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' Father, Jas. H. Clapp, was son of James and Phoebe

Cookingham Philip D.. p o Pleasant Plains, farmer and member
of the firm of J. Z. Frost & Co., born in Duchess coun-
ty, in 1814, owns 165 acres, has been supervisor and
is now post-master; wife Lucinda Schultz. of this
county, married in 18S7; one daughter— Marietta Frost.
Son of Daniel and Margaret Cookingham.

Gookinham G. W., p o Clinton Hollow, farmer, 80 acres, born
in Milan, March SO, 1821, settled in town in 1845; wife
Abigail Briggs, born in Stanford, married Dec. 17,
1842; children two— .Thomas A. B., and Sarah Jane.
Father, David Gookinham was son of George Gook-
inham, both natives of this county.

Cookingham J. Calvin, p o Pleasant Plains.

Gookinham Jas. L., p o Clinton Hollow, farmer, 168 acres,
'born in Rhinebeck Oct. 29, 1826, settled in town in
1848; has been commissioner of highways three years
and' is assessor; wife Eliza Ann Pink, daughter of
John P. Pink, married Oct. 27, 186U; children two-
Sarah Catherine and Ella Jane. Father David Gook-
inham was son of George Gookinham.

Grouse Lydia D., p o Clinton Hollow, merchant, owns 16 acres
of land, born in Stanford July 31, 1810; wife of Sen-
eca Grouse, who was born Aug. 6, 1806, married in
1838; children two; husband died Aug. 6, 1872.

Decker Peter, p o Schultzvllle, farmer, 65 acres, born in Milan
Oct. 17, 1832, settled in 1862, has been overseer of the
poor two terms; wife Almira Case of Stanford, mar-
' ried Aug. 26, 1852, and is daughter of David Case-

Father David Decker, born in Columbia county, died
in Milan Oct. 11, 1880; mother Elizabeth Decker, died
Aug. 30, 1865, aged 68 years.

Devoe Charles, p o Clinton Hollow, farmer, 80 acres, born in
Hyde Park in 1814. settled in tbwn in 1857; wife Mar-
garet Marquat; children one — an adopted daughter,
Mary Ostrom. Son of David and Anna (Wheeler) De-

Dbughty. David H., p o Clinton Hollow, farmer 80 acres, born in
Pleasant Valley, Feb. 4, 1814; wife Margaret Young,
married in 1873; children two.

Doughty Oliver, p o Schultzvllle.

Downing John W., p o Bhinebeck, farmer, 146 acres, born in
Stamford Aug. 7, 1847, settled in town April 1. 1880;
wife Violetta Carroll, married Fob. 13, 1877; children
two— Anna May and Richard R. Father Richard S.

Fatel Jacob, p o Schultzvllle, farmer, 82 acres, born in province
of Bavaria, Germany, in 1818, settled in county in 1841,
has been game constable; wife Susannah Heover of
Milan, married in 1845; one son- Emerson. Son of
Peter and Charlotte Fatel.

Filkins Jas. A., p o Clinton Hollow, farmer, 85 acres, born in
Clinton July 25, 1834; wife Cordelia Smith, born in
Hyde Park, married Jan, 6, 1857; one son— Lewis S.
Filkins. Father Frederick C. Filkins.

Frost Jesse, p o Pleasant Plains, retired, owns six acres of land,
born on the Odell place in the town, in 1808; wife
Anna M. Frost, daughter of Jacob and Catherine
Frost, married in 1826. Jesse is son of Mordecai
Frost, who is son of Isaac Frost who first settled on
the Stringham farm in the town.


Frost J Z., p o Pleasant Plains, custom and merchant miller,
born in county in 1843, ow^s 50 acres of land, has been
supervisor and town clerk; wife Marietta CookinB-
ham. married in 1865: one child—Lillian Frost. Son of
Zophar and Prisoilla Frost.
Frost Zophar, p o Pleasant Plains, farmer, 138 acres, born m
Clinton Nov. 6, 1813, has been highway commissioner;
wife Prisoilla Travcr of this town, married in 1834;
children two — Catherine Ann and Jacob Z. Father
Jaoob Frost, a native of this town, and son of Zophar
Frost of Longlsland.
Qazley Elnathan, p o Pleasant Plams, farmer and drover, liz
acres, born in Pleasant Valley in 1808, settled in the
town in 1835, has been supervisor; wife Sarah B. Wil-
bur of Hyde Park, married Deo. 35, 1836; children
four— George Henry, Alonzo, Orlando and Emily;
Father Joseph Gazley of this town.
Griflen Jacob, p o Clinton Corners, farmer, 160 acres, born West-
chester county, Oct. 10, 1887, settled in county, in
April, 1829, has been commissioner three years; wife
Alice Wilson, born Duchess county January 10, 1855,
married October 10, 1878; children one. -
Hadden Ira T., p o Clinton Hollow, farmer, 136 acres, born in
Clinton, October 38, 1852; wife Rosa Sheriger of this
town, daughter of Edmund Sheriger, married In 1815,
children one— Susie May. Father Samuel Hadden
son ol Robert Hadden.
Haines Ezra B , p o Bull's Head, farm and feed mill, IIJ acres,
born in the town in October, 1837, has been overseer
of the poor three years; wife Anna Lent of this town,
married in 1858: children one— MaryB; Father Wilson
a native of Duchess county.
Haieht David B., p o Salt Point, farmer, 102 acres, born Duchess
county, January 19, 1813, has been clerk of district
twenty terms, supervisor three years, and chairman
of that board one year, was surveyor twenty-five
Haieht S J., p o Clinton Hollow, farmer, 105 acres, born Septem-
'ber 15, 1815, has been justice of the peace twelve years;
first wife Mary Alley, married October 18, 1837; second
wife Catharine Lyon, married February 9, 1854; child-
ren two.
Hicks Frederick, p o Pleasant Plains, mill and general mer-
chandise, owns store, house and lot, born in town ot
Washington March 17, 1827, settled in this town m 1874,
has been supervisor of Union Vale; wife Sarah Boyce
daughter of Jas. Boyce, married in 1849; children
two— Adelle J., and Morgan. Parents Benjamin and
Phoebe (Hami Hicks.
HttSted Calvin, p o Salt Point, farmer, 80 ao res, born in town of
Wasliingtoii ; wife Amelia Ganse, born in 1837, married
in 1859.
Hoyt Rev. Sherman, p o Pleasant Plains, retired clergyman,
owns 90 acres, born Stamford, Conn., March 21, 1807,
settled in county in 1827; served as pastor In Platte-
kill, Ulster county, settled there in 1840, and came to
Pleasant Plains in 1843, and preached in the Presbyte-
rian church in both places; wife Mary Ann Annan of
East FIshkill, married October 26, 1840; children two
livine— Wm A. Hoyt, station master at Ancram, Co-
lumbia county, and Dr Edwin S. Hoyt, of Sohu tzvije;
Kev. S. Hoyt was graduated September, 1839, licensed
to preach April, 1840, ordained September, 1840, and
installed in 1841.
Hutchison S. Nye, po Pleasant Plams. minister, owns MO acres
of land, born in Augusta, Georgia, December 29, 18«,
settled in county in 1854; first wife Abba Page Reed
second wife Sarah Matilda Seeley, married February
29, 1876; children six.
TbwbU John F D o Pleasant Plains, farmer, 147 acres, born in
JewellJohni.go±-ieas^ ^^^ 15, 1^16, settled in the town m

1868- wife Ani Efiza Merrihew, of Ulster county, mar-
ried in 1838; children two-Martha and AndrewJewell;
Father Henry Jewell is son of Harmon Jewell.

T.ent Abraham S n o Pleasant Plains, retired farmer, 200 acres,
Lent Al'rabam b.,^^o^rie^^ ^^^^^ ^^^ ^g^^^ ^^^^^^^

in 1830, has been assessor and overseer of the poor,
wife Mary Ann Cookingham; children ten liTmg-of
whom Abraham D, is an attorney and counselor at
Highland, Ulster county, and the remaining nine live
in this town.
Lyon Amos, p o Clinton Hollow, farmer, 1.30 acres, born in
l.yon ■^'""^•^gggoount July 29,1798; wife Margaret Sohryver,

born in 1802, married in 1823; children seven.
Miller Henrv J O o Pleasant Plains, farmer, 13 acres, born in
MillerHenryJ.,? o r^^ 4,1816; wife Nancy Banker of Greene
county, malried hi 1838; children one-Geraldine S.
OdeU Father John Miller is son of Godfrey Miller one
of the early settlers of Pleasant Valley.
Olivet Isaac A , p o Clinton Hollow, gardener, 11^ acres, born
Olivet Isaac A.^^p° January 29, 1819 has been town

superintendent; wife Gertrude M. Eipp, born June,
1823; children three,
oiirort Poiihon D o Bull's Head, farmer and auctioneer, 170
Rikert Reuben ^_^o BuU = '^^ ^,^^ fli" i'fsS- S f

Rachel Petit, of Clinton, married Ootdber 3, 1810, chil-
dren nine iiving-Minerva, Rachel M., Azro, George R.,
Artel?, Farley, Mary, Emory and Irving. Parents
George and Margaret Blokert.

Rymph James, p o Pleasant'Plains, farmer, 311 acres, born in
Hyde Park May 88, 1810, has been major of the 84th
regiment since July 12, 1834 ; wife Hannah Budd, of
Pleasant Valley, married in 1836; children three living
— George W., John J., and Albert J. Father, John
Rymph, is a son of George Rymph, one of the early
settlers ot Hyde Park.
Schultz Samuel, p'o Schultzville, farmer, 110 acres, born in
Clinton April 22, 1806, is son of Jacob F, Schultz, and
he is a son of Frederick Schultz, who is a son of Chris-
tian Schultz,lwho emigrated from Saxony and settled
in Rhinebeck. Frederick owned a number of farms in
this town.
Sheriger Edmund, p o Pleasant Plains, farmer and fruit grower,
288 acres, also maeon, builder and contractor, born lA
Hyde Park February 25, 1822, settled in town in 1855,
has been trustee^and elder in the church at Pleasant
Plains: wife Eliza Cookin^am, married December 19,
1849;'^ children six living. Parents, Andrew and Susan
(Myers) Sheriger.
Sleight W. H , p o Schultzville, merchant, born in Clinton De-
cember 27, 1839, has been town clerk one year, and
deputy postmaster eight years; wife'Mary E. Briggs,
born in Clinton in 1835, married in 1863; children one.
Began business at Schultzville in 1872.
Story Elias H., p o Schultzville, farmer, 91 ! acres, born in Milan
Julys, 18.30, is deacon of Schultzville church; wife Mary
E. Wildey, of Milan, married in 1852; children two-
Irving W., and Wm. H. Father. Morris C. Story, of this
Stoutenburgh Hiram, p o Clinton Hollow, farmer, 55 acres, born
in Clinton May 17, 1525, has been assessor and commis-
sioner of highways; wife Susan Wood, of Clinton, mar-
ried in 1876; children two living— Irving and Sarah.
Father, Marshall Stoutenburgh.
Thorn Stephen J., p o Bull's Head, farmer, 250acres, born in Mi-
lan June 8. 1845; wife LucretiaV. Dnderhill. born Long
Island, married June 10, 1868; children three— Sarah
Elizabeth, Ida, and Herrick. Son of Herrick and
Sarah Ann Thorn.
Traver Morgan L., p o Clinton Hollow, farmer, 126 acres, born
Clinton Hollow in October, 1812; wife Phoebe Schultz,
born April, 1812, married in 1836; children two.
Tripp Mrs. 'Mary A., p o Clinton Hollow, retired, born in Clin-
ton August 82, 1817, daughter of Isaac S. and Hannah
B. Haight; husband George C. Tripp, of Clinton, mar-
ried September 1, 1836; children eight— Julia'F., James
S., William M., Jacob, Martin F., Leonard I., Hiram
M., and Elting B.: lost one daughter, Helen A., who
died August 10, 187s, aged thirty-six years.
Van Vlack A. W., p o Clinton Corners, farmer 75 acres, born in
Fishkill March 8. 1808 ; wife Phoebe Devine, of Pleasant
Valley, who died September 27, 1854, married June 4,
1831; children three-Martha Ann, Phoebe Jane, and
Abram. Father, Andrew Van Vlack, is son of Abram
Van Vlack.
Van Vliet Lewis, p o Pleasant Plains, farmer, 158 acres, born
on the farm March 18, 1827, is jastice of peace and has
been highway commiseioner; wife Mary Caswell of
Poughkeepsie, married in 1869. Is the son of Levi
Van Vliet who is son of Cornelius and Helena G. Van
Wallace John H., p o Pleasant'Plains, farmer, 189 acres, born

, on the farm April 4, 1862; wife Irene Van Wagner of

Hyde Park, married Nov. 27, 1872; one daughter— Em-
ma. Father Hiram Wallace of this town.
Waltermire John, p o Schultzville, farmer, .32 acfes, born in
Stanford, Sept. 10, 1808, has been assessor nine years:
wife Jane A. Swartwout, born June, 1869, in Clinton,
married June 26, 1828; one child living.
Welch Cornelius, p o Bull's Head, farmer, 242 acres, born in
Rhinebeck in 1837, has iDeen assessor six years: wife
Delilah Tompkins of Pine Plains: two children living
—Frank S. and Charles E. Father, Benjamin Welch.


Aldrich Andrew J., p o Wing Station, farmer, 235 acres, bom in
Duchess county in 1837; wife Antoinette Aldrich, born
in 1837, married Deo. 11, 1867; one child— Charles,
born in 1872. Seth Aldrich, born in Washington coun-
ty in 1799, died in 1866.

Allis Hiram, p o Wing Station, farmer, 200 acres, born in
Dover in 1802; wife Mary G. Hoag, born in Dover in
1S08, married in 1838: children two— Phoebe J., born in
1640. and Sarah E. born in 1849. David Allis was born
in Dover and died in 1842 aged 70 years: Joseph Allis
died in 1812 aged 70 years: Cleveland Litus bom in
New York in 1813, married S irah E. Allis in 1868: chil-
dren two— Joseph A. and Stanley H.

Banks Willis H.,po Wing Station, farmer, 140 acres, born in
Putnam county in 1829, settled in county in 1863; wlte
Olive Mathewson, born in Broome county in 1829,
married in 1855; children three— William G., aged 23
years. Ella G., 14 years, and Merton, 11 years.

Bates Truman, p o Kent, Conn., farmer and stone mason, 40
acres, born in Roxbury, Conn., in 1824, settled in
county in 1838; wife Martha Cook, born in Duchess
county in 1835, married in 1848: one son— Frederick J.,
born in 1864.


Belding David L., po Dover Plains, farmer and stock dealer, 240
acres, born in Washington in 1816, founder of the Dover
bank in 1858; wife Mary McQuoid, born in New York
city, married in 18S0; children four— Charles W., John
L., Julia and Carrie.

Benson Joshua B , p o Dover Plains, farmer 86 acres, born in
Dover in 18S6; wife Susan Carpenter, born in Duchess
county in 1840, married in lB6a; ohlldlen three— Mary
Jane, Sarah E. and Alice.

Benson Darius S , ^ o Dover Plains, farmer 100 acres, born in
Dover in m38; wife Polly Jane Dutoher of Dover, born
in 1844, married in 1867; children six— Myron D.,
Charles H., Samuel A., Herbert, George, Carrie.

Benson Jas. V., p o Dover Plains, farmer, 300 acres, born in
Dover in 1823; wife Caroline, of Denmark, Lewis
county, married in 1874; children five — Clark H.,
George V., Mary J., Hattie M., Horatio S. Samuel
Benson born in Duchess county in 1781 and died in
1763, aged S3 years.

Benson Willis, p o Wing Station, farmer, 110 acres, born in
Dover, January 22, 1885, has been overseer bt poor and
inspector of election; wife Mary Ann Dutcher, of
DuchePS bounty, born in 1819, married In 1856. Daniel
L. Benson born in Duchess county in 1795, died in 1861 ;
Joseph Benson born in Duchess county in 1747, died in
1812; Ellis Benson born in Duchess county in 1800,
died in 1862, married Esther Dutcher, of Dover, born
In 1814, married in 1840.

Berry Cbas. H., p o Dover Plains, physician and surgeon, born
in Putnain county in 1844, settled in county in 1868;
wife Mary L. Briggs, of Michigan, married in 1869.

Brant A., p o Dover Plains, assistant superintendent, born in
Columbia county, April 15, 1826, settled in county in
1849, has been supervisor one term: wife Lydia Oakly,
of Columbia county, married in l857; children two-
Walter L. and Prank H. ; first wife S5;lvitt Sprague, of
Litchfield county. Conn., married in 1846; died in
1855, leaving two children, James S. and John; A.
Brant enlisted in Co. E, 150th N. Y. Vol., in Oct. 1862,
came out disabled in January, 1864; has been in the
employ of the Harlem Rail Road since 1849.

■ Colman Frederick, p o Wing Station, farmer, 600 acres, born in
Litchfield county, Conn., in 1812, settled in county in
1869: wife Ann Dutcher, of Dover, married in 1855;
children six— Charles, Mason, Frederick, John, Flora
and Julia.

Conkright Kphraim, p o Wing Station, farmer, 130 acres, born in
Dover in 1834; wife Helen Southworth, born in 1831,
married in 1S66, children one— Geoi;ge H., bornin 1871.
Joseph W. Southworth was born in Duchess county in
1795, and married Sarah Dennis,born in 1799 in Duchess
county, married in 1818, died in 1868. Wrti. Conkright
was bom in Dover in 1797, died in 1838; wife Phebe
Dutcher, of Duchess county, born January 12, 1801,
died October 16, 1875; children three- Abraham. John
B. and Maria .

Cornwell Chas., p o Wing Station, proprietor Wing Station
hotel, born in Duchess county in 1S56; wife Belle Bar-
ker, born in Kent, Conn., in 1854, married in 1876;
children one— Lena. John I. Cornwell was born in
DuchesS' county in 1826, died October 4, 1864; wife
Emily E. Townsend, of Duchess county, married in
1858; children two — Phebe and Charles.

Cutler William S., po Dover Furnace, farmer, 700 acres, born in

Dover in 1805_, has held several town offices ; wife Irene

^ Brush born in Conn., married May 20, 1858; children

three— Wm. B., born in 1859, Charles GifEord, born in

1861, and Hattie, born July 7, 1869.

Cutler Francis N., p o Dover Furnace, farmer, born in Dover in
1832, has been collector and commissioner; wifeEliza-
beth Carey, of Conn., married in 1864; children three-
George, John and Fred.

Cutler Calvin, p o Dover Furnace, farmer, 490 acres, born Dover
in 1797, assessor in 1849-'50-'51; wife Kezia Varney,
born in Dover in 1797, married in 1822, and died in
1858; children six living— Elihu and Eleazer (twins)
born in 1825, Priscilla born in 1827, Mary V. in 1828,
Sarah in 1830, and F. W. born in 1832; Eleazer married
Amaranth Eggleston, born in Dover Jflains in 1826,
married in 185:i; children three— William Cutler, born
in Dover in 1760, died in 1842, aged 82 years. John
Oifford was one of the early settlers of the county,
settled in Pawling, where he died.

Denton JereAiiahp o Win^ Station, farmer, bornin Duchess
county, in 1825; wife L. M. Ferris, bornin Pawling, in
Deo. 1826, married in 1852; children two— Charles F..
aged 26 years, and Frank A., aged 23 years.

Deuel Obed J., p o Wing Station, farmer and stock dealer, 273
acres, born in Dover, in 1839. Has been assessor and
member of board of excise, three years. Father,
Jacob Deuel, born in Duchess county, in 1797, died Oct.
27, 1879, married Charity Gould, of Duchess county
in 1829. She was born in 1803; children five— Obed J.,
Lydia A., Phebe G.. Elias H., and Emily H. Obed
Deuel is one of the five generations who have owned
the land that was taken from the government in

Dutcher Allen H., p o Dover Plains, rpvenue collector since Deo.
1869; born in Duchess county, in 1819; baa been post-
master 16 jrears, was elected assessor in 1880; wife
Mary A. Brick, born in England, In 1833, married in
1861; one child- Ernest P. FatHer, Belding Dutcher,
born in Duchess county, in 1793, died in Jan, 1876.

Dutcher John Q., p o Wing Station, farmer, 75 acres, born in
Dover, in 1830; has been poor-master; wife Ada H.
Benson, born in- Dover, in 1834, married in 1852 ; chil-
dren five- Mortimer, aged 15 years, Sarah 13, Charles
12, Edith 9, Ada C. 7. Wilbur Dutoher, born iu Dover,
in 1802, blacksmith.

Edmonds Samuel, p o Dover Plains, farmer, 435 acres, born in
Dover in 1807; wife Caroline Hofgate Knickerbocker,
of Duchess county, married in 18^; one child — Myron.
Kennedy Edmonds, born in Rhode Island, in 1768,
came to county about 1790, died iu 1844.

Edmonds Myron, p o Dover Plains, farmer and stock-dealer,
born in Dover, in 1843. Has been supervisor three
terms; wife Sarah A. Delong of St. Lawrence county,
married in 1869, died in 1870.

Fry Albert, p o Dover Plains, farmer and cattle dealer, 150
acres, bom. in Dover, Feb. 25, 1834. First wife Sarah
Edmonds, of St. Lawrence county; married May 22,
1862, died in 1867, leaving one daughter, Carrie E. born
in 1863. Second wife Julia £. Styles, bornin ITlster
county in 1836, married May 6, 1875.

Fry James, p o Dover Plains, owns 250 acres of land, born in
Dover, in 18^8; wife Elizabeth A. Dutcher, born in
Dover in 1826, married in 1862; one son— J. Frank. Wil-
liam Fry wae born in Duchess county, in 1800, died
Nov. 21, 1874, farmer and tanner. Christopher Fry was
born in New York. Was a sailor. Finally settled in
Duchess county, was one of the revolutionary soldiers,
died about 1846 at the age of 82 years.

Hansen Richard, p o Wing Station, blacksmith, born in England
Dec, 8, 1843, settled iu ceunty in 1871, owns home-
stead and shop ; wife Mary Marten, born in England,
Oct. 29, 1842, married in 1864; children four— John E.,
Peter, Wm. T., and Elizabeth.

Haviland Asahel, p o Wing Station, farmer, 300 acres, born in
Pawling, in 1812; wife Phebe E. Preston, bornin Dover
in 1813, married in 1834. Her father A. Preston, born
in Dover, in 1785, died in 1860, married Elizabeth Ross,
born in 1786, married in 1806; children four— two now
living— Ebenezer A., born in 1818, and Phebe E. born in
1813. Mrs. Preston is now 83 years of age.

Haviland Park, born in Fairfield county Conn., in 1780, came to
Duchess county in 1803, died in 1856, farmer; wife
Lydia Irish, born in Duchess county in 1786, married
in 1804, died In 1814; children three now living.

Hoag Philip, p o Wing Station, farmer 225 acres, born iu Duch-
ess county in 1818; wife Mary Ward, born in Duchess
county in 1820, married in 1842, died in 1854, leaving
three children ; second wife Sarah Ward, bom in Duch-
ess county in 1838, married in 1865; children by first
wife— Noah A., born iu 1844, Martha W., bom in 1847,
and Frank P., born in 1853. Roselle Meade, born in
Putnam county September 11, 1848, came to Duchess
county in 1B7U, married Martha Hoag in 1875.

Hoag George, p o Wine Station, farmer 37>^ acres, born in Paw-
ling in 1819, has been road commissioner five years;
wife Marcia Ferris, born in New Milford, Conn., in

1826, married in 1843, died in 1859; children one— Mat-
thew A., bom August 26, 1844; second wife Betsey A.
Disbrow, born in Putnam county in 1827, married May
4, 1862. Matthew H. Hoag, bom in Dover June IS,
1796, died January 14, 1823, farmer; wife Sarah Spauld-
ing, born in Duchess county in 1783, married October
11, 1818, and died in November, 1872, aged 87 years;
children two— Phebe Ann, born in 18il, died in 1850,
Fannie Cowle. born in Pawling in 1852, married Octo-
ber 21, 1868, to Matthew A. Hoag.

Hoag Wm. J., p o Wing Station, farmer, 115 acres, born in Dover
in 1820; wife Betsey Baldwin, bom in Connecticut in
1828, married in 1848, died in 1856; children two— Hiram
B., and Florence B ; second wife Phebe Bowman, of
Duchess county, married February 6, 1861; children
six— Wm. B., Minnie, Mary, Clara, Bertha, Alice.
Father, John Hoag, born in Duchess county in 1790,
died 1869; children four.

Hungerford Abner G., p o Wing Station, farmer and harness
maker, 132 acres, born in Duchess county iu 1805: wife
Maria Sabins, bom in Duchess county in 1804, married
in 1829; children one— Mary H., who married Duncan
Ross, of Duchess county, born in Dover, March 8.

1827, married in 1854.

Hufout Horace D., p o Dover Plains, lawyer and farmer, 200
acres, bom in Dover in 1836, has been town clerk and
supervisor; wife Alice M. Glidden, of New Castle,
Maine, married in 1874; children one. George Hufcut,
Jr., born in Duchess county in 1808, died in 1880, farmer
and lawyer: George Hufcut, Sr., bom in Duchess
county in 1775, died in 1865, lawyer and farmer.

Eetcham John H., p o Dover Plains, merchant, farmer and
marble dealer, born in Dover Plains February 14, 1807,
died June 17, 1853, has been member of assembly two
terms; wife Eliza A. Stevens, born in Duchess county
October 16, 1808, married May 20, 1828; children cine-
William S., John H., Maria L., George W., James C.
' (dead,) Ebenezer S., Elizabeth, James andiMorria.

Ketcham A. J.,p o Dover Plains, banker, born in Amenia, March
18, 1819; first wife Sarah Anderson, born in Ulster
county; second wife M. F. Cowles, born in Delaware
county; four children living, three deceased.


Eetohain Wm. S., p o Dover Plains, farmer and marble dealer,
300 acres, born in Dover in 1830, has been supervisor
three terms ; wife Emily Litus, born in 183S, married
in 1858; children two— Wm. M., born in 1857, and 0.
Fred, born in 1863. James Ketcham born in Long

Island, came to Duchess county , died about

1869 or 70.
Ketcham J. H., p o Dover Plains, 35 acres land, born in Dover
Plains, December 21, 1832, has been supervisor, mem-
ber of assembly and senator; wife Augusta A. Belden,
born in New York city, married February 4, 1858;
children three.
Lossing Benson J., p o Dover Plains.

Martin James H., p o Wing Station, farmer, 123 acres, born in
Dover In 1833; wife Sarah H. Stevens, born in Duchess
county In 1834, married in 1865 ; children two— Eugene
H., born in 1856, and Annie, born in 1859. Wing Martin
was born in Duchess county in 1798, died in 1874; wife
Hannah Whitely, born in Duchess county in 1794, mar-
ried in 1823, died in 1834, leaving three children— John
J., Ann E., and James H. ; second wife Elizabeth
Whitely, born in 1190, married in 1840, died in 18B5;

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