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heart-shaped shield. It bears the following inscription : — "Ad
sanctissimam Christi Salvatoris Institutionem in Coena Domini
obeundam & Sacrificii magni unice accepti commemorationem
magis decore celebrandam Altari Thorncombrusi Elizabetha Filia
Gulielmi Bragge Armigeri de Sadborow pie hoc Oenophorum
legavit. MDCCxix." On the reverse side is engraved a lozenge,
with the arms of the Bragge family, A chevron betiveen three bulls
passant. Mrs. Elizabeth Bragge, in 1719, gave a rent charge of
50s. per ann. to the school here. The manor of Thorncombe
was purchased of the Crown in the reign of Queen Elizabeth, by
Mathew Bragge, Esq., of Burstock.

Wambrook. — A silver Chalice and Cover, height Sin. This cup
retains a good deal of the Elizabethan character. On the exterior
of the cover is inscribed " The Challis of Wambrook, Wardens
H.S. — B.H.," and on the inside, "Given to this Challis by m*^
Cristouer Maricker pastor of Wambrook the some of xxxv' 162 1."
Christopher Marraker was instituted to the rectory in 1591 in
succession to John Marraker, who was appointed 1555. He was
succeeded in the living by the learned and persecuted Gamaliel
Chase. — A Paten, Sin. diam., presented to the Church of Wam-
brook in 1825.

Whitchurch Canonicorum (with Marshwood and Stanton
St. Gabriel). — A large Elizabethan Chalice with Paten cover ;
the cup measures 7 fin. in height. It bears the hall marks for
the year 1570, the maker's being the capital letters H B com-
bined, within a square, varying somewhat from that in O.E.P. for
1572. The form is of the usual Elizabethan type ; it has a band
of foliated strap-work engraved round the bowl, and a single band
of strap-work round the lip with pendant foliation. — Chalice No.
2, 7in. in height. It has a cover with a rather long stem ; this
may be used as a paten. The form of the bowl is cylindrical,
tapering outwards slightly at the lip ; it stands on a baluster stem.
The hall marks are for the year 1662, and the maker's I N with a
mullet under, enclosed within a heart-shaped shield. There is


elaborate foliation engraved on the bowl, enclosing the date.
" 1 678," and "N. S. — P. T. Churchwardens of Whitchurch Canoni-
coruni." There is a tradition that this handsome cup was the
gift of one Pitfield, whose descendants still live in the parish. — A
Paten, measuring 5in. diam., standing on spreading foot of ain.
diam. at base, height of the whole, 2Jin. There is a depression
in the centre within the rim. The decoration, as will be seen in
the illustration, consists of a pattern formed by a series of punches.

Paten. Whitchurch Canonicori-m (J size).

No marks of any kind are found on this interesting paten ; it is
somewhat roughly hammered out of plate silver of some thickness,
and was most probably of home manufacture. There are no
means of arriving at the probable date of this curious piece
beyond its shape and style of ornamentation. It might have been
made some time in the 17th century. — Two Flagons of ordinary


tankard shape, measuring respectively i2in. and iiin. in height.
On the first is inscribed "Whitchurch Canonicorum 1825." They
both bear the hall-mark date year of 1825, and have the sacred
monogram engraved within a rayed circle.

Paten. Whitchurch C.v.NoNKOur.M (J sire).

St.\nton St. Gabriel. — Chalice, height 7§in., of good modern
design, with the hall mark of 1876. — Paten, a plain disc, 4; diam.,
inscribed " Chapel of Staunton St. Gabriel Dorset 1841." —
Another, on foot, inscribed with sacred monogram, 6in. diam., of
1866. — An Alms-dish, 8^in. diam., with same inscription as on
Paten and date 1841.

Marshwood. — A Chalice with cover, two Patens, a Flagon,
and an Alms-dish. All presented by the Hon. and Rev. William
Towry Law, late Vicar of Whitchurch. The Church of St. Mary,
at Marshwood, was consecrated in 1841. The chalice is loin. in
height, with a considerable amount of embossed ornament ; on
the bowl is inscribed the sacred monogram and " Drink ye all of
it." It has, besides, a tall cover of elaborate design ; the Lamb of
the Apocalypse is seen at the foot of a Cross, with kneeling


figures on either side. This cup has no hall marks, and is alto-
gether of unusual design ; all the remaining pieces have the year
mark of 1840. The Flagon is of elegant secular shape, and is
ornamented with rich foliation.

WoTTOM FxTZPAiNE. — An Elizabethan Chalice, with a Paten
cover of rather later date, the cup measures 7jin. in height, the
cover 2in. There are no regular hall marks, but on the lip of the
bowl is engraved the date 1570. Between these figures is found

WOTTON FiTZPAINE (half size).


a merchant's mark ; from the base of this monogram springs the
usual up-stroke, terminating in a cross, and intersecting the letter
G. It is not easy to appropriate the initial letters found on these
merchants' marks. The cup might have been given by some
resident trader in the neighbouring town of Lyme Regis ; several
members of the Garland family were Mayors of that place
between 1549 and 1569. It is not altogether impossible that it
was the maker's mark of the chalice, for some few marks of the
earlier goldsmiths resemble those so well known as merchants'
marks, or the masons' marks on ancient buildings. As will be
seen from the illustration, the bowl of this cup varies somewhat
from the ordinary Elizabethan examples ; it partakes more of the
form of an inverted cone. The stem corresponds nearly with
the Gillingham type, and it might have been made by the same
provincial hand. On the handle of the cover, and engraved in
the centre of a six-petalled rose, is the date 1577. Round the
paten is a band of an open twisted cable pattern, a design not
often found at this period. — Two Patens, 6in. diam., and a
Flagon iiin. in height, of the Britannia standard of 1706; the
maker's mark on the patens is the letter G enclosing an a for
Francis Garthorne. — An Alms-dish loin. diam., the date mark
apparently for 1766, with the maker's I. R. All these four pieces
are inscribed with the sacred monogram, and " The Gift of Mrs.
B. Rose Drewe for the Altar of the Parish Church of Wotton
Fitzpaine. 1825." On the flagon is a coat of arras. Quarterly,
1 and 4 Ermine, a lion passant gnardant (for Drewe) ; 2 and 3
On a pale three fleurs-de-lys, impaling a chevron engrailed between
three mullets. Similar arms appear on a mural monument in the
Church to the memory of Thomas Rose Drewe, of Wotton
House, Esq., and Betty Rose Drewe, his widow, the donor of
the plate. She died in 1846, aet. 88. Thomas Rose Drewe was
second son of Francis Drewe, of Grange, co. Devon, who had
married Mary, heiress of Thomas Rose, of Wotton Fitzpaine,
Sheriff of the County of Dorset, ist George I. Beneath the
alms dish is a coat of arms partly erased, . . . three mullets . . .
impaling A lion rampant upon a field semee of acorns (? for




Be.A-Minster (with Trinity Chapel). — Chalice No. i, height
loin., of plain design, on slender baluster stem, bearing the hall
mark, apparently, of 1706, the maker's a AV under some indistinct
object. — Chalice No. 2, height 6jin., of similar plain shape, with
a band of key ornament round the bowl, hall-marked 1797, the
maker's mark R". — Two salver Patens, 6^in. diam., with orna-
mental borders, hall-marked 1 749, the maker's mark W. P. for
William Peaston. — Two massive Flagons, i2in. in height, bearing
the hall marks of 1 749, and inscribed, together with the patens,
" I.H.S. The Gift of George Strode Esq'' of Parnham Dorset to
y"* Parish Church of Beaminster 1749." The donor died 1753, tet.
73. The ancient family of Strode, of Parnham, was settled in
Dorset, it is said, as early as the time of the Conquest. In the
last century the estate passed by marriage into the family of the
Oglanders, by whom it is still held. — A silver Alms-dish, iiin.
diam., bearing hall mark of 1877, is inscribed "To the glory of
God, St. Mary's Beaminster 18S4. The gift of Samuel Seymer
Cox and Mary his wife."

At Trinity Ch.vpel are a parcel-gilt Chalice and Paten of
unusual design ; the bowl of the cup has representations of the
Apostles in niches ; around the stem is entwined a serpent. The
cup presented by Virtue, wife of Sam. Cox, Esq., and the paten,
with similar ornamentation, by Mrs. Edward Fox, at the time of
the Consecration of the Chapel in June, 1S51.

Bro.^dwindsor (with Bl.\ckdo\vn and Drimpton). —

At Broadwindsor, a Chalice, Paten, Flagon and Alms-dish, all

of good modern design, bearing the hall marks of 1868.
At Blackdown, a set of electro-plated vessels, consisting of

Chalice, Paten and Flagon.


At Drimpton, a Chalice given by S. C. Malan, Vicar of Broad-
windsor, 1867. — A Paten given by R. C. Trench, Archbishop of
Dublin, 1867, and a Flagon given by W. K. Hamilton, Bishop of
Salisbury, 1867.

BuRSTOCK. — An Elizabethan Chalice. Height 6|in. It bears
the usual four hall marks, the date being 157 1, and the maker's
mark H W with a pellet above and below enclosed within a
quatrefoil. Round the bowl is engraved a belt of foliated and
intersecting strap-work. The design corresponds exactly with
many others in the county of the same date and by the same
maker. — A Flagon, lain. high, of the Britannia standard, date
year 17 19, and maker's mark Ma over a mullet, that of Thomas

Cheddington. — Chalice, Paten, Flagon, and Alms-dish, in-
scribed with the sacred monogram, apparently made early in the
present century. Returned as "plated."

East Chelborough.— Chalice, Paten, Flagon, and Alms-dish,
all of modern design and late date. The silver flagon was given by
Mrs. C. F. Hildyard, 1874.

West Chelborough. — An Elizabethan Chalice, height s^in. It
has the usual four hall marks, the date being 1573 ; the maker's
mark is I P within a shaped shield, found also at Bradpole and
Lydlinch. There are two bands of foliated intersecting strap-
work round the bowl. The design of the cup is of the ordinary
type, but the size is smaller than usual. — A flat Paten, sfin. diam.,
of the Britannia standard, date mark 1720, maker's mark S A,
within an oblong, with circle above and below. It is inscribed,
" Ex dona' Alexander Wellman 1720." The family of Wellman
formerly held lands in this parish : one Alexander Wellman left a
small sum to the poor in 1680.

CoRSCOMB. — A Chalice, Paten, and Flagon, of plain design,
bearing hall marks of 1825 — 1850.

Halstock. — A Chalice, with the " Crucifixion " engraved on
the base, and a Paten bearing the sacred monogram, designed
after good medieval examples. These were supplied under the
auspices of the Cambridge Camden Society, at the cost of the


present Rector, in 1845. At the same time, some 25s. or 30s.
were allowed for the old Elizabethan cup, with the date engraved
on the paten cover, which had become somewhat worn and

HooKE. — An Elizabethan Chalice with Paten cover. The
cup is 6|in. in height, the sole mark found on both pieces, is
,Nf ^^^ ^"^ '^^ cover is engraved the date, 1574. The

'^ ^^0 shape is of the usual Elizabethan type, with a

band of interlaced foliation round the bowl, and ornamental
moulding encircling the base. — A Paten, g'm. diam., given by the
Rev. Surges Lambert, 1827. — A Flagon, 8in. high. The form is
of the domestic tankard shape prevalent in the last century. It
bears, apparently, three maker's marks, but these are not

Mapperton. — A Chalice, 7 gin. in height. The marks indicate
the year 1675 ; the maker's is T L, with a pellet in base, all
within a shield. This cup is quite plain, with bell-shaped bowl,
and spreading stem without a knot. — A Paten, with foot, which
might have been the original cover of the cup, having the same
hall marks. It is, however, inscribed "The gift of Ri Brodrepp
to y"^ Church of Maperton 1674." The family of Brodrepp is
an ancient one, and held lands in this parish for several gene-
rations. The donor was buried here in 1706. The old church
seems to have been close to his mansion, and tradition says that
he took away the bells from the tower because they disturbed
him. — A shallow bowl-shaped vessel, 4fin. in diam., ijin. in
height, with broad open work handle 2|in. in length. It is of the
Britannia standard of 1710; the maker's mark, apparently, B A.
It has marked on the handle the initials E.B., and inscribed
"The gift of Mrs. Fo.x to the church of Mapperton, 1814." Given
to the church, probably, to collect alms at the offertory, but made
for quite another purpose ; it is one of the small flat basins^
having a broad perforated handle, used early in the last century,
when it was thought desirable to " let blood" at certain intervals.
Sets of these vessels, in graduated sizes, are not infrequently found
in the plate chests of the county families. As far as the shape
goes, it is not ill adapted for collecting alms in a small parish.
Another example, given and used for a similar purpose, is found
in the Wilts portion of the diocese.


Melplash. — The Church here was built in 1846, and the
Plate given at that lime. There are two Chalices of silver gilt.
The first seems to be a copy of one more ancient ; they neither
bear any regular hall marks. — Paten No. i, 9|in. diam. ; hall
marked with a capital K, and with what seems to be the figure of
Britannia. — Paten No. 2, s^in. diam., without hall marks, a Latin
cross traced underneath. — A Ilagon, iiin. in height, of the con-
ventional tankard shape, bearing the hall mark for 1801.

Netherburv. — An Elizabethan Chalice, y^in. in height. The
hall mark indicates the year 1576 ; the maker's mark is, apparently,
a helmet within a shaped shield ; the design is of the usual type,
with a single band of foliated strap-work round the bowl, and
moulding at rim of base. — A Paten, Sin. diam., without foot ; it is
inscribed " E dono Martha; Gollop de Strode vid. p pane Dorn.
Ano Dili 1664." The GoUops of Strode were descended from
John Gollop, of North Bowood, and Temple, co. Dorset, living
temp. Henry VIII. ; they have held lands at Strode since the
time of Queen Elizabeth. — Another Paten, 8|in. diam. — A massive
Flagon, i3|in. in height, of tankard shape, with domed cover
and broad spreading foot, hall marks of 1751, the makers' mark
Gurney and Co., inscribed " Given to the Churchwardens and the
Parishioners of Netherbury in Dorset in 1751." — An Alms-dish
9fin. diam., bearing the hall marks of 1772, and the maker's, the
initials of Parker and Wakelin.

At Solway Ash the modern plate consists of a Chalice, parcel-
gilt, 6in. in height, a Paten, 6in. diam., inscribed " The money
offered at Churchmg of women during the Vicariate of H. W. Y.
purchased this Paten for the Service of God."

South Perrott* (with Mosterton). — Chalice and Paten
cover; height 7in. without cover ; the hall mark is for 1604; the
maker's mark is an unusual one ; it is apparently a man carrying a
balancing pole. The design is entirely Elizabethan ; it has the

* A curious instance of the discovery of ancient plate occurred in the parish
of South Perrott in the year 1850. A set of twelve silver spoons, witli plain
quadrangular stems cut off obliquely at the ends, were found tied up in some
fragrnents of linen by some labourers whilst draining in the village. Upon a
thirteenth spoon, which was broken, was a Gothic letter ffi. This letter
might indicate the year mark of one of the cycles of the l6th century, or they
might possibly be still older. There is an entry in the Teslamenta Eboi-acetisia
under the date 1463, " xii coclearia argenti operis Paris de una secta signata
cum litera 3§." And again in l^oo, " xii coclearia slipped in lez stalkes."
And in 1580 "dosen spones, theis spones being sleppe endyd." Or, again, it


usual band of foliated intersecting strap-work round the bowl. It
is inscribed, " Given to this Church by Alice Browne widow."
There are no particulars known of this cup, nor is it recorded
who "Alice Browne" was, or when she gave it to the Church.
At Wimborne Minster " Alice Browne, widow," by her will, con-
tributed towards the purchase of a chalice there in 1637. There
is also a plated Paten, and a Flagon i2]in. high, given in 1845.

McsrERTjN (Inlf '-ize)

might be the mark of some member of the Gibbes family, who were lessees of
the Manor House for several generations. It appears that on Sept. 30, 1644,
King Charles I. lodged here in his march from the West ; the dinner was in the
field. This Royal visit is noted in Symonds's Diary : — " Munday 1° Octobris —
The King left Chard and kepte the roade, dyned at the Lord Paulet's, and went
that night to South Porret, the first parish in Dorsetshire, leaving Crewkerne
two niyles short of it, a little on the left hand. The King lay this night at
Mr. Gibbs his house, the manor of South Barret, com. Dorset. The troope
that night 6 myles off at Overshott." These spoons were in possession of
W. Maskell, Esq.


MosTERTON. — A Chalice and Paten cover of very unusual
design, as will be seen by the annexed illustration. Height of
cup, 5|in., with cover 7|in. ; diam. of bowl 3|in., of base 3|in.
There are no marks of any kind, round the bowl is engraved
" Thomas Sandford of Mosterton, Church VVorden. Anno
Domini 17 14." This name is found in the parish registers of
about this time, and was a common one in the parish. The
ornamentation consists of spiral fluting round the base of bowl,
and double circles of gadroon moulding round the foot and
cover. Although no hall marks are found, there can be little
doubt that the date of this interesting cup is of about the period
of the inscription.

Stoke Abbas. — A Chalice, y^in. in height, with plain cylin-
drical bowl and spreading base, and a Paten of plate-shape,
6:|in. diam., apparently belonging to it. The cup is inscribed
" William Crabb, Thomas Gudge, of Stoke Abb ; Churchwardens
1670." These pieces were probably made about this time. — A
Chalice, Paten, and Flagon of silver-gilt, of good medieval
design, inscribed underneath, " In usum Ecclesiffi B.M.V. de
Stoke Abbott d.d. Gulielmus E. C. Austin Gourlay, Rector,

Toller Whelme. — A Chalice, 6|in. in height. It is quite
plain, and rests on a baluster stem, apparently of the early part of
the present century. — A Paten, 7in. diam., bearing the hall mark of
1865, inscribed "Agnus Dei qui tollis 6-r.," presented by members
of the Corscomb Friendly Society, 1868." — A Flagon, 9jin. in
height, of modern design.



Bradford Peverell. — Two Chalices, a Paten, and a Flagon,
inscribed with the sacred monogram. The date of this set, with
an account of what became of the older plate, is set forth in the
following extract from the parish register, dated Dec. 20, 1813.
It appears that the old plate consisted of " One silver cup and
cover, one silver salver, also two pewter plates." It then goes on
to say that " The above silver cup and cover and silver salver
being only a small common waiter, the cup also too small for the
sacred purpose and exceedingly old, were disposed of towards the
purchase of the following articles presented to the Parish Church
of Bradford Peverell by Robert Pattison Esqr. i Large Flagon,
I Large Salver, 2 Chalices. Middleton Onslow, Rector." — A
Chalice, Paten, and Flagon, a thank-offering to the Church,
bearing the sacred monogram, and inscribed " D. D. Hastings B.
Middleton A.S. 1885." The two pewter plates mentioned above,
no longer in use, are inscribed " In usum Ecclesiae Bradford
Peverel 1707 " and " 1713."

Broadmayne (with West Knighton). — A plated service, con-
sisting of ChaUce, Paten, and Flagon, all inscribed with the sacred

West Knighton. — An Elizabethan Chalice and Paten cover,
bearing the usual four hall marks, the date year being 1572.
Maker's mark H W, with a pellet above and below, all within a
quatrefoil. On the cover is inscribed the date 1573. The bowl
of the cup is ornamented with a single band of intersecting
foliated strap-work ; on the base is the egg and tongue moulding.
— Paten, inscribed with the sacred monogram, and " Parish of
West Knighton A.D. 1850." — A Flagon, i2in. in height, presented
by Dr. Francis Bisset Hawkins,


Charminster (with Stratton). — An Elizabethan Chahce,
6|in. in height, with hall marks of 1570 ; the maker's mark is an
orb surmounted by a cross. On the bowl is engraved a band of
interlaced foliated strap-work, with vertically-reeded moulding
round the base of bowl and foot ; also egg and tongue moulding
on the outer rim. There is a cover of later date, formed of a flat
plate of silver, with a button handle. — A Paten, 4jin. diam.,
inscribed " Robert Devenish Esqr. and Martha his wife to the
parish of Charminster. Sep. 29, 1836." — Flagon, i2^in. in
height, inscribed " Glory to God on High. Presented to St.
Mary's Church, Charminster, Easter, 1880, by Miss and Miss M.

Stratton. — An Elizabethan Chalice, 7 in. in height, bearing
the provincial mark ►, 1^^ The shape is of the usual

type, with a band of ^ ^^^ floriated strap-work round

the bowl. — A Paten, gin. diam., resting on foot.

CoMPTON Valence. — A Chalice and Paten of modern date
and design ; also a smaller cup, quite plain, bearing the hall mark
of 1730. — Another Paten, no longer used, bearing the Dublin
hall mark of H.C., with a crowned harp and the figure of
Hibernia, but no date letter.

Dorchester All Saints. — Two Chalices, Sin. in height, of
medieval design, and bearing the hall marks of 1844. — Two
Patens, 6|in. diam., of the same date, inscribed with the sacred
monogram and the Agnus Dei. — The Flagon is of plated metal.

Dorchester St. Peter. — There are two Chalices of Eliza-
bethan type here ; the stems and bases are of the original work,
but the bowls are a later addition. The largest measures 8|in. in
height; the hall mark, without much doubt, is for 1638; the
maker's mark a capital T. The stem and base are of Elizabethan
character, with a characteristic moulding and surface ornament of
intermittent lines. The form of the bowl is bell-shaped, some
part of which, including the belt decoration, has apparently been
renewed. There is a cover to this cup, having a maker's mark
only, I.B. — The second Chahce measures 75in. in height. The
maker's mark only is found, the letters N.W. with a mullet below.
This mark is given, in O.E.P. with the date 1646. The bowl has


straight sides with a band of engraved foliated and intersecting
strap-work, similar to the earlier Elizabethan examples ; the base
has the egg and tongue moulding. This cup, too, has a cover,
bearing a maker's mark D.A., and on the button handle is
engraved a shield with the Pitt arms, the same as is found on a
larger scale on the paten below, and from the freshness of the
engraving it has all the appearance of having been copied from it
at a later period. — A Paten on foot, i ifin. diam., bearing the hall
mark of the year 1684. The maker's mark a cursive T C com-
bined, within a shaped shield, as is found in O.E.P. for 1684. In
the centre is engraved " Not from superfluity of Estate, But for to
Honnour the Lords own Feast. # 1686 # ." To this is added a
shield with the arms of Pitt, A fcss chequey between three bezants,
with a ?nulkt for difference, impaling a cross flory, with crescetif for
difference. The donor, no doubt, was Thomas Pitt, second son of
Thomas Pitt, Esq., of Blandford. He was Mayor of Dorchester
in 1684, and died 1687. — Two Patens, gin. diam., bearing the hall
marks of 1805, and inscribed " Given by Henry Jacob for the use
of the Church of St. Peter." — A Flagon, ijin. in height, "Given
by Benjamin Jacob in 1842, in testimony of sincere and devoted
attachment to the Established Church."

Dorchester, Holy Trinity. — Two Chalices of Elizabethan
type, without covers, measuring 7in. in height. They bear the
usual four hall marks, the date letter being 1627, the maker's mark
P B with a crescent above and below. They each have a band of
interlaced and foliated strap-work round the bowl, as on the earlier
cups of this character, as well as horizontal intermittent lines
engraved round the knots. From the Churchwardens' accounts
of this parish we learn the cost of these two chalices. Under the
year 1627 is the following entry : " Two cups for the communion
bought this year ;^5 14s. lod. exclusive of the old ones." A
previous memorandum of the year 1 6 1 6, in an account of what

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