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was given him in 164 1. He was a member of ParUament for
Weymouth, also for Dorchester, and was buried here in
December, 1700.

SwYRE. — A Chalice, 6|in. in height ; the bowl is quite plain,
having straight sides tapering outwards, and rests on a baluster
• stem. Owing to some repairs, the only marks now visible are the
leopard's head and a portion of the maker's mark within a pecu-
liarly shaped shield, consisting of a W, the first letter of the
maker's Christian name ; the other might be a C, and corresponds
with a mark given in O.E.P. under 1633, except that in the
Swyre example these letters surmount what seems to be a heart,
instead of a mullet. On the bowl are pricked the initial letters
I S and R I. The first is probably that of Julius Squibb, who
was buried here in 1676. The second may be that of Richard
Ironsides, a family existing in this neighbourhood at that time. —
A Paten with foot, Sjin. diameter. The three marks found on
this piece are pecuhar. The first is the maker's, D. A. The
second is, apparently, the royal crown within a rayed circle.
These initials are found in two instances on the plate of work-
men's marks, in use between 1675 and 1697, preserved by the
Goldsmiths' Company ; in the second mark given the crown is
found surmounting the initials. The third mark on the Swyre
paten is a slipped rose, or possibly a thistle. On the surface is
pricked "I-S 1661." This, again, may be that of Julius Squibb.
Since Hutchins' time the oldest register of this parish has been
lost, the earliest entry in the existing books being 1698. As
Hutchins^was Rector of this Parish, it is not unlikely that the
earlier registers were in his possession and accidentally burnt
when Wareham Rectory was destroyed by fire, of which parish he
was also incumbent.

WiNTERBORNE Abbas (with Steepleton). — A modern service,
consisting of Chalice, 7in. in height, a Paten, 7in. diam., in-
scribed with the sacred monogram and " Winterborne Abbas,
1877 ;" also a plated Flagon, given in memory of Mr. James
Symes in 1885. All these pieces are of good modern design.

Winterborne Steepleton. — x\n Elizabethan Chalice with
Paten cover, measuring in height 6| and ij inches respectively.


The form is of the usual type, with a single band of foliated and
intersecting strap-work round the bowl, and a moulding at rim of
foot. The hall marks are the small black letter for the year
15 7 1, and the maker's mark H W with a pellet above and below,
all within a quatrefoil. On the cover is inscribed the date 1571.
— A Paten, 6|in. in diam., on foot. The hall marks are of the
Britannia standard, the court hand letter o for 1709, the maker's
mark an r within a G for Richard Greene. In the centre is in-
scribed " Steepleton. Legatum SarK Clapcot. 1709." The donor
was Sarah, eldest daughter of Henry Clapcott, Esq., who held
lands at Winterborne Abbas. Her memory is recorded in a brass
plate on the wall of the church there, as follows : — " In memory
of the most virtuous and religious Mrs. S. C., who died June 23rd,
1709, aged 60, and was interred by her own sister, Mrs. Barbara
Clapcott." — There is besides a massive pewter Flagon, 1 2in. high,
inscribed " In usum Ecclesias Winterbourn Steepleton, Anno
Dom. 17 19."




Allington. — Chalice, Paten and Flagon. All presented by
members of the family of the Rev. H. Fo.x, the Rector of the
parish, on the consecration of the Church, A.D. 1827. They bear
the hall marks of the same year. They are inscribed with the
names of the donors, and also bear the sacred monogram. — A
second Paten on foot, given by Mrs Dorothy Way in 1734, has
had a new top made for it, bearing the mark of 1827. — The
parish also possesses an old pewter Flagon, inscribed T.B. 1694,
no longer in use.

AsKERSWELL. — Chalice, Paten, Flagon and Alms-dish, inscribed
with the sacred monogram, and bearing the hall marks of 1850.
This service was given to the parish by the Rev. Gregory
Raymond, Rector of Symondsbury, in or about the year 1852,
the whole of the Communion plate having been destroyed when
the Rectory house was burnt in 1850. From entries in the parish
books, it appears that the present plate replaced a service
provided in the year 1825.

BoTHENHAMPTON. — An Elizabethan Chalice and Paten cover,
height 8in. The only mark is the monogram, ^^

The shape is of the usual type, with a knot in -^ ^^
middle of stem. It is of large size and handsomely decorated.
There is a band of rich foliated strap-work covering the greater
part of the bowl, with egg and tongue moulding at the base ; on
the top of paten cover is inscribed 1575. — A Paten with foot,
Sfin. diam. The hall mark date is 1728, the maker's mark
W D under a trefoil slipped, for William Darker. It is inscribed
" Bothenhampton, Donum Johaiiis Sutton, A.M. Vicarij 1730."
The Rev. John Sutton was also Rector of Frome St. Quentin ;
he was instituted to Loders 1692, ob. 1733. He gave a similar

Paten to Loders the same year. — A silver Flagon with cover,
height gin., bearing the hall mark of 1789, and inscribed " The
gift of Mrs. Ann Hardy of Hyde to the Parish of Bothenhampton
Dorset, 1839," together with the sacred monogram.

Bradpole. — An Elizabethan Chalice, height 6|in. It has a
single band of intersecting foliated strap-work, with ornamental
mouldings on stem and base. The hall mark date is the small
black letter It, indicating the year 1570. The maker's mark is
LP., found also at Lydlinch and West Chelborough. — A Paten,
Sin. diam., on foot ; also a Flagon, gin. in height, with flat cover
and broad spreading base, both bearing the hall marks of 1677;
the maker's, a capital W within a square. They are also inscribed
with the sacred monogram. No references are found in the
parish books to any of these pieces. — The plate belonging to
St. Andrew's Chapel consists of a Chalice, 6^in. in height, a
Paten, also a Flagon, iiin. high ; these all bear the hall marks of

Bridport. — The fine Church of St. Mary at Bridport, including
its chantry chapels, was formerly very rich in plate and church
goods. In the Corporation archives are preserved the parti-
culars of that portion belonging to the parish church in 1476.*
It is headed : —

" Thys ys y"^ indenture of y'^ churchys godys.
"This mdenture, made in the church of the Blessed Mary
of Brideport the 21st day of April, in the year of our Lord
MCCCCLXXVi. witnesseth that we, the wardens of the afore-
said church, viz. John Bremell and William Rakerayne, on
the day of the month and year of our Lord above said, for
the bailiffs, John Sterre and John Dunne, by the same have
received all the ornaments and implements belonging to the
saide churche, as follows."
This is succeeded by a long inventory of books, vestments,
plate, &c., including three gilt chalices, and winding up with
" Item, two great candelabra of latyne before the high altar, the
gift of Alice Pewterer." It will be seen on reference to the
Appendix that in 1552 the plate had dwindled down to two
chalices ; of these, the best was taken for the King's use, and the
other left for the parish.

* Hutchins' Dorset. \'ol. ii., page 29.

At the present time the whole of the plate here is modern. It
consists of a Chalice, a Paten, a Flagon, and two Alms-dishes,
all bearing the hall mark of 1827, and inscribed with the sacred
monogram enclosed within rays: also, " Bridport, 1827. The
gift of a few members of the congregation," and on the flagon,
"The gift of the Rev* David Williams Rector of the Parish."
There is also a second chahce of the year 1852.

Burton Bradstocic (with Shipton Gorge). — At Burton
there is an Elizabethan Chalice and Paten Cover, measuring
together Sin. It bears the mark of k^ ,^^ and is of

the usual Dorset type, with egg ^^ "^gs? and tongue

moulding round the base. It has a simple band of interlaced
strap-work, enclosing foliation, engraved round the bowl, and on
the cover is inscribed the date 1573. — Chalice No. 2 ; height,
6;|in. It has a plain, slightly bell-shaped bowl, a short stem with
knot, and a band of embossed foliage round the base. It bears
the Sheffield assay mark for the year 1S14. It is inscribed " The
gift of Admiral Ingram, 1824." — A Salver Paten, with gadroon
ornament on edge and foot, g^in. in diam. It bears the London
date mark of 1692 ; the maker's mark, a cursive capital R. In the
centre is engraved a lozenge containing the sacred monogram,
surrounded with mantling, from which arms may have been
erased. This was also the gift of Admiral Ingram in 1824.

A Flagon with handle and cover, i2in. high, bearing the
Sheffield hall mark, i. D. H. & Co., ii. Lion passant, iii. Crown,
iv. Date letter, old English ^ [1778]. This is a very good
example of a decorative piece in the semi-classical taste which
was introduced by Wedgwood and Adams towards the end of the
last century; it is richly ornamented with foliation and festoons,
the cover being surmounted by an acorn. This was also given by
the same donor as the preceding. Rear-Admiral Ingram married
Sarah, daughter of the Rev. John King, of West Hall, co. Dorset.
He died 1826, set. 71.

Shipton Gorge.* — A Chalice and Cover, of very uncommon
design, differing altogether from any other example found in the

* Properly Gorges. Thomas Gorges, in right of his wife, held lands at
Shipton, temp. Edward I. Sir Thomas Gorges, a descendant, built Longford
Castle, near Salisburj-, about 1591, and died 1610. He lies buried, with his
wife, under a most elaborate tomb in the north aisle of the choir of Salisbuiy


SlIiriiiN (ir.Ki.i {': lull size).

county. Height of cup, 5in., with cover 7^ in. There are no
marks of any kind. As will be seen from the annexed illustra-
tion, the form of the bowl is broad and shallow, the stem has a
triple band in place of a knot, and the base is of convex shape ;
there is a slightly punched narrow ornament, just below and
encircling the bowl, which looks like a vertically reeded moulding.
The decoration is of Elizabethan character, and consists of bands
of strap-work enclosing foHation, but not interlaced. The cover
is somewhat flat, and might be, and probably was, used as a paten.
The whole seems to have been made out of sheet metal, and has
all the appearance of provincial work. The date, apparently,
may be some time at the end of the i6th century.

Chilcombe. — A Chalice, 6iin. high, and Paten with foot, s^in.
diam. The cup is quite plain, with a heavy stern starting from
base of bowl, without knot or moulding. Three makers' marks
only are found on the chalice, and one on the paten ; the letters
I N with a mullet under, all within a heart-shaped shield. This
maker's mark is found in O.E.P., 1662 and 1667. Inside the
hollow stem is inscribed the date 1673, and on the bowl the arms
of Bishop of Chilcomb, Three lozenges each charged ivith an Eagle
displayed, enclosed within the stiff mantling of the period. The
donor might have been Humphrey Bishop, who lived at Chil-
combe in the time of Charles I., and represented the town of
Bridport twice in Parliament ; or perhaps his son John, who died
in his father's lifetime in 16S2, jet. 33, and whose monument, with
similar arms, is found in the church. The Manor of Chilcomb,
belonging to the Priory of Buckland, co. Somerset, was granted
to William Bishop, temp. Henry VHI., for ^260.

LoDERS. — A Chalice, S^-in. high, bearing the year mark of 1818,
and inscribed " Loders 1825." The bowl is cylindrical, on a
short stem with two knots. — A Paten with foot, sfin. diam. The
hall mark date is 1728, and the maker's markW.D. under a trefoil
slipped, for William Darker. It is inscribed " Loder. Donum
Johanis Sutton A M Vicarij 1730." The Rev. John Sutton was
instituted to Loders in 1692, ob. 1733. He gave similar patens
to Bothenhampton and Frome St. Quentin at the same time. —
A Flagon, io|in. high, with gadroon edge, bearing the Exeter
hall mark of 1824 ; on it is inscribed " Loders 1825. " - An Alms-
dish of plated metal 9 J in. diam.

PooRSTocK (with West Milton). — The whole of the plate in
these two parishes is modern, and generally designed from good
medieval examples. At Poorstock there are two silver-gilt Chalices,
8|in. high, bearing the hall mark of 1859, and inscribed " I will
receive the Cup of Salvation &c." One was presented to the
Vicar, Archdeacon Sanctuary, by his clerical friends, the other was
the gift of the late Dr. Pusey. — Two Patens, 7;^in. diam., have
similar hall marks, and are inscribed with the sacred monogram.
A Flagon, i2;^in. high, with the same hall marks, and inscribed
" Glory be to God on high."

West Milton. — A Chalice of similar design and inscription,
bearing the hall mark of 1873, together with its paten, &c., was


subscribed for and presented to the parish at the time of the con-
secration of the new church in 1873.

North Poorton. — A ChaHce, Paten, and Flagon, all of good
medieval design, bearing the hall mark of 1S63, and inscribed
" North Poorton Church Whit Sunday 1864." On the bowl of
the chalice is engraved a cross botone'e, and on the base I.H.S.
On the paten is the Agnus Dei with a legend ; and on the flagon
the beginning of the Gloria in excdsis.

Rampisham (with ^\'RAXALL). — A Chalice of silver-gilt, 8jin. in
height, bearing the Birmingham hall mark of 1847. It is
elaborately designed, and ornamented with carbuncles on the knot
of the stem, with enamels at the base, round the bowl is in-
scribed Calicem salutaris, (5>v. The Paten belonging to it is a
plain disc of silver, 5in. diam., with a slight depression and a
floriated cross engraved beneath.

Wraxall. — A Chalice, or Cup, measuring 4|in. in height, diam.
of bowl 3fin., depth 2iin., diam. of base 3jin. The hall marks

Wraxall (| full size


consist of a maker's mark twice repeated, the letters H.S., with a
pellet above each letter and a mullet of five points below, all
enclosed within a heart-shaped shield ; there is also the lion
passant, and some indication of the leopard's head, but no date
letter. The shape of this cup differs from any other in the county.
The bowl has straight sides slanting a little outwards, the foot is
circular, tapering upwards to the bowl almost to a point. The
decoration of both bowl and base consists of overlapping vertical
bands, alternately plain and granulated. Underneath the bowl is
a ring of punched circles like daisies. It is made throughout with
somewhat thin plate silver, all the ornamentation being worked on
the surface, and without any mouldings. A maker's mark with
the same initials H.S., but with different details, is found in
O.E.P. from 1615 to 1629. This may possibly indicate about the
period of its manufacture. — A Paten, 5in. diam., bearing the Bir-
mingham hall mark of 1844, and inscribed Agiuis Dei qui
tollis, &^c.

Symondsburv (with Evpe and Broadoak). — An Elizabethan
Chalice and Paten cover of the usual type, measuring Sin. and i\
respectively. The mark on both these pieces is ^. rf^^
The cup has a single band of floriated and inter- ^ ^^
laced strap-work round the bowl, and on the cover is inscribed the
date 1575. — Chalice ii. and a Paten, both bearing the sacred
monogram, are inscribed " Presented to the Church by the
Parishioners Jan. 25, 1856 in commemoration of their beloved
Rector the Rev. Gregory Raymond having held the living of
Symondsbury for 50 years." — A Paten with foot, 6.|in. diameter,
bearing the hall mark of 17 19, and inscribed "To the Church of
Symondsbury by Anna Hawkins 1720." The donor was probably
a connection of the Rector, William Hawkins, ob. 1734, or of his
son William, Rector, ob. 1737. — A Flagon, 11 ^in. high, and a
pair of Alms-plates, 8^in. diameter, having the hall marks of 1813.
— There is also an electro-plated service, inscribed " Presented by
the Parishioners as a Thankoffering to Almighty God for having
hitherto escaped the Cattle Plague, Mar. 9, 1866."

At Evpe — A Chalice, Paten and Flagon, of modern design,
bearing the hall marks of 1864, and engraved with the sacred
monogram, inscribed " Presented to St. Peter's Church Symonds-
bury by John Pitfield in memory of the Rev. Gregory Raymond
June 29, 1865."


Toller Porcorcm. — A plain Chalice, yin. high, bearing the
hall mark of 1784, with the maker's mark T H, for Thomas
Heming, and inscribed " The Gift of Mrs. Susanna Browne to
the Parish of Toller Porcorum 1785." The donor was, no doubt,
Susanna, daughter of Robert and Frances Browne, of Frampton ;
she died at Bath in 1790, a;t. 88. Francis John Browne, Esq.,
presented to the living of Toller Porcorum in 1784. His prede-
cessor, George Browne, of Frampton, founded a school here in
1772 ; he also built the church at Toller Fratrum. — A Paten, 6in.
diameter, having the hall mark of 1778, with maker's mark, the
letters W T, and inscribed " Parish of Toller Porcorum, E.
Sheppard Vicar 1789." — A Flagon, 8in. high, bearing the hall
mark of 1769, and the maker's mark J B.

Walditch. — An Elizabethan Chalice with Paten cover, height
of cup 6^in. It bears the usual four hall marks, a small black
letter n, indicating the year 1570. The maker's mark is a very
uncommon one, it is a combination of the capital letters T and E
with a half circle on the dexter side of the down stroke, enclosed
within a shaped shield. A similar mark is found on a chalice of
the same date at Tarrant Keynstone. The form is slightly more
bell-shaped than usual ; the ornamentation also varies a little ;
there is a single band of knotted foliated strap-work round the
bowl, as well as a plain band of strap-work at top and bottom of
bowl; this has projecting tongues at intervals. — A Paten, 6in. diam.,
bearing the hall-marks of 1843 ; it is inscribed with the sacred
monogram, also "Walditch Church 1843."

WiTHERSTONE. — There is no Church here, nor has there been
one for the last two or three centuries ; only a farmhouse exists,
consequently there is no church plate.




Bettiscombe. — A Chalice, Paten, and Flagon, of good modern
design, all bearing the hall marks of 1 86 1-2, and inscribed
" Bettiscombe Church 28th Oct. 1862." The following entries
are from the Vestry Minute Book : " Sep. 4, 1862, At a meeting
held leave was given to the Rector to sell the old Communion
Plate or give it in part exchange for a new set," and again 28th
Oct. 1862, The Church was consecrated this day, amongst a list
of presentations of Church furniture, "A Flagon, J. T. Bullen Esqr."

Catherston Lewiston. — A Chalice, Sin. high, of bell-shaped
form with baluster stem, it carries the hall mark of 181 3, aiid is
inscribed with the sacred monogram. A Paten, which has ap-
parently been remade, as it still bears the indistinct hall mark of

Chardstock. — An elaborately ornamented Chalice and Paten,
given to St. Andrew's, partly in exchange for the old chalice, about
1873. They are apparently of silver-gilt, but the hall marks are
not English.

Chardstock All Saints. — A handsome silver-gilt Chalice and
Paten, bearing the hall marks of 1839. These were the gift of the
founders and builders of the Church in 1840, Arthur and Fanny
Dyke Acland, who subsequently took the name of Troyte. — A
Flagon, having the hall mark of 1850, inscribed "I.H.S. All
Saints, Chardstock, 1851."

Charmouth. —An Elizabethan Chalice, 7in. high. The only
mark found is ^^^ The shape corresponds exactly with

other Dorset '^ ^^^ examples of about 1574. There is

a rich band of floriated and intersecting strap-work covering the
greater part of the bowl, and egg and tongue moulding round the


foot. This chalice is no longer in use. — A pair of Chalices, 6^in.
in height, bearing the hall mark of 1787, and the maker's mark,
H B for Hester Bateman. — A Paten with foot, 6 J in. diam., of the
Britannia Standard 17 16-7, maker's mark S P with two pellets
above and a bird below, the mark of William Spackman. It is
inscribed, Deo et Ecdesica Sacrum, within which is the coat of
arms of Ellesdon, On a chevron three fleurs de lys between three cross
crosskts. Crest, A globe or sphere surmounted by a smaller one.
There is a tablet in the Church recording the re-edifying, &c., of
the Church by Anthony Ellesden in 1732, on which are similar
arms. In another part of the church is a mural monument
recording the death of "Antonius Ellesdon, Armiger, hujus
ecclesice patronus," on 13th November, 1737, ast. 79, and men-
tioning him as the last male survivor of the family of Ellesden.
He was, no doubt, a descendant of the same family as that of
Captain William Ellesden, of Lyme Regis, who endeavoured to
assist King Charles II. in his abortive attempt to escape to the
French coast from Charmouth in September, 1651. — An Alms-
dish, hall marked 1834, inscribed, " Charmouth Church. Given
by Mrs. Stuart, 25th Deer., 1S55." ^ Q1 RQOS

Chideock. — A pair of Chalices, Sin. in height, of medieval
design, bearing the hall mark of 1848, with the sacred monogram
engraved on base. — A Paten, 6|in. diam., I.H.C. in centre, and
inscribed at the back " St. Giles Chideock A.D. 1848."

Hawkchurch. — A Chalice, with a cross botone'e engraved on
the bowl, and | |^ S on foot, bearing the hall mark of 1870, but
" remodelled " at that time from an earlier one, which bore the
following inscription, " By the Rev"* W. Domett, Viscountess
Bridport, Adm'. Sir W. Domett g.c.b. T. Burns Esqr. 1825." —
Two Patens, hall-marked 1825, and having the same inscription as
on the earlier chalice.

Lyme Regis. — Chalices i. and ii. are 7f in. in height ; they bear
the hall marks of 1624, the maker's being D G with an anchor
between. The shape varies but little from the Elizabethan type.
On one is inscribed "The substance of this cupp in an other
forme was given by Andrew Cogan of London marchant to the
Church of Lyme Regis an" 1630." There was a William Cogan,
Mayor of Lyme Regis in 1670. — Chalice No. iii., height io|in..


diam. at top sfin., depth of bowl 6hn. This is of the Britannia
standard of 1708. The maker's mark is the black letters ftO, for
Seth Lofthouse. This enormous cup is quite plain ; the elongated
bell-shaped bowl rests on a short stout stem. It is no longer in
use, and bears the following inscription, " Given by Cap'. Joseph
Tayler to y'' Parish Church of Lyme Regis in y^ County of
Dorsett." He also gave a Paten, on foot, 6fin. diam., with
similar hall marks and inscription. — Paten on foot, loin. diam.
It bears the maker's mark only, the letters R S with a mullet
above and below, within a plain shield ; this mark is found in
O.E.P. in 1651. Inscribed "This peece was given by Robert
Jones of Lyme gen', to the Church of Lyme Regis Anno 1664."
A Robert Jones was Mayor of Lyme Regis in 1683. — A silver
Flagon, i2in. in height. It has decorative bands round the
bowl, and is surmounted by a cross. It was given to St.
Michael's Parish Church by Edward Peek, Clerk in Holy Orders,
Christmas, 1881.

MoNKTON WvLD. — A richly-decorated Chalice with Paten, of
modern design, bearing the Birmingham hall mark of 1850.
These were given by Mrs. Hodson, who built the Church, which
was consecrated at that time.

PiLLESDON. — A Chalice, yin. high, plain bell-shaped bowl with
baluster stem, and a Paten, hall marked 1829, inscribed I. H. S.
— A Flagon, yin. high, of the year 1S53. — An Alms-dish, inscribed
"The gift of Henry Fo.x, Rector of Pilsden, 1834." — A small
two-handled fluted Porringer, with the hall mark of 1742, was
formerly used as a Communion cup in this parish until (it is
supposed, at the presentation of a new service of Communion
plate about the year 1834) it passed into the possession of Mr.
Robert Hussey, of Pillesdon, who was churchwarden at that

Thorncomb. — An Elizabethan Chalice and Paten Cover,
bearing the year mark of 1571, a small black letter 0. The
maker's mark seems to be a vulture's head erased, without any
shield. It is of the ordinary type, with a single band of inter-
secting foliated strap-work round the bowl, and on the cover is
inscribed 1571. — Paten, with foot, 7 fin. diam., bearing the year
mark 1725, and inscribed " Thos. Cook, Vic. d.d., 1729." The


Rev. Thomns Cook, in 1734, gave to this parish a mansion
known as the School House, now rebuilt, for the use of a school-
master, who should teach six poor children ; he died 1747, set. 80.
— A Flagon, ii|in. high; the date mark is 17 18; the maker's
mark is that of Bowles Nash, B N over a fleur de lys, within a

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