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bar'ley , bar'l§, n. A hardy, bearded grain.

barm, bdrm, n. The froth rising on fer-
mented malt liquors; brewers' yeast.

barn, bdm. n. A storehouse for hay, etc.

bar^na-cl(e, bdr'na-cl, n. A shell-lish
found attached to rocks, ships, etc.

ba-rom'e-ter, ba-r©m'§-tgr, n. An in-
strument for indicating atmospheric pres-
sure: used for foretelling the weather, etc.
— bar^o-inet'ric, a. -alt.

barton, bar' on, n. A member of the
lowest order of nobility in several Euro-
pean countries.— bar'on-ess, n.fem.— ba-
ro^ni-a1, a.— bar'on-y, n. [-iKs,i?f.] The
rank, dignity, or domain of a baron.

bar^on-et, bar'un-et, n. An English title,
below that of baron; also, the nearer of

the title.— bar'on-et-cy, n. [-crss, pi.]

The rank of a baronet. bar^on-et-8bip:t«

ba-roucbe^, ba-rOsh', n. A four-wheeled

carriage with folding top.
bar^rack, bar'ac, n. A building for the
lodgment of soldiers; a roof for sneltering
hay, etc. See illus. on following page.

papfi, ask; at, air; element, th6y, us^ge; It, |, i (ee); o, oh; orator, or; full, rfile; but.

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bar'rel, bar'el. I. vt. [bab'beled or
bab'bbllbd; bab'bbl-ing
or bab'bbl-ling.] To put
or pack in a barrel. II.
fs. 1. A round vessel.
made with staves and
hoops, about 31 inches
high. 2. As much as a
barrel will hold. 3 . Some-
thing like a barrel, as the -. - ^^

tube of a firearm, the body Hay.barrack.
of an animal, etc. ^ Lwwiai.«..

bar^ren, bar'en. I. a. Sterile; unproduc-
tive ; dull. II. n. A tract of barren land.
-ly, culv. -ness, n.

bar'^rl-cade% bar'i-kM'. I. vt [-ca'-
DED<>; -cA'DiNG.] To defend wltb a barri-
cade. II, n. A defensive barrier closing
a passage, bar'^rl-ca^d-oj.

bar'ri-er, bar'i-gr, n. Something ihat ob-
structs progress; a boundary; obstruction.

bar'rls-ter, bar'is-tgr, n. Eng. Law. An
advocate; lawyer; attorney.

bar'room", Mr'ram", n. A room where
liquors and refreshments are served.

bar'romri, bar'o, n, A small vehicle pro-
pelled by hand. [heap.

bar'roiiva, n. A burial«mound; cairn;

bar'tend^er, bOr'tend'gr, n. One who
serves liquors, etc., at a bar.

bar'ter, bdr'tgr. I. vt. & vi. To ex-
change; trade Dy exchange of commodi-
ties. II. n. The exchanging of commodi-
ties, or a commodity given in exchange.

bar^y-tone, bar'i-ton. I. a. Mm. Hav-
ing a register higher than bass and lower
than tenor. II. n. Mu8, A barytone male
voice, or a person having such a voice.

ba^sai, bg'sal, a. Pertaming to, of, or at
the base; fundamental.

ba-salt', ba-sSlt', n. A dark-colored igne-
ous rock, often of columnar structure.
— ba-salt^ic, a.

base, b§s, vt. [based; ba'sing.1 To
place upon a base or basis; estabUsh.

base, a. 1. Low; ignoble; abject. 2.
Mu8. Bass, -ly, adv. -ness, n.— base's
born", a. Bom out of wedlock; also, of
low birth; plebeian.

base, n. 1. The lowest part; foundation.
2. Mus. Bass. 3. Chem. A compound
capable of forming a salt with an acid.
4. Mil. A basis of operations or of sup-
plies.— base'less, a. Without foundation;
unfounded; groundless.— base'ment, n.
The ground floor of a building, beneath the
principal story.

base'ball'', bSs'bSl", n. A game played
with bat and ball about four bases.

ba-shaw', bg-shS' n. See pashaw.
basb'fal, bash'ful, a. Shrinking from

notice; shy: timid, -ly, adv. -neM, n.
ba'slc, b^Msic, a. Of, pwtaining to, or like

bas'l-llsk, bas'i-Iisk, n. 1. A fabled

deadly serpent. 2, A crested lizard.
ba^sln, be'sn, n. A shallow vessel, with

sloping sides; any similar cavity ; a pond;

dock; nollow.
ba'sis, be'sis, n. [ba'ses, bS'siz, »?.] A

support; foundation; chief ingredient.
basRS bgsk, vi. To luxuriate, as in warmth.
bas'ket, bgs'ket, n. 1 . A vessel of in-

terwoven twigs, splints, or strips. 2.

What a basket will hold, bas^ket-falf.
bas"sre-llef , ba'»r§-llf' or bgs"-, n.

Sculpture in which the figure projects but

slightly from the background, bass^*

re-ltefj. [pass.

bass, b§s, a. Mus. Low in tone or com-
bass^, bas, n. One of various food^^fishes.
bass^, bes, n. Mm. The lowest tones of

the male voice or of an instrument.
bass^, bgs, n. Same as basswood.
bas-soon', bas-stln', n. A wooden reed*

instrument with curved mouthpiece.
bas'socre-Lri-llie^TOy n. Same as bas-


bass vl'ol, b§s vai'ol. A large, stringed

instrument of the violin type.
bass'iirood^^, bqs'wud' n. The Ameri-
can linden- or whitewood-tree. basst.
bast, bgst, n. The fibrous inner bark of

trees; also, cordage, etc., made from it.
bas'tard, bas'tard. I. a. Illegitimate;

spurious. II. n. An illegitimate child.
— bas'tard-y, n. Illegitimacy.
bastes best, vt. [ba'sted**; ba'sting.]

To sew loosely together.
baste^d, vt. To cover with gravy or the

like while cooking.
bas^'^tt-na'do, bas"ti-ng'dO or -nd'do. I.

vt. To beat on the soles of the feel; flog.

bas^tl-nade't* II. n. A beating on

the soles of the feet,
bas'tlon, bas'tiun, n,

of a fortification.
bat, bat, vt. & vi.

[bat'ted<>; bat'-

TiNG.] To strike with

or as with a bat.
bats n. A stick for

striking the ball in

baseball, cricket, etc,
bat^, n. A nocturnal

mammal with limbs connected by a mem-
brane to form wings.
batcb, bach, n. The dough for one ba-

A projecting part



Gr; flfitlf^re (future); aisle; an (out); oil; c (k); cbat; db (t?te); go; sing, i^k; tbin.

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kine, or the bread, etc., baked; quantity

made or done at one time.
bate, bgt, vt. [ba'ted**; ba'tingJ 1.

To leesen; moderate; abate. 2. To de-
ba'-'teau^, bg'to', n. [ba'teaux', -toz',

pi.] A flat- bottomed boat; a pontoon for

a bridge.
batb, bgth, n. Fbaths, bgdhz, pL] A

bathing; a buildmg, room, or receptacle

for bathing.
J batbe, beuh, v. [bathed; ba'thino.]

I. t. To wash or immeree; wet; lave.

II. i. To take a bath.— ba'ther, n.
bat'on, bat'un, n. A short staff or rod.
bat-taFton, bat-tal'yun, n. Two or

more companies .of infantry; a body of

bat^teui, bat'n, vt. & vi. To make or
grow fat; gratify a craving, as for cruelty.

bat'ten^, vt. To put battens on.

bat'ten, n. A narrow strip of wood; a

bat^ter, bat'gr, vt. & vi. To strike re-
peatedly; beat: dent; mar; deface.

bat'ter^ n. A thick liquid mixture beat-
en up for use in cookery.

bat'ter^, «. A heavy blow; also, repeat-
ed blows, or the condition resulting from

bat^ter^, n. One who holds the bat, as in
baseball, bats^man^.

bat'ter-liig*rain'^, bat'gr-ing«ram', n
A long beam, with heavy
head, anciently used to
beat down gates and walls.

bat'ter-y, bat'er-i, n.
r-iEs«, JO/.] 1. MU. (1)
An earthwork enclosing
cannon. (2) A company
of artillerymen, or their

rs and other equipment. Battering-ram.
Elec. A group of cells,
dynamos, etc. 3. Imw. The unlawful
use of force by one person upon another.

bat'tlag, bat'ing, n. Cotton or wool pre-
pared in sheets; also, the act of batting in
any sense of the verb.

bat'tle, bat'l. I. vi. [bat'tled; bat'-
TLiNQ.] To fight; struggle; strive. II.
n. 1. A combat between hostile armies
or fleets; a fight; conflict; contest. 2 II.
Arms, or an armed force.

bat'tle-dore^, bat'l-dor", n. A light bat
used to drive a shuttlecock.

bat^le-ment, bat'l-mgnt, n. An indent-
ed parapet.

baii^bl(e, bft'bl, n. A worthless, showy

t'gr-ing-ram", n.


trinket; toy;

^ . wand of a court jester.

baulk, V. & n. Same as balk.

ba^^l, bel, vt. & vi. To cry or wail loudly.

bay, bd, vt. & vi. To bark at; drive; bark

bay, a. Red-brown: said of horses.

bayi, n. 1. A body of water partly en-
closed by land: an arm of the sea. 2.
Any recess. 3. A coarse mahogany.

bay's n. 1. The laurel-tree. bay's
tree"t. 2. A laurel- wreath; poetic re-

bay*, n. A bay horse.

bay^, n. 1. A deep bark, as of dogs in
hunting. 2. The situation of a hunted
creature compelled to turn on its pursuers.

bay^, n. 1 . A large space in a oam for
hay. 2. A compartment between piers or

bay'ber"ry, be'ber'i, n. One of various
trees, as the wax-myrtle or the laurel-tree.

bay'o-net, be'o-net. I«*. vt. To stab or
charge with a bayonet. II. n. A dag-
ger-like weapon attachable to the muzzle
of a musket.

bay'on, bai'G, n. A sluggish inlet or
outlet of a lake or bay.

bay iprln'donr. A7'ch. A projecting
window-structure of angular plan, reach-
ing to the ground.

ba-zaar', (. ba-zOr', n. 1 . An Oriental

ba-zar', ) market-place or range of
shops. 2. A fancy rah: for charity.

be, bt, vi. To exist; happen.

beaeli, bich. I*, vt. To run or haul up
on a beach. II. n. The sloping shore of
a body of water; a wave-washed margin.

bea'con, brcn. l,vt.&vi. To light uj);
shine; ^ide by a light. II. n. A promi-
nent object, set up as a guide
or warning to mariners; a
signal-fire or -light.

bead, bid. I«». vt. & vi. To
decorate with or as with beads;
collect in beads; bubble; foam;
sparkle. II. n. 1 . A little per-
forated snhere, or the like, in-
tended to oe strung on a thread.
2. pi. A rosary; hence, pray-
ers. 3. A bubble or bubbles
of gas on a liquid; froth; a
knob used as the front sight of a gun. 4.
A small convex molding.— bead'y, a.

bea'dl(e, bt'dl, n. [Eng.] A petty parish
or unfversity ofi&cial; a crier or messenger
of a court.

papd, gsk; at, air; element, th^y, us^ge; It, g, i (ee); o, 5h; orator, or; full, rflle; but,

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bea^g:l(e, bt'gl, n. 1. A small hunting'

hound. 2. A constable.

beak, btk, n. The projecting jaws of
a bird; bill; also, the prow of a ship.

beak'er, blk'gr, n. A large goblet.

beam, btm, v. 1. 1. 1 . To send out as
rays of light. 2. To furnish with beams.
3. To burnish. II. i. To shine; be
radiant.— be«in'ing,po. Radiant; bright;

beam, 71. 1. A long horizontal piece of
wood, stone, or metal in the frame of a
building. 2. The bar of a balance. 3.
A rav or light, or a group of rays.

— beam'y, blm'L a. 1. Radiant: joy-
ous; gladsome. "Z, Like a beam; masBlve.

bean, bin, n. The oval edible seed of cer-
tain plants; a plant that bears beans.

bear^, bSr, it. & vi. [bore, bOr, or babe||,
bar; BORNE or born, bOm; bear' inc.]
1. To support; sustain; carry; show; dis-

Slay; suffer; endure; hold; maintain* pro-
uce; give birth to; yield fruit. 2. To
conduciD (oneself); behave. — bear-a-bl(e,
a. Capable of being borne.— bear^a-bly,
ode— bear'er, n. One who or that which
bears or has in possession.— bearding, n.

I. The act of sustaining, producing, etc. 2.
Deportment; manner. 3« Kelation; meaning.
4* A part (of a machine) that rests on some-
thing, or on which something rests. 5. A
hereadlc device.

bear^, vt, [U. S.] Finance. To depress

the price of (stocks, etc.).
bear, n. 1. A large carnivorous animal,

with massive body, — ■* ~' — '

tail. 2. A specuj

seeks to depress

prices. 3. One

of two constella-

tions: the Great

Bear or Little

Bear. — bear^lsh,

a. Like a bear;

rough; surly.
beard, btrd. T^. ^~ ^fpp^fjl^- 'l^p'^^^ ,"

the ^"krd^^de^^ Amerl^n Black Bear. i/«,

II. n. The hair on a man's face, espe-
cially on the chm; also, any similar growth
or appendage; an awn, as of grass; the
barb of an arrow, etc.— beard^ed, a. Hav-
ing a beard.— beard^less, a. Without a
beard; young; Inexperienced.

beast, bfst, n. 1. One of the inferior
animals; a quadruped. 2. A rude or
filthy person.— beast^ly, a.

beat, bit, v: [beat; beat'en or beat;
BEAT'wa.] t, t. 1. To strike repeat-
edly. 2. To excel; overcome; vanquish.

3. To range over in hunting. II. i. 1.
To strike repeated blows; throb; pulsate.
2. Naut. To work up against the wind by
tacking. 3. To conquer; win.

beat, bit, n. 1. A stroke or blow; a pulsa-
tion. 2. A space regularly traversed, as
by a sentry or a policeman.

be-at't-fy, b§-at'i-fai, vt. [-pied; -pt'-
iNG.] To make supremely happy; enroll
among the saints.— be''a-tiric, bl'a-tif'-

the state of being blessed.
be-at'l-tude, b§-at'i-tifid, n. Supreme

blessedness; a declaration of blessedness,

as in Matt, v, 3-11.
beau, bo^ n. [beaus or beaux, bOz, pl.'\

1 . A ladies' man; a dandy; fop. 2. [Col-

loq.] An escort or lover.
beau^d-de'al, bo'-ai-dl'al, n. The high-
est conceivable type of excellence.
beau'te-ous, biQ't§-D8, a. Full of beau-
ty; beautiful, -ly, adv. -ness, n.
beau'tl-ful, biu'ti-ful, a. Possessing

conspicuous beauty; fair, -ly, adv.
— bean'ti-fy, blti'tl-fal, vt. & vi. [-fied;

-FY'iNQ,] To make or grow beautiful; adorn.
beau'ty, biQ'ti, n. [beau'ties«, pl,^ l .

That which charms the eye; harmonious

perfection of form. 2. A person or thing

that is beautiful. ^

beaux, bOz, n. Plural of be ait.
bea'ver*, bl'v^r, n. 1. An amphibious

rodent noted for skill .

in damming streams, I

and valued for its!

fur. 2. The fur of I

the beaver, or a hat \

made of it; a high 1

silk hat. ]

bea'vera,n. Amov- t>^„„«« ,/

able piece of medic- Beaver, i/eo

val armorcoveringthe lowerpart of thef ace.
be-ealm', b§-cam', vt. To make calm;

still; delay (a ship, etc.) by a calm.
be-came^ b§-k€m', imp. of become, v.
be-eanse', b§-c6z'. I. aOv. By reason

(of). W,conj. For the reason that; since.
beek^ bee, vi. & vi. To beckon.
beclc^, n. A nod or other sign of wish or

command. [which it runs.

beck^, n. A small brook, or the valley in
beek^on, bec'n, v. 1, t. To summon by

gesture. II. i. To signal, as with the

be-come^, b§-cum', v. [be-came', b§-

kdm'; be-come'; be-com'ing.] I. ^. 1.

To accord with; befit. 2. To set off;

ur; flflt|Ore (future); aisle; an (out); oil; c (k); cbat; db (the); go; sing, l^k; tbfiL

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grace. II. i. 1 . To come to a state or
condition; begin; come to pam. 2. To be
fit or suitable.
be-com'luir, bg-cum'ing, pa. Appro-
priate; suitable; pleasing, -ly, adv.

bed, bed. I. vt. & vi. [bed'ded<*; bed'-
DiNG.] To put to bed; plant in a bed;
Bleep. W,n. 1 . Something for sleeping
In or on; a couch. 2. A place for plants;
a layer; stratum; foundation or support.

— bed^cham^ber, n. A sleeping-room.
be-dab'ble, be-dab'l. vt. [-bled; -blino.]

I To sprinkle; splash; dabble.

' be-da1lb^ [email protected]', vt. To smear; soil;

abuse; bedizen; flatter.
bed'dlns, hedging, n. Furnishings for a

bedstead; materials for a bed; a foundation.
be-deck'S b§-dec', vt. To deck; adorn.
be-dew', b§-dia', vt. To moisten with or

as with dew.
be-dlm', b§-dim', vt. [be-dimmed'; be-

dim'minq.] To make dim; obscure.
be-dtz^eu, b§-diz'n, vt. To dress out;

adorn with tawdry splendor, be-dtz'-

bed'lam, bed'lam, n. An excited crowd;

an uproar; an insane asylum. — bed'lam-

ite« n. A lunatic.
Bed'ou-In, bed'Q-in, n. A nomadic Ar-
ab; nomad; vagabond. Bed'u-liit>
be-dras'gle, b§-drag'l, vt. & vi. [-gled;

-GLiNQ.] To wet or soil, as by dragging.
bed'rld'^den, bed'rid'n, a. Confined to

bed by sickness or weakness. bed'rtd''$.
bed'room'', bed'rftm", «. A bedchamber.
bed'steadf bed'sted, n. A framework

for supporting a mattress, bedding, etc.

bee, bi, n. 1. A social honey -gathering
insect. 2. A gath-
ering of neighbors

for work or amuse-
ment.— bee'hive", I
n. A hive for bees; |
a place filled with \
busy workers.—
bee^(1ine'^ n. The
shortest course '
from one place to ^
beech, btch, n. A
forest tree of the J
oak family. u.

— beech'en, a. -
Pertaining to the

beech-tree or its

wood. — beech '- Leaves and Fruit of the

^^^ .*J^' ^,*^® ^t English Beech,
ble triangular nut
of the beech. beech^»mast^t.
beef, btf, n. 1 . The flesh of a slaughtered

adult bovine animal. 2. rBBErss, nl^

Any adult bovine animal.— DeePsteak'%

bif '^Bt€k', n. A slice of beef for broiling.
been, bin or bin, pp. of bb, v. CUquor.

beer, bfr, n. An alcoholic fermented
bees'iirax^, biz' wax", n. The wax oi

which honey-bees make their comb.
beet, btt, n. The fleshy edible root of a

biennial herb; also, the plant.
bee'tl(eS bl'tl, vi. [bee'tlbd; bee'-

TLiNG.] To jut out; overhang.
bee'tl(e *, vt. To beat or stamp with or as

with a beetle, mallet, etc.
bee'tl(e, a. Overhanging; prominent; as,

a beetle brow, bee^tllnst*

— bee'tl(e«browed'', a.
bee'tlCe*, n. Any coleopterous insect.
bee'tl(e3, n. A heavy wooden hammer.
beeves, btvz, n. Plural of beef.
be-falF, b§-f 61', v. [be-pell', b§-fel' ; be-

pall'en; be-pall'ingJ I. ^. To occur
or happen to. II. i. To happen.

be-felr, bg-fel', imp. of befall, v.

be-flt', be-flt', vt. [be-fit'ted**; be-fit'-
TiNG.] To be suitable for; be worthy of.

— be-fit^ting, pa. Becoming; suitable.
be-fog', bg-feg', vt. [be-fogged'; be-

pog'ging.] To envelop in fog; confuse,

be-fore', bg-fOr'. \,adv. In front; ahead:
earlier. 11. prep. 1. In front of; ahead
of; anterior to; in advance of; in prefer-
ence to. 2. Face to face with; in the
presence of. III. cofij. Rather than;
sooner than.

be-fore'hand'', bg-fOr'hand". I. a. Be-
ing in easy circumstances; forehanded.
II. adv. In advance; before the time.

be- friend'**, bg-frend', vt. To be a friend
to; stand by; help in time of need.

beg, beg, vt. & vt. [begged; beg'ging.]
To ask pleadingly; entreat; supplicate;
beseech; ask alms.— to beg the question,
to take for granted the matter In dispute.

be-get', bg-get', vt. [be-got', bg-got% or
be-gat', bg-gat'; be-got' or be-got'te5«;
be-get'ting.] To generate; produce.

beg'gar, beg'ar. I. vt. To rednce to
want; impoverish. 11. ti. One who asks
alms; a destitute person.— bes'giar-li-
ness, n.— beg 'gar-ly. a. Miserably poor;
mean; wretched.— beg'gar-lyll, adv. In
the manner of a beggar; meanly; suppliantly.
— beg'gar-y, 7i. i . Extreme poverty, ri.
Beggars as a class. 3. The act or habit ot

be-gin', bg-gin', v. [be-gan', bg-iean', or
be-gun', ])g-gDn'; be-gun'; be-oin'ning.]
1. 1. To take the first step in; give origin
to; start; commence. II. i. 1. To take
the first step; start. 2. To come into ex-

papd, gsk; at, ah-; el©mgnt, thfey, us^ge; it, g, i (ee); o, oh; orator, «r; fuU, rftle; hot,

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. 1. A

I tyro.—
int; ori-

il away I



CD'; BE-

be-aran^ b^gun', imp. &.im. of BEcft!ir, v.

be-nalf, Dg-hflf, n. The interest or de-
fense (of any one) : preceded by i«, ow, or

be-liaTe^, be-h§v', vt. & vi. [be-haved';

BE-HA viNG.J To conduct (oneself); act;

• act properly or soitably.— be-ha'vlor, n.

Manner or mode of action; demeanor; de>

portment. be-ha^vionrt.

be-lie(a)d'<*, b§-hed', vt. To take the head
from; decapitate.

be-held^ be-held', imp. & pp. of behold, v.

be-best^, og-hest', n. An authoritative
request; command.

be-ntad',b§-haind'. l.adv. In, toward,
or at the rear; bacliiward; in reserve; be-
hindhand. \l,vrep. At the back of ; on
the other side of; inferior to.— be-hlnd'-
hand'^, aclr. & a. Behind time; late; be-
hind; backward; In arrears.

be-bold^, b§-hold', vt. & vi. [bb-held',
b§-held'; be-hold'ing.] To look at or
upon; look; view; see. — be-hold'en, a.
Indebted. — be-hold^er, n. An eye-wit-
ness; spectator.

be-boof^, bg-hQf, n. Advantage; use.
— be-hoove', be-hQv',t?<. [be-hoovkd';
be-hoov'ing.] To be becoming to, needful,
or right for.

be'tng, bl'ing. 1. ppr.
of BE, 17. Existing; con- s
tinning to be. II. n. »
Anything that exists; |.
existence. !

be-la'bor, bg-le'b§r, I
vt. To beat; thrash. ]

be -late', bg-let', vt. h
[bb-la'ted*"; be -la'- I
TING.] To delay past
the proper hour.

be-lay', b§-lg', vt. To
make fast by winding, J >

as a rope.— be-lay'lng«
piii''^«n. A pin on which i
rope is wound. (i

belcbS belch, vt. & vi. ^
To eject noisily, as gas ^ „

from the stomach • vom- "^ ' *

it; eject; come forth forcibly, as flame
from a furnace.

— belch* n. A belching; eructation.

bel'dam, ( bel'dam, -dem. n. A forbid-

bePdame, | ding or evil old woman; hag.

be-lea'cner, b§-ll'ger, vt. To besiege.

bel'flry, bel'fri, n. [bel'pribs", pl7\ A
tower, or that part of a tower in which a
bell is hung. See illus. in preceding column.

be-lle', b§-lal', vt. [be-lied'; be-ly'-
ING.] To give the lie to; contradict; dls-

• appoint.

be-Ilef', b§-llf', n. 1. Acceptance of
something as true; trust; conviction; as-
surance. 2. That which is believed;
theory; opinion; creed.

be-ltev(e', be-llv',t7^ &vi. [bb-libv(b)d';
BE-LiBv'iNG.] To accept as true; be con-
vinced of; credit; accept the word of;
trust; think; suppose. — be-llev'er, n.
One who believes; an adherent of a religious

be-like^, b§-laik', adv. Perhaps; probably.

be-llt'tl(e, b§-lit'l, vt. [-tl(b)d; -tling.]
To treatslightingly; disparage; depreciate.

bell, bel, vt. & vi. To put a oell on; shape
like a bell; make a bell-like sound.

bell, n. A hollow metallic instrument
for giving forth a sound when struck.

belle, bel, n. A i^
beautiful and at-
tractive woman.

belles^' let' tres,
bel'-let'r, n. pi.
Polite literature.

bel'll-eose", bel'-
i-cos", a. Pugna-
cious; warlike.

bel-lij'gr-fint. I. a.
1. Warlike; belli-
cose. 2. Engaged
in or pertaining to
warfare. II. w. A
nation engaged in
legitimate warfare.

Czar Kolokol," the
Great Bell of Moscow.

ben'mau, bel'm^n, n. [-men, pi.] A
town crier.

bel'loiir, bel'O. I. vt. & vi. To proclaim
vociferously; roar; shout. II. n. A loud
hollow cry or roar.

bel'lours, bel'Oz, n. sing. & pi. An in-
strument for forcing air upon a fire, for
blowing organs, etc.

bel'l jr, bel'i. l,vt.& vi. [bbl'libd, bel'-
id; BEL'LY-iNG.J To fill, as a sail. II. n,
[bel'libs*, pl.\ The abdomen, or some-
thing resembling it; as, the belly of a sail.

be-lo ng', [email protected]', vi. To be a possession
or part; be an attribute; be suitable; ap-
pertain: followed by to.— be-long'lng, w.

Or; fllltg9re(fatiire); aisle; an (out); ell; e (k); cbat; db (^Ae); so; sine, i^k; tbia.

Digitized byLjOOQlC



Something that belongs to a person or thing:
usually in the plural.

be-lov'ed, b§-luv'§d. I. a. Greatly
loved; very dear. II. n. One greatly

be-loiv^, b§-10'. I. adv. In or to a lower
place; farther down; on earth; in Hades
or in hell. II. wep. Beneath; under;
lower than; inferior to.

belt, belt. I«». vt. To gird with a belt;
mark with belts; drive bv a belt, as a
machine. II. n. A band worn around
the waist; a band for transmitting power
in machinery; any broad encircling oand;
a zone; strip; strait.

be-moan', b§-mOn', vt. To lament.

be neb , bench, n. 1 . A long wooden seat.

2. A stout table, as for carpenters' work.

3. The judges' seat in court; the judge or
the judges; the judiciary.

bend, bend, v. [BENTorBEND'ED<i;BEND'-
iNG.] \.t. 1. To curve; crook; deflect;
direct; apply. 2. To subdue. 3. Naut.
To make fast; tie. II. i. 1 . To become
curved or deflected. 2. To yield; submit;
devote oneself . 3. To overhang.

bend, n. A curve or crook; a bending;
a loop or knot.

be-neatb', b§-ntth'. 'W,adv. At a lower
point; below. II. prep. Under; lower
than; below the surface of; under the
power of; unworthy of.

ben^'^e-dle'tlon, Den"§-dic'8him, n. The
act of blessing, as at the close of worship;
blessing; favor.

ben'^e-fac'tlon, ben"§-fac'shun, n. A
kindly or generous act; a gift; beneficence.
— ben'^e-rac^tor, n. A friendly helper; a
patron.— ben'^^e-fac'tress, n.fem.

ben'e-fiee, ben'§-fi8, n. An ecclesiastical
living.— ben'e-flced, a. Holding a bene-

be-nef'1-eent, be-nef'i-sent, a. Doing
good* charitable; kind, -ly, arfu.— be-
nef'i-cence, n.— ben'^'e-fl'cial, ben'§-
flsh'al, a. Conferring benefits; helpful.—
ben^e-fl'cf al-ly, adv.

ben"e-fl'cla-ry, ben"§-fl8h'ia-ri. I. a.
Pertaining to benefits or benevolence.
II. n. [-BiBs«, pi."] A recipient of charity,
benefit, or profit; the holder of a benefice.

ben'e-ftt<>, ben'g-flt. I. vt. & vi. To be
helpful or useful to; profit; improve. II.
n. 1. Profit; advantage. 2. A favor be-
stowed; privilej:*^.

be-neT^o-Ienee, bg-nev'o-lgns, n. De-
sire for the good of others; charitableness;
charity; humanity.— be - nev'o - lent, a.
Characterized by benevolence; kindly; char-
itable, -ly, adv.

be-nlglit'ed, b§-nait'§d, pa. Overtaken

by night: ignorant; depraved.

be-nlgn'; T)g-nain', a. Gracious; gener-
ous; genial; propitious; mild, -ly, adv.

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