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"Hiram," the "hired man" of the family in its earlier New England days,
in whom, particularly, the reader's interest will centre. Patient,
kindly, faithful, and uncomplaining, he is indeed the real "hero" of
the tale, the only one free from the unfortunate environments of the
other characters, yet forced indirectly to suffer also because of them.
It is the every-day life of the every-day family that is drawn; and
this fact, together with the boldness and fidelity of the drawing,
gives the story its power and impressiveness.

"Hervey White is the most forceful writer who has appeared in
America for a long generation." - _Chicago Evening Post._

"We cannot remember another book in which lives, thoughts,
emotions, souls, and principles of action have been analyzed with
such convincing power. Mr. Hervey White has great literary skill.
He has here made his mark, and he has come to stay.... He is the
American George Gissing, and as such some day he will have to be
taken into account." - _Boston Herald._

"It should insure Mr. White a permanent place in the critical
regard of his fellow-countrymen.... Few characters as strong as
that of Elizabeth Hinckley have ever been drawn by an American
author, and she will remain in the mind of the most assiduous novel
reader, secure of a place far above that held by most of the puny
creations of the day." - _Chicago Tribune._

"It is wrought of enduring qualities. Few novels are so sustained
on an elevated plane of interest." - _Philadelphia Item._

"It is a novel that takes hold of one, and is not the sort of
book that, once begun, can be laid down without being finished."
- _Indianapolis News._

For sale by all booksellers, or sent, postpaid, by the publishers
on receipt of price.

Small, Maynard & Company,



_With an Introduction by BOOKER T. WASHINGTON_

12mo, cloth, decorative, 248 pages, 50 Illustrations, $1.00

one of the most uniquely interesting institutions in America. Begun,
twenty years ago, in two abandoned, tumble-down houses, with thirty
untaught Negro men and women for its first students, it has become
one of the famous schools of the country, with more than a thousand
students each year. Students and teachers are all of the Negro race.
The Principal of the school, Mr. Booker T. Washington, is the
best-known man of his race in the world to-day.

In "Tuskegee: Its Story and its Work," the story of the school is told
in a very interesting way. He has shown how Mr. Washington's early life
was a preparation for his work. He has given a history of the Institute
from its foundation, explained the practical methods by which it gives
industrial training, and then he has gone on to show some of the
results which the institution has accomplished. The human element is
carried through the whole so thoroughly that one reads the book for
entertainment as well as for instruction.


"All who are interested in the proper solution of the problem in
the South should feel deeply grateful to Mr. Thrasher for the
task which he has undertaken and performed so well." - BOOKER T.

"Should be carefully and thoughtfully read by every friend of the
colored race in the North as well as in the South." - _New York

"The book is of the utmost value to all those who desire and hope
for the development of the Negro race in America." - _Louisville

"Almost every question one could raise in regard to the school and
its work, from Who was Booker Washington? to What do people whose
opinion is worth having think of Tuskegee? is answered in this
book." - _New Bedford Standard._

_For sale at all Bookstores, or sent, postpaid, on receipt of price,
by the publishers_,


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