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Analysis. 12mo. 1892. (198 pp.) Cloth. 4s.

Folk-Lore Society's Publications. 8vo. Cloth. Nett prices.

Aubrey. Remains of Gentilisme and Judaisme. (vii. 273 pp.) 1880. 13s. Gd.

Black (W. G.). Folk-Medicine, (ii. 227 pp.) 1883. 13s. 6d.

Comparetti (D.). Researches respecting the Book of Sindibad. Pedroso.

Portuguese Folk-Tales (viii. 167. ix. 124 pp.) 1882. 15s.

Gomme (G. L.). The Handbook of Folk-Lore. 16mo. 1889. 2s. 6d.

Gregor (R-'v. W.). Folk-Lore of the North-East of Scotland, (xii. 288 pp.)

1881. 13s. 6d.

Henderson (W.). Folk-Lore of Northern Counties, (xvi. 391 pp.) 1879. £1 Is.

. Jones (R-'V. W. H.) & Kropf(L.). Magyar Folk-Tales. 1886. 15s.

Swainson (Rev. C). Folk-Lore and Provincial names of British Birds.

1885. 13s. 6d.

Jacques de Yitry. The Exempla, edited by Prof. T. F. Crane. 1891. 13s. 6d.

Full List of the Society's Publications on application.

Gains, rec. Ph. E. Huschke. 12mo. 1886. Sewed. 3s.

Gale (Norman R.). A Country Muse. Second series. 16mo. 1892. Cloth, nett 3s. Gd.

Garnett (Miss L. M. G.) The Women of Turkey and their Folk-Lore. With
an Ethnographical Map and Introductory Chapters on the Ethnography of
Turkey, and on Folk-Conceptions of Nature by John S. Stuart-Glennie, M.A.
Vol. 1. The Christian Women (Ixxix. 382 pages.) 1890. Cloth. 10s fid.
Vol. II. Jewish and Moslem Women. Witli essay on the Origin of Matriarchy,
by J. S. Stoakt-Glennie (xvi. 620 pp.) 1891. Cloth. 16s.



Gesenius (F. H. W.). Noyus Thesaurus philologicus criticus linguae Hebraeae

et Cbaldfeffi Veteris Test, Ace. indices, emendationes et additamenta, autore
Aem. Eoediger. 3 vols. 4to. 1829-58. Published at £2 17s. Eeduced to £1 IHs. ;
or bound in 1 vol. Half morocco. £2 58.

Gillies (H. C). The Interpretation of Disease. 2 parts. Svo. 1891-2. Each nett Is.

Giraud (C.) NoYum enchiridion juris Romani in quo continentur leges antiquae,

Ulpiani fragmenta, Gaii et Justiniani institutiones, &c., 12mo. 1873. (iv. 687 pp.)
Sewed. 6s.

Gneist (R.) Institutioniim et regularum juris Romani syntagma, exhibens
Gai et Justiniani institutionum synopsin, Ulpiani et Pauli sententiae, et XII
tabularum fragmenta. 2nd edition. 8vo. 1880. (xxvii. 390 pp.). Sewel 6s. 6d.

Goffine (Rev. L.). Explanation of the Epistles and Gospels for the Sundays,
Hohdays and Festivals throughout the Ecclesiastical Year ; with Instructions
on Christian Faith and Morals, Explanations of different Ceremonies, and the
Lives of many Saints. Profusely illustrated. 21st edition. Svo. (xvi. 992 pp.)
Embossed cloth. 8s. 6d.

Gomme (C. L.). The London County Council. Its duties and powers, according
to the Local Government Act of 1888. IBmo. 1888. (135 pp.) Cloth. Is., or
large paper. Cloth. 3s. 6d.

Graetz (H.). History of the Jews from the earliest times to the present day,

specially revised for the English edition by the Author. Edited and in part trans-
lated by Bella Lowy. 5 vols. Svo. With portrait. 1891—92. Cloth, nett £2 10s.

Graramatici Latini. Corpus Grammaticorum latinorum veterum, coUegit, auxit,
recensuit G. Li.N'UEiiANx. Vols. I.— IV. Part I. (all out.) 4to. 1831-40. Sewed.
Published at £2 16s. Eeduced to 14s.

The same. Fine Paper. Published at £4 16s 6d. Eeduced to £1.

This edition contains Donatus, Probus, Eutychius, Arusianus Messius, Max. Victorinus, Asper,

Phocas, Paulus Diaconus, Festus, Isiclorus Hispalensis, Charisius, Diomedes.

Gremmli's Flora of Switzerland for Tourists and Field Botanists. Translated
by L. W. Paitson'. Crown Svo. (xxiv. 451 pp.) Limp Cloth. 1889. 7s 6d.

Grimm (C. L. W.) ClaYis NoYi Testamenti. See Wilke.

Graesse (Dr. J. G. Th.) Guide de I'Amateur de Porcelaines et de Poteries,

ou Collection complete des marques de fabriques de Porcelames et de Poteries
de I'Europe et de I'Asie. 7th edition, containing upwards of 2,200 pottery
marks, and the only complete collection of marks of Old Saxon China. Cr. Svo.
1885. (xi. 231 pp.) Cloth. 7s.

Guramere (F.B.) Germanic Origins. Svo. 1892. (500 pp.) Cloth. 10s. Gd.

Haedicke (H.). Practical Tables and Rules for Steam Engines. 16mo. 1871.

(24 pp.) Boards. Is. 6d.

Harper (W. E.). Elements of Hebrew Syntax, by inductive method. Svo.
(177 pp.). Cloth. 1890. 7s. 6d.

Elements of Hebrew. Svo. (200 pp.) Cloth. 1890. 7s. 6d.

Introductory Hebrew Method und Manual. Sixth edition. Crown Svo.

(176. 93 p.p.) Cloth. 18J0. 6s.

and Weidner (R. J.). An introductory New Testament Greek Method.

(Text and Vocabulary of the Gospel of John, List of Words and Elements of
N.T. Greek Grammar.) Crown Svo. (xx. 520 pp.) 1890. Cloth. 7s. 6d.

Hayman (H., D.D.). Latin Version of John Gilpin. 16mo. 1891. (12 pp.). Sewed. 9d.

Headlam (W.). On editing Aeschylus ; a criticism. Svo. 1891. (162 pp.) 6s.



Henley (William Ernest). A Book of Yerses. Third edition. 16mo. 1890.
(xvi. 175 pp.) Etched title page by W. Hole. Half Morocco gilt. nett 5s.

The Song of the Sword and other Poems. 16mo. 1892. (102 pp.) Cloth,

top gilt. nett 5s.

Views and Reviews. Essays in Appreciation. Literature. 2nd edition.

1892. IGmo. (xii, 228 pp.) Cloth, top gilt. nett 5s.

Lyra Heroica. A Book of Verse for boys, selected and arranged by

"W. E. H. Cr. 8vo. (xviii. 362 pp.) Stamped Buckram, gilt top. 1891. 68,
The same. School edition. 18mo. 1892. Cloth. 2s,

Hensman (Mary). Dante Map. With Index of Names. Mounted on linen in
buckram case. 8vo. 1892. nett 7s. 6d.

Herodoti Musae. Recognovit F. Credzer. Annotationem indicesque adjecit
J. C. F. Editio altera. 4 vols. 8vo. 1855-61. With maps and
illustrations. Published at £2 12s. Eeduced to £1 10s.

rec. Imm, Bekker. Editio H. Crown 8vo. 1845. Sewed, 4s. 6d.

• rec. H. Stein. 2 vols. 12mo. 1884. (iv. 366, 389 pp.) Sewed. 8s. 6d.

Heyse (Paul). Incurable. Translated by A. Eve. 8vo. 1890. (224 pp.). Cloth. 6s.

Hoare (Ch.) Exchange of Foreign Money to £s sterling. An easy and accurate
Method of lleducing any Amount in French, Italian, German and U.S. of America
currency to English at any Exchange Rate. Square 16mo. 1887. 44 pp.
Cloth. 2s,

Holder, (A.) Altceltischer Sprachschatz. Roy. 8vo. Publishing in parts, each 8s,

Homer's Odyssey. Edited with marginal references, various readings, notes and
appendices by the Rev. H. Hayman, D.D. 3 vols. 8vo. Cloth.

Vol. I. Books I. -VI. 1866 (ciii. 240 cUi. pp.) 14s

„ II. „ VII.— XII. 1873 (cxsxvi. 292, xU. pp.) 14s.

„ III. „ XIII.-XXIV. 1882 (clii. 596, xi. pp.) £1 4s.

Horatius, recansuit atque interpretatus est J. C. Orelli. Editio minor sesta, cur.
G. Hikschfelder, 2 vols. 12mo. 1881-4. Sewed. lOs. 6d,

Hortulus Animae, Precationes in usum omnium eruditorum prfesertim studiosfe
juveututis, coll. et ed. Carl Wolfsgruber. (606 pp.) Charming Pocket Edition
;:i2mo, printed in red and black, with woodcuts. Sewed. 2s. 6d.

Hoskier (H. C). A full Account and Collation of the Greek Cursive Codex

Evang. 604. With 10 Appendices. Roy. 8vo. 1891. (280 pp.) 2 Facsimile
plates. Buckram. nett £1 Is.

Howell (James). Epistolae Ho-Elianae. Familiar Letters, domestic and foreign,
faithfully reprinted from the best editions, in old faced type, on broad-margined
paper. With Notes and Introduction, by J. Jacobs. 2 vols. Demy 8vo, 1892,
(pp. cii-374, 375-850.) Sewed £1 nett, Buckram, top gilt £1 4s nett.

Hurter's Collectio Opusculorum selectorum SS. Patrum, for College Use,
48 vols. 16mo.

A series of the most important treatises of SS. Augustine, Ambrose, Cyril, Thomas Aquinas.
Tertullian, &c., adapted for Colleges and Classrooms. A detailed List sent on application.

Hyde (Douglas). Beside the Fire. Gaelic Folk-Stories. Collected, edited (Irish
Text facing English) and translated by D. H. With Introduction, Notes on the
Irish text and Notes on the Tales, by the Editor and Alfred Nutt. Crown 8vo,
(Iviii. 204 pp.) 1891. Cloth. 7s. 6d,

Institutum Societatis Jesu. 7 vols. 8vo. Avenione, 1830-38. Best and fullest
edition. Sewed. £1 83,



Irish Philology. Merugud Uilix Maicc Leirtis. The Irish Odyssey. Edited with
Notes, Translation and a Glossary by Kuno Meyer. 16mo. 1886. (xii. 36 pp.)
Cloth, Printed on hand-made paper with wide margins. 3s.

The Vision of MacConglinne. Edited and translated by Kuno Meyer.

with literary Introduction by W. Wollner. Crown Svo. 1892. (iv. 204 pp.)
Cloth. 10s. 6d.

An Introduction to the Study of the Irish Language, based upon the

Preface to Donlevy's Catechism, by W. Hayden, S.I. Text, Translation and

Glossary. Bvo. (viii. 70 pp.) 1871. nett 2s. 6d.

Jacobs (F.). First Latin Reader, with Notes and Vocabulary in German. 18th

edition, by Dr. J. Classen. 12mo. 1879. Boards. 2s.

Jacobs (J.). English Fairy Tales. Illustrated by John D. Batten. Square Crown

8vo. 1890. 253 pages. 7 full page plates and 50 head and tail pieces.

Elegantly printed on fine paper. Fancy cloth. 6s.

Celtic Fairy Tales. Illustrated by J. D. Batten, Square Crown Svo.

1891. (xvi. 268 pp.) 8 full page illustrations, numerous head pieces, vignettes
and initials. Fancy cloth. 6s.

Indian Fairy Tales. Illustrated by .1. D. Batten. In the press.

Studies in Jewish Statistics, social, vital and anthropometric. Ke-

printed from the Jewish Chronicle and the Journal of the Eoyal Anthro-
pological Institute. Svo. (59. Ixix. 14 pp.) 3 plates. Cloth. nett 6s.

George Eliot; Matthew Arnold; Browning; Newman; Essays and

Reviews from the Athenteum. 16mo. (xxiv. 152 pp.) Cloth. 1891. 2s. 6d.

See also Painter, Bibl. de Carabas, Tudor Library, Howell.
Joseph! Opera Omnia, graece et latine, ad editionem Havercampii curavit F. Oberthur.

3 vols. Svo. 1782-85. Stout paper. Sewed. Publ. at £1 16s. Red. to 7s. 6d.
Jam!. The Book of Joseph and Zuleikha, translated by A. Eogers. Svo. 1892.

(xii. 252 pp.) Cloth. nett 15s.

Jenkins (Rev. Canon R. C). The Life of Valentine Alberti (1635-1697).

Small 4to. 1889. 122 pp. Cloth. Portrait. 5s.

The Tragedy of Captain Harrison (1692). ISmo. 1890. 187 pp. Cloth. 3s. 6d.

Ignatian difficulties and historic doubts. 2 parts. Svo. 1890. Is. 6d.

Pre-Tridentine Doctrine. A Review of the Commentary on the Scriptures

of Cardinal Cajetan. Demy Svo. 1891. (xvi. 120 pp.) Cloth. 5s.

Kant (Immanuel). Kritik der reinen Vernunft. Edited with a biographical
memoir of Kant, by J. H. von Kirchmann. 7th edition. 12mo. Leipzig, 1887.
Cloth. -Is. 6d.

Kempis (Th. a). De Imitatione Christi. A charming pocket edition in
32mo, printed within red borders. Sewed. 2s. ; or limp roan, gilt edges. 3s. 6d.

Kiepert (H.). Atlas antiquus in 12 coloured maps. With full index. Sth ed.
ISSS. Folio. Boards, cloth back. Sewed. 7s. 6d.

King (Rev. C. W.). The Gnostics and their Remains, Ancient and Mediaeval.

Second edition. Svo. 1887. (xxiii. 466 pp.) 14 full-page chromohthographed

plates and 19 woodcuts in the text. Cloth. £1 Is.

This edition contains one-third more text and iUustrationsthan the first edition published inlSGl.

Kovalevsky (M.). Modern Customs and Ancient Laws in Russia. Being the
Ilchester Lectures for 1889-90. Crown Svo (x., 260 pp.) Cloth. 1891. 7s. 6d.

Krause (G.). The Growth of German Unity. An historical and critical study.
Cr. Svo. (206 pp.) 1892. Cloth. 3s. 6d.

Lacouperie (Terrien de). The Languages of China before the Chinese. Researches
on the Languages spoken by the pre-Chinese races of China proper previously to
the Chinese occupation. Svo. 1887. 148 pp. Cloth. nett 10s. 6d.



Law (T. G.). An historical Sketcli of the Conflicts between Jesuits and Secu-
lars in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth. With a reprint of Christ. Bagshaw's
" True Relation of the Faction begun at Wisbich," and illustrative documents.
Demy 8vo. 1890. (cliii., 172 pages.) Cloth. 15s.

Lehmkuhl (A.) Theologia Moralis. 6th edition. 2 vols. Svo. 1890. (xix. 816,
XVI. 868 pp.) £1 1.

Leopold (E. F.). Lexicon hebraicum et chaldaicum in Yetus Testamentum.

16mo. 1889. Roan. 4s.

Lewes (G. H.) The Life and Works of Goethe, with Sketches of his Age and

Contemporaries. From published and unpublished sources. With portraits.
2 vols. 8vo. 1855. Cloth. The original a7ul only complete edition. £2 2s.

Copies of the Portraits : Goethe, (Bt., 30, engraved by E. Radclyffe after May, and Goetbe cet, 79,
engraved by the same after Stieler, at Is. each.

LiYii Historiae Romanae, ex recensioue J. N. Madvigii, ediderunt J. N. Madvig.

et J. L. UssiNG. 4 vols. 8vo. Sewed. £1 7s.

. 1. Libri i— v. Ed. ii. 1886 4s. 1 III. 1. Libri xxxi— xxxv. 1884 3s.

2 „ vl-x. „ ii. 1875 3s. 6d. 2. „ xxxvi— xl. 1865 3s. 6d.

II. 1. „ xxi— XXV. „ ii. 1886 4s. IV. 1. „ xli— xlv. 1864 3s. 6d.

2. „ xxvi— XXX. „ ii. 1882 3s. 6d. 1 2. Fragmenta et Indices. 1866 2s.

recognovit I. BEKKER. Selectas variorum notas addidit M. F. E.

Raschig. Editio nova. 3 vols. 12mo. Sewed. Each 3s. 6d.

Luther's (Dr. M.) Geistliche Lieder. Edited by the Rev. Dr. Tiarks. Svo. 1845.
(xix. 88 pp.) Cloth. Is. 6d.

Madvig (J. N.). Adversaria critica ad Scriptores Graecos et Latinos. 3 vols.
8vo. 1871-84. Sewed.

I. De arte coniecturali. Emendationes grascse. (iv. 741 pp,) 17s.

II. Emendationes latiuc-e. (682 pp.) 17s.

III. NoviB Emendationes Grsecse et Latinae. (280 pp.) 6s.

Emendationes Livianae, iterum auctiores editae. 8vo. 1877. (iv. 780 pp.)

Sewed. 19s. 6d.
Opuscula Academica. 8vo. 1887. (viii. 784 pp.). £1 4s.

Malan (Rev. S. C). Original Documents of the Coptic Church. 6 parts. 12mo.
1872-75. Sewed. 10s. 6d.

1. The Divine Liturgy of St. Mark the Evangelist. 1872. (63 pp.) Not separately.

2. The Calendar of the Coptic Church. 1873. (iv. 91 pp.) 2s. 6d.

3. A short History of the Copts and of their Church. (1873. (iv. 115 pp.) Not separately.
4 The holy Gospel and Versicles of Sundays and Feast Days, as used in the Coptic

Church. 1874. (vii. 82 pp.) 2s.

5. 6. The Divine Euchologion and the Divine Liturgy of St. Gregory the Theologian

1875. (vii. 90 pp.) 3s.

The two Holy Sacraments of Baptism and of the Lord's Supper,

according to Scripture, Grammar and Faith. 12mo. 1881. (v. 272 pp.) Cloth. 3s.

Maldonati (Joh., S. J.) Commentarii in lY. Evangelistas, quos pristinfe
integritati restitutos novisque studiis auctos, denuo edidit Dr. J. M. Raich.

2 vols. Royal 8vo. 1874. (xxxi. 826, vi. 1051 pp.) Sewed. £1 5s.

Malory (Sir Thomas). The Morte Darthur. Verbatim reprint of Caxton's original
edition, with Introduction, Variants, Notes, Glossarial Index, and Study of the
source of Maloi-y, by H. 0. Sommek, Ph.D., and a Study of Malory by A. Lang.

3 vols. 4to. (x. 861. viii. 230. xxvi. 338 pp.) 1889-91. nett £2 10s.
One hundred copies on Dutch hand-made paper, Imp. 4to. nett £5 5s.
Ordinary edition, 2 vols. Roxburghe, £3 nett ; or in 3 vols. Roxburghe, £3 3s. nett.



Margoliouth (D.). Analecta Orientalia ad Poeticam Aristoteleam (Poetica Arabics
et Syriace, Poetica Avicennae et Barhebraei). 12mo. 1887. Cloth, nett 10s. 6d.

Memorials of Winchester College. Drawn and Lithographed by Ch. W.
Kadclyffe. 25 plates, with text. Folio. 1846. Half morocco. £1 10s.

Missale Romanum. 12mo. 1884. With the English Offices. Printed in Red
and Black. Sewed. 6s.

Moore (A. W.). The Folk-Lore of the Isle of Man; being an Account of its
Myths, Legends, Superstitions, Customs, and Proverbs. 12mo. (xvi. 192 pp.) Is 6d.

Moore (G.). Impressions and Opinions. (Balzac, Turguenieff, Verlaine, Ibsen,
Mummer Worship, etc.). IGmo. 1891. (346 pp.) Cloth. nett 5s.

Moore (Rev. E.). The Time-References in the Divina Commedia and their

bearing on the assumed Date and Duration of the Vision. 12mo. 1887. (134 pp.)

7 Tables. Cloth. (250 copies printed). nett 3s 6d.

Mullooly (Rev. J.). S. Clement, Pope and Martyr, and his Basilica in Rome.

8vo. 1869. (liii. 342 pp.) With 9 plates and 2 plans. Sewed. 16s.

Nutt (Alfred). Studies on the Legend of the Holy Grail with especial reference
tothe Hypothesis of its Celtic Origin. 8vo. 1888. (xvi. 285 pp.) Cloth, nett 10s 6d.

Omar Khayyam, The Rubaiyat. Prose translation, by J. H. McCarthy, M,P.
Bodoni 12mo. 1889. (250 pp.) Parchment boards. nett 12s. 6d.

Oratores Attici. Recensuerunt, adnotaverunt, scholia, fragmenta, indicem nominum
addiderunt J. G. Baiter et H. Sauppe, 2 parts in one volume. 4to. 1838-50.
(viii. 963, 355 et 176 pp.) Sewed. £2 5s. 6d.

Ortolan (J.). Legislation Romaine, augmentee d'Appendices et mise au

courant de I'etat actuel de I'enseignement du droit romain par J. E. Labbe.

8 vols. 8vo, Sewed. £1 4s.

Paasch (Capt. H.). Illustrated Marine Encyclopaedia. 8vo. 1890. (306 pp. Text,
100 full-page Plates, with accompanying letter press, 28 pp. Index). Cloth.

nett £1 Is.

From Keel to Truck. English, French and German Naval Dictionary.

Fully illustrated. Neiv edition in the press.

Painter's Palace of Pleasure. Elizabethan versions of Italian and French Novels
of Boccaccio, Queen Margaret, Bandello, &c. With -critical introduction and
parallels to the 102 Stories of the Text, by Joseph Jacobs. 3 vols. Large 4to.
1890. (pp. xcv. 363, 428, 428.) nett £2 10s. Large paper (60 printed) nett £5 5s.

Patrura Apostolicorum Opera. Recensuerunt, commentario exegetico et liistorico
illustraverunt, apparatu critico, versione latina, prolegomenis, indicibus instruxerunt
0. de Gebhardt, A. Harnack, Th. Zahn. Editio post Dresselianam alteram tertia.
8 vols, in 4. 8vo. 1876-78. Sewed. £1 9s.

The same. Editio minor. Crown 8vo. 1877. (219 pp.) 3s. 6d.

Pellat (C. A.). Manuale juris synopticum in quo continentur Justiniani et

Gaii institutiones, Ulpiani fragmenta et aliie veterum jurisconsultorum reliquiw.
Editio VII. 12mo. 1882. (viii. 1004 pp.) Sewed. 5s.

Peters (C. H. F.). Celestial Charts made at the Lichfield Observatory of

Hamilton College, Clinton, N.Y. Charts 1-20. Folio. 1883. Only 50 copies
issued for sale. nett £2 10s.

Petronii Satirae et liber Priapeorum, iterum edidit J. Buecheler. Adiects sunt
Varronis et Senecae satirfe similesque reliquiffi. Editio minor tertia. Crown 8vo.
1882. (252 pp.) Sewed. 3s. 6d.



Petrie (W. M. Flinders). lUahun, Kahun, and Gurob (1889-90). 4to. 1891. (59 pp.,
double columns, 32 full-page Plates, containing upwards of 500 representations
of Insciiptions, Objects of Pottery and Jewellery, Scarabs, &c.) Boards. 16s.

Medum. With chapters by A. Wiedemann, W. J. Russell, F. Ll. Griffith

and W. E. Crum. ito. 1892. 52 pp. 36 full-page plates, many coloured, of
j.lans. inscriptions, mural paintings, etc. Boards. £1 is.

Platonis Opera omnia, recognoverunt J. G. Baiter, J. C. Orelli, et A. G.
WiNCKELMANN. Acccdunt variffl lectiones, scholia et nominum index. 4to. 1842.
(viii. 1073) pp.) Sewed. £1 15s.

Editio in usum scholarum. 21 parts in 4 vols.

Pars. 13. Res PuWica. Ed. VI. Cloth. 5s.

on wTiting paper with very wide

marains lor annotations. Sewed. 9s.
Cloth. 108. 6d.
„ 14. Leges et Epinomis. 2s.

„ 15. Timaeus et Oritias. Ed. II. Is. 6d.
„ 16. Parmenides. Ed. II. Is.

„ 17. Symposion. Ed. II. Is.

„ 18. Phaedrus. Is.

„ 19. Hippias maior, item Epistolae.
„ 20. Dialogi spurii : Axiochus. De Justo.
De Virtute. Demodocus. Sisjiihus.
Eryxius. Clitophon.
„ 21. Scholia.
Parts 11, 19, 20 and 21 are only sold in sets.

— Opera omnia, cum scholiis grtecis emendatius edidit G. Stallb.wm. In one
volume. Imp. Bvo. 1873. (xv. 725 pp.) Boards. 16s.

Talks with Athenian Youths. Translations from the Charmides, Lysis,

Pars. 1. Euthyphro, Apologia Socratis, Crito.
Ed. V. Is.

> 2. Phaedo, item incertorum auctorum
Theages et Erastae. Ed. IV. Is. 6d.
„ 3. Theaetetus. Ed. II. Is. 6d.

„ 4. Sophista. Ed. II. Is.

,, 5. Euthydemus et Protagoras. Is.

„ 6. Hippias minor. Cratylus. Ed. II. Is.
„ 7. Gorgias et lo. Ed. II. Is. 6d.

„ 8. Philebus. Ed. II. Is.

„ 9. Meno. Alcibiades I. Ed. 11. 2s.

,, 10. Alcibiades II., Charmides et Laches. Is.
,, 11. Lysis, Meuexenus, Hipparchus.
,, 13. Politicus et Minos. Is. 6d.

Laches, Euthydemus and Theaetetus. 16mo. 1891. (xx. 178 pp.) Cloth. 2s. 6d.
Plauti Comoediae, recensuit et enarravit J. L. Ussing. 8vo.

IV. (1.) Miles gloriosus. Mercator. (856 pp.)

1»82. 12s.

IV. (2.) Pseudolus. Poenulus. (viii. 362 pp.)

1883. 12s.

V. Persae, Rudens. Stichus. Trinummus.

I. Amphitruo. Asinaria (442 pp.) 1875. 13s. 6d.

II. Aulularia. Bacchides. Curculio. Captivi.

(xvi. 586 i)p.) 1878. 16s. 6d.

III. (1.) Casiua, Cistellaria. (204 pp.) 1878. 7s.

III. (2.) Epidicus. Mostellaria. Menaschmi.

(448 pp.) 1878. 13s. 6d.

Truculentus. (662 pp.) 1886. 18s.

Poetae Scenici Graeci, ex recensioue et cum Prolegomenis Gdil. DiXDOTiFii. Fifth
entirely new edition, printed with Inscription Type. Imp. 8vo. Cloth. £1 4s.

The same. 5th Oxford Stereotyped ed. Imp. 8vo. (748 pp.) Cloth. £1 Is.

Pre-Tudor Texts. I. Pearl. An english poem of the 14th Century, edited with a

modern English rendering by I. Gollancz. With frontispiece by Holman Hunt.
Square 8vo. 1891. (iii. 142 pp.). Boards. nett 14s.

II. Cynewulf's Christ, an eighth century English epic, edited with a modern

rendering by I. Gollancz. Square 8vo. 1892. (xxiv, 216 pp.) Bound, nett 12s. 6d.

Prideaux (Mrs. F.). Basil the Iconoclast. A Play of Modern Russia. 16mo.

1892. (236 pp.) Cloth. nett 5s.

Quicherat (L.). Thesaurus poeticus linguae latinae. 2nd ed. Royal 8vo. 1882.

(xxiv. 1249 pp.) Roan. 10s. 6d.

Records of the English Catholics under the Penal Laws. Chiefly from the

Archives of the See of Westminster. Edited by Fathers of the Congregation of

the London Oratory, with an historical introduction by Rev. T. F. Knox, D.D.

4to. Cloth.

I. The first anJ second Diaries of the College, I II. The Letters and Memorials of William Car-

Douay. With unpublished Documents. diual .\llen. 1532-94. 1882. (cxxii. 480 pp.)

1878. (c viii 447 pp.) Out of print, nett £2 10s. ] nett .£1 10s.

Ritter (H.) et Preller (L.) Historia philosophiae graecae et romanae exfontium locis
contexta. Ed. VII rec. a F. Schdltess. 2 parts. 8vo. 1886, 1888. 12s.



Romilly (H, H., C.M.G.). From my Verandah in New Guinea. Sketches and
Traditions, with an introduction by Andeew Lang, M.A. Demy 8vo. 1889.
(xxvi. 277 pages.) Map. Cloth, 7s. 6d.

Schmoller (0.). Concordantix Novi Testamenti Graeci, collatse et in angustum

deducts. 18mo. 1882. (iv. 548 pp.) Cloth. 5s.

Schmidt (A.). Shakespeare-Lexion. A Complete Dictionary of all the English
Words, Phrases, and Constructions in the Works of the Poet. 2nd edition.
2 vols. 4to. 1886. Sewed. £1 8s.

Schneider (J., S. J.). Manuale Sacerdotum in quo turn quae in privata devotione,

tum quffi in miss® celebratione et sacramentorum administratione usui esse
possunt. Editio XII. 16mo. Sewed. (658 pp.) 7s.

Manuale Clericorum, in quo habentur instructiones asceticae litur-

gicasque ac variarum precum formulae ad usum seminariorum. 18mo. 1868.
(viii. 773 pp.) PubUshed at 4s. 6i. Eeduced to 2s. 6d.

Lectiones quotidianae de vita, honestate et ofliciis Sacerdotum et

Clericorum. 18mo. 1870. (viii. 752 pp.) Published at 5s. Gd. Eeduced to 3s

Schouppe (F. X., S. J.). Adjumenta Oratoris Sacri, seu divisiones, sententiae

et documenta de iis christianiB vitae virtutibus et officiis quae frequentius e sacro
pulpito proponenda sunt. Editio XI. 8vo. Sewed. 4s. 6d.

Cursus Scripturae Sacrae Seminariorum usui accomraodatus. 2 vols. 8vo.

(iv. 608. 653 pp.) Sewed. 9s-

EYangelia Dominicarum ac Festorum totius anni homileticis expli.

cationibus illustrata. Editio VI. 2 vols. 8vo. Sewed. 10s. 6d.

Schrumpf (G. A.). A First Aryan Reader, consisting of specimens of the Aryan
languages, which constitute the basis of Comparative Philology, viz. : Indie.
Eranic, Armenian, Hellenic, Albanian, Italic, Teutonic, Keltic, Baltic, Slavonic,
Continuous text with transUteration, translation, and explicit commentary. 12mo.
1890. (212 pp.) Cloth. 7s. 6d.

Septuagint. SceTestamentum Vetus.

Shakespeare's Sonnets. Edited with notes and introduction, by Th. Tyler, M.A.

Square crown 8vo. 1890. (xx. 316 pages.) Portraits of William Herbert,

Earl of Pembroke, of his mother Mary, Countess of Pembroke, and of Mrs. Mary

Fitton. Cloth. 12s.

Simonides (K.) 'Op6uSo^a>i> 'EW-nvwv deoXoyiKai ypdcpai Tiaadpts. 8vo. 1859.

(xiii. 220 pp.) Sewed. Published at 10s. 6d., Reduced to 4s.

Contains polemical writings against the Roman Church on the Nature and Office of the Holy

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