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ment, and paused a moment to admire his
own eloquence; but the current of his
thoughts, which always flowed in torrents
on this subject, swept him along in its
course, and he continued " Yes, madam,
here, and here alone is true liberty to be
found. With this solemn asseveration,
which is not lightly made, but which is the
result of sixty years' experience, I leave
you, Miss Plowden ; let it be a subject of
deep reflection with you, for I too well
understand your treacherous feelings not
to know that your political errors encou
rage you in your personal foibles ; reflect,
for your own sake, if you love not only
your own happiness, but your respectability
and standing in the world. As for the
black hounds that you spoke of, they are
a set of rebellious, mutinous, ungrateful
rascals; and if ever I meet one of the
damned "

The colonel had so far controlled his
feelings, as to leave the presence of the


lady before he broke out into the bitter
invectives we have recorded, and Kathe-
rine stood a minute, pressing her fore-finger
on her lips, listening to his voice as it
grumbled along the gallery, until the
sounds were finally excluded by the
closing of a distant door. The wilful girl
then shook her dark locks, and a smile of
arch mischief, blended with an expression
of regret, in her countenance, as she spoke
to herself, while with hurried hands she
threw her tea-equipage aside in a confused

" It was perhaps a cruel experiment, but
it has succeeded. Though prisoners our
selves, we are at least left free for the
remainder of this night. These myste
rious sailors must be examined more closely.
If the proud eye of Edward Griffith was
not glaring under the black wig of one of
them, I am no judge of features ; and
where has Master Barnstable concealed
his charming visage! for neither of the
others could be he. But now for Cecilia."

Her light form glided from the room,



while she was yet speaking, and flitting
along the dimly lighted passages, it dis
appeared in one of those turnings that
led to the more secret apartments of the







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Online LibraryJames Fenimore CooperThe pilot : a tale of the sea (Volume 1) → online text (page 12 of 12)