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The church plate of the county of Dorset. With extracts from the returns of church goods by the Dorset commissioners of Edward VI. 1552 online

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Online LibraryJames Edward NightingaleThe church plate of the county of Dorset. With extracts from the returns of church goods by the Dorset commissioners of Edward VI. 1552 → online text (page 5 of 19)
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was delivered to the new churchwardens, says, " One communion
cup of silver ; one surplice, one green carpet for the Communion
table, one Bible, one Book of Common Prayer." In the following
year — 1628 — is found " a bason for the Communion cost 3s. id."
(? pewter). — A Paten, 6in. diam., on foot, hall-marked 1853. — A
Flagon of the usual heavy tankard shape, i2in. in height, bearing
the date mark of 1718, and inscribed "In usum Ecclesite S.S.
Trinitatis Dorcestis. D.D.D. Guil. Leigh S.T.P. Pastor Indignus


1738." The Rev. William Leigh, D.D., was instituted to the
Rectory in 1707. He was also Rector of Lytchett llatravers.
He died 1752. — An Alms-dish, i2in. diam., given by the Rector
and Churchwardens in 1825. Also two others, gin. diam., given
by a Parishioner in 1853.

FoRDiNGTON. — A Chalice, 8in. in height; a Paten, 7in. diam. ;
another, 45in. diam. ; also a Flagon, 8in. in height. These silver
pieces have lately been added to the Church in addition to a
plated set formerly in use.

FoRDiNGTON, West. — A Chalice, g^in. in height, inscribed
" For the service of Allmighty God in Christ Church W.
Fordington, A.D. 1846." A Paten, Alms-dish, and Flagon, all
similarly inscribed, together with the sacred monogram, and
bearing the hall marks of 1843.

Fraiipton. — An Elizabethan Chalice, No. i, 7|in. in height,
of the ordinary type, with a single band of floriated ornament en-
graved round the bowl. It bears the date mark of 1578; the
makers mark is T T with three pellets below, all enclosed within
a shaped shield. This maker's mark, not found in O.E.P., is
probably that of Thomas Turpyn. In the Churchwardens' accounts
of Leverton, co. Lincolm, for 1570, is the following entry, a pay-
ment " to tJiomas Turpyn the gold smythe for facyonenge of the
Comminiyon cupp iveynge xij ounces, xs — Itm he putt to the same
Cupp a qter &= a half of an ounce of his own sylver ijs." This
charge, no doubt, was for transforming the Leverton "massing
chalice " into " a decent communion cup." This vessel still
exists, and is in use. — An Elizabethan Chalice, No. 2, measures
6|in. in height. This cup has straight sides, and is without
decoration ; it bears the usual four hall marks, the date letter being
for 1 59 1. The maker's mark is some undecipherable object,
somewhat like a stringed hunting-horn, within an oval of Elizabethan
scroll work. — Chalice, No. 3. Given in memory of E. M. C.
Thynne in 1876. — Two Patens, 5jin. diam., hall-marked 1786,
inscribed with the sacred monogram. — A massive Flagon, i3|in.
in height, the hall mark for 1720 with the Lion passant and
the Leopard's head, the maker's I S under a mullet for James
Smith, inscribed " To the Pious memory of Mrs. Elizabeth Browne
E 2

who Departed this hfe y= 14th April, 1721. This Plate was given
by her very sorrowful Mother." — In front of the flagon are the
armorial bearings of the Brownes, of Frampton, On a chevron
between three herons, as many escallops. This Elizabeth was
daughter of Robert Browne, Esq., of Frampton, bap. 1693, buried
1 72 1 at St. Clement's Danes, London.

Frome Vauchurch. — An Elizabethan Chalice, with Paten
cover, measuring yin. and i|in. respectively. The only mark
found is ^ i^^ On the cover is inscribed the date 11; 74.

The band ^^ '^gs? of intersectmg foliated strap-work, cover-

ing the greater part of the bowl, is more ornate, and varies some-
what from the usual conventional design, by the introduction of
quatrefoils and stiff foliation.— A Paten, bearing the Agnus Dei,
and a Flagon, both carry the year marks of i860.

MoRETON. — A Chalice, two Patens, two Flagons, and Alms-dish,
all inscribed "St. Nicholas Church, Moreton, 1855," and bearing
legends. The whole given by the present Rector, the Rev. W. C.

Stafford. — A plain Chalice, with straight sides and good
baluster stem, 6|in. in height, bearing the hall mark of 1638 ;
the maker's mark undecipherable. — A Paten with foot, 8|in.
diam., and a Flagon, loyin. in height, of the Britannia standard,
bearing the year mark of 17 18, and the maker's mark L E,
with pellets above and below, for Samuel Lee. Both are in-
scribed, " The Gift of George White and Mary his Wife to the
use of the Communion Table of y*^ Parish Church of West
Stafford in y^ County of Dorset. Ann. Dom. 17 18." George
White, Esq., was patron of this living; he died 1749. — An
Alms-dish, loin. diam., having the year mark of 1760, and the
maker's mark I S, with a mullet below, within a shaped shield.
It is inscribed, " The Gift of Mrs. Ann Gould to the Church
of Stafford, Nov. 16, 1760." together with a shield, having stiff
foliated mantling, and bearing the arms of Gould, Per sattire a
lion rampant counter-changed, impaling a chevron between three
eagles displayed, on a chief a seeded rose between two flcurs-de-lys.
The donor of this, Mrs. Ann Gould, of Upwey, died unmarried
in 1761.


Toller Fratrum (with Wynford Eagle). — A Chalice, two
Patens and a Flagon, inscribed " This Communion Service was
given by Lord Wynford, on the 25th Dec. 1873 to the Parish of
Toller Fratrum."

Wynford Eagle. — A similar service, inscribed "Given by Lord
Wynford for the use of St. Lawrence' Chapel, 187 1."

Whitcomb. — An Elizabethan Chalice and Paten cover, having
four usual hall marks, the date being 1572, and the maker's mark
H W, with a pellet above and below, all enclosed within a quatre-
foil. On the cover is inscribed " 1573." There is a single
intersecting band of foliated strap-work round the bowl, and the
egg and tongue moulding round the base.— A Paten with foot,
7in. diam., bearing the year mark 1738, and the maker's mark
D W, within an oblong square, for David Willaume. It is
inscribed, " The Gift of Mrs. Lora Pitt, Widow to the Church of
Witcomb in Dorsetshire 1739." The donor was daughter and
heiress of Angel Grey, Esq., of Stinsford ; she married George
Pitt, Esq., of Stratfieldsaye, who thus became possessor of the
manor of Whitcomb. She was a woman of remarkable piety and
liberality. — A Flagon, with cross on cover, lo^in. in height. The
date is apparently of the present century.

Winterborne Monkton. — An Elizabethan Chalice and Paten
cover ; the date year is 1571, one year earlier than that of the last
parish of Whitcomb, the maker's mark, H W, being the same.
On the cover of the paten is inscribed " 1 5 7 1 ;" there is a band
of the usual strap-work foliation round the bowl. " There was
formerly a second chalice and cover here ; they vi'ere sold 25 or
30 years ago, and the plated flagon and paten now in use were
purchased with the proceeds of the sale."

Winterborne St. Martin. — An Elizabethan ChaHce, 6jin.
in height, with the hall year mark of 1573, the maker's mark
H W, the same that is found on the chalices of the two preceding
parishes, as well as on several others in the county. A single
band of foliated strap-work is engraved round the bowl. — A Paten
on foot, 6f in. diam. — A Flagon, Sin. in height, inscribed " The
Gift of Henry and Mary Peto to the Parish of Winterborne St.
Martin, Feby. 1882." — The parish still retains the old pewter
Flagon, inscribed D. D. P. 1698.


WiNTERBORNE Came. — Chalice, 6|in. in height ; it has a plain
cyhndrical bowl with short spreading stem ; also a Paten with
foot, 4|in. diam. ; these bear the hall marks of 1640 ; the maker's
mark is R. P., with a mullet beneath, enclosed in a heart-shaped
shield. There is also a Chalice and cover, hall-marked 1846,
presented to the Church by the Rev. G. Arden, Rector, 1847.

WooDSFORD. — A Chalice, two Patens, and a Flagon of quite
modern fluted design ; they bear no regular hall-marks.




BiNCOMBE (with BRO.A.DWAY.) — A Chalice, 6|in. in height, of
bell shape and quite plain, the stem having neither knot or
moulding. It bears the hall mark of 1662, and the maker's mark
I G, with a mullet beneath, and enclosed within a heart-shaped
shield. There are several examples in this district of pieces
having this maker's mark, acquired soon after the Restoration,
a good deal of the earlier plate in this Rural Deanery having dis-
appeared, probably during the troubles of the Commonwealth. —
Two Patens and a Flagon, carrying the hall marks, respectively, of
1843, 1852, and 1S76.

Broadway. — This parish retains the Paten cover only of its
old Elizabethan Chalice. On the handle is inscribed the date
1578; it bears also the maker's mark ^^ ^^^

chalice now in use is a plain bell-shaped *^ ^^^ cup,

y^in. in height, having the hall mark of the year 1800 ; it is in-
scribed "Parish of Broadway 1801." — Paten, gfin. in diam.,
with gadroon and shaped edge, bearing the year mark of 1757,
the maker's E W surmounted by a plume of feathers, for Edw.
Wakelin. It is inscribed " The Gift of George Gould Esq'^'= of
Upway to the Parish of Broadway, 24th April 1791," also a shield
containing the Gould arms, J^er saltire a lion rampant coimter-
changed. The donor, George Gould, Esq., of Fleet and Upway,
was born 1745, ob. 1797. — A Flagon, 9|in. in height, of the
Britannia standard, with the year mark of 171 1, inscribed " The
Gift of Mrs. Katharine Baynard 1712," together with the Baynard
arms. This coat of the Baynard's, as found in the church of
Tincleton, is A fess between two chevrons. The engraver has
added a second bar at base of shield. The crest is A demi
unicorn rampant. The donor was of the family of Baynard of

• 56

BucKLAND RiPERS. — A Chalice, 5^in. in height, with a plain
cylindrical bowl and spreading foot, together with a Paten, 4f in.
diam., both bearing the hall mark of 1663, and the maker's mark
I G with a mullet beneath. The form of the cup is nearly the
same as that found in the previously mentioned and neigh-
bouring parish of Bincombe, and by the same maker, the date
being one year later.

Chickerell. — A Chalice, Paten, and Flagon, of good modern
design, with the hall mark of 1865. Given in 1866 by Baron
Lorenz, father-in-law of the Rector of that date, the Rev. Arthur

Fleet. — A Chalice, 7 jin. in height, with a cover ; the bowl is
bell-shaped, with a knot on the stem ; the only mark found is the
capital letter S under a crown, all on a shield. This maker's mark
is figured in O.E.P., with the date 1664. — A Paten, sfin. diam.,
with the hall mark of 1732, and the maker's G. I., over which is a
mullet and two pellets. — There is also here a vessel of very
unusual form ; it has a broad shallow bowl, with low spreading
foot ; it measures 3jin. in height, diam. of bowl Cjin., depth of
bowl i|in., diam. of foot 4|in. It is quite plain, and has a cover
surmounted by a cross. This piece has very much the appearance
of an ancient Ciborium, but is really of the same date as the
chalice, as it has the same mark, c. 1664. It is used for holding
the unconsecrated bread. — The plated Flagon, of ordinary tankard
shape, was given in 1869.

Melcombe Regis (with Christchurch and Radipole). — Chahce
No. I, Sin. in height ; the bowl is bell-shaped, with a plain spreading
foot, inscribed, " The Gift of Martha Guppy on the opening of the
new church, Melcombe Regis, 23rd March, 1817." Chalices Nos.
2, 3 and 4, of similar shape and dimensions, bearing the hall marks
of 1859, two of them presented in that year by Mrs. Henry
Blackden. — Two Patens on feet. Sin. diam. — A massive silver
Flagon, i3|in. in height, and four Alms-plates, gin. diam., also
given by Martha Guppy in 1817. — A Bowl on foot, 4^in. diam.,
2|in. high, inscribed, " The gift of W. Brassey to Melcombe Regis
Church 1824." — There is also a Spoon or perforated ladle, with
the hall mark of 1809.


Christchurch. — -Chalice, Sin. in height, of bell shape, with
baluster stem, hall-marked 1866. — Also a Paten with foot, of the
year 1863. — The remaining pieces are electro-plated.

Radipole. — A Chalice, with bell-shaped bowl and spreading
foot, bearing the hall mark of 1775, and inscribed, " Communion
Cup of the Chapel of Radipole in Dorset. Geo. Shuttleworth
LLB. Rector. High Smith, Warden 1775." — A Paten, Sin. diam.,
date mark 1852, inscribed with sacred monogram and a legend. —
A Flagon, with the year mark 1873, inscribed "The gift of
Parishioners 1875."

OsMiNGTON. — A Chalice, 6^in. in height. The date letter is
apparently a blurred capital black letter ^ for 1658. The
maker's I H with a pellet above and below, within a plain shield.
Under the rim of the cup, which has a plain baluster stem, is
engraved "The Communion Bole for the Parish of Osmington
1683." — Two Chalices given by Dr. John Trenchard Trenchard
in 1869, and, also by the same donor, two Patens and a Flagon,
all inscribed I.H.S. and "In usum Ecclesise de Osmington, D.D.
Joannes Trenchard Trenchard, LL.D., de Poxwell itemque de
Ringstead. Et h Coll. Nov. Oxon olim Soc. Ann. Dom. i86g."
— A Paten on foot, Sin. diam. It is of the Britannia standard of
1 7 15, and bears in the centre the sacred monogram engraved at
that time. — A secular cup with handles and cover, measuring
together 6in. in height, without any stem ; this was used formerly
as a flagon. It bears the following inscription, "The Gift of Mr.
Rich*. Eyres 1731." The hall mark date, however, is a year later,
1732. The only pieces now used in the Church are the set given
by Dr. Trenchard.

Ov^TERMOiGNE. — A Chalice, two Patens, a Flagon, and Alms-
dish, all returned as "plated." The Church was rebuilt in 1882.

Portland. — A Chalice, three Patens, and two Flagons, all
inscribed " Dedicated to the service of their God and Redeemer
by the communicants of Portland 1803 — 1808. Rev. Samuel
Byam, A.M., Rector, Henry Pearce and Abraham Pearce,

Portland St. John and St. Peter. — Services of Electro-
plate in both churches.


Portland St. Andrew. — Chalice, 6|in. in height, given by
Mrs. H. F. Neale, " In memoriam Henry Alexander Neale,
Sept. II, 1877." Also a Paten and Flagon of modern design
bearing the year mark of 1879.

Preston. — A Chalice, Paten, and Flagon, inscribed " Presented
to Preston Church Dorset by Elizabeth Howship, A.D. 1857."
They bear the hall mark of the same year, and are of modern

Upwey. — An Elizabethan Chalice, 6in. in height, of the ordinary
type, the only mark found is ^ ^^\ There is a sinsrle

band of interlaced foliated '^ ^^^ strap-work round

the bowl. — A Paten with foot, 7 in. in diam. This is of the Britannia
standard, the year mark 1715, the maker's mark uncertain ; it is
inscribed " The gift of Eliz. Scovile to the Church of Upway."
The family of Scovile, originally of Plymouth, held property at
Wichampton, to which church a Mrs. Eliz. Scobel gave a chalice
in 1630. — A Flagon, lo^in. in height, year mark 1769; the
maker's mark apparently is F G. It is inscribed " The gift of
James Gould Esq'', to the Parish Church of Upway June 3* 1770."
James Gould, of Upway, was born 1743, died 1773. — Alms-dish,
lOjin. diam., bearing the hall mark of 1681 ; maker's mark seems
to be B.I with a pellet between ; it is inscribed " The gift of Mrs.
Hussey Floyer to the Parish Church of Upway 1742." Mrs.
Hussey Floyer was daughter of Anthony Floyer, Esq. ; her mother
was a Gould of Upway.

Warmwell (with Poxwell). — A Chalice, sjin. in height ; the
bowl is plain, with a spreading stem, without knot ; the date mark
is 1663, the maker's mark I G, with a pellet beneath, and within a
heart-shaped shield. It is inscribed "W. S. 1663." — The Paten
cover, with similar hall marks, is still in use, but it has lost its
flat handle or foot. — A Paten, 7fin. diam., bearing the sacred

Poxwell. — Chalice, Paten, Flagon and Alms-dish, bearing the
following inscription, " Ecclesise de Po.xwell Dat dedicatque
Joannes Trenchard Trenchard LL.D. Coll. Nov. Oxon quondam



Weymouth St. John. — A large service of modern plate,
consisting of two Chalices, two Patens, two Plates, two Flagons,
all bearing the sacred monogram, and inscribed, " Ecclesis Sancti
Joannis de Radipole prope Weymouth, D.D. Joannes Trenchard
Trenchard LL.D. E Coll. Nov. O.xon quondam Soc. 1853." —
There is, besides, a large Alms-dish, bearing the hall mark of
1843, measuring 2oin. diam., elaborately chased, witfi the sacred
monogram and the evangelistic emblems, &c., on the border,
given by Dr. Trenchard "In memoriam Jante Uxoris suae 1865."
John Trenchard Trenchard, Esq., the donor of the above, was
the last representative of the old Dorset family of the Trenchards.
He was born 1792; he resided at Green Hill, near Weymouth,
and died 1875. — There is also a Spoon, handsomely decorated
with emblems of the vine, inscribed with the monogram J S and
the date 187 1.

Weymouth Holy Trinity. — A massive service of plate,
bearing the hall marks of 1835, consisting of two Chalices, 11 in.
in height, two Patens, and a Flagon, i3in. high, all inscribed as
follows, " Presented by George Edward Towry Esq'' to the Rev*
George Chamberlain rector of Wyke Regis on the i-^' day of
September 1835 for the perpetual use of the Church of the Holy
Trinity at Weymouth." All these pieces are somewhat elaborately
ornamented and fluted, each piece bearing the sacred monogram.

Wyke Regis. — A Tankard with handle and cover, measuring
Sin. in height, bearing the hall mark of 1772, and the maker's
mark I D. This vessel is chased all over with conventional
flowers and fruit, and was probably not originally made for
ecclesiastical use. The remaining pieces are plated. — The parish
also possesses three Pewter Plates, one inscribed Wyke Regis,
1717 and two 1820; also two Pewter Flagons, inscribed, "In
usum Ecclesise Henry Weston, Robert Hawes Churchwardens




Branksea.— The Church here is modern ; it was built in 1853,
and forms the centre of a new district. The service consists of a
Chalice, Paten, and Flagon of plated metal, inscribed with the
sacred monogram.

Chaldon Herring. — An Elizabethan Chalice, with Paten
cover, measuring 6^in. and ijin. in height, respectively. There
are no hall marks existing, they appear to have beaten out at
some period, but the date " 1573 " is inscribed on the cover. The
form is of the usual type ; the decoration consists of a rather plain
band of foliated strap-work.— A Paten, 5I diam., and a Flagon,
8|in. in height, are of modern design and late date.

Church Knole. — An Elizabethan Chalice, with Paten cover.
The cup is 6|in. in height, the shape is of the ordinary type of the
period, and is marked with /^^^ On the cover is in-

scribed " 1574," there is a "*?■ ^^^ * single band of inter-
laced floriated strap-work engraved round the bowl, with orna-
mental moulding on the rim of foot. — A Paten, gin. diam., bearing
the hall mark of 1 8 1 o. The Flagon is electro-plated.

CooMBE Keynes. — The Chalice here is of pre-Reformation date.
It is a beautiful example, quite perfect, and exceedingly well
preserved, as will be seen by the illustration. The dimensions
are — Height, 6| inches ; diameter of bowl, 4in. ; depth, 2in. ;
narrowest part of the mullet-shaped base, 3|in. ; widest part to the
points of the knops, 5 fin. The bowl is broad and conical ; the
somewhat slender stem is hexagonal and quite plain, with ogee-
moulded bands at the junctions. The knot is full-sized, having
six lobes spirally twisted with traceried openings, terminating in
angels' heads crowned. It has a mullet-shaped foot with plain


broad spread and a vertically reeded moulding. The points
terminate with an elegant knop in the shape of a floriated
Lombardic CT3). In the front compartment of the base is the
usual crucifix between two flowering branches on a hatched ground.
The parts gilt are the interior and outer lip of the bowl, the knot,

CooMBE Keynes (nearly f full size).

the Crucifixion, also the mouldings of the stem, the base, and the
knops. No hall marks are found, but the date, compared with
other examples, is about 1500, perhaps earlier, certainly not much
later. The weight is just 10 oz. This is, no doubt, the same
chalice found by the Commissioners of Edward VI. at their
visitation in 1552, and left for the future use of the parish. It is


merely described in their inventory as " One chalice of silver."
There is a tradition in the parish of Coombe Keynes that this
chalice was discovered at some unknown period buried in the
chancel of the Church. — A Paten with foot, 7|in. diam. It bears
the date mark of 1726, the maker's mark W.D. under a trefoil
slipped, for William Darker. It is inscribed, " For the Church of
Coombe Keynes."

CoRFE Castle. — An Elizabethan Chalice with Paten cover.
Height 5|in., without cover. There is a hall mark on the paten,
the capital letter O, indicating the year 1591. The maker's mark
is indistinct, but is, apparently, the letters H L linked, a mark
found about this time. The only mark found on the chalice, near
the lip, is a small engrailed cross between two objects ; that on the
dexter side seems to be the letter C. On the cover is inscribed
the date 1591. This vessel varies somewhat from the usual
Elizabethan type, and indicates a change in the conventional form,
the stem spreads from the bowl without a knot, there is a single
band of the floriated and intersecting strap-work round the bowl,
and a border of the same round the base, besides vertical line
mouldings. On the cover is engraved a band of intermittent
lines. — Chalice No. 2, height gin., bearing the year mark of
1659, the maker's mark being a monogram of two capital M's.
The shape of the bowl is cylindrical, angular at the base, with a
plain spreading foot. On it is engraved a shield, with the Bankes'
arms, A cross engrailed between two fleurs de lys. Crest, A Moor's
head, supported on the helmet of an Esquire, with elaborate
mantling. — A Paten with foot, 6|in. diam., bearing the same hall
marks and the same arms. — A pair of Flagons, loin. in height,
having the year marks of 1649, but the maker's name is unde-
cipherable ; they also carry the shield and crest of the Bankes'
family. The Manor and Castle came into their possession in
1635, and is still held by them. The Castle is rendered famous
by the heroic defence made by its mistress. Lady Bankes, in the
absence of her husband, in 1643. The rebels battered the Castle
from the Church, which received damage thence ; for in 1646 the
committee paid ;Cs° to repair it. Lady Bankes died in 1661,
having survived her husband seventeen years. It is possible that
she might have given all this plate bearing the Bankes' arms ; if
not given by herself, then probably by her son. — An Alms-dish,
9^in. diam., with shaped edge, and bearing the sacred monogram.


The hall mark is for the year 1841. It was given by Anne,
Countess of Falmouth, daughter of Henry Bankes, Esq., M.P., of
Kingston Lacy, i860.

E.\ST HoL^tE. — A Chalice, Paten, and Flagon, of good modern
design, all bearing the following inscription : — " ^ Presented to
the Church of Holme, on its Consecration, by Selina J. Bond,
A.D. 1865."

KiMiiERiDGE. — A plain Chalice and Paten, inscribed with the
sacred monogram, and having the hall marks of 1825. Nothing
is known as to what became of the old plate.

Kingston. — A Chalice, 8|in. in height, with Paten and Flagon
bearing the sacred monogram, with the hall marks of 1832, and
inscribed " The gift of John first Earl of Eldon to the chapel at
Kingston Dorset A.D. 1833." — A Chalice and Paten of the
medieval type, bearing the hall marks of 1880, and severally
inscribed with the legends, " Calicem sahitaris, &•(.," and "Agnus
Dei, &"(:."

Langton Matravers.^A Chalice, 7-fin. in height ; it bears
the year mark of 1735. The maker's mark is illegible. It has a
plain bulb-shaped bowl, with thick plain stem, and is inscribed
with the sacred monogram. — A Paten with foot, gin. in diameter.
Underneath the rim is inscribed "Presented to the Parish of
Langton Matravers by John Bingley Garland 1856." — A massive
Flagon, ii|in. in height, with the hall marks the same as the
chalice. — A Salver, gin. diam., with a raised ornamental and
scalloped border ; it bears the hall mark of 1766. The maker's
initials, I.C. and T.H., are those of Thomas Hauman and John
Crouch. On the under surface, rudely scratched, is "gave to the
Church of Langton Matravers."

East Lulworth. — An Elizabethan Chalice, 6|in. in height.
It bears the usual four hall marks, the small black letter p for

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