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of bravery.

brave, br§v. I. vt. [braved; bra •
viNG.] To meet with courage; defy; dare;
challenge. II. a. [bra'ver; bra'vest.J

I . Havmg or showing courage; intrepid;
courageous. 211. Elegant; showy; splen-
did. III. n. A man of courage; a
soldier; a North- American Indian war-
rior; a bravo.— bra'ver-y, br§'vgr-i, n.
L-iES", pi.] 1. Valor; gallantry; heroism.
*i. Elegance of attire; show; splendor.

bra'TO, br^'vO or brfi'vO. I. n. Fbra'-
vos« or BRA'voEs', pi.] 1. A daring
villain; hired assassin; bandit. 2. A
shout of applause. II. brd'vO, interj.
Good I well done!

braii^l, brSl. I. vi. & vi. To utter
noisily; wrangle; flow noisily, as water.

II. n. A noisv quarrel or wrangle; a
row; a roaring of a stream.

braw^n, brSn, n. 1. Flesh* flrm muscle;

strength. 2. The flesh of the boar.—

brairn^y, brdn'l, a. Muscular; strong.
braTi, brg, vt. To bruise, pound, or mix,

as in a mortar.
bray", vt. & vi. To utter loudly and

harshly; give forth a bray.
bray, n. Any loud, harsh sound, as the

cry of an ass.
braze^, br§z, vt. [brazed; bra'zino.1

To make of or like brass; ornament with

braze", vt. To join by hard solder.
braize n, br^'zn, a. Made of or like

brass; impudent; shameless.
bra'zler^ bre'zigr, n. One who works in

bra'zier", n. A pan for holding live coals.
breach, brtch. I^. vt. To make a

breach in; break through. II. n. The

act of breaking; a gap or break; a quarrel.
bread, bred, n. An article of food made

of flour or meal; provisions; subsistence.
— bread-fruit^, n. The fruit of a tree

of the South Sea

Islands: when

roasted, resem-
bling bread;

also, the tree-
bread 'Htufl"',

n. Material for

bread; grain, a

meal, or flour. /ff
breadth, M

bredth, n . '&

Measure or dis- Jr

tance from side

to side; width;

liberality; a

piece of a fabric of uniform width.
break, brek, r. [broke, brOk, or braki

Breadfruit, i/n

Or; fintf^re (future); aisle; au (put); oil; c (k); chat; dh (the); go; sins, ipk; thin.

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(poet.); BRO'KEN, bro'kn, or broke;
BRBAK'iNo.J I, L 1. To separate, as
by a blow; shatter. 2. To fail to keep;
violate; transgress. 3. To make bank-
rupt; degrade; cashier. 4. To tame.
II. i. 1. To become fractured, as by a
blow; .part; burst. 2. To change sud-
denly; dawn, as the day; begin. 3. To
fail; become bankrupt.
— break'a-bUe, a.— break'age, n.

I. A breaking, or being broken. "Z. Articles
broken.— break^down'^ n. The act of
breaking down; a collapse.— break^en n-
One who or that which breaks: a wave that
breaks on a beach, etc.— break'iieck".
!• a. Likely to break the neck; dangerous.

II. n. A steep and dangerous place. —
break' waiter, n. A mole or wall for
protecting a harbor from the force of waves.

break, brdk, n. 1. A breach; interrup-
tion. 2. A starting or opening out; as, the
break of dav.

break'fasit, brek'fast. I«». vt. & vi. To
give a breakfast to; eat breakfast. II. n.
The first meal of the day.

breast, brest. I«i. vi. To encounter:
buffet; stem. II. n. 1. The front or
the chest. 2. One of the mammary
glands; the bosom. 3. The seat of the
affections; mind; heart.— breast'plate",
n. Defensive plate armor for the breast.-
breast' work'', n. Fort. A low tempo-
rary defensive work; a parapet.

breath, breth.w. 1. Air respired; respi-
ration; life. 2. A breathing- time; pause;
instant. — breath ' less, a. 1 . Out of
breath; taking away the breath; Intense;
eager. *4. Without breath; dead.

breathe, brtdh, ^ v. [breathed:
BREATH'iNQ.] I. L I. To inhale and
exhale, as air; respire; emit; utter; mani-
fest. 2. To exercise; overtire. 3. To
rest, as for breath. II. i. 1. To inhale
and exhale air; respire; be alive. 2. To
pause for breath. 3. To exhale.

breech, br!ch, n. The posterior and lower
part of the body; the rear end of a gim.

breech'es; brich'ge, n. pi. A garment for
men, covenng the waist, hips, and thighs.

breech^ing, brlch'ing, n. A hold- back
strap passing behind a norse's haunches.

breed, brld, v. [bred, bred; breed'ing.]
1, t. 1. To produce, as offspring; beget;
hatch; raise; originate; cause. 2. To
bring up- train. II. i. 1. To produce

■ young. 2. To be bom; develop; origi-
nate.— breed'ing, brtdMng, n. 1. The
f production of offspring. 2. Nurture; traln-
ng; manners.

breed, n. The progeny of one stock; a
race or strain; a sort or kind.

breeze, brtz, n. A light wind.— breez'y,
briz'i, a. Airy; windy; animated.

breth^ren, bredh'ren, n. pi. Brothers.

bre-Tet', brg-vet'. 1. vt. [bre-vet'ted«*;
BRB-VET'TiNG.] To promotc by brevet.
II. a. Held or conferred by brevet; hold-
ing rank by brevet; brevetted. III. n.
Mil. A commission giving an oflScer an
honorary rank above his pay.

bre'Tl-ar"y, brl'vi-er'i, n. [-ies«, pL] A

brev'i-ty, brev'i-ti, n. [-ties*, pL] Short-
ness; conciseness.

breviT, brQ. I. vt. & vi. To make by
fermentation, as beer; concoct; plot; con-
trive; be preparing. II. w. That which
is brewed; the product of brewing. —
brew'er, brfl'gr, n.— brew'er-y, brQ'-
er-I, n. [-iks«, pi.] An establishment for
brewing, brew'shonse^t.

bribe, broib. I. vt. & vi. [bribed;
BRi'BiNQ.] To give a bribe to; give or
offer bribes. II. n. Any gift used cor-
ruptly to influence t)ublic or ofiicial action;
anything that seduces or allures; an allures-
men t.—ori'ber-y, n. [-lEs*, pi.] The
giving, offering, or accepting of a bribe.

brlc'sasbrac", bric'-a-braC, n. Objects
of curiosity; rarities; antiques.

brick, bric. I*, vi. To cover or line
with bricks. II. n. A molded block of
clay, usually burned; bricks collectively.

— brick'bat", n. A piece of a brick.—
brick'skilu", bric'-kir, 7i. A structure In
which bricks are burned.— brick'lay"er,
n. One who builds with bricks.

brl'dal, broi'dal. I. a. Pertaining to a
bride or wedding. II. n, A wedding.

bride, braid, n. A newly married woman,
or a woman about to be married.

brlde'groom", braid'grhm", n. A man
newly married or about to be married.

brides'maid'', braids'med", n. An un-
married woman who attends a bride at her

brij. l,vt.
B R I D g'-
ING.] To

span, as |
bridge; get '
over; pass. „-

II. «. A structure erected to afford pas-
sage across a waterway, gorge, or the like; a
raised support.
bridge whist, a variety of the game of


papd, 9Bk; at, air; element, th6y, usf ge; it, |, i (ee); o, oh; orator, or; full, rllle; but.

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brl'dle, brai'dl, v. [bri'dlbd; bri'dlino.]

I. <• To put a bridle on; check; curb; con-'
trol. II. i. To raise the head and draw
in the chin, as throagh resentment, etc.

brl'dle, n. The head-harness of a horse,

including bit and reins; any check; curb.
brief, brff. I*, vt. To epitomize; abridge.

II. a. Short in time or space; quickly
I>a88ing; concise; limited. III. n. Any
short statement, as of a lawcase; an epit-
ome. — brlePly, adv.

»rl'er, brai'er, n. A prickly bush or shrub.
brl'art.— Dri'er-y, a. [vessel.

brig, brig, n. A two-masted square-rigged

brl-gade^, bri-gfid'. MU. I. vt. [bri-oa'-
DKD«>; BRi-oA'DiNo.] To form into a bri-
gade. 1 1 . n. A force of two or more regi-

brlff^a-dler', brig"a-dlr', n. A general
who commands a brigade, brigadier »
general $.

brls^and, brig'and. n. A robber; a
bandit.— brig'and-age, n. Robbery; brig-
ands collectively.

bright, brait, a. Full of light; shining;
brilliant; quick-witted ; cheery: illustrious.
-Iy« odr. -ness, n.— brlffhren, bralt'n,
vt, & vi. To make or become bright or
brighter; illuminate; cheer.

brilliance, Ibril'yans, -yan-si, n.

bril'lian-cv, i Brightness; luster.

bril'liant, bril'yant. I. a. Glowing with
light; gleaming; splendid* accomplished;
ilfustiious. II. n. A diamond of the
finest cut. -ly, adv. -nem, n.

brim, brim. I. vt. & t-i. [brimmed; brim'-
MiNG.l To fill or be filled to the brim. II.
». The rim, as of a cup; margin; edge;
border.— brim'ful'^, a. Full to the brim.

brim'stone, brim'stOn, n. Sulfur.

brin'dled, brin'dld, a. Irregularly
streaked. brin^dedl. — brln'dl(e,
brln'dl. I. a. Brindled. II, n. A brindled
color, or a brindled animal.

brine, brain, n. Salt-water; the sea; tears.
— bri'ny, a.

bring, ^ring, vt [brought, brSt; bring'-
ING.T 1. To conveyor conduct to or to-
ward the speaker; cause to come; fetch.
2. To influence; persuade; produce; yield;
render; fetch as a price.
brinl£, brink, n. The verge, as of a preci-
pice; margin; bank; shore.
brisk, brisk, a. Quick; sprightly; lively.

-ly, adv. -nesB, n.
bris'ket, bris'ket, n. The breast of an

brls'tle, bris'l. l.vt.&vi. [bris'tled;

brib'tlimg.] 1 . To erect, or stand erect,
as bristles; make bristly; excite; irritate;
agitate. 2. To be thickly beset, as with
bristles. II. n. A coarse, stiff hair, as of
swine.— brls'tly, bris'li, a. Having or
resembling bristles.

Brit'isb, brit'ish. I. a. Pertaining to
Great Britain, the United Kingdom, or
the British empire. Brl-tau'nict. II.
n. 1 . pi. Tne people of Great Britain.
2. The language of tlie ancient Britons.

Brit'on,brit'Dn,n. 1. One of the ancient
Celtic people of Great Britain. 2. A native
or citizen of Great Britain.

brit'tle, brita, a. Liable to break; fragile.
— brit'tle-ness, n.

broaeh, broch. I^ vt. 1. To mention
or introduce (a matter); make public. 2.
To tap, as a cask. II. 72. 1. A boring-
tool; reamer. 2. A brooch.

broad, brSd, a. 1. Extended in width;
wide; vast. 2. Comurehensive; catholic;
liberal; tolerant. 3. Strong, rude, or
coarse, as speech, -ly, adv. -ness, «.—
broad^cast^* I. vt. To scatter widely.
II. a. & adv. Scattered abroad, as seed.
Ill.n. A casting or scattering of seed,
etc.. over the ground.— broad'cloth^^, n.
A nne quality of black cloth.— broad'-
side^^. I. n. 1. All the guns on one side
of a man-of-war, f their simultaneous dis-
charge; any sweeping attack. 2* A vessel's
side above the water-line. 3. A large sheet
of paper, printed on one side. II. adv.
With the broadside turned, presented, or
exposed.— broad^siTord^, n. A sword
with a broad cutting blade and obtuse point.

broad^en, br&d'n, vt. & vi. To make or
become broad or broader.

bro-eade^, bro-kgd', n. A silken fabric
woven with raised figures.

bro"cbure', brO'shflr', n. A pamphlet;
slight sketch.

br<rgan, brO'gan, n. A coarse, heavy shoe.

brogue, brOg, n. A dialectic (especially
Irish) pronunciation of English.

broil, broil, vt. & vi. To cook by direct
heat, as over coals.

broil*, n. A turmoil; noisy quarrel; brawl.

broils, n. Something broiled; a broiling

broke, imp., bro^ken, pp., of break, v.

bro'ker, brO'kgr, n. One who buys and
sells for another on commission. — bro'-
ker-age, n. The business or commission
of a broker.

bron'ehi-al, bre^'ki-al, a. Of or per-
taining to the chief air-passages of the
lungs, called the bronchial tuJ^.— bron-
chPtis, br^n-cartls or -kl'tls, n. Inflam-
mation of t\ bronchial tubes.

0r; rmtiQre (fatnre); aisle; au (out); oil; e (k); chat; db i1M)\ go; sing, iif^k; tliln.

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bron'co, bre^'co, n. [U. S.] A native
American horse; mnstang. bron'cliot.

bronz(e,- brenz. 1. vt. [bbonz(s)d;
BRONz'iNG.] To harden or color like
bronze; brown; tan. II. n. A reddish-
brown alloy of copper and tin, or a statue
made of it; a bronze«like pigment

broocb, brOch or br&ch, n. A breastpin.

brood, brtid. I*, vt. & vi. To cover, as
a bird its young; incubate; cherish; nurse:
meditate. II. n. All the young birds oi
a single hatching; offspring; progeny.

brooks bruk, vt. To put up with; endure.

brook, n. A small natural stream; a rivu-

broom, brtim, n. 1. A brush for sweep-
ing. 2. A shrub of the bean family, with
stMf green branches. — broom^ccorn^, n.
A cane«llke grass, of which brooms are made.
— broom-stick^, n. The handle of a

broth, broth, n. The liquor in which meat
has been boiled' a thin or strained soup.

broth'er, brudh'er, n. [bboth'ers or
breth'ren, bredh'ren, p/.j A son of
the same parents or parent; a close com-
panion or associate.— broth-er-hood, n.
Fraternal relationship; a society or frater-
nity.- broth'er-iy, a. Pertaining to or
like a brother; firatemal.

brousb^am, brQ'am, n. A close four-
wheeled vehicle.

brouffht, bret, imp. & pp.

of BRING, V.

broviT, bran, n. The fore-
head; eyebrow; counte-
nance; upper edge of a cliff Brougham,
or the like.

brovir'beaf^, brau'blt", vt. [brow'-
BBAT": brow'bbat'en; brow'beat'ing.]
To intimidate; cow; bully.

brovrn, braun. I. vt. & vi. To make or
become brown; bronze; tan. II. a. Of a
color made up of red, yellow, and black.
III. n. A dnskv color, as of faded leaves,
or a pigment or aye producing it; a thing
or part that is brown.

brovirn^ie, braun'i, n. A homely good*
natured sprite.

bromrse, brauz, vt. & vi. [browsed:
brows'ing.] To feed upon (leaves, twigs,
etc.); also, to graze.

bru'ln, brQ'in, n. A bear.

bruise, brQz. I. vt. & vi. [bruised;
bruis'ing.] To batter; dent; inflict a
bruise or bruises; contuse; crush. II. w.
A surface injury caused by violent contact;
contusion.— brub^er, n. A pugilist.

bruit, brut. I«». vt. & vi. To noise

abroad: report; proclaim. II. n. A ru-
mor noisea abroad; a din; clamor.

bra- net te', brfl-net^ n. A woman or girl
of dark complexion, eyes, and hair.

brunt, brunt, n. The main shock or
stress; hardest part.

brush, brush. IS vt. & vi. To use a
brush on; sweep; touch or move lightly.
II. n. 1. An implement, as of bristles,
for cleansing, smoothing, etc. 2* The act
of brushing. 3. A thicKet; wooded coun-
try; brushwood. 4. A bushy object, as
the tail of the fox. 5 • A smart skirmish ;
a dashing ride; chase.— brush' wood''', n.
A low tmcket; underwood; cut bushes, or

brusk, ) brusk, brtlsk, a. Rude or curt;

brusque, S blunt; offhand, -ly, adv.
-nesB, n.

brute, brtit. I. a. Animal; unintelligent;
material; unconscious; brutal. II. n.
Any animal other than man: a brutal per-
son.— bru'tal, a. Characteristic of or like
a brute; sensual; cruel; unfeeling: rude.—
brn-tal^-ty. n. [-ties«, pi.] The being
brutal; a brutal action.— bru^tal-ize, vt.
[•izBD; -I'ziifQ.] To make brutal.— bra'*
tal-ly» adv.— brn'tish^ a. Of or like a
brute; stupid; irrational: sensual.- bra'*
tish-ly, a^v.— bru'tlsh-ness, n.

bub^ble, bub'l. I. vi. [bub'bled; bub'-
bling.] To form bubbles; rise in bub-
bles; make an intermittent liquid sound.
II. w. 1 . A vesicle of liquid, filled with
air or other gas. 2. Anything unsubstan-
tial; a delusK)n; cheat; fraud.

buc'^ca-neer', I buc"a-nlr', n. A pirate

buc'^a-nler', f or freebooter.

bucks bok, vt. & vi. To spring viciously
from the ground, as a horse or mule; throw
(a rider) by vicious plunges.

bucks n. 1. The male of various animals,
as of deer. 2. A dashing fellow.

buck^, n. The act of bucking.

buck4>oard^^ buk'bord", n. [U. S.] A
light, four-wheeled vehicle having a long
elastic board in place of body and springs.

buck'et, buk'ft, n. A vessel,
with a bail, for dipping or car-
rying liquids; also, a compart-
ment on a water-wheel, or the <
like. )

buck'eye'^, buk'ai", n. The
horse-chestnut of the United

buck'leS buk'l, v. [buck'-

led; buck' ling.] I. ^ To
fasten with or as with a buckle.


II. i. To apply oneself vigorously: fol-
lowed by to er dovm to.

papfi, Qsk; at. air; element, thiy, us^ge; It, |, i (ee); o, 5h; orator, or; full, rule; bot.

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buck^e^, buk'l, vt. & vi. To bend, warp,
curl, or crumple.

buck^le^, n. A metal frame with mova-
ble tongue, for fastening straps, etc.

buck'Ie^, n. A bend; distortion.

buck^ler, buc'lgr, n. A small round shield.

buck^ram, buc'ram. I. «. Of or like
buckram; stiff; precise. II. w. A coarse
fabric, for stiffening garments.

buck^sbot'^, buk'shof, n. Large shot,
used in hunting, as for deer.

buck'skln'', buk'skin". I. a. Made of
or colored like buckskin. II. n. The
skin of a buck; a soft, strong, grayish-
yellow leather.

buck^w^heat^^ buk'hwtf, h. A plant,
or its triangular seeds, from which a flour
is made.

bu-eoPlc, biu-ceric. I. a. Of or like
shepherds or herdsmen; pastoral; rustic.
II. n. A pastoral poem.

bud, bud. I. vt. & vi. [bud'ded«»; bud'-
DiNG.l 1. To graft by inserting a bud
into the slit bark. 2. To put forth, as
buds; begin to grow. II. n. 1. An un-
developed stem, branch, or flower. 2. The
act or stage of budding.

budse, buj, vt. & vi. [budged; budo'-
iNGj Tomovealittle;give way; go.

budg'et, buj'§t, n. Formerly, a small sack,
or its contents; a collection of news; finan-
cial estimate.

buflf, buf. I. a. Made of buff-leather;
brownish-yellow- II. n. 1. A thick,
soft, flexible leather. buflTMeatb^^ert*
2. A li^ht brownish-yellow. 3. A coat
made of buff-leather.

blif^fa-lo, buf'a-lo, n. [-lobs* or -lo8«,
nl.] 1. A large Old World ox. 2. The
Korth - American

buf ^fer, buf 'gr, n.
A device for les-
sening the shock
of concussion.

buffet^ buf'et,
vt.&vi. To strike;
beat; struggle jl
against; contend. ^

buf 'feti, buf'etor g
bti'fg', n. 1. A 1
sideboard. 2. A ^
public lunch*^^

buf 'fe ta, buf et, n. A blow ; cuff; assault.

buf-foon^, buf-fOn', n. A professional
clown; low jester.— buf-foon'er-y, n.
[-lEsi.jb/.] Low drollerv.

Buffalo. 1/46

bug, bug, n. Any one of various insects^
or small crustaceans.

bug'bear'', bug'bar", n. An imajginarr
object of terror; a specter. bus'a-Doot.

bug^gy, bug'i, n. [Bl:G'GIES^ pi.] A
light four-w heeled vehicle w ith or without
a nood.

bungle, biu'gl, n. A wind-instrument re-
sembling a horn or tnim- 1
pet; a nuntsman*s horn. I
bu'gle*born";.— bu'- 1
ffler, blQ'glgr, n. One who
plays on the bugle. .^ i

bubl,baL7i. Metal or tor- ^"8^®-
toise-shell inlaid in furniture ; also, cabi-
net-work so decorated.

buhr, buhr'stone". See bub, etc.

build, bild, V. [built* or build'ed*";
build'ing.J l,t. To frame, construct,,
or erect, as a house; fabricate; establish;
found; strengthen: often with vp. II. L

1 . To follow the business of building; con-
struct. 2. To rely; depend: with on or
upon.— build, n. The manner or style in
which anything fs built; form; figure.—
build'er, 7}.— build^inff. n. That which
Is built: an edifice; the art of building.

bulb, bulb, n, 1. JBot. A cluster ot thick-
ened leaves, growing
usually underground.

2. A bulbous protu-
berance.— bulb^ous, a.
a. 1. Having or grow-
ing from bulbs. 2. Of,
pertaining to, or like a

bulge, bulj. I. vf. &

vi. [bulged; bul'-

GiNG.] To swell out;

press out of shape. II. /

n. The most convex

part, as of a cask; a

bulk, bulk, n. Magni-
tude; mass; size; a large '

body; the greater part.
— bulk'y, a. [bulk'-

i-ek; bulk ' I - est.]

Huge; large; unwieldy. Bulb of Lily.

bed", n. A compartment or partition, as in

a ship or mine.
bull^, bul, n. 1. The male of domestic

cattle or of some other animals. 2. A

dealer who seeks or expects higher prices.
bnll^, n. An ofilcial document of the Pope,.

sealed with a leaden seal.
bnll^, n. A ridiculous contradiction ii>

terms; a blundering statement.


«r; flflti^re (future); aisle; au (owt); ell; c (k); cbat; db (the); go; sing, 1^; tbiiu

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i»all'dos'^ bul'deg', n. A squat and mus-
cular dog with great tenacity of grip.
balPdoze'^ bul'dOz", vt. Tbull'dozkd';
BULL'Do'ziNQ.J LSlaug, U. S.] To intimi-
date; bully.
bul'let, bul'§t, n. A small projectile for

a firearm.
buiae-tln, bul'§-tin, n. A brief official

summary, publication, or placard.
buiritnch'^, bul'flnch', n. A singing
. bird having a short stout bill.
bnll'frog^, bul'frog', n. A large North-
American frog, with a bellowing cry.
bunion, bul'yun, n. Gold oi silver un-
coined or in mass.
bullock, bul'uc, n. A young ox.
bnllV«eye", bulz'-ai", n. The center of
a target; a circular window; a thick lens
of glass, or a lantern fitted with one; a
small perforated wooden block.
huVly, bul'i. I. vL & vi. Fbul'lied,
-lid; BUL'LY-iNG.] To browbeat; ter-
rorize; coerce; quarrel; bluster. II. n.
{bul'lie8«, »;.1 A quarrelsome, swagger-
ng, cowardly fellow.
buFrusb^^, bul'rush', «. A tall rush.
bul^'vrark, bul'wark, n. A rampart;
fortification; defense; raised side of a
buin'ble-bee'^, bum'bl-bl", n, A large,
hairy, social bee.
bump, bump. I». vt.
To thump; knock;
jolt. II. n. 1. A
violent impact or col-
lision; a heavy blow.
a. A protuberance like
that caused bv a blow.
bump'eri, Sump'gr, n. 1. Something
that bumps or causes a bump. 2. A buffer.
bump'er^ n. A glass filled to the brim.
bump'kln, bump'kin, n. An awkward

rustic; a clown; lout.
bun* Dun n. A small sweet cake.
buncta, bunch. I*, vt. & vl. To make
into or form a bunch; collect; gather;
group. II. 71. 1. A compact collection;
group; cluster. 2. A hump; protuber-
ance.— bunch' y, a. Being, growing in,
or having bunch'es; like a bunch.
bun^€l1(e, bun'dl. I. vt. & vi. [bun'-
dled; bun'dling.] 1. To make into
a bundle: often with up. 2. To dismiss
or quit summarily: often with off or out.
11, n. A package; group; collection.
bung, bung, n. A stopper for the large
hole of a cask; also, the hole itself.


bun^glCe, bu^'gl. I. vt. & vi. [bun'-

oled; bun'gling.] To make or do badly;

botch. II. n. An awkward, imperfect

job; botch.— bun'gler, n.— bun'gllng,

pa. Awkward; clumsy; unskilful.
bun^lon, bun'yun, n. A painful swelling

of the basal joint of the great toe.
bunk, bu^k. I*, vi. To sleep in a bunk;

go to bed. II. n. A shelf or recess,

etc., used for a bed.
bun^ker, bu^'kfir, n. A large receptacle,

as a coal'bin on a ship,
buntlngi, bun'ting, n. A light, woolen

stuff used for flags;

h^nce, flags, etc.
bun'tlng', n. A

finch-like bird.
ban^yoii,n. Same as

bnoT, boi. I. vt.

To keep afloat; sup-
port; mark with

buoys. II. n. A

floatmoored,a8on a

rock or shoal, for a

guide to navigators.
— buoy'an-cy,

bei ' an - si, n. 1 .

Power or tendency

to keep afloat. 2. Buntings. Va

Elasticity of spirits; l. The 8now»bant!ng. 2.

cheerfulness.— The Corn-buntii^.

buoy'ant, bel'ant,

a. Having the power to float; vivacious;

cheerful; hopeful, -ly, cuiv.
bur, I bur, n. 1 . A prickly flower-head,
burr, (or the like. 2. The burdock. 3.

A protuberance; lump.. 4. An unwel-
come adherent. 5. A burrstone. See


bur^bot, bur'bot, n. A flsh with barbels
on the nose and chin. [load.

bur'den, bur'dn, vt. To load or over-

bur^den^ n. 1. Something heavy to
bear; a load. 2. The carrying capacity
of a vessel.— bur'den-some, a. Hard or
heavy to bear; oppressive.

bur'aen*, n. The refrain of a song.

bur^dock, bur'dec, n. A coarse weed
with a globular bur.

bu'reau, bifl'rO, n. [bu'rbaus or bu'-
REAux, bifl'rOz, pi.] 1 . [U. S.] A chest
of drawers for clothing, etc. 2. A public
department;^ a staff of iiterary^workers, or

the place where the work is done,

burg, biJrg, n. A borough; village.

bur^gess, bur'ies, n. A freeman, citi-
zen, or officer of a borough or burg.

burgh, burg, n. An incorporated town

popa, ask; at, air; el©m§nt, th^y, usfge; It, g, t (ee); o, oh; orator, «r; f nil, rule: but.

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or village; borough; originally, a castle.
— bttrfrli^er« n. An Inhabitant or citizen
ofabni^b. ,

bur'slar, our'glar, n. One who commits
a burglary.— bur-gla'ri-ous, a.— bur'-
Kla-ry, n. [-biks", pi.] The breaking and
entering of a building with Intent to rob.

bur^go-mas'^ter, bur'go-mgs'tgr, n. A
Dutch ma^strate; mayor.

bur^l-al, ber'i-al, n. The burying of a
dead bodv; sepulture.

bu^rin, biB'rm, n. An engravers' tool;

bur^lapt bur'lap, n. A
coarse stuil for wrap-

bur-lesque', bur-
lesc'. 1. vi. & vt. Burin


LBSQu'iNG.] To represent ludicrously;
caricature. II. a. Marked by ludicrous
incongruity. III. n. Ludicrous repre-
sentation; caricature.

bnr'ly, bur'li, a. Large of body; bulky;
stout; lusty.— bur'Il-nesB, n.

burn, bum, v. [burnt or burned;
burn'inq.] I. t. To affect or destroy
by or as by Hre; consume; scorch. II.

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