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m. 6 July, Abiel Everitt ; and next, 1 Apr. 1660, John Alden ; Phebe.
had m. 26 July 1659, Zecharigh Gillam. William, Boston, a mariner,
called jr. to disting. him from the lieut. preced! tho. prob. not s. m. 24


Oct. 1650, Martha Franklin, had William, b. 13 Jan. 1652, wh. may-
have d. young; and Martha, 10 Mar. 1654. Prob. his w. d. bef. long,
and by ano. w. Joan, he may have had William, again, 8 Aug. 1671, wh.
was a butcher, and the same or ano. William, of Boston, possib. s. of
the major, by w. Deborah had William, b. 17 Nov. 1690 ; and Sarah, 28
Dec. 1692. ||Zechakiah, Boston, ar. co. 1660, by w. Eliz. had (if we
accept the truth of the rec.) Zechariah, wh. d. 2 Sept. 1652 ; Zecha-
riah, wh. d. 4 Sept. 1652; Zechariah, again, d. 24 July 1654; Zecha-
riah, again, b. 5 Mar. 1657, d. young; Eliz. 29 June 1661; Sarah, 7
Sept. 1662; Zechariah, again, 22 Oct. 1664; Joseph, 4 Sept. 1669; and
Hannah, 31 July 1671. He was k. by the Ind. 2 Aug. 1675, when the
party under capt. Edward Hutchinson, going by appointm. to treat a.
peace, was treacherous, as our side said, cut off. Zorobabel, Southamp-
ton, L. I. 1663-73, 1 judge to be the eldest s. by sec. w. of George the
first, tho. fam. geneal. does not indicate his resid. nor give any thing of
him but the b. He m. at S. Ann, wid. of John White, who had been of
Lynn bef. the sett, there. I once presum. that the two uncles, Zorobabel .
and Theophilus, being of L. I. drew thither Kev. George, their neph. but
some facts appear irreconcil. with this presumpt. Twenty of this name
had, twenty yrs. since, been gr. at Harv. and very few at other N. E. coll.

Philpot, Thomas, Watertown 1642, fell insane 1647, but liv. at Sa-
lem 1668, well eno. to petitn. against taxes, and was, says Bond, a pauper
in 1674. William, Boston 1645, called saltmaker, on adm. to the ch.
29 Nov. of that yr. m. 16 or 26 Dec. 1651, Ann, wid. of George Hunn.

Phinnet, Finnet, or Fennte, Isaac, Medfleld 1657. John, Ply-
mouth, by w. Christian, wh, d. 9 Sept. 1649, had John, b. 24 Dec. 1638,
bapt. at Barnstable 31 July 1653, and perhaps others, rem. to Barnstable,
m. 10 June 1650, Abigail, wid. of Henry Coggin, wh. d. 6 May 1653, and
for third w. 26 June 1654, Eliz. Bayley, had Jonathan, 14 Aug. 1655 ;
Eobert, 13 Aug. 1656; Hannah, 2 Sept. 1657; Eliz. 15 Mar. 1659;
Josiah, 11 Jan. 1661 ; Jeremiah, 15 Aug. 1662 ; and Joshua, Dec. 1665.
Hannah m. the sec. Ephraim Morton. John, Barnstable, s. of the pre-
ced. m. 10 Aug. 1664, Mary Eogers, had John, b. 5 May 1665 ; Mela-
tiah, Oct. 1666, d. next yr. ; Joseph, 28 Jan. 1668 ; Thomas, Jan. 1672 ;
Ebenezer, 8 Feb. 1674; Samuel, 4 Nov. 1676; Mary, 3 Sept. 1.678;
Mercy, 10 July 1679; Eeliance, 27 Aug. 1681; Benjamin, 18 June
1682, bapt. 16 Sept. 1683 ; Jonathan, 30 July 1684, bapt. ■26 July 1685 ;
Hannah, 28 Mar. 1687, bapt. 7 Apr. 1689, d. young; and Eliz. bapt.
10 May 1691. Josiah, Barnstable, br. of the preced. m. 19 Jan. 1688,
Ehz. d. of the first Joseph Warren. Eobebt, Plymouth, prob. br. of
John the first, and perhaps elder, came with his mo. I suppose, for the
rec. says " mo. Feney d. 22 Apr. 1650, aged upwards of 80," m. 1 Sept.


1641, Phebe Ripley, was deac. 1667, and d. 7 Jan. 1688, near 80, and
his wid. d. 9 Dec. 1710, " suppos. 92 yrs. old." Robert, Barnstable, s.
of John the first, d. 1690, in the wild crusade of Phips against Quebec.
Phippen, Fitzpen, Fippen, Fippennt, or Phippennet, Benjamin,
Boston, blockmaker, s. of David, b. in Eng. by w. Wilmot had David, b.
6 Nov. 1651 ; Sarah ; Benjamin, 6 Apr. 1654, d. soon ; Benjamin, again,
15 July 1656; James; Rebecca; Mary; Thomas; John; and Joseph.
He had sec. w. Elinor, and d. a. 1678. Tradit. says his ch. all rem. to
Stratford, and at least, James, Sarah, Rebecca, and Mary were there.
David, Hingham 1635, was from "Weymouth, or Melcombe Regis in
Co. Dorset, and s. of Robert, perhaps br. of George the rector of St. Ma-
ry's, Truro, who in that ch. set up a tablet in honor of his oldest br.
Owen, for rescuing hims. with great boldness from slavery, after seven
yrs. serv. in an Algerine corsair, and d. 17 Mar. 1637, as may be read
in the vol. of Cornwall in Lyson's Magna Britannia. He brot. w. Sa-
rah, ch. Joseph, Rebecca, Benjamin, Gamaliel, Sarah and George ; and
here had John, b. July 1637, d. soon ; John, again, July 1640, d. soon;
was freem. 3 Mar. 1636, rem. to Boston 1641, and d. bef. 31 Oct. 1650,
when his will was pro. His wid. m. George HuU of Fairfield. Rebecca
m. George Vickary ; the other d. m. Thomas Yeo. Geneal. Reg. VH.
233, has abstr. of his will. Whether Judith, a maid of 16, wh. came in
the Planter, 1635, from Stepney parish, London, were a relat. is not to
be suggest, with any grounds of conject. David, Salem, s. of Joseph
the first, a shipwright, m. 26 June 1672, Ann, d. of Thomas Cromwell of
Salem, wid. of Benjamin Auger, had David, b. 14 Apr. 1673, d. bef. his
f. ; Thomas, bapt. Aug. 1675; Ann, 19 May 1678; Cromwell, 5 Oct.
1679 ; Joseph, Aug. 1681 ; Jane, 7 Oct. 1683 ; and the last three d. bef.
the f. ; Abigail, 2 Aug. 1685 ; and Eliz. May 1689. Bef. 1700 he rem.
to Boston, and soon after to Casco Bay, where he had made great purch.
of Id. E. of Presumscot riv. and was k. by the Ind. Aug. 1703. Gama-
liel, Boston, br. of Benjamin, by w. Sarah Purchase, had Sarah, bapt.
30 Dec 1649, at 6 days old ; Gamaliel, b. 12 Mar. 1652, d. in few mos. ;
Hannah, bapt. 31 July 1653, of whose b. the surv. copy of town rec. in
one place gives the date 25, ano. 29 of that mo. (such are the vexatious
incongru. of ofiicial doucum.) ; Rebecca, b. 12 Feb. 1657; Eliz. 10 Aug.
1659 ; Ann, 28 Apr. 1666 ; and Mehitable ; beside a sixth d.-and two s.
wh. d. young.. He d. bef. 1670. Sarah m. first Robert Haughton, and
next, Benjamin Smith ; Hannah m. William Gibson ; Rebecca m. Job
Prince; Eliz. m. a Spencer; Ann m. 16 May 1686, William Wheeler;
and Mehitable m. Thomas Ford. Geobge, Boston 1659, a mariner,
youngest br. of the preced. m. in London, and by w. Eliz. had two s. four
ds. in 1683 was liv. at Hull in Boston bay. James, Stratford, s. of Ben-

PHIPS. 419

jamin of Boston, had Benjamin, James, and a d. wh. all had fam. James,
Hull, s. of George, had ds. Sarah, Eliz. and Joanna. * Joseph,- Hing-
ham 1637, s. of David, prob. the eldest, b. in Eng. m. Dorcas Wood, had
a oh. bur. 27 Apr. 1642 ; Joseph, bapt. Aug. 1642 ; Mary, 5 Mar. 1644 ;
rem. to Boston and was made freem. that yr. had Sarah, b. 4, bapt. 9
Feb. 1645 ; David, bapt. 4 Apr. 1647, a. 7 wks. old; Samuel, 6 May
1649, 7 days old ; and Eliz. b. 10, bapt. 20 June 1652, d. next yr. He
had been, a yr. or two bef. at Falmouth very active, constable 1661, yet
in 1658 had a quarrel at Scarborough with Foxwell; and was rep. but
sett. 1665 at Salem where he was in good repute, made his will 21 July
1687, in wh. his w. and five ch. are nam. and d. soon aft. Willis I. 140.
His d. Sarah m. 24 Sept. 1669, George Hodges of Salem ; and had
Sarah, as in Essex Inst. II. 151. Joseph, Falmouth, s. of the preced. m.
Mary Standford, had Joseph. His w. d. early, and he took sec. w. Sea-
born, or Sibborn, Gooding, or Goodwin, 22 Dec. 1670, had Daniel, b. 20
Dec. 1671; Samuel, 20 Sept. 1674; Sarah, 8 Oct. 1676; Dorcas and
John, tw. 22 Dec. 1678 ; Israel, 17 July 1681 ; Eachel; and Ann. He
prob. had been driv. by Ind. hostil. some yrs. bef. to Salem, or Lynn, of
wh. last place he is titled, when freem. 1680. By third w. m. 14 Apr.
1686, Damaris, wid. of Thomas Searle, he had three more ch. of wh. the
last was Benjamin, b. 29 Sept. 1688 ; and d. 1710. Willis II. 8. Sam-
uel, Salem, s. of Joseph the first, m. 1 Feb. 1677, Rachel Guppy, had
Samuel, b. 12 Dec. 1677; John, 4 Oct. 1679; Stephen, 9 May 1681;
Rachel, 5 Aug. 1683; John, again, 25 Dec. 1685; Nathaniel, 4 Aug.
1687; Sarah, May 1691 ; Rachel, again, 11 Sept. 1693; and Joseph, 9
Feb. 1697 ; and d. Feb. 1718. Thomas, Salem, s. of Benjamin prob.
or perhaps of the sec. David, tho. less likely, m. Mary, eldest d. of Tim-
othy Lindall. One Judith P. aged 1 6, came in the Planter from Lon-
don 1635, with James Hay ward, wh. m. her. Both were serv. of Nich-
olas Davis of Charlestown.

Phips, or, in mod. days, Phipps, James, from Bristol, Eng. a gun-
smith, sat down near the mouth of the Kennebeck riv.bef. 1649, ha v. had
very many ch. by the same w. 21 s. and 5 ds. in all, if credulity be suffi-
ciently dilated to embrace the story, one of the youngest, the celebr. Sir
William (equival. to all the s. in the opin. of his biogr.), being b. 2 Feb.
1651, this latter fact being more prob. than the numb. wh. however
Mather asserts in two places, Magn. II. 38 and III. 1 65, tho. in this sec.
place, we are naturally led to distrust his assert, by the manner of its in-
troduct. to the support of his enormous marvel of John Sherman's felic-
ity. Had he once more declared it, he would perhaps have accorapan.
his story with some incident to compel disbelief Whether ten or twenty
of the boys were b. on the other side of the water, he d. when William

420 P H I P S .

was young, and his mo. liv. yet the name of no other s. exc. John, or d.
exc. Mary, Margaret, and Ann, was ever told. Of twenty-one s. the re-
gard for males in nine cases out of ten, so greatly exceed, that for females,
we are justif. in looking for the names of more than two, especial, as
three out of the five ds. count, by Mather, find place in the will of their
br. the Gov. John, Reading, by Eaton classed among the early sett, of
wh. it is desira. to kn. more, that something might be said beyond guess,
that he was b. at Charlestown. Had any date been affix, we should be
able to conject. that he was, or was not, that John, s. of James, wh. had
John, prob. b. near the mo. of Kennebeck wh. accomp. his uncle William
1686, in search of the treasure ship. No more is kn. of him. But some
amus. tradit. as to the defeat of testamenta. benefact. to the s. by Sir Wil-
liam, may be read in Morse, who would make up for such injustice, by
giv. to his s. Jedediah near ten yrs. longer life than belong, to hitn.
Such is the tendency to magnify old age. * Samuel, Charlestown, s. of
Solomon of the same, taught the gr.sch. m. 8 Aug. 1676, Mary Phillipsj_
d. of Henry, wh. d. early ; and by sec. w. Catharine had Samuel, bapt.
21 May 1682, d. Soon; and Samuel, again, 10 Feb. 1684; was rep.
1692, at the first sess. under new chart. Reg. of deeds, and Clk. of the
County, and d. at the age of 70, Aug. 1725. Very strange seems the er-
ror of Farmer, in his Memoir of Grad. of H. C. making Gov. Danforth's
d. Mary his w. when she belong, to his br. Solomon. Solomon, Charles-
town 1641, carpenter, was adm. of the ch. 15 Jan. and freem. 18 May
1642, by w. Eliz. had Eliz. b. 23 Apr. 1643 ; Solomon ; Samuel, H. C.
1671, bef. ment. ; Mehitable, wh. d. 15 July 1657 ; Mehitable, again, 10
Dec. 1657 ; and Mehitable, again, 6 June 1659, if my transcript, of rec.
be right; Joseph, bapt. 13 Oct. 1661 ; and perhaps others; d. 25 July
1671, aged 52. His will of 4 May 1670 makes w. Eliz. extrix. provides
for the s. Samuel at coll. Solomon, and Joseph, beside d. Eliz. Ray
and her ch. d. Mary, mean, perhaps Solomon's w. and her ch. yet unb.
The wid. d. 1 Nov. 1688. Solomon, Charlestown, s. of the preced. m.
Mary, d. of Dept. Gov. Thomas Danforth, and they join, the ch. 3 Apr.
1670, was freem. 11 May foil, had Mary, b. 3 July 1670; Solomon, 10
Jan. 1675; Thomas, 22 Nov. 1676, H. C. 1695, I think (tho. Farmer
gave him to Samuel, as he had also his mo.) ; Eliz. 27 Feb. 1681 ; Jona-
than, 7 Jan. 1683 ; Eliz. again, 5 Jan. 1684; and it is observ. that this
fam. used pp. in its name punctiliously, while single p. served for the
Gov. He d. suddenly, tho. I see not the date. Opposite causes may be
read in Morse, 195, who makes the Bapt. regard it as a judgm. upon him
for purch. Id. taken from one of their commun. for paym. of a fine ; but
Phipps hims. said " he was bewitched," and his opin. is equally to be re-
spected in our days. § I William, Boston, s. of James, b. says his pan-

P H I P S . 421

egyrist, " at a despicable planta. on the riv. Kennebeck," wh. is by Fol-
som, a soberer writer, said to be on the W. side, now Phipsburg, m.
Mary, wid. of John Hull (not the mint-master), d. of Eoger Spencer of
Saco, but had no ch. was driv. by Ind. hostil. to Boston 1676, and I dis-
cov. him there in command of a trading vessel, 1677 ; he prevail, by his
earnest desire to hunt up a Spanish wreck, in getting, 1683, a king's
ship, the Algier Rose, and in a contempo. Memoir of Sir John Bramp-
ston (s. of the old judge, Who sat in the immortal cause of John Hampden
for the ship money), I find this condensed descript. of him, as " a sea capt.
who was well skill, in mathemat. and had acquaint, hims. in India with
some that had the art of diving ; having some guess where the ship per-
ished, apprehend, he could recov. the treas." Good luck attend, his un-
dertak. but a mod. Eng. author of distinct, wh. ascrib. to him the invent,
of a diving-bell for his purpose, ought to know that Edward Bendall had
used his diving-bell successful, in Boston harbor, near eight yrs. bef.
Sir William was b. and may read in "Winth. Hist, of N. E. that the no-
ble machine was next yr. employed at St. Kitts. For his success he was
knight, by James II. 28 June 1687, and after his return here, was made,
by Andros, Sheriff of N. E. Happi. he join, the ch. of Cotton Mather
8 Mar. 1 690, was freenj. a fortnight later, and, as his spiritual guide ex-
ulting, tells, was bapt. 23d of that mo. this being almost a yr. after the
revo. against that power that made him sheriff, and in May 1690 he con-
ducted the little attack, by only seven hundred men, on the French of
Nova Scotia, with success, and was chos. an Assist, at the ensuing elect.
The great expedit. that sail, in Aug. foil, against Quebec, was project, by
him, " as well formed an enterprise," says Mather, " as perhaps was ever
made by the N. E." tho. in this, the world's opinion has not concur. He
was not content to have the nautical control merely, in wh. his experi-
ence could have been useful, but, with greater generosity than skill or
propriety, assum. the direction of the land forces, thereby saving the
reputa. of Walley, our ch. m>ilit. officer, to the injury of his own. On the
failure of this Quixotic campaign, he went to London, 1691, with intent,
to seek aid from the new king in ano. attempt upon the bulwark of French
empire in the new world; but was most lucki. divert, from that pur-
suit, by the appointm. as Gov. in the new chart, on the recommend, of
Increase Mather to the king. With Mather and the chart, he arr. at
Boston 14 May 1692, but his incapac. was soon discern, and in two yrs.
for indecent or boisterous conduct he was recall, from the Prov. to Lon-
don, and there d. 18 Feb. 1695. A monum. to his mem. stands in the
ch. of St. Mary Woolnoth. In Mass. the history of his admin, is the
melancholy monum. for his public breach of the peace was a scandal that
never befel any other ch. magistr. and the horrible delusion of the witch-
VOL. III. 36

422 PIC

craft tragedy, tho. not imputab. to him, might by him have been partially
restrain, if not effect, counteract. As he never had a ch. the prepos-
terous fable never heard of bef. this generat. that Sir Constantine Phips,
the Tory lawyer, Lord Chancellor of Ireland, was his s. and the pro-
genit. of Lord Mulgrave of the last century, may be duly esteem. It
must be regret, that so respectab. an author as Smiles in his enumerat. of
disting. mem. of the peerage, should have adopt, so fabulous an origin
for the Normanby fam. See Self Help, p. 169. With his com. in May
1692, 1 have prefer, to close the enumerat. of N. E. early sett, because
he brot. new people to fill offices, and succeed, emigr. may too much be
thot. to have come for the same purpose. The sturdy puritan race may
almost universal, be count, as earlier inhab. See Gillingham, as perhaps
the latest of the prior sett. His wid. m. 9 Oct. 1701, Peter Sargent.
Her neph. Spencer Bennett, H. C. 1703, took the name of Phips, had
William, H. C. 1728, and was lieut. Gov. of the Province, d. 4 Apr.
1757, aged 71. Nine of this name; of single and double Tp. had, in 1832,
been gr. at Harv.

PiCKAED, * John, Rowley 1645, m. Jane Crosby, had John, b. 1653;
Samuel, 1663, and three, or, by ano. story, six ds. was rep. 1661 and 95,
unless this last yr. belongs to his s. and d. 1697, aged 75. His wid. d.
20 Feb. 1716, in 89th yr. Mary, one of his ds. m.. 14 Feb. 1671, John
Pearson, the sec. * John, Rowley, s. of the preced. freem. 1683j was
perhaps rep. 1695. * Samuel, Rowley, br. of the preced. m. Eliz.
Bradstreet, had a d. and his w. d. early. He next m. Eliz. d. of Thomas
Hale, had Samuel, b. 1689 ; Thomas, 1691 ; Moses, 1694 ; Joseph, 1701 ;
beside three ds. He was rep. 1723 and 4. Descend, at R. have been
numer. and respect. Farmer ment. an Edmund P. from Northam in
Devonsh. at Piscataqua, a. 1661.

PiCKE, John, Cambridge, by w. Mary had Abigail, bi 22 Apr. 1642.
Perhaps it is spelt otherwise in some places.

PiCKEEAM or PiCKRAM, Geoege, Watertown, prob. s. of John, brot.
by his f. from Eng. 1630; unit, with his wid. mo. Esther, 1 Sept. 1646,
in sale of est. John, Watertown, d. 10 Dec. 1630. He prob. came in
the fleet with Winthrop, had, by w. Esther, s. George, beside John, who
was bur. 6 July 1639, and d. Joan, wh. d. 3 days aft. her f. None of
this name is found in div. of Shawshin Ids. 1652, among people of Cam-
bridge and W. I think it may be the same as Pickering.

PiCKEEiNG, John, Ipswich 1634, a carpenter, rem. to Salem 1637,
had there gr. of Id. by w. Eliz. had John, prob. b. that yr. ; Jonathan,
1639; Eliz. bapt. 3 Mar. 1644, d. soon; and Eliz. again, perhaps b. 3,
bapt. 17 Aug. 1645, prob. d. young; and he d. 1655 or 1657. The will
of 30 July 1655 was pro. 1 July 1657. His wid. m. 25 Dec. of the lat-


ter yr. John Deacon of Lynn. John, Portsmouth 1636, perhaps had
been as early as 1630, may have rem. to Cambridge, by w. Mary had
Lydia, b. 5 Nov. 1638; rem. to Portsmouth, prob. there d. 18 Jan.
1669; but one of this name is by Lewis claim, for his town of Lynn
1639, who, if transient resid. may be either of these first two. John,
Salem, s. of the first John of the same, freem. 1669, m. 1657, Alice, d.
of William Flint, had John, b. 10 Sept. 1658 ; Jonathan, 27 Sept. 1660,
d. young; Joseph, 9 Sept. 1663, d. young; Benjamin, 11 or 15 .Jan. 1666;
Edward, d. soon; Sarah, 7 Sept. 1668; William, 11 Jan. 1671 ; Eliz. 7
Sept. 1674; and Hannah, 2 July, 1677. In the regular descent from
one John to ano. est. in Salem (perhaps got by the first John, 1 642, from
Emanuel Downing under power to his w. as a reasona. tradit. gives, to
pay for his s. George's commencem. dinner), is now, in part, enjoy, by
John of the seventh generat. He was ancest. of the disting. Timothy,
H. C. 1763, whose s. and gr.s. have been gr. at the same ; was lieut. and
d. 5 May 1694, aged 56 ; and his wid. Sarah d. 27 Dec. 1714. * John,
Portsmouth, s. of the first John of the same, m. 10 Jun. 1665, Mary
Stanyan, had John, b. 1 Dec. 1666; Mary, 18 July 1668; Thomas, 6
Apr. 1679, d. next yr. ; two Sarahs wh. d. 1671 and 3, and perhaps
others; was capt. rep. to Boston 1691 ; and in N. H. was speaker of the
assemb. as was his namesake, the elder br. of Timothy in that of Mass.
at a later day. He was liv. 1718, and ancest. of Hon. John of Ports-
mouth, H. C. 1761, wh. d. 11 Apr. 1805; and prob. William of Con-
cord, H. C. 1797. His d. Mary m. John Plaisted. Jonathan, Salem,
s. of John the first of the same, ship-carpenter, m. 19 Mar. 1666, Jane,
d. of doctor Thomas Cromwell, had Jane, b. last week of Nov. 1667, d.
young; Eliz. 2 or 4 June 1669 ; Mary, 1 Dec. 1670 ; Ann, Aug. 1672 ;
Jonathan, 11 May 1674; Sarah, 25 Jan. 1676; John, bapt. 19 May
1678; but these five last ment. all d. young; Hannah, bapt. 28 May
1682; and Mercy. Thirteen of this name, had, in 1831, been gr. at

PiCKES, John, Piscataqua, i. e. prob. Dover or Kittery 1640; but
Mr. Judd, on examin. of the original rec. presum. the name to intend

Picket, Adam, New London, youngest s. of John of the same, m.
16 May 1680, Hannah, d. of Daniel Wetherell, had Adam,' b. 1681 ; and
John, 1685; and d. 1691. His bros. d. unm. and s. Adam. d. without
issue. Christopher, Boston, in that part call. Muddy riv. now Brook-
line, m. June 1647, Eliz. Stow, d. of John, had John, b. 6 Sept. 1657 ;
was liv. at B. 1661 ; and 14 Oct. 1675, at Scarborough, prob. a soldier,
witness to nuncup. will of Arthur Alger. Daniel, Stratford, youngest
s. of the first John of the same, m. 13 Sept. 1683, Mary, d. of John


Offlt, had Samuel, b. 23 Nov. 1684, d. young; Margaret, 14 Aug. 1686;
Daniel, 27 Feb. 1688, prob. d.'soon; Samuel, again, 31 Oct. 1689;
Daniel, again, 1 Oct. 1691 ; Mary, 15 Jan. 1693; Comfort, a d. 6 Sept.
1694; and Rebecca, 5 Mar. 1701. James, Stratford 1669, br. of the
preced. went to Norwalk 1673, m. 17 July of that yr. Eebecca, d. of
Ralph Keeler, had James, b. 7 May 1674; and perhaps rem. *John,
Salem 1648, had John, James, Thomas, and Sarah, in Nov. of that yr.
bapt. together; Rebecca, 30 June 1650; and Daniel, 25 Jan. 1652. I
do not find" the name of w. among ch. mem. and his is by Felt copied
Pigket, follow, the sound. He rem. 1660 to Stratford, there was consta-
ble 1667, one of the selectmen in 1669, and rep. 1673 and 5. His w.
Margaret d. 6 Oct. 1683, and he d. 11 Apr. foil. Sarah m. 19 Dec.
1665, Robert Lane of S. and Rebecca m. 31 Dec. 1673, James Sention
of Norwalk. John, Boston, whose s. John, by w. Eliz. d. 14 Aug.
1657, may be the same as the preced. John, New London, m. Ruth, d.
of Jonathan Brewster, had Mary ; Ruth ; "William ; John, b. 25 July
1656; Adam, 15 Nov. 1658; and Mercy, 16 Jan. 1661. He was an
active merch. had good est. and d. 16 Aug. 1667; and his wid. m. 18
July foil. Charles Hill, who, in 1670, obtain, from the Col. confirmat,
of a grant of 600 acres, made by Uncas to P. ; Mary m. 10 Apr. 1672,
Benjamin Shapley ; Ruth m. Rev. Moses Noyes of Lyme ; and Mercy
m. 1 Nov. 1682, Samuel Fosdick, and next, John Arnold. John, Strat-
ford, s. of John of the same, freem. 1670, m. 19 Jan. 1673, Mary Cross,
or some such name, had Rebecca, b. 31 Dec. foil.; John, 5 Jan. 1678;
Sarah, 8 Mar. 1681 ; and James, 5 Jan. 1686. His w. d. 7 Oct. 1687.
Thomas, Stratford, br. of the preced. m. 16 Nov. 1676, Abigail, d. of
Thomas Seymour of Norwalk, had Abigail, b. 30 July 1678; Hannah,
20 May 1680 ; and Jacob, 15 Feb. 1682.

Pickles, Jonas, Scituate 1650, m. 1657, Alice, d. of "William Hatch,
had Jonas, b. 5 Feb. 1659 ; Mary, 1660 ; "Nathan, 1661 ; Lydia, 1662 ;
and Jonas, 1663; next yr. he d. suddenly, I presume, for his will was
nuncup. 15 Dec. and pro. by two females. . Nathan, Scituate, s. of
the preced. m. 1687, Miriam, d. of John Turner, had Mary, b. 1688;
Alice, 1691; Nathan, 1693; David, 1695; and Nathan, again, 1699.

PiCKMAN, oft. writ. Pitman, as sound. Benjamin, Salem, third s. of
Nathaniel of Bristol, Eng. bapt. at Lewen's Mead, Bristol, the ch. seat
of the dissent, interest in that city, 1645, m. 27 July 1667, Eliz. d. of
Capt. Joseph Hardy, had Joseph, b. 11 June 1668 ; Benjamin, 30 Jan.
1672; Susanna, 3 Feb. 1674; Martha, 3 June 1677; John, 12 Sept.
1679; Joshua, 28 Aug. 1681 ; "William, 10 June 1684; and Nicholas,
call, a d. 18 Aug. 1687; and he d. 1708. His wid. d. 19 Dec. 1727,


aged 77. Susanna m. John Viall; Martha m. Edmund Batter; and
Nicholas m. Richard Pike, and d. in her 90th yr. Benjamin, Salem, s.
of the preced. by -first w. Miss HasketJ had only John ; he next m. 26
Oct. 1704, Abigail, sec. d. of Timothy Lindall, had Abigail, b. 9 Feb.
1706 ; Benjamin, 28 Jan. 1708, an honorable counsellor, wh. was gr.f. of
the late Benjamin Pickman, H. C. 1784, mem. of U. S. Congr. and d. 2
Aug. 1773; William, 1 Oct. 1710; Samuel, 19 Jan. 1712; Eliz. 22
Jan. 1714; Caleb, 10 June 1715 ; Rachel, 25 July 1717; and Sarah, I
Dec. 1718 ; and he d. next yr. on 26 Apr. Nathaniel, Salem 1654,
came from Bristol with w. Tabitha, wh. d. 10 Sept. 1668, and ch. Nathan-
iel, John, Benjamin, William, Samuel, and perhaps Tabitha, and Mary,
beside Bethia, wh. all m. the last, 15 Feb. 1673, with John Silsbee ;
Mary, 22 June 1665, with Robert Hodges ; and Tabitha, 30 Aug. 1664,
with Edmund Feveryear. Nathaniel, Salem, s. of the preced. had
Tabitha, b. Nov. 1670, d. in few wks.; Tabitha, again, 4 Nov. 1671 ;
Eliz. 25 Dec 1673; and Nathaniel, 13 Apr. 1676. Samuel, Salem,
br. of the preced. by w. Lydia, perhaps d. of Peter Palfrey, had Sarah,

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