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and flat cover. The hall mark is for the year 1667, and the
maker's T H, with an anchor between. These all bear the fol-
lowing inscription : — " Ex dono Johannis Ryves de Ranston
Armigeri, qui obiit tertio die May 1667." Ranston was purchased
by the family of Ryves of Blandford, temp. Henry VIII. ; they
continued to hold it down to 1781, when it passed into the family
of the present possessor, Canon Sir Talbot Baker, Bart.

Farringdon. — A small Chalice, measuring 6in. in height, 3in.
in diam., and depth of bowl 3in. It is of the Elizabethan type,
but without marks of any kind ; there is a single band of engraved
foliated strap-work round the bowl, of rather more intricate design
than is found in the earlier examples. This cup is in all proba-
bility of provincial make, the date about 1600. — A Paten and
Flagon, having the hall marks of 1869, replace similar objects in
pewter in use up to that time.

M.\NSTON. — Chalice, 6|in. in height, with Paten, 4in. diam.,
used as a cover ; the hall marks are very faint. On the paten is
inscribed "Thomas Godwine. Richard Cole. 1667"; and this is
probably the date of the chalice. The family of Godwine seems
to have been connected with the Percys of Manston, at least the
arms of Godwine are found, with others, in 1660, "in Mr. Percy's
howse at Manston." The flagon is of glass. The old pewter
flagon and dish are preserved, but no longer in use.

Melbury Abbas. — The plate here is all of the present century.
Chalice, 7|in. in height, of the date 1806. — Paten, 7|in. diam.
Given to the parish by the Rev. W. F. Grove on the fortieth year
of his incumbency in 1833. — A plated Flagon, i2in. in height,
given by the Rev. H. T. Glyn, Rector, 1852. All these pieces
bear the sacred monogram.

Child Okeford. — Chalice and Paten cover. Height of Cup,
6in. ; diam. at top, 3^in., at base, 3f in. ; depth of bowl, 3jin.
Height of Paten, i^in. ; diam., 3fin. The hall marks on both
pieces are the black letter Q for 1573, and the maker's mark a
capital R, within a shaped shield. On the handle of the paten
is inscribed " ano : domini 1573." The fashion is not of the
usual Elizabethan type ; it is straight sided and square shaped,
without any plain or foliated strap-work round the cup. There is
a band of pellet or beaded moulding under the bowl, and from
this the plain stem expands to the flat base without any knot. It
has all the appearance of a chalice made some fifty years later,
but the hall marks are perfectly clear, and the maker's mark is
found in O.E.P. under 1568.- — A plated Flagon, iiin. high, and
an Alms-dish, izin. diam., bearing the sacred monogram, and in-
scribed "The gift of Henry Hall, Rector, 1783 and 1795.'' The

Rev. Henry Hall was instituted to the Rectory in 1763, Arch-
deacon of Dorset 1801, and died 1815, fet. 81. He was one of
the contributors to the second edition of Hutchins' Dorset.

Okeford Fitzpaine. — An Elizabethan Chalice and Paten
cover. The Cup is 6|in. in height, of the usual bell-shaped type.
The only mark found is j^^\ ^' '^^^ ^ single band of

floriated and intersecting a?- ^^ * strap-work round the
bowl, and egg-and-tongue moulding round foot. On the cover is
inscribed 1574. — A Paten, 5^in. diam., on foot. Hall marked
1704. The maker's mark K E with a mullet above and below.
Round the rim is engraved, " The gift of Jane y'^ Wife of John
Freke, Recto'' of this parrish of Ockford Fitzpain, to be used only
in y'' Sacrament of y*^ Lord's Supper, Dec*"' 25, An" DOm 1704."
The Rev. John Freke was instituted to the Rectory in 1685, ob.
1 71 1, aet. 74. — A Flagon, i2in. high, of tankard form, with flat
cover and spreading base. The hall mark is for 1683; the
maker's mark V C. In the centre is engraved in a lozenge, On a
saltire engrailed five escallops, on a chief of the second a lion passant,
for Baker, with the following inscription : — " The Gift of Mrs.
Joan Baker, of Hamwood in the Parish of Trull, in the County of
Somerset, Virgin, to the Parishioners of the Parish of Ockford
Fitzpain, in the County of Dorset, to be by them us'd onely in the
Sacrament of the Lord's Supper, in Memory of her for ever, A°
D"^ 1684." This plate is incorrectly described in "Hutchins."
He also adds, " Weight of the whole, 73 oz."

East Orchard (with St. Margaret's Marsh). — At East
Orchard there is in present use an electro-plated service, given in
1859, consisting of a Chalice, 8|in. high, a Paten, Sin. diam, a
Flagon, iiin., and a Alms-dish, loin. diam.

St. Margaret's Marsh. — Here are two Chalices with Paten
covers, of the provincial Elizabethan type, each measuring 6in. in
height. One bears the mark ^^ The other is marked with
four similar roundles or pellets ^^ only, punched separately,
but evidently by the same maker, as the circles correspond exactly.
Each has a broad band of plain interlaced strap pattern round
the bowl, and on one is inscribed "This Plate belong to Margrit
Mash Church." There can be little doubt that the other belonged

originally to East Orchard. These tvvo cups are somewhat
smaller in size, otherwise they correspond exactly in shape,
ornamentation, and mark with four others found in adjoining
parishes, the type of which is seen in the Gillingham chalice.
There is besides a plated Paten, 5in. diam., and a Flagon, fm.

Sturminster Newton. — Chalice and cover, measuring 6|in.
and ijin. in height respectively, with the hall mark date of 1663,
and the maker's, I'F with a trefoil in base, all enclosed in a
heart-shaped shield. The bowl is square shaped, with a slightly
projecting rim, and a roll moulding round the slope of the stem. —
Paten No. 1, sin. diam., on a foot, cup-shaped, called "a bole."
It is inscribed " John + William Gen'. — Thomas + Young
* Church * Wardens. — A" Din * 1639 * Sturminster Newton
Castle." The hall mark is of the same year and the maker's
mark W with an I over and three mullets, within a shield. —
Paten No. 2, 9|in. diam., of plate shape, with the hall date mark
of 1690, and maker's mark TA linked together. — A pair of
Flagons, i2in., of fluted design, with embossed foliation at base.
They bear the hall marks of 1853, and are inscribed " Presented
by the inhabitants of Sturminster Newton to their Vicar Thomas
Henry Lane Fox as a memorial of their esteem, and their
gratitude for his long and valuable services extending over a
period of 29 years, and by him applied to the service of the
Altar. May 19, 1853. Thos. Dashwood, Thos. Melmouth, Church-

Sutton W.\ldron. — Chalice of the local Elizabethan type, as
found at Gillingham, measuring yfin. ; the only mark is ^^
It has the usual band of plain intersecting strap-work, ^§P
without foliation, jound the bowl, above which is inscribed
" Sutton Waldron, J. A. — C.W. 82," in late characters. An
explanation of this is found in an entry of the parish accounts for
1782 : " Paid Mr. Miles for engraving the Sacrament Cup 3s." It
appears that John Applin, the churchwarden, conceived the idea
of commemorating his churchwardenship by having his initials
engraved, with the date, on the ancient chalice of the parish ; at
the same time a similar inscription was added to the fellow chalice
at Iwerne Minster by the churchwarden of that parish, which is
close by, and this was probably done by the same " Mr. Miles." —


A Paten, 4fin. diam, on foot ; it bears the hall year mark of 1792.
On this is engraved, "J. A. Chu"^. Warden 1793," the initials of
Mr. John Applin again. It does not appear that he gave the
paten, but in the churchwardens' accounts of 1793 is found
another sum of is. 3d. paid to " Mr. Miles," presumably for doing
this work. It must be admitted that the charge is not excessive,
as the engraving is very well done. There is besides a handsome
modern service, consisting of a Chalice, 7|in. in height, and
Paten, 6|in. diam, bearing the hall marks of 1867, and inscribed
with the sacred monogram. — A Flagon, Sfin., with the hall mark
of 1846.




Affpuddle (with Toners Puddle). — A Chalice, 6in. high;
Paten, 8iin. diam. ; Flagon, 8|in. high ; all bearing the hall
marks of 1787, with the maker's G S, and inscribed " Affpiddle
Commmiion Plate. The Gift of the Rev. S. L. Milbourne."
The Rev. Samuel Lambert Milbourne was Vicar from 1768 to
1787 ; he was also Rector of Lulworth and Official of Poole. — An
electro-plated Alms-dish, given by Rev. R. Waldy in 1839, 8in.

Toners Puddle. — An Elizabethan Chalice, 6in. in height,
having the hall year mark of 1576, the small black letter t. The
maker's mark is indistinct. It has a band of floriated strap-work
round the bowl. — Two Patens, measuring 4|in. and sin. in diam.
respectively, one bearing hall mark of 1731, the other uncertain.
— A Flagon, 75in. high, with the hall marks of 1848; also an
electro-plated Alms-dish, Sin. in diameter.

Athelhampton with Burleston. — An Elizabethan Chalice,
7|in. high, of the usual type ; the only mark found is . ^^\
It has a band of floriated strap-work round the ^ ^^
bowl, and a moulding at the base. — A Paten, 5fin. diam., on foot,
and engraved with the sacred monogram. The hall mark is of the
Britannia standard for 1717, but it is inscribed "Deo — D.D.D. —
Rector — A.S. mdcccxliil" — A Flagon, 10 in. in height, and
Alms-dish, 6|in. diam., of silver gilt, bear similar inscriptions.

Bere Regis (with Winterborne Kingston). — A Chalice,
6^in. in height. The design is heavy and quite plain ; the bowl
is straight sided, and the stem spreads to base. The hall marks
are of 1664, and the maker's I G within a heart-shaped shield. —
Paten No. i, gin. diam., with gadrooned border both on rim and


foot. The hall mark is for 1693, the maker's mark D B with the
sun above and a crescent below, all within a quatrefoil. There is
engraved on it a coat of arms, A greyhound courant in fas bcHoeen
three Cornish choughs, a bordtire engrailed charged with crosses
pattie and bezants alternately. Crest, A ?nan's arm coiiped at the
e/boiii habited holding an oak branch, the arms of Williams of
Herringstone, co. Dorset. This family had a seat here, and were
lessees of the farm under the Mortons ; on the lease expiring on the
death of Thomas Williams, Esq., in 1728, it came into the hands
of the Morton Pleydells. In 1 7 1 9 Thomas Williams gave lands
for the education and clothing of six poor boys at Bere. — Paten
No. 2, 67'iin. diam., on foot, with embossed rim and base. It bears
the hall mark of 1 698, the maker's C O under a crown, for John
Cory. — Paten No. 3, 4f in. diam ; it has an octagonal foot, with
gadrooned and beaded border round the rims. The marks are
indistinct; it was bought in 1876, but is of older date. — Flagon,
lofin. high, of the ordinary heavy tankard shape. It bears the
hall marks of 181 2, and is inscribed "The gift of the Rev*.
Tho^ Williams A.M. Vicar of this Parish 25*'' Dec. 181 2."

WiNTERBORNE KINGSTON. — A plain bell-shaped Chalice, 7in.
high, and a Paten, sin. diam. They bear no hall marks, and are
apparently late in the 17th century. — A Flagon, q\m. in height,
and a Plate, 7in. diam., having the hall marks of 181 1. Given by
Rev. Thos. Williams, and bearing the same inscriptions as on the
flagon at Bere.

Cheselborne. — An Elizabethan Chalice and Paten cover.
Height of cup, 6^ inches. The only mark found is the provincial
one of ^SS^ ■*■' ^•'^ ^^^ usual band of floriated inter-

secting '^ ^^ strap-work round the bowl, and on the

paten is inscribed the date 1574. — A Paten, io|in. diam., of the
date 1830, and an electro-plated Flagon, iiin. in height.

MiLBORNE St. Andrew (with Dewlish). — A Chalice and
Paten, bearing the hall mark of 16S0, the maker's being R C
with pellets above and below, all within a dotted circle. The
shape of the cup retains the Elizabethan type, the paten has a
broad rim. On each piece is engraved an elaborate shield of
arms, with mantling. Quarterly, i and 4, Ermine ; 2 and 3, A
goafs head erased, attired ; over all, on a small shield of pretence,
I 2


the sitiister hand of a Baronet, for Morton, impaling, A chn'ron
ermine between three pelicans vubiing themselves, for Culme. Crest,
A goat's head attired. The donor. Sir John Morton, of Milborne
St. Andrew, the second and last Baronet, married Elizabeth,
daughter of Benjamin Culme, D.D., Dean of St. Patrick's, Dublin,
by Deborah, daughter of Sir Charles Pleydell. He was born 1627,
and died 1698. The name of Morton is found in Dorset as early
as the time of King John. The family was settled at Milborne St.
Andrew in the 14th century. Early in the following century was
born here the celebrated Cardinal Morton. He was son of
Richard Morton, of Milborne St. Andrew, and was one of the
most noteworthy of the Dorset worthies, as well as the most con-
siderable person of the age in which he lived. He was educated
in the Abbey of Cerne, and was Rector of Bloxworth ; he took
his degree in laws at Baliol College, Oxford. After serving many
highly important offices both in Church and State, Edward IV.
made him Chancellor of England, as vi'ell as Bishop of Ely. He
was elected Archbishop of Canterbury in i486, and in the fol-
lowing year made Cardinal, by the title of St. Anastasius. He
died in his 90th year, a.d. 1500.

This chalice and its paten is another, and a highly interesting
example, of the value of Church Plate in forming a visible and
connecting link between the present and the past. These pieces
are not at present in use in the Parish Church, as others were pro-
vided about 1870. They were fortunately saved from the melting
pot, and are now in the keeping of J. C. Mansel-Pleydell, Esq., of
Whatcomb, who, through the female line, quarters the same arms
as those engraved on the chalice, as well as those found on the
shield of the Cardinal, where they occur impaled with his official
coat, the pallium of Canterbury, surmounted by the Archiepis-
copal mitre and the Cardinal's hat. — The plate now in use at
Milborne St. Andrew consists of a Chalice and Paten of good
modern design, bearing the hall marks of 1870.

Dewlish. — An Elizabethan Chalice, with its Paten cover,
corresponding in every respect to the one in the adjoining parish
of Cheselborne. The cup is 6|in. in height ; it has the same
mark ^^3^ °" ho^\\ cup and cover, and the date

1574 ^ ^^ also inscribed on the paten. — Paten, of

plate shape, 6iin. diam., with the hall year mark of 1638, and
inscribed on the border M * R 1638. The donor of this paten


was probably some member of the Radford family, who held the
manor of Dewlish about this time. — A Flagon, loin. high, without
marks, inscribed with the sacred monogram.

Melcombe Horsey and Melcombe Binghaii. — A Chalice, with
bell-shaped bowl, T.^in. high, and a Paten, 4^in. diam., bearing the
hall mark of 1752 ; the maker's mark is apparently W G. — A
Flagon, with domed cover, 11 in. in height, having the hall mark
for 1733, but inscribed, " Dedit Johannes Potenger Arm. 1732."
Mr. Potenger died in 1733, aged 87. His daughter and heir,
Philadelphia, married Richard Bingham, Esq. — An Alms-dish,
9|in. diam., bearing the Britannia standard hall mark of 1711;
the maker's mark seems to be a key within a shaped shield. On it
is engraved the following affecting inscription : — " In memory of
Thomas Bingham, deare child, who was born november the 13""
1 7 10 and Departed this life June the 26"' 171 1 this small peice of
plate is humbly dedicated to the service of the parish church of
Bingham's Melcombe by his aflicted mother." Mrs. Bingham, the
donor of the alms-dish, was the Philadelphia mentioned above, the
daughter of Johannes Potenger. The family of Bingham, still
resident in the parish, boasts of a pedigree dating from the time of
Henry ^I. Near the church is the ancient house of the Binghams.

Puddle Hinton. — An Elizabethan Chalice, with Paten cover,
height 7in. and i|in. respectively. The only mark found is the pro-
vincial one /5®N It has a broad band of plain interlaced
strap -work ^^ round the bowl. This cup and cover corre-
spond exactly with that of Gillingham, but supply the only example
found south of the River Stour. — Paten, Sin. diam., having the
Birmingham mark of the anchor and date letter for 1876 ; the old
paten vi'as sold at the time this was bought. — Flagon, i3in. in
height, bearing the same marks. — Alms-dish, i2in. diam., of plate
shape, the hall mark date being 1674, and the maker's mark I G
with mullet in base, all within a heart-shaped shield. On the
border is inscribed, "The Parish of Piddle Hinton 1685. Glory
be to God on high." — The parish still keeps its old pewter Flagon
and Dish ; on the handle of the former is inscribed the initials
C K and F L.

PuDDLETOWN. — Chalice, 8|in. in height, of the Elizabethan
type, with bell-shaped bowl, and knot in the middle of stem, but


without any ornamentation round the bowl. The marks are the
court hand letter ct for 1638, the maker's R B with a mullet in
base. It is inscribed " Deo sacrum huic ccetui legavit Gulielmus
Bradish sacrre Theologife professor et Vicarius per annos 27 qui
obijt II die Decembris Anno Domini 1638." Underneath this is
a coat of arms, A lion passant, impaling A chevron. Dr. Bradish
was instituted to the vicarage in 161 1, and died 1638. The fol-
lowing is extracted from Hutchins' account of the charitable
benefactions to the parish : — " The Reverend Dr. William
Bradish, some time vicar of Puddle toune, did, by his last will
and testament, give to the parish aforesaid as followeth : Five
pounds to be distributed for the present reliefe of the poore, and
x.\ nobles to be bestowed in a communion cup, for the use of the
parish church." He also left various other sums for certain
specified charitable objects in the parish, and concludes with —
" 6s. 8d. for the entertainment of the feoffees, viz. the minister of
Puddle Towne, the minister of Puddle Hinton, and the minister
of Dorchester, who are desired to meete in the beginning of
November, for settling the premises yearly." The sum of 20
nobles for the cost of the Communion cup would be ^6 13s. 4d.
of that period ; as the paten was made at the same time, it was
probably used as a cover and included in Dr. Bradish's gift. —
A Paten, sfin. diam., inscribed with the sacred monogram and
bearing the same hall marks as on Dr. Bradish's chalice. — Flagon,
iijin. in height, having the year mark of 1767 and the maker's
E V within an oblong square ; it is inscribed with the sacred
monogram. — Alms-dish, i2in. diam., standing on three feet; it
bears the hall year mark of 1763, the maker's T H over R M
within a quatrefoil. It was given later, as appears by the fol-
lowing inscription : — " Deo sacris addendum d.d.d. Jacobus
Acland Templer Hujusce Ecclesi« Vicarius. A.D. 1829." This
parish also possesses, but no longer in use, a pair of iron Candle-
sticks and a pair of pewter Flagons ; these last are inscribed " Ex
dono Henrici Arnoldi Ilsingtoniensis 1641." Henry Arnold,
Esq., a land owner of Ilsington, a hamlet of this parish, died in
1 65 1 and was buried here.

Puddle Trenthide. — A Chalice, yfin. in height, of heavy
bell-shape, with low and massive foot. It bears the Britannia
standard hall mark for 1699. The maker's mark is a capital
black letter § and a small black letter p under a bird, within a


shaped shield. The same mark is found on a cup at Wootton
Glanville. — Paten No. i, of plate form, g^in. diam. This has
also the Britannia standard hall mark of 170S; the maker's
L O, with a key above and a fleur de lys in base, that of Nath.
Lock. It is inscribed "Ex Dono F.O. in memoria H.C.," with a
coat of arms, A chevron between three bats displayed, for Collier,
of Puddle. The donor was Frances Oxenbridge, daughter of
James Deane, Esq., of Deanland, co. Southampton, and widow
of William Collier, of Puddle Trenthide, Esq., who died in 1655,
£et. 41. Their son, Henry Collier, in whose memory the paten
was given, died in 1675, in the 20th year of his age. She was
re-married to Robert O.xenbridge, Esq., who built the gallery in
Puddle Trenthide Church in 1701, taken down when the church
was restored in 1853. She died in 170S, and was buried in
the church in a vault with her first husband and their son. —
Paten No. 2, 8|in. diam., with a foot, bearing the hall mark of 1876,
and presented to the parish by George Mayo at Easter, 1878. — A
Flagon, i2in. in height, of the usual tankard form, having the
same hall marks as on the paten given by Mrs. Oxenbridge. It
is also inscribed " Ex Dono F O," and on a lozenge A lion
couchant guardant tail erect, on a chief three crescents, being the
arms of her own family, the Deanes of Deansland. Both Paten
No. I and the Flagon bear the hall marks of the year of her
death, 1708.

Stinsford. — This parish was the first to receive one of the fine
sets of silver-gilt Communion Plate, given by Mrs. Strangways
Horner about the middle of the last century. It consists of a
Chalice, g^in. in height ; a Paten, 6in. diam., on a foot of 2in. ; a
Flagon, 1 1 in. high, each bearing the hall marks of 1 736. All these
pieces were made by the celebrated silversmith Paul Lamerie, and
bear his second mark, entered in 1732, P L with a mullet and
crown above and a fleur de lys in base, all within a shaped
shield as seen in O.E.P. under 1733. They also have the
manufacturer's mark of the weight On each plate is inscribed
" The Gift of Mrs. Strangways Horner to ye Church of Stinsford
in Dorsetshire in 1737 ;" also the sacred monogram. Some years
later she also gave to the parish a knife with a richly-embossed
handle and sheath, bearing no hall marks, but inscribed " The
Gift of Mrs. Strangways Horner to the Parish of Stinsford 1755."
The design of these pieces is the same as that found on a similar

gift afterwards made to the church at Abbotsbury, under which
parish will be found a sketch giving the details of these interesting
objects. Hutchins mentions them in his time as " a very
handsome set of double-gilt Communion plate : — A flaggon,
310Z. i6dwts. ; a chalice, 140Z. i7dwts. ; a patten, 50Z. lodwts."
They are still kept in the oak box fitted to receive them, and with
it is " Directions to keep the Gilt Plate clean, from the Silver-
smith that made it," dated June, 1737, in the handwriting of the
Donor.* Near the Church at Stinsford is a house, formerly
occupied by some members of the Strangways family. Mr. Horner
Strangways presented to the Vicarage at the time the plate was

The parish also possesses a miniature Communion-service,
the Chalice, 4in. high. Paten, 3in. diam., inscribed underneath
"Stinsford, The gift of the Vicar 1819." The donor was the
Rev. W. Floyer, father of the late John Floyer, Esq., many years
member of Parliament for Dorset : he was Vicar in 1785, and died
and was buried here in 1820. There is also a third Paten, 6^in.
diam., with the hall mark of 1824, engraved with a foliated cross.

TiNCLETON. — A silver-gilt Cup and cover, 7in. in height. This
is a handsome decorative piece of plate, probably of German or
Dutch make, but not intended, originally, for ecclesiastical use.
The only mark found is V X ; the form of the bowl is bell-shaped,
with a short stem, the base and lower part of the bowl are orna-
mented with embossed convex bulbs. The cover is surmounted
by a figure supporting a shield and carrying a staff. The date
might be early in the 17th century. — A Paten with foot, 7 Jin.
diam., and a Flagon, 11 in. high, both carrying the hall mark for
1 7 18, and the maker's S.I within a shield, and inscribed "The
gift of George White Esq' & Mary his wife to y= Parish Church of
Tinkleton in y^ County of Dorset for y

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