James Carson Brevoort.

A collection of rare Americana, including the remainder of the notable library of James Carson Brevoort, of Brooklyn, N.Y. : comprising the earliest books in various languages relating to the discovery, exploration and history of America, a collection of voyages and travels to America, and many rela online

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Online LibraryJames Carson BrevoortA collection of rare Americana, including the remainder of the notable library of James Carson Brevoort, of Brooklyn, N.Y. : comprising the earliest books in various languages relating to the discovery, exploration and history of America, a collection of voyages and travels to America, and many rela → online text (page 16 of 17)
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and Delightful Mappes and Figures. Folio, old calf.

Lond. 1670

^yj' 1358 Cluverius. Maps for Cluverius Geography. Rare Map
of America, showing California as an Island. Folio, half

, So 1359 Atlas de toutes les Parties connues du Globe terrestre,
dress^, pour I'Histoire philosophique et politique des
Etablissements et du Commerce des Europ^ens dans les
deux Indes." 49 copper-plate maps, of which 22 refer to
America. 4to, calf. No date or place: (Genfeve, 1780)

/^^^ 1360 D'Anville, J. B. B. Atlas and Geography of the An-
cients. With 12 maps in atlas folio engraved by Davies.
Translated into English under the patronage of the Offi-
,.cers of the British army. Folio, half calf. Lond. 1816

^^^ 1361 Atlas of Forty-three Maps of North and South America
and the Western Islands, &c. Lond.: Robert Wilkinson,
n. d. Table of Contents in Ink. (No printed title.)
Royal 4to (broken).


3,yo 1362 Atlas du Sr. D'Anville. Both Hemispheres; with Maps
of Fleuve St. Laurent, Canada, Louisiane, &c., 1755, and
Louisiane, 1752. Z1 maps. (No printed title-page.) List
in pen and ink printing. Royal 4to, green vellum.

O/yo 1363 Mappe-Moxdk drease sur les Observations de M''^- de
I'Academie Royale des Sciences et quelques autres et sur
les memoires les plus recens, par G. de Isle, a son
Altesse Royale Monsigneur le Due de Chatres. 100
plates. 4to, half old calf. Paris, 1700

^,Xo 1364 Another, with same General Map, but only 67

Maps, and differing from those in the previous lot. 4to,
half russia.

l/,S^ 1365 By lo. Bapt. Homann, Sac. Cses. Maj. Geographus.

52 maps colored. 1730. Folio, half calf.

y/J^1366 West Indian Atlas; or, a General Description of the
West Indies, taken from Actual Surveys and Observa-
tions, by Thomas Jeffreys, Geographer to the King. 61
maps. With Historical Account. Folio, half calf
(broken). Lond. 1794

^JV)1367 Delplaut. T. Hooge Heenirardshap van Delflaut met
alle de Steden Dorpen, Ambachten, Litmaten, Polders,
Bloeken, Gehugten, Buerten, Hossteden, Woningen, &c.,
in Kaert Gebracht, 1712. 25 finely engraved Maps of Hol-
land in Sections, many of the Charts with coats-of-arms
and other ornaments. Folio, half sheep.

O jT 1368 Atlas de la Geographic de Gaultier. Cartes qui apartien-
nent a I'Histoire generale des Voyages. Tome 1. 2
vols, small folio.

Ijj 1369 PoETULANO de los Estados Unidos. 11 Maps of the Har-
bors of the U. S. 4to, paper.

yij 1370 California. A Series of Charts with Sailing Directions,
embracing Surveys of the Bay of San Francisco, the
Sacramento River, &c., &c. By Cadwalader Ringgold,
U. S. N. "View of San Francisco from Yerba Buona
Island. Large 8vo, cloth. Wash. 1852


/^,00 1371 VisscHER, CoBNELis. Americae nova descriptio. An Atlas,
containing 25 Engraved Maps of various parts of America.
Small oblong 4to, full roan, red edges.

Sine loco aut anno (1601)
Very rare. Visscher's works are ranked among the finest speci-
mens of the eugi'aver's art, and command enormous prices.

Z,7j'~ 1372 Atlas of Twenty-two Maps of the World and the Coun-
tries thereof. By Ch. Price, lo. Senex and lo. Maxwell,
1710. A large and interesting Map of America. Royal
4to, half roan.

i^So 1373 Atlas of the Sea-Coast of Nova Scotia, on 39 maps. Sur-
veyed by J. F. W. Des Barres. Royal 4to, half sheep.

, (7^ 1374 Map of the City of Brooklyn. Published by M. Dripps,
' 1869. (Title soiled.) 4to, half roan.

^^-v/^1375 Maps of the Northern and Northwestern Boundary be-
tween the United States and- Great Britain, according to
the Treaty of Ghent. Oblong 4to, paper. Wash. 1828

,^/j-^ 1376 North America. Five Maps, by H. Moll, ^■. e.: North
America; Dominions of King of Great Britain; Parts of
North America Claimed by France; West Indies; also,
South America. Folded. 4to, cloth. 1715, &e.

MAPS AND CHARTS folded in cases.

;^,;2J~13^'^ ARROWSMITH, A. Chart of the World on 6 sheets; also
of Good Hope, by Levaillant; and Inland Navigation of
France, by Dupain-Triel. 1795. All mounted. In one case.
Russia (broken).

/^j-1378 America, Eastern and Western Portion; South

America; South Pacific Ocean. Mounted. In one case.
Boards. 1822

•1379 New Discoveries in North America, 1795; with

Additions to 1820. Mounted. Board case.

A - . 1380 Do. with Additions to 1814. Board case.

Ci _,- 1381 South America, in six sheets, 1811; with additions

■^'' 1814-1817-1819. No case. As one lot.




1382 Akeowsmith, A. New Map of Mexico and Adjacent
Provinces, from original documents, 1810; on four sheets.
Mounted. As one lot. Calf case.

A^ J^1383 Vereinigte Staaten in Nord Amerika, mounted ou

four sheets, 1796; with additions to 1819. One lot, in calf

/i/ffi 1384 Ameriqub du Sud, par Spix et Von Martins. 1825. Two
parts, mounted on two sheets as one lot. Board case.

/,/V 1385 Ameeique du Noed, par A. H. Brue. 1833. Mounted.
Board case.

J" z)^ 1386 Ameeique divisee en ses principaux pays, par Mr. I'Abbe
Clouet, 1782. With 20 marginal pictures of historical
scenes in the conquest, Sc, of the country. Mounted and
folded. No case.

, So 1387 South America, by John Gary, 1869. Mounted. Board

/)i) 1388 Faden. Copy of Juan De La Cruz's Map of South
America, 1775, published in London, 1799; mounted on 6
sheets; also South America, from the original MS. Maps
of the Chevalier Pinto and others. Constructed by Louis S.
d'Arcy de la Rochelte. Published by Faden, Lond. 1 807,
on 8 sheets. Both as one lot, in calf case (rubbed).

^//^ 1389 United States and British and Spanish Territories.

1793. Mounted. Small board case.

J'/^J~1390 Upper Canada, compiled from the Latest Sur-
veys of Wm. Chewitt, published 1813; and Lower Canada,
from Surveys of Samuel Holland, 1796-7-8, published
1802. On 2 sheets, mounted as 1. In board case.

-^rr 1391 Upper Canada, by Chewitt, 1813. Folded, in case.

1392 Upper Canada and adjacent Territories, compiled

by James G. Chewett, shewing the Lands Purchased by
the Canada Company. Mounted on 4 sheets as one lot,
in roan case.


^ J~0 1393 IJppBE AND LowBE Canada. General Map, with adjacent
' Parts of United States; Maps of Upper and Lower Can-

ada, shewing its division into Districts, &c., all Lands
reserved for the Crown and the Clergy, &c.; Plan of
Gasp6, &c. By Joseph Bouchette, 1815. On 12 sheets,
mounted. In one case.

$f /2- 1394 NouvBLLE Carte de la Province de Quebec par le Capi-
taine Carver, &c., traduits de I'Anglois, 1777; also A Sur-^^
vey of Lake Champlain, and Lake George, surveyed by
William Brassier, 1762. 2 sheets, mounted, in one case,

/^S^ 1395 Island of St. John, with divisions of the Counties, Par-
ishes and the Lots as granted by Government. Surveyed
by Capt. Holland, 1775. Mounted. Small board case.

//- r-1396 Peontibes op Canada and the United States, to illustrate
the Operations of the British and American Armies.
C. Smith, 1813. Mounted. Board case.

^ <~o 1397 Canada, Louisiane et Teeres Angloisbs, par le Sr.
D'Anville, 1755; Province of New York and Part of
Pennsylvania and New England, from a Survey by Capt.
Montressor, 1775; South Carolina and Part of Georgia, by
William De Brahm, Surveyor General, engraved by Thos.
Jeferys. On 5 sheets, mounted, in one case, with titles on
the back.

2 -yt— 1398 New Hampshieb. Topographical Map of the Province.
Surveyed by Samuel Holland and his Deputies. Printed
for William Faden, 1784. Mounted. Red roan case.

1399 Pennsylvania. Map of the State, by Reading Howell,
1792. Mounted on 2 sheets. In case.


2 00 ^^^^ Manhattan and Long Island, being Part of a large Map
without date on it.

Iij^^ 1401 Maryland. Map of the State, laid down from an actual
Survey, showing Cities, Towns, Villages, Houses of Wor-
ship, &c.. Furnaces, Forges, &c., and Federal Territory
and Sketch of Delaware. By Dennis Griffith, 1794, Phil.


Jl 1J~^'^'^^ Maryland. A Map of the most Inhabited Part of Virginia,
containing the whole Province of Maryland, with Part of
Pensilvania, New Jersey and North Carolina, drawn by
Joshua Fry and Peter Jefferson in 1775. Published by
T. Jefferys. Mounted. In case.

O t-0 1403 Virginie, Maryland, par Fry et Jefferson, traduit,

corrige et augmente. Pans, 1777. Mounted.

>2 7J""1-104 Georgia. Map of the State, from actual Surveys and
other Documents, for Eleazer Early, by Daniel Sturges,
1818. Mounted. In case.

Jffip 1405 North and South Carolina. An accurate Map, with
their Indian Frontiers, the Roads and Indian Paths,
Boundary or Provincial Lines, &c., from actual Surveys
by Henry Mouzon and others, 1794. 2 sheets, mounted.
As one, in case.

(j/Xo 1406 West Indies. Western Isles ; Canary Isles; St. Chris-
topher's; Antigua; Jamaica; Trinidad; Dominica; Yuca-
tan; Bequia; St. Vincent; Tobago; St. Lucia; Martinico;
Curacao ; Guadalupe ; Barbadoes ; Grenada ; Guyana.
Engraved by Thos. Jefferys, Geographer to the King, and
others. On 22 sheets. Mounted. All in one box. Boards,
with calf back.

^,2J"'1407 Jamaica. General Map of the Island; and Maps of Coun-
ties of Cornwall, Middlesex and Surrey. Constructed
from actual Surveys. Published by James Robertson,
Lend. 1804. Fine large maps on 4 sheets, mounted on 2
good half imitation morocco cases. Sold as 2 vols.

/, 5**^ 1408 West Indies. A New General Chart from the latest
Marine Journals and Surveys. Lond.: Published by
Laurie & Wliittle, 1794. Mounted, case.

/ y& 1409 Series of Charts, drawn and colored by hand. In

10 parts, on different sheets, each numbered and described
on outside. (Part No. 3 missing.) No date. As one lot.



, i'J-1410



AMERICA. America ; Florida ; New Spain ; Peru; Ja-
maica; Cuba; &c. IS'Zi. 4to. (4)

Ancient America; Bamudas; Chili; Nova Ilispania;

Gviana; Venezuela; &c. 1579. 4lo. (11)

• Ancient America; Nova Ilispania; Chili; &c. 1579.

4to. (8)

Ancient Maps of America. America, with those

known parts in that unknowne worlde — both people &
manner of building Discribed & inlarged by J. S., Ano
1626; America, fine; India Nova, colored and plain; &c.
4to. Very rare. (7)

Ancient America ; New Spain; Chili; Venezuela;

&c. 4to. (7)

North America, by Herman Moll. Colored. 1715.

Folio (margins slightly torn). (2)

• Chart of North and South America, including the

. 2^1418
y^^^, 1419

. ;7X1420

Atlantic and Pacific, with the nearest Coasts of Europe,
Africa and Asia. Colored. Mounted on linen and folded.
Large. 1753

British and French Dominions in North America,

by Jno. Mitchell. Colored. Mounted and folded. Large.

North West America, 1786, &o. Large 4to. (6)

Bradley's Map of the United States. Colored.

Mounted and folded. Large. 179-

North America and Hudson's Bay, b}' Arrowsmith.

Colored. Mounted and folded. Large. 1793

United States of North America, by Arrowsmith.

Colored. View of Niagara. Mounted and folded. Large.


United States and West Indies. Colored. Mounted

and folded. Paris, 1800


lyylMZ America. United States. Colored. With view of Niagara.

Mounted and folded. Large. Paris, 1812

/ -7J-1424 Arrowsmith's Map of the United States. Colored.

View of Niagara. (In 4 pieces.) Sold as one. 1796

, 2J~1425 Fac-similes of Rare Ancient Maps of America.

Illustrating the Early Voyages, &c. (10)

_^^ 1426 Ruatan or Rattan. Surveyed by H. Barnsley.

Lond. 1794

/^2»>''1427 North America, by Dr. Mitchel, text in French,

large, 1777; North America, par G. de I'lsle; &c. 1700.


' 6^1428 British Dominions in America, 1763, by T. Kilchim,

and another. (2)

, 0(^ 1429 Miscellaneous, General and Local. (20)

fj^ 1430 Old and Curious Maps of the World; America;

&c. (11)

,^50^1431 General Maps. England and France. 1722, 1787,

1823, &o. ' (5)

Z-O 1432 North America. Deeouvertes faites par des Vais-

seaux Russiens; N. A., by T. Kitchin; L'Amerique Sep-
tentrionale, par De I'lsle. 1700. (8)

, OJ" 1433 Maps of several States. (11)

/7 1434 Plan of Harbour, Town and Forts of Cartagena,

and a View of the English Fleet, 1741, plain and
colored copies. The same in French. Also other charts
and views. (13)

//XO 1435 Original Manuscript Chart of Labrador, taken by

order of Commodore Shuldham in 1773, by Lieut. Roger
Curtis. Polio.

Qj 1436 Manuscript Plan of Monte Video, with four Views

in india ink and color. 1730. Folded, large 4to.

<-/, 1437 Manuscript Chart of the Coast of Nova Zembla

(Dutch work). 1772. Colored 4to, folded.

,^j'1438 Manuscript Charts, Maps and Coast Views in

Colors; Gulf of Bougia, 1784; Barren Island, 1789; View
of its Volcano, &c. (9)


, j£> 1439 America. Manuscript Chart of the Track of H. M. S.
Thetis, from England to the Island of St. Helena, 1777.
Large chart, folded.

7^1440 Manuscript Plan of Gibraltar, 1779, by Col. W.

Green, Chief Engineer. In 3 pieces, as one.

^^^1441 Manuscript Plan of Carthagena Harbour, &c. Laid

down by Lieut. Archd. Bontein. Very well done in colors,
with ornamental designs. Mounted and folded. Large.

Z.tT^ 1442 Nova Scotia; or, Acadia, with Islands of Cape Breton and
St. John's, from surveys by Capt. Montresor. 1768.
Mounted and folded, large.

.Sd 1443 ByT. JefEerys; and by Capt. Holland. 1798. (2)

fjj 1444 River St. Lawrence. An exact Chart from Fort Fron-
tenac to Anticosti, by T. Jefferys and others. (3)

_ J/j~ 1445 Canada. Quebec; The Country between Albany, Oswego,
Frontenac and Les Trois Rivieres; &c. (12)

/ 2fj 1446 Peovince of Quebec. New map. 1765. Plain and
colored copies. (2)

, ZX 1447 Canada, New France, Newfoundland; Theatre de la
Guerre, par M. Brion. 1784, &c. (9)

jy j_1448 British Empire in America, with the French and Spanish
Settlements adjacent thereto, by Henry Popple. With
engraved views of Niagara Falls, New York, Quebec
Mexico, &c., on nineteen sections. Sold as one.

3,SO 1449 United States and Canada, 1808. Plan of Washington
and View of Niagara; P. F. Tardieu, Graveur. Text in
French and English. Large 4to, folded.

, J'.ri450 Rare Coast Maps. Louisiana ; North and South Caro-
lina; New Jersey; Maryland; &c. ; Atlantic Ocean. (10)

5-7%1451 Fisher's Island Sound; New Haven Harbor; Little

Egg Harbor; Hell Gate; Cape May to Cape Henlopen;
Long Island Sound; &c. (Coast Survey). (20)

^2 1452 Coast Survey. Delaware Bay, &c. (7)

A 2 1453 Coast Survey. Various. (15)


, OS 1454 Pilot's Charts of the Pacific. (3)

^^ 1455 St. DoiiiNGO AND Cuba. Old English and French maps.


1/00 1456 St. Domingo (Hispaniolo). Manuscript maps, one on
parchment. Large 4to, folded. (3)

, ^J~1457 Antilles; Martinique; St. Lucia; Plans of Forts Bour-
bon and Royal; &c. (9)

^/(j 1458 Mexico. Isles Antilles et Golfe du Mexique, 1780; Amer.

Septentrional, 1768; Mexique et Floride, &c., par De

risle (2 colored). (5)

^J'li59 et Floride, par De I'Isle; Des Deux Florides, par

Porson, 1806 ; West Indies, by J. S. Speer, colored;

&c. (4)

^ 1460 Paragtjat. Jesuit map. A Matthseo Seuttero. Colored.

Mounted. 4to.
, ,2./" 1461 South America. A French map, by P. Lapie; engraved

by Tardieu. Mounted and folded. 1813.

, j^jy 1462 and Provinces and States. Some colored. (15)

^J 1463 Do., do. (26)

/) nc 1464 West Indies. West Indische Paskaert (Generale West
Indische Compagnie) Gedruckt t'Amsterdam, bij Pieter
Goos. On parchment. Large 4to, colored.

^,/-i 1465 Another similar to the above. t'Amstelredam, by

Anthony Jacobsz. Large 4to on parchment. Colored.

, /3 1466 Miscellaneous. (26)

^/-1467 Antigua, Barbadoes, Cartagene; Porto Bello, by

Popple, 1733, colored, and others. (11)

^,C^ 1468 Original Manuscript Map. Carte Generale de la Partie

Francaise de St. Domingue, par le Major Pecheu. 1797.

Large map mounted.

^C S 1469 English. Map of Great Britain; Plan of Railway from

Liverpool to Manchester. 1824. (5)

1 of/z 1470 Europe. Miscellaneous; European Countries. (30)

^,/ 1471 Do., do. (30)

^ 1472 Asia and Africa. Various. (24)


^ ^J~ 1413 Japan. Niew Holland; Nieuw Zealand; &c. New Dutch

maps. (7)

, <?/ 1474 Europe. Various. (8)

, ^/"l^VS New France; Carte Nouvelle par N. Visscher;

Le Canada par H. Taillot, 1696; and others of recent
date. (9)

Jj-O 1476 AMERICAN REVOLUTION. Boston: its Environs and
Harbor, with the Rebels Works, 1775. From the Plans
of Capt. Montresor. Published hy. W. Faden, 1778.
Folded. Bare.

/ ^yj~\4l1 Plan of the Action at Bunker's Hill, I7th June,

1775. Engraved for Stedman's History. 2 pieces, large
and small. Rare. (2)

2,00 1^'^S ■fl^'^ °f Operations of the Army under Gen. Sir

Wm. Howe in New York and New Jersey, 12th of Octo-
ber to 28th of November, 1776. Engraved for Stedman's
History. Folio. Hare.

f^j 1479 Sketch of Battle of Bunker's Hill, by a British

Officer, published in Boston, 1843; Plans of Sieges of
Charlestown and Yorktown, Lond. 1877. (3)

J di) 1480 Battle of Long Island. Plan prepared by T. W.

Field, 1869. 5 copies, 2 with MS. notes, as one lot.

^-1481 Campaign under Burgoyne; Action at Huberton

by Gen. Frazer, 1777; Ilobkirk's Hill, near Camden, 1781;
&c.; &c. (18)

/72 1482 Various Maps and Plans. (64)

7 sr 1483 NEW ENGLAND. Map of the Most Inhabited Part of
New England. Published hy Thos. JefferySjllbb. Large
colored map in 2 pieces, as one. Scarce.

, . J484 The same. Mounted and folded. 1 sheet.

1485 The same, published 1774. Mounted and Folded.

w^ 1486 Bay of Narragansett, &c., by C. Blaskowitz, 1777;

Sketch Map of Plymouth County to Illustrate Philip's
War, On 2 sheets. (3)



^,yj-1487 New England. Maps of the District of Maine. Com-
^ piled by order of the General Court of Massachusetts.

Bost. : C. Carleton atid J. Norman (lYCe). Large 4to,
folded. Rare.

jj-jj.l^m Topographical Map of the Province of New

'' Hampshire, by Samuel Holland. Published by Wm.

Faden, 1*784. Mounted and folded. Rare.

, O f 1489 Map of Property of the Nashua Manufacturing

Co., Nashua, N. H., 1882-84. 4to, folded.

J /SO ^'*^*^ Accurate Map of the Commonwealth of Massachu-
setts, by Order of the General Court, by O. Carleton;
and the District of Maine, by O. Carleton. (2)

/JO 1491 Boston Harbor and Old Colored Map, and the

Town of Boston. A copy of Bonner's Map of 1722. (2)

, JX1492 Kaart van Rhode Island, 1778; Plan of Newport,

1777, by Faden. (2)

/,7J~ 149.3 Connecticut in 1813. Compiled by Warren and

Gillet. Large 4to, folded (stained).

S,So 1494 PENNSYLVANIA. A Map from actual Surveys and
from the late Map of W. Scull of 1770. 4to, folded.

0,06 1495 A Map exhibiting a General View of the Roads

and Inland Navigation of Pennsylvania and Parts ad-
jacent. By J. Adlum and J. Wallis. Mounted and
folded. n. d. (1790?)

^/^fl496 Plan of the City and Environs of Philadelphia.

jEngraved and published by M. A. Loiter, 1777. 4to,
colored, with View of the State House.

lyj- 1497 Plan of the City, by John Hills. 1796. 4to, folded.

1498 NEW YORK. "The Duke's Plan." Towne of Mannados
or 'New Amsterdam as it was in 1661. A lithograph
copy for Valentine's Manual, 1859. 4to, folded.

Jo 1499 Chorographical Map of the Province, divided into

Counties, Manors, Patents and Townships, compiled by
order of Maj.-Gen. William Tryon. By Claude Joseph
Sauthier. Lond. : Wm. Faden, 1779. Large 4to,
mounted and folded.

1500 Do. Another copy, Unraounted, on 6 sheets, as

on one lot, 1779





Z^.jrt> 1501

, ^^ 1502

l/^J-D 1503

/JO 1504

. ^?J~ 1505
. ZO 1506

':2//Z 1507

. ^J" 1508

, Of 1510

/;^^ 1512

J-,*0 1513

New Yoek and New Jersey. Part of those Provinces.
A Manuscript Map drawn from Surveys. Compiled by
Thos. Millidge, IVSO. Large 4to, mounted and folded.

Provinces of New York and New Jersey, drawn

by Capt. Holland and engraved by Jefiferys ; and vari-
ous other Maps and Charts, old and new. (10)

Plan of the City of New York, by Bernd. Ratzen

of the 66th Regiment. Surveyed in 1767. 4to, folded.
Published by Faden in 1776.

Manuscript Map of a Piece of Salt Meadow be-



longing to General Lewis on the East River, adjoining
Stuyvesant's Creek. 1814

Higginson's Map of New York City, &c. 1860. 4to.

Various Maps and Plans, copies, &c., of the City.


Faden's Map of the Hudson River, 1776, rare; and

a Pen and Ink Plan of Lake George. (2)

Authentic Plan of the Western Part of Long

Island, with the Engagement of the 27th of August,
1776, with Staten Island, &c., from the Surveys of Major
Holland. Lond. 1776. 4to (torn in two pieces).

Map of Long Island, with Environs, by J. C.

Smith, 1837. Large 4to, mounted and folded.

Kings County, Brooklyn, &c. (5)

New Jersey. Faden's Map of the Province. 1778.
Folio, mounted and folded. Rare.

Delavfare Bat. A Chart, by Joshua Fisher, engraved
by Faden. 1776. Colored. The same in French. (2)

North and South Carolina, with Roads and Indian
Paths ; Provincial Lines ; &c. From actual surveys by
Henry Mouzon and others. Lond. 1775

Mounted and folded in two parts as one.

Kenttjckt. Map of Kentucky, drawn from Actual Ob-
servations by John Filson. Published by Jfohn Stock-
dale, Jjond. 1793. 4to. Very rare,


^ 1515 South Carolina. Chavleston Harbour and Adjacent
Coast. Surveyed 1823-25, by Bache, Graham, &c. Large
4to, folded in four pieces as one.

, J~0 1516 Plan of the City and Neck of Charleston, reduced

from authentic documents and engraved by W. Keenan
(1780). Mounted on card board. Hare.

S'/^J~ 151''' South Carolina and Georgia. A Map of the Sea Coast;
Islands, Inlets, Rivers, Roads, Townships, &c., &c.
Composed from Surveys taken by Wm. Bull, Capt.
Gasooign, Hugh Bryan and the author, Wm. de Brahm.
Engraved by Thos. Jeffreys (1757). Large 4to, mounted
and folded.

^'^i) 1518 Georgia. Sketch of the iSTorthern Frontiers, by Archi-
bald Campbell of 7l8t Regiment. Engraved by Faden.
1780; and New Map of Georgia, by E. Bowen. (2)

b^i)ty 1519 MississipPL Carte Generale du Territoire d'Orleans;
Floride Occidentale et une portion du Territoire du Mis-
sippi par B. Lafon. 4to, mounted and folded. 1805

^,U^ 1520 Louisiana. Map of the State, by Wm. Darby. 1816.

Large 4to, mounted and folded.

, /f 1521 Utah. Map of a Reoonnoissance between Fort Leaven-
worth and the Great Salt Lake, by Capt. H. Stansbury.
1850. Large 4to, mounted and folded.

, /<? 1522 Road from Missouri to Oregon. From the Field Notes of
J. C. Fremont. 1846

jtXi) 1523 Plan of the River Oregon. From an Actual Survey by
(Lt. Broughton). A. Arrowsmith, Lond. 1798. Mounted.

. ^y 1524 Territory of the United States. Ordered by Hon. Jeffn.
Davis. 1854. 4to.

, ^^'1525 Civil War. Panorama of the, on Three Sheets; and N.
Y. Herald War Map, No. 2; &c. (5)

-7^. 1526 MANUSCRIPT MAPS. Plan of the Coast of Patagonia,

' 1768, to which is added Falkland's Islands and two others

of the Islands. (3)


, Z4J ISS'/ Manuscript Maps and Charts of Falkland's Islands ; A
Large Draught of Marble Island, IY8O; Hauks Harbor, 1V69;
A View of North End of the Island Diego Garcia; &c. (11)

^ 3^ 1528 Plain Chart of Falkland Islands; A Plan of Port-

Egmont at Falkland Islands, 1773, by J. Cathcart of the
Marines, anhd a North View of Porte Egmont. (3)

^ ZO 1529 South America; Guiana; &c.; Croquis d'une

Carte des Savannes, Noyes, «fcc.; Cayenne, 1778; &c., &c.

,^t/*-1530 PoETO Bello. Plan of Harbour, Town and Forts, and
View of its Capture by Admiral Vernon, in 1739. 2 col-
ored, 1 plain. (3)

^^ 1531 COOK. ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPT. Charts of Sea
Coast of New South Wales, drawn by James Cook,
Lieutenant, 1770. 4to, folded. (4)

^j~ 1532 ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPT. Chart of Part of

New Zealand, by Lieut. J. Cook, Commander of the
"Endeavor," 1770. (2)


Georges Island, or Otaheite, 1767. With a copy of the
engraved plan. (2)

, yo 1534 iVIANUSCRIPT CHART of the Tracks of the

Discoveries in the Southern Ocean, drawn by Lieut.
Charles Gierke of Capt. J. Cook's ship " The Resolute."
Copied from the original.

^ 1535 One of a Set of Charts prepared by Capt. Cook

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