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Mear, Barby, Su Asaphs.

Je$U9 hreciOua to them that believe,

1 TESUS, I love thy charmmg name,

J *Tis mubic to mjr ear;

Fain would I sound it out so loud

That earth and heaven might hear.

3 Yes, thou art precious to my soul J

My tranq;>ort and my trust:
Jewels to thee are gaudy . to^S*
And gold is sordid dust.

my capacious powers can wish,
^nee doth richfy meet; .

Nor to ray eyes is light so dear.

Nor friendstiip half so sweet.

4 Thy grace shall dwell upc«i my heart, I

And shed its fragrance there;

The noblest balm of all its wooods,

The cwdial of its care.

sril speak the honours of thy name
With my last lab*rmg bi'eath;
And, dying, clasp thee in my arms-^
The antidote of death.

Hymn 67. L. M. Steele. »orb

Garaum, Ptntugal, Fotmtain.

Physician of souls.

1 r^EEP^are the wounds which sin has
xJ * made;

Where shall the sinner find a care?
In vain, alas I is nature^s aid ;
The work exceeds all nature's power.

2 And can no sovereign balm be found I
And is no kind physician nigh,
To ease the pain, and heal the wound.
Ere life and hope forever fly?

3 There is a great phjsi'cian near:
Look up, O fainting sool, and live;
See in his heavenlj smiles appear
Such ease as nature cannot give!

4 See, in the Saviour's dying blood,
Life, health, and bliss •abundant flow;
'Tis . onlj this dear sacred flood
Can ease thj pain and heal thj wo,

Htmn 68. L.'M. Steele. «

China, (^aercy, Bath.

Saviour-^the only one.

\ TESUS, the spring of joja divine,

J Whence all our hope .and comforts

Jesus, no other name but thine [flow;

Can save us from eternal wo.

2 In vain would boasting reason find
The waj to happiness and €rod;
Her weak directions leave the mind
Bewilder'd iu a dubious road.

3 No other name will Heaven approve,:
Thoii art the true, the living way,
OrdainM bj everlasting love.

To the bright realms ^ of endless, day.

Hymit 69. L. M. Cennick. «

FortUiB^, China, Quecey.

Way to Canaan^

1 TESUS, mj all, to heaven k gone \
J , He, whom I fix mj hopes upon!
His ^rack \ see, and PU pursue
The narrow way till him I view.

2 The waj the holj prophets wenf.
The roiLd thai le&cU kov^ bauiahment ;


'0, 71



The king'« highway of holiness,
ril go; for all his paths are peace.
J This- is the way I long have sought,
And mouru'd l^ecause 1 found it not;
My grief, and burden, long has been
Because I could not cease from sin/
IThe more I strove against its power,
I sinnM and stumbled but the more,
Till late I heard my Saviour say,
" Come hither, soul, I am the way."

5 Lo ! glad I come ! and thou, blest Lamb,
Shalt ^ake me^ to thee as I am :
My sinful self to thee I give !
Nothmg but love shall 1 receive.

6 Then will I tell to sinners round
What a dear Saviour I faav^ found;
m point to thy redeeming blood, ^^
And say, " Behold the way to God !'*

Hirjjf70, CM, Hartfjrd Coil. *

Irish, St. Martins, Devizes.

Fraise to the Redeemer.

\f^ FOH a thousand tongues to sing

KJ My dear Redeemers praise !

The glories of my^God and King,

The triumphs of his grace !

2 My gracious Master and my God,

Assist me to proclaim.
To spi-ead through all tlie earth abroad
The hoiioui-s of thy name,

3 Jesus, the name that calms our fears,

That bids our sorrows cease ;
*Tis musick;. in the sinner's ears ;
'Tis life, and health, and peace-

4 He breaks the power of reigning sin,

He sets the prisoner free ;
His blood can make the foulest clean ;
His blood avail'd for irie.

5 Let us obevl we tlien shall know,

Shall feel' our sins forgiven ;
Anticipate our heaven below.
And own that love is heaven



Htmn 71. 7s. Humjilircys.

Finedon, Turin, Hotham.

, of the sofii of God.
are the -sous of God,

T%e firrvUe^es (


JD They are be'

They are bought with Jesus'blood,

They are ransomed from the grave.
Life eternal they shall have :

With them numbered may we be,
Now and through eternity.'

2 God did love thetn, in his Son,
Ere creation was begun ;
They the seal of this receive.
When on Jesus they believe:

With them, &c.

3 They are justify 'd by grace.
They enjoy a solid peace;

All their sins are washed away,
They shall stand in God's gi-eat day.
With them, &c

4 They have fellowship with God,
Through the Mediator's blood;
One with God, through Jesus one.
Glory is in them begun:

With tliem, &c.

5 They alorte are truly blest^-
Heirs with God, joint heirs with Christ;
Thev with love and peace are fill'd ;
They are by his Spirit seal'd:

With them numbered may we be,
Now and through eternity.

Hymn 72. L. M. S. Stennett. «

Portugal, Shoel.

Chriatima the sona of God,
IVTOT all the nobles of- the earth,
IN Who boast the honours of their birthj^
Such real dignity can claim.
As those who bear the Christian name.

2 To them the privilege is given,

To be tlie 8ons and heirs of heaven;
Sons of the God who reign^ on high,^
And heirs of joys beyond the sky.

3 When, through temptation, they rebel.
His chast'ning rod he makes them feel;
Then, with a father'i tender heart,
He soothes the pain, and heals th,e smart.

4 Their daily wants his hands supply,
Their steps he guards with watchful eye,^
Leads them from earth to heaven above,
And crowns them with eternal love.

5 If Pve the honour. Lord, to b^
One of this numerous family.
On me the gracious gift bestow,
To call thee Abba, Father J too.

6 So may my conduct ever prove
My filial piety and lov«l

While all my brethren cleariy trace
Their Father'i likeness in my faca

Digitized by VjjOOQIC





HvM»73. t.M. JVatt ;'8 Sermofi8,m

Abridge, BcUfurd.

The atontmcnt oj Christ,

1 LJOW is our nature spoiPd by sin ?
Xa Yet nature ne'er hath found

I'be way to make the conscience clean.
Or heal t:\e p imful wound.

2 In V2un we seek for peace with God

By methods of oux* own :
Jesus, tliei*e's notliing but thy btood
Caa bring us near the throne.

3 The threatenings of thy broken iaw

Impress our souls wjth dread j
If God his sword of vengeance draw.
It strikes our spirits dead.

4 But thbe illustrious sacrifice

Hath answer'd these demands.

And peace and pardon from tie skies

Come down by Jesus' hands.

5 Here, all the ancient types agree.

The altar and the Umb ;
And prophets in theii* visions see

Salvation through hi6 name.
6 ' ris by thy death we live, O Lord ;

*Tis on thy cross wt rest;
Forever be thy love ador'd,

Thy name torever blest.

Hymn 74. 8's and T's. Lotk H. CoU. m

Sicilian Hymn, LoVe lAviue.

Gratitude Jor the atonement,
1 TJ AIL ! thou once desiiged Jesus,
Jn Hail • thou Galilean King !
Thou didst suffer to reUase us; -

Thou didst free ealva^ou bring:
Hail, thou agotiizi ng Satiour,

Bearer of owx; sin and shame J
By thy merits we find fev-our;

Life is given through thy name.
2.P.iSchal Lanlkhy by God appointed,

All our sins on ti/ee were laid :
By almighty love anointed,

Thou hast full atonement , ma<1e :
All thy people are forgiven

Through the virtue of thy blood >;^
Open'd IS tlie gate. of heaven;

Peace is made Hwixt man and God.
3 Jesus, hail I enthronM in glory^

There forever to abide J
AH the heavenly host adore thee.

Seated at thy Father's side:
There for sinners thou art pleading :

There thou dost our place prep€u-e,j

'ver foi U4. interceding,*^

Till in glory we appear.

4 Worship, honour, power, and ble«ifi

Thou art worthy to receive:
Loudest praises, without ceasing,

Meet it is for us to give;
Help, ye -bright angelic ^irib!

Bring your sweetest, noWest laf-
Help to sing our Saviour's merits;

Help to chant ImmaouePs prafce


Hv3lN 75. C. M. Cow/wr.
Turk, SU Anns.
Walking vtith God.
If^ FOR a closer walk with G;
V>/ A calm and heavenly iim
A liglit to shine upon the road,
I'hat leads me to the Lambi

2 Where k the blessedness I kx

When first I saw the Lord
Where is the soul-re£reshi«g vie
Of Jesus, and his wordi

3 What^aceful hours 1 tlienenjoj''

How sweet their memory still'
But now I find an aching void
. The world can n2ver ML

4 Return, O holy dovef return,

Sweet messenger of rest!
- I hate tlie sms that made thee oioui
And drove thee from mybrei

5 The dearest idol I have known,

Whate'er that idol be»
Help me to tear it from thy thra

And worship only thee.
.6 So shaU my walk be close witti G^

Calm and sei-ene roy fwme,
So purer hglit sliall mark the '-c

That leads me to the 1-amD.

Hymn 76. C.IVL fVdtfB*8SermmM^^

Su Davida, Abridge •
Q that I huev -where I nughtjlnd Afm.

Sina and sorrows laM btfirc ^''

1 f^ THAT I knew the secretpto
yJ Where 1- might find my/;
i'd spread my wants before t^"

And poui- my woes abroao.

2 I'd teU him how my an* ^

Wliat sorrows I *"*^^"'r-tfi

How grace decays, andcomion^

And leaves m-y heart in pa"^

3 He knows what argmnenU I'd ^

To wrestle with roy ^oa', >
Td plead for his owa mercy ss^
And for my Saviour'fe. W**'*'

rr, 70


79, 00, 81

t My God wQI pity my complaints.

And heal my broken bones;
He takes tlie meaning of his saints.

The language of their groans.
5 Arise, ray soul, from deep distress.

And banish eveiy fear ;
He calls thee to his throne of grace,

To spread thy sorrows there


HrMN77. L.M. 1Vatts*8 Lyrica,1i or \:t

German, Eaton.
Original tin} or, the first and second Adam,

1 A I)AM, our father and our head,
XA. Transgressed, and justice doomM

us dead:
The fiery law speaks all despair,
There's no reprieve or pardon there.

2 Call a bright council in the skies ;
Seraphs, the mighty and tlie wise,
Speak ; are you strong to bear the load,
The weighty vengeance of a God?

3 In vain we ask; for all around
Stand silent through the heav'nly ground;
There's, not a glorious mind above
Has half the strength or half the love.

4 But,. O I unmeasurable grace \
Th' etemad Son take's Adam's place :
Down to our world th§ Saviour flies.
Stretches bis arms, and bleeds, and dies,

5 Amazing work ! look down, ye skies .'
Wonder and gaze \vith all your eyes ;
Ye saints below, and saints above.
All bow to this mysterious love.

HvMN 78. C. M. 5. Scenncft. b

Donet, Yoric, Warduun.

IndwtUiiig itin lamented,

1 \ ll7iTH tears of ajiguisJi 1 lament,
VV Here at thy feet, my God,

My passion, pride, and discontent.
And vile ingratitude.^

2 Sure there was ne'er a heart so base,

So false as mine has been:
So faithless to its promises.

So prone to eveiy sin !
J My reason tells me thy commands

Are holy, just, and time ;
Tells me wliate'er my God demands,

Is his most righteous due.
m^ason I hear, her counsels weigh,

And all her words approve;
But still I find it hard t* obey,

And harder yet to love.
; How long, dear Saviour, shall I feel

These strugglings in my breast?
When wilt thou bow my stubborn will,

Aod giy«i ray conscience rest?


Hymn 79, S. M. Doddridfre. M

Shiriand, Pelbam.
Salvation by grace from the first to t/ie last.

1 . /^ RACE ! tis a charmiiig sound ;

vJf Harmonious to the ear!
Heaven Avith the echo shall resound,
Aiid all the earth shall hear.

2 Grace first contrived the way
To save rebelUous man;

And all the steps that grace display
Which drew the wondrous plan,

3 Grace led my roving feet
'I'o tread the heavenly i*oad;

And new supplies, each hour, I meet.
While pressing on to God.
4 Grace all the work shall crown.
Through everlasting days;
It lays in heaven the topmost stone,
And well deserves the praise.

Hymn 80.. CM. -2^

rrtah, Cambridge.

liy the grace qf God lam what lam,
1 / ^ RE AT God, 'tis fi*om thy sove-
VT reign grac^

That all my blessings flow;
Whate'er- I am, or do possess*

I to thy mercy owe.
2*Tis this my powei*ful lusts control.

And pardons all my sin} [soui.
Spreads life and comfort througJi my

And makes my nature clean.
Sl^is this upholds me whilst J live,

Supports me^ when I die ;
And hence ten thousand saints receiv^

Their all, as well as 1.


Hymn 81. L. M. Rilifion's Selrc. «orb

- German^ Bath._

Human righteousness insufficient to Justify*

WHEilEVVlTH, O Lord, shall I
draw near,

Or bow myself , before thy face?

How, in thy purer eyes, appear?

"What shall i bring to gain thy grace ?
^ Will gifts delight the Lord most high ?

Will multiplied oblations please?

Thousands of rams his favour buy?

Or slaughtered millions e'er appease?
3 Can these assuage the wrath of God ?

Can these wash out my guilty stp'

Rivers of oil, or seas of blood-

jVlas ! they all must flow in v


82, 83


4 What have I, then, wherein to trust ?

1 nothing have, I nothing am ;

Excluded is ray every boast,

My glory swallow'd up in shame.
5- Guilty, I stand before thy face ;

My sole desert is hell and wrath ; [place.

^Twere Just tl^e sentence should take

But O, Implead my Savlour^s death?
6 I plead the merits of .thy Son,

Who died for sinn^s on the tree ;

I plead his righteousness alone ;

O put the spotless robe on me.

Hymn 82. L. M. fi^esley. ft

Shod, L^eds, ItaYf.

Im/iuf^d righteousncBs.

1 TESUS, thy blood and righteousness,
J My beauty are, my glprious dress ;
^Midst darning worlds, in these arrayed.
With joy shall I lift -up my head.

2 When from the dust of death I rise,
To take my mansion in the skies;
E^en thenr shall this be all my plea,
** Jesus hath livM and died for me."

3 Thus Abraham, the friend of God,
Thus all the armies bought with blood,
Saviour of sinners, thee proclaim I " .
Sinners — of whom the chief 1 am.

4 This spotless robe the same appears
W^n ruin'd nature sinks in years;
No age can change its glorious hue :
The robe of Christ is ever new.

5ftO let the dead now hear thy voice !
Bid, Lord, thy bunish'd ones rejoice !
Iheir beauty this, their glorious dress,
Jesus, the Lord, oiir righteousness.

Hymn 83. C. M. Steeie, ^

York, Canterbury, Wantage.

Pardoning love.
I JTOW oft, alas ! this wretched heart
Has wander'd from the Lord !
Jiow oft my roving thoughts depai't,
Fo»-getful of his word J

2 Yet sovereign mercy calls, " Return:"

Dear Lord, iind may I come !
My vile ingratitude 1 mourns
O take the wanderer home.

3 And c%mX thou, wilt thou yet forgive.

And bid my cinmes remove?
. And shall a panloii*d lebel live
I'o speak thy wondrous love?

64, 85, j
e, so swed

4 Thy pai-d'ning love, so f i*ee.
Dear Saviour, 1 adore ;

keep me at thy sacred feet, 1
And let me rove no more. ^ I

Hymn 84. S. M. fVatts'M Lyrics. [

Aylesbury, Ustic j

Conf.'g9ion and fiardon.
I TV/f Y 'sorrows, like a flood,

IVJL Impatient of restraint, 1
Into thy bosom, O my God! !
Pour out a long compbunt.

1 Thb impious heart of mine I
Could once defy the Lord, I

Could rush with violence on to sin
In presence of thy sword.

3 O'ei'come by dving love.
Here at thy cross I lie.

And throw my flesh, my soul, my aUj
An4 weep, and love, and die. 1

4 " Ri«e,'* smth the Saviour, '• rise
"Behold my wounded veins! i

** Here flows a sacred crimson flood]
"To wash away thy stains."

; See, God is reconciled ! I

Behold his smiling face!

Let joyful cherubs clap their wing^
And sound aloud his grace.

Hymn 85. L. M. Doddridge, ^

Quercy, Blendon, AngeU Hymiu

J^oah fireserved in the ark, and the be
lieverin Christ.

1 »y«HE deluge, at the Almighty's call
-■■ In what impetuous streams it (ell

SwallowM the mountains in its rage
And swept a guilty world to hell.

2 Yet Noah, humble, happy saint I
Surrounded with a chosen few.
Sat in his ark, secure from fear,
And sang the grace that steer'd him thro

3 So may I sing, in Jesus safe,
While storms of vengeance round me fal
Conscious how high my hopes are 6x'ii
Beyond what shakes this earthly ball.

4 Enter thine ark, while patience waits
Nor ever quit that sure retreat.
Then the wide flood, which buries eartl:
Shall waft thee to a fairer seat.

Hymn 86. CM. F . J

Bedford, Cambridge^

I T O IlD,hast thou made me know th)
, '■-'Couduct me in thy fear; [^way&




99, 90, 91

And grant me siich supplies of grace.

That I may persevere.
Let but thy own Almighty arm

Sustain a feeble worm,
1 shall escape, secure fi-om harm.

Amid the dreadful storm.
Be thou mv all-sufficient fnend.

Till all my toils shall cease,
Guird me through Hfe, and let my end

Be everlasting peace.

Iymn 87. Ts. RipfiOTVa Sflection. *

Bath-Abbey, Condolence, Cookham.

Hedfieming love.

1 "^T OW begin the heavenly theme,
i^ Sing, aloud in Jesus' name !

Ye, who his salvation prove,
Triumph in redeeming love.

2 Ye, who see the Father's grace
Beaming in th6 Saviour's face.
As to Canaan on ye move,
Prwse and bless redeeming love.

S Mourning souls, dry up your tears ;
Banish all your guilty fears;
See your guilt and curse remove,
Cancell'd by redeeming love.

4 Welcome all, by sin opprest,
Welcome to his sacred rest;
Nothing brought "him from above,
Nothing but redeeming love,

5 Hither, then, your musick bring,
Strike aloud each cheerful string;
Mortals, join the host above,
Join to praise redeeming lo\ e.

Hymn 88. L. M. Steele, b or S

Winchester, Eaton.

Pedemfitior, by C/trist alone,
I'p NSLAV'D by sin,3nci bound in chains
xLd Beneath iik dreadful tyrant sway.
And doom'd "to everlasting pains.
We wretched guilty captives lay.

2 Jesus, the Lord, the mighty God, '
An all-sufficient ransom paid:

* In valued price ! his precious blood.
For vile, rebellious traitors shed.

3 Jesus the sacrifice became.
To rescue guilty souls from hell :
The spotless, bleeding, dying Lamb,
Beneath avenging juTjtice fell.

4 Amazing goodness! love divine 1
O may our grateful hearts adore
The matchless grace ; nor yield to srn.
Nor wear its cruel fetters mpre.

Hymn 89. C. M. Tofiladt/s Cod, A

S^ Mortius, Cambridge, Extter.

Efficacious grace.
IT. TAIL I mighty ieus! how divine
•L 1 Is thy victorioua sword 1
•The stoutest rebel nnist resign
At thy Qommandlng word.

2 Deep are the wounds thy arrows give,
Tliey pierce the hardest hcsirt;

Thy smiles of grace the slain revive.
And joy succeeds to smai*t.

3 Still gird thy sword upon tliy thigh.
Hide with majestic sway:

Go forth, great PrincCj triumphantly.
And make thy foes obey.

4 And when thy victones are complete.
When all the chosen race

Shall round the throne of glory meetg
To shig thy conquering grace ;

5 O may my humble soul be found
Among that favoured band !

And I,with them, thy praise will sound
I'hroughout Immanuers land.

Hymn 90. S. M. Doddridge. X

Dover, Watchnuin.

Vital union to ClirUtt in regeneration.

1 'pVEAR Saviour, we ai'c thine
X-/ By . everlasting /bonds ;

Our names, our hearts we would resign.
Our souls are in tliy hands.

2 To thee we still would cleave.
With ever-growing zeal ;

If millions tempt us Christ to leave,
O let Ui m ne'er prevail.

3 Thy Spirit shall unite
Our souls to thee our head;

Shall form us to thy image bright,
That we thy paths may tread.

4 Death may our souls divide
From these abodes of clay :

But love shall keep ns near thy side
Through all the gloomy way.

5 Since Christ and we are one.
Why should we doubt or fear ?

If he in heaven hath fix'd his throncr
He*U fix his members there.

Hymn 91. CM. S, Stennett, «

Swanwick, Baiby, Abridge,

The cotivrrtcd thief,
I A S on the cross the Saviour hung,
xV And wept, and bled, aud died.
He pour'd salvation on a wretch.
That languished at his side.

Digitized by CjOOQIC

92, 93


9t, s;

2 His crimes, with inward grief and shame,

The poiitent coiifess'd ;
Then tum'd his dying eyes to Christ,
And thus his prayer address'd;

3 *• Jesns, tlion Son and heir cf heaven,

"Thou spotless Lamb of God!
" I see thee bath'd in sweat and tears,
*♦ And welt'ring in thy blood.
4** Yet quickly from these scenes of wo,

'* In triumph thou shalt rise,
'* Burst tbro' the gloomy shades of death,
"And slune above the skies.

5 " Amid the j^lories of that world,

*«i)ear Saviour, think on me,
" And in tlie victories t)f thy death
••Let me a sharer be."

6 His prayer the dying Jesus hears.

Ana instantly replies,
*• IVdav thy 'parting soul shall, be
•'With me m paradise."

IIvMN 92. C. M. Collf'er's Coll. b or X

W<nd«>r, Bedford, Bangor,

RcJiewmg- grace. ,

1 JTOVV helpless guilty nature lies.

Unconscious of its load!
The heart unchrn^'d, can never rise
To happiness and God,

2 Can aught beneath a power divine

The stubborn will subdue?

'Tis thine, etenial Spirit, thine

To form the heart anew. -

3 *Tis thine the passions to recall.

And upwards wd them ri?e ;

And make the scales of error fall

From reason's darken'd eye.«.

4 To chase the shades of death aw ay,

And Wd the sinner live;
A beam of heaven, a \|itai ray,
'Tis thine alone to give.

5 change these wretched hearts of ours,

And give them life divine!
Thenehall our passions ?nd our powers,
Almighty Lord, be thine.


Hymn 93. CM. WaMs Lyrics, M or b

Windsor, Bedford, Abridge.

Sanctification and pardon,
1 \K1 HERE shall we sinners hide
rVV our heads?

Can rocks or mountains save }
Or shall we wrap ns iu the sliades
Of midnight and the grave? .
) 2 Is tKere no shelter from the eye
Of a revenging God?"^

Jesus, to thy dear wounds -we %;
Bedew us with thy blood.

3 Those guardian drops our souls 'eeccre.

And wash away our sin ;
Eternal justice frowns no more.
And conscience smiles within.

4 We bless that wdndrous purple stream.

That cleanses every stain ;
Yet are our souls but half i-edeem'd.
If sin, the tyrant, reign.

5 Lord, blast his empire with thy breath,

That cursed throne must fill ;.
Ye flattering plagues that work our dealli,
Fly, for we hate you alL

Hymn 94. L.M. Watti^*^ Lyrics, %oih

Green's HnndrrdtJi, Carthage.
The Inro and the trofpel; or, Christ a rtfage,

1 " ^URST be the man, forever curst,

" That doth one wilful sin commi';
"Death and damnation for the first,
."Without relief, and infinite."

2 Thus Sinai roars, apd round the earth.
Thunder, and fire, and vengeance fliog? \
But^ Jesus, thy. dear gasping breath,
And Calvary, say gentler things !

3 " iPardon,and g;race,and boundless lof r,
" Streaming along .a Saviour's blood ;
"And life, and joys, and crowns above,
" Obtain'd by a dear bleeding God.''

4 Hark,how he prays(the charming sound
Dwells on his dying lips) " Forgive I"
And every ^roan and gaping wound
Cries, " Father, Jet the rebels live 1"

5 Go, you that rest upon the law.
And toil and seek salvation there:
Look to. the flame that Moses saw,
And shrink, and tremble,^ and despair.

6 But I'll -retire beneath the cross —
Saviour, at thy dear, feet I'll lie;
And the keen sword, that justice draw?.
Flaming and red, shall pass rne bj.

Hymn 95. L. M. Watts*4 5er. « or b

Cnrthftge, Blendon.

The g09pel the pvwevof God to falvntim.

IT It ]r HAT shall the dying sinner do,

V V Tijat seeks relief for all his wo ?

Where shall tlie guilty Conscience find

Ease for the torment of the miad?

2 How shall we get our crimes forgiven.

Or form our nature^ fit- for heaven ?



)6, 97


98, 09

Cap soi»ls,a]l o'er defilM with sin, [clean"r
Mal^e their own powers and passions

3 In rain we f' arch, in vain we try,
1M11 Jesus brings his gospel nigli ;
'Tiis there that power and glory dwell,
Which save rebellious souls from hell.

4 This is the pil'ar of our hope,
That bears our fainting spirits up ;
We read the grace, we trust the word,
And find salvation in the Lord.

5 Let men or angels dig the mines,
"Wlierc nature's golden treasure shines ;
riroiight near the doctrine of the cross.
All nature's gold appears but <3ross.

6 Should vile blasphemers, with disdain.
Pronounce the truths of Jesus vain,
WeMl meet the scandal and the shame.
And sing and triumph in his name.

Hymn 95. C. M. Coivfier. »

York, St. Aum, Devizes.

Legal obedience followed by evangelical

1 TCTO strength of nature can suffice
i>i . To serve the Lord aright ;

And what she has, she misappUafi,
For want of clearer light.

2 How lone beneath the law I lay,

In bondage and distress!
I toil'd, the precept to obey;
But toil'd without success. ^

3 Then, to abstain from outward sin

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