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rep. same yr. and the former. Samuel, Boston, shoemaker, perhaps br.
of the preced. by w. Joanna, had Samuel, b. 8 Nov. 1651 ; Nathaniel,
27 Nov. 1653 ; and Benjamin, 15 June 1656 ; and his w. d, 29 June;

288 NOR'

but by sec. w. m. 1656, Eliz. d. of Philemon Pormort, bad EHz. 2,Sept.'
1657; Susanna, 26 Nov. 1659; Joseph, 28 Feb. 1664; Joshua^ 3 July
1666 ; Mary, 22 Mar. 1669 ; and Isaac, 8 Mar. 1672 ; was freem. 1666.

Norman, Hugh, Plymouth, m. 8 Oct. 1639, Mary White; rem. to
Yarmouth bef. 1643, had Eliz. who was drown. 28 May 1648, aged 6
yrs.; rem. again to Barnstable. John, Salem 1631, by w. Arabella
had John, b. Aug. 1637, bapt. 4 Mar. 1638 ; Lydia, 15 Jan. bapt. 23
Feb. 1640 ; Ann or Hannah, 15 Jan. bapt. 1 May 1642 ; Arabella, 14
Feb. bapt. Apr. 1644; Martha, May 1646; Richard, 12 Oct. 1651;
Joseph, 8 Sept. 1653, d. soon ; and Joseph, again, 7 Sept. 1656 ; was in
1640, at Jeffrey's creek, now Manchester, of Marblebead 1648, and back
again to Salem; d. 1673, in his 60th yr. and his wid. d. 1679. His d.
Arabella m. Sept. 1664, John Baldwin. John; Salem, s. of Richard,
m. Abigail, d. of George Ropes, had, perhaps, by a former w. John, b. a.
1660, and prob. is the man wh. was tak. in the Dutch war, 1667. He
d. 6 May 1713, aged 76, says the gr.st. rec. and his wid. Mary,>;I
suppose, d. 24 Oct. 1713, aged 67. Ano. John, perhajjPs. of the first
John, m. Sarah, youngest d. of Moses Maverick. Richakd, Salem,
perhaps br. of John the first, came in 1626, as Felt thinks, prob. from
Dorchester, in Eng. with s. Richard, to ea. of wh. he assigns that yr.
but John, who was elder, may have been left in Eng. Farmer thinks
he had also William, liv. at Marblebead 1 648 ; and says the elder Rich-
ard d. 1683, tho. it may seem as prob. that it was the s. of that name,
who, he says, was b. 1623, and liv. 1672 at Marblebead. It seems to
me, that the elder d. prob. bef. this last date, and that sec. Richard
was the freem. of 1680. Samuel, Barnstable, perhaps s. of Hugh, m.
24 Nov. 1697, by Mr. Hamblen's extr. from the rec. wid. Casley, but of
wh. she was wid. is not kn. Thomas, Boston 1674, prob. rem. fo Tops-
field, where be was liv. when made freem. 1681.

NoRRis, Ebwarb, Salem, fourth min. at that ch. ord. 18 Mar. 1640,
had join, the Boston ch. 21 July 1639, as did next mo. his w. Elinor;
yet his d. Mary unit, with the ch. of Roxbury soon aft. ; freem. 13 May
1640 ; d. as Farmer has it, 10 Apr. 1 659, aged a. 70 ; but 23 Dec. on morp
prob. auth. of John Hull, who calls the age a. " fourscore." His will, of
9 Dec. 1657, was pro. 27 June 1660. Mather includes him in his first
classis, yet omits his name of bapt. He was ord. by a Bp. we may be
sure, in the last days of Eliz. or first of James, but we have no report
of his cure. Edward, Salem 1639, s. of the preced. sch.master 1640
to 1676, d. 1684, in 70th yr.; by w. Dorothy had Edward, bapt. 18
Oct. 1657 ; and Eliz. ; perhaps more, but these outliv. him. Edward,
Salem, s. of the preced. m. 3 Deo. 1685, Mary Symonds, and perpet. the
name, the eighth Edward being recent, an active man. Nicholas, Exeter

NOR 289

1666, of wh. I kn. nothing, but that he took, 30 Nov. 1677, the o. of
alleg. and in 1690 desir. jurisdict. of Mass.

NoKTH, James, Northampton 1677, s. of John, d. 25 July 1689, leav.
ch. Sarah, b. 1679 ; and Mary, 1687. John, Farmington, an early sett,
prob. he who came 1635, aged 20, in the Susan and Ellen, to Boston,
was freem. of Conn. 1657; had Thomas; John, b. a. 1641; Samuel
and Mary, tw. 1643; James^ 1647; Sarah, bapt. 1653; Nathaniel,
29 June 1656; Lydia, 9 May 1658; and Joseph, 1660; d. late in
1691, or early in 1692, his inv. being of 12 Feb. in this yr. Mary m.
John Searle ; and Sarah m. the sec. Matthew "Woodruff of Farmington.
John, Wethersfield, prob. s. of the preced. d. 1682, leav. John, aged 10 ;
Mary, 8 ; and Susanna, 6. Miss Caulkins gives reason for presuming
he practis. physic, in 1662, at New London. Joseph, Farmington 1690,
s. of the first John. Eiohari), Salisbury 1640, one of the first proprs.
freem. 2 June 1641 ; rem. to Salem, there made his will 1649, in wh. w.
Ursula, ch. Mary, Sarah, wh. m. an Oldham, and Susanna, are ment.
Mary was w. of Thomas Jones of Gloucester, and d. 4 Feb. 1 682, as
his wid. ; and Susanna, of George Martin of S. Samuel, Farmington,
s. of the first John, d. 1682, leav. John, aged 13 ; Samuel, 10 ; Thomas,
8 ; and Hannah, 4. Thomas, New Haven 1644, had by w. Mary, d.
of Walter Price of Newington Butts, near London, wh. had been wid.
df Philip Petersfield of Holborn, three ch. Thomas, John, and Bathshua.
She outliv. him, and m. Thomas Dunck of Saybrook, and d. in Eng.
whither she went 1670, to recover est. descend, to her, leav. D. to get
ano. w. bef. 10 July 1677. Thomas, Hadley 1678, took o. of alleg. 8
Feb. next.

NoETHAM, James, Hartford 1655, may have been, 10 yrs. bef. at
Wethersfield, freem. 1 658, was engag. next yr. with the seceders, who
would rem. to Hadley, but he was not able to fulfil his design, and d.
bef. 1662. He m. wid. Isabel Catlin, had only Samuel, yet it may be he
was by a former w. His wid. rem. to New Jersey, but aft. to Hadley,
where she m. Joseph Baldwin. Samuel, Hatfield 1674, s. of the
preced. m. that yr. Mary, d. of John Dickinson, had Samuel, b. 4 May
1675; Mary, 7 Jan. 1677; Eliz. 1 Apr. 1680; and Jonathan, 18 May
1682 ; rem. to Deerfield, but in 1715, with s. Jonathan, was of Col-
chester, where he d.

NoRTHCUT, William, Yarmouth 1643, then able to bear arms, may
have been f. of bef. ment. W. Norcut ; but in my guess, was the same

NoRTHEND, EzEKiEL, Rowlcy 1645 ; was b. a. 1622, m. Edna, wid.
of Richard Bailey, had beside four ds. John, b. 1658; and Ezekiel,
1666 ; was selectman 1691. His d. Eliz. m. Humphrey Hobson, and

VOL. in. 25

290 NOE

next, Thomas Gage ; Edna m. Thomas Lambert. * Ezekiel, Eowleyj,
perhaps s. of the preced. a corpo. in 1691, when he was the richest man
in town ; m. 10 Sept. of that yr. Dorothy, d. of Henry Sewall of New-
bury, had John, b. 1692; Ezekiel, 1697 ; Samuel, 1707 ; beside six d&
Possib. some were by sec. w.- He was rep. 1715-17, John, Wethers-
field, one of the first sett. rem. prob. to Stamford, where final s was

NoETHET, John, Marblehead 1648, was b. a. 1607, and prob. f. of
that John of Scituate, wh. serv. in Philip's war, became a Quaker, and
m. 1675, Sarah, d. of Henry Ewell, had James, b. 1687, of wh. is still a
line of descend, at S.

Northrop, Northrtjp, Norteop, or Noethtjp, Joseph, Milford,
an early sett. d. 1669, prob. for his will is of that yr. Joseph, Milford,
perhaps s. of the preced. prop, for freeha.. 1670. Samuel, Milford,
prob. br. of the preced. prop, for freem. 1671. Twelve proprs. of this
name were counted in 1713, at that place, includ. two or three wiijs.
Stephen, Providence 1645, adm. freem. 1658, and, perhaps, of Wick-
ford 1674.

Norton, Bonus, Ipswich, s. of William, had w. Mary Goodhue, d.
of Joseph, m. bef. 1690, who outliv. him, and ch. John; Mary; Sarah;
William, b. 9 May 1691 ; Joseph, 17 Nov.^1695; Samuel, 12 Sept.
1699; Eliz. ; Lucy; and Ann; but the order is unkn. for the most.
He rem. to Hingham in his mid. life, went last to Hampton, there, d.
30 Apr. 1718, aged 61, as the gr.st. tells. * || Francis, Portsmouth
1631, a steward, sent by Mason and other patentees, rem. to Charles-
town, says Frothingham, as early as 1637, was freem. 18 May 1642, ar.
CO. 1643, a capt. and rep. many yrs. betw. 1647 and 61, d. 11 July 1667.
His wid. Mary m. 27 Aug. 1670, deac William Stitson ; prob. he had
no s. but of ds. Abigail m. John Long; Mary m. 30 Oct. 1656, Joseph
Noyes; Eliz. m. 21 Sept. 1671, Timothy Symmes ; Deborah m. Zechary
Hill, and next, Matthew Griffin; and. Sarah was unm. Francis,
Wethersfield, one of the first sett, but was of Milford 1660, thence rem.
1662, to New Haven, where he was drown. 1667, leav. no ch. but in
his will of 1666, names cous. i. e. neph. John N. Fkeegrace, Saco,
eldest s. of George of Salem, serv. on the gr. jury 1662, but soon aft.
rem; to Ipswich, was a serj. in Philip's war, of capt. Appleton's comp.
k. by the Ind. 19 Oct. 1675, at Hatfield, then 40 yrs. old ; had m. a d.
of Eoger Spencer, the capt. of S. perhaps had ch. but nothing is kn.
* George, Salem, was prob. that carpenter, who came in the fleet with
Higginson, Apr. 1629, from London, freem. 14 May 1634, by w. Mary
had Freegrace, b. prob. 1635, but whose bapt. I find not ; John, bapt.
Oct. 1637; Nathaniel, May 1639; George, 28 Mar. 1641; rem. to

-NOETON. 291

Gloucester, was there selectman 1642, 3, and rep. 1642-4; and there
Mary was b. 28 Feb. 1643 ; unless this were mistake, as to me seems
prob. for Henry ; Mehitable; Sarah; Hannah; and Abigail, 1651; rem.
again, perhaps for short time, to Ipswich, but soon ^ Wenham, where
was bapt. his d. Sarah, 14 Feb. 1647 ; and Eliz. 7 Aug. 16.53 ; and he
d. 1659 ; leav. wid. Mary and those ten ch. His wid. m. Philip Fowler.
* Geokge, Suffield, s. of the preced. prob. may have first been of Ips-
wich, but more prob. at Salem, and rem. to I. where first five ch. were
b. by w. Sarah, who d. 23 June 1682; he had George; Thomas, b.
1670 ; Nathaniel ; Sarah; and Alice; but aft. gett. est. at S. then part
of Springfield, 1674, rem. thither, and had Samuel, b. 22 Jan. 1680, d.
soon ; Samuel, again, 9 Apr. 1681, d. soon ; and John, 12 June 1682, d.
soon; he m. 20 June 1683, Mary or Mercy, wid. of John Gillett of
Windsor, d. of the first Thomas Barker, had Mary, b. 18 Jan. 1685;
Abigail, 14 Jan. 1687 ; Freegrace, 1 Jan. 1689 ; Joanna, 17 Mar. 1693 ;
Eliz. 31 Aug. 1695, d. young; and Eliz. again, posthum. when nine
others were livl 19 Mar. 1697. He was freem. 1681, and selectman,
and rep. 1693, and d. 15 Nov. 1696, and his wid. d. 31 Dec. 1725.
George, York 16B0, perhaps s. of Henry, m. Mary, d. of Richard
Foxwell of Scarborough; sw. alleg. 1680. Henet, York 1656, was
marshal of the Col. had, four yrs. earlier, sw. alleg. to Mass. but prob.
went home next yr. His s. George had admin. 1679 ; yet the, f. d. early'
in 1659, as in the inv. show. £103, 18, of date 2 Mar. Humphrey,
Plymouth 1657, a Quaker, who prob. had come but few mos. bef. he
was expel, from the Col. in Oct. being "found guilty of divers, horrid
errors," and driv. to R. I. There the quiet of tolerat. could not be long
endur. and in the spring foil, he went back to court persecution, and at
the June Court had the advantage of attract, attention eno. to be whip,
imprison, and made to pay fees therefor ; but the severity of that minor
jurisdict. even aft. the death of Gov. Bradford, rose not to the sublime
of folly exhibit, by Mass. and, I suppose, Humphrey went home in
1 658, to avoid what he had first sought. Yet the infection was malign,
eno. at Plymouth to drive Hatherly and Cudworth from their high
places of serv. Prob. he was no relat. of Rev. John, whose extreme
virulence against this sect, was better suit, to the majority of our people
than the new form of worship of the disciples. James, New Haven
1640. John, Charlestown, may have come in 1629, but certain, was
here next yr. had gone to York, where Stone, on a trading voyage along
shore, took him up in 1633, for a companion to Tirginia, but near the
mouth of Connecticut, the Pequots, in a quarrel, cut ofi" the whole
party. He was call. capt. in Charlestown. Winth. I. 123. John,
Ipswich, an eminent divine, s. of William, b, 6 May 1606, says Mather,


at Starford, meaning, I think, Bishop Stortford, in Herts, bred at Peter
House, in the Univ. of Cambridge, where I saw his subscriptions on tak.
his A. B. 1623-4, and A. M. 1627, tho. by the Magn. it is said (with
unusual confid. ev|n for that work) he left the Univ. on occasion of a
disaster to his f.'s est. and bee. an -usher to a sch. and curate at Starford.
He was domestic chaplain to Sir "William Masham in the neighb. Co.
Essex, but could obt. no preferm. and dissatisf. with the formalities
demand, in the ch. serv. emb. in 1634, to come to our country with
Shepard, but they were compel, by a storm to go back, and he came
later than S. next yr. reaching Plymouth aft. ano. terrible storm in ship
with Gov. "VVinsIow, being the Hopewell, capt. Babb, prob. in Oct.. 1 635 ;
but he could not be content there, aft. teach, some mos. tho. earnest,
desir. by the people. At Ipswich he was ord. 1636, freem. yet without
prefix of resp. 17 May 1637, not long aft. d. of famous John Cotton was
call, to make good his place in Boston, and instal. 23 July 1656. In
Feb. 1662 was sent with Bradstreet to make fair weather for our Col.
in London, fulfill, his mission with skill, and came back m Sept. but was
less kindly rec. here, especially by those who had desir. no such result,
and d. 5 Apr. 1663, leav. w. Mary but no ch. in his will, pro. 16 Apr.
foil. ment. br. "William of Ipswich, br. Thomas of London, mo. sis. Eliz.
and his w. Mary. His wid. d. 17 Jan. 1678. Her will, of 20 Aug.
1677, ment. neph. John, wh. bee. min. of Hingham, brs. Thomas and
"William, sis. Eliz. and Mary, beside sis. Lucy, w. of William. John,
Branford 1645, perjiaps s. of Thomas of Saybrook, had tl^ere sev. ch.
by w. Hannah Clark, rem. to Hartford, and soon to Farmington, there
had Samuel, bapt. 20 May 1659, d. soon ; in Oct. 1661, brot. for bapt.
his ch. Hannah, aged a. 12; Dorothy, 10 ; John, 8 ; and Thomas, a. 13
mos.; was freem. 1657 or 1664, and d. 1711. John, Guilford, s. of
Thomas, freem. 1667, m. Hannah, d. of "William Stone of the same, and
sec. w. Eliz. Hubbard, had John, b. 18 Nov. 1666, d. in few wks.;' John,
again, 29 May 1668; Samuel, 4 Oct. 1672; Thomas, 4 Mar. 1675;
Hannah, 4 Feb. 1678; and Mary, 1680; but whether all by first w.
tho. prob. is not distinct, told. He d. 5 Mar. 1704. His will of 24 Feb.
1701, names three s. and two ds. John, Hingham, third min. s. of
William of Ipswich, ord. 27 Nov. 1678, m. the same week, Mary, d. of
Arthur Mason of Boston, had Eliz. and John, and d. 3 Oct. 1716.
John, Springfield, m. 1678, Lydia, d. of deac. Samuel Wright, wid. of
Lawrence Bliss, had no ch. by her. John, Salem, a carpenter, was
call. 56 yrs. old in 1693, m. 3 Apr. 1660, Mary, perhaps d. of Elder
Samuel Sharp, had Mary, b. 4 Jan. 1662, d. in one mo. ; Mary, again,
26 Apr. 1664; Hannah, 17 Oct. 1668 ; Abigail, 30 Jan. 1671 ; George,
20 Apr. 1672; Eliz, 30 Aug. 1674; and^John, 30 Oct. 1679. John,


Farmington, s. of John of the same, had John, bapt. 6 Apr. 1684 ; Marj,
21 Nov. 1686 ; Sarah, prob. 31 Mar. but rec. says 1 Apr. (the fool's day
that yr. being Monday) 1689 ; Hannah, 15 May 1692 ; Dorcas, 20 Jan.
1695 ; and three or four others, whose names and dates are not seen.
Joseph, Salisbury, m. 10 Mar. 1662, Siusanna, d. of Samuel Getchell,
had s. b. 1662, d. soon; SamueVH Oct. 1663 ; Joseph, 14 Aug. 1^5 ;
Priscilla, 16 Dec. 1667 ; Solomon, 31 Jan. 1670; benjamin, 24 Mar.
1672 ; Caleb, June 1675 ; Flower, a d. 21 Nov. 1677 ; and Joshua, 13
Oct. 1680. Nicholas, Weymouth, bad Isaac, b. 3 May 1641 ; and
Jacob, 1 Mar. 1644. Nicholas, Edgartown 1669, perhaps s. of the
preced. had w. Eliz. and eleven ch. of wh. 4 were s. and one of them, Jo-
seph, was head of a long line of descend. He and w. d. a. 1690, he a. 80
yrs. old. Richard, Bostqp 1 648, a cooper, by w. Dorothy had Richard, b.~\
perhaps 10 Feb. 165* d. on the same ; and the f. d. bef. 8 Aug. 1657,^
when his est. was apprais. Samuel, Boston, wh. d. 28 June 1654, may
have been only trang. visitor. Thomas, Guilford, one of the signers of
the first compact, 1 June, 1639, d. 1648, bef. mid. life, leav. w. Grace, s.
Thomas, and John ; ds. Ann ; Grace ; Mary ; and Abigail, wh. m. 1667,
Ananias Trians ; Ann m. John Warner at Hartford ; ttrace m. 2 Apr.^^
1651, William Seward ; and Mary m. 7 Apr. 1660, Samuel Rockwell of
Windsor. Thomas, Salem 1654, made by George Williams first of the
overseers of his will that yr. Thomas, Saybrook, s. of the first Thomas,
m. 8 May 1671, Eliz. d. of John Mason, had EHz. b. 13 Oct. 1674, d.
young; Thomas, 1 June 1677 ; Eliz. again, 26 Dec. 1679 ; Joseph and
Samuel, tw. 6 iS'ov. 1681 ; Abigail and Ebenezer, tw. 16 Oct. 1683 ; and ,
John, 3 Oct. 1686. His w. d. 31 Jan. 1699 ; he rem. to Durham, and
d. late in 1712. Walter, a capt. desir. adm. as freem. 19 Oct. 1630,
and 18- May foil, was rec. but very uncert. is it, when, or whence he
came, whither he went, or where resid. exc. that Charlestown may seem
better entitled than any other, town, for fi capt. N. was very early sett,
there, and it has been guessed that this was the capt. k. by the Pequots
1 633, who by me is in the Index to Winthrop's Hist. call. John, on what
authority, however, in the lapse of above thirty yrs. is forgotten. Wil-
liam, Ipswich, strange, call. rev. in Geneal. Reg. XIII. 229, was
younger br. of Rev. John, came in the Hopewell, capt. Babb, late in
1635, aged 25, from London, tho. he had prob. come in 1632, with Ed-
ward Winslow, in the William and Francis, arr. at Boston 5 June ;
freem. 3 Mar. 1636, then, perhaps, of Hingham, yet it is not easy to
find where he liv. bef. going to I. nor when or wh. he m. He d. 30
Apr. 1694, and by his will of two days preced. pro. 15 May foil, we
gain positive knowledge, and find his w. Lucy, d. of Emmanuel Down-
ing, as is said, ch. Rev. John, H. C. 1671 ; and Bonus, bef. ment. ; Eliz.


294 NOR — NOT

w. of John Wainwriglit, Esq. aft. w. of Hon. Isaac Addington. Other
younger ch. William, b. 12 Feb. 1661 ; and Lucy, 25 Jan. 1662, were
prob. d. bef. the will. The wid. d. 5 Feb. 1698. "William, Boston
1658, m. 14 Dec. 1659, Susanna, d. of Ralph Mason, had John, b. 22
Aug. 1660; William, 14 Sept. 1662; David, 31 May 1664; Mary, 5
Fek. 1668 ; William, again, 8 July 1670 ; Mary, again, 15 Dec. 1671 ;
and Susanna, 25 June 1676. Twelve of this name had, in 1834, been
gr. at Yale, seven at Harv. and four at other N. E. coll.

NoKvriCH, John, freem. 13 May 1640, of wh. we kn. no more, and
have no clue even to his resid. exc. that the freemen's list has his name
betw. a Brown of Newbury and a Pitts of Hingham.

NoEWOOD, Caleb, Gloucester, youngest s. of Francis, m. Alice, d.
prob. of Hon. Samuel Donnell, had sev. ch. rep^Jx) Boston, there kept
an inn, made his will 29 Nov. 1735, nam. s. "ustavus, and five ds.
Francis, Gloucester, m. 15 Oct. 1663, EUz. Coldum, prob. .d. of,
Clement the sec. had Thomas, b. 10 Dec. 1664; Francis, 9 Dec. 1666;
Eliz. 17 Feb. 1669; Mary, 7 Jan. 1672; Stephen, 24 Nov. 1*674;
Deborah, 14 Sept. 1677; Hannah, 8 Nov. 1679 ;, Joshua, 1683;
Caleb, 1685; and Abigail, 1689; and he d'. 4 Mar. 1709. Francis,
Gloucester, s. of the preced. m. 24 Jan. 1693, Mary, d. of James .
Stevens, had William, and Jonathan, wh. both liv. long. Joshua,
Gloucester, br. of the preced. m. 25 Sept. 1704, Eliz. d. of William
Andrews of Ipswich, had four s. and eleven ds. says Babson in his
valua. Hist, of G. and d. 1762. Richard, Cambridge, d. 13 May
1644. Stephen, Gloucester, s. of the first Francis, m. Feb. 1702, Eliz.
Ingleby, and d. 7 Jan. foil. Thomas, Gloucester, s. of Francis, m. 24
Aug. 1685, Mary, d. of Thomas Brown of Lynn, and Lewis tells of
si:& ch. Francis, Ebenezer, Mary, Thomas, Mary, and Jonathan, with-
out dates of any.

NosEWOETHT, RoBERT, Boston 1675, mariner.

NoTT, * John, Wethersfield 1640, or earlier, had Hannah, b. 10 June
1649 ; John, 10 Jan. 1651 ; and Eliz. who was eldest; was oft. a rep.
from 1665, in 19 sess. d. 25 Jan. 1682, leav. as in his will two yrs.
preced. ment. wid. Ann, and those ch. of wh. Hannah m. John Hale ;
and Eliz. m. Robert Reeves. From him in fourth generat. was the late
Rev. Dr. Samuel, Y. C. 1780, wh. d. in 99th yr. on 26 May 1852.
John, Wethersfield, s. of the preced. m. 28 Mar. 1683, Patience, d. of
William Miller, had John, b. 23 ifov. 1683 ; Jonathan, 4 June 1685;
William, 19 Nov. 1686; ThomaS, 1 Oct. 1688; Nathaniel, 18 Apr.
1691 ; Gershom, 19 Mar. 1693; Thankful, 6 Jan. 1695; Abraham, 29
Jan. 1697; and Ann, 29 July 1699; and he d. 21 Mar. 1710. His
wid. outliv. 1745.


NowELL, Alexanbee, Charlestown, s. of Increase, freem. 1671, com-
pos, sev. almanacs, but d. 13 July 1672, prob. unra. || George, Boston,
blacksmith, ar. co. 1662. J Increase, Charlestown, came 1630, in the
fleet with Winth, prob. in the Arbella, was one of the founders of first ch.
in Boston, his being the fifth name on the list of memb. and w. Parnell
the fourteenth, had here Increase, b. 19, bapt. 21 Nov. 1630, d. young ;
Abigail, b. 27 Apr. bapt. 3 June 1632, being the very next bapt. .to that
of Increase, because! intermed. Wilson the min. had been gone to Eng.
'and she d. young ; was one of the founders of the new ch. at Charles-
town by setting off from Boston, had Samuel, b. 12, bapt. 22 Nov.
1634, H. C. 1653; Eleazer, b. 16 Nov. 1636, d. soon; Mehitable,
b. 2 Feb. 1638 ; Increase, again, 23 May 1640, prob. error for 13, as he
was bapt. 19 of that mo. ; Mary, 26 May 1643 ; and Alexander, a. 1645,
H. C. 1664. His w. was Parnell Gray, d. of wid. Catharine Coytemore,
who came over with the fam. of N. and elder sis. of capt. Thomas
Coytemore, but the w. of N. was by her first h. Gray ; and the prop, of
Coytemore, bef. the law made half blood to be heirs, was adjudged to
descend, of Coytemore alone. He was always in pub. serv. hav. early
git. up the place of ch. elder, was Seer, of the Col. many yrs. and
Assist, from the elect, in Eng. bef. the royal chart, to his d. 1 Nov. 1655.
His wid. d. 25 Mar. 1687, aged 84. Mehitable m. William Hilton,
and next, deac. John Cutler, and d. 1711'; Mary m. 14 Aug. 1666,
Isaac VVinslow, and next, 16 Sept. 1674, John Long. Philip, Salem,
mariner, drown. 15 Nov. 1675. Eobeet, ^alem, m. 1 Jan., 1668, Mary
Tatchell, unless this be, as I conject. an iinpossib. name, had William and
Eobert, tw. both d. in few, days ; Mary, b. 27 Feb. 1670 ; and Eobert, 5
Nov. 1672. I Samuel, Charlestown, eldest surv. s. of Increase, a preach,
but never a sett. min. was chaplain in Philip's war, both on Conn. riv. and
in the gr. Narraganset fight, where his bravery is much applaud, in
Magn. VII. cap. 6, sec. 10, and Mather wishes us to suppose, that he
used other than spiritual weapons; freem. 1677, Assist. 1680, and in
Oct. 1685, chos. Treasr. of the Col. from wh. the royal commiss. to
Dudley next yr. reliev. him ; went to Eng. to act with Mather at Court,
in favor of the country, but d. at London, in Sept. 1688. His wid.
Mary, by wh. he had no ch. d. 14 Aug. 1693. She was d. of William
' Alford, and was first w. of Peter Butler, third w. of Hezekiah Usher,
and first of N. This fam. was of repute in Eng. Alexander, dean of
St. Paul's in Queen Eliz. day, a learned puritan, s. of John of Great
Mearlyj near Clitheroe, in Lancashire, on the edge of Yorksh. d, 13
Feb. 1601, aged 90, says Wood's Athense. Thomas, Windsor, an early
sett tho. it is not thot. that he had been at Dorchester, had w. Eliz. but
no ch. and in his will of 3 Nov. 1648, aft. small gifts to his kindr. Eob-

296 NOTES.

ert Wilson, and Isabel Phelps, devises a compet. est. to w. for life, re-
maind. in fee to Christopher Nowell, s. of Edward of Wakefield, Yorksh.
yet he calls neither his br. Both the will and inv. of 22 Feb. foil, are
in J. II. Trumbull's Conn. Col. Rec. I. 506, 8. A reasonable conject
may arise, from the moderate distance betw. Wakefield and Clitheroe,
less than 40 miles, that the stock of this Windsor wayfarer and our
Seer, of Mass. was in the sixteenth cent, the same, tho. we find no evid.
of their ever meet, in our country. Farmer says the name is still found
in both the States of New Hampsh. and Mass. and I should, be very*,
glad to see the deduction from first comer.

NoYES, Noyce, or Noise, Cutting, Newbury, s. of Nicholas, freem.
1674, m. 25 Feb. 1674, Eliz. d. of John Knight, had John, b. 15 Dec.
1674; Cutting, 28 Jan. 1677; Eliz. 2 Jan. 1679; Nicholas, 22 May
1681, d. at 14 yrs. ; Joseph, 21 Jan. 1689 ; and Mary, 27 Mar. 1693.
Jambs, Newbury, one of the two first min. b. 1608, at Choulderton, in
Wilts, near the edge of Hants, betw. Amcsbury in W. and Andover in
H. s. of Eev. William, who was instit. I find by the registry of that .
diocese, in 1602 as rector, but in 1621, resign, in favor of Nathan Noyes.
His mo. was sis. of Robert Parker a very learned Puritan, driv. to
Holland for his heterodoxy a. forms ; and he was bred at Brazen Nose, ^
Oxford, as his nephew, Rev. Nicholas in his acco. for Magn. III.
cap.' 25, Append, writes, and was call, away by his cous. Thomas
Parker to assist him at the sch. of Newbury, in Berksh. He jn. 1634,
Sarah, eldest d. of Mr. Joseph Brown of Southampton, and in Mar. of
that yr. emb. for N. E. inco. with his br. Nicholas and cous. Thomas

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