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A biographical history of England, from Egbert the Great to the Revolution: consisting of characters disposed in different classes, and adapted to a methodical catalogue of engraved British heads. Intended as an essay towards reducing our biography to system, and a help to the knowledge of portraits online

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Online LibraryJames GrangerA biographical history of England, from Egbert the Great to the Revolution: consisting of characters disposed in different classes, and adapted to a methodical catalogue of engraved British heads. Intended as an essay towards reducing our biography to system, and a help to the knowledge of portraits → online text (page 34 of 39)
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Ibid. J. 6, from the bottom, add: fcarce.

P. 541, 1. 3, from the bottom, after ** efq/* add this note :

The immediate predeceflbr of fir Charles Cotrerel was iir John Finet.

P. 542, erafe 1. 10 and 11 ; and fubftitute : This gen-
tleman was probably of Hovingham, in Yorkihire, and
anceflor to the prefent furveyor-general of the board of

P. 543, read the beginning of the article of Hbwling

Benjamin Hewling, fon of an eminent Turky mer-
chant in London^ was a man of a good education, grace-
ful perfon, untainted morals, and unaffeded piety; and
therefore of great popularity among his political brethren^
the ftaunch whigs in the city. He had the com-
mand, &c.

• Milton.

t In the cloifters of the cathedral church of Worccfter.

X He was made a iuftice of the common pleas, 19 Oft. i^?4»


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At the end of the article, read :

His brother William, a man of a firoilar charader, was
executed about the fame time. Erafe the reft of the ar-
ticle, with the note that belongs to it; and then add, after
** time :" What has been related by fcveral writers, of the
ill treatment of the fifters of thefe gentlemen, particular*
ly of Hannah HewUng *, is contradided by Mr. Hewling
Lewfon, in the third volume of the <^ Letters by John
Hughes, Efq. and other eminent Perfons deceafed,** pub-
lifted bf Mr.DuncombeJ. Mr. Lufon's account of the
Cromwell family, in this volume, fliould be compared with
that written by Dr. Oibbons, and fubjoined to his Ser-
mon on the death of William Cromwell, efq. July 9,

P. 544, 1.2, add^

The original pifture is in the colle^oa of fir Jofliua

Ibid. L 7, read <* Memoirs," p* 300, 302, folio.

Ibid 1. 10, the article of Secretary Pepts, atp, 530, would
be placed here with more propriety.

* Major Richard Cromwell, Ton of Henryf and grandfon ofOlifer, manried
Hapnah, fitter of Beniamin and William Hewling. PTilBsm Kyfim^ father of Mn.
Hewling, their mother, wat a merchant of eminence. This periba, who wat
thought to have confiderable influence in London, was therefore fent for tp
court hy king James, who told him, that << he had put down hit name as an al-
«< derman in his new charter.** *< Sir»** rcfilied Kylfin, «< I am a verx old man §
«* I have withdrawn myielf from all kind of bofinels for ibme yean pall, ami am
^ incapable of doing any fervice, in fuch an affair, to your nujefty or the city.—
«« Befidesy iir/* (the old nun went on, fixing his eyes ftedfiUlly upon the king^
while the tears ran down his cheeks) '< the death of my grandlons gave a wound
•* to my heart which is (till bleeding* and nerer will doie but in the grtve.**
Hughes*s << Letters,** iH. p. 114, 115*

I?. III.


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•)ame^ II. SUPPLEMENT. '-1*5

Ibid, add:

James Bonnel, Efq. R.fFbitefc. ^/a,

^ P- 5 \Sr at the head of the Qafs, read,

Then add :

FRANCIS BERNARD, M. D. in an o^al of laurel foliagi, h.
jh. The plate^ which was never finijhed^ and^ has neither the name
"of printer vr engraver^ is fuppofed to have been done by Robert fVhite.
' ijhould rather think Vandfebanc. ' ''

Dr. Francis Bernard, who Wias phyfician W king Jtmes,
Was a man of learnihg, and well verfed in literary hiftory.
He had the bell private colledion of fcarce and curious
books that had been feen in England, jind was a good
judge of theiy value. He died on the 9th of February,
1697, in the 70th year of his age. The catalogue of his
books, which were fold by auction^ is dated 1698. Th^
amount of this auftion, clear of all expences of fale (|j
Was upwards of fixteen hundred pounds, a large fura at
that time, when the paffion for rare bpoks was much, j^iore
moderate than it is at prefeht; If all Dr. Mead's booii^
were now to be refold, they would fetch an incomparably
greater fum thin they did fooh after his delth. Mr;
Charles Bernard, brother to Francis, and furgeon to the
princefs Atine, daughter of king James, had alfo a curious ,
library, whidh was. fold by aucliort, in 1711. The
** Spaccio della Befiia triomfante,'* by Jordano Bruno, an
Italian atheift, which isfaid, in Numb. 389 of the*« Spec-
tator," to have fold for thirty pounds, was in this fale.
*rhc late Mr. James Weft is erroneoufly faid to have pof-

1 Theft ^xp^nces l^are about four (bilUhgs in the ^ond. '

O o l^ed

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(efied the individual copy. An Englilb edition of it war

printed in 1713 t

P- 545j '• 7f add •

The plate is inibe pojjejion of John Ives^ Junior^ efq. of Great

Tarmwtbf Norfolk.

Ibid.ergfe 1. 9, 9^ aihI 10, aad fiil>fiicotc tbefoHowifltgar*

Dn Kenrickpradiied as a phyiician at Worceltfir. Ufi
feem to have been no graduate, nor very able in bis pro«
feffion ; but was efteemed a man of wit, and a jolly com-
panion. Thefe lines, «* Upon a Giant angling,'^ printed in
the fifth Tolnmo of Bryden's ^ Mificellany,'^ are iaid to
Jia^re been written by him :

His angle-rod made of a'fhirdy oak.
His line a cable that in ftorms ne'er 1)roke^
His hook he baited with a dragon's tail.
And fat upon a rock and bob'd for whale *•

Ibid, add:

The Effigies of GEORGE JONES, to whom God Iiatb
given the Gift of Healing ; DrapentUrf 4/^.

% See Ames*t ** Typogr^^ical Antiquitiety* p. 356. We are there aflared;
that the book was fold, at Mr. Charles Bernard*s fate, to Walter Clayel, eft), for
t^. It alio appears in the lame page, that Mr. Weft had not the copf vliicb was
fold at Mr. Pernard*s auAion. Ames, ;k P'^aft p informs us» upon the authority
of Mr* Thom^is Baker, that Jordana Bruno^s book was punted in England, hf
Thomas Vautrollier, in the year 1584.

• From the information of Dn John Walt.^«-Kenrick> like many others, loemt
to have fathered fome lines which he- neirer wrote, and probably borrowed sritas
freely as he did receipts. He appears to have adopted the two laft ycrfes, which
are thus printed, in a poem called ^ The Mock Romans,** pitblUhed with leveni
«thersr at London* in 1653^

His hook was baited with a dragon*! tail, '
A«J tbeaon'rock h» .ftood to bob &>r whaler.

I have

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Jxuktil. S tj t t^ L E M fe N t; 4€^

1 haftre iicafd di flh 'ctrt accounts of Jones, which I know
not how to reconcile, and therefore fhall not attempt it.
It IS certain, that his head is prefixed to a long account of
his *«Ftiend<y Pilh/* which, as he tcHs us, are « the true
Tinfturc of ttre 8nn>'* and inafce patienrt^ ' "of all com-
plexions laugh at the time of taking them, and cure all
cm-able diftempefs.

P. 546, i&, from the bottom, ftdd :

rely writing at a table. On his forehead is a maggat. Undtrneath
are tbefe verfes :

In's own defence the author writes ;
iJecaufe, when Ibis foul maggot bites,

He ne*er can reft in quiet ^
Which makes him make fo fad a face.
He'd beg your wor{hip,or your grace,
Unfight, uufeen^ to buy it»

lliis print reprefents SAMUEL WESLEY, who tjaS,
in early life, pofleiSed with the fpirlt of poetry, as he, in
YS85, ptiblifiied, in 8vO. 1 coUedion of hid juvenile com-
polxtions, entitled *« Maggots, or Poems oti fcveral Sub*
jefts never before iiandJed*'* He .afterwards entered intp
hotycmlers, andwasredxir oi Sotrth Ormdby, in Lia-
colnlhire, when he publilhed ** The Life of our Bleflfed
Saviour Jefus Ghrii^^* •an keroic poem^ i^93» fo^* ^ith
various cuts, faid to have been engraved by Faithome.
He, in 1 (S95, publiihed Elegies on the death of queeq
Mary and archbifliop TiUotfoa •• It is to be regt etbed
that his vein of poetry was not cithauflcd when he pob^
ii^Ded bis <' Mj^ggotl»" i^ lie inciured the cen&ire o£ Gar tli

* See ^ Atlien.03ton.''.col. i)<3«

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ft)? S .UP;? :t % Jfi E N :J. . ;VoL.H

in his ^* Difpenfary/* who feverdy lafhes him in thefe
lines :

Had Wcfley never aim*d in vcrfe to pleafe.

We had not rank'd him with our Ogilbys.

Still cenfures will on dull pretenders fall:

A Codrus fhould expeft a Juvenal.

He, however, made ample amends for his bad poetry, bjr

his good life, and his DifTertations upon the book of Job

in I^tin, which were publifhed after his deceafc. He wis

father of John Wettey, well known to the world by bis

preaching and writings.

Ibid. I. 1 1, after "Anne,** add: Hewas author of *' The
Angelical Guide, ftiewing Men and Women their Lot
or Chance in this elementary Life." in four books, 16971

P. 54J'

• This is one of the moft profound a/trological pieces that the world ever 6w.
The diagrams would probably have puzzled £uclkl, though he had ftudifd*^
trology. I have feen the dodlor's bead palled into a port foiio, aini<lft t^cfe
Uraft'ge diagrams, with the following motto %
* ' • " Thron'd in the centre of his dtrk defigni/*

trtymcdiately after the unintelligible hieroglyphic, inicribed " Adam in Part-
4iTp V* ^* *^^*' paffage, which 1 have fclc^ted as a fpecimen of the work j

" T/ius Ad^m was created in that plea fan t place ParaJifi, about the ycarK*
•^ Me Chrift 4001, viz. on April 14, at twelve o*clock, or midnight. Noifi tk»
^< place Paradiff\% in Mefopotamia, where the pole is elevated 34 deg. 30 ""•*•
«« and the fun rifeth four hours fooncr than under the elevation of the pole »t
«• London. Now, our curious reajder may be inquidtive concerning this matter.
** If yoti will not credit lhefireafons)s\d down, pray read Jo(ephus j there fo*
f*, V»ll fee foraetlung'of Um« matter, viz. of the/ry? primum mobilei or m9^
•* fofti/irt of tiie world, and place of Paradife, and elevation of its pole. Many
«« controverfies have been about the time and feafon of the year, thcrcibrtlWi
i« «ot trouble my reader any further with them. Let the Scripture be °"'S"^
«« in this matter : Lit thtre he^ (faith the word) iW</M/r/ w^i/; and alfo thei(*
" day's work of the creation, when the gralhoppers were, and the trees ipra'^5
*« out } this may give us to underftand tliat the time of the creation ^^^^f.^

S The " philofophicil figure, deduced by tn ingelictl hand iflrpIo|icaIly," f^^"** ^
^nallj ummcUi|iblf« Sec this figure at p. a54«

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p. 547, 1. lo, add: He died- at Londoti, the sth' of
January, 1713.

P. 548, ]. 2 and 3, frofa the bottom, read :

Charles de la Foffe^'a cefcbrated French artift, was a
difciple of Le Brun. He painted two ciclings for Ralph,
duke of Montague*,

•• its beginnlning in the fpring. Now for the place or centre of the earth, from
**' whence we may obferve the poles as afore mentioned in Mefopotamia, where
*' Goil placed Adam i fo the fpdng is two months iboner there than here with
*• us, under the elevation of the pole at London ||t'*

* This paflfage is fo unconnected with any thing elfc, except we fuppofe feme ab»
ftrufc meaning in the lueroglyphic, that it mulF be prefumed to be felf-evident,
or elfe the author muft baveafted like James Moore}, as is intimated in the foU
lowing (hort dialogue between that author and his reader s
. . R. What makes you write and trifle fo I

M. Becaufe Tve nothing elfe to do.

R. But there^s no meaning to be feen.

M; Why that's the very thing I mean.
It is certain that his book fuited fome men of an heterocUte genius, who fancied
that they difCoVered ftrange myfteries!n many parts of it. The following au-
thentrc anecdote of Cafe wns communicated to mc by. the Rev. Mr. Goding, in

*< Dr. Maundy, formerly of Canterbury, told me, that, m his travels abroad^
** fome eminent phyiician,whohad been in England, gave^im a tokcn.to fptnid
*' at his return with Dr. Radcliflfe and Dr. Cafe. They fixed on an eveningf,>nd
« were very m!erry, wh6n I>r« ^dclifl^ tk\i$ begnn a health ; •* Here, brother
«< Cafe, to all the fools, your patients.'* " I thank you, good brother," replied
'* Oafd4 ". let me have all the fools, and you are heartily wtlcdmeto'the reft of
« the praftice t."

• The magnificent houfe, where thefecielings are, is now the Brltifli Mufeum «
the plan of It was bi'ought firom Paris, where his grace was ambaflador^ It gives
us a good idea of the fineft French hotels, , -

II p.47>4^- . /''/•;..

t Author of *' The Rival Modes.'' • •

t It i« obfervjble, that, in Mr. Pope** account of ihe phrenzy of John Dennis, Dr. Cafe is
feot for to attend him. It fliould alTo be obferved, that, as his name was latinised to Cafeut,
it was, upon no Ht^ht ground, fuppoied bjr fotoe foreigners to have been Cieefe.

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%76 8lJPPLti^£^fi 'V6L.lL

Among Dr. Lifter's papers, in A(hmo1c*s Mureunii is a letter written hv Gyln^
in which he complains with great fenfiblity of having be^ definfuded by ibme
of the Engliih nobility. He was once inclined to leave his country, which, as
he fays, had «< fpit in hb Ace 1» Thft^ pmk Ce^ltter.**

. Ibid.4dt€8,t. 8, from the bottem» reside

after a^efignof Or, John Wali, of Worceaer'l.

y Dr. W«ll inforrfig me, that bit defif o it ftiaAgely »lurc4 in the eaecotion. Tl^ tnidi Ug
ihdt Rowel WM vety deficient in drawiof.

P. 552, 1; 8, from the bottom, add :

Natlianael Stringer Was author of " Rich redivivus, or
Mr. Jeremiah Aich's Short-Hand improved," 8vo.
Then fubjoin the four following lines as a note, bcgin-
i)in^ it in this manner :

The cnrifous in Calligraphy may fee an a^cotant, &c«

P- 553^ ^- *2, from the bottom, add:
The Countefs of Derby; IVlftngf, R.WllUams f. large
j^to. mezz.

This lady is mdft pi*<Aab1y Elizabeth Butler, who was
daughter of Thomas, carl of Oflbry, wife of William
Kichs^d George, the ninth earl of Derby, and iGftcr to
James, duke of Ormond.

"P. 554,1. 8, add:
Her portrait, by Dahl, is at Strawberry HilL

P- 555*1- i2| read, the cdantefsher mother, who W«
^ a fpy to government," and in danger of being impeached
Tor treafon in the reign of William f , cfpoufed, &c.

P. 556, 1. 1 1, add:

of Nettleftead, the only Daughter and Heir of Thomas, Lord
tVentwpith, Graiidchild andHeif of Thomas, Earl of Clevc-
land ; KmUer f. R. Wil^amsf. tiMeknglh] lih^e bijh.

f See the Appntdix to Dalrymple*a << Memoir^** part ii. p. idl> il6«


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James M. SUPPLEMENT. 474

Lady Harriot Wcntworth, a woman pf aa tflegsiat per-
ff^ and eugagiog mai^aersi vfzs wcU known t,o the world
;a$ the miftrefs of the duke of Monmouth. This cHmiad
attachxnent was, for a confiderable time, fuppoied to hav?
been maintained with conftancy, at leaft on he^ fide. Th^
duke acknowledged, juft before his execution, to two
prelates and other divines who attended him, that *« he
" had an afFeclion for lady Herriot, and prayed that if it
•* were pleafing to God, It might continue ; ptherwife,
M that it might ccafc ; and God heard his prayer.**
When he addrefled himfelf to the people from the fcaf*
fold, he fpokc " in vindication of the lady Herriot, fay-
^^ ing (he was a woman of great honour and virtue, a
*« religious godly lady. He was told by fome of the
<* divines ** of his living in adultery with her.*' *• He
^* faid, (that) for thefe two years paft he had not lived in
^ any fin that he knew of, and that he was fure^ when he
«* died, to go to God, and therefore he did not fear
*^ death, which they might fee in his facef.**

P- 558,1. 13, add:

It has been CQnjeftured, that the lady reprefented by
the prirtt, may be a daughter, or of the family of Mrs.
Anne Wyndham, who, in the latter end of the reign of
Charles IK put^lifhed an account of thstt pr^pce's cpqqeaU
ment, at the houfe of colonel Wyndham, her hufband, ^fc
Trent, in Somerfet(hire, foon after the battk of Wqrcef-
ter. The relation was written by the colonel, and is fub*
joined to <^ Bofcobel, or the compleatHiftory of his Sacred
Majeftie's moft miraculous Prefcrvation,** &c. the third
edition, j^gp. loiemtion i|iefe circumfUnces, ^s fome,of
them, may, perhaps, 4ead to ^ difcovery of the peripn«

f BiAop Lloyd*! Letter ; for in accdant of which fee the note Aibjpined to the
article of the Dutcbcfs of Monmootb, in the reign of Charles IL

P. 5(Jo»

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472 S U P P L E k £ ^ T. * VoL-l/i

P. 5^0, 1. 2, add :

There ahe two more prints of him in the pillory. At th^ bottom of
Me is a vignette^ in which is a reprefentation of the whipping of him
at the cartas tailt about him are the Jefwts whom he caufed to ie
executed. In the other ^ which is a halffheet rnezzotinto^ is the
galtows with the detilonit^ at a little diflance from the pillory .

Ibid.' latl line, add :

The Squire of Alfatia ; M Lauhm del. Teripefi exe. a whole
length, in a hat and feather^ and laced neckcloth^ f^^^rd, cane, &C4
The print belongs to the Set of Cries publi/hed by Tenptfl.

The 'Squire of ^7^///i, which was very probabl/ done
from the life,, means one of the gamefters of White Friars^
%vhich was notOHQUS for thefep^ils of foeiety, who were
generally dreffed to the extremity of the mode. Tbeif
phrafeology abounded with fuch words as afc fometimes
introduced by pretenders to politenefs and *' dunces of
figure;,'* whom Swift reckons among the principal corrap-
ters of our language. The reader may fc^ much of this
jargon, which indeed requires a gloffary to underfland it,
in Shadweirs comedy, entitled " The 'Squh*e of Alfati'a,''
which was brought upon the Aage id this reign*

P. 561, 1. 2, add.'

There is afoor mezzotinfo of him, with ver/cs at the bottom of the

Ibid. 1. 14, fead, fibula.

P. 562, notes, laft line, add f

See alfo the the ^< Philofopical Tran(^£Hont/* No. 441, Uyc July, i^S, art U*

P. ^67, laft line, ater •* minds/* add this note :

Tht print .of Comit Dada, meationei! in a note fabjoined to the article otxht
i>uke of Somerfety in the third clafs, and that of Father Couplet, in the fourth,
iMy come m bere^ by way of Appendix to this reign.


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Which are not included in the SUPPLEMENT.


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First Volume of the Biographical HisTorv,

Which are not incliided ia the Supplbmbmt.

Preface, p. ti. notes, 1. i, after •* Germany," add i

oUiert in HolUnd. $ec » very curious account of the origin of engraving in tbe
^eface to the ^* Chronological Series of Engravers,'* Cambridge, i7yo«

Ibid. p. lii. notes, laft line, read :

Mr. Oldys, author of the «< Life/* &c«

Ibid. p. iv. 1. 13, after •* period,** add this ndte :

** A portrait is a (bit of genelral hiftory of the life of the perfon it repreient«»
** not only to him who is acquainted with it, but to n&any others, who, upon
** occafion «f feeing h, are frequently told of what is moft material concerning
** him, or his general charadber at leaft t the face and figure is alfo defcribedi
'< and ^s much of the chara&er as appears by thefe, which oftentimes is here
** feen in a very great degree. Thefe, therefore, many times alnfwer the ends of
** biftorical pi^ures, and to relations or friends give a pleafure greater than any
** other can *.** The fame author (ays, ** that in a good portrait, we conceive
<* abetter opinion of the beauty, good(bnfe, blreeding, and oth^r good qualities
•* of the perfon, than from feeing themfelves, and yet without being able to (ay
" in what particular it is unlike } for nature muft be ever in view f*** ** Let a
^ man,'* faith he, ** read a chamber in my lord Clarendon, (and certainly
** never was there a better painter in that kind) he will find it improved bf
** feeing a pi^ute of the fame peifon by Vanctyke {.**

• Jonathan Richardfon*! Works, p. 179.

+ F. 147-

Ibid. p. V. 1. 4, from the bottom, after ** memoirs,** add
this note :

Conrad ab Uffenbach, who was de(ervedly called ^e t^elrefc of Germaily, iii
the year 1704, began with avidity to coWedt, and methodically to arrange th«

Pppa prims

Digitized by


47^ A D D I T I O N S, &c. Vol. t

prints oT^foni of •mineoce^ w^itk whi^b, at lie acknowledged* he greatly re*
fre(hed bii mind and memof y, after bit feverer ftudiet. Ut wat particularly
eaatiout to procure genuine portraitjij iiejeAing ideal onet at toyt and trifles fit
only for tbe amuiement of cbildren." Hit friehd, tbe excellent Scbelbom» iHio
ufed to aflift bim in bis colle^ions, tells us, that he retained bis paffion for thi#
purfuit to the time of bis death. See this and more in Schelborn*s traft ** De
8tudio Uffenbacbii Bibliothecario/* p. xl?i. to liH*

Biog. Hift. Vol. I. p. 1 1, 1. 13, add :

Johannes Gandavensis j fold by Roger Daniel, ^t(K

P* Zh ®cid to the note :

In 1681, were publiihed in 4to<<£piftolx&Titae Di?i Thomas Cantuarieniis,
Urc. &c. &e* in Lucem produAse ex Manufcripto Vaticano : Opera & Studio F*
Chriftiani Lupi Iprenfis/* &c. firuxellis.

P. 38, I. II, add:

Henry Chichely, &c. Bartolozzi fc. whole lengthy fine.
From a flate belonging to All Souls College f .

P. 44r !• 49 from the bottom, read : There was none criginalfy
in thefiaie, but a /cull in the place of the cat. Ihavefeen only tw
proofs of this portrait in its fir ft flatty and thefe were fine inh

P. 52, 1. (5, for *« 492,*' read, 491.

P. 61,1,4, add:

MADELEINE de France j Vander Werffp. P. a Gunfl.fi.

Magdalen, eldeft daughter of Francis I. a woman of
an elegant perfon, but a fickly conftitution, efpoufcd

t There is a whole length of Henry VL engraved by the fame hand, and
much in tbe fame manner. Thii wae done at the expencc of Dr. Bcver, of tbe


Digitized by


Vol/I. a D D I T I O N S, &c. 47«

James V. i Jan. 1537. The marriage was celebrated
at Paris with fuch pomp and magnificence as had fcarce
ever been difplaycd on the like occaiion in France*. This
young queen died of a fever on the 2 2d of July, the fame
year. James efpoufed to his fecond wife Mary of Lor^
raine f , dutchefs dowager of Longuevillc.

P. ^2, 1. II, from the bottom, after " 1540,*^ add this
note :

In Stow*f " Survey," p. 187, edit. 1633, is a remarkable inftanceofhis rapine
ia feiring on another^s property, which iheMrt that he forgot hitnfelf after his
elevation. - But the ftory of hit gratitude to Frefcobald, a Florentine merchant^
who bad been extremely charitable to him when a poor foot-foldier in Italy, and
was nobly rewairded when he found him, many years afterwards, in a diftrelsful
condition, in the ftrcets of London, tells greatly to his honour* SeoHakewil*t
•• Apology,'* p, 435, edit. 1630.

P, 79, 1. 6y fubjoin this note :

For a further account of fir Anthony Denny and his family, fee Dr. Thomas
Fullcr's^HiftoryofWaltham Abbey," p. i«, 13.

P. 81, 1. 4, from the bottom, add : Mr. Walpole, in No.
II. of his ** Mifcellaneous Antiquities,'* has given us a
curious and elegant account of bis life.

P. 84, 1. 8, after " reign/* add : His carnations §, and
indeed all his colours are exquifite, and have the ftrongeft
charaders of truth and nature.

P. 91, 1. 14, from the bottom, add :

Epwardus VI. in the ** Atrium Heroicum Cafarum^ Reguniy

* See an account of the marriage, and a lift of the many rich prefents made by
Francis to James, in Gutbrie^s'^ Hiftory of Scotland,** vol. v. p. 165, 166.

t Sometimes called Mary of Guifc, The family of Guifc, wai a branch of
that of Lorrain.

5 Flefli-colouri.

Digitized by


478 ADDITIONS, &c Vol.L

alkrumqui Summatum et Procerum^ qui intra pre^nmum Jtadtm
vixere et bodie fufer/unt. Cbalccgrapbo et Edit ere Dommc Cujhde
Cive Aug. Vindel.** Parsprima^ &c. 1600, pars quarta 1602 :
fmall folio. Afcarce and curious book : it is in the Bodleian Li-

P. 94, 1. 4, add :

His portrait is at the duke of Dorfet*s, at Knowle.

P. no, 1. 13, from the bottom add :

Queen Mary, Svo. with this motto : *« FortiJJinu quique inttr-
fe^ifunt ah ea!^ In the TranJIation ofbifiop Godwin*s *< Annals of
England^'* 1 630. In this book, are copies offome otber beads ofm

P. 12^, laftline add:

Edward Courtney, carl of DevonlKire, exercifed the
pencil for his amufement in this reign. See Clais III.

P. 13C, 1. 4, from the bottom, after *• 8ct." add this notcj

In the ** Arcbxologia of the Society of Antiqtiarict ,** vol. ii. p. 1691 &C. is a
copy of a proclamation in the hand-writing of fecretary Cecil, dated 1563, which

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