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without stem or foot, with a Plate, no longer in use.

Bradford Abbas (with Clifton Maubank). — At Bradford
the Chalice is fm. high. It is quite plain, with a spreading lip,
and has a band of foliated strap-work running round the bowl,
quite in the fashion of the Elizabethan cups. It is inscribed
"W.B ♦ R.D. 1683." — A Paten, 6in. diam., on foot, with the hall
marks obliterated, inscribed, " The gift of Annis Somers to the
church of Bradford Anno Domini 1646."— The parish church of
Clifton Maubank was taken down and utterly destroyed some fifty
years ago. The handsome altar service, given to the church in 1733,
is now removed to Bradford Abbas. It consists of a Chalice, loin.
in height, a Paten, sin. diam., two Flagons, ii|in. in height, two
Alms-dishes, iijin. diam. Some of these pieces bear the year
mark of 1733. They are all engraved with the sacred monogram,
and are decorated with a rich band of scroll and shell work, and
are inscribed, " The Gift of Mrs. Reb. Harvey to the Parish Church
of Clifton Maubank 1733." The family of Harvey was settled at
Bradford Abbas during the 17th and i8th Centuries.

Castleton. — A complete service, consisting of Chahce, 7fin.
in height, Paten, s|in. diam., Flagon, ii^in. high, and an Alms-
dish, loin. diam., bearing hall marks of the Britannia standard for
H 2

1 7 14. the maker's mark F'A for William Fawdery. They are
inscribed with the sacred monogram, and " Castletown in CoiS.
Dorset, Anno 1714." — Here is also a Chalice, 7|in. high, bought
from parish of Oborne in 1862. It has no hall marks, and may
be of some period in the last century.

Over Compton (with Nether Compton). — The plate now in
use at Over Compton consists of two Chalices gin. in height, with
a Paten Sin. diam., all of silver gilt, bearing the hall marks of
1752, the maker's mark, either / JVor T W, in cursive capitals,
within an oblong square, and inscribed " The Gift of Ann Floyer,
1752." Mrs. Ann Floyer was daughter of John Abington, Esq.,
of Over Compton ; she married Hubert Charles Floyer, Esq., of
Stratton, co. Dorset, and was buried at Over Compton in 1751.
This plate was apparently a legacy, as we find the following entry
in Hutchins, from the parish register: — "April 13 1753 Delivered
into the hands of the churchwarden of Over Compton, Robert
Goodden Esqr. Two silver cups and one salver, value ;£^20, the
gift of Ann Floyer, bearing date and inscription of the same.
Test. Thomas Arnold, Rector. Given for the Holy Communion."
— Two Patens, sin. diam. — A Flagon, i2in. in height, and an
Alms-dish, loin. diam., with the hall marks of 1822, all inscribed
"The Gift of Robert Gooden Esq'' 1S22."

Nether Compton. — Two Elizabethan Chalices, each measuring
5 Jin. in height and bearing the usual hall mark of 157 1, the smalt
black letter 0- Although both were made in the same year they
are by different hands ; the maker's mark on the first is a Lom-
bardic capital A with external cusps, without a shield ; a mark
found on a cup at Coley, Yorkshire, of the same year, also at
Upcerne, on a chalice of apparently later date. It has a band of
interlaced strap-work engraved round the bowl. The maker's
mark on the second cup is different but undecipherable ; this has
a much narrower band of the same ornament round the bowl ; it
is inscribed " Given by Robert Goodden Esq'' from Over Compton
Parish Church 1823." This is, no doubt, the old chalice of Over
Compton, and was transferred to Nether Compton at the time
when Mr. Gooden gave new plate. — A Paten, SJin. diam., with
foot; it bears the hall mark of the Britannia standard of 1702,
and the maker's Co under a crown, for John Cory. — A Flagon,
I lin. high, and an Alms-dish, 7fin. diam., inscribed "Given by the

Rev'' W. J. Goodden to the Parish of Nethtr Compton 1864."
The Ahns-dish was given by the same donor in 1S74.

Hermitage. — A Chalice, 7jin. high, quite plain, with the hall
marks of 1791 and maker's mark E F for Edward Fennell, in-
scribed " Communion Cup, Mr. George Foot, Churchwarden,
iSii." — A Paten, S^in. diani., of the Britannia standard, hall
marked 171S; the maker's mark is the monogram of M. E.
Lofthouse within an oval. On the under surface is inscribed
" Presented by the Rev'' John Blennerhassett, Vicar of Hermitage
Jan' 1S74."

Leigh. — Chalice, 8|in. high, Paten, 7|in. diarn., inscribed with
the sacred monogram and bearing the hall marks of 1855. — A
Flagon, g^in. high, of modern cruet form, inscribed " Glory be to
God on high."

LiLLiNGTON. — A Chalice of the unusual height of 10 inches;
the cup is bell-shaped, with heavy stem and base. It is of the
Britannia standard, and bears the hall marks of 17 15. The
maker's mark is L A, above which is a dog or some animal sejant,
all within a shaped shield. It is inscribed with the sacred mono-
gram, and " The Gift of Mrs. Mary Parry to the Parish Church of
Lillington in the County of Dorset. 17 16." The manor of
Lillington anciently belonged to the Bishops of Sarum. After
161 1 it came to the Parrys, a family of which there is no account ;
of them it was purchased in 1717 by Samuel Whetcomb, Esq. — A
Paten, 6in. diam., of the Britannia standard of 1707, the maker's
mark Gi under a mullet, for John Gibbons. It is inscribed " Haec
patella fuerat in usum sacrum Ecclesi^ Lillington."

Melburv Osmund. — This parish possesses one of the fine
silver-gilt altar services given by Mrs. Strangways Horner in the
last century. It consists of a Chalice, 9jin. in height ; the date
mark is for 1747, and the maker's B \V for Benj. West; there
is also inscribed the date 1748, and the weight 19 oz. — Two
Patens, 6in. in diam., the first weighs 6oz. 7dwts., with the same
marks as on the chaUce ; the second weighs 70Z., and the maker's
mark D.P. under a pellet for Dan. Piers. Underneath this piece is
found inscribed "The Gift of Mrs. Strangways Horner 1748."
— A Flagon, i2^in. in height ; this bears the hall mark of 1747,

and the maker's mark P L under a crown and a pellet in base for
Paul Lamerie ; beneath is scratched the weight 40 oz. i idwts. All
these pieces are inscribed 1748 together with the coat of arms of
Mrs. Strangways Horner. An illustration of the various pieces
will be found in the account of the Church plate of Abbotsbury,
to which parish she gave a similar set. — A Knife with embossed
handle and sheath of silver-gilt ; it bears no hall marks, but is
inscribed " The Gift of Mrs. Strangways Horner to the Parish of
Melbury Osmund 1755."

Stockwood. — A Chalice, Paten, and Flagon, with the hall
marks of 1850 — 55, of good modern design, inscribed with the
sacred monogram and various legends. This service was given to
the parish in 1855 by Eliza Matthews in memory of her mother,
wife of the Rev. Thos. Eyres, Rector of the parish.

Melbury S.\mpford. — This parish possesses a good deal of
fine plate given by different members of the Strangways family
during the 17th and 18th centuries; it is now kept at Lord
Ilchester's at Melbury House. Chalice No. i, 75-in. in height, of
the Elizabethan type, having a slightly bell-shaped bowl. The
hall mark date is 1607, the maker's, apparently, a T rising from
the middle of W. On one side of the bowl is engraved a Crucifix,
about two inches in height, a subject not often found on chalices
at this period ; around this is inscribed, " ^ Ex dono Gratis
Strangwayes Vxoris Johannis Strangwayes Militis." There is also,
" Qui bibit ex hoc, no sitiet in Sternum." Grace Strangways
was daughter of Sir George Trenchard, and wife of Sir John
Strangways, Knt. She died 1652, and was buried at Melbury. —
Chalice No. 2, of silver-gilt, is a very fine large standing cup and
cover, measuring together 15 fin. in height, and probably not
originally made for ecclesiastical use. The hall mark date is the
small black letter f for 1683, and the maker's mark, F S, within
a plain shield. The form of the bowl is straight-sided, with a
baluster stem and large circular foot, having gadroon mouldings ;
the cover is surmounted by a stem handle with a sort of pine
cone finial ; the plain spaces on the bowl, foot, &c., are covered
with a kind of punched or granulated ornament, which was in
vogue about that time, leaving a narrow band of plain surface at
the borders. On the upper edge is inscribed, " Qui bibit ex hoc
non Sitiet in eternum," and on the lower, " Ex dono Thome


Strangways de Melbury Sampford in Comilatu Dorselt. Armigcri,
in Anno Domini 1699." Thomas Strangways was the last male
descendant of this fomily ; he was born in 1643, died 1713, and
was buried at Melbury. It is highly probable that this fine cup
was originally part of the family plate, as it was made some
sixteen years before the date of the inscribed gift. — A Paten,
No. I, of silver gilt, 9iin. in diam., with a foot ; it has the hall
mark date of 1698, and the maker's P E for Robert Peake. On
the upper surface is inscribed " Ex Dono Susanne Strangways
Vxoris Thome Strangways de Melbury Sampford in Comitatu
Dorsett, Armigeri, in Anno Domini 1699." This Susanna, wife of
the donor of the cup, was daughter and heir of John Ridout,
married 1674, died 1718. — Paten No. 2, 9in. diam., on a foot; the
hall mark date is 1748, and the maker's mark P L under a crown,
being the third mark of Paul Lamerie. Underneath the base is
inscribed " Mrs. Strangways Horner 1748." — A large and massive
Flagon, i6in. in height, bearing the same hall marks and inscrip-
tion as on Paten No. 2. This piece is also by the celebrated
silversmith Paul Lamerie ; although it takes the tankard form, it
is somewhat more artistic than the straight-sided homely vessels
almost universally found in use as flagons. The body is slightly
bulb-shaped, with bold flutings at the base, and gadroon edges,
varying in some degree from the other flagons made by him for
Mrs. Strangways Horner at Abbotsbury and other places. — An
oblong silver-gilt box for containing the bread (?) with hinged lid
and standing on six small feet ; the dimensions are — length,
lofin. ; width, 3^in. ; depth, i^in. The hall mark date is 1753,
and the maker's mark J S, with a small crown between ; it is that
of James Shruder. Mr. Cripps quotes this piece as his authority
for this maker in his list of maker's marks. At the side of the
box is engraved the sacred monogram within rays, and at the
bottom is inscribed, " The Gift of Mrs. Strangways Horner to the
Parish of Melbury." There is also scratched the weight, 220Z.
i7dwts. Together with the box is a bread-cutter in the form of a
knife with steel blade and silver-gilt handle, on which is the
sacred monogram, but no sheath, and without hall marks. This
knife is contained in the bo.x, but is not fitted to it in any way.
Two years after this, in 1755, Mrs. Strangways Horner gave to
three other parishes a similar knife with embossed handle and
sheath, of silver gilt, lofin. in length. Besides the Strangways
plate there is a flat silver-gilt paten 6|in. diam., with sunk centre,


on which is engraved a crucifix within an oval, with a view of
Jerusalem. This piece bears no hall marks. — A small Paten, 4in.
diam., on a foot, with date mark of 1808, bearing the sacred

Oborne. — A pair of Chalices, 7in. high, and a Flagon, io|in. ;
all bear the sacred monogram, and were presented to the parish
by G. D.'Wingfield-Digby, Esq., of Sherborne Castle, in 1862.
At this time the old chalice was sold to the parish of Castleton.
— Paten No. i, 5^in. diam., on a foot, with the hall mark of 1723,
the maker's mark, S W, surmounted by a mitre. — Paten No. 2,
8|in. diam; the date hall mark is apparently that for 1724, the
maker's mark is W H under a crown, and some small object
beneath. It is inscribed with the sacred monogram within rays.

Ryme Intrin.sica. — An Elizabethan Chalice of the ordinary
type, with vertically-reeded moulding round the base, 7in. high,
with the date letter for 1571, and the maker's mark a sort of
reversed small black letter t. A cup and cover of the same date
and maker is also found at Caundle Purse. There is a single
band of interlaced floriated strap-work round the bowl. The
Paten is of white metal and the Flagon of glass.

Sherborne.^ — From an Inventory made 36 Henry VIII.
(1544 — 5) of certain church goods in charge of the church-
voardens, we find that the parish then possessed four Chalices, as
follows : — " Also the said churchwardens have delivered att thys
account 4 chalys : The best of sylver and gylte weying . . .
Item, the seconde and thyrde of sylver, and parcell gylte, weying
Item, the fourth remayneth with the masse priest."
At the time of the " Visitation " by the Commissioners of
Edward VI. in 1552, three of these chalices had disappeared;
the only one left was retained for use in the parish ; it is
described as " one chalice of silver parcel gilt." An inventory
of church goods belonging to the parish church of Sherborne
was taken loth April, 1721. "Item, one silver chalice with
a cover, and two pewter flagons. — One pewter flagon more of
13 lbs. weight, and one pewter plate. — One deep pewter basin,
two pewter plates," to which a note is attached by Hutchins in his
History (vol. iv., p. 259), " The above basin and pewter plates
about Easter 1787 were disposed of and a large handsome basin

bought in its place." He then goes on to describe other pieces
then existing, all of which are still in use. — The plate now consists
of a Chalice, No. i, 8|in. high, having the hall year mark of 1636
and the maker's, a cursive T with a cross stroke in the centre
terminating in two circles. It is inscribed, " Ex dono Francisci
Scarlett nuper Vicarij EcclesiM Sherborniensis qui obijt 9" die
Junij An" Dfii 163 1." Francis Scarlet was instituted to the Vicarage
of Sherborne in 15S5. From the date mark it appears that the
cup was not made until five years after his death. According to
Hutchins it had a cover belonging to it in the inventory of 1721.
— Chalice No. 2, 8|in. high, bearing the hall mark of 1824 ; this
cup corresponds nearly in design with the older one, except that
it has a knot in the middle of the stem. — Paten No. i, loin.
diam., date mark 1699, maker's mark L E with a cinquefoil above
and below, for Timothy Ley. It stands on a high stem, is
gadrooned round the edge, and inscribed, " The Gift of Mr. Geo.
Conington to the Church of Sherborne, 1699." A hall mark on
a small piece of silver added shows that it was repaired in 1807. —
Patens Nos. 2 and 3 measure 5|in. diam. One is hall-marked
1786, the other 1858. — A Flagon, i2jin. high; it has the hall
marks of the Britannia standard for 1708, and the maker's mark
P E under a mullet for Edmund Pearce. At the bottom is
inscribed, " The Gift of y** Rt. Hon'''" Rachell Countefs Doweger
of Bristole to y'' Parish of Sherborne 1708." On the side of the
flagon is engraved on a lozenge A fleur-de-lis for Digby, impaling
a chevron between three lions' heads erased, for Wyndham, with
supporters and coronet ; the motto is nvl qve vne. Rachel, the
second wife of the third and last Digby Earl of Bristol, was
daughter and one of the coheirs of Sir Hugh Wyndham, Knt., of
Silton, Judge of the Commons Pleas ; she died in 1708. — Alms-
dish No. I, of silver-gilt, i3in. diam. It bears the Britannia hall
mark of 17 12, the maker's B.O. for John Bodington ; the sacred
monogram is engraved in the centre, and round this, " Given to
the Church of Sherborne in Dorsettshire anno 17 12." This, no
doubt, is the piece mentioned by Hutchins as " One silver plate
for the communion given by the late Rt. Hon. William Lord
Digby." The donor was fifth Baron Digby; he died 1752. —
Alms-dish No. 2, loin. diam., bearing the date mark of 1786 and
the maker's H B, for Hester Bateman. Around the sacred
monogram is inscribed, " Purchased in the year 1786 in Pursuance
of the Will of Mr. Richard Foster dated 1640." Also on the


back, " This is one amongst other Donations of Mr. Foster's Will
under the Direction of the Master of the Alms-house." — The
Paten No. 2 bears the same hall marks, and was probably given
at the same time, in dilatory performance of Mr. Foster's will. —
One item mentioned by Hutchins is no longer found, " One large
brass candlestick with 12 sockets, given by M'^ Whetcombe."
The Whetcombs were settled at Lillington. There is a monument
to Dr. Whetcomb at Maiden Newton ; he was Rector there, and
died 1635. His wife was sister to Dr. Holland, the Regius
Professor of Divinity at Oxford. They seem originally to have
been of Sherborne, where they occur in the register of 1558.

Thornford. — A Chalice, 6in. in height, and a Paten, 5in.
diam. The only marks found are those of a maker, several times
repeated, the letter T with an S intwined round the stem and
a seeded rose above, within an octagon- -the same mono-
gram is found in O.E.P. under 1681 with a crown over the
letters instead of a rose. The cup is heavy in form with a
spreading stem. It is inscribed with the sacred monogram, also
■^ * S M * J D * Churchwardens 1689." The flagon is of
glass with a silver top.

Yetminster (with Chetnole). — An Elizabethan Chalice with
Paten cover, measuring 75^in. and ifin. respectively. It bears
the hall mark for the year 1571, the small black letter 0, the
maker's being the capital letters A B linked together. This mark
is enclosed within a square, and is from a different punch to a
somewhat similar monogram in O.E.P. under 1602. This cup is
of the usual type, and has the conventional band of interlaced
and foliated strap-work round the bowl. — Paten No. i, ij^in.
diam., with foot; the hall marks are for 1752, the maker's mark
T W ; it is inscribed "The Gift of Ann Floyer 1752," also the
sacred monogram. Mrs. Ann Floyer was daughter of John
Abington, Esq., of Over Compton, and wife to H. C. Floyer, Esq.,
of Stratton. She died in 1751. This paten was probably a legacy,
as she bequeathed an altar service to Over Compton at this time,
bearing the same maker's mark. — Paten No. 2, 6^in. diam., of the
year 1868. — A Flagon of white metal.

Chetnole. — A Chalice, Paten, and Flagon, of good modern
design. Under the foot of the cup is inscribed " ^ Chetnole
A.D. 1854. Jesu miserere mei." A similar inscription on the
paten, together with the sacred monogram.




CoMPTON ABB.A.S. — Chalice, 6|in. in height ; the hall marks are
very indistinct. It is inscribed round the rim " The parrish Cupp
of Cumpton Abbies 1665;" the bowl is of cylindrical shape,
tapering outwards at the top, the stem plain and spreading to the
foot. The date of the inscription is, no doubt, about the time of
its being made. — Paten No. i, of plate form, S^in. diam. There
are no hall marks, but is inscribed " The plate of the Parish
Church of Compton Abbas," and from the style of the lettering
the date would perhaps be early in the last century. — Paten No. 2,
6in. diam. Presented by the Rev. P. Hart Dyke, Christmas, 1877.
The Flagon is electro-plated.

FoNTMELL Magn.\. — Chalice No. i, 8|in. in height, without
any hall marks ; it is of heavy form, having a tall bell-shaped bowl
and short cumbrous stem with a knot. The date is probably
about the middle of the 17th century. — Chalice No. 2, Sin. in
height, together with its Paten, of good medieval design. — Paten,
6in. diam. ; the hall marks are not clear, but the date letter is
apparently for 1666, and the maker's mark T I. The chalice
No. I might be of the same period. — A Flagon, loin. high, of
modern design, also a small spoon with twisted handle, of silver-
gilt. There is still preserved in this parish a pewter Flagon iSjin.
high ; also an Alms-dish 9 jin. diam.

West Orch.'^rd. — A Chalice, 6in. in height, and its Paten
cover, 4in. diam., bearing the hall year mark of 1 788 ; the maker's
mark H B for Hester Bateman. The cup has a deep bell-
shaped bowl with plain spreading foot ; it is inscribed " W. O.
Chapel." — A Flagon of plated metal, 8|in. high, with Alms-dish,
8in. diam.


Hammoon. — Chalice, 6^in. in height, of the Ehzabethan type ;
the only mark found is a small roundle within a sort of lozenge,
probably a variety, or imperfect impression, of the seven roundles
found on similar cups. It has the same single band of plain
interlaced strap-work round the bowl, also a cable moulding under
the knot of the stem, in fact another example of the Gillingham
type. — Paten, 6in. diam., with gadrooned edge, and inscribed
"The Gift of the Rev. G. Meech 1832." He was formerly
Rector of the parish. — A Flagon of plated metal loin. high, in-
scribed "The Gift of Mary Isabella Sawyer, Whit Sunday 1885."

Haxford. — A Chalice and cover, 7|in. in height. The form
is Elizabethan, and the bands of interlaced foliations are copied
pretty accurately from a cup of that period, but the hall marks are
of the present reign. — A Paten with foot, 85in. diam., with the
year mark of 1 7 2 1 ; the maker's is apparently G H. — The Flagon,
i2in. high, is an elegant vessel with handle and lip, in the quasi-
classical taste prevalent at the end of the last century. It is
engraved with the Ker-Seymer arms, and might not have been
intended originally for church use. There has been no institution
to this church for a very long time ; nothing is now known of any
earlier plate.

HiNTON St. Mary. — A Chalice and Paten cover, measuring
7^in. and i|in. respectively. It is of the Elizabethan type, and
bears the single mark of ^. It has a band of plain inter-
secting strap-work en- ^^ graved round the bowl, and is
similar to the illustrated example at Gillingham. The handle of
the paten cover, hke a few others by this maker, is formed of
semi-circular stems supporting a flat engraved plate. — A Paten,
7f in. diam. ; the only mark is a maker's, apparently I E within an
octagon.— A Flagon, gin. in height, with flat cover and spreading
base; the hall date mark is for 1664, the maker's mark T • L. It
is inscribed, " The guift of Mary Frek ;" above is a coat of arms.
Two bars, in chief three mullets. Crest, BulVs head erased, for
Freke, impaling Three hunting horns stringed. Crest, A stag sejant,
for Dodington. Mary Freke (born Dodington) was wife of
Thomas, younger son of Sir Thomas Freke, of Shroton ; he died
1642, ffit. 44, " being mercifully taken away from the evills which
ensued." In 1665 she erected a monument to his memory in the
church, and departed this life in i686.


IwERNE Minster. — Chalice, 75-in. in height, of the Elizabethan
type, with the single mark peculiar to this county. ^^ I' ^'^^
the usual band of plain interlaced strap-work ^^^ round
the bowl, and cable moulding round the stem, which characterises
all the cups bearing this mark. Under the lip is engraved, with
letters of a much later date, " Iwerne Minster T.H.S.C. IV. 82."
These puzzling hierogylphics are explained by an entry found in
the parish accounts of the neighbouring village of Sutton Waldron,
under the year 1782. It appears that the churchwarden of Sutton
Waldron paid a " Mr. Miles 3s. for engraving the sacrament cup "
with his initials and date on the chalice of that parish, which is a
similar one to that of Iwerne. As the engraving is evidently done
by the same hand, and in the same year, a like sum was probably
paid for commemorating T.If.S. as churchwarden of Iwerne in
1782 ; but what moved them to perpetuate the fact of their
churchwardenship on chalices made some 200 years before their
time, it is difficult to guess. There is one advantage, however, in
it ; it shows unmistakeably to what parish the chalice belongs. —
Paten, sin. diam., with foot ; this has the maker's mark only, V C
under a crown, all within a square ; this mark is found on dated
pieces of 1700 — 1714. — A Chalice, gin. in height, a Paten, Sin.
diam., and Alms-dish, gin. diam., all presented to the parish by
the Rev. Christopher Neville in 1824, a former Curate, "in testi-
mony of his affectionate remembrance." — A Flagon, iifin. in
height, inscribed " In memoriam F.S.H. IMiserere Deus," a gift
from Rev. John and Mrs. Acton, in memory of a brother. This
parish still possesses an ancient pewter flagon and dish. On the
latter is inscribed the date 1691 and the initials S F and W P.
The first of these probably belongs to some member of the Fry
family, who were landowners in the parish.

Iwerne Courtney, a/ias Shroton (with Farringdon). — A
Chalice, io|in. in height, Paten, 6|in. diam., with foot. — Two
Flagons, i2in. in height, of tankard shape, with spreading base

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