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whose dates of b. we are ignor. Provid. for w. Dorothy, for ch. John,
Nathaniel, William, Martha, Dorothy, and Alice, for gr.s. Samuel, s. of
Thomas, and James, s. of Eobert, he made his will 5 Sept. 1707, and
d. 30 July 1709. He was of the new town of Preston 1686, and first
,deac. of the ch. there gather. 1698. His d. Martha, m. 16 Jan. 1668,
Isaac Wheeler of S. ; Dorothy m. Apr. 1670, Joseph Morgan; and
Alice m. Mar. 16, 1673," Greenfield Larrabee. Thomas, Newton, s. of
Eichard the first, prob. b. in Eng. m. 1 Dec. 1653, Abigail, d. of Ed-
ward Dix, had Thomas, b. 2 Nov. 1654; John, 6 Sept. 1656 ; Abigail,
3 Mar. 1658; Edward, 8 Apr. 1661; Eichard, 21 Dec. 1663; Sarah,
21 Mar. 1666 ; Eebecca, 13 Apr. 1668; Jonathan, 27 Aug. 1670; and
Eliz. 28 July 1679 ; was freem. 1671, and d. 1690. Abigail ra. 9 Dec.
1679, John Fiske ; Sarah m. 4 Aug. 1686, John KJtiapp 2d; Eebecca
m. 1686, John Sanger; and Eliz. m. John Holland. Thomas, New
London, s. of Thomas of the same, m. 4 Jan. 1672, Mary, d. of Eobert
Allyn, had Samuel, b. 26 Nov. 1673 ; Thomas, 20 Jan. 1676 ; Mary, 28
Jan. 1678; Jonathan, 6 Apr. 1679; and Deborah, Dec. 1680; and d.
bef. his f. Thomas, Newton, s. of Thomas of the sariie, freem. 1680,
d. 28 Aug. 1681. * II William, Eoxbury, eldest s. of Eobert, came in
the Lion, arr. at Boston, Feb. 1631, with Eoger Williams, was, perhaps,
sent by his f. to look out good spot for planta. one of the earliest memb.
of the ch. freem. 18 May 1631, m. Martha, d. of John Holgrave of
Salem, had Theoda, h. 26 July 1637 ; Hannah, 28 Aug. 1639 ; d. 24,
bur. 26 June 1655; Martha, 2, bapt. 13 Mar. 1642; Sarah, bapt. 19
Nov. 1643, who d. says the town rec. 8 Sept. foil. ; John, 30 June, bapt.
6 July 1645, d. next June; Deborah, bapt. 16 Jan. 1647, whose b.the
town rec. omits, but ins. her d. Aug. 1649 ; John, again, 13 May 1649,
d. at 14 yrs. ; Deborah, again, b. 26 Mar. bapt. 6 Apr. 1651 ; s. and d.
tw. unbapt. bur. 1 June 1653; William, bapt. 8 Oct. 1654, d. young;
and Hannah, again, 26 Sept. 1658 ; ar. co. 1638, was rep. 1635, and 32
various yrs. aft. the longest term of serv. in that rank under the old chart.
Johnson, in his "Wonderwork. Providence" &c. calls him "a man


of a pregnant understanding," and he kn. well, for he sat 21 yrs. with
him. He was many yrs. deac. and d. 11 May 1685 ; ha v. made his will
20 July preced. with codic. of 4 Apr. in wh. he provides for the w. of
his youth, ment. two surv. ds. and many gr. ch. besides brs. Thomas,
dec. and Samuel. But gr. stone in Geneal. Reg. makes the d. 10 May
1683. The wid. Martha d. 25 Aug. 1708, aged 94, Theoda m. 2 Mar.
1654, Samuel Williams, and so was mo. of Rev. John, H. C. 1683, of
Deerfield, the famous " Redeemed Captive ; " ano. d. Martha, m. Isaac
"Williams, whose s. William, H. C. 1683, min. of Hatfield, the gr. £
says he had taken charge of from the age of 3 yrs. beside part of Ston-
ington land to other s. and ano. d. m. John Smith, and to them he gives
part of his Stonington Id. Five of this name, in its sev. spellings had
been gr. at Harv. in 1834 and thirteen at other N. E. coll.

Parkek, Abraham, Woburn, m. 18 Nov. 1644, Rose Whitlock, had
Ann, b. 29 Oct. 1645 ; John, 30 Oct. 1647; Abraham, 8 Mar. 1650, d.
next yr. ; Abraham, again, Aug. 1652; rem. to Chelmsford, there had
Mary, 20 JSTov. 1655, bapt. 20 Apr. foil.; Moses; Isaac, b. 13 Sept.
1660 ; Eliz. 10 Apr. 1663 ; Lydia; and Jacob, 24 Mar. 1669. He was
freem. 1645, and d. 12 Aug. 1685; and his wid. d. 13 Nov. 1691.
Abraham, Chelmsford, s. of the preced. freem. 1682. Ano. Abraham
of Chelmsford was freem. 1690, unless as I suspect, he had been sworn
some yrs. bef. and was really, the preced. but ano. of this name was of
York 1680, and sw. alleg. next yr. Azeikam, Boston 1662, mariner.
Basil, York 1649, recorder of the Province, and made by Gorges one
of the counc. was d. bef. 18 Oct. 1651, when admin, was giv., to John
Alcock. Benjamin, Billerica, s. of Robert, m. 18 Apr. 1661. Sarah, d.
of William Hartwell, had Benjamin, and John; and d. 17 Jan. 1672,
made his will two days bef. ment. childr. but gives not names, made w.
extiyix. Daniel, Charlestown, s. of sec. John of Kennebeck, by w. Ann
had Ann, John, and Isaac, and d. 18 Oct. 1694, aged only 27 yrs. Isaac
was gr. f. of my admira. friend, the late Isaac, Ch. Just, of the Com-
monw. Daniel, Barnstable, s. of Robert of the same, m. 11 Dec. 1689,
Mary, perhaps d. of Benjamin, perhaps of Thomas, Lombard, had Pa-
tience, b. 1690; Abigail, 27 May 1692; Experience, 7, bapt. 17 Feb.
1695, d. soon; Daniel, 20 Feb. bapt. 15 Mar. 1696, d. under 21 yrs. ;
Rebecca, 1, bapt. 24 Apr, 1698; David, 17 Feb. bapt. 17 Mar. 1700;
Hannah, 5, bapt. 19 Apr. 1702 ; d. at 13 yrs.; Samuel, 5 Feb. 1704;
Jonathan, Jan. 1706 ; Nehemiah, Oct. 1708 ; and Mary, 15 Aug. 1710 ;
and he d. 23 Dec. 1728. Edmund, Roxbury, m. 31 May 1647, Eliz.
prob. d. of the first Abraham Howe, had there bapt. Eliz. 2 Apr.
1648, d. soon; Eliz. again, 29 Apr. 1649; Abraham, 5 Sept. 1652;
Mary, Esther, and Deborah, 22 June 1656, perhaps not all b. in one

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day; for he may have rem. to Lancaster, where he was propr. 1654,
and there brought these ch. to bapt. and possib. had others later. Rox-
bury rec. of b. or d. has nothing of him, unless death of Abraham, 17
Sept. 1693 means 6f his s. Edwakd, New Haven 1644, ra. EUz. wid.
of John Potter, had Mary, bapt. 27 Aug. not as print. Apr. 1648, being
one or two yrs. old; John, 8 Oct. 1648 ; Hope, b. 26 Apr. bapt. 26 May
1650; and Lydia, b. 14 Apr. bapt. soon, 1652; and he d. 1662. In
1666 Mary m. John Hall; in 1667 Hope ra. Samuel Cooke; and Lydia
m. 1671, John Thomas.' Elisha, Barnstable, m. 15 July 1657, Eliz.
Hinckley, sis. of Gov. Thomas, had Thomas, b. 15 May 1658; Elisha,
Nov. 1660; and Sarah, May 1662. Geoege, Portsmouth R. I. 1638,
may be that carpenter from London, who came 1635, in the Elizabeth
and Ann, aged 23, was serj. gen. d. 1656, leav. wid. and d. Frances, wh.
m. 27 July 1676, Benjamin Hall, beside Mary, wh. m. Ichabod Sheffieldi^
George,' York, freem. 1652, was constable there 1659. Hana-
NiAH, Reading, s. perhaps eldest, of Thomas of the same, m. 30 Sept.
1663, Eliz. d. I presume of Nicholas Brown, wh. ten yrs. aft. made'
him an overseer of his will, had John, b. 3 Aug. 1664; Samuel, 24 Oct.
1666 ; Eliz. June 1668 ; Sarah, 20 Feb. 1672, d. next yr. ; Hananiah, 2
No\. 1674, d. in fewmos. ; Ebenezer, 13 Feb. 1676 ; Hananiah, again, 30
Apr. 1681, d. in few mos. ; and Mary. He was freem. 1679 ; lost his w.
27 Feb. 1698; and m. 12 Dec. 1700 sec. w. Mary, d. of "WiUiam Bar-
sham, and wid. of deac. John Bright, who surv. him, and he d. 10 Mar.
1724, aged 85. Isaac, Newton, s. of the first John of the same, m. 4
May 1687, Mary Parker, had Mary, b. 4 Feb. 1689, d. soon ; Benjamin,
8 Oct. 1702 ; Martha, and perhaps others bef. or aft. he rem. to Need-
ham. Jacob, Chelmsford, by w. Sarah had Sarah, b. 14 Jan. or Apr.'
1654; Thomas, 28 Mar. 1656 ; both with elder br. Jacob, bapt. 20 Apr.
1656 ; Tabitha, 28 Feb. 1658 ; Rebecca, 29 May 1661 ; Rachel, 9 May
1665 ; and Mary, 8 Sept. 1667 ; perhaps others. He d. in few mos. and
wid. Sarah present, inv. 6 Apr. 1669. Jacob, Maiden, perhaps s. of the
preced. freem. 1690, d. 13 Oct. 1694, aged 42. His wid. Joanna m.
John Stearns. Jacob, Roxbury, m. 3 May 1687, Thankful, d. of John
Hemmenway, had Thankful, d. 19 Feb. 1688, few days old ; Sarah, b.
8 Apr. 1689 ; Jacob, d. 26 Apr. 1691, soon aft. b. Thankful, again, 9
May 1692 ; Jacob, again, 19 Jan. 1697 ; Mai-y, 2 Mar. 1699 ; EUz. 25
July 1700; and Experience, 25 Mar. 1705. * James, Dorchester,
early, perhaps, as 1630, freem. 14 May 1634, rem. to Weymouth, and
was rep. 1639-42, thence to Portsmouth, vvhere he was invit. to be their
min. but prefer, to contin. in trade, tho. he preach, a few yrs. went lo
Barbados, whence a good letter to Gov. Winth. from him is giv. by
Hutch. Coll. 155 d. on a visit to Boston, 1666. James, Woburn,


1640, m. 23 May 1G43, Eliz. d. of Robert Long of Charlestown,
had Eliz. b. 12 Mar. 1645 ; Ann, 5 Mar. 1647 ; John, 18 Feb. 1649 ;
Sarah, 29 Aug. 1650, d. next yr. Joseph, 1651 ; James, 15 Apr. 1652,
(wh. was k. by the Ind. 27 July 1694); was freem. 1644; and a
grantee of Billorica, rem. to Chelmsford and had Josiah, 1655; Sam-
uel, 1656; Joshua, 13 Mar. 1658; Zechariah, "14 Jan. 1659; and
■Eleazer, 9 Nov. 1660; was capt. rem. to Groton, and, perhaps,
by sec. w. Eunice, had, very late in life, Sarah, again, 12 Dec.
1697; and he d. 1701 in 84th yr. Butler, Hist. 282, refers to
the will in proof. James, Groton, s. of the preced. by w. Mary,
m. 14 Dec. 1678, had five ch. all b. bef. their aunt Sarah, as also
were 13 or 14 of their cousins. See Butler. He was town elk. 20 yrs.
a deac. and after overthr. of Andros, 1689, of the Comte. of Safety.
Hutch. I. 382. "Was k. by the Ind. when all his fam. were tak. by
them. James, Andover, s. of the iirst Nathan, was k. by the Ind. 29
June 1€77, being on serv. as a soldier at Scarborough. James, Kenne-
beck, s. of John, with his f. was by the Ind. driv. from his isl. and at
Falmouth, where they took refuge, were both k. by the Ind. at the sec.
destruct. of that town. May 1690. Willis, I. 65. John, Boston 1635, a
carpenter of Marlborough, Co. Wilts, came that yr. in the James, arr. 3
June from Southampton, with w. Jane, had Thomas, b. 2 Oct. 1635,
bapt. 22 Jan. 1637, his w. hav. unit, with the ch. two weeks bef.
Noah, 3, bapt. 8 Apr. 1638; beside John, and Margaret, who may have
been brot. from Eng. He liv. at Muddy riv. now Brookline, and d. in
- few yrs. for in 1656 his wid. Jane had m. Richard Tare, and then sold
her ho. and gard. in Boston to Stephen Greenleaf, who came from New-
bury. John, Saco 1636, the purch. of Parker's isl. now Georgetown, on
E. side of Kennebec riv. near the mo. is by Williamson fondly thought
to have first sett, in 1629 on the W. side of the riv. but his purch. was in
1650. Tradit. says he was from Bideford, Co. Devon, and d. bef June
1661. By w. Mary he had Thomas, John, and Mary, but all may have
been b. in Eng. tho. tradit. makes John b. at Saco 1634. Mary m.
Thomas Webber, it is said, who d. at Charlestown bef. 1695. She was
wid. on join, the ch. that yr. * John, Hingham 1636, says Lincoln, p.
45, rem. to Taunton, of wh. with William, prob. elder br. he was a
purch. 1637, was rep. 1642, and d. 14 Feb. 1668. Baylies, II. 2 and
282. John, Boston 1644, shoemaker, had w. Sarah, who join, our ch.
in Aug. of that yr. and prob. d. Sarah, who m. 22 June 1653, Isaac Bull.
Perhaps he was the freem. of 1650. John, Woburn 1653, rem. prob.
to Billerica, was there first town elk. d. at Charlestown, 14 June 1669.
But a John of Billerica, the serj. who d. Sept. 1668, leav. wid. but no
ch. and good est. may in 1652 have been of Cambridge, s. of Robert,


and then took sh. of his f. in the Shawshin Ids. wh. was the beginning
of sett, at B. John, Cambridge, in the part which bee. Newton, had
come^ from Hingham, with Druce, Hammond, and Winchester, indue,
to rem. by Nicholas Hodgdon, was, perhaps, the freem. of 1654; by w.
Joanna had Mary, b. 28 Jan. 1648; Martha, 1 May 1649; John, 15
Feb. 1652; Joanna, 16 Jan. 1654; Jeremiah, 16 Feb. 1656, d. early;
Thomas, 1 Feb. 1658, d. at 21 yrs. ; Sarah, 6 Jan. 1660; Isaac, 15
Mar. 1663; Jonathan, 6 Nov. 1665; and Lydia, 15 May 1667; hut
the first two were brot. from H. and he d. 1686, aged 71, hav. made his
will 7 Sept. of that yr. The wid. d. 14 Mar. 1688. Mary m. Peter
Hanchett of Eoxbury ; Martha m. James Horsley ; Sarah m. Sept. 1686,
Samuel Snow of Woburn ; and Joanna, m. a Stone. John, York, freem.
1652, kept the prison in 1678, was excus. from miUt. serv. by reason of
ao'e, still liv. in 1681, when he took o. of alleg. to the k. as ano. John,
perhaps his s. had in 1680. John, Kennebeck, s. of John of Saco, per-
haps b. in Eng. came to Boston to m. 20 Aug. 1660, Mary, d. of Daniel
Fairfield, having the yr. bef. bot. of the Ind. a large tract on the W.
side of the Kennebeck opposite his f's. isl. now Phipsburg, had, beside
four ds. Daniel and James. He, who may be the one who sw. fidel. at
Pemaquid 1674, with James, was k. by the Ind. in May 1690 at Fal-
mouth, to wh. they had resort, for safety. John, Newport, in the list
of freem. 1655. John, Saybrpok, s. of William, m. 24 Dec. 1666, Mary
Buckingham, prob. d. of Thomas the first, had John, b. 6 Oct. 1667;
Deborah, 31 Aug. 1671; Ebenezer, 18 Aug. 1674; and Samuel, 24 Jan.
1677. John, Eeading, br. of Hananiah, m. 13 Nov. 1667, Hannah, d.
prob. of Thomas Kendall, who d. 8 July 1689, had John, b. 16 Dee.
1668; Thomas, 9 Nov. 1670; Hannah, 25 Feb. 1672; Eebecca, 18
Feb. 1675; wh. last three ch. d. 17 and 19 June 1689; Kendall, l5
Nov. 1677; Abigail, 10 Oct. 1679, d. in few wks. ; Jonathan, 18 July
1681 ; Daniel, 30 Oct. 1686 ; and Abigail, again, 24 Dec. 1688, d. at 6
mos. By sec. w. Thankful, m. 28 Jan. 1690, he had Hannah, again, 28
Jan. 1691; Eebecca, again, 13 Feb. 1693; Thomas, again, 17 Mar.
1695; and Eliz. 27 Mar. 1698; and he d. 21 Feb. foil. John, New
Haven 1668, s. of Edward, m. 8 Nov. 1670, Hannah, d. of William Bas-
sett, had Hannah, b. 20 Aug. 1671 ; John, 26 Mar. 1675 ; and Abiah,
26 Mar. 1677 ; rem. to Wallingford, and very likely had more. John,
whose w. Alice sufi!. by hang, as a witch, in the horrible delusion, at
Salem, 22 Sept. 1692, was not of that town, but I think, possib. of An-
dover, yet Felt, II. 480, has not specif. John, Andover, s. of Joseph, k.
by the Ind. 29 June 1677, at Scarborough, on serv. as a soldier under
Capt. Swett. John, Maiden, freem. 1678. John, Newton, may have
been that s. of Eobert, wh. Cambridge rec. says, d. 15 May 1682 ; but, as

P A R K E E . 353

there was two Johns at N. ace. Jackson, p. 10, one disting. as South,
the other as East, it may be hard to determ. Yet of the Newton John,
s. of the first John of the same, Jackson teach, that by w. Mary,
he had John, b. 17 Aug. 1687; Mary, 3 Mar. 1690; Deborah, 11
Feb. 1693; Sarah, 24 Mar. 1695; and Thomas, 9 Jan. 1700; and
d. Oct. 1713. His wid. d. Mar. 1715. John, came from London
1671, in the Arabella, but it is altogether doubtful where he sat
down, or whether he had not bef. liv. on tliis side and gone home
on business. John, Andover, s. of Nathan, m. 24 May 1687, Han-
nah Brown, but I feel uncert. as ano. John was of Andover, b.
of Joseph, and neither of these, s. of Joseph or Nathan, was likely to be
h. of that Alice, old enougli to be hanged for a witch in the fanaticism of
1692. However, the s. of Nathan, named John, had John, Nathan,
Benjamin, and James, of whom the last three says Farmer, were proprs.
of Concord N. H. 1726, and he d. 1738. John, Eeading, s. of Hana-
niah, by w. Deliverance, had Hananiah, b. 10 Oct. 1691, d. on. serv. at
Port Eoyal, 1711; Andrev^, 14 Feb. 1693; Josiah, 11 Apr. 1694;
Mary, 4 Dec. 1695, d. at 14 yrs. ; a s. whose name is not plain, 19 Aug.
1697, wh. d. at 12 yrs. ; and John, 8 Nov. 1703. Prob. he was freem.
1691, liv. late at Lexington, where his w. d. 10 Mar. 1718, and he d.
22 Jan. 1741. Jonathan, Boston, s. of Ealph, had Thomas, was a
merch. mariner, and d. bef. 1706. Jonathan, Newton, youngest s. of the
first John of the same, by w. Deliverance, had Mary, b. 25 Sept. 1701 ;
rem. to Needham, there had Jonathan, 21 July 1711, and perhaps others
bef. or after, and ano. w. Sarah. Joseph, Newbury, came injttie Confi-
dence from Southampton 1638, aged 24, was a tanner of Newbury, Co.
Berks, had Joseph, b. 15 May 1642, rem. to Andover where he was one
of the founders of the ch. Oct. 1645, and had more ch. of wh. were Ste-
phen, b. 1651, and Samuel, Thomas, non compos, and ds. Sarah, Mary,
and Euth, who all outliv. him, also John k. by the Ind. 1678 ; and he d.
5 Nov. 1678. All his est. in Eumsey, Co. Hants, a. 8 ms. from South-
ampton, he devis. to his w. by the last will, made 4 Nov. of that yr. her
name was Mary, and a wid. of that name d. 2 Oct. 1695. Joseph, Chelms-
ford, m. 24 June 16^5, Eebecca Eead, had Ann, b. 7 Feb. 1656; Mary,
28 Oct. 1657; John, 31 July 1659; and John, 24 Nov. 1660; but the
rec. gives not mo. of the first two, and for the third names Mary; and
Margaret for fourth. Yet it may seem prob. that one w. either Mary or
Margaret brought all ; and perhaps there were more. Joseph, Dunsta-
ble, is altogether unkn. to me, unless he were of ano. town, and tho. a
propr. only a tempor. resid. he had by w. Jilargaret, as on the rec. of
Chelmsford is to be seen, Joseph, b. 30 Mar. 1653 ; Ann, 2 Feb. 1655,
bapt. 20 Apr. foil. d. young; Mary, 28 Oct. 1657; John, 4 Nov. 1660,



d. 8 Oct. foil. ; Ann, 16 Nov. 1663 ; and Sarah, 16 iTov. 1666 ; as shown
in Shattuck's Memorials ; yet I can hardly doubt that confus. betw. hus-
bands of Rebecca and of Margaret, in the rec. of their ch. must have
occurr. especial, as ea. has Mary b. on one day. Joseph, Groton,
prob. s. of James the first, had two ws. Eliz. and Hannah, the latter m.
19 Nov. 1684, and by them had Sarah, b. 16 Nov. 1666 or 1676 ; Eliz.
31 Aug. 1679; Simon, 27 Aug. 1687; Joseph, 1 Mar. 1689; Benja-
min, 3 Dec. 1691; and John, 26 Aug. 1695. In the excel. Hist, of
Groton by Butler, five pages are filled with descend, of James and Jo-
seph. But Shattuck's Memorials, page 376, does not contain the name
of the first ch. as above giv. yet supplies two, Nehemiah and Isaac, bef.
Simon. Joseph, Saybrook, s. of William, m. 3 June 1673, Hannah Gil-
bert, had Joseph, b. 3 July 1674 ; Jonathan, 15 July 1675 ; d. at 8 yrs. ;
Sarah and Hannah, tw. 15 Feb. 1677, both d. very soon; Hannah, 18
July 1679 ; Margety, 22 June 1681, d. in few mos. ; Margery, again, 12
Mar. 1683, d. at 1 yr. ; Matthew; and Jonathan, again, 6 Oct. 1686.
Joseph, Scitnate, s. of William of the samefhad, says Deane, from 1684
to 1702, Alice, Mary, Joseph, Judith, and Miles, but he does' not fix the
date of any. Joseph, Andover, s'. prob. of Joseph the first, m. 7 Oct.
1680, Eliz. Bridges, wid. of Obadiah, and prob. d. 6 Apr. 1684; and
perhaps his wid. m. 26 Apr. 1686, Samuel Hutchinson. Joshua, Gro-
ton, s. of Capt. James of the same, m. 22 Sept. 1690, Abigail, youngest
d. of the first William Shattuck, and wid. of Jonathan Morse, had Abiel,
a d. JosiAH, Groton, s. of James the first, m. 8 May 1678, Eliz. Sax-
ton of BMon, prob. d. of Thomas, had Eliz. b. 31 Aug. 1679 ; John, 13
Apr. 1681 ; and Sarah, 1 May 1683; rem. to Chelmsford, Watertown, ,
and last to Cambridge, in one or more of wh. resid. he had Josiah ;
Joshua ; and Thomas, H. C. 1718, the min. of Dracut, to wh. by his will
of .26 July 1731 he gave his Groton homestead, and made him excor.
Matthew, Boston, d. 19 Sept. 1652. Moses, Chelmsford, s. of Abra-
iam of the same, m. Abigail, d. of Richard Hildreth, had Moses, who
was k. by lightning; Abigail, b. 8 May 1685; Aaron, 9 Apr. 1689;
Eliz. 26 Dec. 1691j Joseph, 25 Mar. 1694; Benjamin, 14 Apr. 1696;
jani Mary, 6 Sept. 1698. Nathan, Newbury, an early sett. rem. to
Andover, was br, of Joseph qf the same, m. 10 Nov. 1648, Sarah, or Su-
san, Short, wh, id. at A- 26 Aug. 1651 ; but by ano. w. Mary he had
John, b. 1653; James; Robert; and Peter ; and d. 25 June 1685. Per-
haps this man may be he who was ent. as Nathaniel, of London, a baker,
-aged 20, in 1638, when Stephen Dummer brought him in the Bevisfrom
• Southampton. Nathan, .Newbury, prob. s. of the preced. m. 15 Dec.
1675, Mary Brown, d. of John, says one acco. in the Geneal. Reg. VI.
;.232, by ano. corrected report, IX. 221, of Francis, but both describ. as


of Hampton, and the latter acco. makes her to have sec. h. Eliot. Na-
thaniel, Reading, br. of Hananiah, by w. Be'thia had Bethia, b. 23 July
1678, d. in few wks. ; Nathaniel, 4 Dec. 1679 ; Stephen, 14 June 1684,
d. in few mos. ; Bethia, again, 6 Sept. 1685 ; Susanna, 29 Dec. 1687 ;
Ebenezer, 28 Dec. 1689; Stephen, again, 21 Apr. 1692; Caleb, 22
Feb. 1694; Timothy, 24 Feb. 1696; Obadiah, 13 Jftn. 1698; Abigail,

25 Sept. 1699 ; Amy, 1 June 1701, d. soon ; Amy, again, 8 Nov. 1702 ;
and Phineas, 27 Sept. 1704; wasfreem. 1691. Hisw.d. 23 Aug. 1748,
in 90th yr. Nathaniel, Newton, youngest s. of Samuel of Dedham,
m. 1694, Margaret, d. of Capt. Noah Wiswall, had Noah, b. 20 Jan.
1695 ; Caleb, 9 Nov. 1G96 ; and his w. d. 30 July 1736. In Dec. foil,
he m. Mary, wid. of Joseph Hovey, d. prob. of John Marrett of Cam-
bridge; and d. 28 Feb. 1747. His wid. d. 10 Sept. 1758. Nicholas,
Roxbury, came in 1 633, either with Cotton in the Griffin, or in the Bii-d
(both of wh. arr. 4 Sept.), with w. Ann, ch. Mary, and Nicholas ; freem.
4 Mar. 1634, had Johanna, b. 1 June 1635, says the Roxbury ch. rec.
rem. soon aft. to Boston, had a ch. b. 14 June 1637, d. very soon ; Jon-
athan l,bapt. 2 Feb. 1640 ; Abiel, 15 Jan. bapt. 27 Mar. 1642 ; Joseph,

26 Mar. bapt. 14 May 1643 ; but when or where he d. I see not. His
d. Mary m. William Davis ; Joanna, m. 5 July 1655, Arthur Mason, the

•stout patriot, constable; and Jonathan liv. in London. Ralph, Glou-
cester 1647, rem. to New London 1651, had Mary by a former w. and
by Susanna, d. of WilUam Keeny, had Susanna ; Jonathan ; Ralph, b.
29 Aug. 1670; Thomas; Hannah; Mehitable ; and Rebecca, was a
master mariner and merch. and' d. 1683; Mary m. a. 1663, William
Condy ; Susanna m. 27 Mar. 1666, Thomas Forster ; Hannah m. Rich-
ard Wyatt, it is said ; Mehitable m. William Pendall ; and Rebecca m.
1685 John Prentiss, as his sec. w. Richard, Boston, merch. by w.
Ann had Joseph, b. 1 Aug. 1638, d. in few mos. ; Sarah, 8, bapt. 11
July 1641, was freem. 2 June 1641, and prob. he d. soon aft. but may
have had sec. w. for in the book of possessns. Jane, wid. of Richard,
had an est. His d. Ann b. prob. in Eng. m. jser-i^&i- John Manning, as
sec. w. and their d. Ann m. 1 669, John Sands ; and Sarah m. Mar.
1659, John Paine. Robert, Boston, call, on adm. to the ch. 9 Mar.
1634, " serv. to our br. William Aspen wall," was a butcher, possib. came
from Woolpit, near Bury St. Edmunds, Co. Suffk. freem. 4 Mar. foil,
rem. early to Cambridge, m. Judith, wid. of Richard Bugby of Roxbury,
had Benjamin, b. June 1636; Sarah, Apr. 1640; John, bapt. at Rox-
bury, in right of his w. 27 Mar. 1642, and I judge him to be the H. C. gr.
1661 ; Nathanael, 28 July 1643, d. young ; and Rachel, wh. d. bef. her
f. His w. d. 8 May 1682, aged 80 ; and in his will, of 21 Mar. 1684,
pro. 7 Apr. 1685, he calls hims. a. 82 yrs. The s. Benjamin, and John,


he says, had full sh. and are d. so that he names sole heir, his d. Sarah,
w. of Thomas Foster, m. 15 Oct. 1652, and to her ch. after her, with
provision for doub. portion to the s. Thomas. See 3 Mass. Hist. Coll.
X. 168. Robert, Barnstable, m. 28 Jan. 1657, Sarah James, had
Mary, b. 1 Apr. 1658; Samuel, 30 June 1660; Alice, 20 Jan. 1662;
and Jane, Mar. 1664; he m. a sec. w. Aug. 1667, Patience, d. of Henry
Cobb, had Thomas, 24 Aug. 1669 ; Daniel, 18 Aph 1670; Joseph, Feb.
1672; Benjamin, 15 Mar. 1674; Hannah, Apr. 1676; Sarah, 1678;
Elisha, Apr. 1680; and Alice, again, 15 Sept. 1681 ; both bapt. 1684;
but an erron. date of his d. is given, Sept. 1680. Samuel, Hingham
1638, may have been of Haverhill 1677 ; but owned Id. in 1682 at "Wey-
mouth. Samuel, Dedham, m. 9 Apr. 1657, Sarah, d. of William Hol-
man of Cambridge, had Sarah, b. 23 Jan. 1658, d. next yr.; Samuel, 5
May 1659; Ann, 10 Jan. 1661; Sarah, again, 21 May 1662; Na-
thaniel, 1 Mar. 1664, d. at 3 mos. ; Susanna, 19 Jan. 1667; Marga-
ret, 3 Sept. 1668; Nathaniel, again, 26 Mar. 1670; and Mary, 1675;
and his w. d. 19 Nov. foil, and he d. 31 Dec. 1678. Admin, was giv. on
his est. 9 Nov. 1680, to Capt. Thomas Prentice and Mr. Timothy
D wight. Stephen, Andover, s. of the first Joseph of the same, m. 1
Dec. 1680, Mary, prob. d. of John Marston, wh. d. 12 Apr. 1693, as did
her s. Stephen, 15 Dec. preced. and he m. 10 Jan. 1695, Susanna Dever-
eux. Thomas, Newbury, only s. of Rev. Robert, wh. was one of the ear-
liest Eng. puritans, b. June 1595, bred part, at Magdalen Coll. Oxford, part,
under Archbp. Usher at Dublin, also part, under William Ames in Hol-
land, where he took his A.M. 1617 at Franequei'. His f. enjoy, gr. fa-
vour in the days of Eliz. as in 1591 the Bp. of Winchester present, him
to the ch. of Putney, in Co. Wilts, while we find that the Earl of Pem-
broke had bef. giv. him the liv. of the Hospital of St. Nicholas at Salis-
bury, and aft. on surrender of these places, present, him, 1593, to the ch.
of St. Mary of Wilts, with the chapel of Bulbridge anxd. and in 1594
the Queen gave him that liv. of Stanton Barnard, where he, ten yrs.
later, appoint, his own vicar. But from the Reg. of Sir Thomas Phil-

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