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The church plate of the county of Dorset. With extracts from the returns of church goods by the Dorset commissioners of Edward VI. 1552 online

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Online LibraryJames Edward NightingaleThe church plate of the county of Dorset. With extracts from the returns of church goods by the Dorset commissioners of Edward VI. 1552 → online text (page 12 of 19)
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churches then possessed plate of their own.

WiNTERBORNE ANDERSON. — A Chalice of large size, loin. in
height, with straight sides and slightly projecting lip ; the stem
and base are plain and without a knot. The hall mark indicates
the year 1684 and the maker's mark P M under a mullet. — A
Paten, of plate form, 8iin. diam., quite plain ; the hall marks are
illegible, but may be of the same date as the cup.

WiNTERBORNE THOMPSON. — A Chalice, yiin. in height; the
bowl is of cylindrical form with straight sides ; it has a plain base
with a knot on the stem. The hall marks are of 1646, and the
maker's mark I M, under which is a pig passant. — Paten, 4fin.
in diam., on a foot, it bears the same hall marks and might have
been used as a cover.

WiNTERBORNE Zelstone. — An Elizabethan Chalice, 6|in. in
height, of the usual type; it has a plain moulding at base of cup,
also round the knot of stem, and again at foot. There is a single
band of floriated and intersecting strap-work round the bowl ; the
hall mark is the small black letter t for 1576, and the maker's
mark a capital M, the same as is found on the chalice lately given
back to Wareham by Mr. Montague Guest, and which was made
two years earlier. — A Paten on foot, gin. diam., with gadroon
edging on rim, also on the foot. — The hall marks are of the
Britannia standard for 169S, the maker's mark C O under a
crown, for John Cory. — The Alms-dish, on a foot, is of plated




Alton Pancras. — A Chalice, yf in. in height ; a Paten, 65in.
diam. ; Alms-dish, Sin. diam. ; and a Flagon, lofin. high ; all of
good plain modern design, inscribed with a cross pate'e and
bearing the hall mark of 1869. No information is given as to
the disposition of the old plate.

BucKLAND Newton (with Plush). — An Elizabethan Chalice,
6|in. in height, of the ordinary type ; it has a single band of
intersecting strap-work round the bowl, enclosing foliation ; the
date mark is the black letter small for 157 1, and the maker's
mark H W linked together with a pellet above and below, enclosed
within a quatrefoil. — Another Chalice, of the same size and design,
with the hall mark of 1874. This was given by Mrs. Carr Stuart
Glyn, being a copy of the earlier chalice, and substituted for a
modern cup. — A pair of Patens with feet, 8|in. diam., bearing hall
marks of 1787 and 1789 ; the maker's mark is I B under a crown.
The sacred monogram is engraved in the centre. — Flagon, loin.
in height, with hall mark of 1762 ; maker's mark J P in cursive
letters, for John Payne. This was purchased in 1873 and
presented by Mrs. Carr Stuart Glyn and Mrs. Henry Everett

Plush. — An Elizabethan Chalice, now measuring 5|in. in
height. It bears the same year mark as appears at Buckland
Newton, 15 71, but the maker's mark is different; it is H B linked
together within a square. Round the bowl is engraved rather a
broad band of foliated and intersecting strap-work ; this cup
appears to have been renovated some few years ago, at which time,
probably, the sacred monogram, which is now engraved upon it,
was inscribed. It is remarkable that the two chalices made in the
same year, 1571, for the combined parishes of Buckland and


Plush, should be by different makers. The name of Henry
Tuichener, Archdeacon of Dorset, occurs as Vicar of Buckland
Newton in 157 1 ; he resigned in 1574. — A Paten, 4in. diam..
without marks ; this has also the sacred monogram, and was
probably procured at the time of the renovation of the chalice.

Cerne Abbas. — Chalice, 8f in. in height ; it has a bell-shaped
bowl, with a knot on stem. The hall marks are for 1767, and the
maker's mark T \V within an oblong. There is an entry in the
Churchwardens' accounts in August, 1767, " P'' for the challice
;^4 . 14 . o." — A Paten, 4|in. diam., bearing the same hall marks.
There is nothing to show whether the paten was included in the
sum paid for the chalice. — A Flagon, i4jin. high, and an Alms-
dish, Qjin. diam., with hall marks of 1 840-1. " Presented to the
Inhabitants of Cerne Abbas by the Rev'' J. H. and M"" Waugh
A.D. 1843." — A pewter Flagon and Paten, no longer in use. In
the Churchwardens' accounts an entry is found in 1630, " It"' p''
for a new pewter pott for Wine for the Com.' x s."

Frome St. QuentixN (with Evershot and Melbury Bubb). —
An Elizabethan Chalice and Paten cover. Height of cup, 6|in. ;
of cover, ijin. The only mark found is the provincial Dorset
one of ^^^ ^' ^^^^ ^ single band of foliated and inter-

secting 'v' ^5^ * strap-work round the bowl, and the egg
and tongue moulding round base. On the top of the cover is
inscribed the date 1574. — A Paten, s|in. diam., with the hall
mark of 1727, and the maker's W D under a trefoil slipped for
William Darker. In the centre is inscribed, " Frome St. Quintin,
Donum Johannis Sutton, A.M., Rectoris, 1730." The Rev. John
Sutton, who was also Vicar of Loders, was instituted 1721, ob.
1733. He gave similar Patens to Loders and Bothenhampton.

Evershot.— An Elizabethan Chalice with Paten Cover, of the
ordinary type. Height of cup, 6|in. ; of cover, ifin. It bears
the hall marks of 1570, the small black letter tt; the maker's
being a pair of bellows within a shaped shield, an unusual mark,
found also at Pulham. It has a band of foliated strap-work round
the bowl, with a slight variation from the conventional design,
besides embossed ornamentation at the base of bowl and on foot.
There is also a narrow foliated border round the button of the
paten cover. — A modern Chalice, of plain design, with hall marks

of 1859, 7|in. in height, inscribed " Evershott Churcli Communion
Service. Given as a Memorial, by Mrs. Wm. Jennings, 17th Nov.,
i860." Mr. W. Jennings was for 50 years Steward to Lord
Ilchester. His widow gave ^600 for building the Chancel, and
■;^200 for the Organ. — Paten No. i, 7|-in. diani., of the Britannia
standard of 17 10. The maker's mark (ff U with an t above and C
below, within a quartrefoil. Inscribed " The gift of Mr. Christo-
pher Watts, to the Parrish Church of Evershott, i8th Jan-\ 17 10."
— Paten No. 2, Sin. diam., with same marks and inscription as
on Mrs. Jennings' gift. — Flagon No. i, height, 6|in., with date
mark of 1723 ; maker's G. S., for Gabriel Sleath. It is inscribed
" Ex Dono Mrs. Margaret Watts, to the Parish Church of Ever-
shott, 1725.'' — Flagon No. 2, height, i3|in., with same marks and
inscription as on the other pieces given by Mrs. Jennings. The
parish also has a small "pocket" Communion set, given in memory
of Ada Zoe Baskett, who died May 28, 1876.

Melburv Bubb. — Chalice, height 7|in., with gadroon ornament
at base of bowl. The hall mark is for 1728. On the foot is
inscribed 1753. — A Paten, 3|in. diam., of the Britannia standard
of 1705 ; the maker's mark Pa, with a cup above and pellet in
base, for Humphrey Payne. — A plated Flagon, inscribed 1S79.

GoDMANSTONE. — An Elizabethan Chalice with Paten cover,
height sfin., cover ifin. The date mark is the black letter (f. for
1573, and the maker's H S interlaced, within a shaped shield,
probably that of Henry Sutton. It is of the usual type, with a
foliated and interlaced band round the bowl, and an intermittent
line and dotted pattern round the cover ; within this is inscribed
1573. — A plated Paten, 5|in. diam., and Flagon, gin. high, of 1867.

Haselbury Bryan. — A Chalice, height 7fin. It bears the
hall mark of 1630, the maker's mark is apparently a flower
slipped, with two pellets above within a shield. It is of the
heavy 17th century form, with a deep cylindrical bowl supported
by a short stem with knot and a moulded broad base. — A Paten,
7|in. diam., with date mark of 1S13, inscribed " Hasilbury-
Bryan, Dorset, 1824 ;" also a legend, " Take, eat, &c."

HiLFiELD. — A Chalice and Paten cover, measuring together
7|in. in height ; the bowl is square shaped and generally of the
Elizabethan type ; it bears no marks of any kind, and may be of


provincial manufacture. Round the bowl is inscribed " William
Olde Chapell Warden of Hilfield 1682." The date of the cup
is probably earlier than this ; it has a lightly engraved band
of foliated work encircling the bowl, similar to that on the chalice
of Long Burton, dated 16 16; also on Upcerne of a still earlier
date. Round the base is an engraved band of chevron ornament.
— A Paten, 6|in. diam., inscribed with a legend and " ^ To the
Glory of God, given to the Church of St. Nicholas, Hilfield, by
T. W. Dampier Bide 1879."

Mapowder.— An Elizabethan Chalice, height 7;^in. It has
the hall mark of 1570, the small black letter n, the maker's is
illegible. — The engraved foliated ornamentation round the bowl is
unusually rich ; it covers the greater part of the cup, and at each
intersection of the strap-work band a large trefoil foliation projects,
alternately up and down ; a good decorated Elizabethan moulding
encircles the foot. — A second Cup, made in imitation of the former
by Elkington, is electro-plate ; he also made, in the same material,
a Paten, a Flagon, and an Alms-dish. There is, besides, a salver-
shaped Paten standing on three shells, of old plated copper, and
inscribed " The Gift of the Rev. T. Coker to Mappowder Church
June 25, 1782." He was a member of the ancient family of
Coker, who acquired lands at Mapowder by marriage, temp.
Henry Vlth. The Rev. Thos. Coker was the last resident of
this family here, the estate having been sold in 1745.

MiNTERNE Magna. — A Chalice, Paten, and Flagon of modern
design, bearing the following inscription " + Parish of Minterne
Magna 1858." From an entry in the Churchwardens' book we
learn what became of the old plate. " At a Vestry held 28th
April 1859, the new Communion plate being purchased, it was
agreed that the silver Chalice and the pewter Flagon be sold."
The chalice fetched ^2 5s. and the flagon 2s. 3d.

Nether Cerne. — A Chalice and Paten cover, measuring in
height 6jin. and ijin. respectively. The hall-mark date is a
Lombardic P with external cusps, indicating the year 161 2 ; the
maker's mark, the letters W C with a key between having the
handle downwards ; this differs in initials from a similar mark in
O.E.P. under 1615. On the cover is engraved "I. D. 1612."
This is an interesting chalice, as it varies but little from the

Elizabethan cups of the previous century ; it has a single band of
the conventional foliated work round the bowl, but without the
interlacing strap-work ; encircling the cover is a border of over-
lapping leafage. — A Paten, 7 fin. diam. ; it is inscribed with the
sacred monogram, and underneath "Gift of Fra^ Jn". Brown Esq'.
1814." — A plated Flagon, lo^in. high, given in 1878 by the family
of Mr. Samuel Symes, of Nether Cerne.

PuLHAM. — An Elizabethan Chalice and Paten cover, height,
6jin. and ifin. respectively. The hall marks are the black letter
for 157 1, and the maker's mark a pair of bellows within a
shaped border similar to that on a cup at Evershot of the previous
year. On the button of the paten cover is inscribed the date
157 1. There is a narrow band of interlacing strap-work, en-
closing foliage, engraved round the bowl, and a good Elizabethan
moulding round the base. — A Paten on a foot, 7|in. diam.,
bearing the hall marks of 1721, the maker's, I. W. under a seeded
rose. It is inscribed on the upper surface, " The Gift of Anne
S'. Lo to the Church of Pulham 1721," and beneath "Anne
S' Lo." She was daughter and co-heiress of Edmund Hull, Esq.,
and third wife, and survivor, of the Rev. Thomas St. Lo, Rector
of Pulham. He died in 17 19, fet. 65.

SvDLiNG St. Nicholas. — An Elizabethan Chalice, height, 6|in.,
of the usual type ; the only mark found is that so often met with
in Dorset. 1^^ "^'^^ band of foliated and intersecting

strap-work "^ ^^ * round the bowl is unusually rich ;
there is also a variety of the egg and tongue moulding round the
base. — Two plated Salvers, with gadroon edges, are now in use as
a Paten and Alms-dish.— There is also a copper-plated Flagon, no
longer used, inscribed "Sydling Church, Dorset 1806," and on
the base " Sir J™ Smith Bart, and W" Dunning, Churchwardens,

Up Cerne.— a Chalice and Paten cover, of the Elizabethan
period, measuring sfin. and i in. respectively. The marks on
both cup and cover consist of maker's marks only — that of a
Lombardic capital A, with external cusps and without any shield.
The same mark is found on the original chalices of Over
Compton, 1571, and at St. Bees, 1570. There is a band of
interlaced strap-work round the bowl, but the foliation differs


from any other example in the county of this period. Instead of
the usual running pattern, we find a seeded rose and a tulip-
shaped flower alternately, divided, by spiral bands. Somewhat
similar foliation is found on the chalice of the neighbouring
village of Hilfield, and again at Long Burton, of the date 1616.
(See illustration, p. 93.) The base of the chalice is ornamented
with the egg and tongue moulding. — A Paten, 5in. diam., and a
Flagon, 8jin. in height. These bear the hall marks of 1871, and
are decorated with bands of foliated ornaments and mouldings
exactly copied from the early chalice. Underneath the base is
inscribed "The Gift of John Batten, A. D. 1871." The donor
was John Batten, Esq., of Aldon, Yeovil, who married Grace
Eleanor, the last representative of John White, Esq., of the old
Manor House, Upcerne. — This parish also retains the old pewter
flagon and two dishes, all inscribed VPCERN.

WooTTON Glanville. — A Chalicc and Paten cover, measuring
6fin. and ijin. respectively. There are no hall marks. There
is a band of engraved strap-work round the bowl, enclosing a
series of St. Andrew's crosses, or lattice work. Above this, some-
what roughly incised, " Kiddle, 1689, Churchwarden." This cup
and cover have all the appearance of having been copied from an
earlier Elizabethan example. There is a large knot on the stem
and a plain foot ; it is probably of provincial manufacture, and if
not older than the date inscribed, is an interesting specimen of the
retention of the old form down to so late a period. — A Paten with
foot, 9jin. diam., with gadroon edges. The hall marks are of the
Britannia standard for 1704 ; the maker's, a capital black letter
5, with a small black letter p, surmounted by a bird, all within
a shaped border. This mark is also found on a chalice at Puddle-
trenthide of the year 1699. It is inscribed " The Gift of John
King Reef to the Church of Wootton Glanvill in the County of
Dorsett, 1755." The donor was son of John King, of Sherborne,
Gent. He was instituted to the Rectory in 1743, and was buried
at Folke in 1770, having purchased the West Hall Estate in that




BLA^fDFORD St. Mary.— a Chalice, Sin. in height, inscribed
with the sacred monogram. It is stated to have been " made
after a model in the Exhibition of 185 1, and substituted for a
very ugly chahce ; the old cup was melted down (?) and the
silver used in the new chalice." — Paten No. i, measuring 11 in.
diam. Paten No. 2, s^in. diam. ; both having the hall marks
of the Britannia standard for 1712, and the maker's mark
B.P. with a rose and crown over, for Benjamin Pyne. Under-
neath is engraved a shield with the arms of Pitt, the donor.
Sable, a fesse chequy behvccn three bezants, with a crescent for
difference. Thomas Pitt, Esq., second son of the Rev. John
Pitt, rector of Blandford St. Mary, and grandfather of the Earl
of Chatham, was born 1653, died 1726. He was governor of
Fort St. George, in India, where he is reported to have gained an
immense fortune. He was the possessor of the celebrated Pitt
diamond, which he was thought to have obtained by a stretch of
power ; this, however, was solemnly denied by him, but a further
vindication seems to have been thought necessary in a sermon
preached at his funeral by Mr. Richard Eyre, Canon of Salisbury.
This jewel afterwards passed into the possession of the King of
France, where it formed the principal ornament of the Royal
Crown before the great revolution. Mr. Pitt repaired and
beautified the church of Blandford St. Mary in 17 11, he also
built a new tower to the church of Stratford-sub-Castle, near
Salisbury, in the same year, to which parish he presented in the
following year, 1 7 1 2, a massive communion service by the same
maker, having the same arms, and in the same year as his gift
to Blandford. It is not improbable that the "very ugly chalice"
above referred to was part of the Pitt donation. — There is also at
Blandford a Flagon, i2in. high, inscribed " Glory be to God on
high," this was procured at the same time as the modern chalice.

Brvanston (with Durweston). — A Chalice, height 7 gin., with
bell-shaped bowl and baluster stem ; a Paten with foot, 45in. diam. ;
and a Flagon, iiin. high. All these bear the hall marks of 1759,
and are engraved with the arms of the donor, Or, a fleur de lys
«3. for Portman, impaling a chevron between three leopard's faces
for Fitch. Henry William Berkeley Portman, Esq., married Ann
daughter of Wm. Fitch, Esq., of High Hall. He died 1761.

Durweston. — A Chalice, height gin. " Presented to the Parish
of Durweston by the Rev. C. Fleet, 1837." The Rev. Christopher
Fleet was Rector of Durweston for 50 years ; he died 1841. He
was also Rector of Litchet Matravers. — A Paten on foot, 5|in.
diam., dated 1759, and a plated Flagon.

FiFEHE.'^D Neville. — An Elizabethan Chalice, height 6|in ; it
still retains the Paten cover. The hall marks include the small
black letter 0, for 1571, the maker's is indistinct, but probably
the capital letter A. The shape is of the ordinary type of the
period ; it has a single band of intersecting strap-work enclosing a
running stem of foliation. The silver-gilt Flagon is of modern
cruet-shaped design, and the Paten and Alms-dish of pewter.

Hilton. — A Chalice, 6in. in height, with hall mark of 1662,
and maker's mark I G with mullet in base, within a heart-shaped
shield. — The bowl is of plain cylindrical form, with the heavy
stem and base of the period. — Paten, Sin. diam., on a foot, with
gadroon edges ; it bears the hall mark of 1695, and the maker's
mark T L within a circle ; it is inscribed with the sacred mono-
gram. — Alms-dish, 8iin. diam., with hall mark of 1778, and
inscribed " Deo et Ecclesise Sacrum." — The Flagon is electro-

Ibberton (with Belchalwell). — A Chalice, 6;[in. in height,
with the hall mark of 1632, the maker's mark R.C. with a pheon
in base, within a heart-shaped shield ; it has a plain cylindrical
bowl with tall spreading stem ; on one side is pricked
"*R#K*T»A churchwardens 1686." — An octagonal
Paten, 6in. diam., inscribed " Ibberton Church from the Rev.
John Martyn 1866." Ibberton affords another instance of the
loss of parish registers in recent years. When Hutchins wrote his
History of Dorset the registers extended back to 1564. The only


register now extant anterior to the year 1800 is a small book con-
taining the entries of baptisms from 1761 to 1790, and three

Belchalwell. —A Chalice, S^^in. in height. It has the hall
mark of 1763, the maker's mark S W within an oval for Samuel
Wood. The date 1766 is engraved on the base, the bowl is bell-
shaped with tall stem and knot. The Paten and Flagon are

Milton Abe.\s. — A Chalice with its Paten cover, measuring
respectively 7fin. and ijin. The hall marks of 1636, and the
maker's mark R S within a heart-shaped shield. The bowl is of
bell shape, with a spreading foot. It is inscribed " Milton Abby.
The guift of John Chappell, Sitteson (citizen) and Stationer of
London 1637." — A Paten, 7ijin. diam., on foot; it has an unde-
cipherable maker's mark only, three times repeated. On the rim
of base is inscribed " The Guift of Mary Savage 1678." Nothing
is known of the donors of these two gifts. — A pair of Flagons,
lo^in. in height, bearing the hall mark of 1683 ; the maker's mark
S.O. with a pellet beneath, in a shaped border. They are of barrel
shape, with flat covers and spreading base, and are inscribed
" The guift of Maddam Jane Tregonwell widdow Deceased, to the
Church of Milton Abbas Dorsett, Feby 2 : 1675." The following
entry is found in the Parish Register : " 5th Feb. 1675 was buried
Maddam Jane Tregonwell widow," and in a later hand, " Madam
Jane Tregonwell gave two silver Flagons to y"" parish of Milton
Abbas." These flagons, apparently, were not bought until some
years after her death. Mrs. Tregonwell was third daughter of Sir
Thos. Freke, and widow of John Tregonwell, Esq., the Lord of the
Manor; he deceased in 1667.

Shillingstone. — An Elizabethan Chalice and Paten Cover,
measuring 7i^in. in height. The only mark found is the provincial
Dorset one of ^^^ ^^ ^" '^^ cover is inscribed the

date 1574. It "^ ^^0 is of the ordinary Elizabethan

type, with a single band of engraved foliated and intersecting
strap-work round the bowl. — A Paten, 6in. diam., with foot ; the
hall mark is of the Britannia standard for 17 15; the maker's
P R apparently with a pellet beneath. It is inscribed, " U. Reade,
Reef Ecclesis, D.D." The Rev. Unton Reade, M.A., of Balliol


College, was Rector from 1715 to 1750. From the register of
this parish we learn that " The Rev. Mr. Unton Reade, Rector
of this parish, was burried in wollen the 25th Aug., 1750, after
35 years residence here, and 21 years Rector of Dourweston."

Spettisbury {with Charltox Marshall). — A Chalice, Sin.
in height, bearing the hall marks of 1726. The maker's mark is
a capital M with a mullet above and below, within a circle. It is
inscribed, " Spetisbury, Dorsetshire, 1727." — A Paten, 5sin. diam.,
with the same marks and inscription. — Another Paten, Sin. diam.
on a foot ; the hall mark indicates the year i66g, the maker's
mark T H with an anchor between. It is inscribed, " Viduse
Minutum Votum Anna Russell Altari Spittisburiensi Sacrum
1669." — A Flagon, i2in. in height, with the hall marks of 172S;
the maker's mark indistinct ; it is inscribed, " Charles Sloper,
D.D., Chancellor of Bristol and Rector of Spetisbury in Dorset-
shire by his last Will left this Flagon for the use of that Parish in
the Holy Communion, 1727." From a monument in Spettisbury
Church we learn that the Rev. Charles Sloper was made Chancellor
of Bristol in 1695, Rector of Spettisbury 1705, ob. 1727. He
rebuilt the Parsonage House at Spettisbury.

Charlton Marshall. — A massive service of plate, consisting _
of a Chalice, gin. in height, a Paten, S^in. diam., and a Flagon,
i2in. in height, all of the Britannia standard for the year 17 14,
and bearing the maker's marks L O combined, within a circle, for
Matthew E. Lofthouse. On the paten and flagon are inscribed
" Charlton in Dorsetshire." On the chalice and flagon the fol-
lowing, " The Gift of Catherine wife of D'' Sloper Chancellor of
Bristol and Vicar of Charlton in Dorsetshire. For the use of the
Parish in the Holy Communion, 17 12;" to which is added his
coat of arms, with elaborate mantling, Tivo snakes cntivined in
form of a chevron ; in chief a dove volant, in the beak an olive_
branch. Crest, A dove volant, in the beak an olive branch, standing
on a snake entwined. Dr. Sloper, who was rector of Spettisbury
with Charlton annexed, 1705, rebuilt the whole of the church of
Charlton, with the exception of the tower, in 17 15, ob. 1727.
Catharine, his wife, died 17 12, and from a marble tablet in the
chancel we learn that she " gave a silver flagon cup and cover, for
the use of this parish, in the holy communion 17 12." This
bequest of the flagon was not fulfilled until 17 14, at which time
Dr. Sloper must have added the chalice and paten, as all these


pieces have the same maker's and year mark of 17 14. — A Paten,
loin. diam. It bears the following inscription: — "J.h.s. In
usum Altaris Parochia; de Charlton Marshall in coiii Dorset."
Also " Ex done Roger Mander S.T.P. istius Ecclesise Rectoris
A.D. 1696." Between these inscriptions is a shield, with mantling,
containing his coat of arms, Ermine, three antuikts interlaced.
Crest, A demi-lion 7-ampmtt /w/dinfi a szcwd erect. Roger Mander,
D.D., was Rector of Spettisbury cum Charlton in 1684; he was
elected Master of Balliol College, Oxford, in 1687. He purchased
the advowson of Bere Regis from the Strangways family a little
before 1699, and in 1704 left it by his will to Balliol College, in

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