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He saw— -and (O amazing lovei)
He ran to our reliei

3 Down from the sluning seats above

With Joyful haste he fled.
Entered the grave, in mortal flcsht
And dwdt among the dead.






4He spoiPdthepowers of darkness thus,

And brake our iron chains;
Jesus has freed our captive souls
From everlasting pains.

5 [In vain the baffled prince of hell

Hk cursed projects tri^s;
We tliat were doom'd his endless slaves,
Are rjus'd above ^ the skies.]

6 O ! for this love, let rocks and hiUs

Their las^g ^ence break,
And all harmonious human tongues

The Saviour's praises speak.
?" fYes, "we will prajse thee, dearest Lord,

Our souls are all on flame :
Hosanna« round the spacious earth,

To thine adored name !
8 Angels, assist our mighty joys ;

Strike all your harps of gold ; .
Bat when you raise your highest notes.

His love can ne'er be told.]


Hymn 63. B. 1. L. M. ft
"Old Hundred, Dunstan.

Christie kumiliatiqn and exaltation,

1 "yt^HAT equal honours shall we bring,

To thee, O Lord our God,ihc Lamb ,
When all the notes that angels sing,
Atq far inferior to ihy name ?

2 Worthy is he that once was slain,
The Pnnce of life, thatgroan'd and died ;.
Worthy to rise, and live and reign
At Bis almighty Father's side.

3 Power and dominion are his due,
Who stood condemn'd at Pilate's bar ;
Wisdom belongs td Jesus too,
Tho' he was charged with madness here.

iAH riches are his native right,
Tet he sustained amazing loss :
To him ascribe eternal might, . ,
AVho left his weakness on. the cross. <

5 Honour immortal must be paid,
Instead <>i scandal^ and of scorn?
While glory 'shines around his head.
And a bright crown without a thorn.

6 Blessings /orever on the Lamb,
Who bore the cursfe for wretched men ;
Let angels sound his sacred name,
And every creature say, Amen.

159 \ Htmn 25. B. 1. L. M. ^

iBt. Part. S ^ ^*''"' ^^'''^•
A vimoji of the Lamb.
1 A LL mortal vanities, be gone,
^A Nor tempt my eyes, nor tire my cars,


Behold amidst tb' eternal throne

A vision of the Lamb appears*
2 [Glory his fleecy robe adorns,

Mark'd with the bloody death he bore ;
Seven are his eyes, and seven his homs^

Te speak bis wisdom and his power.
3Lo, he receives a sealed book

From him .that sits upon the throne ;

Jesus, my Lord, prevails to look

On dark decrees, and things unknown.]

4 All the assembling saints^ around
Fall worshipping before the Lamb,
And in new songs of gospel, sound
Address their honours to his name.

5 [The joy, the shout, the harmony
Flies o''er the everlasting hills ;
''Worthy art thou alone," they cry, *
" To read the book, to loose the seals.^' j

6 Our voices join the heavenly strain,
And with transporting pleasure sing, -

- '' Worthy the Lamb that once was slain^
*'To be our Teacher and our King !'

7 His words qf prophecy reveal
Eternal counsels, deep designs^ ^
His grace and vengeance shall fufil
The- peaceful and the dreadful lines. |

8 Thou jiast redeem'd our souKfrom hell
With thine invalutible blood ;

And wretches, that did onco' rebel,
Are now made favourites of their God.

9 Worthy forever is the Lord,

That died for treasons not his own,
By every tongue to be ador'd,
^nd dwell upon his Fathecls throne t

159 / Hymn 21. B. 2. L. M. «:

2d. Part i Nantwich, Dunstan.

i some offiraise^ to God the Redeejner.
1 T ET the old heathens tune their song
JL* Of great Diana, and of Jove, ~
-But the sweet theme that moves my tongue

Is my Redeemer and his love.
2 Behold! a God descends and dies.

To save my soul from gaping hell!

How the black gulf, where Satan lies,

Ya^^'d to receive me When I fell!

3 How justice frown'd, and venj^eance stood.
To drive me down -to endless pain X
But the great Son proposed his blood,
And heavenly wrath grew mild again*

4 Infinite lover I gracious Lord t ,

To thee be endless honours given : ^
Thy wondrous name shall be adored,
Round the wide earth^and wider heanren*

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IGO, 161



IAqI HtmwS- B. 2. L,M. m\
AW J Gloucester, Portugal,

* ^^g^ng tofiraUe Christ better.

, 1 T ORD, when my thoughts with won-

^ JLi der roll

O'er the sharp «orrow8 of *fhy «oi|l,
And read my Maker's l)roken laws,
Repair'd ania honour'^ by thy cross;

2 When I behold death, hell, and sin.
Vanquish'^ hy that dear blood of thine,
And see the man, that groan'dand dy'd,
^ Sit glorious by his Father's side;
3 My passions rise and soar above;
I I'm wing'd with faith,and fir'd with love;
Ffun would I reach •eternal things.
And learn the notes that Gabriel sings.
4 But my heart fails.my tongue complains
\ For want of their immortal strains;
And in such humble notes as these
Falls far below thy victories.
' 5 Well, the kind minute must appear,
; When we shall leave these bodies here,
\ These clogs of clay — and mount on high,
To join the s'bngs abore the sky.



161 I

\ 1st Part. ^


, Hymn 64. B. 1. 8. M. «*
Froome, Germany, Dover.

BEHOLD what wondrous grace
The Father hath bestowM
Gn' anners of a mortal race.
To call them sons of God !

2 Tis no surprising tl\me.

That Ve should be -unknown ;
. The Je wish world knew not their King^
J God's everlasting Son. ,

*3 Nor doth it yet appear

How great wc mjust be nriade ; *
But when we see our Saviour here,
We shall be like our Head*,

4 A hope so much ifivine

May trials well endure, i-

May fiurge our souls Croraaenae and sin,
As Christ the Lord is pure.
If in. my Father's love .

"hare a filial p^rt i ^

Send down thy ^irit like a dove.
To rest upon my heart

6 We would no loneer lie;

Like ^ves, beneath the throne;
Our faith shall Abba, Father, cry.
And thou the kindred own.

161 \

2d Part. ^

Hymn 143. B. 1. dM.
Canterbury, Dundee.

Charactera^fthe children of God Jrom
. several scrifiturea.

1 A S new bom babes desire the breailt
/ll To feed, and grow, and thrive ;

So saints with joy the 'gospel taste.
And by the gospel live.

2 [With inward gust their heart apjMX)vcs

All that the word relates;
l*hey love the mei> their father loves.
And hate the works he hates.]

3 [Not all the flatteiing baits on earth

Cmi make them slaves to lust;
They Kjan^t forgjBt their heavenly birth,
. Nor grovel in the dust.

4 Not all the chains that tyrants use

Shall bind their souls to vice :
Faith, like a conqueror, can produce
A thousand victories.]

5 [Grace, like an -iincorrupted .iseed.

Abides and .reigns within J ,
Immortal ^princigles forbid
The sons of God to sin.]

6 [Not bv the terrors of a slave

Do they perform his will, .
But vith the noblest powers they hav^
His, sweet commands fulfiL]

rThey find access at every hour.
To God within jthe veil ;
Hence they derive a quickening power,
And joys that never fail.

8 O happy souls ! O glorious state

Of overflowing grace?
To dwell so near their Father's seat.
And see his lovely faci.

9 Lord, I address thy hea\'^nly throne;

Call me a child of thtne.
Send down the Spirit of thy Son
Ta form my heart divmc.

lOTherc shed thy chtaccst lovesabroad.
And make my comforts strong :
Then shall I say, " My Father, God,"
With, an unwavering tongue.

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162, 163




-t^ol Psalm 40. 2d Part C. M. SL

^^'^^ St. David's, Mean

27iff incarnation and sacrifice of Oiriat,

1 •'I^HUS sskith the t^oi^d, ** Your work

is vain,
"Give your burnt offerings o'er;
**In dying goats and bullocks slain,
** M/ soul delights no moi-e." .

2 Then spake the Saviour, ^^Lo, Vm here,

"My God, to do thy will;
*• Whate'er thy sicred books declare,
••Tliy servant shall fulfil.

3 ** Thy law is ever m my sight,

*' I keep it near my heart ;
**Mine ears are Open with delight
- "To what thy hps impatt."

4 \nd see, the blest Redeemer comes !

The eternal Son appears!
And at the appointed time assumes
• The body God prepares.

5 Much he reveal'd his Father's grace,

And much his truth he sn^w'd,
And preach*d the way of righteQusness,

where great assennblies' stood,
6His Father's honour touch'd his heart,.

He pitied sinnei^' cries.
And, to fulfil a Saviour*s part.

Was made a sacrifice.
7 No blood of beasts, on altars shed.

Could wash the conscience clean ;
But the rich sacrifice he paid

Atones for all our sin.
" 8 Then was the great salvation sprea^d,

And Satan's kingdom shook :
Thus by the woman's prom is'd Seed

The serpent's head was broke.

Psalm 40. L. ]V|, ^
Bath,. Italy.
Christ our sacrifice,

1 T'HE, wonders, Lord, thy love has

* Exceed our praise,^unnonnt our thpu^ht:
Should I attempt the long detail,
-My speech would faint, my niimhers fail.

2 No blood of beasts on altars spilt,
Can cleanse t^e souls of men from guilt ;
But thou bast X set before our eyes -
An all-sufficient sacrifice.

3 Lo! thine eternal Son appears;
To thy designs he bows his ^rsv

Assumes a body well prepar'd,
And well performs a work so hard.
4 *i Behold, I come," (the Saviour cries

With love and duty in his eye?,)
- ^' I come to bear the ^ heavy load

" Of sins, and do ihy will, my God.
S'^Tis written in thy great decree,
" 'Tis in thy "book foretold of me, .
" I must fulfil the Saviour's part ;
" And, lo I thy law is in my heart.
6 "I'll magnify thy holy law,
" And rebels to obedience draw,
"When on my cross Vm lifted higlj,
"Or to my crown abqve the sky.
7 "The Spirit shall jlescend, and »<Iiovv
' Whrt thou hast done, and what I tiu;
' The wondering world shall learn tli^

'«Thy wisdom and thy righteousness.*'


164 <


Hymn 155. B. 2. C. M. \)
~ Durham, St. Annr .

Chjrist our fiassover.

1 T O, the destroying angel flii s
i^ To Pharaoh's ;stubborii laiull

llie prid« and flower of Egypt dicct
By nis vindictive hand.

2 He pass'd the tents of lacob o'er,

Nor pour'd the wrath divine :
He saw the blood on every door.

And blessM the peacef^il sign.
3Thus the appointed Lamb must bleed.

To break th' Egyptian yoke :
Thus Israel is from l^ondage freed.

And 'scapes the angel's stroke.

4 Lord, if my heart were sprinkled top, i
. With bloml so rich as thine,

Justice no longt-r would pursue
This guilty soul of mme,

5 Jesus our passover was slain»

And has at once procur'd
Freedom from Satan's heavy cliain.
And God's avenging hand. (



Hymn 118. B.2.UM. «
Newcourt, Antigua.


2d Part.

Thefiriesthood of Christ,

1 "D LOOD has a voice to pierce the skies;

Revfnge i the blood of Abel cries ;

But the dear stream, when Christ was

Speaks peace as loud from every

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167, 168

2 Pardon and peace from Giod on high,
Behold he lays his vengeance by ;
And rebels, thai deserve his sword,
Becomes the favourites of the Lord.

3 To Jesus let our praises rise,
Who gave bis life a sacrifice:
Now he appears before his God,
And for our pardon pleads his blood.



Psalm 23. L. M.

Newcourt, Italy.

God our Bhcfiherd*

rriy^Y shepherd is the living Lord;

IVA Now shaD my wants be well sup-

His providence and holy word . [ply'd;

Become my safety ani^ my guide.
.2 In pastures where salvation grows

He m<^es^ m^ feed, he makes~me rest ;

There, liiing water gently flows,
^ And all the food divinely Iflest.
3 My wandering feet his ways mistake,
t - But he restores my soul to peace,

And leads me, for his, mercy s sake,

In the fair paths Of righteousness'^

t 4 Though I w^k through the gloomy vale.
Where death and all its terrors are,

j My h^art and hope ahall never fail,

' For God my shepherd's with me there,
v&Amid t})e darkness and the d^eps,
Thou art my comfort, thpu my stay ;
Thy staff supports my ifeeble steps,

I Thy rod directs my doubtful way.

6 The sons of earth and sons of heH
Gaze at thy goodness,- and repine

^ To see my table spread so well,
'. With living bread and cheerful wine

7 [How I rejoice, when on my head
Thy Spirit condescends to rest!
'Tis a divine anointing, shed

, Like oil of gladness at a feast.

\ 8 Surely the mercies of the Lord
Attend his household all their days ;
There will I dwell to hear his ^ord,
To seek his face, and sing his praise.]

2 Hebrings ipy wandering spirit back ,
Whtn I forsake his ways ; ,
And leads me, for his mercy's sakcj

In paths of truth and grace.
SWhen I walk through the shades of death.

Thy presencA is my stay;
A word of thy supporting br^th
Drives all my fears away.

4 Thy hand, in aght of all my foes,

Doth still my table spread ;
My cup with blessings overflow*.
Thine oil anoints my bead.

5 The sure provisions of my God

Attend me all my days;
O may thine house be -mine abode.
Ana all my work be praise.

6 There would I find a settled rest,

(While others go and come)
No more a stranger, nor a guest.
But like a child at home.


Psalm 23. C. M.
Braintree, Mear,

The same.


1 TV^'^ shepherd will supply my need,
IVL Jehovah is his name ;

stures fresh he' makes me feed,
e the living Rtrqam.

I fl*7 1 Psalm 23. S. M. b

*"«> .. Shirland, Froome. ^ .

The iOTne,
i 'T'HE Lord my shepherd is,
X I shall be well supply*^:
Since he is mme, and I am his.

What can I want beside^
% He leads me toi the place

Where heavenly pasture grows.
Where living waters gently pass.
And full salvatitm flows.

3 If e'er I go astray.

He doth my soul reclaim,.
And guides me in his own right way,
For his most holy name.

4 While he affords his £ud,
I cannot yield to fear; '

Though I should walk through death's
dark shade.
My shepherd's with me there,

5 In sight of all mv foes

f hou dost my table spread ;
My cup with' blessings overflows.
And joy exalts my head.

6 TJje- bounties of thy love

Shall crown my following days y
Nor from thy house will I remove.
Nor cease to speak thy praise,

1 Tft I BsALM 73. 2d Part. C. M, b
*^^S Rochester, Arundel.
God our fiortion here and hereafter.
1 O QD, my supporter and my hope,
VJ My help forever near,



170, 171

Tbine arm of mercer held me up.
When sinking, in despaiF.
2 'Ijhky counsels, Lord^ shall guide my feet

Through this dark wilderness ;
Thineliand conduct me near thy seat.

To dwell before thy face*
a Were in heaven widiout my God,
'T would be no joy to* me;
And while this earth is my abode,
I long: for none but thee.

4 Wliat if the springs of life were broke,

Aiid flesh and heart should faint ;
God Is my sours eternal rock.
The strength of every isaint,

5 Behold the an^rs^ that remove

Far from th v presence, die ;
. Not all the idle gods they love

Can save them when they cry*
4^ But to draw near to thee, my God,

Shall be my- sweet employ;
My tongue shall sound thy works abroad,.

And tell tlje world my joy^

a Let others stretch their arms like teas,.

And grasp in all the shore;
Grant me the viats of thy face.
And I desire no more.


1 AQ? Htmw 94^ B. 2. C. M.
^^^l St. Anns, Abridge.

* God my only kafifiincs9.

iA>fYGod.my portion, and my love, " ''°{J ™ resiacnce rcmor
IVI My everlasting kl ' i - ^/ ^"^^ conceal hia- face.]

I*ve none but thee in heaven- above.
Or on this earthly ball
2 [What empty things are allthe skies,
And this inferior clod-!
Xhere^ nothing here deserves lay joys;
There's nothing like my God.)

S [In vain the bright, th^ burning sun
Scatters his feeble light ;
*Tis thy sweet beams create my noon ;
If thou withdrawal 'tis night..

4 And while upon my restless bed'

Among the shades I rolf ,.
If my Redeemer shows his head^
ni'is morning with my souT.]

5 To thee I owe my wealth,and friends.

And healtii, and safe abode;
Thanks to thy name for meaner things,.
But they are not my God.

6 How vain a toy fs glittering we^th,

If once cojhQpar*a to thee I
Or whatsis my safety, or my healthy
Or all my friends, 'to me? ,

7 Were r posseilsor of the eartft.

And cau'd. the stars mine own,
. Without thy graces, and thyself,
I were a wretch undone.

W,^TF. E Jl-

UxMn 93. b: 2. S. M. m

Dover, Pelham.
Go4 all, and in alL .

1 TVTY God» my life, mv love»
iV4. Ta thee, t& thee I call ;

I cannot Uve if thou remove,
For tlioa.art all in all.

2 [Thy shining; gfrace can cheer
This, dungeon where I dwell :

'Tis paracfise whien thou art here ;.\
If thou dep^Ft^ *tiS' helL]

3 [The smilings of thy face,.
How amiable they are !

'Tis heaven to rest in thine cnabrace, '
And no where else but Uier^.]

4 XTo^ thee, and thee alone, "
. Tlie angels owe their bliss^;
They ataix)nndthy gracious throne^

And dwell where "Jesus is.]

5 [Nbt all the harps above
Can make a heavenly places

If CJod his residence remove,* ]

6- Nor earth,- nor- aU. the sky

Can one delight affoixl;
No, not a drop, of real joy,.
Without thy presence, Lordl

7 Thou art the sesa of love,^ 1
Whefe all my pleasures roll;

The circle where my passions move„
And centre of my soul.

8 ri^<^ thee my spirits fly^
With: infinite desire ;

And yet how far fronv thee Llie f
Dear' Jesus^ raisft me higher.]

,^/y Hymn: 15. F.2. |..M. «
*-'*5 Eaton, 97tii Psalm.

The enjoyment 9f Christ; or, delight in worship
1 T^A-R- frora roy thoughfi, vain world ^
Jl Be gone-;: i

Let my religious- houi|s alone:
Fain would my egres my Savjour see ^
I wait a visit, Lordi from thee ! i
2.My heart grows warm with Koly £rej
And kindles with a pure desire: |
Come^ my diear Jesus, from above.
And feed niy soul with fteavcnly loyoj
3^ [The trees of life immortal stand i
In blo<wniDg raws at thy right hand i

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174, 175

And, in tweet munnurs bj their ^ide,
Rivera of blifs perpetual glide.
I Haste then, bnt with a smiling face,
And spread the table of thj grace;
Bring down a taste of truth divine,
And cheer my heart with sacred wine.]
S BlesftM Jesus, what delicious fare !
How sweet thy entertainments are!
Never did angels taste above
Redeeming grace, and dying lore.
6 Hail! great Immanuel, all divine!
In thee thy Father's glories shine:
Thou brightest, sweetest, fairest One,
That eyes have seen, or angels known !

^pjqI Hymn 18. B. 2. L. M. ^

•* • -^ S Portugal, Dunstan, Castle-Street.

1 T^ORD, what a heaven of saving grace

Shines through the beauties of thy

face,- ^ '

And lights our passions' to a flame ;

Lord, how we love thy charming name.

.^ When I can say, my God is mine,
When I can feel thy glories shine,
I tread the world beneath nsy feet.
And all that earth calls good or igreat.

3 While such a sc^ne of sacred joys
Our raptur'd eyes and soul employs,
Here we could sit, and ^a^e away
A long, an ererlasting . day.

4 Well, we shall quickly pass the night,.
To the fair coasts, of perfect light;
Then shall bur joyful senses rove
O'er the dear object of our 'love.

[There shall we drink full draughts of

And pluck new life from heavenly trees ;
Yet now and then, dear Lord, bestow
A drop of heaven on worms below.
6 Send comforts down from thy right band,
While we pass through this barren land;
And m thy ^temple let us see
A glimpse of love, a glimpse of thee.]


i*Te? Psalm «9. IstPart. L. M. b

^ « *^ J All Saints, Carthage.

Tit covetianinuuU-wkh CkrUtt oTtthetrucIknfUU

1T70REVER Qhall my song record

JL The tmth and mercy of the Lord :

Herey and truth forever stand,

Like heaven, established by his hand.

dTbustothe Bon he sware, and said J

^^ With thee my coven^t first tf mad^ ;|

^^ In thee shall dying shmers hte %
'^ Glory and grace are thine togive«

I " Be thou my Prophet, thou my Priest;
" Thy •children shall be ever blest ;
^^ Thou art my clibien King; thy throne
^^ Shall stand eternal, like my own.

4*' There's none of all my sons aboTd
*' So much my image, or my leTve ;
*' Celestial powers thy subjects are,
<^ Then what can eaoth to thee compare ^

S*^ David, my servant, whom I ohose,
^' To guard my flock, to crush my foes,
*^ And raisM him to the Jewish throne,
*^ Was but a shadow of my Son.

6 Now let the cburch rejoice, and sing*
Jesusy her Saviour and her King;
Angels his heavenly wonders show.
And saints declare his works below.


Psalm 89. 5th Part. C. M. b
Dorset^ Arundel.

The covenant of grace unchangeable ; .
or^ afflictions without rejection.

1 "Y^^ ^^^ ^« Lord)if David's race,
"The children of my Son>

'^Should break my laws, abuse my gra^c,
" And tempt mine anger down ;

2 '♦ Their ^s I'll visit with the rod,
•*And make their fbUy smart;

** But rU not cease to be their GocU
•' Nor from my troth depart

1 " My 'covenant I will ne'er revoke,
•* But keep my grace in mind ;

" And what eternal love hath spok^
•* Eternal truth shall bind,

4 ** Once have I sworn , (I need no more)
•' And pledg'd my holiness,

" To seal the sacred promise sure
"To I)avid atid his race.

5 "The sun shall see his offspring rise,
*' And spread from ^ea to sea,

*'Long as he travels round the skies*
"To give the nations day.

6 '* Sure as the moon that rules the night,
** His kingdom shall endure,

" Till the fix*dlawsof ^ade and light
" Shall be <*scrv'd no more.**^


Htmn40. B. 2. CM, 21

St. James, St.-Martins.
Our cm^fort in the tenant made with ChrisU
1 OUR €k>d,how firm his prombe statds^
E'en when he bides his face:
He trusts in our Redeemer's httiid3
iiis gkyryand his grace,


176, 177


178, 179

2 Then why,iii3r soul, tbese sad compliiiitt,

Since Chnst and we are one f
Thy God is faithful to his saints.
Is faithful t» his. Son.

3 Beneath lus smiles my heart has livM,

And part of heaven possess'd ;
I praise his name for grace received,
And trust him for the rest


HTMjy 139. B. U L. M. «
Bath, Italy.
Hofie in the covenant; or^ (rod's firom-
iae and truth unchangeable*

1 rjOW oft have sin and Satan strove
XX To rend my soal from Uiee,my God;
But everlastmg' is thy love,
And Jesus seajs it with his blood

2 The oath and promise of the Lord
Join to confirm the wbndrous graoe ;
Eternal power perfomis the word,
And fills all heaven with endless praise.

3 Amidst temptations sharp and lon§^,
My sool to this ^ear refuge flies;
Hope is my anchor, firm and strong,
While tempests blow, and billows rise.

4 The gospel bears my spirit up ;
A faithful and unchanging^ God
Lays the foundation for my hope.
In oaths, and promises, and blood.


6 What mortal power, from tlungs

Can pure productions bring?
Who cau ^command a vital stream
From an infected spring?

7 Yet, mighty God, thy wondrous love

Can pnake our nature clean.
While Christ and grace prevail above
The tempter, death, and sin.

8 The secpnd Adam shall restore

The ruins of the first ;
Hosanna to that sovereign Power
That new-creates our dust.


Hymn 57. B. 1. CM. b

Dundee, Wantage, Plymouth.
Original tin ; vr, the Jlr§t and second Adanu

lO ACKWARD with humble shame


HvMir 124. B. 1. L. M. b
Quercy, German.
The first and second Adam,
ITAEEP in the dust, before thy throne,
i-^ Our guilt and our disgrace we own:
-Great God ! we own th* unhappy name
Whence sprang our nature and our

2 Adam, the sinner : > at his fall.
Death, like a conqueror, seiz*d us aU ;
A thousand new-born babes are dead.
By fatal upion to their head.

3 But whiJe our spirits, fill'd with awe,
Behold the terrors of thy law.

We sing the honours of thy grace.
That sent to save our ruin'd race.

4 We sing thine everlasting Son,
Who join'd our nature to his own ;
Adam the second, from the dust
Raises the ruins of the first.


the rebellion of one man,

hrough all his seed the mischief Tan ;

X> On our original; [we look' ^J"^ ^/,?"® man's obedience now,

* " " ul broke . '® ^ "** ^^®^ made nghteous too.]

How is our nature dash'd and
In our first father's faili

2 To all that's godd, averse and blind.

But prone to all that's ill;
What dreadful darkness veils our mind !
* Ht>w obstinate our will !»

3 Conceiv'd in sin (O' wretched state)

Before' we draw our breath,
The first young pulse begins to beat
Iniquity and d^ath.

4 How strong in opr degenerate blood

The old commtion reigns.
And, mingling with the crooked flood
Wanders through all our veins !

5 [Wild and unwholesome as the root

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