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prob. Mary, d. of the first William Sprague of Hingham, wh. must have
been sec. w. for in 1669 he m. Eliz. d. of Thomas Clap of S. He had
sev. ch. of wh. Daniel was of Marshfield ; and Sarah m. Elisha Bisby, jr.
says Deane. In the same sh. with him came Susanna, aged 30,- wh. may
have been aunt. Thomas, Sudbury, m. 26 Dec. 1655,. Bridget Davis.
Thomas, Taunton, d. 30 Mar. 1718, aged 70, says gr.stone. He may
be that Weymouth inhab. wh. by w. Mary had John, b. 29 Aug. 1670;
Mary, 12 June 1673 ; and, perhaps, had ch. aft. rem. to T. Thomas,

KIN ■ 27

Hatfield and Hartford, br. of Benjamin, m. 17 Nov. 1683, Abigail, d. of
Jedediah Strongj .had Thomas, b. at Northampton, 3 Dec. 1684, d.
young; Abigail, 1687; and Mary, 1691, both at Hatfield; beside
Thomas ; and Robert ; both at Hartford, where, aft. d. of his first w.
1689, he m. 1690, Mary, d. of Eobert Webster, wh. d. 27 Sept. 1706.
He had third w. and d. 26 Dec. 1711, and his wid. d. 2 Jan. foil. Wiij::_
LiAM, Salem, came from XiOndon in the Abigail, 1635, aged 28, freem.
25 May 1636, wh. is inconsist. in trifling degree with Felt, wh. says he
had gr. of Id. 1637, and 'was freem. aft. it; had there bapt. Mehjtable,
on 25 Dec. 1636 ; John, 1 Nov. 1638 ; and Deliverance, 31 Oct. 1641.
In his case, we find not the vr. in the valua. list of ih. mem. as was
commonly the much more natural occurr. but he seems to have been the
superior polemic, if not devotee ; as, in the antinom. perversity of 1637,
he was one of the five men in S. requir. to be disarm, for the public
safety ; and in the more violent ragings of spiritual insubordin. 1659, his
Christian kindness to the Quakers expos, him to whip, an'd banishm.
From the latter he was restor. on repent. 1661, William, Isle of
Shoals, d. 28 May 1664, leav. William. William, Boston, wh. by w.
Sarah, d. of George Griggs, had William, b. 6 Nov. 1655, is, perhaps,
f. of that man, honor, by Dunton in 1686, wh. d. 1690. The wid. of
William m. bef. July 1662, Roger Burgiss, and d. 1664. William,
Northampton, br. of Benjamin, m. 1686, Eliz. d. of Henry Denslow of
Windsor, and had William, b. 7 Sept. 1687; Daniel, 17 Oct. 1689;
Josiah, 27 Aug. 1693; John, 1 I.June 1697; Eleazer, Dec. 1701 ; and
Eliz. 15 June 1707. He d. 20 Sept. 1728 ; and his wid. d. 27 May
1746, aged 80. Of the gr. fam. of Kings at N. a hundred and fifty yrs.
since, near all are extinct. 'A Winifred K. was m. at Boston, 15 Jan.
1657, to Joseph Benham of New Haven, but her f. is not kn. Seven
of this name. Farmer saw, had, in 1829, been gr. at Harv. and twenty-
two at other coll. of N. E. and Union and N. J.

Kingman, Edward, Weymouth, a soldier of capt. Johnson's comp.
1675, in the Narraganset campaign. *.Henkt, Weymouth, freem. 3
Mar. 1636, rep. 1638 and 52 ; his w. Joan d. 11 Apr. 1659; s. Henry,
perhaps eldest, d. May 1660. In his will of 24 May 1666, he calls his
aige 74, or thereabouts, ment. s. Edward, Thomas, John, and ds. Hol-
brook ; Davis, wi of Tobias, m. 13 Dec. 1649 ; and Barnard; of wh. the
last was d. leav. five ch. John, Weymouth, s. of the preced. by w. Eliz.
had John, b. 30 Apr. 1664 ; Henry, 11 May 1668 ; Samuel, 28 May
1670; Eliz. 9 July 1673; Deliverance, 12 Mar. 1676; Susanna, Mar.
1678, d. soon; and Susanna, again, 12. Apr. 1679; was freem. 1666,
rem. to Bridgewater, and d. 1690. Thomas, Weymouth, br. of the
preced. by w. Rebecca had Rebecca, b. 2 July 1664, di young; Hannah,


1 June 1666; Thomas, 11 Feb. 1671; John; and four others; was
freem. 1681. Of the orig. stock descend, have been num. and reput.

KmssBURT, Eleazer, Dedham, s. of Joseph of the same, was freem.
1690. Ephraim, Haverhill, perhaps s. of Henry of the same, k. by the
Ind. 2 May 1676, prob. unm. Henrt, Ipswich 1638, came, with w.
Margaret and two or more ch. in the Talbot, one of the fleet of
Winth. 1630 ; is No. 25 on the list of mem. in the ch. of Boston, and
his w. 26, against her name being writ, "dead since," that means, I pre-
sume, to refer to the orig. MS. lost aft. the third or fourth yr. Of him
we learn no more, but possib. his liv. at I. 1648. Winth. Appx. A. 41
and 45. • Henkt, Ipswich, call. hims. 54 yrs. old in a depon. of 1669,
with w. Susanna, by wh. he had Susanna, wh. m. 29 Jan. 1663, Joseph
Pike ; John ; James, perhaps ; Joseph, b. a. 1656, and other ch. prob.
Samuel, and Thomas; may be the s. of the preced. liv. at I. 1660, at
Rowley 1662, and she d. at Haverhill, 21 Feb. 1679, and he d. there 1
Oct. 1687. Perhaps he had Ephraim. Jame"s, Haverhill, perhaps s. of
Henry, or of Thomas, took o. of fidel. 28 Nov. 1677, had m. 6 Jan.
1674, Sarah, d. of Matthias Button, rem. later to Conn, and in 1730 was
of Plainfield. * John, Watertown, freem. 3 Mar. 1636, rem. that yr. to
Dedham, of wh. he was rep. 1647. From his will, of 2 Dec. 1659, pro.
16 Oct. foil, we find that his w. was Margaret, only ch. John, br. Joseph,
and his s. John, and kinsmen Henuy K. of Ipswich, and Thomas Cooper
of Seaconk, all, with other childr. of br. Joseph to be favor, with parts
of his est. John, Dedham, perhaps s. of the preced. d. bef. mid. life,
and his wid. Eliz. d. of Thomas Fuller, m. 17 Sept. 1672, Michael
Metcalf, third of the same. John, Rowley 1667, s. prob. of Henry the
sec. cannot be the man (yet was prob. his f.) ment. by CoflSn, wh. says
he had by w. Hannah, John, b. at Newbury, 8 Apr. 1689, for this s. of
Henry d. at Haverhill, 23 Jan. 1671, lea v. one s. John, b. 28 July
1667, and one d. as in Geneal. Reg. VI. 346 ; and his wid. Eliz. m. 11
Dec. 1672, Peter Green, and d. five yrs. aft. Joseph, Dedham, br. of
the first John of the same, freem. 2 June 1641, by w. Milicent had
Mary, b. 1 Sept. 1637; Eliz. 14 Sept. 1638; Joseph, 17 Feb. 1641;
John, 15 of some mo. not stat. 1643; Eleazer, 17 May 1645 ; and prob.
others, of wh. one may have been Sarah, wh. d. 24 Jan. 1646. Joseph,
Wrentham, s. perhaps of the preced. by w. Mary, had, Eliz. b. 14 May
1670; Eleazer, 12 May 1673 ; Hannah, 26 July 1675; Mary, 19 July
1680 ; and prob. one or more interraed. when rfec. of the town were lost.
His w. d. 31 July 1680 ; and he m. 7 Sept.-1681 ano. Mary, was freem.
1682. Joseph, Haverhill, s. of Henry the sec. m. 2 Apr. 1669, Love-
Ayers, as fam. tradit. tells, and had Joseph, Nathaniel, Mary, Eliz. and
Susanna, with wh. it adds, that he rem. a. 1708 (when his employer,


capt. Simon Wainwright had been k. by the Ind.) to Norwich, there d.
1741. Nathaniel, Dedham, freem. 1677, was, perhaps, s. of Joseph
of the same, m. Mary, d. of John Bacon of the same. Samuel, Haver-
hill, prob. s. of the sec. Henry, m. 5 Nov. 1679, Huldah Corliss, and d.
26 Sept. 1698, she surv. Thomas was br. of the first Henry perhaps,
but I have knowl. of n6 more, exc. that he agreed to emb. with him.
See Winth. II. 340. Thomas, Haverhill, s. perhaps of the preced. sw.
fidel. 1677, was more prob. s. of the sec. Henry, m. 29 June 1691,
wid. Deborah Eastman, and, next, 19 Jan. 1703, Sarah Hainesy wh.
outliv. him, but no ch. by either is kn. Two of tMs name had been gr.
at Harv. in 1834, and twelve at other N. E. coll.

EiNGSLEX, or Kinsley, Eldad, Rehoboth 1663, s. of John of Dor-
chester, aid. that yr. Rev.John Myles in form, first .Bapt. ch. of Mass. ;
m. Mehitable, d. of Roger Morey in 1 662, and had John ; Samuel ;
Jonathan; Mary, b. 7 Oct; 1675; and Nathaniel, 5 Feb. 1679, and d.
28 Aug. 1679. Professor K. the late venerab. and well belov. of New
Haven, was of the seventh generat. from the first John, thro. Eldad.
Enos, Northampton, br. prob. of the preced. m. 15 June 1662, Sarah, d.
of Edmund Haynes of Springfield, had John, b. 1664, d. soon; Sarah,
1665 ; John, again, 1667 ; Haynes, 1669, d. at 20 yrs. ; Ann ; Samuel,
1675 ; Remember, 1677, d. soon ; and Hannah, 1681 ; was freem. 1680,
and d. 9. Dec. 1708. John, Dorchester 1635, came prob. with some
friend of Mather, and was here bef. him ; at least was one of the seven
pillara,on format, of the new ch. for him, 23 Aug. 1636, and was the last
surviv. ; had Freedom; Eldad, b. 1638; Enos; Edward; and Renewal,
19 Mar. 1644 ; rem. to Rehoboth, aft. 1648, when he was in office, and.
1658 ; there liv. and suffer, the Ind. hostil. of wh. in a letter of supplicat.
for relief, under, date of 5 May 1676, most sad pict. is giv. It is print,
in Trumbull, Col. Rec. II. 445. His will, of 2 Nov. 1677,. raent. on y
3 ch. Edward, Enos, and Freedom ; but a d. prob. then d. had m. John
French of Northampton. Perhaps ano. d. m. Timothy Jones. One
John, perhaps the same, of R. was bur. 6 Jan. 1679, and Mary, prob.
his w. 29 of the same mo. John, Dorchester, s. of Stephen, m'. a d. of
William Daniels, perhaps nam. Alice, had Susanna, h. 16'71. This w.
d. 14 Jan. 1674,' and 16 Mar. foil, he m. Mary Maury or Morey, and he
and w. d. 167?. John, Milton, m. Abigail, d. cff James Leonard, had
Abigail; Mary, b. 1676; John; Stephen; Samuel; and EHz. and d.
1698, leav. the w. and ch. here nam. Samuel, Billerica,. freem. 1651,
m. Hannah, d. of Capt. Richard Brackett, d. 21 May 1662 ; and his
wid. and her f. were admors. Samuel, Braintree, prob. s. of Stephen,
by w. Hannah had Hannah, b. 27 July 1656 ; Eliz. 22 Nov. 1657 ; and
Mary, 3 Mar. 1659, possib. this may be the ch. that d. 26 Mar. 1658, as


30 KIN — KIR

near that time in the yr. the count, is easi. mistak. in ree. He may be
the same as the preced. I think. A Samuel, perhaps his s. was b. 1662,
and in the next generat. of Bridgewater, m. Mary, d. of John Wash-
burn. * Stephen, Dorchester, perhaps br. of John, freem. 13 May 1 640,
rep. 1650, rem. to Braintree, there had Mary, b. 30 Aug. 1640 ; ord. rul.
Eld. of the ch. that was gather. 17 Sept. 1639. He rem. final, to Milton,
was rep. 1666, and in his will of 27 May, pro. 3 July foil, in 1673, ,
provides for s. John, three s.-in-law, Henry Crane, Anthony Gulliver,
and Eobert Mason, beside a s. and two ds. ch. of his s. Samuel,
prob. dec.

KiNGSNOTH, or KiNGswoRTH, Henrt, Guilford 1639, sign, the cov.
for settlem. of 1 June, m. Mary, d. of John Stevens of the same ; d.
1668, and his wid. m. 2 June 1 669, John Collins as his sec. w.

KiNGSMiLL, William, a Quaker, punish, at Boston with 15 stripes,
wh. did not, however it might reasonab. be anticipat. prevent him from
renounc. his errors.

KiNNicuT. See Kennicut.

Kinsman, or Kingsman, Robert, Ipswich 1635, came the yr.
preced. in the Mary and John, had soon aft. a gr. of Id. m. a d. of
Thomas Boreman, and d. Jan. 1665. * Robert, Ipswich, s. of the
preced. freem. 1 674, m. Rebecca, eldest d. of Andrew Burley of the
same, was a warm oppon. of Andros, rep. 1692. Revo, in N. E.
Justif. 14.

KiRBT, Henry, a soldier, 1676, serv. in Turner's comp. on Con®, riv.
wh. may be the Salem freem. 1677, spell, in the list Kirrey, unless, as
seems more prob. that be intend, for Skerry. John, Middletown,
whither Dr. Field thot. he rem. from Boston, and Hinman made him of
Hartford 1645 ; but bef. the sett, of M. he had been at H. and Wethers-
field, and at Plymouth 1643; had Eliz. b. at Hartford, 8 Sept. 1646;
and at Wetbersfield, Hannah, 1649; John, and Eunice, tw. 18 Dec.
1651. He own. an est. at Eowington, near Kenil worth in Warwicksh.
His s. John was k. by the Ind. 1676; and he d. Apr. 1677, his will
bears date 6, and was pro. 27 of that mo. He left wid. Eliz. and ch.
Mary, then w. of Emanuel Buck, aged 32 ; Hannah, w. of Thomas
Andrews, 27 ; Esther, w. of Benajah Stone, 25 ; Sarah, w. of Samuel
Hubbard, 23 ; Joseph, 21 ; Bethia, 18 ; Susanna, 13 ; and Abigail, 11 ;
beside Eliz. w. of David Sage, wh. was dec. Susanna m. Abraham
Cruttenden. Joseph, Middletown, only surv. s. of the preced. Went to
Carolina, but at the end of some yrs. came home poor, had lawsuit with
other heirs a. est. of his f. Richard, Lynn, rem. 1637 to Sandwich,
by w. Jane had Increase, and prob.. Abigail, tw. b. Feb. 1650, of wh.
Abigail was bur. the same, and Increase, the next mo. and the mo. and

KIR 31

her s. Richard were bur. in Mar. of that yr. He was imprison, as a
Quaker 1658, may have tak. o. of fidel. at Dartmouth 1684, where he
m. 2 Nov. 1678, Abigail Rowland of D. perhaps as sec. or third w.
By former w. Patience he had at D. Sarah, b. 1 May 1667 ; John, 2
Mar. 1673; and Robert, 10 Mar. 1675. Perhaps he was of Oyster
Bay, L. I. 1685. Robert, Dartmouth 1684, or near that time. Wil-
liam, Boston, by w. Eliz. had Eliz. b. 20 Dec. 1640, wh. d. 12 July
1642. He was the executioner 1657 and 8, liv. in 1667, may be that
freem. of 1647, print. Kerley.

KiEGE, Joseph, is the un-Eng. name, giv. to one of "the flower of
Essex," wh. fell at Bloody brook under capt. Lothrop, 18 Sept. 1675,
wh. prob. should be King.

Kirk, Henry, Dover 1665. Thomas, Boston, merch. from. London,
or as Sir Tnomas Temple wrote, then here, capt. of a sh. was sent with
Thomas Kellond; bear, warrant from Gov. Endicott, 1662, to arrest in
Conn, the regicides Whalley and Goffe. Hutch, I. 215. . 3 Mass. .Hist.
Coll. VIII. 325, Full report from their search, a curious paper, is in
Hutch. Coll. 334. Zechariah, Boston 1686, m. Abigail, d. of Joshua

KiKKBETE, Karkeet, or Carkbet, William, Saco, d. 1662, leav.
prop, by inv. of £134. The name seems strange, yet one William K.
of Lynn, wh. may have come from • Saco, by w. Lydia had Robert, b. at
Salem 11 Nov. 1697.

KiRKHAM, Thomas, Wethersfield 1648, had Samuel, and, perhaps,
other eh. but not on rec. The name is various, spelt, sometimes with
initial C.

KiRMAN, * John, Lynn 1632, freem. 4 Mar. 1633, rep. 1635.
KiRTLAND, or Keetland, now commonly Kirkland, John, Say-
brook, by tradit. call, one of the first sett, but may not reasona. be thot.
among the inhab. of first 30 or 40 yrs. was s. of Nathaniel of Lynn, m.
18 Nov. 1679, Lydia, d. of lieut. William Pratt, had John, b. 11 July
1681 ; Priscilla, 1 Feb. 1683; Lydia, 11 Oct. 1685; EHz. 27 June
1688; Nathaniel, 24 Oct. 1690; Philip, 28 May 1693; Martha, 11
Aug. 1695 ; Samuel, 19 Jan. 1699; Daniel, 17 June 1701 ; and Par-
nell, 16 Oct. 1704; was a lieut. and d, 20 Jan. 1716. He was made
heir by John, Westall to all his good est. exc. £500 by him, h. of K.'s
aunt, reserv. for her. The ninth of these ' ch. Daniel, Y. C. 1720, first
min, of third ch. at Norwich, call.. Newent (thro, affect, for the town of
that name in the N. W. part of Gloucestersh.) had tenth ch. Samuel,
the celebr. missiona. to the Ind. of the six nations, wh. was f. of the
more disting. John Thornton K. the ever hon. Presid. of Harv. Univ.
Nathanielj Lynn, came in the Hopewell, capt. Bundock, from London,

32 KIK — KIT

1635, aged 19, call, of ' Sherington, in Co. Bucks, near Olney, went to
L. I. with first sett', there, but aft. few yrs. came back to L. there by w.
Parnell had Ann, b. 16 Apr. 1658 ; John, Aug. 1659 ; Hannah, 15 Apr.
1662 ; Eliz. 20 Mar. 1664; Martha, and' Mary, tw. 15 May 1667; and
he d. Dec. 1686. Hannah m. 20 Feb. 1679, "Willia^a Pratt of SaybrOok.
Nathaniel, Lynn, prob. s. of the preced.. b. at Southold, L. I. m. 20
Jan. 1675, Mary fland, had Nathaniel, b. 3 May 167? ; Mary, 1 Feb.
1680; Priscilla, 9 Apr. 1683; and Eliz. 22 June 1685. His wid. m.
24 Apr. 1690, Dr. John H. Burchsted. Philip, Lynn, came in the
Hopewell, capt. Bundock, from London, 1635, aged 21, call, on the
custom-ho. rec. of Sherington near Olney in Co. Bucks, was prob. br. of
Nathaniel first ment. and went with him to sett. L. I. and came back
sooner than he, was a shoemak. Lewis says ; by w. Alice j^d Mary, b.
3 or 8 June 1640 ; Sarah, 27 Sept. 1646 ; Susanna, 8 Mar.* 652 ; Han-
nah, and Ebenezer, tw. 12 June 1654. He had elder br. John, whose
resid. is unkn. and d. bef. July 1659, and his wid. Alice m. Evan Thomas
of Boston, wh. in favor of the childr. made convey, of est. in tr. 24 Apr.
1661. Sarah m. 5 Oct. 1664, John Davis. Philip,' Lynn, perhaps s.
of the preced. perhaps of the first Nathaniel, m. 14 Oct. 1679, Buth

KiRTSHAAV, John, Newtown, L. I. 1655.

KisKEYES, or Keskeys, Henry, Boston, m. 7 Aug. 1656, Riith, d.
of Richard Graves, had Henry, b. 3 May 1657, mispr. in Geneal.
Eeg. X. 68.

KiTCHELL, Robert, Guilford 1639, had- w. Margaret, s. Samuel;
Hannah, wh. m. 12 Nov. 1656, Jeremiah JPeck ; and Sarah, d. May
1657 ; was giv. power, in 1665, to hold court at G. but next yr. rem. to
N. J. where he was disting. and is call, in hist, the benefact. of Newark.
His wid. rem. to Greenwich, there d. 1679. Samuel, Guilford, s. of
the preced. was ensign 1665, m. 11 Mar. 1657, at New Haven, Eliz. d.
of John Wakeman, had Sarah, b. the same yr. ; Eliz. b. 1 Feb. bapt. 13
Mar. 1659 ; and Abigail, 10, bapt. 11 Aug. 1661 ; but then liv. at New
Haven ; may have had more ch! at G." In July' 1667, unit, with Bruen
and others, he purch. large tract from Ind. in and around Newark, N. J.

Kitchen, John, Salem 1640, freem. 28 Feb. 1643; shoemak. by w.
Eliz. had there bapt. Eliz. and Hannah, 12 Mar. 1643, wh. were not,
prob. tw. but the f. was not earlier of the ch. ; Joseph, 20 Apr. 1645;
John, 28 June 1646, d. soon; Mary, 23 Apr. 1648; John, again, 21
Mar. 1652; and Robert, 15 Apr. 1655; was ohos. sealer of leather,
1655, and d. 1676. Robert, Salem, s. of the preced. merch. and ship-
owner, d. 28 Oct. 1712, in 56th yr. says gr.stone; and his s. Robert, a
student at H. C. d. 20 Sept. 1716.

KIT — KNA 33

KiTCHERELi, Ketchekwell, Ketcheeing, or Kecheeell, some-
times with the first let. C, Joseph, Charlestown 1636,'perhaps the same,
whose w. perhaps, or sis. Sarah on adm. there by the ch. 30 Nov. 1643,
is spell. Kitcherin, and for wh. Felt shows, in Salem, gr. of Id. 1639,
and adm. to the ch. in the same yr. I doubt he was not many yrs. at
either place, being mark, in the ch. rec. as drown, as in Essex Inst. Coll.
I. 39, where the c is mistak. for t. Samtjel, Hartford, by w. Martha
had Martha ; Samuel, and Hannah, b. 4 Jan. 1646 ; and d. 1650. His
wid. m. 2 Jan. 1651, Anthony Dorchester of Springfield, where Samuel
d. 9 June 1651, and Hannah d. 29 Apr. 1658, and Martha m. 1 Dec.

1659, Abel Wright.

KiTTEEDGE, John, Billerica 1661, or earlier, the ancest. of the many
thousands of the name in our Id. came, it is said, in youth with his mo.
was a farmer;- had John, b. 24 Jan. 1666; James, 28 Mar. 1668;
Daniel, 23 July 1670; Jonathan, 1674, d. 1696; and Benoni, 1677,
posthum. for the f. d. 18 Oct. 1676. Much do I regret, that of those
five s. our informat. is confin. to John, Billerica, s. of the preced. m. 3
Aug. 1685, Hannah, perhaps d. by sec. w. of William French, had six s.
and five ds. and d. 27 Apr. 1714; He was, says Farmer, the first of
the fam. with that prefix. Dr. wh. has since been so freq. with his
progeny, of wh. three at Harv. and nineteen at other N. E. coll. had
been gr. in 1834.

Knapp, Aaeon, Taunton 1643, may have been f. of. Eliz. wh. m. 17
Feb. 1674, Nicholas Stoughton ; and beside had Mary,-bapt. at Eox-
bury, 20 NovrTG3"9r'and~"he .'d. bef. 1676. Baylies, II. 267, 278.
Caleb, Stamford, s. of Nicholas, freem. 1670, made his will 11 Dec.
1674, d. soon. He> names w. Hannah, and ch. Caleb, wh. was b. 1661 ;
John, 1 664 ; Moses ; Samuel ; Sarah ; and Hannah. James, Water-
town 1652, s. of William the first, b. in Eng. m. Eliz. d. of John
Warren, had Eliz. b. 21 Apr. 1655; and James, 26 May 1657, wh. d.
26 Sept. foil. In the autumn of 1671, at Groton, where he then liv. his
w. suffer, terrib. by witchcraft, if the trifling story in the Magn. VI. 67,
is good far any thing. John, Watertown, br. of the preced. m. 25 May

1660, Sarah Young, had John, b. 4 May 1661; and Sarah, 5 Sept.
1662 ; and sev. others, for his will of 22 Jan. 1696, pro. 27 Apr. foil,
tho. it names not either of these, wh. were, perhaps, d. ment. wid. Sarah,
and.ch. Henry, Isaac, John, Daniel, and Abigail. John, Taunton, m.
7 Oct. 1685, Sarah Austin. Possib. he was s. of the preced. Jona-
than, Fairfield, s. of the first Roger, d. young, for his inv. is of 1 Feb.
1676. Joshua, Greenwich 1670, s. of Nicholas, m. 9 June 1657, at

.Stamford, Hannah Close, had good est. by inv. of 1685, tho. he d. 27
Oct. 1684, leav. ch. Hannah, aged 25 ; Joshua, 22; Joseph, 20 ; Buth,


18 ; Timothy, 16 ; Benjamin, 10 ; Caleb, 7 ; Jonathan, 5. His wid. m.
John Bowers. Moses, Greenwich 1670, br. of the preced. prob.
youngest, but perhaps was only a Id. holder, and never liv. at G. but at
Stamford as early as 1667, and there his f. gave him Id. by his will ; m.

a. 1669, Abigail, d. of E^hard Wescoat. Whether he had ch. I am not
advis. but he was liv. certain, at S. up to 1701, perhaps later. Nicho-
las, Watertown, may have come in the fleet with Winth. and Raltonstall
1630, by w. Elinor had Jonathan, wh. Was bur. 27 Dec. 1631 ; Timothy,

b. 14 Dec. 1632; Joshua, 5 Jan. 1635; Caleb, 20 Jan. 1637; Sarah, 5
•Jan. 1639; Euth, 6 Jan. 1641; and Hannah, 6 Mar. 1643; rem. to

Stamford, there, I suppose, had Moses, and Lydia. His w. Elinor d. 16
Aug. 1658, and he ra. 9 Mar. foil. Unity, wid. of Peter Brown, wh. had
been wid. of Clement Buxton ; d. Apr. 1 670. His will of 15 of that
mo. names fours. Caleb, Joshua, Moses, Timothy; and four ds.. Sarah,
Hannah, Lydia, and Ruth. Sarah m. 6 Sept. 1667, Peter Disbrough;
and Euth m. 20 Nov. foil. Joseph Ferris. EoGek, New Haven 1643-7,
Fairfield 1656-70, and prob. later, had made his will 21 Mar. 1673,
nam. w. Eliz. and ch. Jonathan, Josiah, Lydia, 'Eoger, John, Nathaniel,
Eliz. and Mary, some of wh. were minors, and his inv. is of 20 Sept.
1675. EoGER, Fairfield, s. of the preced. d. 1691, but no acco. is
found of his fam. Thomas, Sudbury, m. at Watertown, 19 Sept. 1688,
Mary, d. of John Grout, andd. beyond sea, lea v. wid. and ch. Sarah, aged
9 yrs. and Mary, 6, when admin, was issu. 28 May 1697. *TiMOTHr,
Stamford, s. perhaps eldest, of Nicholas, rep. for Eye 1670, was of
Greenwich, liv. 1697. In that century a single p was used. William,
Watertown 1 636, d. 30 Aug. 1 658, " aged a. 80 yrs." Perhaps he came
as early as Nicholas ; and had, in his, will of 1655, not nam. any w. but
refer, to ch. of wh. sev. were brot. by him from Eng. and to gr.ch. His ch.
were William; Mary; Eliz.; John, b. 1624; James, 1627; Ann; and
Judith. Mary m. Thomas Smith; Eliz. m. in Eng. a Buttery; Ann m.
Thomas Philbrick, but d. bef. her f. wh. in his will names her childr. ;
and Judith m. Nicholas Cady. William, Watertown, s. of the preeed.
by w. Mary had prob. Joseph, beside Priscilla, b. 10 Nov. 1642 ; and .by
w. Margaret had Judith, b. 2 Mar. 1653 ; Eliz. 23 July 1657 ; and,
perhaps, others ; left- wid. Priscilla, wh. had been wid. of Thomas Akers,
and s. John. Three of this name had, in 1829, been gr. at Harv. and
as many at other N. E. coll.

Kneeland, John, Boston, one of the found, of the Scots' Charit.
Soc. 1657, by w. Mary had Mary, b. 6 Oct. 1659, d. next yr. ; Hannah,
18 July 1663 ; Mary, again, 13 Apr. 1666 ; John, 9 Nov. 1668; Solo-
mon, 7 Feb. 1671; and Euth, 30 July 1673. He d. at Eoxbury, 11.
Aug. 1691, aged 59. Philip, Lynn 1637. 'Several of this name have

KNE — KNI 35

been gr. at Harv. of wh. William, 1751, was nine yrs. a tutor, and
Presid. of M. M. S. d. '2 Nov. 1788, aged 56.

Knell, Kneale, or Knill, John, Charlestown, perhaps s. of Nicho-
las, rem. to Boston, had w. Eliz. wh. bee. third w. of Nathaniel Bachiler
of Hampton, 23 Oct. 1689. Ch. of K. were John, b. 13 May 1679,
bapt. 12 Sept. 1680; Hannah, bapt. 1 May 1681 ; and Richard, b. 26,
bapt. 27 May 1683. Nicholas, Stratford 1650, m. Eliz. wid. of
Thomas Knowles of New Haven, had John, b. 24 Oct. 1651, d. soon ;
Eliz, 3 May 1653; Isaac, Feb. 1655; John, again, 17 Dec. 1657; by
the governm. was grant, in 1668, 50 acres, and as much more next yr. ;
and d. Apr. 1675. His will names only w. and the two s. He seems
to have been a man of some conseq. has Mr. prefix, and the ment in
town rec. of his d. calls him " that aged benefact. of the country."
Philip, Charlestown, perhaps br. of John, by w. Buth, m. 5 Oct. 1666,
as wid. Allen,'had Ruth, b. 6, bapt. 10 July 1670; Eliz. 15, bapt. 26
Apr. 1674; and Philip, 4 July 1675, bapt. the same day. His viid.
petitn. the Gov. and Counc. 30 Oct. 1 697, for redress in the case of her
serv. Sambo, impress, under 21 yrs. of age. His will, made at the age
of 51 or 2 yrs. 18 Feb. 1689, was not pro. bef. 15 Oct. 1699.

Knight, or Knish-Ts, Alexander, Ipswich 1635, had kept an inn
at Chelmsford, Eng. says Vincent in his Hist, of the Pequot war. Per-
haps we may be justif. in think, he came in the Defence, but could not
obtain license to emb. being a subsidy man ; we kn. at least, that in that
sh. that yr. came from London, Sarah K. aged 50 ; and Dorothy, 30, of
wh. one might be w. and the other sis. or d. Apsia, Charlestown 1637,

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