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the name had, in 1834, been gr. at Harv. and two at other N. E. coll.

MiNTEK, Tobias, New London, s. of Ezer, came from Newfoundland
1672, d. next yr. Tkisteam, New London, d. bef. 1674, when his wid;
m. Joshua Baker.

MiRABLE, Charlestown 1651, had w. Eliz. wh. was one of

the friends of Matthews. But perhaps the true name was Marble,
wh. see. Yet in the will of George Enower, Mary Mirable is call,
his d.

Miriam, John, Boston, was a selectman 1691. See Meriam.

MiRicK, or Mtrick, Benjamin, CharlestoWn, s. of John, by w.
Sarah had Benjamin, and Sarah, bapt. 30 Jan. 1687. James, Newbury
1656, had Hannah, b. 6 Feb. 1657; Abigail, 5 Sept. 1658 ; Joseph, 27
Apr. 1661 ; Isaac, 6 Jan. 1665; Timothy, 28 Sept. 1666; and Susanna,
20 Aug. 1^70. Coffin says he was b. 1612 ; but it would have better
pleased us to learn the time of his d. James, Newbury, % of the preced.
perhaps, yet not so indicat. by Coffin, who says, by w. Hannah he had
Benjamin, b. 16 Apr. 1683; James, 16 July 1684; but in the former
line he had him 16 Apr. 1683; and John, 10 Sept. 1686. John,
Charlestown, by ^/f. Judith, unless this be, as I suspect, error for Hope-
still, had Hopestill, b. 20 Feb. 1643; Benjamin, 22 June 1644; and,
perhaps, others. By sec. w. Hopestill (unless it be the first, as I suspect,
for Hopestill M. is adm. of the ch.in Charlestown, 10 Sept. 1644), he had
Sarah, 1 May 1657; Mercy, 30 Dec. 1658; and Abigail, bapt. 17 Feb.
1661. His d. Ann m. John Walker, bef. 3 Oct. 1675, when she join, the
ch. unless his w. were d. of Jacob Leager. John, Newton, perhaps s. of
the preced. m. 1682, Eliz. d. of deac. James Trowbridge, had Thankful,
b, 24 Apr. 1685; Eebecca, 20 Apr.' 1687; Lydia, 18 Feb. 1689, d.


young; Samuel, 1 Mar. 1691 ; John, 30 Nov. 1694; Margaret; James,
26 Oct. 1696; Deborah; Eliz. Aug. 1699; Elisha, 5 Mar. 1701; and
Lydia, again, 7 July 1704 ; in the order giv. by Jackson ; biit Bond
substitutes for Deborah, Sarah, 6 Mar. 1695, add. that she m. Jonathan
Fuller, with wh. Jackson, 280, concurs. He was"freem. 1685, k. at
Groton, by the Ind. 21 July 1706, unless Butler in his Hist, be mistak.
as Jackson, 366, renders prob. That very careful collector, p. 96, refers
to Penhallow for his extract; but in that writer I do not discov. the
passage. Yet Homer, in his Hist, of N. had print, the same passage, 1
Mass. Hist. Coll. V. 273. It is curious, that both the other sufferers at
G. on that day, were of N. I' suppose they were part of a garrison
at G. But this John d. 11 July 1706, and had made his will 29 Apr.
preced. "under a languish, sickness." Some mistake of the town was
made. Timotht, Newbury, youngest s. of the first James, m. 1696,
Mary Lancaster, had Ezra, b. 31 Mar. 1697; Abigail, 26 Nov. 1698;
and, perhaps, more.

Mitchell, Andrew, Charlestown, had Mary, bapt. 2 Dec. 1688;
Abigail, 17 Feb. 1689 ; Sarah ; Eliz. 7 Jan. 1694; and Andrew, 28
Jan. 1695. His w. was Abigail. David, Stratford, • br. of Jonathan,
came prob. with hisf. 1635, in the James from Bristol, arr. at Boston 16
Aug. and accomp. his f. to Say brook, thence, to Wethersfield for some
yrs. and Stamford, taught the sch. at "Watertown, perhaps Pec. 1 649, at
least was invit. for that object, and soon aft. rem. to Stratford, where
certain, he was in 1665, when he had two s. but who was the mo. or
when the f. d. are all unkn. Cothren, 634, names four s. Matthew,
John, Nathan, and Abraham, and tho. the d. of the f. name of the mo.
or b. of either of the four is sought in vain, he permits us to infer that
the two ment. in 1665 may have been Abraham and Matthew, but that
John was older than Abraham. In Npv. 1675 he was entrust, by the
Council of war with import, affairs. Edward, Hingham, came in the
Diligent, 1638, but we kn. no more of him, exc. that he was from Old
Hingham. Edward, Bridgewater,* s. of Ej^erience, m. Mary, d. of
Thomas Hayward, and in 40 yrs. by her had no eh. m. next, 1708,
Alice, d. of major John Bradford, had Mary, b. 1709; Alice, 1714;
and Edward, 7 Feb. 1716, wh. d. 23 Dec. 1801, the gr.f.'of Nahum,
H. 0. i789. He d. 1717, and his wid. m. deac. Joshua Hersey of Hing-
ham. Experience, Plymouth, a youth, came in the Ann, 1623, had
been one of the goodly comp. at Leyden, where he left a br. Thomas,
who d. there. Perhaps he was under the care of Francis Cook, at least,
'he is of his comp. in partak. sh. of cattle 1627, and soon aft. m. his d.
Jane, was of Duxbury aft. 1631, and long aft. rem. to Bridgewater,
there d. 1689, aged above 80 yrs. His ch. were* Eliz. wh. m. 1645,


John "Washburn; Thomas ; Mary, m. 24 Dec. 1652, James Shaw, and
d. 1679 ; Edward ; Sarah ; Jacob ; John ; and Hannah, but the order of
b. is uhcert. and so may be the mo. for he had sec. w. Mary. . Sarah m.
John Hay ward; and Hannah m. Joseph Hay ward, as his third w.
George, Boston 1644, carpenter, by w. Mary had Eliz. b. 26 Aug.
1645; Mary, 25 Aug. 1648; John, .3 June 1650; and Sarah, 8 Dec.
1^52. Jacob, Dartmouth, s. of Experience, m. 7 Nov. 1666, Susanna,
d. of Thomas Pope, had Jacob, Thomas, and Mary, all brot. up by their
uncle Edward, aft. hims. and w. were k.'1675, in Philip's war, by the
Ind. John, Kittery, seems by his inv. 28 May 1664, to have large
prop. £784 ; but I kn. no more, exc. that his admor. was piias Stileman.
John, Hartford 1660, freem. 1667, d. 28 July 1683, leav. ch. Mary,
aged 28 ; John, 25 ; Sarah, 21 ; Margaret, 19 ; Mabel, 17 ; and Miriam,
15. John, Duxbury, youngest s. of Experience, m. 14 Dec. 1675,
Mary, d. of Thomas Bonney, had Experience, b. 1676; and his w. d.
the yr. foil. Next, 14 Jan. 1679, he m. Mary Lothrop, wh. d. 13 Feb.'
1680 ; and he m. 24 May 1682, Mary Prior, had Mary, 28 Feb. 1683;
Hannah, 13 Feb. 1684; Joseph, 23 Mar. 1684; Eliz. 25 Mar. 1685, d.
soon; Eliz. again, 29 May 1686; John, 13 Jan. 1689; Sarah, 9 May
1690 ; and Esther, 22 Jan. 1692. Gla'dly would I learn wh. this third
w. was, and espec. the more prob. dates of one or two of the ch. John,
"Woodbury, s. of David, by w. Eliz. wh. d. 1730, had David, bapt. Nov.
1679, d. soon; David, again, Apr. 1681 ; Eliz. Nov. 1683, d. young;
Elnathan, Oct. 1686 ; John, Feb. 1689 ; Knell, Apr. 1691 ; Eliz. again.
May 1693 ; and Martha, Mar. 1697; as Cothren gives them, and says
he d. 3 Jan. 1732. John, Newbury, s. of "William of the same, m. 20
May 1680, Hannah Spofibrd, had Hannah, b. 12 Apr. 1681 ; Sarah, 26
Sept. 1682; John, 17 June l'685 ; and Sarah, again, 10. Apr. 1689.
His w. d. in two wks. aft. ; and he m. 15 Nov. 1697, Constance Moores,
and d. 17 Dec. 1731. Jonathan, Cambridge, came with his f. Matthew, ,
in the James, from Bristol, 1635, being then a. 9 or 10 yrs. old, was bred
at H. C. where 1647, he. had his A. B. ord. 21 Aug. 1650, m. 19 Nov.
foil. Margaret, wid. of Rev. Thomas Shepard, his predecess. but was
bef. betrothed to Sarah, d. of Rev. John Cotton, wh. d. in Jan. preced. ,
had Margaret, b. 26 Feb. 1653, <L next yr. ; Nathaniel, 4 Mar. 1656, d.
at 17 yrs.; John, 16 Mar. 1658,' d. next yr.;- Samuel, 14, bapt. 21 Oct.
1660, H. C. 1681, whose d. is not found in the catal. and he is the latest
of the childr. in the ch. reg. of his f. Yet he certain, had Jonathan,-
H. C. 1687, wh. d. 14 Mar. 1695 ; and Margaret, again, wh. m. 13 June
1682, Stephen Sewall of Salem, and only thro, her, is the blood of the'
disting. ancest. come down. He d. 9 July 1668, in the " forty-third yr.
of his age," says the* Magnalia,'IV. 184, yet as Mather could not avoid


an occasion of blunder, even for so famous a man, whom lie calls match-
less, he had on p. 166 of the same Book, told us he was b. '1624, at
Halifax, in th*e W. riding ,of Yorksh. In 1662, he, with Gookin, were
made first licensers of the press in Mags. He had good est. the inv.
being £786, 17, 9. Every writer who has ment. the famous men of the
early days of our country, has told of Mitchell, and the oversight of call,
his f. Jonathan, instead of Matthew, by Sprague, in Annals of the
American Pulpit, would seem too trivial to be noticed here, dicLnot the
minute statem. of his m. require correction : " Margaret S. daur. of his
predecessor, by 'his first m." seems to bear on its face, the stamp of exact
truth. But as accura. relat. is always desira. it may be told, the only d.
of Shepard by his first w. d. inf. and this Margaret who m. MitcheU was
the third w. of S. not his (jh. * Matthew, Charlestown, came 1635,
with Rev. Richard Matheir, in the James, of Bristol, bring, w. and eh.
David, and Jonathan, perEaps more, rem. to Concord, and soon to
'Springfield, there sign, compact with Pynchon and others in May 1636,
soon aft. to Saybrook for short time, where, in the Pequot war, he was .
' protect, by Lyon Gardiner, but he says the Ind. took one of the "old
man's s. and roasted him alive." He was in 1639 at Wethersfield ^
short time, and next yr. made their town elk. but soon went to Stamford,
and in 164:3, with Rev. Richard Denton, to Hempstead-, L. I. perhaps
back again, soon to Stamford, there d. in 1645. He was rep. in 1637,
but not, as Mather makes him, one of the Assist, of the Col. that yr.
Matthew, Stratford, s. of David of the same, rem. to Southbury, by
Mary, youngest d. of John Thompson the first of Stratford, who d. 18
Jan. 1711, had'Mary, bapt. Feb.- 1679; Jonathan, July 1683 ; Mary,
again, July 1687; and David, Oct. 1692. He was deac. and d. 1736.
Thomas, New Haven, had Eliz. bapt. 22 Feb. 1652, who d. bef. him:
and in his will, 1 Oct. 1659, nam. w. Eliz. who was prob. sec. and her d.
Eliz. ; his only ch. ment. is Hannah, but she may have been adult. He
d. late in 1659, or early in 1660, the inv. being of 2 Mar. in this yr.
The wid. m. Jeremiah Whitnell, prob. in 1662. Thomas, Maiden, m.
Nov. 1655, Mary Moulton. Thomas, Boston, by w. Ann, had Eliz. b.
19 Oct. 1664. Thomas, Block Island 1684, was troubled by a French
invasion, 1689, as Niles, a fellow- sufferer, tells in his Ind. wars, 3 Mass.
Hist. Coll. VI. 272. He liv. there many yrs. William, Newbury, m.
7 Nov. 1648, Mary Sawyer, had Mary, b. 31 Aug. 1649 ; John, 21 May
1651 ; William, 1 Mar. 1653 ; and Eliz. posthum. 15 Mar. 1655. He
d. 6 July 1654; and his wid. m. 8 Dec. 1656, Robert Savory. Wil-
liam, Charlestown, d. 23 Jan. 1678. Nine of this name had been gr.
at Harv. in 1826, and seventeen at Yale.

MiTCHELSON, oftener Michelson or Mitchenson (as the vulgar



222 MIX.

made it), || Ed-waed, Cambridge 1636, ar. co. 1639, marshal-gen. of tbe
Col. 1654, at salary of £50, for many yrs. had the sad office of exeeut.
the Quakers, the. he w^s, by Mitchell's rrig. in full commun. with the ch.
yet not found in the list of freem,; d. 7 Mar. 1682-, aged 77. By w.
Euth Bushell, who came 1635, aged 23, in the Abigail, had Thomas, b.
Sept. 1637, d. soon; Euth, 9 Nov. 1638, wh. m. 20 Oct. 1656, John
Green; Bethia, 6 Dec. 1642, wh. m. Daniel Weld; Edward, 11 Nov.
1644, p. C. 1665, lost on voyage to Eng. next yr.; and Eliz. 29 Aug.
1646, wh. m. Theodore Atkinson, jr. and on -15 Nov. 1676, Henry
Deering. William, Cambridge, m. 26 Mar. 1654, Mary Bradshaw,
had Mary, b. 15 Jan. 1655; Thomas, 8 Jan. 1657; and Alice; all
bapt..5 Apr. 1663; Euth, 4 Oct. 1Q63; and Abigail, 11 Mar. 1666;
and he'd. 18 Dec. 1668.

Mitten, Michael, Falmouth 1637, then assoc. with George Cleves,
whose only ch. Eliz. he m. had Ann, wh^m. Anthony Brackett ; Eliz.
b; 1644, m. Thaddeus Clarke; Mary, m. Thomas Brackett; Sarah,' m.
James Andrews ; and Martha m. John Graves, wh. rem. from Kittery
to Little Compton ; beside only s. Nathaniel, wh. was k. by the Ind. 11
»Aug. 1676, unm. He was constable in 1640, freem. 1658; but is
unhappi. at an earlier day, commemo. by Winth..-II. 302. He d. 1660.
See also Folsom, 54, and especial. Willis, I. 96 and 173. His wid. m.
a Harvey, and d. his wid. 1682.

Mix, or Meeksj Caleb, Daniel, John, and Nathaniel, proprs. of
New Haven 1685, tho. Daniel, wh. m. Euth, d. of John Eockwell, liv.
at Wallingford, were all s. of Thomas, but my means fui-nish account
only of John, wh. was the oldest. ' He m. Eliz. d. of sec. Benjamin
Wilmot, had John, b. 25 Aug. 1676; Esther, 25 Dec. 1678 ; EUz. 18
Feb. 1681 ; Joseph, 18 Dec. 1684; Abigail; and Mercy. He d. Jan.
1712, his will being of the 19th, and all the six ch. within ten days aft.
agreed as to the est. Stephen, Wethersfield, youngest s. of Thomas, the
first, ord. 1694, m. 1 Dec. 1696, Mary, d. of Eev. Solomon Stoddard of
Northampton, had Sarah, b. early in 1698 ; Mary, 1700 ; Eebecca, 1702 ;
Esther, 1704; Elisha, 1706 ; and Christian, 1709 ; and ie d. 28 Aug.
1738. Thomas, New Haven 1643, m. 1649, Eebecca, d. of capt. Na-
thaniel Turner, had John, the eldest, b. 164'9 ; Nathaniel, 14 Sept. 1651 ;
Daniel, 8 Sept. 1^53; Thomas, 30 Aug. 1655; Eebecca, 4 Jan, 1658,
all bapt. 23 May 1658; Abigail, 1659, bapt. 22 Jan. 1660 ; Caleb, bapt.
15 Dec. 1661 ; Samuel, b. 11 Jan. 1664, bapt. 21 Feb. foil.; Hannah,
30 June 1666, bapt. 12 Aug. foil.; Esther, 30 Nov. 1668, d. within 2
yrs. ; and Stephen, 1 Nov. 1672, H. C. 1690; He d. early in 1691, his
inv. wh. shows good est. being of 9 June, nam. all the ten ifv. ch. in his
will of Apr. preced. made s. John and Stephen excors. Thomas, New

MIXER. 223

■Haven, s. of the preced. m. 30 June 1677, Hannah, d. of Rev. James •
Fitch of Norwich, rem. thither, and had Daniel, b. 23 Apr. 1678 ;
Abigail, 10 Mar. 1680 ; James, 29 Dec. 1683 ; Hannali, 13 Apr. 1685 ;
Deborah, 14 Apr. 1687 ; Eliz. 15 Apr. 1689 ; Dorothy, 23 Nov. 1691 ;
Ann, 7 May 1694; and Zebediah, 12 Dec. 1697. William, New
Haven, perhaps br. of the first Thomas, m. Sarah, d. of William
Preston, had Benjamin, b. 1650 ; Nathaniel, 1651 ; Sarah, 1654 ; Mary,
1656; Thomas, 1659 ; and' prOb. others ; and d. we presunje, bef. 1685.
The name" was first writ. Meekes.

Mixer, oft. call. Mixtep, Benjamin, Marlborough, s. of the sec.
Isaac, m. 27 Nov. 1711, Rebecca Newton, had Phineas, b. 26 Dec.
1712; Benjamin, 23 Mar. 1715; Isaac, 26 Nov. 1716; David, 22 Dec.
1718 ; Joseph, 1724,_ d. soon ; and Ebenezer, poslhum. 28 May 1729 ;
and he d. no long time, bef. and. his wid. m. Oct. 1743, Moses .Newton.
Daniel, Framingham, br. of Benjamin, by w. Judith had Daniel, b. iij
Groton, 28 Aug. 1701, d. young; Eliz. 12 Oct. 1704; Daniel, again, 4
June 1706, d. at 15 yrs. ; John, 4 Nov. 171T; and Isaac; was constable
and selectman, liv. to old age. Isaac, Watertown, came in the Elizabeth
from Ipswich, 1634, aged 31, with w. Sarah, 33, and s. Isaac, 4; was
freem. 2 May 1638 ; had b. here Sarah, wh. m. John Stearns, and d. 4
June 1656. He was selectman 1651 and 5, prob. d. soon aft. date of
his will, 8 May 1655, and his wid. d. 24 Nov. 1681. Isaac, "Water-
town, only s. of the preced. b. in Eng. came with his parents in the
Elizabeth, 1634, sw. fidel. 1652, m. 19 Sept. 1655, Mary, d. of John
Coolidge, as Bond gives it, but Cooke in Barry, had Mary, b. 18 May
1656; Sarah, 29 Nov. 1657 ;that w. d, (tho.the rec. calls her Sarah) 2
Mar. or 2 Nov. (both giv. by Bond) or-as Barry says, 2 July 1660; and
he m. 10 Jan. foil. Rebecca, d. ot Edward Garfield^ had Rebecca7^9 Mar.
1662 ; Isaac ; Eliz. 18 June 1665, d. at 20 yrs. ; Joanna, 14 Dec. 1666 ;
John, X Mar. 1668; George, 12 Dec. 1670; AbigaU, 4 Nov. 1672;
Joseph, 7 Aug. 1674; Daniel, 21 -Feb. 1676, bef. ment. ; Mehitable, 25
Jan. 1678, d. young; Benjamin, 23 May 1679 ; Dorothy, 2 Sept. 1680 ;
and David, 6 Aug. 1683, d. young. His sec. w. d. 16 Mar. 1684, but
Bond makes it five mos. bef. the b. of. last ch. and he took third
w. 29 June 1687, Mary, wid.- of William French, as she had been
of John Steams of Billerica, d. of Thomas Jjothrop ; and d. 27 Nov.
1716. Mary m. 1680, says Bond, George Munnings, jr.. Manning, says.
Barry; .Sarah m. Samuel Hagar; Rebecca m. 13 or 23 Nov. 1683,_
Samuel Kendall; Joanna m. 7 Nov. 1688, Joseph Harrington, and
next, 20 Dec. '1693, Obadiah Ward; Abigail m. 11 Dec. 1690,
Samuel Howe ; and Dorothy m. 12 Jan. 1710, William Davis, prob.
third of the name, of Roxbury. Isaac, Watertown, eldest s. of the sec.

224 MOD — MON

• Isaac of the same, m. 17 Oct. 1684, Eliz. d. of Daniel Pierce, but had
no ch. His will was pro. Jan. 1726. ' John, Watertown, br. of the
preced. a tanner, m. 15 Aug. 1695, Abigail, d. of JohnFiske, had Abi-
gail, b. 26 June 1696; John, 22 Jan. 1699; Eliz. SO'Dec. 1702; and
George, 27 Dec. 1704. Joseph, "Watertown, br. of the preced. m. Ann,
d.'of Josiah Jones, had Rebecca, b. 22 Feb. 1704, d. next mo.; Joseph,
14 Dec. 1705; Sarah, 12 Mar. 1708; Lydia, -10 June 1710; David,
July 1713, d. soon; Mary, 25 Oct. 1714; Josiah, 10 Nov. 1716.; Ann,
14 Aug. 1719; and Abigail, 26 June 1721; was deac. d. 10 Dec. 1723.
His wid. d. a. 1736.
MoDESLT. See Maudsley.

MoG-ER, John, Brookhaven, L. I. 1655. Thompson.
MoHONAS, Teagub, Boston, perhaps a fisherman, appoint, admor.
Mar. 1651, on est. of Matthew CoUane, wh. d. at Isle of Shoals.
MoiSES, Henrt, Salem 1676, a householder.

MoKUM, Robert, Boston, by w. Hannah had William, b. 14 Mar.
1668; may be the same as Mokey, wh. Mr.. Felt found at Ips-
wich 1639.

Molt, James, a soldier in Philip's war, under capt. Turner," at Hat-
field 1676.

Monk, Christopher,, Boston, by w. Mary had Christopher, b. 16
Dec. 1686, perhaps d. soon; Thomas, bapt. 2 Feb. 1690 ; Ebenezer, 31
Jan. 1692; Susanna, 17 May 1696; and Mary, 25 June 1700. He
had been a mariner, was a neighbor of Mather, who in his Magn. VI. 7,
has wisely giv. the relation of capture by Algerines in Aug. 1681, and
recapture next mo. George, Boston, vintner, at the sign of the blue
anchor, by w. Lucy, who was d. of Thomas Gardner, and wid. of- John
Turner, had George, b. 7 Nov. 1683 ; and William, 17 Aug. 1686. By
sec. w. Eliz. wid. of John Woodmansey, wh. surv., he had prob. no ch.
and d. 5 Sept. 1698. In his will of 5 Mar. preced. he gave George,
beside portion of bis est. here, the messuage, call. Navestock, 4 miles
fr. Rumford, in Co. Essex, that was his f. William's, and to d.-in-law,
Margaret Woodmansey, £50. Dunton, in his visit to Boston 1686, duly
honors his genial disposition. • See 2 Mass. Hist. Coll. II. 103.

Montague, or Mountague, Griffin, Brookline 1635, then a pt. of
Boston, call. Muddy river, was of Cape Porpoise in 1653, when he sw.
fidel. to Mass. By his will of 7 July 1671, pro. 1 Apr. foil, he gave all
to w. Margaret. JoMn, Hadley, s. of Richard, had John, b..31 Dec.
1681; Richard, 16 Mar. 1684; Hannah, 8 Aug. 1687; Hannah, again,
21 Mar. 1689, both d. young; Peter, May 1690; William, 16 Dec. ;
1692; Samuel, 2 Apr. 1695; Hannah, 28 May 1697; Luke, 4 Oct. '
1699 ; and Nathaniel, 1 or 6 Oct. 1704. He m. 23 Mar. 1681, Hannah,
d. of Samuel Smith, These seven s. were not scatter, far; John and ;,

MOODY. 225

Nathaniel liv. at Hadley ; Richard at Wethersfield ; Peter, Winiam, and
Ijuke, at South Hadley ; and Samuel at Sunderland. * Peter, Hadley,
br. of the preced. freem. 1690, was rep. 4 yrs. had three ws. first, Sept.
1679, Mary Smith, wh. d. 20 May 1680; and 16 Sept. foil, he m'. Mary,
d. of John Crow, wid. of Noah Coleman ; and his third w. was Mary,
wid. of Preserved Smith. But he had no ch. and d. 27 Mar. 1725,
leav. good est. to relat. Richard, Boston, said to be s. of Peter, of the
parish of Burnham, Co. Bucks, by w. Abigail Downing had Sarah, b.
by the town rec. 15 June 1646, and d. 4 days aft. but the eh. rec. says,
bapt. 28, a. 2 days old, in right of her mo. who had join. 4 Apr. preced.
and Martha, 20 Jiine 1647, a. 4 days old; rem. to Wethersfield, there
had Peter, 8 or 18 July 1651 ; thence to Hadley, a. 1659, in a depon. of
1671, calls hims. 57 yrs. old, was freem. of 1681, and d. 14 Dec. of that
yr. His wid. liv. to 8 Nov. 1694. In the will, he names ch. Peter;
John ; Mary, prob. the oldest ch. w. of Joseph Warriner, m. 25 Nov.
1668; Martha, wh. m. 1 Dec. 1671, Isaac Harrison, and next, 3 Apr.
1677, Henry "White; and Abigail m. 8 Dec. 1671, Mark "Warner.

MoODiB, Thomas, Boston 1684, one of the Scot's Charit. Soc.

MooDT, or MooDET, * Caleb, Newbury, s. of "William, m. 24 Aug.
1659, Sarah Pierce, wh. d. 25 Aug. 1665, and he m. 9 Nov. foil. Judith,
d. of capt. Thomas Bradbury of Salisbury,- had Daniel, b. 4 Apr. 1662 ;
Sarah, 23 July 1664; Caleb, 9 Sept. 1666; Thomas, 20 Oct. 1668;
Judith, 23 Sept. 1669, d. at 9 yrs.; Joshua, 3 Nov. 167l'; "William, 15
Dec. 1673; Samuel, 4 Jan. 1676, H. C. 1697; Mary, 23 Oct. 1678;
and Judith, again, 12 Feb. 1683. He-d. 25 Aug. 1698, aged 61 ; had
been freem. 1666, rep. 1677 and 8, and was a confessor in prison, under
the tyranny of Andros, 1689. See Coffin, 150. His wid. d. 24 Jan.
1700. The s. Samuel, min. of York, ord. 20 Dec. 1700, wh. d. 13
Nov. 1747, was f. of Joseph, H. C. 1718, min. of ano. ch. at York, wh.
was f. of the celebr. Samuel, H. C. 1746, preceptor of Dummer school,
a bachelor, who produced for many yrs. the finest classical students of
N. E. Daniel, Salisbury, s. of Caleb, by w. Eliz. had Daniel, b. 16
Feb. 1684; Joshua, 20 Oct. 1686; Sarah, 8 May 1689; Abigail, 10
Dec. 1691 ; Mary, 1 July 1694; Eliz. 11 Feb. 1697; and Hannah, 2
Jan. 1700. Deborah, the lady who purch. 1640, the planta. of John
Humfrey at Lynn, was a nlem. of Salem ch. wh. admonish, her for
error as to bapt. of inf. making her life so, uncomforta. that she rem. a.
1643, to the DutGh Col. and sett, on L. I. where Sir Henry M. liv. who
may have been her s. but more certain, in "Wood's Hist, is call, one of
the orig. patentees. There she resid. long, had from Gov. Stuyvesant,
allowance to nomin. magistr. in 1654, for Gravesend, as Increase Mather
• had from king "William to dictate for Mass. in her new Charter. Elba-
ZER, Boston, freem. 1690. John, Roxbury, came in 1633, says the ch.

226 MOODY.

rec. with w. Sarah, but no ch. He was s. of George of Moulton, Co.
Suffolk, freem. 5 Nov. 1635, with prefix of respect, suffer, loss of two
serv. as Winth. I. 106, tells, rem. soon to Hartford, had Samuel, per-
haps only ch. unless Eliz. Seger, to whom bj his will of 25 July 1655,
he gave £25, tho, not so call, in it, were his d. His wid. Sarah d. 1671,
at Hadley. Joshua, Portsmouth, s. of WilUam, b. in Eng. H. C. 1653,
was first min. of the first ch. ord. July 1671, tho. he had preach, there
1658, was call, to preach the Gen.' Elect, sermon of Mass. 1675; and
by strange tyranny of Gov. Cranfield, he was aft. 3 mos. imprison, driv*.
to Boston, and was sett, in May 1684 at first ch. the same yr. was offer,
the station of Presid. of the Coll. wh. he declined. Of his humane ,
boldness, in the delusion of 1692, extraord. instance is preserv. in Eliot's
Biog. Diet. Back he went to his former service in 1692 at P. but on a
visit to Boston, d. 4 July 1697. Allen, in Biog. Diet, says that "his
zeal against-the witchcraft delus. occasion, his dism. from the ch. where
he was preach." Sorry should we feel to find the proof of this, however
bonora. to him. Much detail on this subject is in Essex Inst, valua.
Vol. I. His w. was d. of Edward Collins of Cambridge, prob. Martha,
wh. d. bef. Aug. 1674. See Hutch. Coll. 465. His d. Martha m. a.
1680, Jonathan Russell; and Sarah m. 5 May 1681, Rev. John Pike,
and d. 2 Mar. 1686. Of other ch. only Samuel, H. C. 1689, is kn.
Samuel, Hartford, s. of Johij of the same, rem. to Hadley, a. 1660, by
w. Sarah, prob. d. of first John Deming, had Sarah, b. a. 1660 ; John,
24 July 1661; Hannah, 5 Mar. 1663; Mary; Samuel, 28 Nov. 1670;
and Ebenezer, 23 Oct. 1675; d. 1689. His wid. Sarah d. 1714
Goodwin suppos. he had first w. Hannah ; but if so, she must have d.
yoUng. Of the s. John had nine ch. and d. at Hartford, 1732 ; Samuel
d. at Hadley, 1745, leav. six ch. ; and Ebenezer d. at South 'Hadley, 11
Nov. 1757, leav. eight ch. Samuel, Newbury, s. of William, freem.
1666, m. 9 Nov. 1657, Mary, or perhaps Mercy, d. of capt. John Cut-
ting, had Mary,b. 16 Nov. 1658; William, 22 July 1661, perhaps i.
young; William, again, 20 June 1663; Mary, 18 Feb. 1665; Lydia,
5 Aug. 1667; Hannah, 4 Jan. 1670; Samuel, Dec. 1671; Cutting, 9
Apr. 1674; beside John, and Sarah, whose dates are not ment. by
Coffin, wh. tells us that he d. 4 Apr. 1675. Samuel, Newcastle, s. of
Rev. Joshua, m. 4 Apr. 1695, Esther Green of Boston, had Joshua, b.
11 Feb. 1696, d. at 3 mos.^ Joshua, again, 31 Oct, 1697, prob. H. C.
1716; Samuel, 29 Oct. 1699, H. C. 1718 ; and Mary, 16 Nov. 1701;
rem. to Boston. William, Newbury, came in 1634, a saddler, from
Ipswich, Co. Suffolk, and first sat down at Ipswich, freem. 6 May 1635 ;
had w. Sarah, and ch. Joshua, wh. it has been agreed, was b. in Eng.
Caleb, and Samuel, 'bef. ment. was prob. a propr. of Salisbury 1650,

MOORE. 227

and d. 25 Oct. 1673. Twenty-eight of this name had, in 1^34, been gr.

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