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Carhart Daniel H., p o East Park, dealer in general merchan-
dise, owns 219 acres of land, born in Clinton, is post-
. master and first U. S. revenue collector; wife Char-
lotte C. Briggs, bom in Clinton, married Oct. B, 1854;
children two living— Edward W., and George B.
Parents, Richard and Catherine Carhart.

Carter Israel M., p o Hyde Park, edge tool manufacturer, born
in Hyde Park in June, 1829, has been collector, consta-
ble, and trustee of Are district ten years; commenced
business in 1847. Parents Robert S. and Maria Carter.

Coxhead John T., p o Hyde Park, manufacturer and dealer in
furniture, church furniture a specialty, born in Pough-
keepsie in 1858, is county secretary of I. O of G. T.,
was D. G. W. C. T. in 1873 and 1874. Father John F.
Coxhead, of Poughkeepsie, and his five sons are in the
same business.

Cronk Nathaniel T., p o Staatsburgh, farmer, 30 acres, born in
Westchester county in 1809, settled in Duchess county
in 1811; wife Aurelia Hall, of Union Vale; children
seven living. Father, Dennis Cronk.



Cummings Michael, p o Staatsburgli, station and express agent,
born in Ireland Sept. l9, 1823, settled in Duchess
county in 1847, owns ItiO acres of land, was first station
and express agent in the place, commencing Oct. 1,
1851; wife Hannah Hale, married in 1853; children six
living. Father, Edward Cummings.

Cudner Barra B., p o Hyde Park, dealer in hard lumber, born in
Patterson Jan. 27, 1824, owns 25 acres of land; wife
Maria J. Horton, born in Dnion Vale, children eight
living— three sons and five daughters. Parents Philip
and Maria Cudner,

Delamater Frederick, p o Hyde Park, wagon manufacturer,
born in Hyde Park, is town clerk, manufacturer of aU
styles of wagons and sleighs, is'also engaged in gener-
al repairing business. Parents'BenjaminE. and Amelia

Finan M. J., p o Pleasant Plains, farmer, 80 acres, born in Ire-
land in 1834, settled in Duchess county in 1876; wife
Jane Wynn, of Ireland; children six— Joseph, Peter.
Mary, Ann, Jane, and Patrick. Parents, Rodger and
Mary Finan. *

Fltchett John W., p o Poughkeepsie, farmer, 150 acres, born in
Foughkeepsie in 1815. has been assessor; wife Marietta
Frost, born in Pleasant Valley ; married in 1844; chil-
dren four — George R., Myers, Sarah Frances, and
Anna. Father, James Fltchett, son of Isaac Fitchett.

Fraleigh Wm., p o Pleasant Plains, born in Bhiuebeck Jan 14,
1809, farmer, 58 acres; wife Catherine Sleight, born in
Pleasant Plains ; children eleven living. Father, Peter
Fraleigh, a native of the town of Rhinebeck.

Greene Eugene, p o Hyde Park, dealer in stoves, tin, and hard-
ware, born in Fishkill in 1848; wife Libbie Valentine,
of Poughkeepsie, married in 1872; children one— Grace
A. Father, Henry Greene, was a native of Matteawau.

Haviland Henry Joseph, located in Hyde Park a homestead
of 1.33 acres in 1867, born in Beekman Sept. 24, 1829,
married Sept. 20, 1856, to Phebe UnderhlU; children
two— John J., bcrn Nov. 11, 1858 Benjamin H., born
Nov. 11, 1864. Beekman, eon of John, born Oct 9
1787, married Oct. 7, 1800, to Elizabeth Sudlow, died
Oct. 7, 1874, of Haviland Hollow; son of Thomas, born
Oct. 9, 1774, married Tamer Miller in 1765, died March
31, 1827, of Bye, Westchester county ; son of Benja-
min, bornin 1698, married Charlott Park, grand-daugh-
ter of Daniel and Charlott LeStrang, New Rochell,
exiled Huguenots from Paris, France, about 1685.
Children of Benjamin and Charlott — Benjamin, Roger.
Thomas, Daniel, Solomon, Isaac, John. Sophia, Char-^
lott, Abigail, Sarah, Mary, Althea, of Bye. Benjamin
Haviland, Jr., purchased in town of Rye 400 acres of
land in 1711; five boys— Benjamin, Thomas, Solomon,
. Ebenezer, Isaac. Benjamin Haviland, Sr., wife Abi-
gail, five childrrn— Benjamin, Adam, John. Abigail
and Bathia, of Flushing, L. 1., 1698, one of the pio-
neers. Phebe Underbill Haviland born In town of
Clinton, March 31, 1829, died Feb. 8, 1860, daughter of
David Underbill, bsrn May 25, 1792, married Feb 34
1815, to Hannab, daughter of Peter Hatfield, died July
1, 1644; son of Jacob, born March 6, 1764, married Oct

, 19, 17B6, to Anna Cohklin, died May 27, 1829; son of

Jacob and Amy Hallock; son of Jacob and Mary Un-
derbill, died Deo. 35, 1693; son Capt. John Underbill
who married Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Field of
Flushing, L. I., three eons— Abraham, Isaac, Jacob
Landed in Massachusetts in 1630, died in 1672 Ac*
cording to M. De Cerville, the distinguished Norman
antiquarian, the Haviland family derived its surname
from an important Neustrian fortress, so called situ
ated on the river Saire, three fiights of an arrow above
Saire Point, that is Barfleur in Normandy et a verv
remote period. The earliest mention of the castle of
Haviland is to be found in the Roman De Ron a chron
iole by Robert Waoe, of the Isle of Jersey who wrote
in 1150. One of the earliest names recorded is Robert
Baron De Haviland in 1130. William Baron De Havi
land, from the parish of Golle Ville, Normandy accom-
panied Richard Coeur De Lion to Palestine in 1191
This family record represents twenty succeeding een^
orations classified from dates on record

Henderson Oliver S., p o East Park, farmer, 167 acres born in
Poughkeepsie Dec. 31, 1827, settled in town' in 1871-
wife Laura De Nee, born in Ulster oountv marriprt
Deo. 8, 1875; children one-Teressa. Parents" Adam
and Maria Henderson. Grandfather, Samuel kender^

Herrick Timithy p o Staatsburgh, farmer, born in New Hamp-
shire in 1836, settled in this county in April. 1857 w»b
supervisor in 1873 and 1874, and auditor five years-
TJIJ" ^.'sabeth Muldoon, born in Ireland, married in
1858; children five. Father, N. B. Herrick a native of
New Hampshire.

Hughes Miles, p o Staatsburgh, dealer in general merchandlan
born in Staatebur^ in 1836, has been justice of the
peace; wife Emily Pier, of Red Hook; children three
hving. Pier, Edwin, and Emily. Father, Christopher

Irish A. L., p o Poughkeepsie, farmer, 110 acres, born in BvAo

v^'n'' ^^h,l^' ^^"' ''"« ''"°« U. Irish, of Pleasant
Valley; children one— Amos. Father, Humphrey Irish
grandfathers, Philip Irish, and Isaac Wood, ereat-
grandfather, Sylvanus Wilber, came from Rhode
Island m 1790, and settled, lived and died on the same

Kendriok Wm. H., p o Staatsburgh, superintendent of Knicker-
bocker Ice Co. at Staatsburgh, born In Ulster county
June 14, 1830, settled in this county in 1835, and owns
75 acres of land; wife Margaret M. Traver, of Hyde
Park, married in 1854. Parents Richard and Phebe
Eendrick, residents of Ulster and Duchess counties.

Kipp William A., p o Staatsburgh, farmer, Si5 acres, born in
Rhinebeck Dec. 28, 1828; wife Serena £ipp, of Rhine-
beck;— children five. Father, Jacob Eipp, son of Cjil-
bus Eipp.

Lamoree Nathaniel, p o Pleasant Plains, farmer, 165 acres, born
on present farm Dec. 4, 1810; wife Lorintha Morehouse,
born in Milan, married in 1840. Father, John Lam-
oree, was a resident on the same farm.

LattinLount, po Pleasant Plains, farmer and poultry raiser,born
in Orleans county May 24, 1842, settled in this county in
1869; wifeRositlaMorehouse, of Hyde Park, married in
1868; children three — Austin, Bertha, and Ezra. Father.
Joseph A. Lattin, a native of Pleasant Valley, and son
of Nathaniel, who was son of Benjamin Lattin.

Marquat Darwin G., p o Hyde Park, custom and merchant
miller, born in Clinton in 1817, is excise commissioner;
wife Anna Eliza Marquat. Father, John P. Marquat,
son of Peter Marquat.

Marshall John A , p o Hyde Park, farmer, 123 acres, born in
Pleasant Valley Nov. 21, J835, has been supervisor of
the town two years; wife Almira D. Culver, born in
Hyde Park, married Sept. 24, 1862; children five.
Father, Isaac P. Marshall, formerly supervisor of
Pleasant Valley, where he died in 1870.

Marshall Edward H., p o Pleasant Plains, farmer, 160 acres,
born in Hyde Park in 1836, is supervisor and assessor,
and has been highway commissioner; wife Susan Mary
Van Wagner, married in 1862; children one— Atherton
D., died Nov. 18, 1875. Father, Henry S. Marshall, a
native of Hyde Park, died April 16, 1853.

Marsh Eliott W., p o East Park, farmer and manufacturer of
mill-stones, 80 acres, born in Connecticut in 1820, set-
tled in this county in 1865, has been justice of the
peace: wife Julia H. Fraleigh, of Rhinebeck, married
in 1843; children two living— Noble G,, and Jennie.
Father, George M Marsh, a native of Connecticut.

Northrop Chas. W., p o Hyde Park, station agent of N. Y. C. &
H. R. R. R. and express agent for American Express
Co., born in Stockbridge, Mass., July 22, 1836, settled
in this county in 1863, opened first Western Union,
and first Atlantic & Pacific telegraph o£9ce at Rtiine-
beck, has been vestryman of St. James church; wife
Phebe A. Cunningham, of Greene county, married in
1861; children seven living. Father, AbelC. Northrop,
of Litchfield, Conn.

Nelson Joel, p o East Park, resident gentleman, owns 208 acres,
born In Hyde Park in 1814; wife Martha Turrettin, of
Ireland, married in 1837; children one— James H., who
waV married to Sarah E. Barr. Father, Hiram Nel-
son, was a son of Reuben, the son of Theophilus, the
son of Francis, a brother of Polyoarpus Nelson, the
original owner of the tract of 1.300 acres.

Pearsall Samuel H., p o Staatsburgb, farmer, 170 acres, born in
New York city in 18lj9, settled in this county In 1859,
has been highway commissioner; wife Julia A. Hop-
kins; children four living. Father, Henry Peaisall.

Reynolds James, p o Staatsburgh, gardener, born In Ireland in '
1830, settled in this county in 1860; wife Margaret
Riley, died Aug. 5, 1871; children three— Wm. H., John
L., and Rosanna.

Russell James, p o Staatsburgh. merchant and postmaster,
owns 8 acres, born in this county June 25, 1825, has
been supervisor and assessor; wife Julia Williams;
children four. Father, James Russell, a native of

Schouten Richard A., p o Staatsburgh, butcher and dealer in
meat, born in East Fishkill in 1835, has been collector
of this town two terms; wit^aura J. Velic, daughter
of Henry Velio, deceased, married in 1857; children
five living— Charles H., Alice L., Lora J., Richard Un-
derbill, and Sterling Bird.

Schryver John H., born in Hyde Park, died in 1854, aged 36
years; wife Rachel B. Rymph, (daughter of Jonn
Rymph) p o Poughkeepsie, married in 1846; children
three living— John P , Sarah J. Simpson, and Susie M.

Schryver David H., p o Staatsburgh, farmer, 118 acres, born on
this farm Jan. 22, 1819; wife Margaret E. Streit, of
Rhinebeck, married in 1813; children three living-
John R., Augustus L., and Hettie A. Father, David
D. Schryver.

Schryver Albert B., p o Hyde Park, manufacturer of boots and
shoes, born in Rhinebeck March 31, 1826, has been su-
pervisor and town clerk, and is now town auditor:
wife Lola Hadden, of Hyde Park, married Deo. 9,
1847; children ten living. Parents, Henry B. and
Mary Ann Schryver, the former anatlve of KJiinebeok,
and the latter of Hyde Park,

Seaman Wm. H., p o Crum Elbow, farmer, 118 acres, born in
town Deo. 6, lls26; wife Jane M. Wixson, daughter of
Noah and Alsada Wixson, of Poughkeepsie, married
in 1851; children four— Emma E., Trank W., William
W., and Chas. H. Parents, Wm. and M%,ry Seaman.

Seaman Jacob I., p o East Park, farmer, 76 acres, born on pres-
ent farm Aprils, 1836; wife Laura A. Wood, daughter
of Wm. T. and Hannah S. Wood, married in 1860; chil-
dren four— Walter, Edward, William, and Herbert.
Parents, William and Mary (Quildersleve) Seaman,



Sheldon Benjamin T., p o Crum Elbow, farmer, 300 acres, born
on present farm, wbioh baa been in possession of tbe
family sixty -five y^arsj wife Catherine Ann Sherwood,
of Red Hoolc, married in 1859; children seven. Father,
Benjamin Sheldon, born in 1794, is now living.
Smith Uriah B., p o Poughkeepsie, farmer, 104 acres, born in
Hyde Park Oct. 86, 1846; wife Harriett, daughter of
Nicholas and Freelove Winne, born Nov. 26, 1846, mar-
ried Oct. 7, 18B8; children one- Laura Wiune, born
Oct. 10, 1877. Father', James B. Smith, native of Hyde
Park, mother, Esther Smith, native of Pleasant Valley.
Smith James B., p o Poughkeepsie, farmer, 160 acres, born in
Hyde Park Deo. 7, 1818; wife Eether VanWagnen, mar-
ried Oct. 18, 3842; children two— Uriah B., and Maturin
E. Father, Benjamin L., son of Uriah, son of Jacob,
son of Isaac, son of Jacob, son of Isaac, son of Abra-
ham, son of William Smith, who came from Glouces-
ter, Eng. about 1636, and settled in Boston. Isaac
Smith, born Sept. 9, liSJ, settled in Amenia in 1769.
Stickel F. E., p o Staatsburgh, blacksmith, born in Otsego coun-
ty in 1831, settled in this county in 1835, has been jus^
tice of the peace eight years; wife Margaret Cole, of
Khinebeck, married in 1850; children seven — Ave sons
and two daughters. Father, John N. Stickel, of Bed
Stoutenburgh Jas. H., p o Poughkeepsie, farmer, born in Ulster
county Feb. 2^, 1838, settled in this county in 1857; wife
Ellen Budd, married Feb. 3, 1869; children two— Henry
L. and Bessie Stoutenburgh. Father, Harmon, son of
James Stoutenburgh.
Tompkins Rev. Edward, p o Poughkeepsie, owns 180 acres, born
on present farm May 30, 1830. preached at Tivoli First
Baptist church and others, and supplied for ten years;
educated at Madison University, commenced preach-
ing July 7, 1857, ordained in 1859; wife Sarah Clark, of
Red Hook, married Nov. 30, 18.59. Father, Elias Tomp-
kins, was born, and died, on the same farm. He rep-
resented his town In the board of supervisors.
Uhl Stephen, p o Staatsburgh, Vine Hill vineyard, owns 11 acres,
born in Staatsburgh in Nov. 1814, engaged in tbe hard-
ware business in Poughkeepsie from 1828 to 1870; wife
Hannah Mulford, married in 1837; children one —
Erskine Uhl. Father, Frederick Uhl, a native of this
county. Farm has been in the family since 1776.
Van Wagoner E. G., p o Hyde Park, retired, born in this county
in 1807: wife Sarah Humphrey, of Pleasant Valley;
children four. Father, Gilbert, son of Evert Van Wag-
oner, a native of Pleasant Valley.
Wallace David, p o Staatsburgh, farmer, 12 acres, bom in Clin-
ton; wife Gertrude Pawling; children four — Carrie,
John Alvah, Sarah E., and Lovina. Father, John
Westervelt Casper, p o Staatsburgh, fruit farmer, 50 acres, born
in Poughkeepsie July 5, 1816, has been deputy assessor
of Internal Revenue U. S. A., and is now assessor; wife
Hannah Butts, born in Washington, married in 1840;
children four living. Father, Cornelius C, son of Cas-
per, son of Cornelius Westervelt, from New Jersey,
who came to town about 1770.
White William A., p o Staatsburgh, supt. of Dr. Lee place, owns
87 acres, born in England May 29, 1830, settled in this
county in 1870, supt. of place nine years; wife Hester
Millard Hutton, born in England, married in 1860; chil-
dren two living— Edith Anna and Samuel William.
Father, Henry Charles White, of England.
W^igg Gerard M;, p o Crura Elbow, farmer and dairyman, 150
acres, born in Hyde Park in 1836; first wife Mary Jane
Wood, second wife Maria VanKeuren; children two-
William Henry and Minerva J. Father, William Henry
Wigg, native of Hyde Park.
Wilber Henry K., p o East Park, farmer, 280 acres, born on
present farm, has been supervisor and highway com-
missioner. Father, Oliver Wilber, of this town, died
July 24, 1864.
Wilbur George, p o Van Wagner, farmer, 200 acres, born in
Hyde Park in 1820; wife Mary Dorsey, of Poughkeep-
sie; children three living— George, Thomas D. and
Grace B. Father, Sylvanus Wilbur, native of Rhode
Zeft Jacob, p o Hyde Park, saloon and billiard parlor, born in
Province Wertemburgh, Germany, settled in this
county jn 1854; wile Wilhelmina Eisel, of New York
city, married in 1859; children four— August, Charles,
William and Albert Zeft


Aokerman Wm. M., p o LaOrangeville, wagdn manufacturer and
farmer, 90 acres, born in Paterson, N. J. in 1827, settled
in this county in 1853, has been overseer of poor: wife
Mary L. Colwell of Duchess county, married in 1863.

Alley Henry, p o LaGrangeville, farmer, 116 acres, born in this
county in 1841. has been assessor; wife Esther A. Haight
of Hyde Park, Duchess county, married in 1871 ; children
four. Father, James Alleys born in this county in 1805,
died in 1872, farmer; wife Martha B. Washburn, born in
this county in 1812, married in 1836; children three,

Barmore Edward, p o Moore's Mills.

Brown W. H., p o Manchester Bridge.

Billings Isaac V., p o Bilhngs,' partner of Billings Stove Co.,
owns homestead, born In Duchess county in 1827; wife
Susan Storm of Duchess county, married in 1860
Portland I. Billings, born in 1845 Daniel Billings, borh
m this county, died in 1872. John Billings was one of
• the early and most prominent settlers of the town
flrst wife Susan M. Cord, born in this county, married
in 1844; children. one; killed in 1856 by falling from a
wagon. B ^-"1 o

Burhans Edwin, p o Pleasant Valley.
Burhans G. H., p o Pleasant Valley.

Clapp Peter B., p o Manchester Bridge, farmer, 1S5 acres, born
in this county in 1812, has been assessor and town
clerk; wife Sarah E. Pells, born in this county, mar-
ried Dec. 13, 1835; children two— Isaac C, born in 1839
Mary P., born in 1841. Father, Isaac B. Clapp, born in
this county July 1, 1786, died in 18,37; wife Phelie Berry
born in this county Aug. 11, 1790, married Nov. 20, 18u9'
died May 15, 1861; children six living. Jesse I. Clapp
born in Scotland, came to Nova Scotia and from there
to Duchess county in 1774 or '5, died in 1822; farmer-
children four daughters and one son.
Clark Allen M., p o,Moore's Mills.

Cornell John, p o Pref dom Plains, farmer, 200 acres, born in La
Grange in 1817; wife Catharine Baker, born in Beek-
man, married in 1842, died in 1877; children three-
John, Sarah and Susan A. Father, James Cornell
born in LaGrange in 1770, died in 1821. Grandfather!
John Cornell. cam3 from Long Island at an earlv dav
Dean Mrs. H., p Noxon. j J-

Divine R. C, p o Pleasant Valley, farmer, 158 acres, born in '
Duchess county in 1840, was elected assessor in 1877;
wife Mary E. Ingraham, born in this county in 184.3,
married in 1866; children two— Irving and Augusta
Dorland W. E., farmer and cattle dealer, 60 acres, born in Duch-
ess county in 1824; wife Mary Palmer, born in Duchess
county in 1828, married May 12, 1847; children three-
Irving P.. born 1855, Charles L., born in Dec, 1848,
Frank M., born Oct. 12, 1859.
Downing S. L., p o La Grangeville.
Dutcher Daniel V., p o Freedom Plains.

Fink Dr. Austin T , p o Freedom Plains, physician and surgeon,
born in Westchester county, Nov. 16, 184,3, settled in
this county in 1869; wife Elizabeth Pudnoy, of Duchess
county, born in 1849, married Mar. 3, 1875.
Flagler Isaac P., p o Poughkeepsie.
Flagler P. D., p o Poughkeepsie.

Genung Joseph V.. p o Freedom Plains, farmer. 111 acres, born
In Duchess county in 1845, bas been town clerk; wife
Mary D. Gregory, of New York city, married in 1871 ;
oue child— Annie M.. born in 1875. Father, Joseph
Genung, born in Fishkill in 1812, died in 1663.
Gibson RichardH., p o Poughkeepsie.
Hart William H., p o Poughkeepsie.
Haviland Anna, p o Freedom Plains.
Howard James, p o Poughkeepsie.
Howard John D., p o Poughkeepsie.
Janner, Wm. £., p o Noxon.
Johnston Walter, p o Noxon.

Lauer Philip, p o Noxon, farmer, 79 acres, born in Germany
182.3, settled in this county Jan. 10, 1851; wife Catharine
E. Dreishman, born in Germany in 1833, married in
18.i5; children seven— Mary H., Clara, Catherine L
Bertha J., Phillip H,, Augusta A. and Eldora.
Lawrence Abram B., p o Poughkeepsie. '

Monfort Charles, p o Noxon, farmer, 180 acres, born in Fishkill
in 1823; wife Phebe Tompkins of Duchess county, mar-
ried in 1850, died in 1872; one child— Richard T. ; second
wife Esther Tompkins, married in 1877. Father, Jacob
Montfort, born in this county in 1800; died in 1871;
Monfort John A , p o Pleasant Valley.
Moore Alfred H., p o Moore's Mills.
Pettit James S., p o Freedom Plains.
Phillips Sylvanus, p o Pleasant Valley.
Phillips Warren, p o Moore's Mills.

Potter Thomas H., p o Noxon, farmer, 60 acres, born in this
county in 1 1 9.3, died Aug. 8, 1859, held several important
offices; wife Margaret A. Luyster, born in this county
in 1799, married Feb. 14, 1816; children ten, five now
living. Amelia M. Potter, born in Duchess county in
1823. Harriet H. Potter, born in 1817, is now Mrs.
Potter George, p o Billings, farmer, 270 acres, born in LaGrange
in 1820; wife Susan B. Weeks, of Duchess county,
married in 1844 ; children two— Joseph, born Dec. 3,
1847, was married to Esther Sedgewiek, of Po'keepsie in
1877, and Mary Potter, born Oct. 1, 1854. Joseph Pot-
ter, born in Rhode Island in 1787, came to this county
in 1792, died in 1862; farmer; children two. Was
brother of Alonzo and Horatio Potter, now Bishops.
Shear Abraham, p o LaGrangeville, farmer, 228 acres, born in
Duchess county in 1815, John 0. Shear, born In this
county in 1811; wife Catharine Pierce of Duchess
county, married in 1876; one child — Anna, born in 1878.
Father, John C. Shear, born in Duchess county in 1779.
died in 1825; wife Margaret Cornell, of Duchess county,
born in 1781, married in 1799. died in 1868; children
seven, five now living— Ann, Catharine E., John C,
Abraham and Sarah M. Israel Shear, born in Duchess
county in 1752, died 1825, farmer. Great-grandfather,
John Shear came from Germany, one of tbe first set-
tlers in the county.



ShepardW. B., p o Foughkeepsie.
Sherman Arthur, p o Foughkeepsie.
Skidmore James W.,,p o Moore^s Mills.
Sleight Feter B., p o Foughkeepsie.

Smith Lewis, p o Noxon. •

Smith BobertH., p o Manchester Bridge, farmer, 133 acres, born
in Duchess county in 1843, has been commissioner of
highways ; wife Loretta A. Smith, born in Duchess
county, married In 1874 ; children four. Father,
Thomas H. Smith, born in county in 1813. died in 1876.

Stringham James A., p o LaGrangeville, farmer, 100 acres, born
in LaGrange February 28, 1834, has been supervisor
two terms ; wife H. Louisa Vervalin, born in Duchess
county, married in 1866 ; children four — Edward B ,
John T., Anna L., and Mary F. Father, Daniel
Stringham, born in Duchess county in 1^*93, died in
1844 ; first wife, Elizabeth Barhyte, born in Duchess
county in 1797, died in 1828; children four : second
wife Jemima Ally of Duchess county, married in 1833,
died in 1857 ; children one— James A.

Storm John W., p o LaGrangevllle, farmer, 183 acres, born in
Duchess county in 1836. has been supervisor and
assessor ; wife Annis Glapp of Duchess county,
married in 1853. Father, William Storm, born in
Duchess county in 1798 ; wife Elizabeth Boorem of
Long Island, married in 1819 ; children two — ^Abraham
and John. Abraham Storm born in LaGrange about
1769, died in 1849 ; nis father was one of the early
settlers in town from Holland.

Swade Johnson, p o LaGrangeville, farmer, born in LaGrange,
Duchess county. May 21, 1818 ; wife Elma Dean, born
in Duchess county, married in 1843 ; three daughters
—Annis, born in 1845, Francelia, born in 1849, and
Mary Swade, born in"1863.

Swade Abraham, p o LaGrangeville, farmer, 330 acres, born in
LaGrange in 1787, died in 1863 ; wife Sarah Johnson,
born in this county in 1794, married in 1817, died in
1873 ; children four— Catherine A., Sarah M., Susan,
and Johnson. Father, Richard Swade, born in this
county in 1761, died November 10, 1833 ; wife Bachael
Swade was born in Duchess county in 1778, died in
^ 1872. Peter Swade the great-grandfather was one of
the earliest settlers in the town of LaGrange, pur-
chased the present farm of Catharine A. and Susan
M. in 1789, died in Canada, Homestead has been in
the family ninety years.

Titus Bobert H., p o Foughkeepsie.

Tanner William K., p o Noxon, farmer, 135 acres, born in
Duchess county in 1827 ; wife Caroline H. Tanner of
this county, married in 1856 ; one child — Charlie M.
Father, JUartin H, Tanner, born in this county in
1800, died in 1878 : wife Jane Hagaman, of Duchess
county ; children three. William B. Tanner, born In
Duchess county in 1794, died in 1849 ; wife Sarah
Snyder, born in Duchess county in 1801, married in

Tompkins Joseph, p o Fleasant Valley.

Tompkins Brundfige, p o Freedom Plains, farmer, 90 acres,
born in Duchess county in 1834 ; wife Elizabeth V.
Ackerman, born in Duchess countyiu 1834. married in

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