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The sea-mans-box in Dundee, 100

John Scott, junior, in Dundee, 100
Elizabeth Stirling, daughter to the deceas'd George Stirling,

chirurgion in Edinburgh, 100

John Shaw, late of Soi-nbeg, 100

Henry Smith, merchant in Glasgow, 100

Francis Scott, brother to the deceas'd earl of Tarras, 100

William Stewart of Castle-stewart, 100

Jean Scott, lady Eilingston, 100

James Scott, servitor to the earl Marshall, 100

James Samson, writer in Edinburgh, 100

Sir Robert Sibbald, doctor of medicin, 100

John Strachan, merchant in Aberdeen, 100

John Smith, junior, merchant in Linlithgow, 100

Mr Patrick Sandilands of Cottoun, 100

James Scott of Benholm, 100

George Shaw of Sauchie, 100

Carry Fonoard . . £365750


Brought Forward . . £365750

Mr Archibald Sinclair, advocat, 100
Mr Patrick Simson, minister at Renfrew, 100
William Smith, merchant in Glasgow, 100
Walter Scott, younger, of Wool, 100
Gideon Scott, son to John Scott of Wool, 100
Patrick Thomson, town-treasaurer, 1500
John, marquis of Tweeddale, lord high chancellor, 1000
George, viscount of Tarbat, 1000
John Tod, merchant in Glasgow, 1000
Katharin Trotter, lady Craig-leith, 500
The trades-house of Glasgow, 400
The incorporation of the taylors, of the Cannongate, 300
Mr William Thomson, writer to the signet, 200
Robert Trotter, writer in Edinburgh, 200
John Turnbull, merchant there, 200
The incorporation of the taylors in Glasgow, 200
The trinity-house in Leith, 200
Dame Elizabeth Trotter, lady Nicolson, 200
Mr Thomas Thomson of Cockland, minister at Forress, 200
Robert Tweeddale in Mid-Calder, 100
Robert Tennoch, merchant in Glasgow, 100
John Thomson of Seven-acres, 100
Robert Turnbull, burges of Linlithgow, 100
Andrew Teuchler, merchant, 100
Mr Alexander Thomson, town-clerk of Aberdeen, 100
Mr William Thomson, writer in Edinburgh, 100
James Thomson in Hill of Kilmares, 100
John Threpland, merchant at Perth, 100
Patrick Tennent, gardener in Glasgow, 100
William Thomson of Cors-hill, 100
James Thomson, tanner in Glasgow, 100
Alexander Tran, chirurgion there, 100
John Taillferr, merchant in Leith, 100
Robert Thomson, merchant in Edinburgh, 100
Helen Trotter, lady Crumston, 100
George Turnbull, writer in Edinburgh, 100
And. Thomson, serv. to Charles Divvie, mercht. there, 100
Patrick Tod, merchant in Dundee, 100
Andrew Tennent, vintner in Edinburgh, 100
The incorporation of the taylors of Easter-ports-burgh, 100
David Trail, son to James Trail, ensign in Stirling-
castle, 100
Isabel Tyrie, lady Glasclune, 100
Mr John Tran, regent in Glasgow, 100
Margaret, countess of Weems, 2000
George Warrander, merchant in Edinburgh, 2000
Lieutenant colonel George Wisheart, 1500

Carry Forward . . £381250


Brought Forward . . £381250

Robert Watson, merchant in Edinburgh, 1000
John Watson, senior, merchant there, 1000
William Wooddrop, merchant in Glasgow, 1000
Peter Wedderburn of Gosford, 500
Robert Walwood, merchant in Edinburgh, 500
John Watson, younger, merchant there, 500
John Wilkie, merchant there, 500
William AVightman, skinner there, 500
James Walkingshaw, merchant in Glasgow, 500
William Walwood, son to the deceast Henry Walwood, mer-
chant in Edinburgh, 500
John Wightman, skinner there, 400
James Watson of Sauchtoun, 400
Adam Wat of Rose-hill, 300
John Wallace, son to John Wallace, mercht. in Glasgow, 300
James Williamson of Cardrona, 300
Alexander Wedderburn, brother to Gosford, 300
Alexander Wright, merchant in Edinburgh, 200
Mr Robert Wylie, minister at Hamilton, 200
Robert White of Conland, 200
Mr Robert Weems of Grangemuir, 200
Mr David Williamson, minister at the West-kirk, 200
James and Robert AVatsons, merchants, in Stirling, sons to

Duncan Watson, late baillie in Stirling, 200
Alexander Waddel, writer in Edinburgh, 200
Thomas White, elder, merchant in Edinburgh, 200
Thomas Wordie, merchant in Stirling, 200
Mr William Wisheart, minister of South-leith, 200
Alexander Wood, merchant in Edinburgh, 200
Mr Robert AMiite of Bennochie, 200
Robert Watson, writer to the signet, 200
Mr William Watson of Tour, 150
Helen Watson, relict of Gilbert Mackell, merchant in Edin-
burgh, 100
Robert Wright, merchant in Kilmarnock, 100
The incorporation of the wrights in the Cannongate, 100
David Walker, tanner in Lesly, 100
William Wardrop, litster in Edinburgh, 100
William Wooddrop, portioner of Dalmarnock, 100
John Wilson, book-binder in Glasgow, 100
Henry Wyllie, merchant in Edinburgh, 100
William Wilson, one of the under-clerks of Session, 100
Lieutenant John Walkinshaw in Sir John Hill's regt. 100
James Watson, malt-man in Leith, 100
Mr Duncan Williamson, merchant in Edinburgh, 100
The Wrights in Glasgow, 100
Andrew Wardrop, late baillie in Dundee, 100

Carry Forward . . £393900


Brought Forward . . £393900

Robert Watson, merchant there, 100
Peter Wedderburn, merchant there, 100
Robert Wardroper, merchant in Dundee, 100
John Watson, doctor of medicin, 100
John Williamson, merchant in Edinburgh, 100
Thomas Weir, chirurgion there, 100
Alexander Wilkieson, writer there, 100
John White, merchant in Kirkaldie, 100
Daniel Weir, brother to Stone byers, 100
Hugh Warden, merchant in Glasgow, 100
James Wilson, merchant in Hamilton, 100
Mr James 'S^Tiitehead in Lymkilns, 100
William Wilkie in Echline, 100
Alexander Walker, merchant in Aberdeen, 100
Thomas Warrander, painter in Edinburgh, 100
Alexander Watson, son to the deceast Adam Watson, mer-
chant in Ediuburgh, 100
Mr Patrick Warner, minister at Irving, 100
Elizabeth White, lady South-house, 100
James Wallace, merchant in Edinburgh, 100
Alexander Udney, son to the laird of Udney, 400
Mr Andrew Urie, minister at Moravinside, 200
Robert Urie in Miln-brae, 100
Robert Veatch, merchant in Air, 100
John Vans, merchant in Air, 100
John lord Hay of Tester, 1000
Captain Thomas Young, 500
Thomas Young, late baillie of Edinburgh, 300
Joseph Young, merchant there, 300
James Young, merchant there, 200
John Young of Banchrie, 100
Isabel Yeaman, relict of Robert Robertson, merchant in

Haddingtoun, 100

Robert Zuill, merchant in Glasgow, 500

Mr William Zeaman, chirurgion in Dundee, 100

Patrick Zeaman, late baillie there, 100

Rachel Zeaman, relict of Mr George Forrester of Knap, 100





Messrs Blackwood & Sons^


Continuous History of thb Subject. Edited by Pbotbsbob SAINTS-
BURY, In 12 crown 8vo vols., each 5s. net.

I. THE DARK AGES. By Professor W. P. Ker.
ALLEGORY. (12th and 13th Centuries.) By GEORGE SAINTS-
BURY, M.A., Hon. LL.D., Aberdeen, Professor of Rhetoric and
English Literature in Edinburgh University.


IV, THE TRANSITION PERIOD. By Prof. G. Gbkoobt Smith.


By Prof. H. J. C. Grierson.

The other Volvmies are ; —

X, Thb Romantic Revolt I XII. The Later Ninktxmtth

Prof. 0. E. Vaughan. |

Century The Editor.


in the University of St Andrews.





Hegel, .

. . . Prot. Mahatfy.

. . Rev. W. L. Collins.
Prof. Campbell Fraser.

. . . Prof. Adamson.

. . . Prof. Wallace.

. . . . Prof. Veitch.

. The Master of Balliol.

. John Theodore Mert.


LL.D., Professor of Moral Philosophy
Re-issue in Shilling Volumes net.

Vico, Prof. Flint.

HoBBES, . . . Prof. Croona Robertson.

Hume, Prof. Knight.

Spinoxa, Principal Caird.

Bacon: Parti Prof. Nichol.

Bacon : Part 11 Prof. Nichol.

Locke, .... Prol. Campbell Fraser.


Mrs OLIPHANT. Chbap Re-issue, in limp cloth, fcap. 8vo, price Is.
each net.

Dante, by the Editor. — Voltaire,
by General Sir E. B. Hamley, K.C.B.
— Pascal, by Principal TuUoch. — Pe-
trarch, by Henry Reeve, C.B. — GoethE;
by A. Hayward, Q.C. — Moliere, by the
Editor and F. Tarver, M.A.— Montaigne,
by Rev. W. L. Collins. — Rabelais, by Sir
Walter Besant. — Calderon, by B. J.
Hasell. — Saint Simon, by C. W. Collins.

Cervantes, by the Editor. — Corneillb
AND Racine, by Henry M. Trollope. —
Madame de Sisvion^;, by Miss Thackeray.

— La Fontaine, \nd other French
Fabulists, by Rev. W. Lucas Collins,
M.A. — Schiller, by James Sime, M.A.

— Tasso, by E. J. HaseU. — Rousseau
by Henry Grey Graham. — Alfred
MrssET, by G. F. Oliphant.


the Rev. W, LUCAS COLLINS, M,A, Chbap Bb-issue. In limp cloth,
fcap. 8vo, price Is. each net.

Contents of the Series. — Homer : Iliad,
by the Editor. — Homer : Odyssey, by the
Editor.— Herodotus, by G. C. Swayne.—
CifiSAR, by Anthony Trollope. — Virgil, by
the Editor. — Horace, by Sir Theodore
Martin. — JIschylus, by Bishop Copleston.
—Xenophon, by Sir Alex. Grant. — Cicero,
by the Editor.— Sophocles, by C. W. Col-
lins. — Pliny, by Rev. A. Church and W. J.
Brodribb. — Euripides, by W. B. Donne.—
Juvenal, by E. Walford. — Aristophanes,
by the Editor.— Hesiod ustd Theoonis, by

J. Davle8. - PLAUTUS and Terence, by the
Editor. — Tacitus, by W. B. Donne.—
LuciAN, by the Editor. — Plato, by C. W.
Collins. — Greek Anthology, by Lord
Neaves. — Livv, by the Editor.— Ovid, by
Rev. A. Church. — Catullus, Tibullus,
AND Propertius, by J. Davies. — Demos-
thenes, by W. J. Brodribb. — Aristotle,
by Sir Alex. Grant, — Thucydidks, by the
Editor. — Lucretius, by W. H. MaUock.—
FiNDAK, by Rev, F. D. Mori(5e




ACTA SANCTORUM HIBERNI^E ; Ex Codice Salmanticensi.

STunc primnm integre edits opera Caboli de Smedt at Josephi db Backer, e
3oc. Jesn, Hagiographorum BoUandianorum ; Auctore et Smnptna Largiente
Joanne Patricio Marchione Bothaz. In One handsome 4to Volnme, bonnd it
half rcxbnrghe, £.2, 2s. ; in paper cover, Sis. 6d.

ADAMSON. The Development of Modern Philosophy. With

other Lectures and Essays. By Robert Adamson, LL.D., late Professor of
Logic in the University of Glasgow. Edited by Professor W. R. Sorley, Uni-
versity of Cambridge. In 2 vols, demy 8vo, 18s. net.

AIRMAN. Mannres and the PrincipiBL- of Manarmg. by C. Al.

AiKMAN, D.Sc, F.R.B.B., &c., formerly Professor of Ohemistry, Glasgow
Veterinary Oo'lnee, and Examiner in Chemistry, University of Glasfcow, Ac.
Second Impression. Crown >>i;, 6s. M.

Farmyard Manure : Its Nature, Composition, and Treatment.

Grown Svo, Is. 6d.


History of Europe. By Sir Archibald Alison, Bart., D.C.L.

1. From the Commencement of the French Revolution to

the Battle of Waterloo.

Library Edition, 14 vols., with Portraits. Demy Svo, £10, lOs.
Another Edition, in 20 vols, crown Svo, £6.
People's Edition, 13 vols, crown Svo, £2, lis.

2. Continuation to the Accession of Louis Napoleon.

Library Edition, 8 vols. Svo, £6, 78. 6d.
People's Edition, 8 vols, crown Svo S48.

Epitome of Alison's History of Europe. Thirtieth Thou-
sand, 7s. 6d.
Atlas to Alison's History of Europe. By A. Keith Johnston.

Library Edition, demy 4to, £8, Ss.
People's Edition, Sis. 6d.


by Bev. W. Loois Collins, M.A. Price Is. each net. /c» List of VoU. tre p. 3.

ANDERSON. Matriculation Roll of St Andrews University.

Edited by J. Maitland Anderson In 1 vol. demy 8vn, 18s. net.

ANNALIST. Musings without Method : A Record of 1900 and

\901. Bv Annalist. Large cr.iwn Svo, Ts. Cd.

ANONYMOUS. A Lodge in the Wilderness. Short demy.
ARMYTAGE. Maids of Honour. By A. J. Green-Akmytage.

Crown Svo, 10s. 6d. net.

William Blackwood & Sons.

ATKINSON, Local Government in Scotland. By Mabel

Atkinson, M.A. In 1 vol. demy 8vo, 5.s. net.


Lays oJ the Scottish Cavaliers, and other Poema. By W.

Bdmoot)8tounk Attoon, D.C.L., Professor of Rhetoric and BeUes-LettrRs In the
University o? Kdinburgh. New Edition. Fcap. 8yo, Sa. 64.
Cheap Bditios, la. Cloth, Is. 3d.

An Illustrated Edition of the Lays of the Scottish Cavaliers

Prom desigTis by Sir Noel Patoh. Cheaper Edition. Small 4to, lOs. 6d.

BAKER. A Palace of Dreams and other Verse. By Ada

Bartrick Baker. Crown Svo, 5s.

BANKS. The Ethics of Work and Wealth. By D. C. Banks.

Crown Svo, 5s. net.

BARBOUR. Thoughts from the Writings of R. W. Barbour.

Pott Svo, limp leather, 2s. 6d. net.

BARCLAY. A New Theory of Organic Evolution. By James

W. Barclay. In 1 vol. crown Sv©, 3s. 6d. net.


The King's Fool. By Michael Barrington. Crown Svo, 6s.
The Reminiscences of Sir Barrington Beaumont, Bart.

a Novel. Crown Svo, 6s.

BARTLETT. The Siege and Capitulation of Port Arthur.

By E. Ashmead Bartlett. Demy Svo, 21s. net.

BELL. My Strange Pets, and other Memories of Country Life.

By Richard Bell of Castle O'er. Demy Svo, 6s. net.

BELLESHEIM. History oi the Catholic Church of Scotland.

Prom the introduction of Christianity to the Present Day. By Alphons Bel-
LE3HEIM, D.D., Canon ol Aix-la-Chapclle. Translated, with Notes and Additions,
by D. Oswald Hunter Blajk, O.S.B., Monk of Port Angnatns. Cheap Edition.
Complete w -1 vols, demy 8vo, with Maps. Pri?e 21s. net.

BLACK. The Scots Churches in England. By Kenneth

MACLEOD Black. Crown Svo, 5s. net.


A Burgher Quixote. By Douglas Blackburn, Author of

' Prinsloo of Prinsloosdorp.' Second Impression. With Frontispiece. Crown
Svo, 6s.

Richard Hartley : Prospector, Crown Svo, 6s.


Annals of a Publishing Hoxise. William Blackwood and hie

Sons ; Their Magazine and Friends. By Mrs Oliphant. With Four Portraits.
Third Edition. Demy Svo. Vols. I. and II. £2, 2a.

Annals of a Publishing House. Vol. III. John Blackwood,

By his Daughter Mrs Blackwood Porter. With 2 Portraits andView of Strath-
tyrum. Demy Svo, 21s.

Blackwood's Magazine, from Commencement in 1817 to

June 1906, Nos. 1 to 1088, forming 179 Volumes.

Tales from Biackwoort. First Series. Price One Shilling each

in Paper Cover. Sold separately at all Railway Bookstalls.

They may also be had bound in 12 vols., cloth, ISs. Half calf, richly gilt, SOs.
Or the 12 vols, ia 6, roxbuiicche, SIei. Half red morocco, 288.

William Blackwood & Sous.


Tales from Blackwood. Second Series. Complete in Twenty-
four Shilling Parts. Handsomely bound in 12 vols., cloth, 30s. in leather back,
roxburghe style, 378. 6d. Half calf, gilt, 628. 6d. Half morocco, 55e.

Tales from Blackwood. Third Series. Complete in Twelve

Shilling Parts. Handsomely bonmd in 6 vols., cloth, 158.; and in 12 vols, cloth,
183. The 6 vols, in roxburghe 2l8. Half calf, 258. Half morocco, 288.

Travel, Adventure, and Sport. From " Blackwood's Magazine.

Uniform with 'Tales from Blackwood.' In Twelve Parts, each price la. Hand-
somely bound in 6 vols., cloth, 15m. And in half fslf, 25o.

New Educational Series. See separate Educational Catalogue.
Nev/ Uniiornj beriea of Novels (Copyright).

Crown Svo, cloth, ^rice 38. 6d. each. Now ready:—

VVendkrholme. By P. G. Hamerton,
The Story of MARasfiDEL, By D. Storrar

Mias Mabjorxbank^:. By Mrs Oliphaut
The Perpetual Ourath, and Ths; Ructoh.

By the Sams.
Salem Ohapel, and Thk Boctob'b Family.

By the Same.
A Sensitive PLA^fT. By E. D. Gerarci.
Lady Lat's Widowhood. By General Sir

B. B. Hamley.
Katik Stewart, »ud other Stories. By Mrs

Valentine and his Brother. By the Same.
.'50N3 AND Dauohtkbs. By the Same.

Marmorne. By P. G. Haniertioa.

Reata. By B. D. Gerard.

Begoar mt Neighbour. By the Same.

The Waters qt Hercules. By the Same.

Pair to See. By L. W. M. Lockhart.

Mine is Thine. By the Same.

Doubles and Quits. By the Same.

Altiop.a Peto. By Laurence Oliphant.

Piccadilly. By the Samu. With Illustra-

Lady Baby. By D. Gerard.

The Blacksmith of Vob. By Paul Oushuit.

Mt Trivial Life and Mtsvobtunj By A
Plain Woman.

Poor Nellie. By the B&mt:.

Standard Novels. Uniform in size and binding. Each

complete in one Volume.

FLORIN SERIES, Illustrated Boards. Bound in Oloth, 28. 6d.

Pen OwnN. By Dean Hook.

Adam Blair. By J. G. Lockhart.

Lady Lel;'s Widowhood, By General Sir B.

B. Hamley.
Salem Chapel, By Mih Olipltaus,
The Perpetual Cup.atb, By the Same.
Miss Marjoribank&. By the Same.
John j A Love Story. By the Same

Tom Orinole's Loo. By Michael Scott.
The Op.uisk op the Midgk. By the Sams.
Oyrii. Thornton. By Captain Hamilton,
Aknai.s OF the I'iRiSH. By Johu Gslt.
The Pro tost, Ac By the Same.
Sir Andrew Wtlie. By the Sanv.-.,
Tbk Entail. By the Same.
Mjss Molly. By Beatrice May Bnttj,
Kbojwald Dalton, By J. G. Lockhart

SHILLINO SERIES, Illustrated Cover. Kound In Cloth, Is. (Jd.

"Cut. Ubctor, and The Doctor's Family, i Sjr Friixle Pumpkin, Nights at Mess,

By Mrs Oliphant. Set.

Teh Live of Manbib Wauck. By D. M. I The Suealterh.

Moir I Life in the Far Wkst. By G. F. Buxton.

Peninsular Scenxs "VB fiisETcriKK. iiy | Valerius : A Roman Story. By J. Q,

F. Hardman. I Lockhart.


with Autobiographical Introduction by Sir Theodore Martin, K.C.K. With
lUustrations by Doyle, Leech, and Crowquill. Small quarto, 5s. net

BOWHILL. Questions and Answers in the Theory and Practice

of Military Topography. By Major J. H. Bowhill. Crown Svo, 48. 6d. net.
Portfolio containiiig 34 working plans and diagrams, 8s. 6d. net.

BROOKS. Daughters of Desperation. By Hildegard Brooks.

Small crown Svo, 3.s. Od. net.

William Blackwood & Sons.


Sallj'^ : A Study ; and other Tales of the Outskirts. By Hugh

Clifford, C.M.G. Crown 8vo, 6s.

Bush - Whacking, and other Sketches. Second Impression.

Crown 8vo, 6s.

CLODD. Thomas Henry Huxley. "Modern English Writers."

By Edward Clodd. Crown 8vo, 2s. 6d.


The Lunatic at Large. By J. Stoker Clouston. Fourth

Impression. Crown 8vo, 6s. Cheap Edition, royal 8vo, paper cover, 6d.

Count Bunker : Being a Sequel to ' The Lunatic at Large.

Crown Svo, 6s.

The Adventures of M. D'Haricot. Second Impression. Crown

8vo, 6s. Cheap Edition, royal Svo, paper cover, 6d.

Our Lady's Inn. Crown Svo, 6s.
Garmiscath. Crown Svo, 6s.

CONNELL. The Young Days of Admiral Qulliam. By



Lord Jim. A Tale. By Joseph Conrad, Author of 'The

Nigger of the Narcissus,' 'An Outcast of the Islands,' 'Tales of Unrest," &c
Second Impression. Crown Svo, 6s.

Youth : A Narrative ; and Two other Stories. Second Im

pression. Crown Svo, 6s.

COOPER. Liturgy of 1637, commonly called Laud's Liturgy

Edited by the Rev. Professor Cooper, D.D., Glasgow. Crown Svo, 7s. 6d. net.

CORNFORD. R. L. Stevenson. "Modern English Writers.'

By L. Cope Cornford. Second Edition. Crown Svo, 2s. 6d.


nmes of about 350 pp. each. With Maps.

Fife and Kinross By .^neas J. G. Mackay, LL.D., Sheriff

of these Counties.

Dumfries and Galloway. By Sir Herbert Maxwell, Bart.

M.P. Second Edition.

Moray and Nairn. By Charles Rampini, LL.D., Sherifl

of Dumfries and Galloway.

Inverness. By J. Cameron Lees, D.D.

Roxburgh, Selkirk, and Peebles. By Sir George Douglas,


Aberdeen and Banff. By William Watt, Editor of Aberdeen

'Daily Free Press.'

Perth and Clackmannan. By John Chisholm, M.A., Advocate.

{In the. press.

COWELL. Day-Book from ' The Fairie Queene.' By A. Cowell.

Is. 6d.

William Blackwood & Sons.

CKAIK, A Century of Scottish History. From the Days before

the '45 to those within living Memory. By Sir Henry Craik, K.C.B., M.A.
(Oxon.), Hon. LL.D. (Glasgow). 2 vols, demy 8vo, 30s. net.

CRAWFORD. Saracinesca. By F. Marion Cbawfoed, Anther

ot 'Mr Isaacs.' &c., &c. Crown 8vc. 3s. 6d. Also at 6d.


Impressions of Dante and of the New World. By J. W. Cross.

Post Svo, Gs.

The Rake's Progress in Finance. Crown Svo, 2s. net.


Memories. By C. F. Gordon Cumming. Demy Svo. Illus-
trated, 20s net.

At Home in Fiji. Post Svo. Illustrated. Cheap Edition, 6s.

A Lady's Cruise in a French Man-of-War. Post Svo. Illus-
trated. Cheap Edition. 6s.

Fire-Fountain&.. 2 vols, post Svo. Illustrated, 25s.

Granite Crags. Post Svo. Illustrated. Cheap Edition. 6s.

Wanderings in China. Small post Svo. Cheap Edition. 6s.

DAVIDSON. Herbart's Psychology and Educational Theory.

By John Davidson. Demy Svo, 5s. net.

DESCAR'iES. The Method, Meditations, and Principles oL Philo-
sophy of Descartes, Translated from the Original French and Latin. With «
New Introductory Basay, Historical and Critical, on the Cartesian Philosophy.
By Professor Vbitoh, LL.D., Glacgow Universitv- Rlevent.h EiJitioix ^58. fid.

DILNOT. Scoundrel ]\Iark. By Frank Dilnot. Crown Svo, 6s.
DODDS and MACPHERSON. The Licensing Acts (Scotland)

Cou.solidation and Amendment xVct, 1003. Annotated by Mr J. M. Dodds, of
the Scottish Office ; Joint-Editor of the ' Parish Council Guide for Scotland,' and
Mr EwAN Macpherson, Advocate, Legal Secretary to the Lord Advocate. In
1 vol. crown Svo, 5s. net.


The Ethics of John Stuart Mill. By Chajrlks Douglak,

M.A., D.Sc, M.P., late Lecturer in Moral Philosophy, and Assistant to the Pro-
fessor of Moral Philosophy in ':he University of Edinburgh. F' Svo, (Ss. net.

John Stuart Mill: A Study ot his Philosophy, Cro\%'ri Svo,

4s. 6d. net.

DOWNEY. Charles Lever : His Life in his Letters. By Edmund

Downey. With Portraits. Demy Svo, 2 vols., 21s. net.

DUFF. An Exposition of Browning's ' Sordello.' With Histori-
cal and other Notes. By D.wiD Duff, B. D. Demy Svo, 10s. 6d. net.


Fortune's Castaway. By W. J. Eccott. Crown Svo, 6s.

His Indolence of Arras. Crown Svo, 6s. Cheap Edition,

royal Svo, paper cover, Od.

Hearth of Hutton. Crown Svo, 6s.

lo William Blackwood & Sons.


The JM'ew Popular Edition of George Eliot's Works, with

Photogra^'ure Frontispiece to each Volume, from Drawings by William
Hatherell, R.I., Edgar Bundy, R.I., Byam Shaw, R.I., A. A. Van Anrooy,
Maurice Greiffenhagen, Claude A. Shepperson, RI., E. J. Sullivan, and Max
Cowper. Each Work complete in Cue Volume, 3s. 6d. net. Ten Volumes in all.
Handsomely bound, gilt top.

Adam Bede

tJCENES OF Clerical Life.
The Mill ox the Floss.
Felix Holt, the Radical.


Silas Marner ; Brother Jacob ; The

Lifted Veil.

Daniel Deroxda.
The Spanish Gypsy ; Jubal.
Essays ; Theophrastus Such.

Gteorge Eliot'a Life. With Portrait and other lilDstrations.

New Edition, in one volume. Crown 8vo, 79. 6(1.

Life and Works of George Eliot (Warwick Edition). 14 vol-
umes, cloth, limp, gilt top, 2s. net per volume ; leather, limp, gilt top, 2s. 6d. net
per volume : leather gilt top, with book-marker. 33. net per volume.

MiDDLEMARCH. 2 vols. 664 and 630 pp.
Daniel Deronda. 2 vols. 616 and

636 pp.
The Spanish Gypsy ; Jubal
EssAT.s ; THEOPHRASTrs Such.
Life. 2 vols., 626 and 580 pp.

Adam Bede. 826 pp.
The Mill on the Floss. 828 pp.
Felix Holt, the Radical. 718 pp.
Romola. 900 pp.

Scenes of Clerical Life. 624 pp.
Silas Marner ; Brother Jacob ; The
Lifted Veil. 560 pp.

Worka oi George Eliot (Standard Edition). 21 volumes,

crown 8vo. In buckram cloth, gilt top, 28. 8d. per vol. ; or in roxburghe
binding, 38. 6d. per vol.

Adam Bede. 2 vols.— Thk Mill on the Floss. 2 vols. — Felix Holt, the

Badical. 2 vols. — Romola. 2 vols. — Scenes of Clerical Llfe. 2 vols.—

Mlddlkmarch. 3 vols.— Daniel Deronda. 3 vols. — Silas Marker. 1 vol.

—Jubal. i vol.— Thk Spanish Gypsy. 1 vol.— Essays. 1 vol.— Thiophras-

rus Such. 1 vol.

Life and Works oi George Eliot (Cabinet Edition). 24

volumes, crown 8vo, price £6. Also to be had handsomely bound in half and full
calf. Th? Volumes are sold separatiely, bound in cloth, price .'•s. escfi.

Novels by George Eliot. Popular Copyright Edition. In new

uniform binding, price 3s. 6d. each.

Silas Marner; The Lifted Veil;
Brother Jacob.


Daniel Deronda.

Adam Bede.

The Mill on the Floss.

Scenes of Clerical Life.


Felix Holt, the Radical.

fissayii. New Edition. Crown 8vo, bo.

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