. A

Public Education Association. Kindergartens in the public schools.

N. Y., 1909. 20 p. P

ICazwelly Frances Lee. Settlement kindergarten. Univ. Settlement
Studies, 2, no. 2 : 79-81. 1906.

Orctttt, Hortense May. History of the kindergarten in the New York
public schools. Kindergarten M., 19 : 434-41. 1907.

Settlements and settlement kindergartens in New York City. Kinder-
garten M., 19 : 610-15. 1907

Training child waifs and strays: The work of the Abigail Free Kinder-
garten. Christian Herald, Ap. 15, 1896 : 305.

Waterman, Mary H. The New York Kindergarten Association. Univ.
Settlement Studies, 2, no. 2 : 73-8. 1906.


For list of works on the libraries of New York City, see New York Public

Library Bulletin, 1901. v. 5, p. 227-32. A

See also file of the Library Journal. 1876-. N. Y., 1876-. A

Adams, Emma. The New York Public Library. (School of Philanthropy
thesis, 1908.) P

Appr«atices' Library. General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen of
the City of New York. Annual report of the Library Committee,
Jan. 4. 1865. N. Y., 1865. A

Brooklyn Public Library. Agreement entered into between the City
of New York and the representatives of Andrew Carnegie for
the erection of branch libraries in the Borough of Brooklyn.
[N. Y.. 1901.] 9 p. C

Annual report of directors. 1898-. Brooklyn, 1898-. B

Hamlin, Alfred Dwight Foster. Report to the Committee having

charge of the erection of the Carnegie library buildings in Brook-
lyn. N. Y., 1901. 8 p. C

Columbia University Library. Preliminary scheme for the relation be-
tween Coltunbia University Library and the New York Public
Library, Astor, Lenox and Tilden fotmdations, in the matter of
the development of the libraries and the purchase of books.
[N. Y.], 1896. 15 p. C

Report of the librarian, 1884—. N. Y., 1884—.

Digitized by



Columbia University Library. Baker, George Hall. Special collections
in Columbia College Library. Columbia Literary Mo., 2 : 6-14.,
158-70. pi. 1893. C

Canfield, James H. The Library. (In History of Columbia

' University, 1 754-1904. 1904, p. 427-41.) C

Jones, William Alfred. Coltunbia College Library. N Y., 1861.

32 p. C

Reprinted from the University Quarterly, Jan. 1861.

Nelson, Charles A. Library. (In Columbiana: A bibliography,

1904. p. 34-6) C

Smith, E. R. Henry Ogden Avery Memorial Library of Architec-
ture and the Allied Arts. N. Y., 1903. 31 p. C

Du BoiSy Henry Pdne. Four private libraries of New York. N. Y., Du-
prat, 1892. 119 p. ill. B

Keep, Austin B. History of the New York Society Library. [N. Y.]
DeVinne, 1908. 607 p. ill. A

Kern, Albert J. W. Johann Jakob Astor und die Astor Bibliothek.
Phila., German- Amer. Press, 1904. 30 p. L

Mercantile Library Association. Annual report, 182 1- N. Y., 1839-.


Gourlie, J. H. Address delivered before the Mercantile Library

Association, [embod)dng a history of the Association]. N. Y.,
1839. 20 p. C

New York City — Education, Department of. Catalogue of books author-
ized in public school libraries, Manhattan and the Bronx. N.
Y., Wynkoop-Crawford, 190 1. 152 p. A

Catalogue of books for public school libraries, graded and anno-
tated. N. Y., 1904. 202 p. A

Finance Department. Cost of public libraries. [N. Y., M. B. Brown,

1909] 43 P- A

Municipal Investigation and Statistics, Bureau of. Real estate owned

by the City of New York used for public libraries, Jan. i, 1908.
N. Y., 1908. 114 p. ill. C

Dept. of Finance. Analysis of estimate for the year 1908 for

maintenance of libraries.' Oct. i, 1907. [N. Y., 1907.] 29 p. C

New York Free Circulating Library. 21st and final report, with sketch of

history. N. Y., 1900. 71 p. ill. MA

New York Law Institute. History of the library; by W. H. Winters.

[N.Y., 1890?] A

New York Library Club. Libraries of Greater New York; [also] Manual

and Historical sketch of the N. Y. Library Club. N. Y., 1902.

185 p. A

Contains list of libraries and Index to special collections.

Manual 1894, 1897, 1902, 1907. N. Y., 1894-1907. A

Manual for 190a appeared under title: Libraries of Greater New York.

Union list of periodicals currently received by the New York and

Brooklyn libraries. N. Y. 1887. 58 p. A

New York Public Library. Agreement with architects relative to con-
struction of branch library btiildings. [N. Y., 1901.] 6 p. A

Ceremonies of la)dng the cornerstone, 1902. N. Y., 1902. 36 p. A

Digitized by



New York Public Library. Communication of the Secretary to the
Mayor, enclosing Mr. Andrew Carnegie's letter offering to give
$5,200,000 for New York public libraries. [N. Y., 1901.] 4 p. A

Correspondence relating to the question of consolidation of free

circtilating libraries with the New York Public Library. [N. Y.l,
1900. 26 p. A

Memoranda on reouirements for admission to staff and advancement

in Circtilating Dept., by Elizabeth Foote. N. Y., 1905. 20 p. A

Report of director, 189 7-. N. Y., 1898-. A

The Astor, Lenox, Free Circulating, Harlem and Agtiilar libraries were consolidated under the
name N. Y. Public Library oa May 33, 1895. Previous to that date each library had issued separate
reports, for which see Astor Library catalogue.

Resolutions by the Board of Estimate and Apportionment and

Dept. of Parks with contracts relative to new library building.

[N. Y., 1897.] 18 p. A
Trustees of the Astor Library, the Trustees of the Lenox Library and

the Tilden Trust; agreement of consolidation. [N. Y.], 1895.

II p. A

Pratt Institute Free Library. Annual report, 189 6-. Brookl3nti, 189 7-.


Earlier reports are included in the Annual reports of Pratt Institute.

Stevens, Henry. Recollections of Mr. James Lenox and the formation
of his library. London, 1886. 211 p. B

Wynne, James. Private libraries of New York. N. Y., E. French, i860.
472 p. C

Astor and Lenox Libraries. Nation^ 36 : 462-3. 1883.

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Univ. Q.t 2 : 118-22. 1900.

The New York Public Library. Library Assoc. Rec, i : 210-15. 1899.

Outlook, 58 : 55-61. 1898.

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nationale de rEnseignementt 12 : 307-11. 1886.
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24 : 199—201. 1899.
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1223. 1897.
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Record, 23 : 97-110. 1908.
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12 : 185-6; 224-5. 1887.
Historical outline of the foundation and origin of the New York Public

Library. N. Y. Public Library Bullletin, 1 : 3-21. 1897.
Button, Lawrence. The New Yoric Public Library: Harper's W., 39 :

273-4. 1895.
Library of J. Pierpont Morgan. Amer. Archit., 95 : 1-2. 1909.
Mdntyre, Robert B. Cost of libraries in New York City. Library Jour.,

32 : 438-9- 1907-

Digitized by



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i8 : 608-18. ill. 1904.
New York Public Library. Amer, Arckit., 92 : 163-9. 1907.

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Ten years in a public library. Galaxy, 8 : $28-35. 1869.

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Char., 15 : 886-9. 1906.
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Our leading libraries; no. i, the Astor. Mag. of Amer. Hist., 29 :

150-6. 1893.
Schweinfurth, J. A. The Avery Memorial Library. Archit. and Contract

Reporter, 55 : 161-3. 1896.
Simkhovitch, Mary Kingsbury. Assembly halls in public libraries.

Char., 15 : 885-6. 1906.
Smith, Edward Robinson. The Avery Library. Columbia Univ. Q., 6 :

140—6. 1904.


F(v repcnrts c^ the following museums and gardens see the catalogues of the Astor Library, Ameri-
can Museum of Natural History, Children's Museum, Brooklyn, Metropolitan Museimi of Art, Mu

of the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences, New York Aquarium, New York Botanical Garden,
and New York Zoological Park.

American Museum of Natural History. (In U. S. National Museum.
Report, 1903. p. 328-37.) C

Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences. Preliminary account of the
Children's Museum, opened Dec. 16, 1899. Brooklyn, 1900.
II p. ill. A

Museum of the. (In U. S. Nat. Mus. Report, 1903. p. 338-45.) A

Bryant, William Cullen. Metropolitan Art Museiun. (In his Prose
writings. 1901. v. 2. p. 261-6.) A

Hoeber, Arthur. Treasures of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. N. Y.,
R. H. Russell, 1899. 312 p. ill. A

Meyer, Adolf Bemhard. Studies of the museums and kindred insti-
tutions of New York City. (In U. S. National Museum. Re-
port, 1903. p. 311-92.) C

New York Zoological Society. Views in the New York Zoological Park.
Brooklyn, 1903. pi. A

American Musetmi of Natural History: Warren Museum. Pop. Sci. M.,

68 : 380-2. 1906.
Art Museum as an historian; the Metropolitan and Sir C. P. Clarke.

Craftsman, 11 : 156-71. 1907.

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