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I year, 1 1 days.

Job. of Providence, drowned by the upsetting
of a boat in the harbor of Wilmington, N. C,

Lydia, at Attleboro, aged 42 years. Ameri-
can of

Susannah, wife of Jeremiah, and daughter of
William Sprague. at Cranston, in 28th year,

William, son of Benjamin, of Warwick, at Wil-
mington. N. C, aged about 33 years,

Emily, wife of Capt. Augustus, in 38th year,

Martha Bartlett, daughter of Job, at North-
bridge, Mass., aged 13 years. American

Dr. Alva, son of Elihu, of Seekonk, in Mobile,
Ala., in 27th year, graduate of Brown 1818,

Amey A., iu 39th year, at Cumberland,

Sarah Ann, daughter of John R., aged 14

Ebeta, daughter of Dr. Darius, at Seekonk,
in 4th year.

Elpha French, infant daughter of Davis, at
Seekonk. American of

Thankful, wife of Benjamin, at South Kings-
John R., in 47th year.
Dr. Elihu, at Seekonk, in 74th year,
Stephen Henry, son of Stephen, at Fall
River, aged i year, 5 months. American of
Mary, wife of Oliver, in 80th year,
Capt. Peter, in 41st year, at New York; had
just returned from St. Thomas where he
had been for his health ; his remains were
brought here and buried with Masonic and
military honors.

Feb. 14, 1822
May 10, 1822

May 28, 1822

Oct. 9, 1822

Nov. 19, 1822

Dec; 27, 1822

March 2, 1823

March 21, 1823

April 18, 1823

July 18, 1823

Aug. s, 1823

Aug. 10, 1823

Nov. II, 1823

Aug. 27, 1824

Oct. 8, 1824
May 24, 1825

Aug. 5, 1825

Nov. 30, 1825
March 7, 1826

July II, 1826

Aug. I, 1826

Nov. 28, 1826

Dec. 27, 1826

April 28, 1827

July 5, 1827

July 6, 1827
Nov. 26, 1827

Feb. 12, 1828



CARPENTER Jane, daughter of the late Ben-
ajah, aged 55 years,

Zerirah, widow of Benjamin, at Seekonk, in
6ist year. American of

Nathaniel, at Cranston, in 8sth year,

David, at Lime Rock, killed by a blast,

Peter, at Rehoboth, in 30th year,

Fear, wife of Cyrel, at Coventry, aged 58

Jesse, native of St. Johns, N. B., at Provi-
dence, aged 23 years,

Ebenezer, son of Capt. Job, drowned at Val-
ley Falls,

William, of Seekonk, graduate of Brown Uni-

Dr. Comfort Augustus, at Cranston, in 71st
year. Masonic honors,

Oliver, aged 85 years.

Nathaniel G., son of Col. Earl, in sth year,

Sarah, wife of Lewis, at Sharon, Mass., in
54th year,

Andrew Jackson, infant son of Hosea. Amer-
ican of

Henry Clay, son of Cyrel S , at Olneyville,

Horatio, at Seekonk, ,m 22d year,

CARR , two brothers drowned in New York


Samuel, at Newport, aged 60 years ; return-
ing from visiting a sick relative, was blown
off the causeway near Long Wharf and

Capt. John, at Newport, aged ^^ years,

Elizabeth, daughter of Samuel E.. of New-
port, at Warwick, aged 18 years. Ameri-
can of

Capt. John, at Seekonk, in 45th year,

Henry, of Warren, at sea, on board schooner
Exchange, of Bristol'. American of

James and his daughter, drowned below
Louisville, Ky.; he was formerly a con-
gressman trom Maine, recently a merchant
at Baltimore,

Mary, wife of Ebenezer, at Jamestown, in
5 Sth vear. American of

Lydia B., daughter of William P., at New-
port, aged 22 years. American of

Patience, daughter of the late Daniel, of
Jamestown, at Westerly, aged 62 years.
American of

Feb. 17, 1828

March 7, 1828

Aug. 12, 1828

Oct. 4, 1828

Jan. 28, 1829

April 4, 1829

Aug. 16, 1829

Aug. 23, 1829

Jan. 2, 1830

March 10, 1830

Oct. 8, 1830

Feb. 22, 1832

Aug. 19, 1832

Sept. 4, 1832
Dec. 19, 1832
Dec. 19, 1832

Dec. 20, 1808

March 21, 18 14
March 22, 18 14

Sept. 30, 1 8 14
Dec. 25, 1815

March 6, 1818

Aug. 24, 1818
April 13, 1819
Aug. 20, 1 819

Aug. 20, 1819



CARR Miss Sally, daughter of the late Edward,
Esq., of Jamestown, at Westerly. Ameri-
"can of

Joshua, at West Greenwich, aged 72 years,

Philip, son of Capt. Caleb, of Warren, at
Matanzas, in 23d year. American of

Francis, Esq., attorney at law, at St. Louis,
Mo., in 26th year,

Hon. Francis, late member of Congress, at
Bangor, Me., aged 69 years. American of

Thomas Freebody, infant son of Capt. Rob-
ert R., at Newport, aged 7 months,

Samuel C, at Newport, in 79th year,

Robert, of Rhode Island, aged 28 years, at
New York hospital, of abscess, between
Dec. I, 1821 and Feb. 28, 1822. American

Mr. , the comediin, at New Orleans, of

the fever. American of

Lillis, daughter of late Capt. Samuel, at
Warren, in 2ist year,

John, at Jamestown, in 50th year,

Sally, daughter of late Capt. Samuel, at War-
ren, in 28th year. American of

Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of late Jonathan, at
Warren, in 76th year. American of

Samuel E, at Newport, aged 54 years.
American of

Sally, widow of late Capt. Samuel, at Warren,
in 54th year,

Samuel I., at Newport, aged 60 years. Amer-
ican of

Elizabeth, daughter of Rowland, at Westerly,
aged 29 years,

Elizabeth, daughter of Rowland, Esq., at
Westerly, aged 28 years,

William, son of Samuel, at Newport, aged 17

Betsey Miller, daughter of Capt. Caleb, at
Warren, in 2 1 St year ; was scared on the
road by some real or imaginary object,

Ann, widow of Samuel C, ;it Newport, aged
77 years,

Thomas, son of late Oliver^ at Jamestown,
aged 50 years,

Caleb Saunders, son of Capt. Turner, at
Warren, in 3d year,

Stephen, infant son of Caleb, at Pawtuxet,
aged 15 months,

March 17, 1820
Oct. 17, 1820

May 29, 1821

Sept. 15, 1821

Oct. 26, 182 1

Dec. 17, 1821
Dec. 22, 1821

March 22, 1822

Oct. II, 1822

Feb. 28, 1823
July 24, 1823

April 5, 1825

Aug. 26, 1825

Sept. 13, 1825

March 23, 1826

June 13, 1826

Aug. 23, 1826

Aug. 23, 1826

June [3, 1827

June 27, 1827

March 20, 1828

Aug. 21, 1828

Sept. 29, 1828

>Oct. 2, 1828



CARR Mrs. , wife of Capt. Caleb, at Warren,

at an advanced age,
Capt. Caleb, at Warren, a Revolutionary offi-
cer, in 88th year,
Eliza, wife of Stephen, daughter of Lee

Langley, in 23d year,
Elizabeth Mason, only daughter of John, aged

4 years, 5 months, at Pawtucket,
Benjamin, at Jamestown, aged 66 years,
CARRICO Mrs. Deborah, at Beverly, aged 40.

American of
CARRIEL Mrs. Rebecca, at Shrewsbury, aged

82 years,
CARRINGTON Hon. Paul, Jr., at Charlotte Co.
Va. American of
Paul, E.sq , at Charlotte Co., Va., a soldier

of the Revolution. American of
Susan, wife of Henry, at Middletown, Ct.,
aged 44 years. American of
CARRIQUE Henry, son of Rev. Richard, of
Hartford, Ct. Lost at sea from brig Sea
Island on passage from New London to
Matanzas, aged 20 years,
CARROLL Schuyler, son of Dr. Ephraim, at
Woodstock, Ct., in 17th year. American
Rev. John, Roman Catholic Primate, at Bal-
timore, aged 80 years,
Henry, late of Washington, D. C, in Missouri,

killed by Gentry. American of

Thomas, of Ireland, at Mobile, aged 37 years,
CAR RUTH Joseph, at Northboro, aged 66

years. American of
CARSON Capt. John, was shot Jan. 21, by Lieut.
Smith, at Philadelphia,
Mrs. Ann, at the Penitentiary, Philadelphia,

of Typhus Fever. American of
William, at Hamptonvilie, N. C, was search-
ing for gold at the Mecklenburgh mines,
CARTER Deadana, daughter of Stanley, at Scit-
uate, in 13th year,
Benjamin, merchant, at Baltimore, formerly
of this town, aged 32 years. American of
Robert B., Contractor for U. S. Troops in

Georgia, at Georgia. American of
John, Esq. , aged 69 years, a native of Phila-
delphia; for about 45 years was editor and
proprietor of the Providence Gazette ; was
at one time postmaster. Sermon by Rev.
Dr. Crocker,

April 2, 1829

April 3, 1829

Jan. 6, 1830

June 30, 1830
March 27, 1831

Aug. 8, 1823
Aug. 14, 1829

Feb. 2, 1816
July 17, 1818
Sept. 13, 1825

Nov. 20, 1823

June 30, 1809

Dec. 3, 1815

April 14, 1820
Aug. 17, 1825

June 29, 1830

Feb. 4, 1 816

May 4, 1824

Sept. 7, 1829

May 26, 1809

May S, 1812

Feb. 22, 1814

Aug. 19, 1814


CARTER John, printer, in this town, in 41st year, Feb. 21, 1815
John, formerly of East Greenwich, in 3Sth

year, Dec. 22, 18 19

William, of Providence, in 37th year, had

been from home 4 years, at St. Francis-

ville, La., Aug. 10, 1821

Dorothy, widow of William, at Newport, in

74th year. American of Aug. 27, 1822

Horace, executed at Worcester for an un-
natural assault upon an aged woman, Ruth

Ainsworth. American of Dec. 13, 1825

John, of Virginia, at Providence, in 25th year, Feb. 20, 1826
Mrs. Rebecca, wife of Joseph, at Boston,

aged 53 years, Jan. 7, 1827

George E., aged 25 years, son of late Esbon,

of Dudley, Masa., at Jacksonville, Fla., Aug. 30, 1828

Thaddeus P., of Boston, at Rio Janeiro.

American of Sept. i, 1829

Nathaniel H., Esq., of New York, at Mar-
seilles, France ; was known as the editor

of the Statesman and author of a book of

travels, Jan. 2, 1830

Capt. Benjamin, at Camden, S. C, aged 75

years, the last of the old soldiers of Cam-
den. He was at battles ot Brandy wine

and Germantown where he was wounded ;

wmtered at Valley Forge ; was at Gates'

defeat at Camden ; was one of the skir-
mishers to harrass Corn wall is' retreat

through the Carolina's; was at Hobkirk

Hill and Eutaw Springs at the taking of

Fort Mott and joined a knot of officers un-
der an oak tree near McCord's Ferry, who

swore to be revenged on the British for

hanging Col. Hayne. American of Feb. 1 2, 1830

Dr. Benjamm Bowen, eldest son of late John,

of Providence, at New York, aged 60 years, April 24, 1831
Dr. Benjamin Bowen. American of April 29, 183 1

Miss Elizabeth, at Boston, aged 52 years, May 6, 1831

Sarah, wife of Cornelms S., aged 23 years,

3 months, May 7, 1831

Dr. Benjamin Bowen, a graduate of R. I.

College, 1786, see sketch in American of Tulv i i8-?i

CARTWRIGHT Major, the friend to Civil -> J' ' -5

Liberty, in England, Sept. 23, 1824

John, the celebrated performer on musical

glasses, at New York, aged 68 years.

American of jjgj, - jg2^

Thomas, of Rhode Island, at New York ' '

Hospital, aged 28 years, Aug. 23, 1825



CARTWRIGHT James, of Nantucket, at sea, of

an unknown disease, July lo, 1828

CARVALDO Moses Gomez, a Jew born in

Portugal in 1706, emigrated to Holland in

1729 ; has been twice married. His eldest

child died when 78 years and his youngest

is only 22, both children by first wife. In

1798 his second wife was delivered of a

son who died shortly after. In 1804 he

saw his 5th generation in a great, great

grandson. He never lost a tooth or wore

glasses. American of
CARVER Amey, wife of John G., in 29th year,
Capt. Joseph, formerly of Scituate, R. I., at

Richfield, N. Y.,
Frederick A. M., at Taunton, aged 32 years,
Sally, widow of William, at Taunton, aged

56 years. American of
Joanna, widow of Nathan, at Taunton, aged

80 years. American of
John, aged 42 years,
Preston, of Shutesbry, at New Braintree,

aged 22 years. In an attempt to descend

from a load of hay, he slipped, a stake was

driven through his body and broke off. He

lived 43 hours in great suffering. Amer-

CASBEN William Henry, youngest son of Jere-
miah, of Elkton, at Newark, Del., aged 19

years. He and his preceptor had a falling

out and he withdrew from school. His

father ordered him to apologize ; rather

than do it he shot himself, saying death

before dishonor, Dec 9, 1814

CASE Celinda, wife of Capt. John P., at North

Kingstown, aged 33 years, Jan. 29, 1813

Hannah, wife of Nathan, at Coventry, aged
63 years, Oct. 7, 1828

CASEY Mr. , in Dublin, Ire.; he directed

that instead of expense at his funeral good

and comfortable overcoats for 30 poorest

men in the parish and 20 silk handker-
chiefs for 20 poorest women, and that

they should appear at his funeral with

these on ; that 6 poor men act as bearers

and have £1 each for their trouble. Amer-
ican of May 17, 1816
Silas, Esq., at East Greenwich, in 8ist year, Sept. 27, 1814
Abigail, widow of Silas, Society of Friends,

at East Greenwich, m 85th year, Sept. 14, 1821

May 3, 1816
March 8, 1813

June 8, 181 5
Aug. 16, 1822

Feb. 13, 1824

March 2, 1827
Jan. I, 1829

Aug. 6, 1830



CASEY John, at East Greenwich, aged 88 years.
American of
Elizabeth, wife of Wanton, Esq., at East
Greenwich ; was a native of Brookfield,
Mass., and daughter of Major N. Goodale,
a Revolutionary officer ; he removed in
1789 to Ohio, where he was killed by the
Indians ; she married early in Marietta,
O., and has since lived in Rhode Island ;
her age was 57,

CASHIER Catharine, murdered by Susan An-
thony, who was sentenced to be hung for
the crime. American of
Catharine, executed at Blackwell's Island,
New York, for murder,

CASHMAN John, a seaman, executed at Lon-
don, for rioting; he died with great courage,

CASKEY Robert, murdered by Malcolm Wor-
ley, in Adair Co., Ky., aged 82 years,

CASSEDY Cornelius, native of Ireland, at
Portsmouth, suddenly,

CASSIDY James, waiter, killed by an explosion
of a boiler on steamer Chief Justice Mar-
shall, in Hudson River,

CASSIN Lieut. Joseph, at sea, on board U. S.
Ship Hornet, off Pensacola. American of

Mrs. , wife of the Commodore, at sea,

on passage from Norfolk to Charleston.
American of
Com. John, commanding the Southern

squadron, at Charleston, S. C,
Lieutenant-Commander Joseph, on board U.
S. Sch, Grampus, on passage from Pensa-
cola to Havana,

CASTALL Thomas, drowned in New York har-

CASTANOS General, in Spain, aged 75 years.
American of

CASTILLANO Garcia Joseph Demas, executed
at Norfolk, Va., for murder of Peter La-

CASTILLIO Joseph, seaman, of Boston, at

CASTINE Jane, colored, at the Poorhouse,
Erie Co., N. Y., aged about 1 19 years ; she
was born at Nine Partners, N. Y., in 171 1.
American of
Jane (colored), at Poorhouse, Erie Co.. N. Y.,
aged 119 years; she was born at Nine
Partners, Dutchess Co., N. Y., 171 1.
American of

Feb. 23-, 1827

Aug. 2, 1830

March 24, 1829

May 7, 1829

March 11, 1817

Sept. 22, 1826

Aug. 22, 1824

April 22, 1830
Oct. 9, 1 82 1

Dec. 14, 1 82 1
March 24, 1822

Nov. 30, 1826
Dec. 20, 1808
Sept. ri, 1818

June I, 1821
April 14,^1828

June 15, 1830

July 2, 1830


CASTOFF Jeremiah F., son of John, of New-
port, at Savannah, Ga., in 23d year, first
mate of ship Good' Return, June 27, 1820

John, at Newport, aged 67 years, May 21, 1824

CASWELL Mary, wife of William, in 49th year,

at Newport. American of July 30, 1816

Cyrus, at Taunton, aged 46 years, Oct. 2, 1821

Moses, at Taunton, aged 88 years, Nov. 22, 1821

, wife of Noah, at Taunton, April 13, 1823

G. K., native of Taunton, aged 30 years, in

Jefferson Co., Miss., Oct. 26, 1824

Francis, son of Ebenezer, at Taunton, aged

26 years. American of March 20, 1827

George, at Taunton, aged 8i years. Ameri-
can of Dec. 16, 1828
Mary T., infant daughter of Rev. Prof. Cas-
well, Oct. 8, 1832

CATLIN Julius, brother of the artist, drowned
at Carthage, Lower Falls, N. H. Ameri-
can of Sept. 30, 1828

CATTONEAU Capt. D. N., at Savannah; he
commanded the U. S. frigate Pallas under
Paul Jones, served in the Revolution.
American of Dec. 27, 1808

CAULFIELU Thomas, comedian, formerly of
Boston Theatre, at Cincinnati, in 49th
year. American of May 19, 1815

CAUTRE Louis, a Frenchman; he dressed him-
self in Oriental costume, presented him-
self at the door of a hermitage near Mt,
Vesuvius and announced he wished to stay
a few days ; he got a hermit to accompany
him to the crater of the volcano, where he
deliberately jumped into its vortex. Amer-
ican of April 6, 1821

CAVENDISH Mrs. , from the shock of the

death of the Princess Charlotte, in Eng-
land. American of Jan. 13, 1818

CAWING John W., son of Henry, at New York,

aged 5 years. American of Aug. 10, i8ig

CAZEY Corporal John, native of Ireland, at
Newport ; was found dead under the ram-
parts of Fort Adams ; supposed to have
fallen from the heights in a fit of derange-
ment, Oct. 2, 1824

CEASER, a negro, executed at Norfolk, Va., for

murder of Officer Flood, July 14, 1815

CEAVER John, nativeof Ireland, at the asylum, Jan. 27, 1829

CEY Miss Rebecca, at Bristol, aged 24 years, Dec. 17, 1832



CHASE Hon. Samuel, in Maryland, one of the as-
sociate justices of the United States, a pat-
riot of 1776. American of June28, 1811
CHACE William, son of John, at Attleboro, in

24th year, July 4, 181 1

Asa, at Somerset, in 69th year, July 19, 1812

Lyman, at Smitnfield, in 21st year, Oct. 25, 1813

Edward, at Warren, aged 76 years. Ameri-
can of Sept. 23, 1 8 14

Mary, wife of Capt. William, formerly of this
town, at Lansingburgh, N. Y., aged 84
years. May 7, 18 15

Frances, daughter of William, aged 3 years,

in this town, Oct. 24, 1815

CHASE Marcus, at Rehoboth, in 28th year, April 14, 1816

CHACE Francis, at Amesbury, of hydrophobia ;
was bitten middle of last March by a heifer
who it was thought had been bitten by a
dog. American of June 18, 1816

Francis, Jr., at Newtown, N. H., in 32d year;
an obituary and long account in American
of June 28, 1816

Zachais, at Portsmouth, in 79th year, of So-
ciety of F"riends, Aug. 6, 1816
CHASE Alice, daughter of late Zacchaus, at

Portsmouth, in 43d year, May 4, 18 17

CHACE Harriet Jones, infant daughter of John

B., in this town, Aug. 6, 1817

Hugh, editor of Louisiana Rambler ; was
killed by George B. Curtis, who fired a
musket within a foot of his face, said act
was done m a quarrel. Chace leaves a widow
not IS years old, at Natchez, Miss. Ameri-
can of Oct. 2, 1818

Capt. S. W. C, native of Massachusetts, at

Savannah, Ga. Masonic honors, Nov. 25, 18 [8

George Jenkins, son of John B., aged 3 mos., Sept. 25, 1819

Freeborn, daughter of Holder, at Portsmouth,

aged 38 years. American of Nov. 30, 1819

Capt. Gilbert, at Newport, in soth year.

American of Jan. 14, 1820

Holder, at Portsmouth, in 86th year. Amer-
ican of Jan. 14, 1820

Samuel, son of John B., aged 22 months, March 7, 1820

Pardon, formerly of Attleboro, at Fayetteville,

N. C, in 27th year, Sept. 17, 1820

Benjamin, at Portsmouth, in 73d year, Nov. 13, 1820

Mary, eldest daughter of Caleb, at Dighton,

Mass. American of Dec. 5, 1820

Sherbourne, was wounded at Powder Mill ex-
plosion, caused death. American of Dec. 15, 1820



CHACE Joanna, widow of Edward, at Warren,
in 91st year,

, a lad, from a severe punishment by the

teacher, at Athens, Vt. American of

Sarah, daughter of James, at Middletown,
aged 17 years.

Content, daughter of Benjamin, deceased, at
Portsmouth, aged 41 years,

Capt. John, of Providence, at St. Mary's, Ga.,
in 37th year,

Elizabeth, widow of Zacheus, at Portsmouth,
in 83d year. Society of Friends. American

Peter, at Middletown, aged 30 years. Amer-
ican of

Jonathan, at Nantucket, aged 69 years.
American of

Freeborn, widow of Holder, at Portsmouth,
aged 79 years. American of

Susan, wife of James, and daughter of Thomas
R. Congdon, of Jamestown, at Portsmouth,
aged 29 years,

Elizabeth, widow of Aaron, at Portsmouth,
aged 86 years. American of

Stephen, of Society of Friends, at Kensing-
ton, N. H., aged 70 years. American of
CHASE James, son of James, at Taunton.

American of
CHACE James, son of Asa, of Swanzey, at Fair-
haven, aged about 21,

Hannah F"., wife of John B., and daughter of
Alexander Jones, of Providence, at Charles-
town, Mass., in 33d year,

Capt. Stephen B., a nautical commander
who formerly sailed out of this port, at

Michael, of Rhode Island, at New Orleans.
American of

Daniel, Esq , at Prudence Island, aged 65
years, former member of General Assem-
bly from Portsmonth,

Anna, wife of Capt. Henry, formerly of Little
Compton, at Scipio, N. Y.,

Rev. Philander, Jr., of Zanesville, Ohio, son
of the Rt. Rev. Bishop Chace, at Charles-
ton, S. C,

Jonathan, suddenly, at Swanzey, in 78th year,
of Society of Friends,

Nancy V., daughter of late Elisha, at New-
port, aged 24 years,

March 9, 1821

March 16, 1821

March 2r, 1821

June 7, 1821

Sept. I, 1821

Oct. 2, 1 82 1

Oct. 12, 1821

Nov. 27, 1821

Sept. 17, 1822

Jan. 3, 1823

March 25, 1823

Aug. 12, 1823

Sept. 19, 1823

Oct. 3, 1823

Oct. 14, 1823

Oct. IS, 1823
Oct. 28, 1823

Nov. 19, 1823
Feb. 19, 1824

March i, 1824
June 25, 1824
Aug. 12, 1824



CHACE Arnold Rhodes, infant son of Capt. Eph-

Capt. Abner, at Sutton, Mass., aged 43 years.
American of

Edward, at Somerset, in S3d year, of Society
of Friends,

Hannah, widow of Capt. Samuel, at Newport.
American of

Edmund, at Rehoboth, aged about 26, fell
from a stage,

Hannah, wife of Benjamin, at Middleboro,
aged 50 years,

Abigail, widow of Amos, and daughter of
Robert Miller, of Dighton, at Mendon,
aged 83 years,

Susan, wife of Oliver, at Fall River, in 54th

John Q., son of William, in 5tb year,

John, at Swanzey, aged 53 years. American

John, at Swanzey, aged 53 years. American

Philip, son of Simeon, of Rehoboth, at Water-
loo, N. Y., aged about 44 years,
CHASE David P., at Millbury, aged 75 years.

American of
CHACE Elizabeth Stillwell, infant daughter of
John 13. and Lydia S. Chase,

Patience, widow of Nathan, at Somerset,

aged 7 ( years, of Society of Friends,

CHASE Phebe, wife of Amasa, and daughter of

Nehemiah Cole, of Society of Friends, at

F"armington, N. Y. American of

CHACE Mrs. Polly, at Brookfield, aged 33 years,

Lothrop L., of Barnstable, mate of the Sap-
pho, at New Orleans. American of

Simeon, at West Newbury, aged 84 years,
graduate of Harvard. American of

Desire, wife of John, at New Bedford, aged
22 years. American of

Edwin Lippitt, twin son of John B. Amer-
ican of

Capt. Benjamin, at Fall River,

Hannah, aged 81 years, of Society of Friends,
CHASE John, eldest son of James, at Middle-
town, aged 46 years, member of General
Assembly. American of

Ruth, widow, at Nantucket, aged 59 years.
American of

April 18, 1825
July 8, 1825
July 24, 1825
Sept. 6, 1825
Dec. 19, 1825
July 30, 1826

Feb). 19, 1827

July 30, 1827
Jan. 21, 1828

Feb. 12, 1828

Feb. 29, 1828

March 31, 1828

April I, 1828

Oct. 25, 1828

Jan. 18, 1829

May I, 1829
July 29, 1829

Sept. II, 1829

Oct. 9, 1829

March 19, 1830

May 14, 1830
July 29, 1830
Nov. 28, 1830

Feb. 8, 1831
March 11, 183 1



CHACE Rhoda G., infant. daughter, of Dr. Jarvis

B., at Warren, aged 7 months,
Eliza, wife of Samuel C., in 24th year,
Capt. Philip, master of sloop Victory, of Free-
town, at Providence,
George Henry, infant son of William W.,

aged I year,
William Buchanan, son of Samuel C, aged i

Alfred A., son of Dean, at Central Falls, in

1 8th year,
CHADSEY Elisha G., aged 26 years, drowned

near Prudence. Island by upsetting of a

Jabez, at North Kingstown, in looth year,
Jabez, at North Kingstown, in 67th year, very

suddenly. American of
Rachel, widow of Sirket, at North Kings-

tcwn, aged 49 years,
George, at North Kingstown, aged 41 years,
John, Jr., at North Kingstown,
CH.'^DWICK Frances, daughter of Joseph, at

.Newport, aged 11, years. American of
John, mate of sloop Fly, of Bristol, drowned

at sea. American of
Joseph, at Newport, aged 44 years,
Lieut. Daniel, at Worcester, Mass., aged 37

years. American of
Frances Amelia, infant daughter of John, at

Bristol, aged 2 months, 7 days,
Mary Elizabeth, daughter of John, at Bristol,

aged I year, 10 months,
Seth H., formerly of Falmouth, Mass., at

Providence, in 30th year,
Isaiah, at Falmouth, aged 80 years. Ameri-
can of
CHAFFEE Willard, son of late Jonathan, at

Seekonk, in 24th year,
Nathaniel, at Seekonk, aged 87 years,
Ephraim, at Seekonk, in 66th year. Ameri-
can of
William Crapon, son of Major Zachariah,
Louisa Martin, daughter of William,

Olneyville, aged i year, 1 1 days,
Aaron, Jr., at Seekonk, in i8th year,
Joseph barney, son of William, aged

months, at Olneyville,
.'. Abigail, wife of Daniel, in S4th year,

Thomps, Cuba,
Miss Nancy, formerly of Providence, at Bal

timore, in 37th year,




April II, 183 1
Nov. 29, 1 83 1

Feb. 23, 1832

Feb. 29, 1832

Oct. 5, 1832

Sept. 2, 1832

Aug. 14, 1818
Jan. I, 1820

Sept. 22, 1820

June 26, 1822

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Oct. 5, 1828

April II, 1820

May 25, 1821
Sept. 6, 1822

March 4, 1825

Jan. 30, 1829

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