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stretch towards, hpQ to work^ the workj wages.

3« Sn3 to possess. XXV the moon^ a month. KVsr vaidty^ to nofmrfiose.
\h pight. hop to toil. niD to number.

4. 230 to tie downs *0( to say. Dp to rise. TID to measure outj, or
prolong. T)p to mix, the evening, pst to satisfy^ cloy. cn*13 tossingSy
from Tti to morve quickly. The root is 13 to nurve, ^^ to blowj the
morning or evening hreezcy the twilight.

5. v:h to clothe. *UB^:} to spread abroad^ thejlesh. rxor> to shoot outy a
worm, m^ adhesion^ from i^JIJ to be close to. IBp dust. K\p the skin^
from my to uncorver. J^jn to be stiffs ov parched. WD to cracky or chap*

6. nSp to be ^w{ft. ^JO more than. njD to distribute. a'lM to wettvcy o.
shuttle. hSd tofaily or be consumed- DDK /Ae end, to cease to be. mpH
expectation^ from mp lo tend towardf.

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1 JSikerh not sft appoimed time to mm upon earth? are not bis
dtfs also Uke the days of an htreliag?

2 As a servant earnestly desireth the shadow^ and as an hireling
looketh for rA^refwird ^ his work;

3 So am i made to poMess nKmthsof rniity) and wc^s^me nighli
are aj^pointed to me.'

4 When I lie downy I say, When rfiall I arise, and the night be
gontil and I am fiill of tos^gs to and fro imto the datMrmag of the
day. . . . ,

5 My flesh is clothed with worms and clods of dust: my skin h
hrok^, and become loathsome.

6 My days m^ swifter than a wearer^s shuttle> and are spent with<^
out hope.

7 O remember that my life U wind: mine eye shall no more see
good. -

8 The eye of him that hath seen me shall see me no more: tldne
eyes are i^on me and I am not

9 M the cloud is consumed and vanisheth away; so he that goeth
iawn to the ffmrt shall come up no more,

10 He shall return no more to his house, neither shall his place
know him any more.

7. nDT to reTnember. nn to live. W to return. \^^ the eyey from XXXjf
to reject, nm to Bee*

t.'ym to behold.

9. nS tofailj oiv rh2 to fail or consume avtay. \ip a cloudy from p?
to depress. "jV to go. IT to descend, hwm the place of the deadj from
hm to ask. n^ to ascend.

10. :i«r to return, ly time. H'a a houscy ni a receptacle. nD3 to know.
tIpD a standing^ ovplaccy from Dp to risCf or Btand up.,

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♦3 viT) DK ^iK D»n ♦B'fii "loa nrwK »»
Heny ♦jomn Tno\n *2 noro ♦Sy ovn,»s

i»nTDWo mo wfij pino nrani ♦irwan »«
Van ♦» ♦JDD Snn n»w o*j»V hih *nB»m >«
:TaS vSk nw ♦ai ^iViin ♦a tena* n& tny »'
wS noa nMnan Dwb onpa^ "onpifim-^"'
•mnsn <»|n •yVa v ♦jo^n ts*? *«» jnpwi*

m^ xnm ^ mm tMHRsb % r^imii 'fi:*'
♦:jrnntjn aajf^n, ift?V nm p w w Taynr

'-— : .. 1 • . -. I .I 'f <! * ■ <*

9fraUen^ di$ire9$» tW to incHne^ medUatc. ID to be UtitTf ftrffrnum

12. p^n a crocodile^ from n^n /o t(«£P, Def" to plate. *tDm cti>/M^)

13. IDK t9 9tiyn PW ^9 contort, ry a Aed, qit furniture ^ # ^.
MBf^ /o ^oirr atiMiy. n'V deep meditation^ comfilainjtf froni lUBf to df Aunh
died, XXf to He down.

\4.rmto breaks dismay. oSn a dr^am^ broken thought^ to break.
}nn a vzeionj from nm to iee. njD to terrify.

15. mi to choose, or approve, pjno atrangUng^ from pJTI ^o atrtSigle*
niDsrjf ^on««> from DXy ^o be strong. Death rather ^an my cdtetetoffor
hpnes* >r ,. ..

16. DKO /o despise or a^^or. CHlf /f'mf ^'cKr/^ from OV fo conehd^
n^n ^0 ^f . Vm /« r«we. San vanity^ from San ro evaporate.

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11 Therefore I will hot refrain my mouth, I will speak in the iikli«
goish of my spirit, I will complain ia the bitterness of my soul.
13 ^m I a sea, or a whale, that thou settest a watch over mcf?

13 When I say, My bed shall comfort me, my couch shall ease my

14 Thw tbo4 jcftrosl. me T^ith dreams, and terrifiest me thro^gh

15 SbtitatiDaysbul^hootetll Afan^ki^, a^4 dfeaih rathfT than mf
Bfe* ■ ,. . -

16 I loath {V, I would tiot live alway: let me alone, for my days art

17 What ivtmUf that thou shoakhst i»as"ffy hhn^ jn44hat ihM
dK>ul4^ ^t thine heart.upon him?

J8 Aild that thou shouldest Visit him etery mdrtdn^, and try him
erely ittotnent? i '

lA'i|#wtaity wilt jtkou^ not depart fiom me, noriet meakme ti^ I
swallow down my spittle?

30 I hdVe sinned; what shall I do unto thee, O thou Preserver of
taetf . why h!i6t tlou stt mt a% a mark agaiiut til^ee, so that 1 am «
burden to myself?

31 And why dost thou not pardon my transgresdon, and take away
imne iniquity^ for now shall I sleep in the dust, and thou shah seek
sse m the mMateg^ but I ^kM fiol de.

17. m» to beirifirm. SlJi in Kal and Hiph. to make great, m to
place, th the hearty affectidmy kc,*

18. Ipf) to visit, npa to looky the morning. ];X^ to be quiets a reit^ a
moment. {n3 to prove*

19. njnsr to tum^ or regard, nfll to remits let go. j^Sa to svhiUov. p
sjdttlej from p' to sfiit.

30. MOn to mn. ^fi to labour. *>2(2 tq preserve. DIM mauj from non to
form a Ukeneaa. D^ to put. jf}BD a nutrk^ from P^Q to meet. n%1 to be.
XtTD a burden^ from Wffi to bear^ take.

31. VSff} to lift vp.fm% to trarugrewy a tramgreanon. "i^y to pass by.
\\P depravity y iniquity y from n^ to pervert. ISj; dust. ^JO to lie down.
IFW to seek early in the momingj or earnestly.

iMiia m i— ■ H I ■■ II ■ I ■ I nul l % ■■ i> » » * I i« ■

♦ ^^e Psahn viR, 4. ctllv, 3.

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nSw V^»h tw ny nft«n wBfn nnf?3 ^*i ».2
CMH t»ro mr '"Hin JTfi *^0K Tia nnis
tsrhttn iV won Ti3 tstt Jpnx niy» nr^
'TKi *^t« ^» nrwn nnt« tan taya^c tis

ny«o in^tt^in rrm np-nt rw BSn "!%>
pen Tn*? NO ^»» ^3 n«& mr Tnnnjti*

•noK* Tnv on k^jh tw »Sy vnd» '-nt d .»

1. nv ^0 answer. IDK /o /ry^faA:. Vide ch. it 11) for the other iiords.
3. Vtd and Sd ^o i^^aA:. TSD mtf/li(^k/iM, na3 lo muUijfify*

3. ntr tofiervert. }QWO judgment^ from OB»P io Judge, msr .Atmtf-
yW, from nw io flour forth. yvL justice ^ to justify.

4. MOn lo »»«« rAe mark^ sin. phv to send away. T the handj from
TtV to cast forth. yVQ transgresnon^ fromj^l) tofiass over. << Inmmt
imquitatis sue" Vv^ig,^^^Jnpotestatem defectionis ifisorumJ* TreflKi*

5. *ynXf to be dusky ^ to seek early in the morning. \yr\ to be very of"
fectionatcy in Hithp. tosufifiUcate. \n to have affectionfbr.

6« IT fiurCi '0 be clean, ivr" righteous^ to direct. TJ^ to raise^ in Hi^.
to excite. th0 toflerfecty tranquillity, happiness, m^ a habitattony k
dwelt. Y^t righteousness, justy to justify. 'D often occurs interrogl-
fivelf . *^ If thou art pure and righteous, woidd he stir up agaoBiC thee

and the peace of thjr righteous habttation?** • -

. — **•
f. iwn the beginning. TJ^3f to be little, to be vile. THK to delayyh^ncp

irviK a latter state* rU9 to thrive. *1KD very much^ strength.

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JOB vm.

1 THEN answencd Bilded the Shuhite, and said,

2 How Umg wHM^u spei^ thf^ne tMng9? puid h^w lon^ $haU t^d .
words of th]r mouth be Bke^^ strong wind?

3 Doth God pervert judgment? or doth the Almighty pervert jus^
ticc? •

4 If iJ^jr children have sioo^d against him, and he have cast them
avay for their transgression:

5 If thou v^ouldest seek untb G6d betimes, and make thy supplica-
tionto^ibe Almigittys

6 If thou vfcrt pure and upright; surely now he would awake for
thee, and make the habitation of thy righteousness prosperous.

^ 7 Thoogh tby beginnings was small, yet thy latter end should great*
ly increase.

8 For inquire, I pray thee, of the former age, and prepare thyself
to the search of their fethers.

9 (For we are but of ytsUrdayf and know nothings because cmr days
upcHi the earth are a shadow.)

10 Shall they not teach thee, and tell diee, and utter words out pf
their heart?

U Caothe rush grow without mir^? can the flag grow withdut

8. W to ask. in a generation^ from y^ to fetph a circuit. JUBrn,
xmsf of Dr. Kennkott's codices have the Keri here \VO¥ry firior^ from
Vin the begpining. {^ and p to prepare. *)pA to search winuteltf. 3M
^ father^ from nax to acguieace in,

9. ViD yeaterdayy from Sd to cut off. yv to know, Sv a shadow^ to

10. nv to direetj in Hipb* to teach. :h the^ heart. I<V^ to goforthj
Ja Hiph, to bring forth. P^Sd speeches^ from Sd to speak.

1 1. rma to rise. MDJI the reedj to sup up. WS and p soft mud. nOltr
io§rovf. mw theflagj from nnK Chakl. to cwmect.

• Vide Psalm cxliv. 4^
2 A -

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8^'? ia«3 wy «»D '"ja in» njie^ nva »2
^3 mm» p try* n^n S3 odSi fpp^ »3
iVd3 oip^ niwj n3«n »pn mpm *?» *n3» i*
TDr »Si in»A Vy pTtt^^ nnD30 B^usy nu> »5
Vy^ iWDjp 'iB*? «in awn jd^' k*?! u pnn*>«
•n'3 wiD* vtmBf Si Sy tKifn \npy\i inw
H^ 13 t8»n3i TOTpDO i:yS3^ DK :ntn* D*i3K ""^
nnti ifiyDi 13m wen >4irr tn nwtn »»
T3 pnrv s^Vi on o«d* >«V ^k ]n nnox^^o
:nynn ynDttrs yb prw nVa* ^y to»yno2i
tiij'K a^yttp Vn«i ntra wiS* T«i» 22

- — , ... , ■ ■ ■ ■ ^ , ■-, ^ ^ .

12. :m grecnncB^y to swell, ^p^ i^ nearly the same sense as y&o to
crofii or cut off. ^JSS is not only in the presence ofy but before^ in point
qftime. T2m 5to««> or rather herbage of a tubular kind, eb'' to dry vfiy
to wither.

ISk DimHa caii^ny» or waysy from n*VK A>^o in a track, rcur lo^^-
get. mpn Ao/Jtf, from mp to tend unto, ^m a firqfiigate fieraon^ to pol-
lute, naie to perish.

14. Op ^0 loath f or be disgusted at. SoD hopCy strength, or stupidity.
»^33;? a ^'rfer, perhaps from Obj^ to fetter j and WD /o subdue. n05D
confidence^ from HD!) /o c/rn^ tm/o, or ^ru«^ tn.

1 5« \y0 to lean, lioy to stand, pin to take a strong hold upon. Op to
stand, or remain.

16. nXSTifull (fsapy tender, green, to be wet or moist. WtXf the sun,
to minister, p and nJJl a garden, from |A to protect. np3l^ in reg. a
branch, from pr ro suck. VST to go forth.

^ 17. Si afotmudn, a heap, to roll. VTW a root, to take root, or to root
up* 1^0 to irUmne. {3K« stoney fromms to build, xxm to fa^en the
eyes upon.

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12 Whilst it ia yet ih his greenness^ and Siot cut dowD> ii withereth
before any other herb.

13 So are the paths of all that forget God^ and the hypociite's hope
shall perish: ''

14 Whose hope shall be cUt off, and whose trust shaU be a spider's

15 He diall lean uppn his house^ but it ^hall not stand: he sbaU
hold it &st, but it shall not endure.

16 He 2> green before the sun, and his bnuich shooteth forth in his

17 Kis roots are wrapped about the heap> and hp s^eth the pla.c$ of
stones. )

18 If he destroy hlin from his placet then iV shall deny himy sayings
I h^ive not seen thee.

19 Behold, this is the joy of his way, and out of the earth shall
others growi

20 Behold^ Gpd will not cast aw^y a perfect man^ neither will he
help the evil.doers:

21 Till he fill thy moudi witfi laughing, and thy lips with rejoicing:
S2f They that liate thee shall be clothed mth shaine, and the dwell-
ing-place of the wicked shall come to nought.

18. ph:^ fa 9waUow ufif to destroy. Dp to remain, mO tofaily tofcdl
in the truth, TWI to see,

19. w to be cheerful f hence mtmjoy, l^l a way^ to go. nfl[p dust,
im another^ behind. HDV to sprout,

20. WO to despise* On perfect^ tofmish, pTH^/o strengtfip^^ to hold
fast, jn to do evily or be evil,

21. hSd to Jill. pnJ7 to laugh. n3Br the Ufi^ to xrush^ plur* D'nfiftr Ups.
T\ifrv\shoutingy from jn to break.

82. lUlS^ to hate. mS to elothe^m:^ shame^ from tf^ to be cot^ounded.
SriK a tenty to spread a tent. j^tEH unjust^ to be unjust, ]K to labour^
hence J^K vanity^ nothing.

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nai p o ♦nrr aiota na«*i av» p^i ^ 2
j^*? lay 2r\h ^Qrv dk J'^tt oy ttniK pst*^
»» HD r^Dtn 22b DDH :>)*?» ♦iD nnn wjj^*

noipDD n« vron :Wa oaon nB^»«

Hy 71m naS &ttff HDi :Dnn» »a3tt«
tpn mm no^Di S^dd tyy ntj^y :o^ ♦no:i ^
l»tt ny rnNVflsi npn ]♦« ny m^ni nc^ 1^
haSi p)Vn^ n«nK >6i »Sy my* ]n nuDD ^J

2. D3DK rrw/y, firom |Dt« /o be sUady. j;i^ ^d ibto«y. pnv n> justify.
ttriJM 7«a», from B^JK ^o ^^ infirm.

3. yfln ^0 ^^ wilHng, T) to contend. rl3jr r6 answer.

4. 03n w£«e, ro instruct. y'DK strongs from l^DH /o Ar strong. W
strength^ to be strongs TWp /o 5^ n^/rf, or *arc?. D^a^ to have/ieact.

5. pn;^ ^0 remove. "Vl a mountainy from mn ro ««^^//. jn^ fo know.
•^an ^0 ovettum. ^^ anger^ the nose^ from HflR to heatj or from I^K to
breathe^ to be angry.

6. n^ to trtmble. Dp to stand. lOj^to sufifioti. \h^ to tremble.

7. O'TH /Atf sun. m? /o arf>^. 333 a star. Dnn ^o «ea/ ufi.

8. n03 ^0 stretch out. *\1 alone^ hence IdS apart ^ and 113^ ^^ a/oBJf*
■pn ro ri*fffl</. ^403 in reg. high waves qf. nD3 a high fiiaee.

9. W Park, the blight. Scptuag. Pleiades. Vulg. Arcturus. Trcm.

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1 THEN Job answered and said,

3 I know it is so of a troth': but how should man be just with Gdd^

3 If he will C;o|^tend wiQi himt he cannot answer him one of a, thuu -

4 He is wise in heart, and mighty Ui strength: who hath hai^ened
fdmelf ^^lain^t him, and hath prospered? *

5 Which remoy^ the tnount^s^ and they know not: widch oyer-
tumeth them in his anger.

6 Which shaketh the earth out of htf place, and the pillat^ there-
of tremble. ^ : -, * - .

7 Which commandeth tl|^ sun, and it riseth not: ^and se^leth up
the stars.

8 Which alone spreadeth out the heavens, and treadeth upon the
waves of the sea.

9 Which maketh Arcturus, Oiion, and Pleiades, and the chc^aabers
t)f the south.

10 Which doth great things past finding out, yea, and wonders
without number.

11 Lo he goeth by me, and I see him not: he passeth on also, but
I perceive him not.

ArcturuB. Vd3 Park, the cold, Sept. the evening star. Vulg. Orion
Trem. Orion, noo Park, genial warmth. Sept. Arcturus, Vulg. Hy-
(ide^ Trem. Pleiades. Probably either stars or constellations are
meant, but which we cannot ascertain. MT\ a chamber^ or enclosed
ftlace. }Dn, pon, po^ the souths perhaps from {DK to be steady may come
p23^ the right handj which is to the South when we face the east.

IQ. rmp to do. Sna to become great. Ipn a searching out^ to explore..
>h^ in Niph. to be wonderful. "^30 to number.

11. iai;r to/iass over, rwrs to see. ^^ tofiass on,\^ to divider to


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imv innn loti tv^ t<b rrbn :ntwn no"

dcb^dS niyt« ><V *np^^f d« nrK ^bw"

iDin ♦yvo nanm »3fiiB^» myra na^K t'Sip"
-»nrjoo 'lyae^' o ♦nn au'n ♦J3n» t*iV«
t^iTvi* 'D JDfiB'DV OX) nyn r'»H naV p»"
on :»it!^yn ♦jk on oy»8n»''0 pT;tt« d»«°«2'
^ t<»n nriK ♦^n d»ok »rfii 3n» k^ »»«^
ow D« '. mb^ti Kin yttnv on *trm p "
nini n» :jy'?* cpi noD*? OKne n^«*
»D WK kS d« rTD3» ntjfie^; *ib wn to

13. (inn to take away. 2V to return, resiore. TWy to do,

13. 3U U>Jum awtttf. TWM./Po hfoti nrm vnderj from DTU to dtfteni'
nrm to bend much, from tW to bend. "Xy to helfi. 3m firidtj to dUiU.-

14. nJ7 /» antwer. TO /o chooee: *l3n ro «/i«ai'.

15. pv /o be justy or righteous. r^}p to answer. dfiBT to judge, jn fo
toE;^ kindness J pn /o ^r v^ry ih'nt/, in Hithp. ^o supfiUcate, .

16. tnp ro ca//. n;Uf to answer. }DK ^o ma^e steUdy^ ia Hipb* ^o ^^'
Ueve* \l^to vfeighy in Hiph. to attend to. Sp /Ae voice^^to be lights o^

17. mj^a^ a tempest^ y^ to stand erect j to fiar. ^ to werwkeia.
nan ^0 muldfily. ^S to woundi Din of mere kin^essj m* coMSiii^i
frcrai jn /o Ae Ainrf. .•

18. jW to give. 2rtr to bring back, mi breathy to insfiire, J^^Vfto^o-
/wra^. t)'T»D bitter things^ from TTD /o be very bitter. HO to be bitter.

19. TOstrengthy to be strong. \'Oli^ to be strong. QBJtf to judge, if
to afi/iointy m Hiph. to (tfiftoint a time. - '*

30. piv to justify, ni) and in reg. 'fl a mouthy my mouth, ytm to be un-

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12 Biteldy be (aketh u^vaf, Who can btfltter him^ w|ip will^saj mir
to him^ What dost thou? . . *

13 ^God will not withdraw his anger, the proud helpers do stoop
under him.

14 HowtiliKh lesi shall I answer hjiin, and choose oat mf words
to reason withium. ..

1 5 Whom though I were righteous, yit would I iiot answer, But I
wouM make supplication to my judge. ^

16 If I had called, and he had answered me; ye€ would I not be-
lieve that he had hearkened unto my voice. -

1 7 For he breaketh tne with a tempest, and multiplieth my wounds
without cause.

18 He will not suffer me to ta^e my breath, but iilleth me with

19 lilsfieak of strength, lo, fie is strong: and if of judgment, who
shall set me a time to plead?

20 If I justify myself, mine own mouth shall condemn me: if 1 say
I am perfect, it shjdl also prove me perverse.

2 1 Though I ijoere perfect, yet would I not know my soul; I would
despise my life.

22 This 18 one things therefore I said iV, Hedestroyeth the perfect
and the wicked.

23 If the scourge slay suddenly, he will laugh at the trial of the

24 The earth is given into the hand of the wicked: he covereth the
faces of the judges thereof; if not, where and who /• he?

juHty in Hiph. to condemn. Dn tofinikh. K^jT to pervert^ toprorve ptr-

21. jn' to know. WQl to respire. OWD to contemn. TVn to Hve.

22. jrm to be unjust. hSd to consume.

23. .13W a scourge^ from HDBr to go tsand/ro. HD to dicy in Hiph. to
kill. OMni) suddenly y from KTifl sudden. HOD in reg. nOD trials from HDJ
to try. '»p3 pure^ from np3 to be clear, iph to scoruy or deride.

24. \riytogvve. OQVf to judge. HOD to cover.

25. Vp to be swift, pro run. m3 to^e. TWT) to see.

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:S3K 5Sy riD^ nwa niK nviM tar ^tht\^^
ini^^H^ ♦ifi nnrw wr nrovK not* d»2^
»33« :»ip3n N*S o ♦jwt ♦naw Hd ♦my 28,29
«3 ♦nitmnn t3» :yyK ban hr noV ytntt^o
♦iSaen rntefa m J^ca *iiaa ♦msrni aV^^^
Kiai IMVK ♦iIDD »♦« Nib ^3 :»mDbe? ^5uyms2
n» rw» ngiD w^ia k^* t^b :DBtraa nn^^s

;nDy ♦33it p Kb o liKi^K Kbi maT» 35

36. ^Sn /o /ta«« 6y. ^^ and nUM a sM/ij from 71^ iro eaiM^ raip
,SDK desire J to acquiesce. Perhaps it is the name of li river, f^^ ^
^o^/f, to lacerate. 19^03 /o /^^ /oo«f, as an eagle in falling. ^DM fo asf*

27. roiy to forget, nnsr flftftf/t thought J from W ^o 3ow A?wn. 35? p
i^avr q^ ikSd ^0 comfort.

28. ti^ tofear^ ^t^l to labour^ to grieve, jn^ to know. TTOi ro c/bml9^

29. yw^ to be unjust, S^n vanity y to evaporate, py to labour.

30. fin to t^sh. htf snovf. '\Ji (or ro?) to cleanse^ m Hiph» "\ isto
1 li'^purityy or alkaUne salt. Is. i. 2S> from *0 ro cleanse. ^ Me.M'
iow ^(Atf Aan(/| from rifiD ro 6^£f.

31. nnv eorru/ition; to mar j or corrupt. .h:iD to immerse. S^
obQwrinate or loathe, xyvhv an outer garment^ from thvf to perfect.


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25 Now my days arc swifter than a post; tliey flee away, they see
no good.

26 They are passed away as the swift ships; as the eagle that hast-
eth to the prey.

27 If I say, I will forget my complaint, I will leave off my heavi-
ness, and comfort myself;

28 I am afraid of all my sorrows, I know that thou wilt not hold me ,

2^ fft be wJdtedi wl>y theA labour 1 in v4iri? :

30 If I wask myself with snow^watePf and make my hands never so

31 Vet Shalt thou plunge me in thc^ ditch, and mine own clothe^

32 FoThe.i^ not a^man^ as I amj that I should answer him, and we
should dom6 together in judgment.

S3 l«l^^fiiier is there any days-mafa betwixt us, that might lay bis
hand iipo» us both.

34 Let hhn take his rod away from me, and let not his fear terrify
mc; '

3^ Iti^ Would I speai, and not fear him: but it U not so with tat*

il* ( ■ I " III I Li ii II I I I I * t > i i I I I

Si, f\iif to anstm', lO to come, in' to unite, M0 to judge.

33. n»* to be. TCO/ii^ an nm/drey from TO" to demomtrate. m tofUace.

34. *1D to turn amde. 03^* a rod. n»M terror^ from D'K terrible, njr^

35. na*1 to 9fieak. m' to fear. HDj; in my atandingy with mey nCQ^ to
9(and, and ^ me.

* The D in this word is of the ordinary size in many of Dr. Ken*
nicott's books.


Digitized by LjOOQ IC



^Di nnin» wti^ ♦by n:ityK ^^ni ♦tj^w nopa *

n!? itt^n on?n twovi Dvn my Syi "pos^
tsK nna* BfiiK ^Don :ntnn tniK nikha ta»^

Ti*D tw ytt^** >^^ '3 Vsn Sy jrmn'^
lOD TIT ♦iiB^n ^iuvy nn^ H*M3*
Tfiy "^m ♦in^B^y nora ♦d >o nat .♦♦iy^:!/!!^

an^S) niDvyai ♦ja^nbn nt^ii n\y P3K»i)pn«i

1. IS^to l&athe^ in M1^. to be di9guHedat. Wl tojfreathc. rmjo
Hve. a?;r-eo Uarvc, TXV firojbund meditati^y care^ from ntflr io dow^.tn
ro «/^^aiL n3 to be bitter,

2. jnsn to be unjust^ in Hiph. tofironoimce unjut. jn^ /o ibiofp^ ^
H|ph. ro «Ao«u :n to 9trive^

3. ptsr^ /o o/ifire9€. DKD <o desflise. yy to labour, fp the hoWm ^tkt
handj from nBD to bend. TVlj; counteij from pr fo counteL pwi to be
unju9t*]^sr to irradiate. ' .^i\ '

At. \y the ey€y from njj? to affect. Iff^Jleahj to upread. nm to 'm
jtnOK many from tsrjH tobe infirm.

5. n3B^ « year J to repeat* 13a a man^ to be strong:

6. iyp2 ro «^eA: q/?f r. jlj^ iniqtuty^ from W ^0 pervert, mm
«nt«^ /Atf ^orib, fSTTl to inquire for.

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iSff soulis weary of my life: I will leave my complaint upoft
myself: I will speak in the bitteniess of my soul.

2 I will say unto God, Do not condemn me; show me wherefore
thou contendest with me.

3 Is it good unto thee that thou shouldest oppress, that thou should-
est despise the work of thine hands, and shine upon the co^nsel of
the wicked?

4 Hast thou eyes of flesh? or seest thou as man seeth?

5 jire thy days as the days of man? are thy years as man's days,

6 That thou inquirest after mine iniquity, and searchest after my

7 Thou knowest that I am not wicked; and there is none that can
deliver out of thine hand.

8 Thine hands have made ro^^ and fashioned me together round
about; yet thou dost destroy me.

9 Remember, I beseech thee, tliat thou hast made me as the clay;
and wilt thou bring me into dust again?

10 Hast thou not poured me out as milk? and curdled me like

11 Thou hast clothed me with skin and flesh, and hast fenced me
with bones and shiews.

7. yv to know, ymn to bf^mjuat. h-^i to deliver.

8. 3Xr to form by labour, to afflict. ttSfy to make. ITV to unite. 3'3D
aroundy from 330 to turn about y from 3D to turn. jn3 to swallow ufi.

9. non clayy to render turbid, ytf to return. IDJ? dust.

\0. 3^ mUky oily fit. ysi in Hiph. to poury to melt. riMJl a cheese,
afdlly from 3a a protuberance. Kap in Kal to be condensed, in Hiph.
to coagulate.

W.^-^y skin, from TT^y to strifi. 'W3^e«//, to sfiread. \ff:h to clothe,
txtjf a boncy to be strong. 1U a nerve, or tendon, from TJl to assaults
13Br to fence thoroughly, from ip to check.

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nnDt!^ nmpsi noj? n^m lom a^m ^iDatj^n »^

y:ie^ ♦Bfttn Kc^tt «V ♦njsJiifT »S ^bba )n:fm
3Km »jnv;;n Sne^a rrKi^ t^iif n«ni liSp i<5

n^nK ^n^n kS nt!^»3 :»j«nn k^ vj^t ym '*^
n^K^^ *-7ntT ♦D^ DVD i6n thy\ii napV pan 20

12. "ion kindneaMj turgesrcence. HB^ /o cto. tpS) to visit. 'VXtr to fire-

13. {BV /o Airfr. 32S ^Ae hearty to move up and down, from ^V the
same, sn" ta know.

14. WSt^ to 8in» "IDBT to olf served to keep* \)y imgmti^, from T\\p t^
pervert, npl to cleanse.

15. jwi /o *<? unjust. ^V^ and '•Sk wo/ aU^sI perhaps from ^^ f^^
Interposer. pTV to be just. MSri to lift up. y^M; to be saturated, ^
vilenessy from nbp to be amtempHble. '^ aJ^ctionj,qfflictedf from n^f
to afflietj to affect. .

16. mo to increase, hxvo a bfaek lion, my io He in wait. aW tore-
ttiniy to turn. ^hB in Hith. to show ofies^ff wonderful^ qr to act in «
wonderful manner.

It. tcnn to renew. 1^ to bear witneea, a witness^ tfstimony. nai to
multiply. ^3 anger. Vide c. v. 2. c, vi. 2. c. xvii. 7, perhaps from
Dp to be angry, na'^n Change, from f)Sn to change. ^^ warfare, nn
army, to assemble. Successive attacks. Fw^kh.

18. Dnn/>^e uterus, to enclose. HT to go forth, in Hiph. to bring
forth. ;?U to expire. \y 4he eye, from mj? to reflect. ntO to see.

1 9. HTl to be. ]J35 ^/i^ Ae!%. 13p a grave, or sepulchre, to bury. ^3*
in Niph. fo ^«* carried.

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13 Tl^ou hast granted me life and. favour, and thjr visitation hath
preserved my; spirit.

15 And ^e^e t/itng$ l)afi( fhoM Md in thine heart; I know that this
U with thee.

14 If I sin, then thou markest me, and thou wilt not acquit me from
miDe iniquity.

15 If I be wicked, woe pnto m9^; ^d i^I be righteoas, yef will I

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