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vanished systems carry us back to a period so remote,
and conceptions so simple, that the philosophy of
the Africa of to-day is an advanced system com-
pared to it.

Much of this work will fall to the lot of the
Christian Church, and on her wisdom, and the pru-
dence and practical sagacity of her agents, the
progress of the native races largely depends. Eth-
nology may not be a suitable study for savage man,
but he who would teach his primitive brother can
have no better mental equipment than a thorough
understanding of the processes by which nations
develop, and the paths that have in the past led to
progress. The Church that first adopts for her
intending missionaries the study of Comparative
Religion as a substitute for subjects now taught, will


lead the van in the path of true progress in that
department of Christian work which has in it the
greatest possibiHties for the future of the world. It
will save the missionary years of comparatively use-
less labour in the discovery of facts for himself, and
from the first bring him into touch with the thought
of savage men.


Abyssinia, priest of Alfai, 17 ; Paganism in, 42

Accra, king's father's spirit causes earthquakes, 177 ; consequent sacri-
fices, 178

Acts of worship, 1S4

Africans regulate conduct by faith, 207

Alfai, priest of, 17, 18

Ancestors, worship of, 36

Animals, sacred, making compact by, 1 79

Ashantee, annual festivals of, 76 ; messengers to spirit land, 77 ; dances
and abrogation of law, 78

Athens, 2

Australians, 9

Austrian, 9

Balaam, iod

Babylonia, temporary king crucified, 61

Bacchus worship, 47

Balac, 100

Balder, death of, 56

Bantama, festival, 79 ; mausoleum of kings, 79; messages to spirit land, 80

Baralongs, subjects, persons the king's, 14 ; oracles, 163

Barber's art, its dangers, 94

Bards sing of valour, 204

Baris, no clothing. 209

Bavaria, tree worship, 41

Bechuanas, 6 ; religion, 38

Bedouins, fighting wind, 9

Bible, 224

Black art, votaries cast no shadow, 30

Bodio, house of sanctuary, 177

Bongo, expulsion of demons, 124 ; oracle, 163

Borgie, mermaid of, 191

Brahmanism, 167

Breton, fighting wind, 9

Briid's bed, making, 141

Buddhism, i67

Bulgarians, making rain, 1 1

Bullfights, 137

Bullom, oracles, 162

Burmah, woman's position, 196

Calicut, king killed every twefth year, 29
Cannibalism, acquired taste, 208
Cattle-killing, mania. 69
Ceremonial, purity, 90


Chief, loyalty to. 205

Circumcision, 44 : not performed with knife, 46, 90

Clothing, influence of, 219

Corn spirit, killed, 144

Corp Creadh, 3, 4

Courtesies. 204

Dahomey, king's name not mentioned, 14; priest descends to lower
regions, 81 ; king enters lower world in state, 82 ; demons driven out
wholesale, 105 ; bestowing wives, 183

Dakota, gods of mortal, 96

Dances, moon, 42; Ashantee, 76; warrior, 138

Death and sleep same, 34

Deification of king, 6

Demons, enter animals, 102; expelled by magicians, 102; by guile, 103

Devils, doctrine of, 81; "laid," 108; "raised," 109; driven out by
girls, III ; incarnate, 116; water, 218

Divine man, killed to prevent loss of god spirit, 28

Diviner, incantations, fear of, 161

Dinka, guarding against evils, 86 ; expel demons by guile, 103

Doctor, witch, 118; rain, 10

Dodola, II

Dongolowa belle, how sought in marriage, 174

Dream, Kaffir, 65

Dress, Monbutto, 209

Drinking, King Chop, 178

Druids, Midsummer fires, 57

Egbo, concealed in an ark, 25

Engai, creator of men, 13

Ergamenes, killed priests, 29

Executioners, how they procure sacrificial victims, 75

Fairies, 130

Fecundity, 6 ; goddess of, 42
Festivals, yam. 136 ; Pondo, 136
Fetish, human skulls, 47 ; power, 49
Finns, girls drive out devil, 1 1 1
Fire, sacred, not kindled. 211
Fladda, 9

Funerals, mock, cheating the devil, 155 ; Congo, Uganda, killing of
wives, 156

Gallas, kill the king every eight years, 26 ; priests, snake mother of
men, 40; sacrifices, 41 sacred animals, 42; gods, 42; expel demons
by horse- whipping, 104

Gingane, high priest, 14

God man, 229

Gods, compounding with, 71

Gomba. sacrifice paraded, 76

Gondokoro, food bewitched, 87

Go wane marriage, 219

Grass, king, 41

Greece, i ; house-building, 35

Greeks, 11 ; legend. 197; ruled thought, 227

Guilds, secret, 158; priestly, 159


Ham, 232

Hannah, her prayer, 73

Harvest festivals, maiden, 140-143

Head, sanctity of. 93 ; sanctity of hair, 94

Headless Hugh, story of, 1S7

Hebrews, prophets of, 150

Hili, river spirit, calls souls, 35

Hlubies, 10

Hos, customs, 13S

Hospitality, king responsible for, 205

Hottentots, 9; sacrifices, 117

Hunt, 5

INCANTI, river spirit, 35

Incarnation, of founders of religion, 167

Inferno, descent to, 81

Iron, its dangers, 90 ; utility, 91 ; smelting, 210

Jagg AS, king of, divine, 13 ; spit on guests, 176
Jews, building temple, 91 ; sacred books, 226

Kaffir, 6, 9 ; dreams, 65

Kangomba, god of Mount Socki, 133

Kanjangeyerne, 73

Khonds, 40

Killimanjaro, 14 ; witchcraft, 86

King, 2; divine monarchs, 17; delicacy of organism, 20; refusing

divinity, 26
King-priest, 3 ; temporary, 32
Kings, departmental, 17 ; of fire and water, 18
Kordufan marriages, 201
Kra, kings' spies or souls, 131
Kuda Lubare, head wife of great harems, 73

Labour, 222 ; love of, 223

Lakonga, succession law, 16

Lamech, 91 ; defied taboo, 99

Laongo, king worshipped called God, 16 ; his restrictions, 25 ; may not be

seen eating, 87
Lightning, doctor of, 149
Lithuania, tree worship, 41
Loch Aline, 5
Loma, God of Bongo, 50

Lubare, 1 1 ; person possessed by Makusa, 1 5 ; offerings to, 74
Luck, 5

Magic, S; roots, 123

Magician, 78 ; Manganga can soar in air, detect by divination, 177

Maiden, Scottish, 140; Lochaber, 141 ; Dantiz, 142; Bavaria, 143

Makusa, spirit of Nyanza, 15

Man-god, 3 ; sacrificed, 62 ; substitution, 6;^

Mariners, 8

Marriage, earth, 40; Dongolwa, 174; Kordufan, 201 ; price of wives, 203

IMay-pole, a survival, 51 ; ceremonies, 60


Men of hide, devil bought, 193

Meriah, sacrifice to Tari, 51 ; how offered, 52

Mermaid, descendant of, 191

Mikado, descent of, 21 ; sanctity of clothes, 88 ; of food, 89; not to touch

ground, 196
Ministers, prejudice against, 170
Mirrors, dread of, 35
Mitto, burial, signs, 175
Mlungu, 50; ancestor, god, 132
Monbuttu, king divine, 12 ; women aggressive, 199 ; no domestic animals,

cannibalism, 208
Morality, 201

Morema, Bechuana god, cunning, 38
Moreo, king of, 150
Moses, teaching, 228

Mtesa, his ancestors' tombs, 74 ; his generosity, 200
Muansa, earth divinity, 43
Murder, compounding for, 7 1

Nanna, wife of Balder, 56

Nende, 73

Neptune, 9

New Briton, 8

New Zealand, superstition of, 87

Niam-Niam, no religion, 125 ; burial custom, 175

Niass, 5

Old Town, king's soul kept in grove, 178 ; devotion, 185

Omens, Zulu, Wagogo, 70

Oracles, Bongo, BuUom, 162 ; Gallas, Baralong, Wayao, 163

Ordeal, trial by, 123-126

Ovaons, tree worship, earth marriage, 41

Palaver, witch, woman, sauce, 126
Perthshire, messages to spirit land, 80
Peruvians, 139

Kg. 5

Pondo, abrogation of law, 78 ; festivals, 136

Priest, 7

Prophetess, detective of wizards, 122 ; Wanika, 176 ; may direct Lubare, 199

Prophets, God-possessed, 65 ; ghostly counsellers, 66 ; growth of order, 146 ;
rivalry, 148; functions, 148; Jewish, 150; false, 150; foretelling
events, 153, 160; practising augury, 154 ; duty to dead, 154 ; wise men
of nation, 169; prejudice against, 170

Purra, processions of, 13

Queen, spring, of Bohemia, 59

Rab, Galla custom, 26

Rain-doctor, 10 ; Servian, 1 1

Rat hair, 6 ; banning rats, 84

Reforms, works, blankets, Bibles, 215

Religion, i ; none, 125 ; acts of, 126 ; ordinary life, 181

Rice, mother, Peruvian, 139

Rome, 2

Roots, magic, 123


Ross-shire, rag on branch bans evil from water, 112
Ruhea, little leaf man of, 59
Russia, 10

Sacred Animals, 38

Sacred horn, 182

Sacrifice, human, 39 ; animal, 66 ; thank-offering, 67 ; Gomba, 76 ; Hot-
tentot, 117

Samson, 189

Savage, 6, 11

Second sight, 153

Senjero, women only sold as slaves, 39 ; iron pillar, 39; slave drowning, 41

Servians, rain-making, 1 1

Shark Point, king of, secluded, 23

Shoa, worship of king of, 14

Shony, Celtic god, 58

Siamese, 195

Sleep and death same, 34 ^

Sogomoso, heir secluded, 196

Sorcery, expulsion of soul, 36

Soul, stolen or strayed, 28, 35 ; journeying, 34 ; selling, 36 ; expulsion, 36 ;
danger of, 185: safe keeping, 186; in pearl, 188; in parrot, 189; in
egg, 189

South Sea islander, 2, 5

Spirits, worship of, 36 ; inhabiting rivers, 37 ; evil, 37

St. Paul, 230

Stimulant, 217

Substitutes, sought by kings, 3 1

Swazies, 10

Sympathetic magic, 3, 4, 6

Talisman, for witchcraft, 130

Tari, goddess of Khonds. 5 1

Tein egin, customs connected with, 212

Theft, prevention, 42

Thieves, 6 ; disguises, 37

Thunder, 7

Toad-day, 50

Tornado, 7

Totems, 38, 190

Tradition, persistency of, 170

Transformation to animals, 127

Trees may not be cut, 210; customs of Scotland, 211

Trial by ordeal, 123, 126

Tyrolese legend, 197

Uganda, funerals, 156 ; succession, 157

Unyoro, king killed by his wives, 29 ; claimants fight for successior, 175

Urine, 7

Vedic, religion, 167

Waganda, omens, 154; clQthing, 219
Wagogo, II ; omens, 72


Wahunga, killing councillors to accompany dead chief, burying wife
alive, 156

Wakamba, steal brides, 1 76

Waneka, expel devils by music, 104 ; arrival at manhood, 176 ; pro-
phetess, 176; entering council, 17S

Wanyoro, bewitched by footmarks, 87

War, enemies' heart eaten, 68 ; odour of sacrifice inhaled by gods, 69

Warrior, dance, 138

Water, red, 128 ; bitter, 129

Wathen, Druid offerings, 57

Wayao, oracles, 163

Wazeramas, expel demons by music, 103

Witchcraft, causing death, 70 ; punishment, 70 ; dangers of, 84

Witches, 8 ; who were? 115 ; doctors, 118 ; palaver, 126; trial, 212

Wizard, 9; discovered, 115, 120

Woman, palaver, 126, 194 ; regents, war doctor, may represent god-life, 195 ;
danger of blood, 196

Work, panacea for ills, 217

Yam festivals, Ashantee, 136; laws abrogated, 140

Yatuk, 8

Yoruba, evil spirits kept outside gates, 86

Zenana, 202

Zulus, 10 ; subjects' persons the king's, 14; dread of reflecting surfaces, 35 ;
omens, 72 ; girls, 196




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Du Cange (Car. du Fresne, Dom.) Glossarium mediae et infimae Latinitatis,

auctum a Monachis Ordinis S. Benedicti, cum supplementis integris D. P.

Carpenterii, Adelungii, aliorum suisque digessit G. A. L. Henschel. Sequuntur

Glossarium Gallicum, Tabulae, Indices auctorum et rerum, Dissertationes.

Editio nova aucta pluribus verbis aliorum Scriptorum a Leop. Favre. 10 vols.

4to 1884-88. Sewed £10 ; or in Cloth £11 53.



Dutripon (F. P.). Concapdantias Yulgatse Editionis Bibliorum Sacrorum.

Editio sexta. Imp. 4to. 1875. (xxiii. l,48i pp., in 6 cols.) Sewed. £1 10s.

Eadmeri vita S. Anselmi. 12mo. 1886. Sewed. 2s. 6d.

English History from contemporary writers, Edited by F. York Powell, M.A.
In 16mo volumes, averaging 200 pages, with illustrations, neatly bound in cloth,
cut flush, Is. ; or cloth uncut edges. Is. 6d., comprising extracts from the
Chronicles, State Papers and Memoirs of the time, chronologically arranged.
With Introductions, Notes, accounts of authorities. Tables, Maps, Illustrations, etc.

Edward III. and His Wars (1327-1360). Edited by W. J. Ashley, M.A.

The Misrule of Henry III. (1236-1251). Edited by the Rev. W. H.


• Strongbow's Conquest of Ireland. Edited by F. P. Barnard, M.A.

Simon of Montfort and His Cause (1231-1265). Edited by the Eev.

W. H. HuTTON, M.A.

— The Crusade of Richard I. Extracts from the Itinerarium Ricardi, the
Chronicle of Bohaddin, the Chronicle of Roger of Howden, etc. Arranged and
edited by T. A. Archer, B.A., Oxford. 396 pp. 2s. and 2s. 6d.

— S. Thomas of Canterbury. By Rev. W.H. Hdtton. 286 pp. Is. 6d. and 2s.

— England under Charles II., from the Restoration to the Treaty of
Nimwegen. Edited by W. Taylor.

— The Wars of the Roses. Edited by Miss E. Thompson. (180 pp.) 1892.
The Jews in mediaeval England. Edited by J. Jacobs. In the press.

Scottish History from Contemporary Writers. The Days of James lY.

Edited by G. Gregory Smith, M.A.

Fripp (E. J.). The Composition of the Book of Genesis. With English Text and

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