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impode; obstruct: often with vp.
II. ». 1 . A solid piece, as of
wood, metal, or stone; an ob-
struction. 2. A section; a row,
as of houses. 3. A pulley, or giock
set of pulleys, in a frame.

-block^be(a)d", n. - . .
— block'house^« n. A fort of logs.

block-ade^, blek-fid'. I«>. vt. To close
to traffic by military or naval force; ob-

A stupid person.
" ' if 10

Qr; fltttg^reCfatore); aisle; an (out); ell; c (k); chat; dh (tAe); ffo; sine, ipk; thlxL

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struct; block up. II. n. The closing of
a seaport, etc., by hostile forces.

blond, blend. I. a. 1. Having a fair
skin with light eyes and hair. a. Flaxen
or golden, as hair. II. n. A blond per-
son: in the feminine, blonde.

blood, blod, n. 1. The fluid that circu-
lates in the heart, arteries, and veins. 2.
Kinship by descent; lineage; nobilitv.
3. Passion; bloodshed.— blood'hound*,
n. A keen-scented hound for tracing fugi-
tives.— blood ' less* a. 1. Having no
blood; pale; lifeless; cold-hearted. J8, Free
from bloodshed, -ly, adv. -ness« n.—
blood'shed'^t n. The shedding of blood;
slaughter; carnage.— blood ^ snot ^^ a.

• Streaked with blood; Inflamed.— blood^-
thlrst'^y* a. Eager to shed blood; mur-
derous; cruel.— blood^y* blod'l, a. [blood'-
i-KB; BLOOD'i-KST.J Stained with, contain-
ing, or mixed with blood; sanguinary; blood-
thirsty.— blood ' i - ly* adt7.— blood ^ i -
nesSf n.

bloom, blfim, vi. To blossom* grow
luxuriantly; glow with health and beauty.
— bloom^lnarf pa-

bloom^ n. Tlie blooming or being in
flower; fulness and freshness; a flower or
flowers collectively; the downy covering
of certain fruits.

bloom^, n. Metal. A mass of malleable
iron from which the slag has been beaten.

bloom^er, bltlm'gr, n. A trouser-like
dress for women : commonly in the plural.

blos^som, bles'um. I. vt. & vi. To
bloom. II. n. A flower; bloom.

blot, blet. I. vL & vi. [blot'ted**;
blot'ting.1 1. To spot; stain; disgrace;
sully. 2. To obliterate, as writing; ob-
scure; darken: often with out. 3. To
dry with blotting-paper. II, w. A spot
or stain; reproach; blemish.— blot'ter,
n. 1, A sheet, pad, or book of blotting-
paper. *Z. The first record-book, as In a po-
lice-station —blot^tlnff'pa^per, n. Un-
sized paper for absorbing any excess of Ink.

bio tell, blech. I^ vt. To mark with
blotches II. w. 1. A blot. 2. An in-
flamed eruption on the skin.

blouse, blauz, n. A loose upper garment,
as of a workman.

bloiv*, blo, V. [blew, bill; blown;
BLOw'iNG.] I. f. 1. To move or aflfect
by a current of air; inflate, as molten
glass; sound, as a trumpet. 2. To put
out of breath. 3. To lay e^gs in, as flies
in meat. II. t. 1 , To emit a current, as
of air; move in or be carried by the wind.
2. To sound by being blown. 3. To

f>ant; be winded'
o^ir', H. To bloom.

bloviT^, blo, n. A sudden or violent stroke;

thump; shock; calamity.

,n. 1 . The act of blowing; a blast.
2. The egg of a fly; a flyblow.

bloii^^, n. The state of flowering; a mass
of blossoms.

blow^^er, blO'gr, n. One who or that
which blows ; adevice for increasing a draft.

bloii^'plpe^', blo'paip", n. A tube by
which air or gas is blown through a flame
for the purpose of heating or melting

bloviTz^y, blauz'i, a. Having a red or
flushed face; slatternly or unkempt.

blub^ber, blub'gr, vi. To sob noisily.

blub'ber, n. The layer of fat beneath
the skin of a whale, or the like.

bludg^eon, bluj'un, n. A short club.

blue, blfi. I. vt. [blued; blu'ing.]
To make blue. II. a. [blu'er; blu'-
EST.] Having the color of the clear sky.
III. n. The color of the clear sky; azure;
also, a dye or pigment of this color.

— blue'belr', n. A plant with blue, bell-
shaped flowers.- blue^bird^, n. A small
American bird, of a pre-
vailing blue above. —
blue'stock^inar, n. A
learned or literary wom-
an.— blu'ish, a.— the
blues* low spirits; mel-

bluflf^, bluf, vt. & vi.
To overawe by bold as-
sumption * boast in order
to mislead.

bluflf, a. 1. Blunt,
frank, and hearty. 2.
S^p and bold, as a Bluebird. 1/5

bluflf, n. Boldness assumed in order to
overawe or deceive.

bluin, n. A bold, steep headland.

blun^der, blun'dgr. l. vt. & vi. To err
egregiously; act stupidly. II. n. A
stupid mistake.— biuuMer-er, n.

blun^der-buss, blmi'dgr-bus, n. A
short gun with large bore and flaringmonth.

blunt, blunt. iC vt. & vi. To make or

become blunt; dull. 11. a. 1. Having

a thick end or edge; not sharp; dull. 2.

Abrupt in manner; plain-spoken; brnsk.

— blunt'ly, adv.— bluiit'ness« n.

blur, blur. I. rt. & vi. [blurred;
blur'ring.] 1 . To make or become ob-
scure; dull; soil; blemish. 2. To become
indistinct or'smeared. II. n. A smeared
or indistinct marking; a blemish.

blurt**, blurt, rt. To utter abruptly; burst
out with: often followed hjout.

papd, 98k; at, air; element, they, us^ge; it, |, i (ee); o, 5h; orator, er: full, rfile; but.

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bluslit blush. I^ vt. & vi. To make or
become red; flush; redden. II. n. 1.
A reddening, as of the face; a red or rosy
tint; flush. 2. A glance; glimpse.

blus^ter, blus'ter. I. vi. To blow in
gusts; fume with anger; threaten; swag-
ger. II. n. Boisterous talk; a fitful
and noisy wind; blast.— blus'ter-er, n.
— blns'ter-lufff pa. Windy; disagreeable;
noisy; swaggering.

bo^a, bO'a, n. 1 . Any large non-poison-
ous serpent that crusnes its prey. 2. A
long fur or feather neck-wrap.

boar, bor, n. A male hog.

board, bord. 1<>. v(. & vi. 1. To en-
close with boards. 2. To fnmish or be
supplied with meals for pay. 3. To come
alongside or go on boara of (a ship, etc.).
II. n. 1 . A thin and broad flat piece of
wood. 2. A table, or the food served;
meals furnished for pay. 3. An ofllcial
body. 4, pi. The stage of a theater. 5.
Pasteboard; a book-cover. 6. The deck
of a vessel; as, on board.

board^er, bord'er, n. 1. One who re-
ceives meals for pay. 2. One detailed to
board an enemy's ship.

boast, host. I<>. vt. & vi. To proclaim
ostentatiously; vaunt; exult; glory. II.
n. 1. A boastful speech. 2. A source
of pride.— boast'er, 72.- boast^ful, a.
Inclined to boast, -ly, adv. -ness, n.

boat, bot. I«». vt. & vi. To carry or place


in a boat; go In a boat; row; sail; navi-
gate. II. n. A water-craft; especially,
a small vessel for oars or sails.

boat^s Viral n, bOt'sw§n or {Naut.) bo'sn,
n. A petty officer of a ship in charge of
rigging* etc.

bob, bob. 1. vt. & vi. [bobbed; bob'-
BiNO.] To move with a jerky motion;
angle with a bob. II. n. 1 , A cork or
float on a flshing-line. 2. A small pend-
ent object, as a pendulum. 3. A jerky

bobbin, bob'in, n. A slender spool to
hold thread.

bob^o-llnk^, beb'o-liijk', n. A small

American singing bird, called also rice*
bird., reed'Hrd, etc.
bob'«w^lilte", beb'-

hwaif, n. The

North - American ^

quail ; also, its cry.
bode, bod, vt. & vi.

[bonded**; bo'ding.}

To have a token or -^

presentiment of ; pre- /

sage good or ill. •%

bod^lce, bedMs, n. I

The close-fitting ,

waist of a woman's

bod' 1 -less, bed'i-

a. Having no Bobolink. 1/7

body; incorporeal.
bod4-lT, bed'i-li. I. a.
the body; corporeal. II. adv. In the

Pertaining to

body; in person: wholly; completely.

bod^kln, bed'kin, n. A pointed instru-
ment for making holes in cloth, etc.

bod'v, bod'i. I. vt. [bod'ied, bed'id;
BOD^Y-iNG.] To embody; represent. II.
n. [bod'ies«, pi.] 1 . The entire physical
part of a man or other animal; also, the
trunk, exclusive of the limbs; the princi-
pal part of anything. 2. A person. 3.
A solid. 4. A collection of persons or
things, as one whole.

Boer, blir, n. A Dutch colonist, or per-
son of Dutch descent in South Africa.

bog, beg. I. vt. & vi. [boooed; bog'-
oiNG.] To sink or stick in a bog. II. n.
Wet and spongy ground; marsh; morass.
— boff'ffy, a. Swampy; miry.

Ijog'gle, bog'l, vt. & vi. [bog'gled; bog'-
GLiNG.] To bungle; hesitate; quibble.

bo'gus, bO'gus, a. Counterfeit; spurious.

bo'gy, (.bo'gi, n. [bo'gies*, bo'geys",

bo'ffey, \pl.] A goblin; bugbear.

boll, oeil, vi. & vi. To bring or come to
the boiling-point; cook, aflfect, or produce
by boiling; nubble up; be agitated.

— boirer, n. A vessel In which a ]
is boiled or steam generated.

boll*, n. A painful tumor in the skin.

boll^, n. 1 . The act or state of boiling.
2. An immersion in boiling water.

bols'ter-ous, beis'tgr-us, a. Vociferous
and rude; tempestuous, ^ly^ adv. -ness, w.

bold, bold, a. 1. Possessing, showing,
or requiring courage; fearless; audacious;
impudent. 2. Striking; vigorous; promi-
nent.— bold'ly, arftj.— Dold'ness, fi.

boIeS bol, n. The trunk of a tree.

bole^, n. A fine, compact, soft clay.

1 a liquid

or; flat|f|re (future); aisle; au (out); ell; c (k); ciiat; dh (the); go; sing, ipk; tliin.

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boUt bol. I. vi. To form pods. II. n.
1 . A round pod, as of flax. 2. A knob.

boFster, bol'stgr. I. vt. To prop up;
aid; abet. II. n. A long unaerpillow
for a bed.

bolti<i, bolt, V. I. <. 1 . To fasten with
a bolt. 2. [U. S.] To refuse to sup-
port, as a candidate. 3. To swallow
hurriedly. 4. To expel; blurt out. II.
i. 1. To run away, as a horse. 2. [U.S.]
To repudiate a party measure or candidate.
— bolt^er^f n. One who or that which
bolts In any sense.

bolt3<>, vt. To sift; examine as by sifting.

— bol t^er^, n. Same as bolt^, n.
bolt^ n. 1. A sliding bar for fastening a

door, etc.; any pin or rod used for fasten-
ing. 2. An arrow; a long shot for a
cannon; anything coming suddenly. 3.
[U. 8.] Desertion of a party, candidate, or
policy. 4. A sudden start, or runaway.
6. A roll, as of cloth.

bolt^, n. A rotating frame for sifting flour.

bolt, adv. Like an arrow; swiftly;
straight.— bolt upright, erect.

bo'Ius, bo'lus, n. A large pill.

bomb, bem^ n. A hollow iron shell filled
with explosive material to be shot from a
cannon; also, any similar receptacle con-
taining an explosive, bomb^sliell:]:;

bom-bard'*', bom-bflrd', vt. To attack
with or as with cannon-balls or shells.—
boni-bard'ment« n.

bom'bast, bem'bgst, n. Pompous lan-
guage; rant.— bom-bas'tic, a. Inflated;

bo-nan^za^ bo-nan'za, ;?. [U.S.] A rich
mine or vein of ore; profitable specula-

bon'bon^, bWbSfi', n. A sugar-plum;

bond*', bend, vt. To put under bond;
mortgage; bind.

bond, a. Subject to servitude; enslaved.

— bond ' maid '% n. A female slave.—
bond'inan, n. [-kkn, p/.] A male slave
or serf, bonds'mant.— bond^wom'^an,
n. fern.

bond, n. 1. That which binds; a band;
obligation. 2. pi. Fetters; captivity. 3.
An interest-beanng debt-certificate.

bond'age, bond'§j, n. Compulsory re-
straint; slavery; imprisonipent; captivity.

bond'ed, bond'ed, pa. 1 . Mortgaged, as
property; secured by bonds, as a debt. 2.
Held in bond for payment of duties.

bonds'man, bendz'mftn, n. [-men, jd/.]
1 . Law. One who is bound as security for
another; a surety. 2. A bondman.

bone, bon, t7<. [boned; bo'ning.1 1. To
remove the bones from. 2. To stiffen with
whalebone. 3 . To fertilize with boncdust

bone, n. 1 . The skeleton of a vertebrate
animal, or any portion of it. 2, pi. The
mortal remains. 3. Something made of
bone or the like.— bone'»du«t*, n. Pul-
verized bone: used as a fertilizer.

bon'flre'^, ben'fair', n. A large fire, as of
brush, in llie open air.

bonne, ben, n. A French nurse-maid.

bon'net, ben'et, n. A covering for the
head, especiallv for women.

bon'nF, ben'i, a. [bon'ni-er; bon'ni-
EST.] Having homelike beauty; sweet and
fair; merry; cheery.

bo'nus, bb'nD8,^n. A premium or extra

ho'nj, bo'ni, a. 1 . Of or like bone. 2.
Having prominent bones; thin; saunt.

boo'by, bQ'bi, n. [boo'bies*, pt.] A dull
fellow; dunce.

book, buk. I*, vt. & vi. To enter in a
book; en^ge beforehand, II. n. 1. A
number or sneets of paper bound or stitched
together; a printed and bound volume. 2.
A treatise, or one of its subdivisions.

— book^bind^'er, n. One whose trade
Is the binding of books — book^lsh* a.
Fond of books; pedantic; unpractical —
book'keep^er* n. One who keeps ac-
counts; an accountant. — book'keep^-
iuff* n. The art or practise of record-
ing business transactions systematically.—
book'seU^ing, n.— book^wornl^^ n.
1. A close student. 2. The larva of an In-
sect destructive to books.

boom^ bfim. I. vt. & vi. To sound with
a deep, resonant tone; rush onward im-
petuously. II. w. A deep, reverberating
sound, as of a cannon.

boom^. I. vt. To control or confine by
means of a boom. II. n. 1. A spar
holding the foot
of a fore-and-aft
sail. 2. A chain
of lo^s to confine
floating logs, etc.

boom'. [Colloq.,
U. 8J I. vt. &
vi. To push for-
ward; advance bs.
with a rush; gain

rapidly. II. v. gj^Qp showing boom and
A torrent; sudden ° ""*'' bowsprit,
activity or pros- ft, boom; b«, bow«prit.

boom^e-ran^, bfim'g-rang, n. A cnrvecl
Australian missile that will return to the

papfi, gsk; at, air; element, th§y, us^ge; it, |, i (ee); o, oh; orator, 5r; full, rfile; but.

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mt, bflBt. I«i. vt. [CoUoa., U. 8.] To
ih or lift up. II. n. A lift; help.
t», bat. I«». vt. & vi. To put boots

boon, bOn, a. Genial; jovial; prosperous;

boon, n. A good gift; favor; blessing.

boor, bOr, n. 1. A coarse rustic; a rude
fellow. 2. A Dutch peasant. 3. [B-]
Same as Boer. — boor^lsh, a. Rude;


boofi, bat. t<i. vt. & vi. To put
on; kick. II. n. 1. A leather covering
for the foot and leg. 2, A carriage re-
ceptacle, for carrying parcels, etc.— Doot'-
black'^ n. One wEo cleans and blacks
boots.— boot^JRck^, n. An Implement to
aid In removing boots.

boot^. l<i. vi. To profit; avail. II. ^z.
1. Something over and above given in
barter. 2, Advantage; resource; help.

— bootless* a. Profitless; useless; un-
availing, -ly, acfr. -ness* n.— to boot*
In addition; over and above.

booth, bQdh or bfith, n. A stall, as at a
fair; a temporary shelter.

boo'ty, bfi'ti, n. [boo'ties',/?/.] The spoil
of war; plunder; gain.

bo'rax, bo'rax, n. A white crystalline
compound used as an antiseptic and as a

boi^der, bftr'dgr. I. vt. & vi. 1. To
put a border on. ft. To lie on the border;
adjoin; approach; resemble: often with on
or upon. II. n. A margin or edge;
brink; verge; frontier.

boreS bor, vt. & vi. [bored: bor'ino.]
To make a hole in; pierce; perforate; tire;
weary; annoy.

bore^f imp, of bear, v.

bore, n. 1. A hole made by boring; the
interior diameter, as of a firearm. 2. A
tiresome person; an annoyance.

bo^re-al, bo'rg-ol, a. Fertaining to the
north or the north wind; northern.

Bo're-as, bo'rg-as, n. The north Wind.

born, bdm, a. 1. Brought forth, as off-
spring. 2. Natural; ingrained.

borne, bOm, pp. of bear, v.

bor'ouKh, Dur'O, n. 1. [U.S.] An in-
corporated villi^e; section of a city. 2.
[Ene.] A municipal corporation or a privi-
legea town.

bor'roiv, bor'o, vt. & vi. To obtain on

J»romise of return; copy; adopt; pretend;
boa'oni, buz'nm, n. The breast, or the
part of a garment covering the breast; the
bossi, bos. I<. vt. To work in relief; em-
boss. Kl, n. A circular prominence; a
knob; stud.— boM'y, a.

boss3,bosorb6s. [Colloq., U. S.] I*. v^&
vi. To master; manage; dominate. 11, n.
1 . A superintendent or employer ; manager;
foreman. 2 . A dictator of a political party.

bot, bet, n. A bot-fly, or its larva.- bot'»
tly^tn. A fiy, the larvae of which are para-
sitic, as in horses.

bot'a-ny, bot'a-ni, n. [-nie9M>/.] The
science that treats of plants.— bo-tan^ic-
al, be-tan'lc-al, a. bo«tan'ict.— bo-tan^»
ic-al-ly, a(/v.— bot^a-nist, n. One versed
In botany.— bot'a-nize, bet'a-nalz, vt. A
vi. f -NizED: -Ni'ziNG.l To make botanical
studies; explore as a botanist. bot'a-ni»et»

botch, boch. It. vt. & vi. To do in a
bungling way; mar; spoil; disfigure: bun-

fle. 11. n. A bungled piece of work; a
ungling workman.— botch'y, a.

both, both. 1, a. The two together; the
one and the other alike. II. j/ron. The
two together; the pair. III. adv. & conj.
Equally; alike; as well.

botn^er, bedh'gr. I. vt. & vi. To trouble;
annoy. II. n. A source of annoyance;
perplexity; vexation.— both'^er-a'tlon, n.
Annoyance; vexation.

bott, n. Same as bot.

bot'tle, bot'l, vt. [bot'tled; bot'tling.}
To put into a bottle or bottles; shut in.

bot^tle*. n. 1. A narrow-mouthed vessel
for liquids. 2. What a bottle will hold.

bot'tle^t, n. A bundle, as of hay.

bot'tom, bot'um. l,vt.& vi. To base
or found (upon); fathom; rest; touch bot-
tom. II. a. Lowest; fundamental; basal.
III. n. 1 . The lowest part of anything:
base; support; root; dregs. 2. The ground
beneath or low land near a body of water.
3. The part of a vessel below the water-
line; hence, a vessel. 4. Endurance; stam-
ina; grit. — bot^tom-less, a. Having no
bottom; unfathomable: baseless; visionary.

bou'dolr'^ bfi'dwdr', n. A lady's private

bough, ban, w.. A limb of a tree.

bouffht, bet, imp. & pp. of buy, v.

boull'lon, btil'yofi, n. Clear beef soup.

bouFder, bol'dgr, n. A large detached
angular or rounded stone. boi«'Pdert>

bou'le-Tard, bQMe-vdrd. n. A broad
avenue, usually planted with trees.

bounce, banns, l.vi.&vi. [bounced*;
boun'cing.] To cause to bound; move
with a bound. II. n. A bounding or
elastic motion; spring; leap; bound; re-
bound.— boun'cer, n. Something that
bounces; a bU. strong person or thmg; an
audacious lie.— boun^cing, pa. Strong;
large; exaggerated; boastful; untruthful.

Or; fmtlQre (future); aisle; au (out); ell; c (k); chat; dh (the): i^o; sing, ipk; thin.

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fbound^, bound, l**. vi. To leap lightl^r;
spring; rebound. II. n. A light elastic
Bpring: a rebound.

bound^. I*', vt. To set bounds to; form
the boundary of ; adjoin; name the bound-
aries of. II. n. 1. That which circum-
scribes; a boundary. 2. pi. The district
included within a boundary or limits.
— bonnd'lesB, a. Having no limit; vast:
■• Infinite, -ly, cuiv. -ness, n.
j bound, pa. 1 . Made fast; tied; confined;
j compelled. Jfc. Having a cover or binding.
J bound, a. Having one's course directed;
destined: with/<>r or to.

bo u nd'a-r^, baund'a-rl, n. [-ribs', pi.]
A limiting Ime or mark; limit.

bound'en, baund^gn, a. Obligatory;
necessary; obliged.

boun^te-ou8, baun'te-us, a. Generous;
beneficent; plentiful, -ly, adv. -ness, n.

boun'tl-ful, baun'ti-fnl, a. Bounteous;
generous; abundant, -ly, adv. -nem, n.

boun'ty, baun'ti, ». [-ties',/?/.] Liber-
ality; munificence; generous gifts; an al-
lowance from a government.

bou^quet^ btl'kg^ n. 1. A bunch of
flowers; a nosegay. 2. Aroma.

bourn, \ bOm, n. A limit; botmd; goal;

iiourne, ) end.

bout, bout, n. 1 . A single turn; a set-to;
a revel. 2. A bend or turn, as of a rope;

bo'Tlne, bO'vin, a. Ox-like; slow; stupid.

bo"wri,bau, V. [bowed, baud; bow'ing,
bau'ing.] I. t. To bend or cause to bend
for^^ard, as in reverence; subdue; humil-
iate; oppress. II. i. To bend; assent;
worship; submit; yield.

bo^v^, bo, vt. [bowed, bod; bow'ing,
bO'ing.] To curve like a bow; bend.

bo IV*, ban, n. A bending of body or head
forward and downward, as in salutation.

bow^, bo, n. 1. A bend or curve, or
somethinf^ bent or curved, as a loop of
ribbon, rim of spectacles, etc. 2* An
on, bent
by a
cord for

shoot- Bow and Arrows,

ing ar-
rows 3. A rod bearing parallel hairs,
used with a violin. — bow'/knot", 7i. A
knot made to be readily untied.— bow win-
clow, a curved projecting window built up
from the ground-level.

bow", bau, n. The for>vard part of a ves-
sel; prow.

bovir'el, bau'el, n. An intestine; in the
plural, the intestinal regions; formerly,
pity: compassion; heart.

bo'w^'er, bau'fir, n. A shaAj recess; pri-
vate apartment; arbor; boudoir.

boiv^eoknlfe''^, bu'i-naif or bo'i-naif',
n. ru. 8.] A strong hunting-knife.

boviTl, bol, V. 1. 1 To roll; trundle along;
hit with anything rolled; knock down;
prostrate. II. i. To roll a bowl; deliver
a cricket-ball or the like; move smoothly,
as on wheels.— bowFer, n. 1. One who
plays at bowls. ^Z, Cricket. Theplayerwbo
delivers the ball.

bo 11^1*, n. A concave vessel, larger than a
cup; a large goblet. [pins.

boii^l^, n. A large wooden ball for ten-
bo vir' sprit, bO'sprit, n. A spar project-
ing forward from the bow of a vessel. See
illns. under boom.

box^S box, vt. To put into or fumifih
with a box: often with up.

box^S V. I. t. To cuff or buffet. II. t.
To spar, as with boxing-gloves.— box'er, n.
A pugilist.— box'lnff, n. Sparring; pugilism.

box^ n. 1. A case, as of wood; a recep-
tacle; axle-driver^s seat on a carriage. 2.
The quantity that a box will hold.

box*, n. A slap or cuff.

box', n. A small tree or shrub of the
spurge family; also, its wood, called hox-

boy, bol, n. A male child; lad; youth.
— Doy'hood, n. The state or perlocf of be-
ing a boy; boys collectively.— boy'iBh. a.
Of, pertaining to, or like boys or boyhood.

boy'cott, boi'cet. I**, vt. To exclude
from all dealings or intercourse; ostracize.
II. n. Eefusal of all dealings with a per-
son or persons.

brace, bres. I. vt. [braced*; bra'ctng.]
To strengthen; prop; bind. II. «. 1.
A support to hold something tirmlv in

{)lace. 2. A crank-like handle, as for a
)it. See illus. at BIT. 3. A

clasp; a curved line (~*— ) for

uniting words, etc. 4. A

pair; couple: two.
brace^let, brfis'let, n. An I

ornamental band encircling I

the wrist or arm.
brack^et, brak'et. I«». vt.

To put in brackets; join;

couple. II. n. 1. Apiece

l)ro3ecting from a wall, as a 1

support, a gas-fixture, etc. -Rr-^v***
2. In printing or writing: (1) Brac^^et.
One of two enclosing marks, [ ] . (2) Abrac<
braek'lsh, brak'ish, a. Salty; salt.

papa, gsk; at, air; element, th€y, us|ge; It, f, t (ee); o, «h; orator, or; full, rule; bot .

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bract, bract, n. A modified leaf in a

brad, brad, n. A small and slender nail.
brag, brag. 1. vi. & vi. [brAooed;

brao'ging.] To boast; vannt oneself.

II. n. Boastfulness; boast; a boaster.

— braff'trart* brag' art, n. A vain boaster.
braid, bred. I«». v6. To weave together;

Slait; put braid on. II. n. A narrow
at strip for binding or ornamenting

fabrics; any thing braided or plaited.
brain, brgn, n. That part of the central

nervoos system that is within the skull;

hence, mind; intellect: often in the plural.
— brain'lesSf a. Without brain; sense-

lesB; stupid.
brakes br§k, v. Fbraked; bracking.]

I. t. To apply a brake to: reduce the

speed of; bruise, as flax. II. i. To act

as brakeman.
brake^ [Archaic or Obs.], imp. of break, f.
brakes n. 1. A device for retarding

motion, as of a wheel. 2. A harrow. 3.

An implement for separating the fiber of

flax, hemp, etc. — brakesman, brakes^-

maiif n. [-msx, pl.l One who tends a

brake or brakes.
brake^, n. A variety of fern; bracken.
brake*, n. A thickt,;.
brain'bl(e, bram'bl, n. The European

blackberry; hence, any prickly shrub.
bran, bran, n. The coarse outer coat of

wheat, rye, and other cereals.
branch, brgnch. I*, vt. & vi. To di-
vide into or adorn with branches; put

forth branches. II. a. Diverging from

or merging in a trunk, stock, or main

part. III. n. A secondary stem, as of

a tree; an offshoot; side issue; division;

department; tributary.
brand, brand. I<i. vt. To mark with a

brand; stigmatize; imprint indelibly. II.

n. 1. A firebrand; a mark burnt with a

hot iron; trade-mark; stigma. 2. Quality;

kind. 3. A branding-iron. 4. A sword.
branMlshS bran'dish, vt. To wave

triumphantly or defiantly.
brand'*nevr', brand'-niQ', a. Quite

new; fresh and bright.
bran^dy, bran'di, n. [bran'dies', pi.]

An alcoholic liquor distilled from wine.
brassier, n. Same as brazier.
brsiss, brgs, n. An alloy of copper and

zinc- bras'uy, a. Covered with, made

of, or like brass.
brat, brat, n. A child: contemptuously.
bra-Ta'do, bra-v§'do, n. [-dos* or

-DOES",/)/.] Arrogant defiance; affectation

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