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at the N. E. coll. one half at Harv. alone.

MooNE, Egbert, Boston, tailor, by w. Dorothy had Ebenezer, b. 7
Oct. 1645. " ;

MooECOCK, or MoKECOCK, Nicholas, Wethersfield, prob. came
1635, in the Elizabeth and Ann, from London to Boston, aged 14, with
Bennett, 16, and Mary, 10, who may have been br. and sis. certif. by
the min. of Beninden, in Co. Kent. One of this name m. a d. of Thomas
Bumham of Windsor.

MooKE, or MoBE, Abel, New London, s. of Miles, was constable
1675, and again 1685, d. sudden, at Dedham, 1689, on his way home
from Boston. Abraham, Andover, m.' 14 Dec. 1687, Priscilla Poor,
but it is not cert, that she liv. at A. only that there he was m. Andrew,
Windsor, m. Sarah Phelps, perhaps d. of William, had Sarah, b. Dec.
1672; Andrew, 15 Feb. 1675 ; Deborah, 31 May 1677; Jonathan, 26
Feb. 1680 ; Abigailj 1682 ; Eachel, 1691 ; Benjamin, 1693; and Amos,
1698! Caleb, Sal.em 1668. Enoch, Charlestown 1675, had w. Ee-
becca, vh. d. 3 Jan. 1733, in 83d yr. had Enoch, b. 28 Feb. 1678, at
Woburn, and at C. James, bapt, 12 June 1681 ; Rebecca, 25 Feb. 1683 ;
Susanna, 27 July 1684; James and 'William, tw. 29 Apr. 1688-; and
Euth, 27 Oct. 1689. Francis, Cambridge, freem. 22 May 1639, brot.
• w. Catharine, wh. d. 28 Dec.' 1648, had ch. Francis, Samuel, John, and
Ann, 'first two b. in Eng. but John, certain, b. 20 Mar. 1645, and, per-
haps, Ann, were bapt. in ch. of C. and Sarah, b. there 3 Apr. 1643, and
pro1# Thomas, nam. with John in the will of br. Francis, m. sec. w. 6
Dec; 1653, Eliz. wid. perhaps of Thomas Periman. He d. 20 Aug.
1671, aged 85, and his wid. d. 5 .Nov. 1683, aged 84. Ann m. James
Kidder. Francis, Cambridge, s. of the preced. b. in Eng. by w. Catha-
rine had John, b. 20 Mar. 1645, andm. 7 Sept. 1650, Abby Eaton,
prob. had no ch. at least none to live until he made his will, freem. 1652,
selectman 1674-81, and some yrs. aft. d. 23 Feb. 1689, aged 69.
Francis, Salem, m. 31 Aug. 1666, Eliz. Woodbury. Geoe&e, Scituate,
had been a serv. of fedward Dotey, at Plymouth 1630, kept the ferry on
Jones riv. in Kingston 1633-8, in S. had much lafid 1642, fell distracted
in 1664, when guardians had power to sell some of his est. and d. 1677,
suddenly. Deane, 313. It does not appear that he had fam. George,
Lynn, had Dorothy, b. 8 Jan. 1659. Goldin, Cambridge 1636, freem.
2 June 1641, m. Joan, wid. of John Champney, had Hannah, b. 15
May 1643 ; Lydia ; and Euth ; all b. and bapt. at C. ; was a sett, at the
farms, 1642, now Lexington, rem. to Billerica, there d. 3 Sept. 1698, in
89th yr. Hannah m. 1 Mar. 1666, John Hastings, and d. 10 June
1667; Ruthm. 5 July 1670, Daniel Shed. * Isaac, Noi-walk, one of
the first sett, had first been of Farmington, m. at Hartford, 5 Deo.

228 MO ORE.

1645, Ruth, d. of John Stanley, a serg_. in 1649, may be that youth of
13, who came in the Increase, 1635, from London to Boston, was rep.
for N. 1657, had Ruth, b. 5 Jan. 1657 ; Sarah, 12 Feb. 1662; Mary,
15 Sept. 1664; and Ph«be, 25 Apr. 1669; the first bapt. at Norwalk,
the others at F. but no s. ; went back to F. a. 1660, was a deac. m. very
late in life, Dorothy, d. of Rev. Henry Smith, who had been wid. of
three husbands, and liv. in 1705. Jacob, Sudbury, s. of John of the
'same. James, Salem, perhaps br. of Richard or George, or both, in his
will, of 5 July 1659, pro. Nov. foil, calls hims. of Hammersmith, in wh.
he ment. w. Ruth, and little d. Deborah, may be the one, wh. m. at
Lynn, 28 Dec. 1657, Ruth Pinion, wh. perhaps, was d. of Nicholas of
New Hjven. James, Boston, " a Scottish man " as rec. of his m. 6
Feb. 1657, with Mary Both, or Booth, calls him, may have been (the. it
seems to me unlikely, as he was one of the found, of the Scot's Charit.
Soc.) one of the few outcasts of the civil war, sold here, that had health
or heart eno. to form a fam. Jaspek, Plymouth, serv. boy of Gov.
Carver, wh. d. very soon aft. arr. of the Mayflower, by careless read, oft.f
suppos. to be s. of the Gov.'who however had no ch. tho. many thou-
sands have prid. themselves on being his descend. Jekemt, Hingham,
came in 1638, by the Diligent, was from Wymondham, a large town in
Co. Norfolk, adj. old Hingham, rem. to Boston 1643, was freem. 1645,
d. bef. 1669, leav. Jeremiah, Samuel, and Mary, wh. m. John Cotton.
* John, Dorchester 1630, came in the Mary and John, prob. for he was
freem. 18 May 1631, a deac. went with Warham 1635 or 6, to Windsor,
was there a chief man, rep. not as Hist, of W. 705, tells, in 1643l!'lbut
1665, 7, and oft. aft. d. 18 Sept. 1677. He had Abigail, b. 1639;
Mindwell, 10 July 1643 ; and John, 5 Dec. 1645 ; but he had also, prob.
elder ds. Hannah, wh. m. 30 Nov. 1648, John Drake; and Eliz. wh. m.
24 Nov. 1654, Nathaniel Loomis. Abigail m. 11 Oct. 1655, Thomas
Bissell; and. Mindwell m. 25 Sept. 1662, Nathaniel Bissell. John,
Roxbury, freem. 3 July 1632, but perhaps he first liv. in feome other
town, for his name is not found early at R. nor does Mr. Ellis in his
' Hist, give it; but the ch. rec. has "old John Moore of 99 yrs. d. 27
Oct. 1679." John, Cambridge, perhaps the freem. of 8 Dec. 1636.
John, Salem, had there bapt. Jefusha, 25 Dec. 1636 ; Abigail, 10 June
1638; Benjamin, 18 July 1641 ; and Ephraim, 10 Dec. 1643. Per-
haps his w. was Hannah, and he may have been freem. but not, as Felt
puts him, in 1633. John, Newport, receiv. as an inhab. 16 Nov. 1638,
may have been of Warwick 1655, had d. Mary, wh. m. Job Almy.
John, Lynn 1641. John, Braintree, whose w. Bridget d. 1^43, was
liv. there 1658, and in 1660 was one of the purch. of Medway. John,
Sudbury 1643, perhaps he who came in the Planter, 1635, aged 24,
from London, may have been of ar. co. 1638, by w. Eliz. had Mary;

MOORE. 229

Lydia, b. 24 June 1643; Jacob, 28 Apr. 1645; perhaps Joseph ; and
Eliz. ; m. sec. w. 16 Nov. 1654, Ann, d. of John Smith. Mary m. 8
Sept. 1661, Richard Ward; and Lydia m. 1664, Samuel "Wright.
John, Newtown, L. I. 1656, was their first min. says Rilier's Hist.
John, Roxbury, of wh. I find nothing but his insert, in list of freem. ,
1666. John, Boston, shipwright, d. in Virginia, and admin, was giv. 15
Jan. 1683, to his wid. Mary. John, Windsor, only s. of John of the
same, m. 21 Sept. 1664, Hannah, d. of Edward Goffe of Cambridge,
had John, b. 26 June 1665 ; Thomas, 25 July 1667 ; Samuel, 24 Dec.
1669; Nathaniel, 20 Sept. 1672; Edward, 2 Mar. 1675; and Josiah
and Joseph, tw. 5 July 1679. His w. Hannah d. 4 Apr. 1697 ; and he
m. 17 Dec. 1701, Martha Flamsworth,' unless Mr. Stiles misspell, the
name, .had Martha, 24 Sept. 1705 ; and d. 21 June 1718. * John,
Lancaster, perhaps of .Boston, and freem. 1669, was rep. 1689 and 90,
call. sen. John, Boston, by w. Lydia had Sarah, b. 19 July 1673 ;
Hannah, 1675, d. soon ; Hannah, again, 25 July 1676 ; John, Feb. 1678 ;
Thomas, 26 Nov. 1679; Catharine, 5 Feb. 1681; Rachel, Feb. 1682;
Francis, Nov. 1684; Catharine, again. Mar. 1686, and Francis, again, 8
Apr. 1687. He was, perhaps, the freem. of 1671, and d. 1693. He
was a brewer, had good est. of wh. admin, was giv. to his w. Lydia, 13
July. John, Lynn, m. 21 July 1673, Susanna, perhaps d. of Thomas
Marshall, had Thomas, b. 20 Apr. 1674 ; John, 10 Feb. 1679 ; Richard,
22 Aug. 1680 ; and Susanna, 4 Mar. 1685. * John, Lancaster, call,
jun. rep. 1689, perhaps s. of him who was rep. aft. John, Lynn, freem.
1691. One other John, wh. came in the Susan and Ellen 1635, from
London, aged 41, I am unable to dispose of. Jonathan, Boston,
youngest s. of Mrs. Ann, wid. of William Hibbins, the Assist.- was, I
infer, only tempo, resid. here, for the will of his mo. 16 June 1656,
shortly bef. her execut. for the preposterous crime of witchcraft, wh. ia
to be seen in Geneal. Reg. VL 287, 8, speaks of him and his brs. John,
and Joseph, as if all were in Eng. and in the codic. of 19th of the same,
acknowledg. " the more than ordinary affection and pains ' of this one,'
in the time of my distress," as he had arriv. to attend the result of the
execrable fanaticism. She was prob. the richest person ever hanged ia
this part ; and the prejudice against witches long slumbered. Joseph,
Boston, m. 21 May 1656, Ruth Starr, had Joseph, b. 7 Mar.. 1658.
Joseph, Sudbury, m. Lydia, d. of John Maynard. Miles, Milford
1646, rem. as early at least as 1657, to New London, freem. 1663, call..
old in 1 680, left descend, thro. d. Miriam, w. of John Willey ; beside
Abel, bef. ment. Richard, Plymouth, brot. by Elder Brewster, with a
br. both as sery. in the Mayflower, 1620, and the br. d. in few wks, ; at '
the div. of cattle 1627, when the name of every man, woman, and
TOL. m. 20

230 MOORE.

ch. is giv. he was still assort, with Elder Brewster ; but bjr Gov. Brad-
ford's Hist. 451, we are taught that he m. and in 1651 had four or five
ch. liv. as if he had lost one or more. It is vain to regret, that the Gov.
did not mention the names of the ch. or the mo. Perhaps he rem. to
one of the newer settlem. for Winsor's Duxbury tells that he. sold his
land 1637, and I am convinc. aft. long search, that he is the Richard by
Deane, in Hist, of Scituate, call. Mann, as the other four passeng. with
this bapt. name of Richard, were all then adult. See Mann. Richard,
Cape Porpoise, now Kennebunk, had gr. of 400 acres in 1647, and less
than 20 yrs. aft. was of Scarborough, had w. Bridget, became pauper
1679, and d. 1681. See Southgate, 77. Richard, Salem 1642,to wh.
says Felt, was made gr. of land 1638, freem. 28 Feb. 1643, tho. this
man may have come in the Blessing, from London 1635, aged 2Q. He,
or perhaps a s. of the same name, in a town ofiSce there, was liv. 1682 ;
and in 1668 his name, with that of Richard jun. is sign, to the petitn^
against imposts. Richard, Lynn, by w. Alice, wh. d. 29 May 1661,
had Mary, b. 15 Jan. preced. and he m. 6 Nov. 1662, Eliz. Wildes.
Robert, Boston 1651, tailor, rem. next yr. Robert, Boston, by w.
Ann had Susanna, b. 6 Aug. 1686. Samuel, Salem, freem. 6 Mar.
1632, perhaps, therefore, came in Nov. preced. in the Lion, had Samuel,
bapt. 25 Dec. 1636; and Remember, 9 Dec. 1638. Samuel, Boston,
prob. s. of Jeremy, m. 1 May 1660, Abigail, d. of capt. Thomas
Hawkins, had Mary, b. 2 May 1661 ; he d. in short time, and his wid.
m. Thomas Kellond, and 3d h. Hon. John Foster. Samuel, Boston, by
w. Naomi had Francis, b. 15 July 1670; and Edward, 5 July 1674
Samuel, Lynn, had Mary, b. early in June 1676, d. soon; Rebecca, 9
Nov. 1677, d. soon; Abigail, 26 Sept. 1678; and Ephraim, 17 June
1681 ; was freem. 1691. Thomas, Dorchester, qame in the Mary and
John 1630, and prob. was br. of John of the same, freem. 18 May 1631,
rem. 1635 or 6 to "Windsor, perhaps rem. to Southold, L. L where was
one of this name 1662. Thomas, Portsmouth, one of the first sett, sent
by John Mason, the patentee, 1631. Thomas, Salem 1636, prob. s. of
Thomas, to whose wid. Ann, a midwife, was next yr. gr. of Id. made, by
w. Martha had Thomas, and Martha, both bapt. 21 Oct. 1639, soon aft.
the parents were rec. of the ch. ; Benjamin, 2 Aug. 1640 ; Nathaniel, 3
July 1642; Hannah, 29 Dec. 1644; Eliz. 31 Jan. 1647; Jonathan, 3
June 1649; and Mary, 15 Dec. 1650; was freem. 27 Dec. 1642, and in
few yrs. rem. Thomas, Boston, mariner, m. at Cambridge, 9 Nov.
1653;, Sarah Hodges, had Sarah, b. 26 Apr. 1655, d. nextyr. ; Sarah,
again, 5 M^y 1660; Hannah, 26 Apr. 1662; Rachel, 25 May 1664;
Eliz. 27 Apr. 1667; and Thomas, 2 Sept. 1669, d. 1690. Thomas,
Roxbury, freem. 1690, says the Col. rec. but I have some doubt. Wil-

MOO — MO R 231

LiAM, Salem 1639, may have been of Ipswich 1665, and d. 1671.
* "William, Exeter 1645, was, says Farmer, a rep. in the assemb. of
N. H. William, York 1652, when he subm. to the Mass. governm. to
1G80, when he took the o. of alleg. to his Majesty. "William, "Westerly
1669, may be the same, who at Norwich m. Aug. 1677, Mary, wid. of
Thomas Howard, wh. was k. at the gr. battle of Philip's war, 19 Dec.
1675, d. of William Wellman, had EHz. b. 20 July 1678; Experience, ,
12 May 1680 ; Martha, 22 Feb. 1682 ; Joshua, 1683 ; . William, 1685 ;
and Abigail, 1687. His w. d. 3 Apr. 1700, and he m. 17 July foil.
Mary, wifl. of Joshua Allen of Windham, wh. d. 18 Sept. 1727 ; and
he m. 10 June 1728, Tamison Simmons, and d. Apr. 1729. William,
Amesbury 1670, a milit. officer, wh. m. as I presume, 7 Oct. 1673, Mary
Veazie, perhaps d. of George of Dover. Seven of this name had, in
1829, been gr. at Harv. six at Yale, six at Dart, and twelve at other
N. E. coll.

MooRES, Edmund, Newbury, Coffin says, came 1640, aged 26, by w.
Ann, wh. d. 7 June 1676, had Martha, b. 12 Dec. 1643; Jonathan, 23
Apr. 1646 ; Mary, 30 Nov. 1648 ; Edmund, wh; d. 8 Nov. 1656 ; Rich-
ard, 3 Nov. 1653; and Sarah, 1 Apr. 1661. Edmund, Newbury, call,
jun. perhaps not s. of the preced. m. 3 Jan. 1677, Sarah Cooper, had
Edmund, b. 5 Dec. foil. prob. d. young; Sarah, 9 Dec. 1681 ; Mark, 9
Feb. 1689; Martha, 20 Aug. 1691; and Edmund, again, 3 Apr. 1693.
Jonathan, Newbury, s. of first Edmund, m. as Coffin says, 10 May
1670 [1680?], Constance Langhorne, had Jonathan, b. 3 Apr. 1681;
Richard, 24 July 1683 ; Samuel, 20 Feb. 1-686 ; Thomas, 6 Nov. 1688 ;
and Dorothy, 8 Dec. 1690. Matthew, Newbury, m. 27 Mar. 1662,
Sarah- Savory, had Sarah, b. 15 Dec. 1663 ; and William, 10 Feb.
1 666 ; but an intermed. JVilHam was b. to wh. Coffin assigns impossib.
date. Samuel, Newbury, m. 3 May 1653, Hannah Plummer, wh. d. 8
Dec. 1654, and he m. 12 Dec. 1656, Mary Ilsley, d. of WilUam of
the same.

More, See Moore. Henry, Dorchester 1675, had supphed a substit.
in the comp. of capt. Johnson, Dec. of that yr. as may be read in the
list, print, in Geneal. Reg. VIII. 242, tho. his name is copied Mare.
Many of the fam. have the name, as it were, interchangeable ; the same
person on one page of the rec. spelling each way.

Morehouse, or Moorehouse, John, Fairfield, ensign in 1676.
Jonathan, Fairfield, m. Mary, d. of Edward Wilson of the same, bef.
1684. Samuel, Fairfield, perhaps s. of Thomas, freem. 1664, liv. 1670.
Thomas, Wethersfield 1640, perhaps was at Stamford next yr. but in
1653 at Fairfield.

Moefield, or Moorfield, John, Hingham, came in the Diligent,
1 638, from old Hingham.

232 M E

MoRELL, William, came in Sept. 1623, with Eobert Gorges, sat
down at Weymouth, but soon went to Plymouth, aft. Gorges left him,
and home within a yr. His verses, Latin and translat. into Eng. show
he was a fair scholar; and his prudence was pro. by not. producing the
ecclesiast. commission he had to rule on this side of the water.

MoRET, Benjamin, Wickford 1674, was some relat. prob. of Isaac
Heath of Eoxbury, who names Mary and Benjamin in his will of Jan.
1661. George, Duxbury 1640, d. that yr. may be the passeng. 1635,
from London, aged 23, by the Truelove. Francis, Salem 1686.
John, came in the Blessing, 1635, aged 19, from London, but *I kn. no
more of him. Jonathan, Plymouth, m. 8 July 1659, Mary, wid. of
Eichard Foster, d. of Eobert Bartlett. Joseph, Wickford 1674.' Na-'
THANiEL, Providence, m. July 1666, Joanna Inman, perhaps d. of the
first Edward, had John, and prob. Joanna. Eoger, Providence 1649,
had early been one of Salem ch. by w. Mary had Bethia ; Mehitable ;
Eoger, b. 8 May 1649; Thomas, 19 July 1652; and Hannah, 28 Sept.
1656 ; and he d. 5 Jan. 1668. Eoger, may have liv. at Milton, and,,
perhaps, m. Mary, d. of John Johnson, and had Abigail, bapt. at Eox-
bury, in her mo.'sjight, 8 Aug. 1680. Thomas, Eoxbury, m. 6 Sept.
1673, Susanna, d. of the sec. Abraham Newell, had Thomas, b. 15 May
1678, d. very sobn; Abigail, bapt. 4 Apr. 1680, perhaps i. soon; Abi-
,gail, b. 30 Mar. 1681; Mary, 11, bapt. 20 Aug. 1682; Susanna, 27
Apr. bapt. 17 May 1685; John, 13, bapt. 27 July 1687 ; Eliz. 14 Dec.
1689 ; and Nathaniel, 28 May 1694. He was freem. 1685, and d. 25
Dec. 1717; but I do not find the date of d. of w. Abigail m. 2 Apr.
1697, Timothy Harris.

Morgan, Bennett, Plymouth, came in the Fortune, 1621, but he
had not sh. in the div. of cattle 1627, and so we may be sure he was
gone, but whither is unkn. David, Springfield, s. of Miles, freem.
1690, d. 1731, leav. Pelatiah, David, John, Ebenezer, Benjamin, and
Mary. Francis, Kittery 1664, was next yr. appoint, admor. on the
gr. est. of capf. John Mitchell. Isaac, Springfield 1678, br. of David,
was in the Falls fight in Philip's war, rem. to Enfield, d. 1706, hav. had
five ch. of wh. Abigail alone surv. * James, Eoxbury 1640, m. 6 Aug.
of that yr. Margery Hill, had Hannah, b. 18 July, bapt. 18 Dec. 1642;
James, bapt. 3 Mar. 1644; John, 30 Mar. 1645, tho. rec. of b. is 30
Sept. ; Joseph, 29 Nov. 1646 ; Abraham, 3 Sept. 1648, d. in Aug. foil. ;
and a d. 17 Nov. 1660, wh. d. next week ; but the town rec. omits the
four last; was freem. 10 May 1643, rem. to New London, was rep.
1657, when he sw. he was fifty yrs. old, and rep. for the last time 1670.
James, New London, s. of the preced. was adm. freem. 1669, d. 8 Dec.
1671. James, Boston, had David, b. 10 Nov. 1076; and Jonathan, 19


Nov. 1680, may have serv. in Moseley's comp. Dec. 1675, and, perhaps,
wasf not that James of Boston, whose story is in the Magnalia, book VI.
40-43, execut. for murder, 11 Mar. 1686. John, New London, s. of
the first James, m. 16 Nov. 1665, Rachel, d. of John Deming, had, says
Miss Caalkins, seven ch. by her, and six more by. sec. w. Eliz. made
freem. 1669 ; was a lieut. and d. 1712. Jonathan, Springfield, s. of
Miles, was in the Falls fight 1676, freem. 1690, d. 1714, leav. Jonathan,
and four ds. Joseph, Lynn, m. 12 July 1669, Deborah Hart. Joseph,
Greenwich, ment. in Mather's Hecatompolis, as the min. may have been
s. of the first James. Miles, Springfield, by fam. tradit. said to have
arr. at Boston in Apr. 1636, with two brs. from Bristol, by w. Prudence
had Mary, b. 1645; Jonathan, 1646; David, 1648; Pelatiah, 1650;
Isaac, 1652; Lydia, 1654;- Hannah, 1656 ; Merey, 1658; and his w. d.
1661. He m. next, 15 Feb. 1670^ Eliz. Bliss, d'. of Thomas, had Na-
thaniel, 1671 ; and d. 28 May 1699. Lydia m. 1677, John Pierce.
Moses, a soldier under capt. Turner 1676, at Hadley, was prob. from
E. part of the Col. Nathaniel, Springfield, prob. youngest s. of
MUes, had Nathaniel, Samuel, Ebenezer, Miles, Joseph, James, Isaac,
Hannah, and Eliz. Owen, New Haven, m. 1650J wid. Joan Bryan.
Hall finds his name in 1656, at Norwalk ; and a wid. M. was propr.
1655, as by his valua. Hist, but no clue is kn. to the name of her h. or
the time of his d. Eichaed, Dover 1659, was prob. of Exeter 1684.
EoBEET, Saco 1636, may be he of Kennebeck 1665, nam. in Sullivan,
287. EoBERT, Salem 1637, adm. of the ch. 1650, and on 23 June of
that yr. had bapt. Samuel, Luke, Joseph, and Benjamin, and on 15 Dec.
foil. Eobert ; Bethia, 29 May 1653 ; and Aaron, 24 May 1663 ; was one
of the found, of the ch. at Beverly 1667. His will, of 14 Oct. 1672,
pro. 24 June foil, names w. Margaret, s. Samuel, w.'s f. Norman (but
wh. he was is not clear), s. Benjamin, Eobert, Bethia, s. Joseph, and
Moses. His inv. was of 10 Nov. 1672. Eogee, Charlestown', d. 23
Dec. 1675. Samuel, Marblehead 1674. William, Amesbnry 1677,
perhaps twelve yrs. later liv. in New Hampsh.

Moelet, John, Braintree, freem. 1645, rem. 1658 to Charlestown,
he and his w. being rec. into this ch. 29 Aug. of that yr. there d. 24
Jan. 1661 ; and his wid. Constant, wh. was first of the ch. at Dorchester,
d. 1669. Yet Frothingham, 80, names her as wid. inhab. of 1631, tho.
perhaps he means Catherine, wh. may have been his mo. in the will of
Morley, made a week bef. his d. referred to as then dec. He also names
in it sis. Ann Farmer. He gave to his wid. Constant, all his fest. in
N. E. and his Ids. and tenem. at Cheshunt, in Co. Herts, 0. E. In her
will is more instruct, for the genealog. as she rememb. her br. Joye (per-
haps meaning Joseph) Starr, her -sis. Ann Farmer, her sis. Suretrust



Rous, her cous. i. e. neph. John Starr sen. her cous. Mercy Swett, her
cous. Simon Eyrfe, and gives to cous. Eliz. w. of John Ferniside, and
Eliz. w. of Joshua Edmunds, but the gr. residue of her est. to William
and Eliz. childr. of said Eliz. Edmunds. No doubt, she was sis. of the
first Comfort Starr. Thomas, Westfield. See Mario.

MoEEiLL, II Abraham, Cambridge 1632, perhaps came in the Lion,
with br. Isaac, ar. co. 1638, rem. with orig. proprs. to Salisbury, where,
in 1650, only four men were tax. higher, d. at Roxbury, on a visit, 20
June 1662. He had m. 10 June 1645, Sarah, d. of Robert Clement of
Haverhill, had Isaac, b. 10 July 1646 ; Jacob, 24 Aug. 1648 ; Sarah, 14
Oct. 1650 ; Abraham, 14 Nov. 1652 ; Moses, 28 Dec. 1655; Aaron, 9 Aug.
1658; Richard, 6 Feb. 1660, d. soon; Lydia, 8 Mar. 1661 ; and Hepzibah,
posthum. Jan. 1663. His will, made the yr. of his d. pro. 14 Oct. names
w. Sarah, ch. Isaac, the eldest, Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Lydia, and Sarah,
beside br. Job Clement. His est. was £507. Lydia m. 9 Nov. 1682,
Ephraim Sever'ence. Abraham, Salisbury 1 677, s. of the preced. m. 1 688,
Sarah Bradbury, had Bradbury, b. 22 Mar. 1693, d. young; and Sarah,
18 Dec. 1696. Ezekiel, Reading, perhaps br. of the first Abraham, or
s. of him, or his br. Isaac, had w. Mary, and d. on a visit at Roxbury,
22 May 1663. His will, of 31 May preced. ment. f.-in-law, and mo.
without name of either. His wid. prob. m. 12 Aug. foil. Thomas Hodg-
man of R. prob. bore no ch. to either h. Henry, New Haven, had
Sarah, b. 1650, and he d. 1665. || Isaac, Roxbury, br. of Abraham,
said to have been b. 1588, came in the Lion, arr. 16 Sept. 1632, bring,
w. and prob. Sarah and Catharine; freem. 4 Mar. 1633, ar. co. 1638,, by
, w. Sarah, had here, Isaac, b. 26 or 7 Nov. 1632, d. in Jan. foil. ; Isaac,
again, 5 Feb. 1634, d. young; Hannah, 12 or 16 Sept. 1636 ; Ehz. May
1638, d. same mo. ; Abraham, 6 June 1640, wh. d. at 21 yrs. a " hopeful
young man," says Eliot in his ch. reg. and the f. d. 20 Dec. 1661.
Sarah m. 1646, Tobias Davis, and d. 23 Jan. 1649 ; Catherine m. 1
Aug. 1647, John Smith; and Hannah m. 5 Nov. 1652, Daniel Brewer,
His will, print, in Geneal. Reg. XL 35, made a few days bef.his d. gave
est. to w. for her life, names gr.ch. John, Isaac, Francis, Mary, and
Abraham Smith, and Sarah Davis. His wid. d. 9 Jan. 1673, aged 72.
Isaac, Charlestown, freem. 1682, of wh. it is very vexatious to be
unable to tell more than that he was .prob. br. of the first Abraham.
Isaac, Salisbury, s. of Abraham the first, perhaps had two ws. by
Phebe, had Abraham, b. 22 Aug. 1671; and Isaac; by Susanna, had
Mary, 1 Feb. 1674; Sarah, 29 May 1675; Jacob, 25 May 1677;
Rachel, 18 Feb. 1682, d. soon; Daniel, 18 Feb. 1683 ; Jemima, 9 Oct,
1685 ; Mary, again, 10 Sept. 1689 ; and Rachel, 24 Aug. 1692. Jacob,
Salisbury, br. of the preced. by w. Susanna had Ezekiel, b. 29 Sept.


1675 or 85; Hannah; Ruth, 9 Oct. 1686; Jacob, 2 May 1689; Su-
sanna, 14 June 1696; and Israel, 1 Mar. 1699; was freem. 1690.
Jeremiah, Boston, by w. Sarah had Jeremiah, b. 22 Aug. 1652 ; Satah
14 Aug. 1655; Mary, 5 Jan. 1658; Lydia, 30 Mar. 1659, d. soon;
Lydia, again, 14 Oct. 1661 ; and Hosea, 25 July 1665. Moses, Ames-
bury, br. of Jacob, freem. 1690, m. Rebecca, d. of William Barnes of
the same, had "William Barnes M. so nam. (bef. the custom of doub.
names so common and uncomfort. was introduc.) to preserve memo, of
his gr.f. Richard, New Hampsh. 1640. Thomas, Gravesend J.650,
Newtown, L. I. 1655. Thompson. Six of this name had, in 1834,
been gr. at Harv. and four at other N. E. coll. Early this is call.
Morrell, in town rec. Murrells.

Morris, Daniel, Hampton 1640. Dorman, Boston, by w. Elinor
had Daniel, b. 13 Feb. 1672; and Honor, 1 Apr. 1674. Edmund,
came 'in the Confidence, 1638, from Southampton. He was a car-
penter, of Dorsetsh. perhaps the parish of Kington Magna, near Shaftes-
bury, but I hear nothing later of him. * Edward, Roxbury, m. 29
Nov. 1655, Grace Burr, but in Boston rec. as cop. in Geneal. Reg. XI.
201, the name is'giv. Bett, wh. seems less likely to be correct surname,
had Isaac, b. 16 Sept. 1656, bapt. 19 Sept. 1658; Edward, bapt. 13
Mar. 1659; Grace, 17 Feb. 1661; Ebenezer, b. 14, bapt. 17 Apr.
1664; Eliz. bapt. 26 Mar. 1666 ; Margaret, 27 Sept. 1668 ; Samuel, 9
Apr. 1671 ; and Martha, 3 Jan. 1675; was rep. 1678 and to 1686.
His wid. Grace d. 6 June 1705, says the rec. but his own dec. is not
ment. there. He had rem. to New Roxbury, since call. Woodstock, and
was d. 27 Jan. 1692, when admini on his est. wasgr. Grace, his d. m.
7 Mar. 1683, Benjamin Child ; and Eliz. m. 9 May 1685, Joshua Child;
and Margaret m. 4 Apr. 1689, John Johnson. Edward, Roxbury, s.
of the preced. m. 24 May 1683, Eliz. Brown, had Eliz. b. 12 Feb.
1685, d. soon; Eliz. again, 3 Feb. 1686; Edward, 9 Nov. 1688.

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