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stetson University

DeLand, Florida 32720

Volume 65


Living Up to Standards


■""• 4 Above: Stetson Hall, after a major overhaul now stands freshly
I independent. Left: Dorms are nice, but even the Student Lounge
% can offer a comfortable sanctuary.

Living on tfie Stetson campus, though never free of its prob-
lems, has reached a comfortable climax in the past year. Stetson
Hall, for example, though under renovation for over a year, is
finally functioning as smoothly as the other women's dorms.
Keeping equal quality in housing is important, and upholding that
standard is more so, but it becomes a challenge when your door
drops from its hinges.




; ^

Y~-t ""

Left: Susan French and Cindy Rice eagerly search for their Emily
Hall rooms. Above: The ninety-four year old center section of
Chaudoin IHall.

Above: The newly refwbished Cordis Hall. Right: Lori Harrell

and Susan Riley display a door which has fallen from its place.

Below: A sample of Cordis Hall living. Below right: Dallas Boy-
chuck unpacks her belongings.

A major facelift was given to Cordis Hall which now boasts new
ceilings and furniture plus installed carpet. Comfortable living has
reached a new mark in men's housing. Naturally one's own personal
touch is allowed to supply any room with an atmosphere of home,
but sometimes comfort must be obtained in places besides the


History Standing Tall

Left: DeLand Hall (1883)
Above: Flagler Hall (1902)

Below left: Sampson Hall (1908)

Below: Elizabeth Hall (1892-center, 1897-wings)

The construction of DeLand Hall in 1883 set a traditional standard at
Stetson that has continued through the addition of the pedestrian mall
in 1985. Though each landmark is a reflection of its own individual
time, a unique campus atmosphere has gradually and carefully been
captured and developed right up to the present.

Maintaining both tradition and atmosphere has become an impor-
tant consideration over the years and is evident from end to end of the


Stetson's scenic balance has been upheld through its
landscape and architecture with the intent to capture an
old-fashioned flavor, and at the same time, provide useful,
modern facilities. It is especially emphasized in the more
recent additions.


I*. rlMi«.i\ <,r». ,t I .,»th<r Ui«k, iUv rarnivat was set up on Hulh-N Ti* I<1 Ahovt- is a |
l'»k« . \l|ih;i \i, ituti Siijma Nu iMjoths.


•M , \u pi«dj;<s iim TvrrtW and T«>n> Schodir ^rit splatt»r<d with rottrn tjfc:?* for f

thi' HHist popular Ixxiths at thi' rarnival.

Cteenieather on Me Stetson campus - Fall 1961

6 Student Life

a I view «f th*» itikHav,


\JLji Ky nH/Lj


The lives of Stetson students never stop moving.
Achieving the full University experience depends on
having more to do than study. Programs that involve
people in charity, sports, every branch of the arts, ca-
reer and academic exploration and school spirit all
serve to give the students many routes of activity.
Though personal reward and plain fun are the pro-
ducts, the effects of Student Life are felt beyond the
bounds of the campus.

Susan Brown applies make-up to John joiner for Mr. Beauty.


ty. For oIniimK n^a«»<»n?«.


Student Life 7

O.K., everybody smile!

You mean we're going to the Commons again ^ (Ha! Ha!)

O On Campus

Hanging out in front of Sampson Hall.

Here at Stetson, the students read very intellectual books.



Students at Stetson have
found many ways to relax in be-
tween the academic rigors. The
campus offers scenic bike
routes, ample space for strolling,
throwing a frisbee, or just relax-
ing with friends; whatever! Stet-
son even has its own game
room, student lounge for televi-
sion and napping, and of course
the Hat Rack patio and C.U.B.
circle where students can ob-
serve the goings on.

Taliing a few moments out of a busy
day just to talk.

Betty Uorens and Susan McDaniels heading toward the

Showing pride in Theta Alpha Phi.

On Campus 9



Todd Davis and Patrick Williams.

Jim Bums on drums with Corey Musselmen on bass guitar. An aspiring rocl< band made up of Stetson students^


There was » record number of rocl<ers participating this year including
many new independent groups.

10 Creenfeather


Lynn Rogers and Tres Mullis perform their masterpiece "Make Love Stay"

Im Maloney sings a heart-warming song entitled Kim Rogers dynamically sings "True Love'


Mimi Taft sings "Something That Can't Be" to a

Creenfeather iX

enfeather beauties aboum

Alonzo Williams representing BCM.

1l2 Mr. Beauty

Susan Poindexter and Maria Zouves grapple for the female title
at the Alpha Tau Omega's wrestling booth.

Creenfeather is a week full of events for
Greek and non-Greek organizations to help
charities. Greenfeather was co-chaired by
Darcy Haag and Ed Graham. The week be-
gan with the Mr. Beauty Contest, and fol-
lowed with the Olympics, Rock-a-Thon,
and the carnival.

Miss Greenfeather 1985 — Shannon
Goff representing Alpha Tau Omega was
crowned along with first runner up Shanda
Gilderbloom representing SGA and second
runner up Helen Stratigakos Lambda Chi
Alpha, at the Carnival on Friday night.

Greenfeather 1..3


Intramural sports provides the
opportunity for competition
and fun between organizations.
The Women's Intramural Pro-
gram began with volleyball.
Hard work, dedication, and
good attitudes made the pro-
gram successful throughout the

Football started the Men's In-
tramural Program with a rush. In-
tense concentration and lots of
practice pulled them through
this season.

Pat Dean waits for his long lost ball.

Way to hit that ball!

The Alpha Chi's show they're out to win with

their Intense concentration. ^i

Hope Adams sets the ball.

14 Student Life



Behind Cummings Gym, Laura leads the Alpha Xi's to victory.

Student Life 15


The Speech and Theatre De-
partment began the year with
"The Actor's Nightmare" by
Theta Alpha Phi. October 10, 11,
and 12 the curtains opened for
"The Crucible" which proved
successful. ''Crimes of the
Heart" showed how touchingly
hilarious life can be.

The directing class showed
their talents with the production
of eight one-act plays plus se-
nior Ron Geiger's "Death Trap".
The year ended with the com-
edy "Blithe Spirit".

"The Crucible" made Todd a master with mascara.

Doctor Who's "sewing manual" has brought
Kim far in the theatre.

The Puritanical lifestyle claims all who
experience it.

16 Theatre

Shannon discovers the pain of being beauti-

Todd is shocked by Andrea's aggressiveness.

Talent in action.


"Stetson . . . And All that Jazz" welcomed home the
alumni for Homecoming Weekend, 1986. Former Hatters
were here to participate in the many events to remind them
of good times past. Homecoming Chairman and Co-Chair-
man Beth Chesser and Greg Doescher arranged a multitude
of activities including barbeques, sports and banquets.
"Cluster" Receptions gave alumni the chance to get reac-
quainted with members of their graduating class and from
home areas. Pardi-Gras, a new event to add to the tradition
of good times, represented campus organizations with its
many food, fun, and game booths on Saturday afternoon.
The weekend highlight was of course the Homecoming
basketball game. Students and alumni came to cheer our
team to victory. Homecoming King and Queen were
crowned at half-time and spirit awards were given to Alpha
Tau Omega, Pi Kappa Alpha, Alpha Chi Omega, and Alpha
Kappa Psi for their individual efforts to make the weekend
even more exciting. The fun and excitement will add to our
happy memories of good times at Stetson.


Tri-Delts sitow their enthusiasm for l-iomecoming.

Homecoming 17

Alpha Zi Delta's booth manned by Julie.

Fans watch the Homecoming game.

Phi Mus sell fortune cookies at their Homecoming booth.

lo Homecoming


The Hatter greets an Alumni's child.

ATOs pose for pictures with the Hatter.

stetson students from 1930.



Organizations will always be a big part of college life.
Stetson has a club to fit everyone no matter where you are
from or what your beliefs are.

Tri-Delt Crush Party is an annual event.


Clubs 21

JAfor f^omputing


Association for Computing Maclnin-
ery, under the chairmanship of John
Stephen McDaniel, has provided a way
for students to make contact with pro-
fessional computer organizations
throughout the nation.


ACM has become known as the standard by which colleges establish their criteria for a computer
science major.

This crazy staff has been busy witP
movie nights, canoeing, Sugar Mil
runs, and a tide slide and barbequf
with Cordis.


Staff includes: Cindy Sutton, Michelle Franklin, Elaine Liz, Susie Roth, CarolAnn Austin, Laura Shaw,
Melissa Strauch, Rebecca Fairdoth, and Amy Rollins. Susan McDaniels Is Head Resident.

22 Staff



Conrad Staff pictured left to Right, Back Row: Erin Connors, Janet Booth, Susan Fulton. Front Row:
Leslie Criffin, Andrea McMillan (Head Resident) and Jenny Hofmeister



The residents of Conrad have en-
joyed the particular closeness that they
share. They had Thanksgiving dinner
with Embry Riddle, went to Twinkle Star
Day Care Center at Halloween, and
had a R. A. /Kidnap Roommate game.

Emily has been busy with "Men in
Movies", Friday The 13th party. Fright
Night, the Roommate Game, and the
Scope Search.

TTie Emily Hall staff consists of Mary Cubbedge, Sandy Borriello, Jlllyn Williams, Karen Barkley, Angela
Deen, Nancy Jordahl, and Corrine Chatfield. Jeanne Maddox is the Head Resident.

Staff 23

M M %mJ #


West University is a unique dorm
which houses only a few women. The
hall doesn't have a front desk and the
atmosphere is laid back.

Head Resident Jodi Littlestone and
her staff has made life for the resi-
dents of Chaudoin fun-filled. Chau-|(
doin co-sponsored a build-your-
own-sundae with Cordis Hall, partici-
pated in the Winter Term Olympics,
the Thanksgiving Can Drive, and
showed movies bimonthly in the
Chaudoin lobby.


Chaudoin staff Left to Right, Back Row: Collette Sheedy, Trad Simpson, Diane O'Connor, Laura
McCarthy, Kelly Finton, Jodi Littlestone (Head Resident). Front Row: Ingrid Eekhof, Beth Lubach, and
Chris Unsworth.

24 staff

Carson I»^
C^taffi 1


There is a freedom of interaction between tfiese halls. Tlie staff from left to right: Debbie Ferguson,
Andy Reich, Alison Evans (Head Resident), John Moore, and Nekki Shutt.

Head Resident Alison Evans and her
staff have had a busy year with a Hall
Bash with Lost Generation, a Halloween
party, a Field Day, and a Super Bowl
party. Carson-Hollis is unique: Carson is
as much a part of Hollis as Hollis is of

Smith Hall has been busy this year.
ley will have a renovated dorm
xt year. They had a social with Emi-
Their young staff is mostly sopho-

Staff 25


New Men's staff consists of Head
Resident Todd Doane, Farris Briggs,
Frani<ie Miller, Dennis Aubry, Ken Lee-
man and Jere Tolton. This is a crazy
group of guys but we shouldn't "air
their dirty laundry."

Cordis hall has been busy this yeai
Among all the intramural teams, the^
won the chicken eating contest
They also sponsored a Tide Slide par
ty and a "Name That Tune" competi

Pictured here are Cordis staff members Brad Goodchild, Matt Lacey, Greg '"Dash" Doescher, John Hunt,
Bill Winston, Head Resident Jeff Krai, and Jeff Ladinsky.

26 Staff

These House Fathers keep the fraternity houses In good running order

M leathers

Pat Dean — Sigma Phi Epsilon
Jeff Harris — Lambda Chi Alpha
Dave Ragan — Pi Kappa Alpha
Mark Kapusta — Pi Kappa Phi
Keith Feldman — Delta Sigma Phi
Bill Epting — Sigma Nu

Security may look tough but they
ire great ... as long as you are not
i/iolating any rules. Making sure peo-
ple park in the right place is only a
small part of their job.


Security is "students working for students. "

Staff 27


The Concert Choir is one of the most
prestigious groups on campus. They are
open to singers on audition basis only.
This group tours once each semester
bringing more awareness of Stetson
University to people in other areas of
the country.

This group performed at the Florida Baptist Convention in Miami this year. They had an outstanding
Christmas Candlelight Concert. They were also involved in a performance of Handel's Israel in Egypt
with renowned choral director Margaret Hillis of Chicago and soloists from around the country.

The Jazz Ensemble, directed by Mr.
Charles McKnight, has been a driving
force within the School of Music. They are
an instrumental ensemble that performs
many of the well known jazz charts of the
Big Band Era and later periods.

The Jazz Ensemble is open to any student, staff, or community member They performed at
several Friday Night jazz Concerts and at Homecoming, whose theme this year was "All That
jazz. "

28 Clubs

The Wind Ensemble has performed several times alone during the year They perform music from all
musical periods. During the fall, they performed an experimental 20th century piece that the
audience enjoyed for its innovative creations.

These two groups performed to-
gether twice during the 1985-86 school
year. During the Spring semester, they
were able to present a premier of a new
piece by Henry Brandt.

The Stetson Orchestra has been
outstanding this year. They have
grown larger in reputation and
membership. They have per-
formed several times this year.


ix^i tCiSii C4

TTje orchestra had the privilege this year of performing the premier of Joaquin Rodgrigo's guitar
concerto with Steve Robinson, guitar instructor as soloist.

Clubs 29


The Physics Honorary is comprised of
a variety of students outstanding in the
field of physics.

Phi Alpha Delta is the new honor-
ary on campus and is the Pre-law fra-
ternity. Phi Alpha Delta helps stu-i
dents interested in going to law'
school become prepared for the re-
quirements they will have to meet.

Obviously from the photo above many of Stetson's students are interested in going to Law School.

30 Clubs


Phi Alpha Theta is the History Honor-
ary for those specializing in History with
twelve hours and a "B + " GPA. Stu-
dents must also have a "B" average

Stetson's Accountancy Club tries
) emphasize the importance of a
gh level of professional ethics. It
so tries to stimulate and promote a
eater interest in Accountancy.


This organization also strives to strengthen closer relationships between students and practicing

Clubs 31

BCM conducts services every Thursday night and participates actively in intramurals.

Baptist Campus Ministry is a campus
organization open to anyone interested
in developing himself in a religious life-

The Coalition for Social Respor
bility is concerned with responsibil
on campus and in the communit

K^alition for

32 Clubs

Touchstone is a collection of short stories, poetry, essays, drawings, and photos and provides
an outlet for those of us who are "behind the scenes" creators.


Sigma Pi Kappa is the journalism

The Touchstone is the literary maga-
zine for Stetson.

Pictured are Jayne Marlowe, Lori Hastings, and LeAnn Weiss. Not pictured are Dr. Ellen Smith, Ann
Burlin, John Hunt, Ben Turoff, and Greg Doescher

Clubs 33



Mortar Board is one of the most
prestigious national honor societies
at the college level.

Stetson seniors who excel! both academically and in service to the university are
inducted in the spring at the ODK/Mortar Board Leadership Banquet. The annual
Hatter's Day and the senior-faculty banquet at the end of the year are sponsored by
Stetson's Mortar Board.

Psi Chi is the National Honor Soc
ety in Psychology.

Psi Chi strives for the growth of the study of Psychology. Membership is open to
undergraduate and graduate students who meet the minimum qualifications — at
least 12 hours of Psychology classes and a 3.0 GPA.

34 Clubs

Omicron Delta Kappa is the Na-
tional Leadership Honorary.

Members must be a junior or senior with high academic achievement and leader-
ship in at least five major areas. Membership is also open to faculty and staff
members who exhibit exemplary character and leadership on Stetson's campus.

Kappa Delta Pi is the Education
nonorary which recognizes out-
standing contributions to the field.

Many of the finest teachers belong to this society which encourages high intellec-
tual and professional standards. Both of these can be found in Stetson's education
program, one of the best in the southeast.

Clubs 35


The honorary is open to those
who are in the top third of their class,
have earned more than 6 hours of
English, and have a 3.0 GPA in the
area. Members of Sigma Tau Delta
lend their talents by offering a tutor-
ing program.

The Stetson Union Board is re-
sponsible for organizing many cam-
pus activities including concerts,'
movies, Happy Hours and entertain- i
ers. They also rent out camping
equipment, refrigerators and VCR's.

Four major officers are elected in the spring of each year. This year's officers were
Dawne Williams, president; Laura McCarthy, vice-president; Donna DiFatta, secre-
tary; and Betsy Buchanan, treasurer.

36 Clubs

The Political Science Honorary consists of students who have excelled academi-
cally, particulary in political science courses.


The Political Science honorary is
one of the newest organizations on
Stetson's campus.

The Hatter Connection is a group
Df students who serve as hosts and
nostesses to those interested in at-
;ending Stetson.



The Hatter Connection contacts prospective students towards the end of
winter term to invite them to spend some time in the dorms and around

Clubs 37


The Judiciary Council at Stetson is a
group of students, representative of
each class, selected to hear and judge
student cases of campus conflicts.

The cases usually involve some sort of traffic violations. The members of the
council try to resolve ail cases as fairly as possible using parliamentary procedure.

The military honor fraternity on
Stetson's campus is Scabbard and

It is designed to promote positive aspects of the military, patriotism, and fellow-
ship both on and off campus. Scabbard and Blade activities include the Blood Drive,
participation in Greenfeather, and servicing the DeLand community.

38 Clubs

Some of the events which the German Club hosted were a picnic at Deleon
Springs (at which traditional German food was eaten), Christmas caroling with a
dinner to follow it up, and movies shown by the sponsors Drs. Berry. The German
Club meets bi-weekly and emphasizes the enjoyment of knowing and learning



This is the first year for Gernnan
Club but a very successful one. The
club began the year with a meeting
at which they chose the new officers
that would form the club and plan its

Order of Omega is the Fraternal
onorary at Stetson.

rder of

The honorary is for Greek men who show leadership on Stetson's campus. Also,
members must have above the Greek Men's average to be eligible for membership.
Pictured are President Mark Kapusta, and Secretary-Treasurer Greg Doescher.

Clubs 39


Pi Kappa Delta is Stetson's nation-
ally ranked Forensics Team. The
members of Pi Kappa Delta have
walked away from tournaments
throughout the country with numer-
ous awards.

Pi Kappa Delta is open to any student who has competed in at least two Forensics

Alpha Kappa Psi is the largest and ol-
dest professional business fraternity on
Stetson's campus.

The organization serves to further research in business fields, and the
curriculum leading to Business Administration. Alpha Kappa Psi also
provides their members with many service opportunities.

40 Clubs


Beta Beta Beta is the Biological Hon-
orary society. It strives for promotion
and appreciation in the area of Biologi-
cal study.

The American Chemical Society
is a social organization open to all
science students. Through this or-
ganization students who are pur-
suing degrees in Chemistry related
fields can further their knowledge
and interests.

- rican


The activities of the American Chemical Society include lectures and various informa-
tive trips throughout the area.

Clubs 41


Gamma Sigma Epsilon is the Na-
tional Chemistry Honor Society. The
society promotes excellence in
Chemistry and encourages scientific
research. The organization is open to
students with high scholastic

The intiation into the society consists of members being escorted blindfolded,
into the secret initiation ceremony. Once in, the new members will be seen around
campus the next day wearing test tubes.


Stetson's student chapter of the
American Marketing Association is
dedicated to the promotion and
advancement of the field of mar-
keting. The organization also
strives to stimulate interest and en-
courage scholarship of students
taking a marketing curriculum.

SMA serves as a liaison between the business community and students preparing
to enter business.

42 Clubs

The stetson Reporter delivers the "who, what, when, where, why and how" weekly to the Stetson
community The staff members have done a great job delivering the weekly news. Hats off to the
Stetson Reporter!


Lori Hastings has kept the Reporter
Staff under control for the past two

BACCHUS publishes literature and
splays them throughout the cam-
js on the awareness of alcohol and
; problems.


stetson should be proud of its students who are concerned with the ever present problem of alcohol
abuse. Under the direction of the Advisor Melody Hall, these caring students make up BACCHUS (Boost
Alcohol Consciousness Concerning the Health of University Students).

Clubs 43


The library staff is: Sims Kline, Neil Scott, Betty Johnson, Anne Hurst, Ruth Armstrong, Terry Grieb, Joel Zucker, Barbara Cullen, Susan
Connell, Bonnie McMillan, Margie Miavez, Marlene Beeler, Doris Lyon, Madeline Quinn, Geri Littler, (not pictured) Pat Westbrook, Pat
Nordman, Reuben Taylor, Dorothy Minor, Bill Bowden, Jane Beckman.

\pi.<.\ ^~-iSB^-

Religious Life Council is: First Row Left to Right: Garth Jenkins, Charles Granger, Vicki Griffith, Gary Morris, Nancy Tomaso. Second Row:
Margie Duncan, Nini Kaczynski, John Tutay, Kristol Kingston, Jane Meister, John Saxon, Father Krumbhaar, Rodney Ellis.

44 staff


Food service plays an important role on campus by providing food prepared in a variety of ways. Pictured are David Troupe, Chris Clark,
Brad Peterson, Rosalie Dubiel, Margaret Derico, Elizabeth Mendenhall.

Admissions is a great group of people who make sure Stetson gets top students. Pictured in front are: Millie McCain, Eileen Merrill, Bert
Williams, Gladys Wilcox. In back: Mark McMasters, Gary Meadows, Dean of Admissions, Don Lubbers and Diane McEachran.


Staff 45


i N -:^

=?■; »

Public Relations is trying to make Stetson a national name through the use of publications and news releases. Jackie Kersh (Director of
P.R.), Jill Woods (Director of Publications), Margaret Penno, Marie Sibert, and Keni Lanigan make up the hard working staff.

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