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years, now town clerk of Pawling, and a druggist
in Pawling Village.

128M Regiment, Co. ^.—Philip Allen, born in
PawUng, February 14, 1829, was wounded at Port
Hudson, May 27, 1863, died on the 28th of May,
and was buried on the field; George Brownell,
born in Pawling, April 19, 1844; Milton Brownell;
Isaac Brownell, dead ; William H. Beach, born in
Pawling, February 26, 1837; Charles S. Dodge,
born in Pawling, January 19, 1843, was wounded
at the battle of Cedar Creek, October 19, 1864;
WiUiam Owen Dennamy, born in PawUng in 1845,
served three years ; George H. Dascum ; W. H.
Nichols, born in Washington, N. Y., February 20,
1834, served one year and one month and died in
hospital at Baton Rouge; Jeremiah S. Pearce,
born in PawUng, August 28, 1837, was promoted
after one year's service to First Lieutenant, and in
July, 1864, was promoted to Captain ; Archibald
Penney, born in Pawling, January 27, 1846 ; David
Sprague, born in PawUng, June 9, 1831, died May
5, 1863, at Baton Rouge, La., where he was buried ;
Solomon Woodin, born in PawUng, June 29,
1843, was discharged on account of disabiUty Feb-
ruary 20, 1863 ; Charles Wesley Wilcox, born in
Dover, N. Y., February 13, 1835; William H.
Millard, after serving about eight months was pro-
moted to First Sergeant, which office he held until
mustered out.

Co. i^.— Randolph Meade BrowneU ; Egbert
Brill, born in PawUng, June 8, 1832, was dis-

charged for disability after serving nearly a year ;
John J. Evans ; Alexander Jones, born in Dover,
N. Y., October 17, 1832, was promoted Corporal
in September, 1862 ; Isaac W. Olivitt, born in
Pawling, April 5, 1847; was killed by a sheU at
Port Hudson, in July, 1863 ; James H. Penney,
born in Pawling, September 25, 1843 ; James L.
Stephens; Gilbert A. Stephens; Samuel Wilcox,
born in Pawling, in October, 1845, died at Baton
Rouge, La., in 1863; Jacob Paulis, after serving
nearly two and one-half years was taken sick, and
after a furlough he was taken prisoner October 9,
1864, and died July 8, 1865, in Richmond, Va., —
starved to death, — and was there buried.

Co. /—Albert M. Barker ; Wheeler G. Cronk,
bom in Beekman, N. Y., February 26, 1831, was
promoted Corporal, and died in Baton Rouge La.,
October 24, 1863; William Gulliver, born in Paw-
Ung, August II, 1843 ; Benjamin P. Worden, was
discharged for disability near Fairfax Court House,
Va., in February, 1863.

Companies Unknown. — Benjamin S. Hoag, born
in PawUng, December 2, 1834 ; Lorenzo D. OUvitt ;
EUhu S. Wing, born in PawUng, November 3,
1843, was discharged for disability in November,
1862 ; WilUam Bingall, deserted ; Thomas Fur-
long, deserted ; Spoffard Millard ; John Richmond,
deserted ; Martin Basely ; Robert J. Michael ; W.
J. Worden ; WiUiam Henry Mulkin.

\Zoth Regiment, Co. A— Perry W. Chapman,
born in Dover, N. Y., March 27, 1841, pro-
moted to Second Lieutenant, September 23, 1862,
again in 1864, to First Lieutenant, and again in
March, 1865, to Captain by brevet, by order of the
Secretary of War, and is now living in PawUng ;
Caleb Davis, Jr., born in Pawling, December 3,
1841, was transferred to 2d U. S. Cavalry; Merritt
Davis, born in PawUng, in 1845, was transferred to
2d U. S. Cavalry, January 21, 1863, in which he
served the remainder of his time ; Henry Pearce,
M. D., was born in PawUng, March i, 1833, re-
signed in consequence of injuries received by the
fall of his horse, and afterwards served as A. A.
Surgeon in the Eastern Department, now a physi-
cian in PawUng, N. Y.; Philip Davis, born
in PawUng, in 1839, died in Baltimore, in June
1863 ; Caleb Davis, Sr., born in PawUng, Octo-
ber 10, 181 1 ; WilUam Miller, born in Paw-
ling, May 15, 1832; George Miller, born in
1833 : John Slocum, deserted in Baltimore; Dan-
iel Washburne, died at Point Lookout Hospital,
September 20, 1863 ; Denmore Whaley, born in
Sherman, Conn., April 29, 1803, still living in Paw-



ling ; William Prout, was discharged for disability
June 27, 1863 j George Burhans.

i^h Heavy Artillery. — James Banks, born in
Pawling March 27, 1847, dead; John Banks,
born in Pawling, July 10, 1849; John IngersoU,
was taken prisoner at Brandy Station and died in
Libby Prison ; Charles Mosher, born in Pawling
January 12, 1839, served two years and re-enlisted
for three years more ; James Morey, born in Fish-
kill, N. Y., in 1840, died August 16, 1862 ; Nathan
Penney, born in Dover, N. Y., July 7, 1836, served
two years and re-enlisted, and remained in service
one, year and ten months ; Charles Harris, born in
Fishkill, N. Y., November 12, 1821 ; George S.
Vanderburgh, born in Pawling, September 10,1842,
promoted to Corporal April i, 1864; Myron Jones,
born in Dover, N. Y., February 25, 1827 ; Charles
Davis, born in Pawling, July 20, 1825, served
two years, re-enlisted and served one year and
ten months; Norman Davis, born in Pawling
April I, 1839, served two years, re-enlisted
for three years more and died October i,
1864; Ephraim Davis, born in Pawling in
1826, died of typhoid fever August 15, 1864, on
Davis' Island, where he was buried; Henry
Swords, born in Pawling February 22, 183 1;
Henry Lawrence, served one year and six months,
was wounded in the foot at the battle of the
Wilderness, and was discharged July 28, 1865;
W. H. Wilcox ; William Worden ; Alonzo Town-
send ; Daniel Townsend ; Daniel Callahan ;
Silas J. Haviland; Augustus Thomas ; George W.

Scattering. — Patrick Curryj died in Suffolk, Va.,
in 1862 ; Patrick Fannell; Henry Moore, promot-
ed to Second Lieutenant in January 1864, pro-
moted to First Lieutenant in 1865 ; John V. Moore ;
Hiram I. Sherman, born in Pawling April ?i, 1834;
Jerome Worden, born in Pawling, October 15,
1846; Stephen Worden; George Kirby, went out
as Second Lieutenant, promoted to First Lieuten-
ant, in September, 1862, promoted to Captain in
March 1863 ; Charles Dutcher, born in Dover,
N. Y., October 24, 1842, A. A. Paymaster in
Navy, entered the service September 26, 1863;
John M. Olivitt, born in Pawling, June 27, 1843,
served two years and a half and re-enlisted in
same regiment; John Ett, born in Dover, N. Y.,
May 2, 1845, served two years seven months and
seventeen days, and died of heart disease at
Donaldsonville, July 17, 1864, and was there
buried ; Amos Woodin ; George P. Reed ; George
W. Mulkin.



The Akin family of which Hon. Albert J. is
now (1882) the oldest representative member, has
always been one of the most important in Duchess
County. Of Scotch origin and Quaker lineage, the
second American representative, left New England
for its persecutions and settled upon Quaker Hill
in the town of Pawling, and there his descendants
have made a continued stand for several genera-
tions. Sectarian persecutions from which the New
England Quakers were sufferers, added largely to
the independent and intelligent populatien of
Duchess County, but it received no more conspicu-
ous advantage .from any source than from the
arrival of this Akin refugee.

John Akin, from whom the American branch of
the family descend^, originally came from Aber-
deen, Scotland, in the year 1680, and settled at Dart-
mouth, Bristol county, Mass. He remained there
until June 1746, when he died at the age of eighty-
three years. His first wife was Hannah Briggs.
After her death he iparried again and by the two
wives became the father of fifteen children.

David, the oldest of these children, was born
September 9, 1689, and married Sarah Allen, by
whom he had ten children. He was the first of the
family to settle at Quaker Hill. David Akin's eld-
est son, John, married in 1742, Margaret Hicks
and had four children. One of these, John Jr., was
born Nov. 11, 1753, and in 1775 was united in
marriage with MoUie Ferriss. Six children were
the fruits of this marriage, of whom the oldest was
Albro, born March 6, 1778. On the i8th of
November 1801, Albro was married to Pauline
Vanderburgh, daughter of Col. James Vander-
burgh, of Beekman, and one of a family of eight-
een children. By this and subsequent marriages,
Albro became the father of ten children, the eldest
of whom by his first wife was Albert John, born
August 14, 1803, and the subject of this sketch and
the original of the accompanying engraving.

Hon. Albro Akin, the father of Albert J., was a
leading merchant, farmer and Democrat of the
County all his life ; representing the County in the
General Assembly, and was for a considerable pe-
riod one of the County Judges. When he re-
signed the latter office his brother, Hon. Daniel D.
Akin, succeeded him. Albro died in 1854, at the
ripe age of seventy-six.

At an early age Albert J. attended school in
New York City, Southeast Centre, Putnam county,
and Red Hook Academy in the successive winters,
and assisted in his father's business summers.
After leaving school he was wholly occupied by his
father's pursuits until 1823, when the mercantile
part of the business passed into the hands of his
uncle Daniel, and he left for a clerkship in a lead-
ing dry goods house in New York City, being then
unwilling to confine himself solely to a fanning


life. This clerkship continued until the firm he
was with dissolved, and he embarked for himself in
a mercantile career in that city. This occupation
continued for a few years, until by his application
his health entirely failed and obliged him to give
up and return to open air life upon his native hills.
For several years he remained incapacitated for
active pursuits of any kind, but later, about 1834,
he was barely able to take up farming once more,
which he did upon an extensive scale, and contin-
ued it with broken health but great success down
to the date of this sketch, (1882.)

In 1836, he was married to Jane Will-
iams, of the city of New York.

Mr. Akin became interested in the
extension of the Harlem Railroad from
Croton Falls, northerly through his native
town to Dover Plains. He was at that
time one of two gentlemen who raised
$100,000, which was the condition of that
extension, and was so successful that be-
fore the close of 1848 that portion of the
railroad was complete. The next year
he was elected a director of this raikoad,
holding the office for fifteen years.

In 1849, ^^ organized the Pawling
Bank which immediately elected him its
president, and has continued him in that
office ever since. The Bank has been
one of the most successful institutions
in the State.

In 1880, he resolved to erect a hall
upon Quaker Hill, for the religious and
literary use of the neighborhood. This
was completed and endowed by him the
following year and was opened as "Akin
Hall" in July, 1881. This uncommonly
tasteful structure and its accompaniments
must have involved an expense of not less
than $25,000. About the same period he
originated the project of a large and
elegant summer hotel in the same locality.
This has since been completed at a cost
of about $100,000, most of which was
contributed by Mr. Akin. In this year (1880) he
was chosen as one of the presidential electors to
his native State on the Republican ticket and was
thus entitled to a vote for the martyred President.
To these important duties have' been super-added
directorship in several prominent incorporated
companies in the City of New York, to the success
of which his rare judgment has largely contributed.

If it be considered that Mr. Akin has been dur-
ing all these years a confirmed invaHd, his activi-
ties, as well as his later conspicuous philanthropy
combine to make him a marked man. His clear
uprightness of character, his wealth, his success,
his enterprise and generosity, will leave him an un-
usually honored memory.

During his entire life his summers have been
spent in the attractive high land country where he
was born and his winters at his residence in the
City of New York. Being without children his
home has never been without the attraction of


meces who have brightened hearth and heart and
made a marriage which was happy in itself almost
mdependent of tl^e vicissitudes of health and cir-
cumstance. If such men are not rare then man-
hood is in itself more creditable. If they are rare,
the more credit to him who has given his fellow-
men the attractive force of such an example.

Thomas Taber was a native of Rhode Island
and settled in the town of Dover in 1760, on a



tract of land which has been occupied by his de-
scendants to the present time.

William, the son of Jeremiah, and grandson of
Thomas Taber, was born December 10, 1796, and
died in January 1863. In October, 1822, he
was united in marriage with Eliza Sherman, who
died February 5, 1841. To them were born four
children of whom two are now Hving, viz.: — Wm.
Henry, born May 4, 1825, and Walter- F., born
October 29, 1830.

William H. was raised upon the old homestead
where he followed the occupation of farming and
stock raising and was a dealer in merchandise at
Pawling nine years.. In 1852 he was united in
marriage with Catharine, daughter of Benjamin
F. Flagler, of Beekman, by whom he had two
children, Harriet Eliza, born Sept. 26, 1853, and
Amelia, born Feb. 10, 1855. Mrs. Taber died
September 26, 1855, and in 1858 Mr. Taber was
married to Elizabeth Thomas, of Dover, who also



died, April 6, 1874, leaving three children, as fol-
lows : — George A., born March 21, i86oj Nellie
F., born June 6, 1861; and Charles W., born Feb-
ruary 21, 1864.

Mr. Taber is one of the leading representative
men of the day. In politics he is a Democrat.
He has been Justice of the Peace, Supervisor and
Assessor of his town. His farm, which consists of
260 acres, borders on the State of Connecticut, the
northeast corner of the town of Pawling and Quaker
Hill. The residence was erected in 1790, but has
been changed and greatly improved by Mr. Taber.
Harriet Eliza Taber is now the wife of William H.
Osborne, of Pawling.

"Homestead," the residence of William H.
Taber that appears in this work was purchased by

the great-grandfather of the present owner in 1760.
Mr. Taber is the fourth owner of the property
since that time; it having remained continually in
the family. The name " Homestead " was given
it by Mr. Taber, as decidedly appropriate, it being
the oldest possessioned piece of property in this
County, and we may say in this part of the State j
remaining in one family 122 years. There is a family
burying ground on the place in which the great-
grandfather and father of Mr. Taber are buried.
The farm contains 260 acres, and is used by Mr.
Taber for stock purposes ; he carries on the
butcher business and is an extensive dealer in
stock. The place is located in the north-east ■
corner of the town of Pawling, six miles from
Pawling station.

Names of Citizens




Bartin Mary C, p o City.
Barton Lewis B., p o Amenia,

Bartholomew George, po Amenia, retired gentleman, owns
homestead, born In Litchfield county, Conn., settled
in county in 1873 ; wife Sarah Wheeler, born in
Duchess county, married in 1871.
Baylis Frank, p o Amenia, farmer and cream dealer, 332 acres,
born in Amenia, Sept. 14, 1816 ; wife Hattie A. Oline,
born Jan. 13, 1854 ; married May 16, 1S78 ; one child,
Albert A. Bajrlis, born June 10, 1879; was the first to
bottle and ship cream to the New York market. Abiah
P. Baylis born in Amenia, Jan. 1, 1805, died in 1873 ;
married Jane Case, who died loaving two children.
He then married Mary Jane Gregory, of Rensselaer
' county, four children now living. William Baylis was
one of the oldest settlers.
Benjamin C. M., general merchant, born in county in 1832, has been
supervisor two terms, town clerk many years and h^ld
several other town offices. Daniel Benjamin, bora in
Conn., in 1793; came to Duchess countyin 1820 ; died in
1857 ; was a prominent member of the firm " Benjamin
& Caulkins.^' C M. Benjamin commenced business in
1866, purchased store in 1861.
Benson Joseph H., p o Wassaic, farmer, 900 acres, born in
Dover, in 1815 ; wife Helen Hall, born in Duchess
county in 1820, married in 1845; five children— Mary
E., Piatt J., Augusta E., Franklin D., and Ella E.
Samuel Benson, bom in Dtichess county in 1779, died in
Benton Ezra B., born in Amenia, in 1839, owns the old estate of
380 acres ; wife Rebecca L. Hitchcock, born in Amenia
. in 1811, married in 1865 ;— one child, Lillian M.. born
!fil8e6. William A. Benton, born in Guilford, Conn.,
in 1788 and died in 1865. Homer Hitchcock, born in
Sharon, Conn., in 1805, died in 1875; two children-
Sarah Hitchcock Chapman, born in 1843, and Steven
Hitchcock born in Conn., purchased the farm in 1810
afterward died.
Bertine Robert, p o City, owns homestead, born in New York
or Westchester, in 1804, died in 1877 ; Tvife Mary C.
Barnes, born in New York, married in 1835 ; five
children — Ann Eliza, Gertrude R., M. Fannie, Jose-
phene M.,' Hobert D,
Bird Mary C, p o Amenia Union.

Bird Edwin, p o Amenia Union, owned the homestead, born in
Amenia, in 1820, died in 1852 ; wife Hannah Maria
Paine, born in Mass., in ISiS, married Oct. 26, 1841 ;
four children, three living— Helen M., born in 1846,
George H., born in 1848, Mary C, born in 1852. Helen
married Henry V. D. Reed, born in Amenia and mar-
ried in 1866.
Bird Henry, p o Amenia, farmer 260 acres, born in Amenia in
1799, died in 1860 ; wife Parnell Parsons, born in Amenia
1803, married in 1820; children dne— Milo, born 1828.
Joseph Parsons, born in Duchess county, in 1783, died
in 1813
Case Warren, p o Amenia, retired saddler, born in Newark, N.
J., in 1803, settled in county in 1856 ; .wife Abbey A.
Reynolds, born in Duchess county in 1813, married in
1833. Jonathan P. Reynolds, b.orn in Rhode Island, ia
1786, died Feb. 2, 1870. married Sarah Jarvis, of Conn.,
born in 1791, married in 1819, died May 12, 1880 ; two
chiidrdn now living, Abbie A., and Jane Eliza Bartlett,
born 1811.

Caulkms E. G., general merchant in firm of Benjamin & C
born in North Bast, Duchess county, in 1821 ; wife
Louisa Benjamin, born in Duchess county, married in
■ ;— two children, Piatt B., and Henry M.

Oaulkins Piatt B., p o Amenia, general merchant, born in
Duchess county, in 1853, commenced business in 1880
„, „ Enoch G. Caulkins. born in Amenia, Duchess county!
Ohaffee Jerome S., p o Leedsville, farmer 290 acres : born in
Sharon, Conn,, Dec. 14, 1814, settled in county in 1855
assessor for two terms: wife Aritta Stuart, born in
Kent, in 1812, married in 1839, died in 1873, leaving one
son— James, born in 1847. Jerome then married Adelia
Fuller, of Sharon. Conn., in 1876,
Chaffee James S,, p o Amenia Uuiiji, farmer, born in 1846, has
been highway commissioner of town ; wife Lydia Judd
of Conn., born in 1851, married in 1872 ;— four children
Jerome S,, Edward J., Aritta, Everett S. '

Cline Albert, p o South Amenia, farmer 266 acres, born in
Amenia, in 1828 ; wife Eliza Spinks, born in New Haven
Conn. ; married in 1854, died in 1872 ;— four children'
Albert then married Rebecca Wilson, of Duchess
county, born in 1843, and married in .1873 ; children-
Harriett A,, Philo R., Chas. A„ and Maria B. Philo
Cline born in Amenia, and died in about 1862, married
Harriett Swift, of Duchess county In 1830 who died In
Chamberlain O., general mercantile business, born in
Amenia in 1818 : wife Charlottte A. Wakeman, born in
1824, died in Sept. 1861, married in 1853 ;— one child,
Charlotte M., born in 1861 ; married Mary E. Wicks,
of Monroe county, in 1863, she was born in 1834 ;— two
children, Alexander M., and Chas. W. Commenced
business in 1855.
Conklin Nathan, p o Amenia, farmer 20 acres, born in Duchess
county in 1829; wife Margaret V. Thompson of Duch-
ess county, married in 1859; children two — Anna and
Amy. John H. Conklin bom In Duchess county in
1790, died in 1870; married Eliza Huntington, born In
Duchess county in 1800, married in 1818, died in 1868
leaving five children, Mumford, Isaac H., Elizabeth,
John and Nathan. The grandfather, Nathan Conklin,
born in Long Island, settled in county about 1781, and
died in 1827.
Culver Walter B.. p o Amenia, farmer and dairyman, born in
Pine Plains in 1837; wife Hattie Mygatt of Duchess
county, married in 1863; children five, MaryE., Laura,
Ambrose M,, Dudley D,, and Harry W. Backus Culver
bom in Pine Plains in 1806, died in 1870; wife Abbie
Drew of Connecticut, born in 1809, married in 1830 and
died in 1870: children four, Laura B., VInnie B., Dud-
ley G., and Walter B.
Flint Augustus, p o Amenia, farmer and dairyman, 280 acres,
born In Amenia, Duchess county in 1807; first wife
Catherine J. Bockee of Duchess county, bom in 1811,
married in 1835, and died April 9, 1843; children three,
George, born in 18:)6, died in 1862, Jacob, born in 1838,
died in 1841, and Marths, B., bom In 1841; second wife
Julia Lord 'of Litchfield county. Conn., born in 1814,
married in 1847; children one, Chas. A. Flint, born
1847. JabBZ Flint, born in Windham county. Conn., in
1756, came to Duchess county in 1782, and died in 1844,
farmer; married Elizabeth Merritt, bom In West
Chester, and died about 1792; second wife Mary Payne,
born in Duchess county in 1770, married in 1793, died
in 1843 leaving six children, of whom two are now liv-
ing; Jabez Flint was engaged in the Revolution.


Frost Hyatt, p o Amenia, importer of wild animals and farmer,
18H acres, born in South East, Putnam county, March
4, 1827, settled in Duchess county May 12, 1867; -wife
Sarah Halstead, born in Ancram, Columbia county,
married Jan. 19, 1864; children two.

Gould H. J., {general carriage and wagon manuf'r, born in
Amenia in 1856; father John Gould, born in Germany
in 1814, came to Duchess county in 1848, died in 1864;
wife Mary Ring, born in Germanj in 18.30, and married
in 1848.

Guernsey D., M. D., p o Amenia, physician, 500 acres, born in
Milan, Duohess county in 1830, surgeon of TJ. S. V.
and President Duchess County Medical Society; wife
Lydia'A. Reynolds, born in Amenia, married in Octo-
ber, 1861; children one.

Hebard Newton, p o Amenia, cashier of bank, owns 280 acres,
born Poughkeepsie October 14, 1837; wife Hattie E.
Per Lee, married October 5, 1865.

Ingraham Geo. W., p o Amenia, farmer and lawyer, 120 acres,
born in Duohess county in 1811; wife Electa Hunt. of
Connecticut, married in 1834; children four, three liv-
ing—Sarah J., Aaron H., Phebe, and George I. Hunt:
Aaron H. was First Lieutenant, and was killed at Cold
Harbor, Va.

James Geo. D., p o Amenia, farmer, 265 acres, born in Amenia
in 1837; wife May B. Hall, of Chautauqua county,
born in 1833, married in 1858; children four— Charles
A., Lina V., Richard H., and Carrie H. Samuel R.
James, born in Duchess county in 1802, died about 1870,
farmer; wife Margaret Force, born in New Jersey in
1800, died in 1856.

Kirby John B., p o Amenia, farmer, 310 acres, born in Pawling
in 1833, was town commissioner in 1880: wife Emma J.
Barton, born in Duchess county in 1844, married in
1863; children two — Georgia B.. born in 1865. and Nel-
lie M., born in 1873. Uriah Kirby, born in Pawling in
1789, died in 1852. Luther Barton, born in Duchess
county 1841; wile Helen Chamberlin, born in Duchess
county, married in 1867. died in 1870.

Leroy Josiah, p o City, farmer, 201 a&res, born in Ulster county
in 1800, settled in Duchess county in lb35; wife Julia
Mackey, born in Ulster county in 1803, died in 1869,
married in 1821; children seven— Leroy, Jeremiah,
Daniel, VanAUen, Henry, James, and Aurena L.

Mabbett R., p o Amenia.

Mead John F., p o Amenia, owns 300 acres, born in Amenia in
1834; wife Mary Mygatt, born in Amenia in 1838, mar-
ried in 1858; children three — Emma M., born in 1861,
Edward C, born in 1863, Franklin P., born in 1870.
John K. Mead, born in Amenia in 1799, died in 1873;
wife Jane A. Sutherland, born in Amenia in 1808, and
married in 1828; children six. His father John Mead,
Jr., bom in Amenia in 1T61, died in 18-^8; the grandfath-
er, Capt. Job Mead, served in the Revolution, was born
in Connecticut, and came with his father to Duchess
county in 1740.

Murdock H. B., p o Amenia, superintendent of Manhattan Min-
ing Company, born in Massachusetts in 1840, settled
in Duchess county in 1867.

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