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additions. Banff, 1896.
Daniel, Robert Mackenzie. The Scottish heiress, a novel. 3

vols. Lond. 1843.



Duncan, Alfred H. Netherton, or life in a Scottish village. 1887.

Codhaven. 1901.

E., M. A Man of plain speech. Lond. 1898.

[A Romance founded on local Quaker persecution of 17th cent.]
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Findlay, J. T. The Chosen. Lond. 1905.

A Deal with the King. Lond. 1901.

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[Dunnottar]. Lond. 1852.
[Forbes, Arthur.] Don : a poem. London, printed in the year

1655; reprinted, 1742; also Edin. 1814; Fintray, 1849; with

notes by Charles Dawson. 1797. Other editions, 1805 ; and

Phd. 1819.
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deen. Lond. 1885.

Grant, James. Romance of war : or, the Highlanders in Spain.
3 vols. Lond. 1846 : in France and Belgium. 1 vol. Lond. 1847.
[The Gordon Highlanders in the Napoleonic wars.]

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Edin. n.d.

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Greig, Gavin. The Bards of Buchan. Series of articles. Peter-
head Sentinel, begun Feb. 7, 1914.

Logic o' Buchan : an Aberdeenshire pastoral. 1899.

Morrison Gray : or, life in a Buchan schoolhouse. [Serial

story.] Peterhead Sentinel, Peb. 7, 1914. In progress.

Hay, William [pseud. Jacob Ruddiman, M.A.] Tales and

sketches. 1828.
[Jackson, Mrs.] A Bundle of old stories. 1894.
Laing, Alexander. The Caledonian itinerary, or a tour on the

banks of the Dee. 2 vols. 1819. [Inverse.]

The Donean tourist. 1828. [In verse.]



Lauder, Sir Thomas Dick. The Wolfe of Badenoch. 3 vols.

Lond. 1827.
Leatham, James. D'ye mind lang syne. Huddersfield, [1912].

[First appeared in Peterhead Sentinel, as did other stories from his
pen, ^.^. "The Lass of Drumlinie," "Agnes le Chiene " and
"A Clerical Quixote".]
Low, William Leslie. By the North Sea shore : a tale of fisher
life. Lond. 1891.

Reuben Dean. Edin. 1898.

Lowe, Charles. A Fallen star : or the Scots of Frederick.

Lond. 1895.
McAulay, Allan. The Safety of the honours. Lond. n.d.
[Historical novel : preservation of the regalia.]

Macdonald, George. David Elginbrod. 3 vols. Lond. 1863.
Alec Forbes of Howglen. 3 vols. 8vo. Lond. 1865.

Robert Falconer. 3 vols. 8vo. Lond. 1868.

The Wow o' Riwen. Lond. 1868.

Ranald Bannermann's boyhood. Lond. 1869.

Malcolm. 3 vols. Lond. 1874.

Marquis of Lossie. 3 vols. Lond. 1877.

Sir Gibbie. 3 vols. Lond. 1879.

Castle Warlock. Lond. 1882.

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The Portent and other stories. Lond. 1871.

Macdonald, N. A. For stark love and kindness. Lond. 1896.
Machray, Robert. Sir Hector : the story of a Scots gentleman.

Lond. 1901.

[Romance of a Marischal College man.]
Mackay, George A. Where the heather grows. Paisley, 1897.
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Quater-centenary edition, ed. by Wm. Keith Leask. 1906.

3rd ed. 1914.
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Glasg. 1909.
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Aberdeen Daily Journal, April 19, 26, 1904.
Minto, William. Was she good or bad ? Lond. 1889.



Moore, F. Frankfort. The Laird of Craig Athol. Lend. 1910.
Philip, John C. Memoirs of an Aberdeen detective. 1903.
Phillips, J. Q. The Laird's wooing. Lond. 1899.
The Ploughman student, a story of Aberdeen University..

People's Journal, July 25 to Sept. 19, 1874.
Reid, Sir Wugh Qilzean. Lowland legends, chiefly relating to

the Buchan district. Edin. 1865.

Tween' gloamin' and the mirk. Paisley, 1895.

Robbie, William. The Heir of Glendornie. 1880.

Rodger, Ella Hill Burton. The Silver hoard. In 30 chapters.

Weekly Free Press, commencing Oct. 10, 1889.
The Rough tykes of Tarland. [A tale in 5 chapters.] Weekly

Free Press ^ commencing Jan. 14, 1888.
Russell, Alexander D. [pseud. Neil RoyJ. The Horseman's word.

Lond. 1895.
Schuster, Rose. The Road to victory. [Field Marshal Keith.]

Lond. 1913.
Scott, Sir Walter. A Legend of Montrose. [Dugald Dalgety.]

Edin. 1819.
Selbie, George A. [pseud. Esme Hope]. William Orleigh. 2 vols.

Lond. 1890.
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Smith, George Watt [pseud. John Harlaw]. Sandy Gordon,

missionar. Lond. [1908].
Smith, Walter Chalmers. Borland Hall. Glasg. 1874.

North country folks. Glasg. 1883.

Stables, William Gordon. From ploughshare to pulpit. Lond.

I remember, I remember, or stray leaves from my life log.

Alma Mater, vol. xi. 1893-94.
Stark, James. Elspet and her neighbours. 1894.
Stoker, Bram. The Watter's moo. Lond. 1894.

The Mystery of the sea. Lond. 1902.

Tales of Aberdeen. 1844.

Tennant, Joseph. Jeannie Jaffray : Aberdeen 260 years ago.

1909 and 1910.
Williams, George. Sketches of Scarbraes. Stirling, [1895].

The Story of a ploughman. Evening Express, Feb. 23,.

March 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, 1895.



[Excluding publications of Aberdeen City Institutions.]

Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire territorial rifle association. 50th
wapinschaw. 1911. Annual programme. Current.

Aberdeen and North=east of Scotland union of women workers.
26th annual report. 1909. Current.

Aberdeen and Northern Illustrated Magazine. 1889.

Aberdeen and North of Scotland Trades Directory. Edin. 1898-.

Aberdeen -Angus Cattle Society. Herd book. Vol. I. Banff,
1884. Current.

Aberdeen asylum for the blind of Aberdeen, Banff, and Kin-
cardine. Annual reports.

Aberdeen, Banff, and Kincardine People's Journal. 1864.
Originally "The People's Journal". No. 1. Jan. 2, 1858,
Printed in Dundee. Current weekly.

Aberdeen, Banff, Kincardine, etc., Town and County Direc-
tory. Glasg. 1895.

Aberdeen Book-lover. No. 1, May, 1913. Current.

Aberdeen Buchan Association Magazine. No. 1. October^
1911. Current occasionally : edited by William Walker.

Aberdeen Catholic Herald for . . . the northern counties. No. 1.
5th Oct., 1894. Weekly. Current.

Aberdeen Diocesan Catholic year book. Glasg. 1913.

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Aberdeen Guardian and Northern Counties Chronicle. 1869.

** Aberdeen Journal " Notes and Queries. Edited by John A.
Henderson. Vol. i. 1908. Annual — current.

[Weekly in the newspaper. Continues the work of " Scottish Notes
and Queries," and equally indispensable.]

Aberdeen Saturday Post. 1861.

Aberdeen town and county association for teaching the blind
at their homes. Annual reports.

i6i N


Aberdeenshire, Banffshire, etc., Directory for 1888-9. 1888.
Aberdeenshire constabulary. Annual police reports.
Almanacs : —

Aberdeen Almanac and Northern Register. See p. 42.

Kincardineshire Almanac. Mont. 1875.

Kincardineshire Almanac and Official Directory. Stonehaven,
1890, etc.

Kincardineshire Household Almanac. Mont. 1879-. A series.

Mariners' Almanac and Tide Tables for 1913. Current.

[First issue, 1821, " Aberdeen Tide Tables," afterwards " Inglis' Tide
Tables ".]
Supplements to Oliver & Boyd's Edinburgh Almanac.
County lists.
Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. Journal office, Aberd. 1865-.

Ans:us and Mearns Remembrancer. Mont. 1852-58.
Rodger's Town and County Lists. Angus and Mearns. Mont.

Burnett's Town and County Lists. Angus and Mearns.

Mont. 1877-1900.
Ang'us and Mearns Town and County Lists. Arbroath, 1901-.

Douglas's Supplement for the Northern Counties. Invss.

1831-60. [Banffshire lists.]
Northern Supplement. Banffshire and Northern Counties.
Aberdeen Journal office, 1861-. Current.
Angus and Mearns Business Directory. Mont. 1873. Current.
Angus and Mearns Commercial and Agricultural Remembrancer.

Mont. 1827-1858.
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Balmoral Magazine. 1903.

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and General Gazette. Buckie, No. 1, 17 November, 1881.
Weekly : current.
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Banffshire Herald. Keith: No. 1, 28 May, 1892. Weekly:

Banffshire Journal. No. 1. 30 Sept. 1845. Weekly: current.



Banffshire Reporter. Portsoy ; No. 1, 15 August, 1850.

Weekly : current.
Banffshire year book and County Directory, 1875, etc. Banff,

1874-. Current.
Banner of Buchan. No. 1. 8 March, 1864. 26 weekly num-
bers. Phd. 1864.
Black's Morayshire directory, including the upper district of

Banffshire. 1863-.
Braemar Herald and Upper Deeside Advertiser. No. 1 . 4th Feb.,

1914. Weekly; current.
Buchan Almanac. Phd. 1891. Annual : current.
Buchan Churchman. No. 1. January, 1895. Monthly.
Buchan Clown. No. 1. 1 March, 1838. 12 pts. Phd.

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In progress.
Buchan Journal. No. 1. 4 March, 1865. Weekly to 21 May,

1866. Phd. 1865-66.
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current. Jubilee number, 1913.
Caledonian Literary and Political Museum. 1815.
Catholic Directory for the clergy and laity in Scotland.

Aquhorties. 1829. Annual. Printed in Aberdeen since 1 849-.
Catholic Herald for Aberdeen, Inverness and the Northern

Counties. 1894-.
Christian Apologist and Ecclesiastical Observer. 1864-
Christian Investigator. 1830-31.

Churchman's Magazine. January, 1871. Monthly. Phd. 1871-72.
County Directory of Scotland. Edin. v.y. Current.
Donside Journal. Fintray, 1843.
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29 September, 1894. Weekly: current.
East of Scotland Union of Naturalists' Societies. Proceedings,

1885-. Perth, 1886-. Current.
Fishing News. No. 1. April 7, 1913. Weekly: current.
Fraserburgh Advertiser. No. 1. 1852. Weekly: current.
Fraserburgh Herald. No. 1. 26 March, 1884. Weekly : current.
Fraserburgh Herring Circular. No. 1. Fraserburgh, July,

1895. Weekly during the fishing season, July-Sept.



Free Press Fair and Market List for 1909-, 1908-. Current.

Gordons Regimental Gazette. 1901.

Highland Society of Scotland, afterwards Highland and Agri-
cultural Society of Scotland. Prize essays and transactions.
Four series. Edin. 1799-1888. Fifth series, 1889-. Current.

Huntly Express. No. 1, 15 August, 1863. Weekly: current.

Huntly Field Club. Transactions. 1886, etc. Huntly, v.y.

Inverness Scientific Society and Field Club. Transactions.
1875-. Invss. [1885-]. In progress.

Kincardineshire Observer, in which is incorporated the
Laurencekirk Observer. No. 1, 18 January, 1907. Weekly:

Laurencekirk Observer. No. 1, 11 April, 1902. Weekly:
merged as above.

Montrose, Arbroath, and Brechin Review, and Forfar and
Kincardineshires Advertiser. No. 1. January 11, 1811.
Weekly — current .

Montrose Chronicle, or Angus and Mearns Advertiser. No. 1.
Friday, November 19th, 1819. Weekly— current until 1823.

Montrose Courier and General Advertiser for the counties of For-
far and Kincardine. No. 1. Friday, May 5, 1815. Weekly
until May 8, 1816.

Montrose Express and Angus and Mearns Reporter. No. 1. 2nd
May, 1889. Weekly until 28 Nov., 1889.

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June 20, 1837. Weekly— current.

North Briton. 1825.

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Northern Association of literary and scientific societies. Trans-
actions. Vol. I-. Invss., etc., 1888-. in progress.

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Northern Evening News. 1892-93.

Northern Examiner. 1860.

Northern Telegraphic News. 1854.

North of Scotland Gazette. 1845.

Penny Free Press and Northern Advertiser. 1855-56.



Peterhead Advertiser and Buchan Journal. No. 1, 20 June,

1856. Phd. 1856. Weekly for six months.
Peterhead Almanac and Buchan Directory. Phd. 1864.
Peterhead Almanac and Directory. Phd. 1853.
Peterhead Register and General Advertiser. No. 1, April, 1844.

Phd. 1844-47. Monthly.
Peterhead Sentinel. No. 1,6 June, 1856. Weekly: current.

Jubilee number. July, 1906. Phd. 1906.

Rural Echo : and Magazine of the North of Scotland Mutual

Instruction Association. Nos. 1-6. 1850.
Schoolmasters' Widows Fund. Annual reports from 1807. Edin.

1808- . Current.
Scottish Educational Year Book and Diary for 1891-[1890].

Scottish Farmer and Gardener's Journal. 1845-47.
Scottish Notes and Queries. [Edited by John Bulloch.] 20

vols. 1888-1907.

[Indispensable to students of north-eastern history.]
Selector. No. 1, 6 June, 1817. 13 pts. Phd. 1817.
Shetland pony stud book. Vol. I. 1891-. Annual — in progress.
Slater* s Royal National Directory of Scotland. Manchester, v.y.

Star of Drum and Deeside Advertiser. 1898.
Stonehaven Iris, or Kincardineshire Literary Journal. No. 1.

Jan. 1st, 1838.
Stonehaven Journal and Kincardineshire Advertiser. No. 1.

1843. Weekly : current.
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Stonehaven News. No. 1. June 14, 1904. Weekly to April, 1906.
United Free Church presbytery of Aberdeen. Calendar for

United Operative Masons and Granite Cutters' Journal. No. 1.

May, 1901. Monthly — current.
Wee Willie Winkie. 1891 97.



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islands of Scotland. Lond. 1834. [Across the Grampians

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Phd. 1862.
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parts. Lond. 1881-. Several eds.
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Edinb. 1840. Ed. by G. E. Mitton. 1907.
Cornwall, George. Cornwall's guide to the railways, coaches,

and steamers of the principal towns in Scotland. No. L

December, 1853. Monthly. Current.

There are also published in Aberdeen, " A.B.C. time table," at the
yournal and Express Office; and "Traveller's time table and
diary " at the Free Press and Evening Gazette Office.

Coutts, James. Dictionary of Deeside. 1899.
Craigfhead, James. Craighead's excursionist. No. 1 (Monymusk)
and No. 2 (Banchory). 1859.

1 66


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Dal^arnO) James. From the Brig o' Balgownie ... to the

BuUers of Buchan. 1890. Other editions, 1891 and 1896.
Deeside guide. 1885.

descriptive and traditionary. 1891.

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railway. 1862.

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Dee, Glen Tilt, etc. Glasg. [1865].

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Strathspey. Grantown, 1883.
[Three later editions.]
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18th ed., 1850.

[Afterwards published by T. Nelson & Son.]

[Robertson, Joseph, Ferres, John, and Duncan, William.] A

Guide to the highlands of Deeside. By James Brown.

[First issued according to Sir Arthur Mitchell in 1828, and to Rev.
James Smith in 1829, but not seen.]

The Guide to Deeside. By James Brown. 1835.

The New Deeside guide. By James Brown. [1832], also

1842, 1843, 1846, 1856, 1859, 1860, 1862, 1866, 1868, 1869,
1876, 1877, etc.

The Deeside guide. [With additions by James Cromar.]

1885, also 1893.

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& Co., Lond. 1829.

[Arbuthnott, Castle Forbes, Castle Fraser, Craigston, Crathes,
Drum, Duff House, Fyvie, Gordon Castle.]




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deen and Banff". 1900.

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circ. 1899.

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Peterhead, commonly called Buchan Ness. 1739.

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countreys and provinces as are comprehended under them. In
Blaeu's Atlas. Amsterdam, 1654.

[Reprinted in Robertson's " Collections," 1843, and Watt's "Aber-
deen and Banff," 1900.]

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maps of all the counties and islands in the kingdom of Scot-
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. . . Scotorum ". Rome, 1578.
Lizars, W. H. Travelling map of Scotland . . . upon a new and
improved plan. [In book form.] P. Hill & Co., Edin. [1820].
[" Smacks sail between Leith and Aberdeen once a week. Three
steamers are building to sail daily and are expected to be
finished early in the summer of 1821."]

Lothian, J. Map of the counties of Aberdeen and Banff. Edin.

A New map of Aberdeenshire. Kitchin. Lond. [1770].



Ordnance survey : —

Aberdeenshire. 1864-71. Maps on 1 inch, 6 inch, and 25 inch
scales, with area books.

Revised survey. 1899-1903. Maps on 6 inch (quarter

sheet), and 25 inch scales.

Also Aberdeen and Peterhead. On ^^jj scale ; revised

in 1899-1900.

Banffshire. 1865-70. Maps on 1 inch, 6 inch, and 25 incb
scales, with area books.

Revised survey. 1900-03. Maps on 6 inch (quarter sheet),

and 25 inch scales.

Kincardineshire. 1863-65. Maps on 1 inch, 6 inch, and 25
inch scales, with area books.

Revised survey. 1899-1902. Maps on 6 inch (quarter

sheet), and 25 inch scales.

Also Stonehaven. On ^^ scale, revised 1899-1900.

Robertson's county map of Aberdeen, Banff, and Kincardine..


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or Scotland. 1776.

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Tourists' map of the north and eastern parts of Scotland, show-
ing the various lines of railway. Edin. 1848.



Aberdeen University Library Bulletin. No. 1. October^
19n. Issued three times a year. In progress.

[Edited by P. J. Anderson and Maud Storr Best. Parts 1-6
complete vol. i, which, besides lists of accessions, etc., con-
tains "An Ideal for the University Library," by J. M. Bulloch;
the first instalment of '* Catalogue of the Taylor collection of
metrical psalters," with memoir of its collector by Dr. P.
Giles; "Arcades ambo J[ohn] F[yfe]-R[obert] W[alker]," by
W. Keith Leask; "The Library catalogues of 1873-74," by
Stephen Ree ; '* List of desiderata " for the library ; and the
" Concise bibliography of the city of Aberdeen," by J. F.
Kellas Johnstone.]

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Local bibliography.

[Beginning with The Murray lectures at King's College (i. 135-137),
Mr. Anderson made extensive bibliographical contributions to
the twenty volumes of Scottish Notes and Queries, 1688-1907,
generally under the headings above noted.]

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pp. 425-435. 1904.

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Aberdeen. In *' Studies in the history of the Univ.". 1906.
pp. 385-525.



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versities of Aberdeen. Edin. 1907.

[An enlarged work, illustrated; limited issue to members of the
Edinburgh Bibliographical Society.]

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of the works of William Meston, Jacobite poet.] Notes and
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