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Mygatt Abram P., p o Ameniu, farmer 180 acres, born in Amenia
in 1811 ; wife Louisa Rundle, born in Duchess county
in 1817, married in 1840; children four— Julia, 37 years
old, Anna, 35, Henry, 33, and Laura. 30. Thomas My-
gatt, burn in Duchess county, and died in 1814.

Mygatt Ambrose, p o Amenia, retired farmer, 400 acres, born in
Amenia io September, 1809, has been supervisor; wife
Mary E. Clark, born in North East in 1811, married in
1834; children three— Emily C, born in 1837, Mary M.,
in 1839, and Harriet J., in 1836; the mother died in
1865, and the father married May Drew of Connecti-
cut; she was born in 1812, and married in 1867.

Palmer Abiah W., born in Duchees county in 1835; wife Jeanette
Yeamans, married in 1873; children two— Rowland S.,
and an infant.

Parsons Warren, p o Amenia, farmer and stock raiser, 210 acres,
born in Duchess county in 1805; wife Caroline Rowe,
born in Duchess county in 1813, married in 1834; chil-
dren four— Theron W., Chas. A., and Fannie and Frank
(twins) Andrews Rowe, born in Duchess county in
1780, and died in 1860.

Per Lee Walter P., p o Amenia. farmer and dairyman, born in
Chenango county in 1813, settled in Duchess county in
1813, supervisor two terms, assessor and other town
offices; wife Hannah E. Sutherland of Duchess county,
born in 1813, married in 1833; children six— Harriet E.,
Henry P., Sarah S., George B,, Julia E., and Helen C.
Walter Per Lee, born in Duchess county in 1800, and
died in 1860, farmer; five children now living; his
father, Edmond Per Lee,'boru in Duchess county in
1750, died about 1820; his father, born in France and
an early settler of this town.

Peters H. W., p o Amenia, farmer, born in Duchess county in
1816; wife Caroline Flint of Duchess county.

Powers Peter B., p o Amenia, farmer, 250 acres, born in Duch-
ess county December 82, 1823; wife Elizabeth Wheeler
of Duchess county, born in 1837, married in 1871.
Chas. W. Powers, born in Duchess county in 1803, died
in 1869, married Jane A, Benjamin of Duohess county;
children eight— five now living; bis father, Peter
Powers, born in Duchess county in 1768, died in 1848;
his father, born in Germany, settled in Duohess county
at an early day.

Putnam J. W.. p o Amenia, farmer and stock dealer, 400 acres,
born in New Hampshire in 1827, settled in Duchess
county in 1866, has been supervisor and assessor sev-
eral terms; wife Laura Hall, born in New Hampshire
in 1831, married in 1853; children three— Minnie, aged
as, Katy V., 23, and Drury W.. 21.

Pratt Peter, p o Amenia, proprietor Pratt's Hotel, born in Kent,
Conn., in 1844, settled in county in 1867 ; wife Julia
A. Stone, born in Conn., married in 1865 ; one child-
Minnie S. Purchased the old Putnam House'in 1867,
erected this house in 1875. Father John M. Pratt born
in Conn., in 1809, came to county in 1867 ; wife Charlotte
Mills, of Conn. She died in 1846.

Rundall Henry, p o Amenia, farmer 300 acres, bom in Amenia in
Duohess county, in 1881 ; wife Looinda A. Ranson, of
Ulster county, born in 1881, married in 1853; six chil-
dren-Herbert R , Clarence A., Arthur, Frank D.. Mar-
tin K., and Laura J. Henry RundalJ born in Duchess
county, in 1799, died, in 1871, married Nancy T. Suther-
land, of Amenia, born in 1830, died in 1869, leaving six
children, Sarah, Elizabeth, David, Henry, Mary and
Katy. Grandfather born in Long Island, settled in
county at opening of Revolution, and enlisted as Aide
to Col. Barker. Died about 1845.

Sherman S. W.. general stock-dealer, 260 acres of land, born in
Amenia in 1844 ; wife DoraE.Chadwick,ofWayne coun-
ty, married in 1866, two children— Cornelia T., born
in 1869 and David H. Jr., born in 1878. Father, Walter
Sherman, born in Dover, in 1806, died March 12, 1880 •
wife Cornelia AUerton, born in 1807, married in 1830;
two sons.

Sherman D. H., stock-raiser and farmer, 378 acres; born in
Amenia in 1837 ; wife Secelia Mayer, of Wayne county,
married inl 868; two children— Walter A., and Mary

Smith Albert C, p o Amenia, farmer, 800 acres, bom in Colum-
bia county, in 1820, settled in county in 1827. Mr. L.
Smith, born in Litchfield, Conn., in 1789, came to coun-
ty in 1812, died in 1864, farmer ; wife Sally Field, born
in Duchess county, in 1789, married in 1816 ; children
three— Albert, George G., born in 1823, and Louisa,
born in 1839, she married Nathaniel Hewitt, born in
Essex county, in 1819; died in 1866, married in 1851 ;
children two— May twenty-one years of age, and Al-
bertine, now fifteen.

Smith Nathan, p o South Amenia, farmer, born in Amenia, in
1848 ; wife Josephene Hufcut, married in March, 1873,
died in 1875, leaving one child, Josephene born in 1875.
He then married Sarah C. Barrett, born in Duchess
county, in 1847, married in 1877— one child.

Smith Nathan W., p o South Amenia, farmer, 275 acres, born
in Conn., in 1817, settled in county, in 1837 ; wife Ada-
line E. Holly, of Columbia county, married in 1846,
died in 1848, leaving one child— John H. Second wife
Esther Odell, of Jefferson county, born in 1888, mar-
ried in 1860.

Smith John H., general carriage and wagon manufacturer,
owns 75 acres of land and th^ homestead, born In
Conn., in 1821, settled in county, 1840,- has held several
town offices. Justice of Peace in 1879; wife Marie,
Reed, born in Amenia, in 1827, married in 1847: chil-
dren seven— Nathan, Sarah M., Myron, Belinda
Esther M., Edwin D., and John H.

Swift John M., p o South Amenia, farmer, born in Washington
in 181b ; wife Rebecca G. Cochran, born in Duoness
county, in 1816, married in 1841. Father Henry Swift
born in Amenia, m 1784, died in 1808 ; wife Rebecca
Warner, of Duchess county, died in 1858, leaving five

Tanner Dr. W. H., physician and surgeon in army, owns 350
acres of land; wife Aohsa M? York, bom in Oxford,
Chenango county, married in 1867: children Iwo—
James E., born in 1869, and M&ry M., born in 1874.
Doctor Tanner was appointed physician and surgeon
m the 47th regiment in 1861, and served four years.

Tftnner James W., p o Wassaic, retired farmer, 350 acres, born
in Amenia April 33, 1807; wife Rhoda A. HulDbard,
born in Connecticut in 1814, married in 1838; children
two— William H., born in 1836, and Anna M., born in
1841. William Tanner, born in Duchess county in 1790,
died in 1856, farmer. James Tanner died about 1818
aged 63 years, one of the early settlers, born in
Duchess county.

Thomas Walter B., p o Lithgow, farmer and general wagon
manufacturer, born in Duchess county in 1819, owns
115 acres of land; wife Jane McFarlin, born in Duohess
county in 1822, married in 1843, died in 1872, leaving
three children— John D., born in 1853, Anna E., born
in 1855, and Henry J., born in 1867. Charles E. Thomas,
born in Duchess county in 1792, died in 1864, a farmer.

Thompson John R.,p o Amenia, farm and windmills, 80 acres,
born in city July 8, 1851, has been justice of the peace
and assessor; wife Mary F. Thompson, New Fork city,
married October 11, 1877; children two.

Thompson Robert R., p o City, farmer and insurance agent 180
acres, born in Duchess county in 1816, postmaster ten
years ; wife Catherine S. Thompson of Duohess county,
born in 1824, married in 1841; children four— Ellen C.
George S., John R., Edward B.


Tleman Geo. H., farmer, born in Germany in 1856, settled in
Duchess county in 1858; wife Nellie Walker, born in
England in 1853, married May 8, 1880. John Tleman,
born in Germany in 18)^, came to Duchess county in

Underbill E. B., farmer, 265 acres, born In Putnam county in
1836, settled in Duchess county in February, 1874; wife
Sarah E. Miller, of Columbia county, married in 1864;
children two— Carrie M., and Charles B. Charles H.
Underbill, born in Greene county, died in Genesee
county in 1866, aged 45; wife Caroline M. Wager, of
Columbia county, died in 1878, aged 64 years.

Van HoTonburg Frank P., p o City, farmer, 165 acres, bom in
Duchess county in 1853. John Van Hovenburg, born
October 5, 1798, died July 17, 1859, wife Catherine
Tompkins, born in Duchess county April 10, 1818, mar-
ried March S8, 183^; children six— Jennie, born August
U9, 184-, Obas. B., born July 9, 1843, John C, born
March 23, 1846, Hester, born January 34, 1847, Cora,
born March 17, 1850, and Prank P., born November 15,

Vincent Egbert, p o Amenia, farmer and lumber dealer, born in
Duchess county in 1813; wife Caroline M. Vail, born in
Duchess county in 188i, married in 1839; cbildren two
— Georgiana, born in 1840, and Albert E., born in
1863. Hiram Vail, born in Union Vale, Duchess coun-
ty, in 1797, died in 1869; wife Matilda Doughty, born in
Beekman, Duchess county, in 1803, married in 1831;
children two. Hiram was a carpenter and afterwards
a banker.

Wheeler B. H., p o Amenia, farmer. 300 acres, born in North
East in 1813, has held the ofQce of assessor and others;
wife Emeline Clark, born in Duchess county in 1816,
married in 1849; children four— Mulford, Sarah, Clark
D., and Elizabeth, ^Father, Eben Wheeler, born in
Duchess county in 1780. died in 1869. Noah Wheeler
was one' of the early settlers

Wheeler Edmund E., p o Amenia, owns 185 acres of land, born
in North East in 1830, has been poormaster; wife
Laura Bundall, born in Amenia in 1835, died in 1876,
married in 1849; children four — Alice R., aged 30 years,
Annie E. 38, Fannie 34, Edmund J. aged 13: Jacob
Bundall born in Columbia county May 36, 1785, died
October 8, 1833, wife Eliza Mills of North East, born in
1798; married in 1834; two children now living— Sarah
I., DOrn in 1837 and Alice bornin 1834.

Wheeler C. D., p o Amenia, farmer, 309 acres, born in Amenia,
Ducness county, in 1848.

Wilbur Butledge, p o Amenia, superintendent, owns the home-
stead; wife Betsey Merchant, born in Litchfield,
Conn., married in 1833. died November 2, 1879; children
four- Albert B,, born in 1834, Sarah B , born in 1840,
and Ira E. and Ida B. (twins) born in 1846. David Wil-
ber, born in Rhode Island in 1770, came to county in
1771, died in 1852; shoemaker. ^

Winchester Milo F , p o South Amenia, general merchant and
postmaster since 1849, owns 76 acres, bom in Amenia
in 1833, was justice of peace twenty-six years, super-
visor four years; wife Mary Nase, born in Amenia in
1826, married In 1847; children two— Henry N., born in
1850. Sidney, born in 1857. Father Milo Winchester,
born in Duchess county Nov. 30, 1789, died February,
1860, was a hatter; his father Amariah Winchester,
was one of the first settlers, served in the revolution-
ary war.


Brill Rowland, p o Green Haven, farmer, .330 acres, born in
Beekman November 3, 18J1 ; wife Ann R. Johnson, of
Union Vale, married Feb. 19, 1846; children three-
George, Caroline and Rowland R.; father Cornell
Brill, son of John Brill, a native of county.

Brill John, p o Green Haven, farmer and miner, 2.300 acres,
born In town Sept. 16, 1818; wife Elizabeth Williams of
Union Vale, married Jan. 26, 1863; children three-
Carrie L., B. Allie, .and William V.; father Daniel
Brill, son of John Brill.

Brill Thomas D., p Poughquag, farmer, 266 acres, born m
town Aug. 1, 1838: wife Mary Jane Hurd of Pawling,
married Oct. 3, 1861; children five— Stacy C, Geroe D.,
George, Marv I and Thomas J. ; father Daniel Brill.

Brill Daniel F.,po Poughquag, farmer and distiller, 20 acres,
bom in town Jan. 7, 1809, settled on farm in 1854, has
been postmaster and justice of peace; wife Maria Sill
of Putnam county, married Dec. 21, 1842; father Henry
Brill; mother Elizabeth Dennis.

Brown Geo. W., p o Clove Valley, farmer and coal dealer, 143
acres, born in Pennsylvania Jan. 1, 1845, settled in
county in 1872, has been assistant superintendent of
iron works: wife Amanda Levis of Pennsylvania,
married Feb. 28, 1878; child one— Sarah. Father Samuel
Brown, was superintendent of iron works nine years,
died in county March 7, 1881; mother Sarah Britten of
Pennsylvania. .

Cooper Ephraim, p o Poughquag, farmer 130 acres, born in Oon-
necticut Aug. 24, 1806, settled in county in 1848, has
been overseer of poor three years; wife Sarah Ann
Roraback of Columbia county, married July 4, 1840;
children two— Andrew J. and Frances G.; father
William Cooper, son of William, a resident of Dover.

Cook J. H., p o Poughquag, farmer, 100 acres, born in Pawling
Nov. 20, 1820, settled in town in 1857; wife Lydia P.
Dodge, married Dec. 14, 1856. died Nov. 22, 1876; lost
one child— Joseph ; father B. Cook, son of Darius Cook.

Dodge Henry, p o Beekman.

Dodge Joseph, p o Poughquag, farmer and surveyor, 78 acres,
born in Pawling Jan. 13, 1830, settled in town in 1834,
has been town clerk eight years; wife Emily Benjamin
of East Fishkill, married Deo. 15, 1869; children two-
John and Amy, Father Wayman Dodge, wast^on of
Joseph, who was son of Newell Dodge, one of the early
settlers of county.

Dodge Wayman, p o Beekman, farmer, 195 acres, born in Paw-
ling Jan. 20, 1S05, settled in town in 1884, died April 4,
1880, was magistrate twelve years; wife Jane Stark of
Pawling, married Nov, 9, 1828; ohildien four— Joseph,
John, Ransom H, and Henry,

Doughty Charles, p o Green Haven, farmer, 96 acres, born in
town in 1841, has been justice of peace and assistant
revenue assessor; wife Mary E, Brown, born in Beek-
man, married May 23, 1865; children two — Morton B.
and Christopher B. ParentSL^William and Jane
(Brock) Donghty; grandfather William Doughty, son
of Joseph Doughty.

Doughty George T., p o Green Haven, farmer, 80 acres, born in
Beekman Oct. 16, 1816, has been assessor and super-
visor three successive years; wife Elizabeth Van
Benschoten, 2d wife Hester Eelley; children six;
parents William and Sarah (Van Wyck) Doughty.

Flagler Edwin, p o Poughquag, farmer, 140 acres, born on farm
July 29, 1835, has been assessor three years; wife
Madeline Birdsill of Putnam county, married May 9,
1859^ children four — Benjamin F,, Mary C, Annie C.
and Lillie L, Father, Benjamin Flagler, son of Zach-
ariah, son of Philip, son of Zachariah,

Flagler Theodore, p o Green Haven, farmer, 150 acres, born in
Beekman July 31, 1839, was assessor twelve years in
succession; wife Helen Jones of East Fishkill, married
in September, 1859; oneehild — Helen J,: father Gilbert
Flagler, son of Zachariah Flagler,

Haxton Williitm W,, p o Poughquag, farmer, 480 aoreSj bom in
Beekman March 19, 1839, has been supervisor and
treasurer and president of the agricultural society
twelve years; wife Maria Delong of Beekman,
married October 14, 1858; cbildren two— Benjamin
and William. Father Benjamin Haxton. was son
of Jeremiah Haxton, whose family occupied home-
stead for 120 years,

Jones John, p o Poughquag, farmer, 126 acres, born in Beekman
Sept, 19, 1835, settled on present farm in 1871, has been
highway commissioner, justice of peace and assessor;
wife Charlotte Stedwell of Pawling, married !■ eb. 21,
1855: children two— Oscar and Fred B. ; father John
R. Jones was son of Isaac R.

LaDue George E,, p o Stormville, farmer, 1"0 acres, born East
Fishkill, Jan, 25, 1838, settled in Beekman in 1863, has
been school collector ; wife Charity Horton, married
Nov, 39, 1852, died May 11, 1876, children two— Dewitt
C,. and Georgie, Father, Daniel was son of John La-
Due, of Conn,

Lawrence George W., p o Green Haven, merchant and post-
master, one acre, born in Washington, settled in Beek-
man in 1875, dealer in dry goods, groceries and hard-
ware. Parents William and Maria Lawrence.

Ludington Daniel, p o Poughquag, farmer and dairyman 437
acres, born in Pawling. Aug. 28. 1828, settled in town
in 1873, was supervisor In 1875, wife Elizabeth Corbin
of Penn., married Sept. 1*', 1847, children four— Susie
E, Thomas, Emma L, Gardiner, Annie L, Rogers, and
Henry S. Ludington, Parents Joseph and Susan (Sal-
mon) Ludington,

McCord Garrison C, p o, Beekman, farmer, 82 acres, born in
LaGrange, Oct, 27, 1821, settled in Beekman in 1864,
has been justice of peace and inspector of schools; 1st
wife Mary Townsend, 2d wife, Elizabeth Monfort,
married March 30, 1853, children three- William F,,
Ellen Eugene, and Sarah £mma. Father, John I, Mc-
Cord was son of William, the son of Samuel McCord, a
resident of LaGrange.

Miller Elnathan, p o Poughquag, farmer, 98 acres, born in Beek-
man, March 6, 1817, settled on present farm in 1860, has
been highway commissioner; wife Olive Cornell, of
this town, married March 14, 1860. Father, Nathan
Miller, son of Nathan, a former resident of this town.

Mulligan Owen, p o Beekman, engineer and foreman, one acre,
born in Ireland, April 27, 1838, settled In county, in
1866, has been foreman of Beekman Ore Mines since
1869; wife Jane McCuUy, of Ireland, married June 12,
1868; children three— Margaret B,, Peter and Thomas
Joseph, Father Pettr Mulligan, of Ireland, son of
Peter Mulligan.

Nicholson Dr. Clark A., p o Beekman, physician, surgeon and
farmer, 400 acres, born in South East, Putnam county,
settled in county, July 3, 1847, has been post-master,
several years; wife Caroline Bryant, of Beekman,
married Jan. 1, 1849, one son— William A., who is civil
engineer and assayer and Supt. of a gold mine. Dr.
Nicholson graduated in 1847 from the medical depart-
ment of the University of New York, has been a mem-
ber of the State Medical Society since 1868, commenced
the practice of medicine in Beekman, in 1847, and has
been largely interested in the development and sale
of iron mines in his and adjoining towns.


Peters Thomas E., p o Poughquag, farmer, 103 acres, born in
Beekman, July as, 1846, settled on tarm in 1876; wife
Emma E. Williams, of Beekman, married Oct. 6, 1S69;
one child— Carrie. Father, Theodore, son of Hewlett
Peters, resident of this town.

Plass John T., p o Clove Valley, clerk in Clove Spring Iron
Works, born in New York city, May 16, 1862, settled
in county, August 1, 1873. Parents, John T., and Mary
E. Plass, both natives of Hudson, Columbia county.

Plass Norman T., p o Clove Valley, assistant and president of
Clove Spring Iron Works, born in Hudson, Columbia
county, settled in Duchess county May 1, 1878; wife
Julia Plass, of Ghent, Columbia county, married June
13, 1866; children oner-George D. Parents John T. and
Mary B. Plass.

Pray Albert, p o Poughquag, farmer, 125 acres, born in Dover
August 18, 1815, settled on farm ic 1870, has been asses-
sor; wife Margaret B. Wyman, of Clinton, married
October 30, 1M2; children four-Hamilton, Blanch,
Andrew and Albertine. Father, Andrew, was son of
£phraim Pray, a resident of Dover.

Redevat Charles, p o Green Haven, trainer of horses, 12 acres,
born in Green Haven in 1834; wife Mary Jane QrifSn,
of this town, married in August, 1856; children five—
William, Frank, Clara G., Jennie and Theodore W.
Father, John J. Kedevat. Mother, Ann Clarkson,
daughter of Charles Clarkson of this town.

Reynolds Nathan B., p o Poughquag, farmer, 193 acres, born in
Beekman October 26, 1814, has been assessor fifteen
years, and overseer of the poor; wife Julia Gleason,
of Fulton county, married January 27, 1814; children
one— Helen Altana, who died April 21, 1867, aged 19;
Father, James, son of GrifBn, son of Benjamin, who
was one of the first settlers of Gardner Hollow.

Skidmore Andrew I , p o Clove Valley, farmer, 168 acres, born
in Beekman August 17. 1835, settled on present farm
in 1859; wife Fannie Wing, born May 31, 1838, married
November 17. 1868. Mother Sarah (Akins) Skidmore,
father, Jesse, son of Andrew, son of Andrew Skidmore,
of Union Vale.

Skidmore James C, p o Beekman, farmer, 108 acres, born in
Beekman October 27, 1803 settled on present farm in
1810; first wife, Mary Cornell, of Clinton; second wife
Lauretta Havelin,of Milan. Father, Andrew Skidmore.
Mother, Elizabeth Clapp, daughter of Thomas Clapp.

Skidmore Peter A., p o Beekman, farmer, 138 acres, born in
Beekman April 16, 1831, settled on present farm in
1833, has been assessor and highway commissioner;
wife Kuth N. Moore, of Moore's Mills, -married Decem-
ber 26, 1866; children one -Alfred M, Father, Jesse

Slade C. Aretas. p o Clove Valley, weighmaster in Clove Spring
Iron Works, born in Albany county June 28, 1837, set-
tled in Duchess county in February, 1869,- has been
justice of peace. Parents, S. V. B. and Maryette Slade,
residents of Westerlo, Albany county.

Sterling Henry D , p o Poughquag, farmer, z2 acres, born in
CooneC' lent January 10, IBIO, settled in Duchess coun-
ty in 1829, has been assessor three years, and school
commissioner; wife Amelia Vanderburgh, of Beekman,
married November 26, 18.34; children two— Alma Green
and George H. Father, Elisha Sterling. Mrs. Sterling
is daughter of Geo. Vandej burgh, and grand-daughter
of Col. James Vanderburgh, who was an ofBcer of note
in the revolution.

Storm Joseph H., p o Green Haven, farmer and stock raiser, 820
acres, born in StormviUe March 36, 1842, settled in
town in 1868, has been supervisor in 1879 and 1880; wife
Sophie D. Sheldon, born in New York city, married
September 4, 1867; children two— Wilson B., and Jean-
ette W.; father, John V., son of Abraham, son of Isaac

Sheldon Wilson B., p o Beekman, farmer, 560 acres, born in
Dover August 3, 1810; wife Hannah M. Doughty, of
Beekman, married April 1, 1840; children three.
.Williams Edwin L., p o Poughquag, farmer 117 acres, born in
Beekman August 12, lS37, has been supervisor, asses,
sor and highway commissioner; wife Sophia Emeigh,
of Union Vale, married in 1862; children eight;
father, John Williams, son of Wm. D. Williams, natives
of Duchess county.

Wright William M., p o Beekman, farmer, wagon manufacturer
and undertaker, born in Warwick, Orange county,
March 1, 1818, settled in Duchess county in 1839, has
been justice of peace and town clerk; wife Eliza
Beardsley, of Connecticut, married February 16, 1841;
children seven; father, John Wright, son of David,
who was a resident of Orange county.


Badgley George, p o Salt Point, farmer, 155 acres, born in
Duchess county, Feb. 8, 1791; wife Emma Seeley, born
Washington county, in 1794, married Dec. 20, 1815; chil-
dren five. ■

Bentley Gilbert, p o Bull's Head, farmer, 196 acres, born Pine
Plains, Jan. 22, 1810. Has been Member of Assembly

. in 184S, also supervisor and justice of peace; wife

Catharine Stewart, of Clinton, married Dec. 12, 1838;
children three— Elizabeth, Emma, and Irving. Father
was Henry Bentley and his father, Wm. Bentley, came
from Rhode Island, and his ancestors from England,

Barnes Edwin, M. D., p o Pleasant Plains, physician and sur-
geon, born in Troy, July 28, 1844, settled in county, in
1847; wife Matilda Armstrong, born In Duchess county,
mai:ried in 1866 ; two children living— Merta and Percy.
Read medicine with Hall, of Burlington Ohio, attended
lectures at Union University, Albany, and entered the
regular army on the medical staff Feb. 11, 1864. He
commenced civil practice Feb. 11, 1866.

Browning Ethan, p o Crum Elbow, farmer, 134 acres, born in
Hancock, Mass., settled in county, in 1846, is elder of
the Crum Elbow church; wife Anna P. Clapp, daughter
of Thomas and Lydia Clapp, born in Pleasant Valley,
married in 1815; children five— James C, Anna G.,
Charles P.. Theron M., and William J. Son of Jere-
miah and Martha Browning, natives of Rhode Island.

Brusie Dennis, p o Bull's Head, farmer. 230 acres, bom in Mass.,
Feb. 27, 1819, settled in county, in 1869; wife Phoebe
Owen, daughter of Barnet and Betsey Owen, of Penn.,
married Sept. 30, 1843; one daughter— Ada L. Lost
one named Carrie Waltermire. Father, Nicholas I.
Brusie who lived 60 years in Mass.

Butts Seneca, p o Clinton Hollow, farmer, 125 acres, born in
Amenia, Sept. 24, 1809, post-master at Clinton Hollow;
wife Hester Jane Stone, born in Conn., one child.

Carman James, p o Hibernia, proprietor of Glen Wood Mills,
owns 8 acres of land, born in Milan, Jan 3, 1818, settled
in town Feb. 13, 1877; wife Harriett A. Flagler, of La-
Grange, daughter of Isaac P. and Rebecca Flagler;
have four children- Mary Anna, Sarah B., Wm. P.,
and. Catharine H. Father, Phineas Carman, a miller
at North East, whose father is Richard Carman, a mil-
ler in Stanford.

Clapp Hicks, p a Clinton Ho^ow, farmer, 129 acres, born at
Pleasant Valley, March 17, 1818, settled in town in
1841, has been town clerk and is justice of the peace;
wife Catharine E, Allen, of Clinton, married in 1840;
children four — William A., George H., James E., and
Charles A. Sarah B. died Dec. 19, 1868, aged 26 years.

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