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not lift up my head: lam full pf confusion; therefore see thou mine

16 For it increaseth. Thou huntest me as a fierce lion; and again
thou ahowest thyself marvellous upoD me.

1 7 Thou renewest thy wituesses against me, and increasest thine
indignation upon me; changes and war are against me.

18 Wherefore then bast thpu brought me forth out of the womb? O
that I had given up the ghost, and no eye had seen me I

19 I should have been as though I had not been;, I should have
been carried from the womb to the grave.

20 ^re not my days few? cease then^ and let me alone, that I may
take comfort a little,

! 2 1 Before I go w/iencc I shaU not return, even to the hmd of dark-
ness, and the shadow of death:

20. OJ?0/?w, to be diminiahed. Snn to cease. The Keri is V?ni. m
to set or /ilaeey and before D to set/rom^ or let alone. The Keri is H'B^
:h^ to comfort.

21. DID time^ term, *]V to go, W to return, yim darknettSy to be dark^
to impede. nioSv the shadow or darkness ^f deaths from ht a shadow^
and rm death.*

* This word signifies the state of the dead in general, whether
good or evil, and so do SlMsr the grarve^ 113 the fiit^ 1l3 *J3M the stones
of the fiity nnyy silence^ and the Greek word ttim the invisible world.
ThMvas supposed to be under the sur&ce of the earth, where Sa-
mmi and Saul, Abraham and the epicure were supposed to be.
D^ KU the valley ofHrnnoniy and its derivative yM»y«f, and ndO render-
ed Tofihet^ were terms expressive of the place or state of the damned.
But separate spirits are no more necessarily connected with space,
than their happiness is dependent on objects of sense. The change

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22* nn^^ << it% light:* Park. « the greateat darknest:* Taylof. Vidi
Job xi. 17. PrOT. xxiu. 5. Isa. tuL 22. ix. 1. (vUi. 23) Amos £▼. IS
from ^ to flutter . Sfiit darknetsj to hide. T1D order ^ perhaps the same
with *n^ a row o/fdllarty or a well lighted piazza* Vide Judges iiL 331
1 Kings vi. 9. 2 Kings xi. 8. 2 Chron. xxvii. U.j^fin << ^i^^V' Park.
^ tenebreacetf** Pagninus^ from PB^ to thine.

of representation as to the place of the blessed under the gospel dis^
pensation, they being now supposed to ascend) seems to have arisen
from circumstances. The most honourable place of the gods was
supposed to be aboyO) it was proper therefore that Christ should be ^

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-^ 199

.Arkness; as darkness itself; and of the shadow of
j^Y orderi and where the light i> as darkness.

{presented $b coming from thence^ and returning thither. And the
Qcouragement he gave his disciples was that they should be with
ioi. But every one may dbcem that to ascend from opposite sides
f the earth is to go in opposite directions. There^ also we are told,
rill be no sun nor moon; the Lord, who can give us here dreams aa
right as day, can give us real and eternal li^t. God will destroy
•oth the belly and meats. The body will arise spiriiual, incorruptibley
tnmortal) and fit for the society of pure spirits, when the earth shall
lare passed away. The identity of the parties in the judgment shall
€ clear. When this is over, the world, which bears the same rela-
ion to our future state, as scaffolding does to a building, will be re-
Qoved, because when its purposes have been answered it will be
ueless. This, spiritual state b the most excellent and that wUch
done is intended to be permanent.

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nil mb« \n\ ♦d d^wi :Ti*i^i 'J^'^n n:an ^
o noan moSvn iV Tin noy vrw» niwv^^

t3« nD^ ^ib mmi mo v"^«o nant* ^^ *^

1. wp to answer. Vide ch. ii. 11.

2. nai /o multifily. ^31 ro «yi«iA:. nW /o cniaA,

3. yi2 « in thy sufficiency/* Parkh. from n sufficiency f Vide Prot.
XXV. 16. Or from ml to/e^, DT»D mortakj from no ^o AV. am /o

be silent, A^S to deride, dSd in Hiph. /o/^n^ ^o shame.

4. ^T/iwrr, from flDT ^o 6^ c/«in. np*7 doctrine^ to per made, ^1 to
purify, p;^ <Atf rye, from HJ^ /o r^ect,

* 5. dSw ye/ notwithstanding^ from oSk to press, jrU /o jfwe. nni /o
C(^en. rifitt^ a Upy to crush,

6, tlli in Hiph. to declare, nthpt). a secret^ irom xilj^ to conceal, tDH
to be wise. Sbd double^ to double, 7VW)r\ wisdom^ reality y truthy . from
rw to be, " Double as tOy or in wisdoniy* Park. " On inrXii irr«i twi
je«r« v$** Septuag. " £t quod multiplex esset lex ejus." Vulg. ** D«-
plo majoraesse iis quse existunt." Tremel. « Quia (meruisti) dufdi-
<Ha secundum legem.'^ Pagnin. <^ Quia duplicia in essentia.'' Montan.
yv to know, niyj to be remissy to forget, XX^ to pervert. And know that
God has been remiss (or i^dulg^t) to you more than your int^uity dc^

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1 THEN answered Zophar the Naamathite) and saidy

2 Should not the multitude of words be answered? and should a
' man foil of talk be justified?

3 Should thy lies make men hold their peace? and| whien thou
mockestj shall no man make thee ashamed?

4 For thou hast saidy My doctrine is pure> and 1 am clean in thine

5 But oh that God would speak, and open his lips against thee;t

6 And thlit he would show thee the secrets of wisdom, that they arc
double to that which is! Know, therefore, that God exacteth of thee
less than thine iniquity deacrvcth*

7 Canst thou by searching find out God? canst thou find out the
Almighty unto perfection?

8 It is as high as heaven; what canst thou do? deeper than hell;
what canst thou know?

9 The measure thereof is longer than the earth, and broader than
the sea.

■'-' ■'■'■...■■ -■■ . • ■

7. "Wl a searching' out^ to exfiliire. K2CD to find out. n^San fierjhctioni
{vomTf^O to finish.

8» T^2^ to be high. ^B to Vforkj devise. pt^T to be deep. ^W the r<Dn*
ceoled piacey firom hm to ask. pr tq knop.

9. yw to be long. ID to meanvre. ^TH to be made broad.

10. *f?n to pass awayy to destroy, liO to shutitfi. *7np to gather to*
^ther. aar to turn back.

11. tt^no mortals^ from rp to die ^¥10 vanity, run to see. y» iniqui-
ty ^ ^tfy from |K to labour, p to divide^ to understand.

* This chaise has been supposed to be not well founded^ but see

t Videxh.ix. 15.X.2.


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ail) 8^Ki 'Pian* kVj pK Nr»n ki» ♦no »
rw»3n rmn tw nVv ctjk jns n»n an'r »»
inp»mn "H'^ pH t3» n*fi3 !*''« ^nttnsi -pb »

iVn a\?^ Dhnvoi nam riiy o»d3 rote^n'^
mpn »♦ o nntsai {n»nn npia nuyn's
iSpn "nno vvn rwam aae^n maa'? mfiW"
na« cmiDi nyVan cyan 'i*)?! jdoi i*ifl2»

13. a^ boUovfy vain, S^S ^o 6e endued vnth undefMtandingy&iSim^
the heart. 1^ a young mb^ to nae x>t Mtir ufi, 8hd a vfUd aes^ t^ m
mid. lV to be bom. ' ''/^

\3. p to prepare. Bnfi to stretch out. «p the hollow oftAehand^ffm
nip to bend. ^- ,

14. pM MqvUy^ from (M /b^Mir. pm ro 6^ 6r a distance. p» to^uiL
hm to pitch a ^nt. vh)y iniquUyi from nV <© MCfitcf, or S^^^/dijA-
/UYt<« Isa. xxvi. 10.

\$. ¥mtoiift up. fTXiiftu:e9f ttom nad to turn, ms ^ ^t/iiDr. ^ i»
pour outftojbund. ICT tofiar. , <,^

16. SlOj^ to6otiry t^ietkn^ to tnrvaU. nw to forget, yiy topa^ om.
•Ol /o remember. * , ^. .

17. onrwf noon, from VBf rp Ae c/tf«r. Op to rise. tSn rfinf, iili»)f»
rfme, togUde. h0jm iSt^-A/, or »|p ro glimmer, shme^fifttter. ip5 thfOft*
fdngftoaearchfsurvcy^ '■,/']

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10 Ifhecutoffi and shut up, or gather together, then who can
hinder him?.

U For he tooveth vain men: he seeth wickednesa dso> wiH he not
then consider UP ^

12 For vidn men would be wise, though man be bom like a w|ld
ass's colt.

1 3 If thou prepare thine heart, and stretch qut thine hands toward

1 4 If iniquity be in thine hand, put it far away^ and let not wicked-
ness dwell in thy tabernacles.

!5 For then Shalt thou lift up thy face without spot; yea, thou shalt
be stedfast, and shalt not fear:

16 Becausfe thou shalt forget thy misery, and remember it as wa^
tets ^^/ pass awa3r:

17 And tbine age shall be ckarer than the noon-day; thou shalt
shine forth, diou shalt be as the mormng.

18 And thou shalt bo secure, because there is hope: yea, thou shalt
dig about thee^ and thou shalt take thy rest in safety. .

19 Also thou shalt lie down, and none shall make thee afraid; y«a,
many shall make suit unto thee.

20 But the eyes of the wicked shall fail, and they shall not escape^
and their ho^^ahall be as the giving up of the ghost.

18» n03 to trusty be secure^ zlso confidence,, securely* mpn itofiCf from
vs^ to stretch towards. 'iBt% to t&gy as for water, to searehy as for food.
338r to rest J to tie down,

19. \yyto He down, inn to tremMcj in Hiph4 to terrify^rhin to make
ftdnf^ or ajfict. fi^ja hlSn wiipUcemJieri aUcui. Ps. xly. 13. Prov* six*
6, q. d. fatigare vel dolore afficere vultum.— Dolet enim bonis videre
alios miseros. Cocc. D^Jfi ^m, from 7131) to turn, y^ a multitude^
many^ from n3l to multiply,

20. XX'TV eyesj from ny lo affect^ or reflect, jf«n to be tmjust* nS:5 .
tofaUy to finish, D13D^^*/, a place <^ rtfagCj ivom 01 tojlee away,
13K to perish. r\\^ expectationy from nip to hope, HflD a puffy from
T^^ to breathe out, wi breathy souly to breathe. Their hopes a puff of

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osDjn aif Dn« *3 tDim nottn ivk . tJ^'T *♦ ^

inn*? pn» :nbt< ip3 r«* '» nni odd 'dm *
tts'an j5n5f pvw xnym rvhvh kijj nnw
:Sri nviDS pM pkkt nintw?V na tsV *
^R n»iiDV mnoav tsnntoh D^Vn» vSt^'s
>o Hkb' oVitn wi in*?}* K'an ^b^nS^

VT nV ♦d tt»n ♦n nV nson TirT« n^V?
na n»« Jnttt nnts^y mn* t o h'jk "yaa »»

1. TOP ta^ answer. 'ym to ^ak.

5. DJDK ^rtt/y, from jOK to^tmfimi, Up fieoftlCf together ittith. mto
€fe. ilDan wMdom, from p3n to Ae <w«r;

3. 3:jS /o ie M^iiccT with understanding. 1D3 A'^ff, a*, from D a«, and
1I> thevcryy the wkah from nO wAo. >mttrJhU. t'« »wf, fit>m }H^ fa-
baur^vctrdty. • '*

4. pniy ^0 deride, y\a msighbowy from r(jn to feed, mp ro ca//. ?1J^
toqmwer. pnv to he just. trpT) per/ecty from DH tofinhh.

5. TfiS a lamftyQT V and TQ calamity ^^^ iecauae ofagUctiofk" n3 a
-refiroachyan object qfrefiroach^ from ?3 to reproach. n)Wj?, thoughts^

sftlendorsj from niS^ to «/««ff* pW7 /A^ firo8fierou9y at reeti ^^ ^^ ^^«*-
5/m£/. JittS' the same. {P3 firefiaredj from p /d maJt^ reatfy. tt^l^D atunt'
blingsy from "^PO to totter. hy\ thefoot^ to imfireBS.

6. rtm tobe^t quiet. SJIK a tahemmcbef to fipch a terkt. rW to de^
Mtroy uturif^ a deetroy^. rttp2 coriftdence^ from n03 to tru9t. \n to

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1 AND Job answered and said,

2 No doubt but ye are the people^ and wisdom $hall die with 3ro\t.

3 But I have understanding as well as you: I am not inferior to
you: yea^ who knoweth not such things as these?

4 I am a« one mocked of hbneighboury who calleth upon God> and
he answereth him: the just upright man ia laughed to scorn.

5 He that is ready to slip M(ith his feet Uaa^ lamp despised in the
thought of him that is at ease*

6 Tlie tabernacles of robbers prosper^ and they that provoke God
are secure; into whose hand God bringeth abundantly. >

7 But ask now the beasts^ and they shall teach thee; and the fowls
of the sdr, and they shall te^U thee:

8 Or speak to the earth, and it shall teddi thee; and the fishes of
the sea shall declare unto thee.

9 Who. knoweth not in all thesoi thai the hand of the Lord hath
wrought this?

mapfy in mph, to move vdihnnger^iO to come^ or go^ in Hiph. /o
bring. T' the haridy from XW to extend.

7. xhmtrtUy^^oxtit^tiktofireaB together. Sm to ask. nioha, per-
haps some large bes^st» being joined wkh a singular Verb) or it is
mona a brute^ HT to gvi<ie^ teach. «JJ? tojiy^ W tofiktcc. ^Mtoakov^i
or declare. .

8. wi the 4hrub\ or n% to bom^ dovm^ or m^fUtatey from W the
same.. HT to teach. "^0 to narrate^ or tell* Jin a^A> to increai^e. D*
the aea^ from txn to tumulttuite.

9. jry" to know, to ailf from vhD to complete^ T the handy from HV
toextend.rWj;! todo. rXirf'nVLm. 154.*

" < - 'I ^— — *— — «^«^ ' mm^m^m^ ' ^1 II I !■— <i— I II ' I I I I I II i m ■ >

^ This is the only place in the dialogue between the Mends and

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.206 J

r^D tt» K^n :t8f*« iiv:i h:i nni ♦n Ss tt«3^

r«y if? mnii nD3n ibv tmun b«d* ^nft >^
hSi ente "jy njD» ron* NSvonrr tn tro\nm ^
Dfim Dr6ttf^i w:i*i cyD:i n»r* \n tr\n& h\
tVid jnjtWDi aw ^b nnenm ty id» tpK ^^^ ^)^
ts^a^D now :SSw D^toutsn SVia^ D^innvi*,

C3W31 B»iORiV niJ{£^ "I^DD :^Sd» O^iHW ^a

10. terw /o breathe. HTl *o /iv<r. PH'i 9pirit^ air, IBra >?<?*A, /<? spread,
eut, tfTK a TiHzn, from tS^' tubatance^ to be.

11. jm/Af rar, to weigh. {^Sd the Chaldee termination, the same
as irhn' afieechesj irom^ ^o articulate. fW3 ro /ry, "pi the Jiatate. V3K

12. eriS^' old agcy from »' /«. DDn /o *e fw«f. "pK to prolong. Or fl,
i2ay. n^l^n discernment^ from p ^ diatinguiah, '

13. eon ^0 ftf fviae, n3a /o 3e strong. pr» /o adviae. p r<? diatinguiah,

14. DTI /o destroy. XW to build. IJrt) /o M«i/. ^v/o Ae. nnD /o <yft^

15. "X^y to restrain, rtian to tumuttuate, W ro rfry nfi. thlf to aend
forth, lan to overthrow,

16. jj^/o be atrong. rrmn wiadonty reality, from B^:» ro dtf. JUtf^ to err
through ignorance. m» in, Hiph. to cauae to err.

17. 'fr to go J in Hipb. to lead, or ateer. yy^ to give eounael. SW t»
atrifiy or spoil. SSiU^ Aquila a prey^ Scptuag. a captive^ Schmidt aa «

Job in which XXiXT occurs, and here Tih^ is found in seven of Kenni-
cott's codices and in two of those of Dc Rossi, nar is used above
thirty times. Vide Exod. vi» 3.

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10 In 'vthose hmd t> the soul of every Hnng tiling, and the breath
of ^ m^^idiind.

1 1 I>oth not the ear try words, and the mouth taste his meat?

12 With the ancient is wisdom; and in length ofdays understand*

13 W)th him Z9 wisdom and strength, he hath counsel and under«

14 Behead, he breaketh down, and it canilot be built again; he shut*
teth up a man, and there can be no opening.

15 Behold, he withholdeth the waters, and they dry up; also he
sendeth them out, and they x>Yertum the earth.

16 With him is strength and wisdom: the deceived and the decei-
ver are his.

17 Heleadeth counsellors away spoiled, and maketh the judges

18 He looseth the bond of kings, and girdeth their loins with a

19 He leadeth princes away spoiled, and overthroweth the mighty.
30 He removeth away the speech of the trusty, and taketh away the

understandmg of the aged.

/bol. Trcmeil. Qui/acit utxonmlti deucfdant in dementiam. Vulgat.
In MtuUumJinem. Montan. sfioUatum. t3S0 to judge, h^ to befooUah.

18. iOlO restraint^ bond, binding fiower^ from TD** tcy restrain, iho /a
reign, rmu to ofieny or Ioo0e. 1D» to bind, to conjine. Tt?K a gtrdiey
from "im /o ^n/. O'anD ^e^ntf.

19. lV ^d SW vide ver. 17. pD to minister, a priest. p^s< and \m
9trong. pSo ta oeuertkrow.

20. "TD to turn aside,* nSB^ to crush, the Ufi, speech. IDKJ faithful,
from )nM to be steady, t^ to taste, discernment, {p? to be old, an old

21. 'pW to pour, na reproach, mo spoil of honour. T^i free-bom,
noble, from TiH to offer freely. r\'m a girdle, strength. p3K to be strong.
run to weaken.

* Having saidVcTi 12, « With the ancient is wisdom,*' &c. Job
here shows that the superior wisdom of God can defeat the wise
ccmnsels of the aged, who most excel among men.

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tniD'w nittV t«n nwi »id mpoy rh^ ^♦wia
nDB^D aynn •«» kVi timi w»a* ttn^^

28. nSa 10 rnc^Ai/. pojf to be deefi. VfT t9 come forth. *11M Ugh^fm
y^ toflfm* hit a shadow f and niD death,

23. KJKBT /o increase. 'U a na/ion, irom 1JI a body, nait fo des^^tt^
to enlargcy or /o scatter. nX* fiom rm^ /o ^c/fy or firoift ru to uttb h

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2 1 He poureth contempt upon princes, and wei^enetli the strength
of the mighty.

22 He discovereth deep things out of darkness, and hringeth put to
light the shadow of death.

23 He increaseth the nations, and destroyeth them: he enlargeth
the l»|itiof)s^ and sfnrifienisth fh^m c^n,

24 Jie t8i|belJ) a«^ the he|ir|; of ^hp chipf of th^ P<^P}c of ^^^ earthy
and causeth them to wander In a wilderness where there is no way,

25 They gi'epid' in the dailL without %ht, and %» |nak|#:h theija to
sta^^pc^'Uke a|di?«jipk«ip ma^^

1i4i» '^ to turn aside, Hj^n to wander, inn without order^ a waste
place, from nn waste.*

25. trm to feel again and again^ tSTD to search, nyn io wander, ^^
to be i»t0ijc^caud,

. » . y . 1 ji^ii I I I I I ■! K ill ■ |.ii ^11.11 I I I w m —n w p p iiaw

* fifk^ ftVB^ ^ese^ts what must have h^^^jm Cj(4uct pi<^rp pf
the condition of those chiefs or leaders of different clans in Arahia;
who, after a season of prospeiky, are in their turn ioiled hy'otbtrs,
and w^tftder dMspif4ted9 in irac^M^ way^, to ^vM thtk ^^^Qiies. .


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:nDD oi» ^w K*? ♦:» Di ♦nyi* oarunas

Sb» ^ttfii iptt^ ^VfiD Dfwt dSwi jrentt*
ddS Mm iwnnn tnnn tm ^d itsd^i^

Vifin :n^D*i main i^i nSw nmn SuVn^,*

WDV nam :ia ibnnn tsnitta ^-^nni dk^^

yDD itsnnn JDS^oi nan ♦oji^ new ♦^jpd^

1. mn ro «e^* nv to reflect. jW ro ^flr. \m to weigh, p ro (Utcm.

3. dSk /o compresM. ^W X^ Bountiful, nw afiourer. t)y to nmU
/eatf in Hiph. /o coutf Xo tf e, /o reaaon. ym to desire,

4. SflO /o connect toother, yvf to apeak falaely. HI)') to heuL %
naughty from Sk ffO| to prevent,

5.. {ru ^0 ^ve. Bnn Xo be silent. 0^ Xo d« wiae.

6. j^DBT to hear. mtDW /wo^ a reaaorij from W ?o man^feat^ 31 rt
contend. XXSfO to cruahj a lip. :im to hearken.

7« *U*T Xo apeak f vhp to aacendj hence hp a yoke ofdominionf and i^i
zndvhtf oppreaaionjinjusticej'tnigtdty. n^on cffC£iV| from Tftntadt'

8. 0'Jfi>!icf«^ fit>m n» xo /urn. KVJ /o take or 6cari but witbO'*^
regard vfith favour. Ti to contend*

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I LO9 mine eye hath seen all thi»^ mine ear hath heard and linger*
stood it. '•■.

3 What ye know^ the same do I know also: I am not inferior uhto.

3 Surely I would sipeak to the Almighty, and I desire to reason
with God*

4 But ye are forgers of lies, ye are all pl^sicians c^no value*.

5 O that you would altogether hold your peace; and it should be
your wisdom!

6 Hear, now my reasoning* and hearken to the pleai^gs of my .

7 Will you speak wickedly tor God? and talk deceitfully for him^
• Will ye accept his person? will ye contend for God?

9 Is it good that he should search you out? or as one man mocketh
anotlier, do ye «6 mock him?

10 He wHl surely reprove you, if ye do secretly accept p^^sons.

II Shall not his excellency make you afraid? a«d his dread fidl
iipon you?

12 Your remembrances are like unto lashes, your bodies to bodies
of clay.

9. ao to be or do good, KSn Co iirveatigate. SnTT to mock^ or trifle.
91^ a marii from VJK to be injirm.

10. rO^ to refircrve. V© to He hidden. IW3 vide ver. 8.

1 1. rm» elevation^ maje9ty^ from ¥St^ to Uft up; or rw3t deaolatton^
fromrmer t& confound, njra to terr\fy, Tfifl toftar^ to tremble. S01 to


12. jrOT memory^ from "I3T to remember.* Sbtd to rule^ to Uken^ a
Tetemblance. lek OBhea^ from nD to break. 3J| the back* non mudf to

• <* Your remembrancet 0M13? (your quoting of memorable aay*

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Vn»K kS ^aVtDp^ tn :^fiD2 »IW« ^tt>B« W3^^

njntt^b »b Kin Di Jh6i« wd S« ^m ik»^
♦nSo yiaiy W3» :hiiv ^n vioS t<> ^3^
♦nvT ocrb VDDiy >o nin toa^atm ^tM^^
nm ^» noy an^ Hin •» Jpnarw ^»t *3^'
m noy e^n S» tD'nxff ntt :yiiKi anrw^
bK inDW pmn •Vyn idd nnoK kS t^s^^
:»»nwi iiiK ite niyi* 'Msn hO»i rjny;^^^

13. ann to be nlent. 131 /o afiedk. 13;r /o /kw« ovirr.

14. Ml <9 m4rff« Vd la sfireaH. |lBf ii lo^/r^ from H^/q ritm.iiffo

' 15. *7t3p lo 9lay. Sn^ ra Ao/r^. TK yet indeed, from n03 /o «ln^r; f^
to go avoay. niS io turn. TO* to ofieh me* 9 caUse,

16. ViX moreover, ni^r Mhmtiony fromPS^' to save. t\m to fioUttk.
M to come.

IT. Jfavrto hear. nSo a wordy from So ro talk. nih*t a declaration^
from mn ro «Aow or declare. \m an edr^ to weigh.

18. TV to order. t&HT^ judgment ^ catt«<?, from OSt? tojudge*T^^^^
km'Btf. f^t tojuitffy^ Hectare jutty t§ue^.

li. 31 /o contend, fthh io be silent, ph to expire.

itigs) art Mt aahts^ or dir^ yimr bodies 0^24 your Atafmi emittftftw^
your strongest arguments, to keafis of clay^ soon waskcd aW*

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13 Ho^dymirpcace^IetmeAtoncLtliidlmaj^MUtaMltUtcoaw
n me what fwV/: " *" * . t -^^

U ytrhhrefdfc cto I take tey fles& in ttY]r teetk, and pat nijr life m
Bins h<«d? * • ;-^ " — '• '/ ■;

15 Xhou^h he slay mC) yet will I trust in him: but I will maintain

16 He also «Aa// ^r my salvation; for an hsrpocrite shall not come

17 Hear diligently my speech and my declaration with your ears.

18 BehoUfiowy I bav« ordered ^ny^cauae; I know that I iliidt be

19 Who ft he that will plead with me? for now, if I hold my tong^ue,
I shall give up the ghost.

20 Only do not two t/iing9 unto me; then will I not hide myself
from thee:

21 Withdraw thine hand far from me; and let not thy dread make
me afitdd:

22 Then call thou, and I will answer: or let me speak, and answer
thou me.

23 How many are mine iniquities and sins? make me to know my
transgresdon and my sin.

24 Wherefore hidest thou thy face, and boldest me for thine enemy?

25 Wilt thou break a leaf driven to and fro? and wilt thou pursue
the dry stubble?

20. DTiar twOf from nit to re/ieat. TWJf to do. n3£) to turn, nno to

21. ^tke handf fr-om nd3 to bend, pm to be at a distance. 7MTH
terror^ from D^K terrible^ which may be from D^ or DTI to tumultuate.
rV3 to terrify^

22. mp to call. r\lfi to amwer. IK otj frt>m niK to chooae. *U*T to
•peak, aw to render.

23. rwy to pervert. KOn to deviate. yvB to prevaricate, pv to know.


24. n^ to turn. mO to conceal. 2Vm to reckon, T^ an enemy.

%S. rhf a leafy to ascend. ^IJ to scatter. W ^^ break, tsp stubble, to
collect. WT to drt/.t[r\ tofolUm.

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TDa ests^ :*iw ti\w ♦:8'nim r«m» 'Vyar
ttff9 f?3H naM n^n» ap*D tnm :npnnn28

S*. ana /o write. TKO to be very bitter. W to inherit. TVOf to pervert.
^J to agitate, a child.

ar. DV to pbue. TO « «%. Sn o/oo/. TDT fo *?«5^. mi» to Journey,
to take root. npH /o imfirint.


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26 For thou writest Utter things against mt, and makesl me to
possess the iniquities of my youth.

37 Thou puttest my feet also in the stocks, and lookest narrowly
unto all my paths; thou settest a print upon the heels of my feet

38 And he, as a rotten thing, consumeth, as a garmrat that is

2«. 3p to fiutrtjy. xh^ to grow old. iJia a covering^ id bedecdifui.
^^ to eat, V^ a moth^ vm to cwMume.

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no itT) jam &a^ ivp nm mh^ Dn» h 2
m ^ p^ :nta^ t<h\ Ss3 man Von jw^
|JT ♦D noy DiTDa tN»*in Ti*n ^^y mps*
nfiDO WD^ tsvrm tatt nn» k^ kddd mno^
vVvD nvBf nay* »<bi n^tev ipn thk^ innn <^
mpn ryS »* o nm^ ^att^a rwn* •» Wn^
Dtt 6Tnn «S inpj^n ^♦^rr nwi my dk«
cwD mo :iytJ niD* nuyai wn» nita rpr^
e^Vnn mo* naai :yDi loa t^ rwyi mo'i^
anpp nmi d^ *3D d*d i^t» nw Dn» vm^^

1. CHK man, ro he redy perhaps fixJin HDI to form a UkencMs. lS' /o
bear^ or 3<^e/. TUi^ woman, from BTK man, which may be from W to
be. ys:^ t9 0ut 9hort. UVaday, y^it^ to Maturate. Ut troubUy fear^ to

2. l^V aJLowery tojlouri$h. VT to come^ or go forth. Sw to cut of.
tro to flee. Sy a ehadov. TOjf to standi or remain.

3. >^ ifideedy from HdM ro A^a^. HT /Az^i npfi to often. r\^ to r^ect.
iC to comcy in Hiph. to bring. DSlsr to Judge.

A. jni ^0 ^tf. ino ^0 be fiure, WQD /« Ar imfiure. IfW onr, from TH^
10 unite.

5. pn /o determine. OV day. nfiD /o number, vrm to renevf* PH «
Mtatutej fo mark out, XVtfP to make. "S^j; tofiaaa over.

. 6. njW /o turn away. Sin ro cfa«f. mi to please. Trem. " deaistat.^
Vulg. " guiescat." Septuag. " itrvx^^^" "^^If ^o hire.

7.\pa tretf from nxy ro^. mpn hoficj from mp ro stretch towards*

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1 MAN $hat U born of a \ironiah tt of few daf«» and full of trooAdf^*

2 H^ cornet^ forth \)^t a fl9tiFer, aiu| is cut ^oipi: kt> fle^h f4fP fS

3 And dost thou open thine eyes upon such an one, andbringest

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