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er* ad-Ten^tnr-esst n. A seeker of ad-
ventures, or of fortune by questionable
means. — ad-ven^tur-ous, ad-ven' chur-
ns or -t|Or-ns, a. 1. Disposed to seek ad-
ventures; venturesome. i2. Hazardous.
-ly, adv. -nessf n.

ad'verb,ad'verb, n. Gram. Any word used
to modify verbs, adjectives, or other ad-
verbs.— ad-ver'bl-al, a. -ly, adv.

ad'ver-sa-ry, ad'vQr-se-ri, n. [-ribs*,
pi.] An opponent; antagonist; enemy.

ad'^verse, ad'vgrs, a. Opposing or op-
posed; antagonistic, -ly, adv. -ness, n.—
ad-ver^si-ty, ad-vgr'sl-tl, n. [-ties«, p?.]
Hardship or affliction; misfortune; poverty.

ad- vert', ad- vert', vi. To turn the mind;
refer incidentally. — ad-vert'ence, n. At-
tention; notice.

ad'ver-tlse'^ or -tlze'-', ad'vgr-taiz", vt.
& vi. [-Ti^ED"; -Ti"siNG.] To make
known by or; public notice.— ad'ver-tfa''-
er or -tiz^^r, n. One who advertises.—
ad'^ver-ttse'raent, ad'vgr-talz'mgnt or
ad-vgr'tlz-mgnt, n. A printed public notice,
as In a newspaper.

ad-vlce', ad-vais', n. 1. Encouragement
or dissuasion; connsel. 2. Information;
notification. 311. Deliberation; forethought.

ad- viae', ad-vaiz', v. [ad-vised'; ad-
vi'siNG.] 1. t. 1. To give advice to;
counsel: warn; recommend, a. To ap-
prise (of); notify; inform. II. i. To take
or give counsel: consult.— ad-vfi'sa-btFt.
ty, n. ad-vl/sa-ble-nesst.- ad-vi'-
sa-ble, ad-varzQ-bl, a. Proper to be ad-
vised;, expedient. — ad-vl^sa-bly, adv. -
ad-vi^sed-ly, -z§d-ll, adv. with fore,
thought or advice; not hastily.— ad-vl'-
aer, -zgr, n. One who advises.— ad-vi'so-
Ty, a. Having power to advise; advising.

or; fltttl^Cftttnie); aisle; an (out); ©11; c (k); cbat; dlt (<Ae); ^o; dn^, i^k; tliliL

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ad^TO-eate, ad'vo-ket. I. vt. [-ca'-
TED«*; -CA'TiNo.] To Bpeak in favor of;
plead for. II. n. An intercessor; coun-
selor.— ad^vo-ca-cy , n. Act of advocating.

adz, in. A hand cuttins'tool witli blade

adze, f at right angles with its handle.

»-. For woras so beginning, see E-.

a^er-ate, e'fir-6t, vt. [7a"tkd«»; ^
-A'TiNG.] To supply or charge ■■
with air or gas. JK

a-e^ri-al, §-l'ri-al, a. Of or like W\
the air; high in air; growing in air ; \/\
airy; spiritual. c:^

a'er-ie, d'gr-i, n. The nest or brood Adz.
of a predatory bird, as the eagle, on Via
a crag.

a^er-l-form, S'sr-i-f9rm, a. Like air;
gaseous; unsubstantial; intangible.

a^r-o-drome, §'fir-o-drom. n. A mech-
anism for gliding on the air; place for
testing flying-machines.

a'er-o-gram, §'gr-o-gram, n. A wireless

a^er-o-llte, 6'fir-o-lait, n. A meteorite.

a'er-o-naut, i'gr-o-ndt, n. A balloonist.

a^er-o-nant^lc, a. Pertaining to aero-
nauts, [igating the air.

a^er-o-naut^lca, n. The science -of nav-

a^er-o-plane* n. A klte«like machine for

a^er-y, n. Same as absib.

ns-thet^lc, etc. See bsthbtio, etc

a-far', a-fOr', adv. At or to a distance.

arfa-bl(e, af'a-bl, a. Easy and courteous
in manner.— af''fa-bll'l-ty, af'a-bil'i-ti, n.
The quality of being affable; easy courtesy.
arfa-bl(e-ness:t.— aPfa-bly, adv.

af-falr', ftf-fftr', n. Anything done or to
be done; business; matter; thmg.

af-fect'", ftf-fect', vt. To act npon* in-
fluence; move emotionally.— af-rect'e<l» ,
pa. Acted upon; influenced; moved emo-
tionally. —af- feet 'ins, af-fect'lng, pa.
Moving; pathetic— af-tectanff-ly« adv.

af-fect'8"*, vt. 1. To be fond of; love;
haunt; frequent. 2. To pretend; counter-
feit. — af^fec-ta'tion, af "ec-t§'shun, n.
Pretense; display.— af-fect'ed*,jDo. Show-
ing affectation; incllDed; frequented; unnatu-
ral, -ly, adv. -ness* n.

af•fee'tlon^ ftf-fec'shun, n. The act of
influencing, or state or fact of being in-
fluenced; state of mind or body; disease.

af-fee^tlon', n. 1. Strong and tender
attachment; love. 2. Any natural feeling.

^4t,a. Hi
9nd. -ly, adv.

— af-fec^tion-ate. -et or -t

or expressing love^ loving; fon( _. .
af- finance, ^f-foi'ans. I. vt. [-anced^;
-AN-ciNo.] To betroth; pledge. II. n. A
betrothal; pledge of faith; confldence.

af^fi-da'vlt, af'i-dg'vit, n. A Tolantaiy
sworn declaration in writing.

af-flFl-ate, af-fll'i-6t, v. [-a'tkd*; -aV
TiNO.] I. i. To associate with; adopt)
ally. II. i. To be intimate; sympathizes
consort.— af-fll'l-a'tlon, af-flin-d'shun, «.

af-ttn't-ty, ftf-fln'i-ti, n. [-tiks«, plA
Natural inclination; chemical attraction.

ar-firm^, ftf-ffirm', vt. & vi. To state
positively; maintain; assert; aver; makt
affirmation.— afflr- inaction, n. A sol
emn declaration; statement.-^ af-firm^a-
tlv(e. I. a. Taking the "yes" side; as
sertlng something as fact. II, n. That
which affirms or asserts; assent, -ly, adv.

af-ftx^'S ftf-flx', vt. To attach; fasten; ap-
pend.- aPflx, af'ix, n. That which is at
tached or added; a prefix or sufllx.

ar-fllct'<i. ftf-flict', vt. To oppress; trouble:
grieve; distress.— af-flic^tlon, af-flic'ehon.
n. Distress of body or mind, or Its cause.
CTlef; calamity. — af-llict'ivCe, a. Caus-
ing distress; grievous, -ly, adv.

af'flu-ent, af^lfl-gnt. I. a. Abounding,
as in wealth; rich; also, flowing freelv:
fluent. II. n. A tributary stream. — af'-
flii-ence* af 'IQ-ens, n. A profuse or abun-
dant supply; wealth.

af-ford^<», ftf-ford', vt. 1 . To be able to
meet, as expense; bear; stand, ft. To
produce; yield. [fijgbt; fray.

af-fray', ftf-frg', n. A public brawl;

af-frlght^ll, af-frolt'. I*, vt. To frighten.
II. n. Frlg'bt.

af-front^, af-frunt'. I<». vt. To insult
openly. II. n. An open insult.

af-fu^slon, af-fifl'zhun, n. Pouring.

a-fteld', a-ftld^ adv. In, to, or on the field.

a-ftre^, a-fair', adv. & a. On flre; burning.

a-ftame^, a-fl6m', adv. & a. Flaming;
glowing; In a flame.

a-float^, a-flot', adv. & a. Floating; cir-
culating; adrift; unflxed.

a- foot', a-fut', adv. On foot; able to
walk; on the move; astir.

a-fore', a-for', adv.^prep., & conj. Before.
— a-fore'said'^. a. Said or mentioned
before. — a-fore'time'^, adv. At a pre-
vious time; formerly.

a-fouF, a-faul', adv. & a. In entangle-
ment or collision. [fearnil.

a-fratd', a-frgd', a. Filled with fear;

a-fl*esli',a-fresh', adv. Once more; again.

aft, gft. Jiaut. I, a. Of or near the stem.

II, adv. At, toward, or near the stern.
aft'er, gft'er. I. a. 1. Haut. Farther

aft. 2. Following in time. II, adv. 1.
At a later time. 2. In the rear; behind.

III, prep. 1. In succession to: Bubse-
quentfy to; because of; notwithstanding.
2. Behind, back of, or below in rank; in-

papd, 9sk; at, air; element, th^y, usgge; it, |, i (ee); o, 5h; erat^r, er; full.rfile; but.

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ferior to; in parsait of; in search of. 3.
In relation to; aboat; for; in imitation of;
in obedience to; according to. 4. For the
ealce of; by the name of.

— aft^er-crop^t n. A second crop In a
Beason.— aft^er-math'^ n. The second
mowing of the season.— affer-noon', w.
Tliat part of the day between noon and sun-
set; figuratively, the closing part.— aft'er-
\irard. gft'gr-ward, ctdv. In time follow-
ing; subsequently, aft'er-^v^ardst*

a-saln', a-gen', adv. At a second or
another time; once more; anew; afresh;
back; in reply; repeatedly; further; more-
over; on the other nand.

a-sralnst', a-genst', prep. 1. Into con-
tact or collision with; m movement to-
ward; opposite or contrary to; in contact
with; also, opposite to; in contrast with.

2. In preparation for; in readiness for.

3. In exchange for. 4. To the debit of;
as a charge upon.

as'ate, ag'§t, n, 1. A variegated waxy
quartz; a gem. 2. A child^a playing*
marble. 3. Print

The type In which this line Is set.

A-sa'Te, a-g§'vl or -gg'v§, n. A genus of
plants, embracing the century-plant.

age, §j. I. vt. & vi, [aged; a'ging.] To
make, grow, or seem to ^ow, old. II. n.
1. Period of life or existence; length of
life already passed. 2 . The decline of life ;
the state of oeing old. 3. Legal majority;
maturity. 4. An era; generation; cen-
tury.— a'ged, g'j§d,^. 1, Advanced in
years; of or like old age; old. 2* Of or at
the age of.

absent, S'jgnt, n. 1. One who acts; actor;
doer. 2. One who or that which acts for
another; a deputy.— a'gen-cy, §'jgn-ei, n.
[-oiES», pl.l 1, Active power or operation;
activity; Instrumentality. 3. The relation,
business, or place of business, of an agent.

aff-glom'er-ate, ag-glem'gr-gt. I. vt.
« vi. [-A'TEDd; -A" TING.] To gather,
form, or grow into a ball or mass. II. a.
GatherecT into a mass or heap; clustered.
III. n. Aheapor mass of things thrown
together indiscriminately.— ag-glom"er-
a'tlon» n. A confused mass.

AS^grran-dlze or -dise, ag'ran-dcuz, vt.
& vi. [-dized; -dazing.] To increase;
exalt. — ag^gran-dize^^ment, -mgnt, n. An
aggrandizing; Increase; exaltation.

as'gra-Tate, ag'ra-vit, vt. [-va'ted'';
-VA'TING.] To make worse; increase; In-
tensify.— ag'-'gra-va'tlon, ag"ra-vg'shun,
" A making neavler or worse; an enhan-


cing circumstance.
ag'gre-gate, ag'r§-g§t.

I. vt. & vi.


fe^A•TED«>; -OA'TiNG.] To bring or com*
gether, as into a mass, sum, or body;
collect: mass; amount to. II. a. Col*
lected into a sum, mass, or total; collect-
ive. III. n. The entire number, sum, or
quantity; amount; total. — ag'^gre-ga'*
tion, ag'rg-gg'shirn, n. A collection or
mass; aggregate.
ag-gres^lon, ag-gresh'un, n. An nn*
provoked attack.— ag-grea'slvCe, a. Dis*
^ *- -*^— ,- ^- *- _, -Gtlvlty.

jr, ag.

aj eyed';

to; in*


a< b with

aj i-giPt«

tness in

a{ "TED*;

^-^ >..,^.j *, , , ce; dis-
cuss.— ag"I-ta'tIon, aj'i-tg'shxm, n. Vio-
lent motion or emotion; open, active discus*
8lon.~aff^i*ta''tor, w.

ag-no8'tl-cl8iu» ♦ ag-nos'ti-8izm,ag-nes'-

as-noa'tlcs, f tics, n. The doctrine
that all being, including God and the hu-
man soul, is unknown or unknowable.

— ag-nos'tiCf ag-nes'tlc. I, a. Profess-
ing agnosticism. II. n. A believer In ag-
nosticism, [past; since.

a-go^, a-gO', m & adv. Gone hj; in the

a-gog', a-geg', adv. & a. Excited with
interest or expectation.

ag^o-nlze, ) ag'o-naiz, vt. & vi. [-nized;

ag'o-nlse, f -ni'zing.] To torture; be in
agony; wrime; strive.

ag^o-ny, ag'o-ni, n. [-nies*, pi."] Intense
suffering; anguish; struggle.

a-gree^, a-grf', vi. [a-greed'; a-grbe'-
ING.] To be of one mind; concur; con»
sent; promise; correspond; match.

a-gree^a-bl(e, a-gri'a-bl, a. Agreeing;

Eleasurable; suitable* correspondent; will*
IS. — a-gree'^a-bli'i-ty, n. a-gree'a*
bl(e-ness1:*— a-gree^a-bly, adv.

a-gree'ment^ a-grt'mgnt, n. Mutual as-
sent; conformity; concord; a contract.

ag^rl-cuf'ture, ag'ri-cul'chnror-titlr, n.
The cultivation of the soil; tillage; farm-
ing.- ag'^ri-cuFtur-al, a. Of, pertaining
to, or engaged In agriculture.— ag^ri-cuP*
tur-ist) n. A farmer.

a-gronnd^, a-graund', adv, & a. On the
shore or bottom, as a vessel; stranded.

a'gne, S'gifi, n. Chills and fever; also, a
chill.— a'gu-lsh, a.

a-liead^, a-hed', adv. At the head; In ad-
vance; before; forward.

6r; fl11t|9re (fntnre); aisle; au iout); ell; c (k); cliat; dli (.the); go; sing, i^k; tliin.

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aid, M. I. vL & vi. To help; eaccor;

assiBt. II. n. Cooperation; assistance;

a helper; assistant.
ai^er-ie, aFer«y, n. Same as abbtk.
aFgret, §'gret, n. 1 . A heron, the egret.

2. A tuft of feathers or the like.

all, §1, vt. & vi. To trouble; make or be
somewhat ill.— ail'ing, a. Somewhat ill.—
alFment, n. Indisposition; Illness. s.ilU

aim, em. I. vt. & vi. To direct toward a
mark or point; point or level; have a pur-
pose; endeavor earnestly. II. n. The act
of aimine^ line of direction of anything
aimed; object or point aimed at; purpose.
alm^lesB, n. Wanting in aim or purpose.

air, ftr, vt. To expose to the air; purify;
ventilate; make public.

alrS n. The saseous substance surround-
ing the eartn: the atmosphere; wind;
breeze.— alr'.Ilne'^, n. 1. The shortest
distance between two points on the earth's
surface. *^. A direct railroad route.— air^>
ship^y n. A dirigible balloon or aeroplane.

alr^, n. 1. Characteristic appearance;
mien; manner. 2. Affectation: commonly
in the plural. [The soprano.

air*, n. Mw. 1. A melody; tune. 2.

alr'y, ar'I, a. 1. Of or pertaining to the
air; breezy; delicate; ethereal; buoyant;
visionary. 2. Puttfaig on ain; affected.

3. Vivacious; gay.
— air'l-ly, adv.

In a light or airy

manner; delicately;

Jauntily. — air 'i-

ness, Sr'l-nes. n.
aisle, ail, n. 1 . A

passageway be-
tween seats in a

church. 2. Awing

of a church.
a-Jar^, a-jdr', a. &

adv. Partly open,

as a door.
a-klm'bo, a-

kim'bo, adv. With

hands on hips and

elbows outward.
a-kln', a-kin', a.

& adv. Of the

same kin; related;

ara-bas^'ter,ar- Aisle.

a-bas'ter. I. a.

Made of or like alabaster; smooth and

white. II. n. Mineral. A white flne»

grained gypsum.
a-lac'rl-ty, a-lac'ri-ti, n. Willingness

and promptitude: readiness; facility.


a-larm^, a-lflrm'. I. vt. To strike with
sudden fear; give alarm to; arouse. II.
n. 1 . Sudden fear arousing to defense or
escape. 2. A sound to apprise of danger
or arouse from sleep; a mechanism, as of
a clock, giving such signal.— a-larm'ist,
n. One dTsposed to excite alarm.

a-las', a-lg8% inteitj. An exclamation of

alb, alb, n. A priests' linen vestment.

al'ba-tross, al'ba-tres, n. [-TB088-Ei^,j»/.]
A large, long-winged sea-bird.

aF'^be'ltl!, em'lt, conj. Although.

al-bl^no, al-boi'no
or al-bl'no, «. A per-
son, animal, or plant
unnaturally white.

al^bnm, al'bum, n.
A blank book for
holding photographs,
autographs, etc.

al-bn^men, al-bifi'-
men, n. The white of an egg or a similar
viscous substance.— al-bn'mln-ous, a.

aPcbe-my, al'ke-mi, n. The medieval
chemistry that sought the transmutatioD of
base metals into gold, the elixir of life, etc
— al-chem'iC} af-kem'Ic, a. Of, pertalnii^
to, or produced by means of alchemy, al*
cheiii>lc-alt.-al'che-inlst, al'kg-mlst.
n. One skilled In alcbemy. aFchy-mist:.

aFco-hol, al'co-hel, n. The Intoxicating
principle of wines and liquors; pure dis-
tilled spirits; ardent spirits.— al'^oo-hol'lc.
I. a. Pertaining to,
like, containing, or ■

E reserved In alco-H
ol. II. n. 1. A

toper; drunkard. 2.

pi. Alcoholic liq-
uors.— aPco-hol-

ism, n.— al'co-

AT'co-ran', al"co-

rQn', 71. Same as

al'cove, al'cov, w.

A recess connected

with a larger room:

a compartment, as

of a library. .
ai'der, Sl'dgr, n.

A small tree of the

oak family. Alcove.

aFder-man, Sl'-

dgr-mftn,w. [-men, »^.] A city magistrate
ale, €1, w. A fermented malt liquor.
a-lem'blc, a-lem'bic, n. An old-style

distilling apparatus; anything that tests or

a-lert', a-lert/. a. Keenly watchfn]; od

papd, 9sk; at, ahr; element, thdy, usfge; It, J, i (ee) ; o, oh; orator, or; full, rllle; but,

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the lookout; ready for sadden action; also,
lively; nimble, -ly, adv. -neu, n.

al^se- bra, al' j§-bra, n. Mathematical cal-
cmation by letters and symbols; a treatise
on this branch. — aKge-bra'lc, al'je-br§'-
Ic, a. Pertaining to al^bra. al^ffe-bra^-
ic«aU« — al^ff e-bra^ic-al-ly* adv.

a'li-as» d'li as or g'li-as. I. a. Another.

II. n. An assumed name. III. adv.
Otherwise; otherwise called.

al^l-bl, al'i-bai or -bt, n. Law, A plea of
being elsewhere when a crime was com-

a'llen, filien. I. a. Of another country;
foreign. II. n. An unnaturalized for-
eigner; a stranger. — a^lien-a-1»l(e, §'lien-
a-Dl, a. That may be alienated.— allien-
ate, 6'llen-€t, vt. [-a'tbd*: -a'tikg.1 1.
To make alien; estrange. ii» To transfer;
sell.— a^lien-a'tlont n. Estrangement;
sale; mental derangement.

a-lifftat^, a-lcdt'. I. vi. [a-lioht'ed<I;
a-uoht'ing.] To descend and come to
rest; dismount: settle; rest: with an or
upon, II. a. A adv. Lighted; on flre.

a-llffii^, etc. Same as aluts, etc.

a-Iike% a-loik'. I. a. Similar; like one
another. II. adv. In like manner.

al'l-ment, al'i-mgnt, n. Food; nutri-
ment; sustenance.— al^l-men'tal, a. Nu-
tritious.— aKI-men'ta-ry, a. Supplying
nourishment; connected with nutrition.

aFI-mo-ny, al'i-mo-ni, n. Law. Sepa-
rate maintenance to a wife.

a-llne^ a-lain% v. [a-lined'; a-li'nino.]
1. 1, To arrange in line, as in military
tactics. II. i. To fall into Ihie.

-<a-llne^nientt n. Position in line;
formation In nne; a straight line.

al'l-qnant, al'i-cwqnt, a. Contained
in another number, but with remainder.

al^l-qnot, al'i-cwet, a. Contained in
another number without remainder.

a-llve', a-laiv', a. Living; sensitive;
vigorous; active.

aFKa-li, al'ka-li or -lal, n. [-lis« or -lies",
pl.\ A caustic substance neutralizing
acids.— aFka- line, al'ka-lin or -lain, a.
Of, containing, or like an alkali.

aFka-lold, al'ka-leid. I. a. Of or like
an alkali. II. n. A nitrogenous organic
substance (generally vegetable) of poison-
ous properties.

Al^ko*ran^» etc. Same as Kobait, etc.

all, 81. I. a. The whole of. II. n. The
whole; each and every person or thing.

III. adv. Wholly; entirely; quite.
al*laT', ftl-l€', vt. [al-ijited'; al-lat'-

iNO.T To calm; reduce; relieve; soothe;

al-lese^, ftl-lej', vt. [al-lbobd'; al-lbo'-
INQ.T To assert without proving; state;

?lead.— al^le-ga^tion, al'e-gfi'shun, n.
he act of alleging, or that which is alleged.
al-le^Slanee, ftl-lt'jans, n. Fidelity or
duty to a government, a superior, or a

al'^le-gor'ic, ? are-ger'ic,-al,fl. Per-

al^e-ffor^ie-al, ftaining to or contain-
ing allegory ; figurative.— aP'^le-gor^ic-al-
ly, adv.

al'le-go-ry, al'e-go-rl, n. [-bies>, jrf.]
A symbolic representation; a parable.

al^e-ln^la. n. & iiUeri. See hallelujah.

al-le'Tl-ate, ftl-irvl-6t, vt. [-a'ted««;
-A'TiNG.1 To make lighter or easier to
bear; relieve; mitigate.— al-le'^vl-a'tlon,
al-U'vi-^'sbun, n. An alleviating, or that
which aUeviates.

al^ejr, al'g, n. A narrow passageway; &
space or building for bowling.

al-ll'anee, ^-lol'ans. n. A lormal union,,
as between states: intimate relationship.

al'll-^a^tor, al'i-gd'tgr, n. A large
American croco-
dilian reptile.

al-ltt'>'er- ac-
tion, al-lit'er- '

fi'shun, n. Olie Alligator. i/tj»
use of a. number -^**is»wr. /m
of words with the same initial letter; as, a
tele of terror.- al-]it'er-a-tiT(e, a.

al-lot^ ftl-lot', vt. [al-lot'ted*; al-lot'-
TiNO.] To assign by lot; distribute; ap-
point; assign.— al-lot^ment, n. The act
of allotting, or that which Is allotted.

al-lour^, ftl-lau', v. 1, t. 1. To put no
obstacle in the way of; permit; tolerate;
approve. 2. To grant; allot; give: admit;
acknowledge. 3. To make allowance for;
deduct. ll. i. To make allowance, con-
cession, or abatement.— al-]ow^a-bl(e, a.
That may be allowed; permissible; admlssl-
ble.— al-low'a«bly, adz;.— ai-low^ance.
It. vt. To put on an allowance; limit In
amount. II. n. 1. That which Is allowed;
a limited amount, as of Income or food. "2,
Concession; a dUference allowed. 3. Ac-

al-loy^, 9\-\ei'. I. vt. & vl. To mix with
or form into an alloy: temper; debase. II.
n. 1 . A mixture of two or more metals,
or the baser metal in such mixture. 2.
Anything that reduces purity or excellence.

alFsplce^, ei'spais', n. The dried berry
of a West'Indian tree, the pimento.

al-lude', ftl-lOd', vi. [al-lu'ded<»; al-
lu'dino.] To refer (to something) without
express mention; make indirect reference.

al-inre^, ftl-lOr', vt. & vi. [al-lured ;

Hr; fl11t|9re(futnre); aisle; au (out); ell; c (k); cbat; dli(^); so; sins, i9k; thin.

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al-lur'ing.] To attract; entice; tempt.
— al-lure^ment, n. 1. Enticement; fas-
cination; attraction. 2. A charm; lure.

al-ln^sion, ftl-lfi'zhun, n. An alluding;
Indirect reference: suggeBtion.

al-in'8iT(e, ftl-lQ'siv, a. Suggestive; fig-

al-lu'vi-al. ftl-ltl'vi-al, a. Pertaining to
or composed of eartli deposited by water.

al-lu'vl-um, al-lfl'vi-um, n. [-vi-a or
-vi-UMS, o/.^ Earth deposited by water.

al-ly', sl-lai'. I. vt. & vi. [al-lied';
al-ly'ing.] To unite by relationship,
treaty, or marriage. II. w. [al-lies",
pi."] A state or ruler leagued with another
by treaty; an associate; a kinsman.

al'ma-nac, Sl'ma-nac, n. A book giving
the days of the week and month through
the year, with various data; a yearly cal-

al-mislit^y, 61-maiVi. I. a. Able to do
all things. II, /?. [A-] God; the Supreme

alm'ond, am'und or al'mnnd, n. The
almond-tree, a nf*' — '^* ■^"-
bary or Morocc<
stone of its nutllk

al'mon-er, al'mi
oflicial dispenser
merly, a househol

al^most, Sl'-
most,arfv. Ap- '

proximately; '

very nearly.

alms, flmz, n, <
sing. & pi. A
gift or gifts for
the poor; chari- a
table offerings; J
charity. ^

— alms^-
hoiise'% n, A Almond,

home for the a, flowering branch; 6, O,
destitute; poor- fruit; d, stone.


al^oe, al'O, n. A plant with thick, fleshy

leaves.— a Pees, aVoz, n. sing. &> pi. A

bitter cathartic from certain species of aloe.

—American aloe, the centuryplant.

a-loft', a-left', «</!?. In or to a high or
higher place; on high; high up.

a-lones a-lon', a. & adv. without com-
pany; solitary; unique; only.

a-long', a-leng'. J, adv. 1» Lengthwise;
onward. 2. In company (with). II, prep.
On the line of; by the side of; throughout.
— a-long'side". I. adv. Close to or along
the side. II, prep. Side by side with.

a-loof, a-iaf, adv. At a distance; apart.

a«lond^, a-laud', adv. Loudly or audibly.

sheep'like mini-

alp, alp, n. A lofty mountain.— The A Ijm,
a range of lofty mountains of central Eu-
rope.— al'pen-atock", al'p§n-8tec', n. A
mountaineers' long lron»polnted staff. —
APptne, al'pln, a. Pertaining to the Alps;

al-pae'a, al-pac'a, n. A sheep-like rumi-
nant of South America,
having long, silky wool;
a thin cloth made of or in
imitation of its wool.

aPpha, al'fa, n. The first
letter in the Greek alpha-
bet, equal to the English
A, a; hence, the beginning
or first of anything.

aFpha-bet, al'fa-bet, n. . . , ,

The letters that form the Alpaca. 1/70
elements of written language, in order as
fixed by usage; the simplest elements or
rudiments of anything.

— aP'^pha-bet^ic. a. 1. Pertaining to,
having, or expressed by an alphabet. 2. Al-
phabetical.— aF'pha-bet'ic-al, a. 1. Ar-
ranged In the order of the alphabet. 2.
Alphabetic— al^pha-bet'lc-al-ly, adv.

al-read^y, 51-red'i, adv. Before or by
this time or the time mentioned; even

aFso, Sl'so, adv. & conj. Besides; too;

al'tar, Sl'tar, n. 1. A raised place for
burning sacrifices or incense. 2. The
communion-table; a place of prayer.

al'ter, 51'tijr, v. \, t. To change; vary;
modify; transform. II. i. To become
different.— al'ter-a-bl(e, a. Capable of
alteration.— al'ter-a-bly, ad«).— al'^ter-
a'tion, ertgr-^'shun, n. The act or result
of altering; modification; change.— al'ter-
a-tiv(e, el'ter-a-tiv. I. a. Tending to
change gradually the bodily condition to a
normal state. II. n. An alterative medi-
cine. aPter-antt*

al^ter-cate, al'tgr-kdt, vi. [-ca'ted<*;
-CA'TiNG.] To dispute; wrangle.— al'^ter-
ca'tion, n. Angry controversy; disputing.

aFter-nate, al'tgr-ndt, vt. & vi. [-na"-
TED«»; -NA'TiNQ.] To chaugc. perform, or
occur by turns.— al"ter-na'tlon, al"t§r-
nS'shun, n. Occurrence In turn; permuta-

al-ter^nate, al-tgr'net. I. a. 1 . Exist-
ing, occurring, or following by turns; re-
ciprocal. 2. Every other (of a series);
pertaining to such a series. II. n. [U. S.]
A substitute or second.— al-ter'nate-ly,
adv. In alternate order; by turns.

al-ter^na-tlv(e, al-tgr'ng-tiv. I. a. Af-
fording a choice between two things. II.
n. Something instead of something else;
a choice of two (or more) things.— al-ter'-

pCHpfi, eisk; at, air; element, th^y, us^ge; it, |, t (ee); o, oh; orator, er; full, rllle; but.

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na«tiT(e-ly, al-tgr'ng-tlv-ll, adv. In an al-
ternattve manner.

al-tli01ls:ta^ ei-dhO% eonj. Admitting or
srantine that; eventhoagn; notwithstand-
ing.— al-tlio^:(. [tion: height.

aFtl-tude, al'ti-tifid, n. Vertical eleva-

aFto, al'to or avta. Mus. I. a. Soand-

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