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Ghost by Nicolas, Bishop of Methona ; Genadius, Archbishop of Constantinople ; Gregory,

Archbishop of Thessalonica; and Georgius Coressius.

Sophocles, with annotations, introduction, etc., by E. Wunder. 2nd ed. with the

notes translated into English. 2 vols. 8vo. Cloth. £1 4s. Eeduced to 10s. 6d.

Each of the 7 Plays separately, sewed. 3s. Eeduced lo Is. 6d.

Spinoza (B. de). Opera quae supersunt omnia, ex editionibus principibus denuo
edidit et prsefatus est C. H. Brui>er. Editio stereotypa. 3 vols. 16mo. Sewed. 8s.

Spruner (K. von). Atlas antiquus, in 31 coloured maps with numerous marginal
maps. 3rd. ed., by Tn. Menke. 1865. Folio. Cloth. £1 15s.

Stebler (F. G.) and Schrbter (C). The best Forage Plants, fully described and
figured, with a complete account of their cultivation, economic value, impurities
and adulterants. Translated by A. N. McAlpine. 4to. 1887. (vi. 171 pp.),
with numerous woodcuts in the text and 30 full-page coloured plates. Boards.

nett 12s. 6d.

p. NUTT, 270, §71 STRAND, LONDON.


Stokes (Whitley). Cormac's Glossary. Translated and annotated by the late John
O'DoNovAX. Edited with Notes and Indices by W. S. 4to. Calcutta, 1868.
(xii. 204 i)p.) Cloth. nett £1 10s.

On the Calendar of Oengus. 4to. Dublin, 1880. (32. ccclii pp.) nett 18s.

Stratmann (F. H.). A Dictionary of the Old English Language. Compiled from

writings of the Xllth, Xlllth, and XlVth centuries. 3rd edition, with supplement
4to. 1871-81. (x.6o9, v. 92 pp.) £2 2s!

Taciti Opera omnia ad codices antiques exaeta et emendata, commentario critico et
exegetico illustrata, edidit F. Ritter. 4 vols. 8vo. 1838-48. Boards. Published
at £1 18s. Reduced to 16s.

1. II. Annales— not sold separately. | III. IV. Historise. Germania. Agricola. 8s.

Opera quae supersunt, recensuit atque interpretatus est J. C. Okelli. Vol. I.

Annales, cur. J. G. Baiter. Royal 8vo. 1859. 19s.

For vol. II., now in course of publication, see D. Nutt's Catalogue of Greek and Latin Classics.

Tauchnitz' (now Holtze's) Series of Greek and Latin Classics. Pocket edition for
school use. A complete List will be sent gratis on application.

Testamentum Yetus grsece, juxta Septuaginta interpretes, edidit C. pe Tischendorf.
Editio sexta. Prolegomena recognovit, collationem Codd. Vaticani et Sinaitici
adjecit E. Nestle. 2 vols. 8vo. 1887. (81, 682 et 616, 203 pp.) Sewed. 18s.

edidit L. van Ess. 8vo. 1887. (24, 1027 pp.) Sewed, 9s. 6d.

Testamentum Novum grsece, e codice Vaticano ed. Angelds IVIaius, S.R.E. Card.
Roy. 8vo. 1859. (iv. 503 pp.) Cloth. (12s.) 4s.

ex anliquissimo codice Alexandrino accuratius edidit B. H. Cowper, Bvo.

1850. (xi. 505 pp.) Cloth. (12s.) 4s.

ad antiquissimos testes denuo recensuit, apparatum criticum apposuit com-

mentationem isagogicam pra-texuit C. Tischendorf. Editio critica major VIII.
2 vols. 8vo. 1869-73. (xx. 968, 1044 pp.) Sewed. £2 5s.

Vol. III. Prologomena scripsit C. R. Gregory. Pars I. & II. 8vo.

1884-90. (vi. pp. 1—800). £1 2s.
Editio critica minor. 2 vols. 12mo. 1877. (1056 pp.) Cloth. 13s.

ad editionem suam VIII. criticam maiorem conformavit, lectionibusquo C!irai-

ticis et Vaticanis, item Elzevirianis instruxit C. de Tischendorf. 8vo. 1873.
(xxxiii. 419 pp.) Sewed. 5s.

Recensionis Tischendorfianoe ultimaa textum cum Tregellesiano et Westcottio-

Hortiano contulit et brevi annotatione critica additisque locis jjarallelis illus-
travit 0. de Gebhardt. 8vo. 1891. (xii. 492 -pp.) Sewed. 3s. 6d.

Graece et Latine. Textus latinus ex Vulgata Versione Sixti V. jussu recog-

nita repetitus. ISmo. 1884. (983 pp.) Sewed. 3s. 6d.

Latine, Yulgatae Editionis. 32mo. (535 pp.) Roan. 2s.

Testament, the New. The authorised English Version, with introduction and
various Readings, from the Vatican, Alexandrian and Sinaitic Codices, by
C. Tischendorf. Square 12mo. 1869. Facsimile Plate. Cloth. 2s.

Teubner's Texts of the Greek and Latin Classics, in 12mo, for School and

College use. Complete Lists gratis on application.
Teubner's Greek and Latin Classics, with explanatory German notes for College

use. A detailed List will be furnished gratis on api^lication.
Thomse Aquinatis (S.) Summa theologica diligenter emendata, Nicolai, Silvii.

Billuart et C. J. Driocx no; is ornata. Editio duodecima. 8 vols. 8vo. 1880.

Sewed. £1 8s.

Tischendorf (C. de). Synopsis. EYangelica. Editio sexta. 8vo. 1891. (Ix. 184 pp).

Sewed. 5s.



Trendelenburg (F. A.). Elementa logices Aristoteleae. Editio IX. 8vo. 1892.
(xvi. 172 pp.) Sewed. 3s.

The Tudor Library. I. GioYanni Pico Delia Mirandola: His Life by his
nephew Giovanni Feancesco Pico. Translated from the Latin by Sir Thomas
More. Edited by J. M. Eigg. 1890. 10s. 6d.

II. Daphnis and Chloe. Excellently describing the weight of affection, &c.,

finished in a Pastorall, and therefore termed The Shepheards Holidaie. By
Angel Day. 1587. Edited by Joseph Jacobs. 1890. 10s. 6d.

III. Poliphili Hypnerotomachia. The Strife of Loue in a Dreame. Reprinted

from the rarissime original of 1592. With a selection of cuts from the Italian
original of 1498. Edited by Andrew Lang. 1890. £1 Is.

The Tudor Library is isstted in a limited Edition of 500 copies small paper,
50 copies large paper, sumptuously printed on thick paper with luide margins, in
large Svo, gilt boards. The volumes loill never be reprinted. The prices are nett.

Tudor Translations. Edited by W. E. Henley. I. The Essays of Montaigne done
into English by John Florio (1603). Edited by G. Saintsbuby. 3 vols. 4to.
Vol I. 1892. nett 15s.

Walcott (M. E. C). William of Wykeham and his Colleges. With numerous
woodcuts. Royal 8vo. 1852. Cloth. Published at 14s. Reduced to 7s.

Waifs and Strays of Celtic Tradition. Argyllshire Series : I. Craignish Tales.
Collected by the Rev. J. Mac Dougall ; and Notes on the War Dress of the Celts
by Lord Archibald Campbell. Svo. 1889. (xvi. 98 pages.) 20 plates, nett os.

II. Folk and Hero Tales. Collected, edited (in Gaelic), and translated by the

Rev. D. Mac Innes ; with a Study on the Development of the Ossianic Saga and
copious Notes by Alfred NuTT. Svo. 1890. (xxiv. 497 pages.) Portrait of Campbell
of Islay, and Two Illustrations by E. Geiset. 15s.

III. Folk and Hero Tales, collected, edited, translated and annotated by the

Rev. J. Mac Dougall. With an Introduction by Alfred Nutt. Svo. 1891.
(xxx, 311 pp.) 10s 6d.

IV. The Fians, or stories, poems and traditions of Fionn and his warrior band.

Collected entirely from oral sources by the Rev. J. G. Campbell, with Introduction
and Bibliographical Notes by Alfred Nutt. Svo. 1891. (xxxviii. 292 pp.) 10s. 6d.

Weidmann's Greek and Latin Classics, with explanatory German Notes for

College use. Crown 8vo. Sewed. A detailed List on application.
Widgery (W. H.) The teaching of languages in schools. 16mo. 1888. (80 pp.)

Sewed. nett 2s.

Wilde (Oscar). The Happy Prince and other Tales. Illustrations by Walter

Crane and Jacomb Hood. 2nd edition. Small 4to. 1890. (116 pp.). 3s. 6d.
Wilke (C. G.). Clavis Novi Testamenti philologica. Editio tertia. Emendavit

C. L. W. Geimm. Royal Svo. 1888. (xiv. 474 pp.) Sewed. 14s.

Wilmanns(G.). Exempla inscriptionum latinarum in usum praecipue academicum.

2 vols. Svo. 1873. (xvi. 532, 737 pp.) £1 4s.

Wilson (J. Cook). On the Interpretation of Plato's Timaeus. Critical Studies

with special reference to a recent edition. Svo. 145 pp. Sewed. 1889. 6s.

Woods (J. C). In Foreign Byeways. A Rhapsody of Travel. (Brussels, Treves,

The Eifel, The Moselle, The Rhine) 16mo. 1887. (91 pages). Cloth, bevelled. 2s.
Wordsworth and Coleridge. Lyrical Ballads. Reprinted from the first edition

of 1798. Eaited by Edward Dowden, LL.D. 16mo. (xxvi. 228 pages). 1S91.

Cloth. 6s.


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