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American of

Georgianna Thurbet, daughter of Peleg, aged
10 months,

Capt. Gideon, in 36th year, leaves wife and 2

Gen. Andrew, at Cheshire, Ct., aged 68
years, U. S. Marshal of District of Con-
necticut. American of

George, at Jamestown, aged 42 years. Amer-
ican of

George Francis, second son of Thomas C,
aged 2 years,

Mary, at Newport, aged 65 years, suddenly,

William, at Millbury, fell dead while counting
out change in his store. American of

Charles P., youngest son of Thomas C, a^ed
I year, 1 1 months. American of

Mary, wife of Thomas, at Nantucket, aged 54
years. American of

Edwin Perry, son of Peleg, in 4th year, late
of this town, in New York, by falling from
a window,

Henry, found hanging in the Amasa Gray
house. North End, suicide. American of

Elizabeth Ricknell, infant daughter of
Thomas C,
HULLOCK Baron, at London, Eng.; was sen-
ior baron of the Court of King's Bench ;
from an operation on a corn which lead to
amputation of the toe, but too late to save
his life. American of

June 14^,1823

Sept. 23, 1823

April 27, 1824

Aug. 4, 1824
Oct. 7, 1824

Nov. 23, 1825

Nov. 29, 1825

Feb. 10, 1826
April 4, 1826
May 26, 1 826
Aug. 14, 1826
Dec. 31, 1826

May 4, 1827

Oct. 26, 1827

Dec. 26, 1828
June u, 1829

Aug. 25, 1829

Nov. 5, 1830

May 10, 1831

July 20, 1831

Aug. 23, 1831

August 26, 1832

Sept. 22, 1829


HUMBERT , the French general who com-
manded the expedition to Ireland some

years ago ; was on his way to join the

Spanish revolutionists at New Orleans.

American of July 8, 1814

Gen. F , formerly of the French army, at

New Orleans, where he had resided for 9

years. In 1793 he landed in South Ireland

with 1000 men and pressed Gen. Lake

with singular gallantry, Jan. 2, 1823

Dr. C, jiear Philadelphia, was known as the

" Sylvan Enemy of Human Diseases."

He lived alone and when found wa."! in a

starving condition and very sick. His life

was a mystery and his age was supposed to

be about 100 years, June 10, 1825

HUMES Sarah, aged 24 years, Friend preacher

for 4 years, May 12, 1827

HUMPHREY Josiah, in this town, in 34th year ;

leaves widow and 4 children, (Masonic hon-
ors) Feb. 17, 1812
Dea. Josiah, at Barrington, in 96th year; had

been member of church there 76 years; ser-
mon by Rev. Samuel Watson, Rev. XIV: 13, Dec. 3, 1812
William, at Pawtuxet, in 36th year, Feb. 26, 1815
John, Esq., at Barrington. American of May 14, 1816
Dr. Hosea, late a representative in the As-
sembly, at Johnston, aged 60 years, June 30, 18 16
HUMPHREYS Gen. David, at New Haven;

was an aide to Gen. Washington, afterwards

Minister to Portugal and Spain. He

brought from Spain 100 merino sheep, the

first introduced into the United States, Feb. 21, i8i8

HUMPHREY Hon. Elkanah, at Barrington, in

80th year ; was for many years Judge of

Court of dommon Pleas for Bristol Co.

American of Oct. 13, 1818

Josiah, late mate of brig Gen. Jackson, in 22d

year, Oct. 21, 1819

Mrs. Sarah, wife of Col. Walker, at Provi-
dence, Jan. 4, 1820
Elizabeth, widow of Samuel, at Barrington,

in 98th year, April 15, 1820

Rebecca, aged 17 years, Aug. 7, 1822

Benjamin Clifford, infant son of Col. Walker,

at Providence, Oct. 28, 1823

Charles Joseph, infant son of Col. Walker,

aged 5 months, Oct. 10, 1824

Major Enoch, U. S. Army, at Fort St. Philip,

Plaquermin ; was distinguished at battle of

New Orleans, 1815. American of Sept. 6, 1825



HUMPHRIES Albert, son of late Josiah, aged

19 years,
HUMPHREY Samuel, at Tollend, Ct., formerly
■ of Barriagton, a soldier of the Revolution,
Elizabeth W., widow of Josiah, and daughter

of late Nicholas Easton, in 44th year,
William Pearce, infant son of Col. Walker,
HUMPHREYS Hon. Josiah, at Harrington, in

77th year,
HUMPHREY Levi, of Hingham, Mass., aged
25 years, on board ship Tuscany, at New
HUMPHREYS Anna Smith, infant daughter of

Col. Walker,
HUMPHREY Norman, at Burlington, Vt., aged
48 years, killed by the machinery of his axe
factory. American of
HUMPHREYS Jess, at Bristol, Me., a Revolu-
tionary pensioner. American of
HUMPHREY John S., merchant, aged 25 years,
Capt. William ; was born at Swanzey, June
26, 1752; died at Tiverton, July i, 1832;
was an officer in the Revolution. See
obituary, American of
HUNT Clifford, of this town, at Savannah, Ga.
American of
Josiah, at Seekonk, in 50th year,
Filena, wife of William, at North Providence,

aged 4[ years. American of
Capt. Zebedee, at Pawtuxet, in 80th year,
John, at Seekonk, in 65th year,
John, at Seekonk, in 65th year. American

Henry, Esq., in Maryland, in 75th year.

American of
William, brother of the celebrated Mr. Hunt,

of London, at English Prairie, III,
Hon. Ebenezer, at Northampton, many years
a State Senator, and member of the Fac-
ulty. American of
Miss Mary, at Newport, in 87th year,
Mrs. Elizabeth, at North Kingstown, in 90th

James, at Spanish Grove, in Mecklenburgh
Co.. Va., his three daughters were mur-
dered by a negro, long a servant of his
household. American of
Christmas, at Rehoboth, in looth year; was
born at Bristol about year 1722, parents
were Africans ; served in the Revolution

Feb. 24, 1826

March 10, 1826

Oct. 6, 1826
Oct. 8, 1828

March 28, 1829

July 25, 1829
Oct. I, 1829

Nov. 20, 1829

Feb. 5, 1830
Nov. 25, 1831

July 17, 1832

Oct. 9, 1 8 10
April 12, 1814

Dec. 13, 1814

April 21, 181 5

May 31, 1819

June 15, 1819

April 4, 1820

June 25, 1820

Jan. 5, 1821
March 29, 1821

Dec. 23, 1821

Jan. 25, 1822




with honor ; was for many years carrier of

Newspapers through Rehoboth and See-

konk. He delighted to appear at Training

days in his uniform,
Mary Matilda, youngest danghter of Clement

S., Esq., in 5th year,
John, youngest son of Allen, Esq., at See-

konk, aged i year, 10 montns.
David, of Rhode Island, at New Orleans,
. between July 29 and
Helen Matilda, infant daughter of Clement

S. Esq.,
Catherine Potter, daughter of Major Benja-
min, at Pawtuxet,
Daniel, at New Orleans, firm of H. and D.

H. Hunt. American of
Mrs. hetsey, aged 26 years,
Joseph W., at Attleboro, in 74th year,
Lephe Blanding, youngest daughter of Allen,

Esq., at Seekonk, aged i year and 10 days.

American of
Ruth N., wife of Peter B., Esq., daughter of

Major Paul Nelson, at Pawtucket, aged 27

HUNTT Mr. and Mrs., two English travellers,

murdered by bandits in Italy. American of
HUNT Mary, daughter of late Isaiah, at Reho-
both, in 74th year,
Martha B., wife of Hon. John, at Detroit.

American of
Martha, daughter of Pardon, at Glocester, in

gth year,
Seth, Jr., merchant, aged 49 years,
Julius, aged 25 years, drowned at Shoreham,

Vt. , leaves wife and child.
Miss Elizabeth, at Portsmouth, aged 20 years.

American of
Seth, Esq., in 86th year,
Zebulon A., son of James, at Pawtucket,
Mrs Nabby W., at Charlestown, Mass., aged

26 years. American of
Samuel Wellington, U. S. Army, at St. Louis,

Mo. American of
Mrs. Mary, of Trenton, N. J., at Boston, aged

74 years. American of
Mary, wife of John, of Trenton, N. J., at

Boston. American of
Lucia, wife of Freeman, at Boston, aged 24

years. American of

Feb. 27, 1822

May 23, 1822

March 26, 1823

Aug. S, 1823

Aug. 26, 1823

Oct. 19, 1823

Nov. 28, 1823

Jan. II, 1824

Jan. 6, 1825

March 30, 1825

June 23, 1825
July 26, 1825
July 25, 1826

Sept. 26, 1826

Oct. s, 1826
Oct. 19, 1826

May 31, 1827

June 5, 1827
April 14, 1828
Dec. II, 1828

Sept. 18, 1829

Oct. 20, 1829

Nov. 26, 1829

Dec. I, 1829

Feb. 26, 1830



HUNT Susan S., wife of Timothy, at Boston,
aged 30 years. American of

Peter B., Esq., at Seekonk, in 38th year,

Capt. Nathaniel, at Seekonk, aged 73 years,

Mrs. Abigail, wife of Jeptha, at Glocester,
aged 47 years,

Hon. Mr. , U. S. Representative from

Vermont, at Washington, D. C. American

Miss A , in 88th year,

HUNTER Capt. Henry, formerly of Newport, at
Norwich, m 85th year. American of

Marian, in the burning of the Richmond, Va.,

Mrs. Deborah, widow of Dr. William, and
mother of Hon. William, of Newport, near
London, in 75th year,

Nathaniel, of Newport, at New York. Amer-
ican of

Capt. Archibald, at Montgomery, N. Y.,
aged 28 years. In examining a cow said
to have died of poison he became inoculated,
which terminated fatally in about 10 days,

Elizabeth, at Warren, in 84th year. Ameri-
can of

John Dunn, author of " Hunter's Narrative,"
shot by one of his Indian Guards. Ameri-
can of

Godfrey Malbone, son of Hon. William, in
4th year, at Easton,

Capt. Henry, at Newport, m 54th year,

John Falconet, youngest son of Hon. Will-
iam, of Newport, at Kingston, R. I., aged
12 years, 9 months,
HUNTING Samuel, in 6ist year,
HUNTINGTON David, at Newport, in 72d
year. American of

Rev. Mr. , in England, a Methodist. His

effects went at auction at fabulous prices.
American of

Samuel, Esq., native of Connecticut, at
Painesville, Ohio, aged 49 years. He was
member of State Convention that framed
the Constitution, senator in the first As-
sembly under it, a judge in the Supreme
Court, and afterwards Governor of the

Stephen A., late of this town, merchant, at
Tiverton, in 22d year,

Gen. Jedediah. at New London, aged 75
years, a soldier of the Revolution,

March 22, 1831

April 21, 1831

Feb. 5, 1832

Feb. 12, 1832

May 25, 1832
July 21, 1832

Nov. 27, 1810

Dec. 26, 181 1

Oct. 15, 1813
April 28, 1820

Oct. 10, 1822
June 3, 1825

May 25, 1827

July 25, 1827
March 31, 1830

June I, 1 83 1
May 3, 1832

Dec. 7, 1813

March 4, 1814

June 7, 1817
Aug. 26, 1 81 7
Sept. 25, 1818



HUNTINGTON Joseph, of Newport, at Hav-
ana, aged 2 1 years.

Rev. Joshua, pastor of Old South Church,
Boston, at Groton, Mass., aged 33 years,

Mary Lucretia, wife of Gen. Ebcnezer, and
daughter of the late Gen. Samuel McLel-
lan, of Woodstock, Ct., at Norwich, in 43d

Rev. Leverett J. F., at New Brunswick, N.
' J-, aged 34 years, pastor of the Presbyte-

rian Church. American of

Mary H., wife of Rev. Daniel, formerly of
New London, at Bridgewater. American

Mary, daughter of Dr. Thomas, at Brooklyn,
Ct., aged 2 years. American of

Rt. Hon. Hans Francis, Earl of, in England,
in 58th year, from effects of West India
climate, where he had been the last 6 years.
American of
HUNTOON Charles, of Corinth, at Vershire,
Vt., while on a visit there, by a falling tree ;
was a soldier in the last war and in the
Revolution ; was at Lexington, Bunker
Hill and capture of Burgoyne, aged 73
years. American of

HUNNEWELL Richard George, son of R ,

Esq., of Portland, on board the ship Dromo,
on his way to California ; shot by a Span-
ish privateer,

Susannah, wife of Hon. Jonathan, at Boston,
aged 63 years. American of

John F., at New Shoreham, aged 28 years.
American of
HURD Freeman, at Smithfield, aged 16 years.
American of

Sir Isaac, King at Arms, in England, aged 88
years. He has conducted no less than 8
funerals of the Royal family. American of

David, a Revolutionary pensioner, at Munroe,
aged 69 years. American of
HURLBURT Isaac, at Hinesville, Vt., from ac-
cidental discharge of a pistol. American
. . of

Pardon T., at Buffalo, N. Y., in 40th year, a
native of New London, Ct.,

Henry C, son of the late Pardon T., aged 10

Mary Ann, second daughter of late Pardon
T., in isth year.

Oct. 4, 1818
Sept. n, 1819

Nov. 5, 1819

May 30, 1820

June 18, 1822
Jan. 9, 1824

Jan. 30, 1829

Dec. 22, 1829

June — , 1808

March i6, 1819

May 4, 1 82 1

Aug. 19, 1814

March S. 1819
Feb. 20, 1829

July 23, 1816

Aug. 29, 181 8

Dec. 6, 1819

Feb. 5, 1827



HURLBURT Maria, daughter of late Pardon T.,
in 19th year,

Jane Cowing, infant daughter of late Pardon
T., in 17th year,
HURLEY Samuel, at Lima, aged 21 years. He
was editor of the Telegraph, and the first
to introduce a daily political and mercan-
tile paper in Peru,

Samuel, merchant, of Philadelphia, at Liver-
pool, aged 41 years,
HURST , at Manchester, Eng., of hydro-
phobia. A few days before he let a dog
lick a wart he had just cut. American of
HUSE Dr. James, in Wheelock ; fell from a load
of hay on to a pitchfork. American of

Moses, at Hillsboro, N H., aged 91 years,
soldier of the Old French War. American
HUSSEY Peter, at Nantucket, m 40th year,
Grand Master of 12th Masonic District, by
the overturning of his carriage (Masonic
honors). American of
HUTCHINS Hannah, wife of Ezra, Esq., at
Killingly, Ct., in SSth year,

N , at Lovell, Oxford Co. His wife and

infant fell into the fire and perished,

Ezra, Esq., attorney at law, formerly of this
town, graduate of Brown University, 181 r,
at Killingly, Ct. American of

Henry, son of John, aged 7 months,
HUTCHENS Mary, aged 22 years, at Canter-
bury, Ct, a suicide, a disappointment,
HUTCHINS Lydia, wife of Capt. Simon, at
Killingly, Ct.,

Mary, wife of Dr. Penuel, at Killingly, in 62d

Elisha, at Killingly, Ct., aged about 30 years.
American of

Elisha P., son of Dr. Penue', at Killingly, Ct.,
aged 25 years, an attorney at law. Amer-
ican of

Sarah, wife of John, of Providence, at North-
ampton. She was on a visit to her brother,
a physician in this town,

Maria, daughter of Shubael, aged 4 years,

HUTCHINGS Mr. , stabbed by John

Crump, at Weldon, N. C. American of
HUTCHINS Theophilus, Jr., at Seekonk, in 21st

Theophilus Stearns, M, D., at Seekonk, in
2 2d year.

April 17, 1832
Jan. 31, 1833

Jan. 16, 1828
Feb. I, 1820

Sept. 10, 1824
Aug. 27, 1816

March 8, 1831

March 24, 181 5

Feb. 3, 1814

Dec. 22, 1815

Jan. 15, 1819
Feb. 23, 1821

March 3, 1822

Oct. 7, 1823

March 15, 1825

June 28, 1825

July 15, 1825

Jan. 26, 1826
Feb. 7, 1832

April 17, 1832

Jan. 14, 1833

Jan. 14, 1833



HUTCHINSON James, of U. S. Corps of Art.,
aged about 40 years, at Fort Walcott, New-
port Harbor. American of

Richard (colored), of Bedford, Mass., at sea,
on board ship Asia,

John, seaman, perished in the wreck of the
Frances Mary, at sea, between Feb. 23 and

George, at Raleigh, N. C, aged 61 years.
He operated the first steam sawmill in the
United States,

Mrs. Elizabeth, at Boston, aged 86 years.
American of

Mrs. Mary, wife of Benjamin, at Royalston,
aged 82 years. American of

Phebe, daughter of Daniel, of Smithfield, in
31st year,

Ann, aged TJ years, widow of Gen. Jedediah,
and sister of Bishop Moore, of Virginia, at
New London, Ct.,

Capt. Samuel, native of Castine, Me., com-
mander of sloop Castine, drowned in Mo-
bile harbor. American of

Mrs. , at Boston. American of

David Wilkinson, son of Daniel, at Smith-
field, aged 2 years,
HUTTON Acsah, wife of William C, at See-
konk, in S3d year,

William, at Seekonk. American of

Isaiah, of Rehoboth, at Savannah, Ga., in 21st

, executed at Baltimore for mail robbery,

Charles, Esq., professor of mathematics, in
England, aged 86 years. American of
HYATT Capt. Charles L., of Providence, at sea,
on board ship Two Catharines, on passage
from St. Bias,

Ann, widow of Capt. Charles, in 32d year,

Hannah, widow of Capt. Charles L., in 22d

Ann, daughter of late Charles, in 17th year,
HYDE Susan, wife of Artemus, daughter of
Esek Aidrich, at Providence, in 23d year.

Miss Catherine, at Boston, aged 38 years.
American of

Mrs. Anna, wife of George H., at Newton

Lower Falls, aged 48 years. American of

HYNE Timothy, at Farmington, N. Y., aged 60

years ; stung by bees. American of
HYNES Richard, at Dedham, aged 32 years.
American of

March 16, 1821
Sept. 12, 1822
March 5, 1826

Sept. 23, 1829
Nov. 24, 1829
Aug. 27, 1830
Sept. 23, 1830

March 14, 1831

Aug. 12, 1831
Sept. 14, 1832

Oct. 15, 1832

Dec. 25, 1815
Jan. 16, 1816

Sept. II, 1818
July 14, 1820

March 14, 1823

Oct. — , 1819
March 5, 1823

April 6, 1828
May 22, 1829

Oct. 23, 1818

March 11, 183 1

May 17, 183 B

June 3, 1814

May 10, 1831


HYRE Benjamin, in Davidson Co., N. C. He
repeatedly stabbed himself in a room where
there were several persons; cause of his
suicide was his mother's refusal to his mar-
riage. American of Sept. 26, 1823

IDE Timothy, at Cumberland, in 83d year, Nov. 10, 1814

Lydia, wife of Jacob, in jSth year. Ameri-
can of Jan. 3, 1815
Amos, at Attleboro, aged 60 years. American

of April 12, i8t6

Ezra, at Seekonk, in 51st year, Jan. 25, 18 18

Sarah, wife of Nathaniel, Jr., at Seekonk, in

55th year. American of Dec. 28, 18 19

Levi, in sgth year, March 25, 1822

Capt. Elpalet, at Seekonk, aged 39 years, March 24, 1825

Capt. Nathaniel, at Seekonk, in 87th year, Oct. 30, 1828

Nathan, of Seekonk, found drowned at Sa-

bin's Point, aged 27 years.. American of Sept. 21, 1832

INMAN Phebe, widow of Jeremiah, at Cumber-
land, in 64th year. Society of Friends, Oct. 13, 1819
Benjamin, seaman, drowned from schooner

Romeo, at sea, in a squall, Oct. 4, 1822

Oziel, at Glocester, in 41st year. American

of Aug. 19, 1825

Abraham, at North Providence, in 79th vear. May 8, 1831

INCHCALD Mrs. . in England ; she has

left behind her memoirs of her life with

anecdotes of her times. American of Oct. 5, 1821

INGALLS Oliver, at Pomfret, Ct., formerly of

North Providence, drowned. American of April 2X. 1811;
, Esq., attorney at law, at Mobile, Ala.

American of Nov. 12, 1819

Lucy M , wife of Dr. William, at Boston,

aged 38 years, Feb. 15, 1823

James, son of late Oliver, aged 19 years, April 20, 1828

Patience B., wife of Seth H., daughter of

Capt. Solothiel Jones, of Dighton, at

Swanzey, aged 22 years, Oct. 13, 1829

INGELL Abiathar, Esq., at Taunton, aged 60

years. American of Aug. i, 1823

INGELLS Miss Deborah, at Taunton, aged 65

years. American of April 21, 1826



INGERSOLL Hon. Jared, presiding judge of
district court for city and county of Phila-
delphia. American of

Rev, Samuel B., assistant pastor Shrewsbury
church, at Beverly, Mass. American of

Hon. Jonathan, at New Haven, Ct., in 76th
year, lieutenant-governor of Connecticut,

Capt. William, at Glocester, aged 60 years.
American of
INGLISS Rev. James, at Baltimore, pastor of
the First Presbyterian church, suddenly.
American of

INGRAHAM Mrs. , wife of Barton, in this

town. American of

Elizabeth, widow of Timothy, at Newport,
in 87th year. American of

Capt. Joseph, at Boston, aged 48 years,

Daniel. Jr., at Bristol, aged 19 years, sud-
denly. American of

Lawton, of Warren, at Savannah, Ga., aged
22 years,

Ann, of Bristol, at Coventry, aged 16 years.
American of

Comfort, at Pawtucket, in 78th year,

Henry, at Bristol, aged 25 years,

James Burr, infant son of Jeremiah, at Pensa-
cola, Fla.,

Mrs. Charlotte, wife of Jeremiah, at Pensa-
cola, Fla., in 33d year ; she was a daugh-
ter of Col. James Burr, of Providence,

James, at Bristol, suddenly, aged 50 years,

Jeremiah, formerly of Attleboro, at Cynthi-
ana, Ky., in 77th year. American of

Lydia, daughter of late Benjamin, formerly
of Bristol, at the Arkwright,

N. G., Jr., Esq., at Tampico, U. S. Consul at
that port,

Charlotte Eleanor, daughter of Jeremiah, in
1 1 th year,

Peddy, wife of Solomon, and eldest daughter
of Gideon Street, Jr., in 28th year,

Elizabeth Bridgham, daughter of late Henry,
at Bristol, in 9th year,

Mary Eliza, infant daughter of John, at
Bristol, aged 8 years, 10 days.

, child of John, at Bristol,

Ralph, machinist, of Hebron, Ct., at Comp-
ton Village, Warwick, in 25th year,

Jesse C, son of Lephelet, at Pawtucket, aged
8 months,

Nov. 8, 1822
Nov. 25, 1820

Jan. II, 1823
Sept. 24, 1830

Aug. 27, 1819

Feb. 24, 1809

Oct. 3, 1809
June 3, 1811

June 20, 1 8 17

Nov. 25, 1817

Feb. 16, 1 82 1
Aug. 25, 1821
Aug. 20, 1822

Sept. 14, 1822

Oct. 2, 1822
March 30, 1823

June 10, 1823

July 27, 1823

April 30, 1824

Jan. 25, 1826

Sept. 14, 1827

Nov. 12, 1828

Feb. 9, 1829
Feb. 9, 1829

March 29, 1829

Feb. 26, 1829



INGRAHAM Nancy, daughter of late Capt.
James, at Harrington, aged 29 years. Amer-
ican of

George G., of Warren, a passenger, at sea, on
board brig Sampson, on passage from Prov-
idence to Havana. American of
INNES George, Esq., of Stowe, Scotland. He
left his fortune of ;£'900,ooo to his sister.
He is said to have left behind him 57 nat-
ural children. American of

George, of Stow, Scot., is credited with 57
natural children. Left his immense for-
tune to his sister. American of

Harry, Judge U. S. Dist. Court for Kentucky,
suddenly, at Frankfort, Ky.,
IREN Mary, wife of Peter, at Bristol, aged about

50 years,
IRISH Mrs. Abigail, widow of Charles, of New-
port, at Hudson, N. Y., in 82d year.
American of

John, of Middletown, drowned in the great
gale of

Sarah, widow of Col. George, of Middletown,
at Newport, in 83d year,

Joseph, Esq., at Richmond, R. I., son of the
late Col. George, of Middletown, in 46th

Jedediah, at Newport, aged 4 years. Amer-
ican of

Hanson, of Cornish, Me., killed by the ex-
plosion of a powder mill, at Gorham, Me.,

'George C, aged 27 years, son of late Jede-
diah, of Newport, at sea, on board ship
Boy, on passage from Providence to Matan-
zas. American of

Daniel, of Gorham, Me.; threw himself from
the deck of the schooner Leader, near West
Quoddy Light, Me.,

Bennett, son of Southwick, at Portsmouth,
R. I., in 23d year,

Simeon, at Fall River, in 63d year,
:IR0NS Stephen, son of Nicholas, of Providence,
in his 20th year ; fell overboard from brig
Decatur and was drowned,

Huldah, widow of Samuel, at Glocester.
American of

Susan B., wife of Arnold, in 28th year,

Plenry Augustus, infant son of Sayles, at
Warwick, aged 2 years, 4 months,

Dec. 27, 183 1
June 24, 1832

May I, 1832

May I, 1832

Sept. 20, 1816

Feb. 8, 1821

Dec. JO, 1813

Sept. 23, 1815

Feb. 7, i8i6

April 8, 1 818

March 11, 1823

July 19, 1828

Feb 27, 1829

Aug. 8, 1829

Aug. 9, 1830
April 16, 1831

Dec. 30, 1822

Nov. 18, 1823
April 20, 1824

Sept. 24, 1830



IRVIN Gen. Jared, at Georgia, formerly gov-
ernor of the state, aged 63 years. Amer-
ican of
IRVINE Gen. James, at Philadelphia, aged 84
years, soldier of the Revolution. Amer-
ican of
Catharine, wife of Jeremiah, at New Haven,
aged 22 years. American of
IRVING Henry, murdered, near Natchitockes.
American of
Capt. Armstrong, U. S. Regt. L. Art., son
of Brig. Gen. Irving, of Penn., at Fort
Warren, Boston. American of
Edmund, at Richmond, Ky., shot by Mr.

Maltingby, editor of the Richmond

Republican. American of

IRWIN Col. , formerly M. C.from Penn., at

Old Providence ; was recently an officer in
South American Service under Com. Aury,
Robert, at Fall River, aged 89 years, Revo-
lutionary pensioner,
ISAACS Abraham M., merchant, of and at
Charleston, S. C, son of the late Moses, of
New York,
Col. Ralph, at Philadelphia,
Mary, widow of Ralph, Esq., formerly of
Kranford, Ct., at New Haven, in 76th year,

ISAAC , son of Robert, Esq., of Savannah,

Ga., at Newport,
ISHAM Rev. Chester, of Taunton, at Boston,
aged 27 years; was ordained Feb. 18 last.
American of

ITURBIDE President , deposed and shot.

American of
IVES Elizabeth, second daughter of Thomas P.,
in this town, in 17th year,
Maj. Gen. Thomas, at Great Barrington,
Capt. William, late of Salem, at Savannah,

Ga., aged 51 years. American of
Dwight Foster, of Great Barrington, at
Stockbridge, Mass., aged 20 years, drowned
in the river. American of
John, of Sudbury, by explosion at a Powder

Mill, at Chelmsford, Mass.,
Samuel H., murdered by Robert Douglass,
aged 24 years, who was executed at ISath,
N. Y., for the crime. American of
Thomas Boynton, infant son of Robert H.,
IZAREi Elizabeth, widow of Ralph, of Charles-
ton, S. C, at Fortress Monroe, Va.,

May 8, 1818

May II, 1819
Nov. 24, 1829
July 30, 1816

Jan. 17, 1817

Jan. 14, 1823

Sept. 20, 1 818
Sept. 15, 1831

Oct. 29, 1 8 14
Aug. 8, 1815

Feb. 4, 1 8 16

July 21, 1823

May 3, 1825

March 22, 1831

March 12, 1813
March 8, 1814

April 30, 1814

Sept. 19, 1820
Dec. 5, 1820

May 24, 1825
Jan. 16, 1829

May 20, 1825


JACK Alexander, at Newport, in 76th year, Feb. 27, 1821

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