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there liv. to serve on the jury 1656. Adams's Ann. 18. Perhaps he

504 BAND.

was at Exeter 1657. Hbnrt, Stow, m. 19 Sept. 1682, Mary Crane,
and had eh. b. there. James, Plymouth, came in the Ann, 1623, and
next yr. had his share in the div. of Id. but none in the div. of cattle,
1627, so that we may conclude, he was gone. John, Charlestown, per-
haps s. of Robert, d. 19 Dec. 1659, prob. unm. John, Braintree 1657,
a mariner, there liv. 1662. John, Dover, m. Remembrance, d. of John
Alt, was freem! 1672, perhaps had sec. w. Eliz. wh. admin, his est.
1690. John, Charlestown, s. of Thomas, m. 2 Dec. 1685, Mehitable,
d. of John Call, had Mehitable, b. 27 Mar. 1687; Sarah, 5 Jan. 1688,
d. very soon; John, 7 Mar. 1690; Hannah, 6 Feb. 1692 ; Jonathan, 27
Apr. 1694; Sarah, again, bapt. 19 July 1696; Rebecca, b. 4 Nov. 1698,
d. at 2 mos. ; Benjamin, 17 Mar. 1700 ; Thomas, 22 Mar. 1702 ; Caleb,
6 Dec. 1703 ; Isaac, and Rebecca, tw. bapt. 8 Sept. 1706, both d. next
mo.; Rebecca, again, b. 31 July 1708, d. soon; Edmund, 2 July 1710;
and Richard, 19 Nov. 1714. His w. d. 25 Mar. 1727, aged 58, and he
m. 14 Oct. 1730, Mary Randall, and d. 24 Sept. 1737. His wid. d. 22
Sept. 1757, aged 85. Nathaniel, Charlestown, s. perhaps youngest, of
Robert, m. 2 Sept. 1664, Mary, d. of Samuel Carter of the same, had
Nathaniel, b. 13 July 1665, d. in few days; Mary, 30 Dec. 1666, bapt.
5 Apr. 1668, he having been adm. of the ch. on Sunday preced. and she
d. in few days after; Nathaniel, again, 12, bapt. 16 Aug. 1668^ d.
young; Samuel, bapt. 4 Sept. 1670, d. young; John, 17, bapt. 22 Oct.
1671, d. soon; John, again, bapt. 19 Oct. 1673; Samuel, again, 20 Feb.
1676, d. young; Mary, again, b. 16, bapt. 18 Nov. 1677; -and by sec.
w. Abigail, had Abigail, b. 9 Mar. bapt. 16 May 1680; Joseph, 4, bapt.
5 Feb. 1682; Thomas, b. 10 Aug. 1685, d. soon; Ebenezer, bapt. 6
May 1688; Sarah, b. 16 June 1690; Susanna and Isabel, tw. bapt. 3
June 1694, both d. in few mos. and was freem. 1668, one of the select-
men 1690, and d. 17 May 1696, his w. hav. d. 16 Oct. bef. Robert,
Charlestown 1635, brot. from Eng. w. Alice, said to be d. of Nicholas
Sharp in Eng. and sis. of Mary, w. of the first capt. Richard Sprague,
with ch. Margery, Thomas, Susanna, and prob. Alice ; here had Nathan-
iel, bapt. 3 Nov. 1636; and Eliz. 29 Dec. 1639, but he d. bef. Margery
m. a. 1646, as his sec. w. Lawrence Dowse. Susanna m. 8 Feb.
1652, Abraham Newell of Roxbury; Alice m. Thomas Lord, and d. 11
Aug. 1721 in her 88th yr. and Eliz. m. a. 1662, Nathaniel Brewer
of Roxbury. His wid. liv. to 29 July 1691, aged 87, and her will was
pro. 17 Aug. foil. Robert, .Lynn 1649, had Robert; Zechary; and
Hannah, b. Aug. 1657; d. 8 Nov. 1694, says Lewis, in Hist. sec. ed.
112, where he says his w. EUz. d. 29 Aug. 1693, and adds Eliz, and
Mary to the number of his ch. Robert, Lynn, s. prob. of the preced.
m. last of Jan. 1684, Tabitha, d. of sec. Thomas Ivory of Lynn.


Samuel, Dover, m. 14 Aug. 1679, Mary, d. of George Walton.
Thomas, Charlestown, s. prob. eldest of Robert, b. in Eng. a. 1627,
brot. by his f. m. 12 Mar. 1656, Sarah, d. of Edmund Edenden, had
Thoma.s, b. 1 F*b. 1657, bapt. 6 May 1660, as f. and mo. joined the
ch. the week preced. ; John b. 6 Oct. 1659, d. in few wks. ; Eliz. bapt. 2
Feb. 1662; John, again, b. 25 May 1664; Sarah, 15 Aug. 1666;
Robert, bapt. 19 Apr. 1668 ; Edmund, b. 27 Jan. 1670, d. young; Han-
nah, 21 Feb. 1672; William, 11 Sept. 1674; Deborah, 28 Sept. 1676;
and Samuel, 3 May 1679 ; was freem. 1660, and d. 3 Aug. 1683, and
his wid. d. 1699, in her 63d yr. Eliz. m. 4 July 1682, John Pinney;
and Hannah m. 12 Apr. 1694, Nathaniel Frothingham. Thomas,
Charlestown, s. of the preced. m. 17 June 1679, Sarah, d. of William
Longley or Langley of Groton, had Sarah, b. 27 Jan. 1680, d. soon ;
Thomas, 26 Dec. 1681 ; Edmund, wh. d. 31 Aug. 1683 ; Robert, 18 June
1684; Edmund, again, 22 Aug. 1686; William, 4 May 1689; Joshua,
2 Mar. 1692; and Sarah, 1 Sept. 1694, d. next yr. He was drown. 2
Oct. 1695, and his wid. had admin. 2 Dec. foil. William, Charles-
town, br. of the preced. by w. Persis had Mary, b. 21 May 1695 ; Eliz.
bapt. 4 Apri 1697; William, 1698; John, b. 11 Feb. 1701, d. soon;
Deborah, bapt 29 Nov. 1702; Samuel, b. 27 May 1704; Thomas, 22
Aug. 1711; and Joshua, bapt. 20 Sept. 1713; and d. 19 Feb. 1747;
and his wid d. 25 June 1748, aged 80 yrs. Ten of this name had, in
1828, been gr. at Harv.

Randall, Abraham, Dorchester, s. of Philip, rem. with his f. to
Windsor 1636, was constable 1656, m. first w. Mary, 1 Dec. 1640, and
sec. w. 27 Oct. 1681, Eliz. Kibby, but prob. had no ch. by either, or at
least left none, when he d. 21 Aug. 1690; in his will gave most of his
est. to Abraham and two other s. of George Phelps, his nephews.
Anthony, Salem 1688, a physician. Felt. Isaac, Scituate, young-
est s. of William of the same, m. 19 Nov. 1684, Susanna, d. of Joseph
Barstow, and for sec. w. 1692, Deborah, d. of John Buck, had Isaac,
Susanna, Jacob, Deborah, Robert, Ruth, Gideon, Rachel, Caleb, Elisha,
Mary, Abigail, Grace, and Perez ; of whom we may presume that the
last eleven were by the sec. Deane says he liv. to the age of 102. Job,
Scituate, s. of William of the same, had Mary, b. 1680; Job, 1688;
James, 1685; Nehemiah, 1688; Lydia, 1690; and Ssimuel, 1694.
John, Watertown, by w. Susanna had Sarah, b. 7 Aug. 1659; beside
Susanna, suppos. to be first ch. ; Stephen ; Mary ; Samuel, 20 Mar.
1669 ; and Eleazer, 30 Apr. 1672 ; all nam. in his will of 22 Apr. pro.
5 Oct. 1680. His w. had d. 14 May 1673. He was prob. younger br.
of Stephen, and d. 16 June 1680. Susanna m. Enoch Sawtell. John,
Westerly 1667, complained of by Conn. Ind. Trumbull II. 529. John,

vol. III. 43


Weymouth, s. of Eobert, freem. 1691, by w. Mercy had Mary, b. 31
May 1668; John, 16 Apr. 1673; Eliz.; Mercy; and other ch. whose
dates are not in the rec. but in his .will of 28 Dec. 1715, he names w.
Sarah, s. John, Mercy, w. of Thomas Kingman; Eliz. w. of Benjamin

Orcut; besides w. of Benjamin Luddam; and w. of Reed, as his

ds. John, Rochester, may have been s. of "William of Scituate, and
liv. there early, had John, b. 6 May 1677; Patience, 13 Jan. 1679;
Thomas, 25 Jan. 1681; Mercy, 20 Jan. 1683; William, 6 Feb. 1685;
Job, 3 Mar. 1688; Judith, 29 Apr. 1690; and J^azarus, 25 Dec.
1691. Perhaps his w. was relat. of Thomas Rollins the sec. of Boston ;
at least in his will of 12 Dec. 1681, she is nam., among other kin.
John, Watertown, m. Rachel, d. of John Waite of the same, had Marj',
b. 10 June 1690; and he d. Dec. foil. Joseph, Scituate, eldest s. of
Wilham of the same, m. 1673, Hannah Macomber, perhaps d. of Wil-
liam, had Eliz. and Sarah, b. 1673; Joseph, 1675; Hannah, 1677;
Sarah, again, 1680; Margaret, 1683; Mercy, 1684; and Benjamin,
1688, as Deane tells. Nathaniel, Boston 1660, s. of John of Clerken-
well, London, that had w. Eliz. wh. was sis. of William Morton of
Windsor and New London. Philip, Dorchester, freem. 14 May 1634,
had one d. call. Philury, wh. m. George Phelps, and s. Abraham, bef.
ment. and Philip, rem. 1636 to Windsor, there d. 6 Sept. 1648, unless
this be date of his s. of the same name, and he, I think, liv. to 1662,
but had no ch. and the name soon after was extinct at W. The wid. d.
1665, aged 87. Richard, Saco, had Richard, b. 1659; and Sarah,
1661 ; may be the game wh. was of Boston 1676, mariner, had w. Eliz.
and many yrs. later was of Dover. Robert, Weymouth, freem. 1647,
then spell. Rendell, in his will of 27 Mar. 1691, names his ch. John,
Thomas, Mary, wh. was b. 20 or 30 Mar. 1642, w. of Abrabam Staples,
m. 17 Sept. 1660; and Hannah, w. of John Warfield, both then of
Mendon. Mary, his w. was bur. 3 Sept. 1640, but his next w. is unkn.
He came from Wendover, Co. Bucks, as he testif. in 1688, at the age of
80. Samuel, Watertown, s. of John of the same, m. 27 Jan. 1709,
Eliz. Gleason of Cambridge, had Eliz. b. 22 Mar. 1710; Samuel, 12
Nov. 1711; Susanna, Dec. 1713, d. at 10 yrs.; Mary, 23 Feb. 1713;
John, Jan. 1719; and Stephen, 29 Jan. 1722; and d. 24 Jan. 1730.
Stephen, Watertown, m. 14 Dec. 1653, Susanna, d. of Ellis Barron,
had Eliz. wh. m. Stephen Codman; Stephen, b. 20 Aug. 1655, wh.
prob. d. young; Susanijfl, wh. m. William Shattuck; and Mary, 24
June 1662. He was perhaps elder s. of that wid. Eliz. wh. d. at W. 24
Dec. 1672, aged 80; and he d. 26 Feb. 1708. The will of 13 Jan.
1698, names the three ds. and Mary m. only six weeks aft. that date,
Abraham Chamberlain ; yet the will was not, of course, potential in the

RAN 507

match. He left no male descend. Thomas, Marblehead, fisherman, m.
bef. Feb. 1.665, Sarah, d. of John Langdon of Boston, d. soon, for his
inv. was tak. 20 Nov. 1667. Thomas, "Weymouth, s. of Robert, freem.
1691, by w. Hannah had Deborah, b. 25 Sept. 1683. William, Scit-
uate 1640, had liv. perhaps in 1636 at R. I. certain, in 1637 at IVtarsh-
field, bef. m. and aft. had Sarah, b. 1640 ; Joseph, Mar. 1642 ; Hannah,
Mar. 1644; William, Dec. 1647; John, Apr. 1650; Eliz. Oct. 1652;
Job, 8 Feb. 1655 ; Benjamin, 1656; and Isaac, 1658. To his w. Eliz.
by wiU of Michael Barstow of Watertown, in June 1674, was giv. a
good legacy. William, Newbury, by w. Eliz. wh. Coffin says he m. 2
Oct. 1649, had Eliz. b. 13 May 1650; WiUiam, .2 Mar. 1653; John, 5
Mar. 1655; Mary, 26 Mar. 1656; and Hannah, 7 Jan. 1659; Wil-
liam, Newbury, s. of the preced. by w. Rebecca, had Enoch, b. Dec.
1676; and his w. d. 18 Feb. foil. William, Westfield, perhaps s. of
William of Scituate, by w. Mary had childr. bef. going thither, of wh.
only Mary is kn. but prob. ano. was William, and there had John, b. 17
June 1682; Abigail, 26 July 1684; Hannah, 28 Nov. 1686; and Eliz.
8 Apr. 1689, d. next yr. at Enfield, whither he rem. In Mar. 1691, his
d. Mary was charged with witchcr. but the murderous spirit was re-
buked by the judges considerate, adm. her f. to be surety. One of
the early purch. at Taunton was a wid. R. but of wh. she had been w.
is not kn.

Randolph, Edward, Boston, call. " the evil genius of N. E." from
1676, engag. in the project of overturning the rights secured by the
Charter, and after its extinct, in 1684, employ, with Sir E. Andros, and
other instrum. of tyranny until the glorious revo. 1689, when he, with
the rest, was imprison, in few wks. aft. rejoiced to be sent home, and it is
said that he d. in the W. I. See Eliot's Biog. Diet. ; Hutch. I. 319 ;
and Chalmer's Pol. Ann. 491.

Rangek, Edmund, Boston, a stationer, or as Thomas II. 411, calls
him, binder, by first w. Sarah, had Prudence, b. 5 Nov. 1672 ; John, 16
Apr. 1674; and by w. Mary had Samuel, 29 Mar. 1681; and Sarah, 15
Sept. 1692; was freem. 1671.

Rankin, Andrew, York, d. bef. 1678, leav. five ch. and wid. Martha,
wh. m. Philip Frost. John, Roxbury 1653, a serv. of Gov. Thomas

Rannet, Ebenezer, Middletown, youngest s. of Thomas the first, m.
4 Aug. 1698, Sarah Warner, perhaps d. of Robert of the same. John,
Middletown, br. of the preced. m. 1693, Hannah Turner. Joseph,
Middletown, br. of the preced. m. 1693, Mary, prob. d. of Comfort Star
of the same, and d. 2 Mar. 1745. Thomas, Middletown, from Scot-
land, says Field, 33, m. May 1659, Mary Hubbard, d. of George, and

508 RAN — RAT

d. 25 June 1713, leav. good est. and four s. Thomas, b. 1 Mar. 1660 ;
John, 14 Nov. 1662; Joseph, Sept. 1663; and Ebenezer, beside ds.
Mary, b. Feb. 1665, m. 30 May 1682, John Savage; Eliz. 12 Apr.
1660, w. of Jonathan Warner, m. 4 Aug. 1698; and Esther, wh. m.
3 Nov. 1696, Nathan Savage. His wid. d. 18 Dec. 1721. Thomas,
Middletown, eldest s. of the preced. m. 1690, Rebecca, eldest d. of
Nathaniel Willet, prob. had sev. ch.

Ransom, Matthew, Saybrook, m. 7 Mar. 1683, Hannah Jones, had
Joseph, b. 10 Jan. 1684.

Raper, Thomas, Boston, by w. Martha had Jeremiah, b. 27 Apr.
1685; Mercy, 8 Oct. 1686, d. young; Stephen, 16 June 1688; Mar-
tha, 18 Nov. 1689 ; and Mercy, again, 23 Oct. 1691.

Rashlet, Henry, Boston 1648, perhaps br. of Thomas, d. bef. July
1657. John, charg. with murder 1679, to the E. of Kennebeck.
Thomas, Boston, adm. of the ch. 8 Mar. 1640, called "a studyent,"
meaning in theology, no doubt, and next yr. at Gloucester, as we learn
from Lechford, he exercis. as they say, in a prophetical way, and there
perhaps m. but his s. John " being a. six wks. old," was bapt. at B. 18
May 1645, in wh. yr. he was possib, of ar. co. and of Exeter 1646; but
soon went home, was the min. at Bishop Stoke, Co. Hants, where, 4
May 1652, he bapt. Samuel Sewall, first of that name, Ch. Just, of Mass.
He was after, as Farmer, in a MS. note says, sett, in Wiltsh.

Rasoe, Richard, Boston, m. 24 Aug. 1660, Exercise, d. of John

Ratchell, or Rachell, Robert, Boston, m. Judith, d. of John
Hart, had Mary, b. 31 Aug. 1652; Ann, 4 Feb. 1654; and Temper-
ance, 8 June 1658; he d. 1659, when inv. of his est. was £5 4s. 8d.
and his wid. m. 3 Dec. 1663, Philip Bullis. Boston rec. however, by
seeming incongru. makes Thomas Reape to be m. by Gov. John Endi-
cott, 30 Nov. 1660, to wid. Judith Ratchell. Still Bullis prevailed, pos-
sib. at a later day. Mary m. John Pierce of Gloucester; Ann m.
1677, Andrew Hall of Boston; and Temperance m. "William Johnson
of Boston, and was wid. 1677.

Ratcliff, or Ratliffe, John, Boston, by w. Alice had John, b. 16
Nov. 1664; Thomas, 17 Jan. 1667; and Eliz. 1 Jan. 1670. Philip,
agent for Gov. Cradock, prob. in the Marblehead fishery, bef. 1630,
severely, even cruelly punish, for maledict. of the ch. at Salem in June
1 631, as cutting off his ears, and a sort of excuse seems to be sugge'sted
that he could not have felt the indignity, bee. he was insane. He was
banish, as in Winth. is told I. 56. Robert, Plymouth, came in the
Ann, 1623, prob. with w. and ch. for in the div. of Ids. next yr. he had
four sh. hut in the div. of cattle, 1627, his name is not found. Robert,

RAT — RAW 509

Boston 1686, the first Episcop. min. sett, in N. E. was induct. 15 June
of that yr. and Sewall, in his Diary Notes, that on 15 Sept. Mr. David
Jeffries was by him m. to Miss Betty Usher, pi'ob. d. of John ; but per-
haps no edifice for worship was erect, in his time. Neither. Pemberton
nor Eliot give any report of him after the first yr. Dunton says he " was
an emin. preach, and his Sermons were useful, and well dressed." He
hkd come in the frigate Rose, 15 May 1686, and went home, no doubt,
at the end of three yrs. when his patron Andros was overthrown.
* "William, Greenwich 1669, had prob. liv. at Stamford, there m. 27
Oct. 1659, Eliz. d. of Nicholas Thele, was rep. 1670.

Rathbon, John, Thomas, Thomas, jr. and William, were of'
Block isl. 1678.

Ratstock, Joshua, Boston 1687, prayed Sir E. Andros for leave to
keep a sch. at the N. end, but his success is not heard of.

Ravenscroft, Anthony, Westerly 1661, was a soldier in 1675.
Samuel, Boston, ar. co. 1679, m. Dionysia, d. of Maj. Thomas Savage,
had Dionysia, b. 12 Apr. 1681; Samuel, 12 Apr. 1682; both bapt.
7 May this yr.; George, 20, bapt. 23 Mar. 1684; Sarah, 20 Nov.
1686 ; and Thomas, 29 June 1688. He was one of the Wardens of the
first Episcop. ch. and that prevent, the bapt. of the ch. at 0. S. to wh. he
had belong, and it may be thot. perhaps led to his imprison, at the revo.
in Apr. 1689. Soon after, he unit., in a loyal address to King William,
but prob. rem. in short time.

Ravensbale, John, was sw. a freem. of Mass. 6 May 1635; but
where liv. I find not.

Rawbone. See Rabun.

Rawlins, Rawlings, or Rollins, || Caj,eb, Boston, s. of Thomas
the sec. by w. Eliz. d. of Nicholas Wilmot, had Thomas, b. 15 Sept.
1673; Mary, 10 Mar. 1677; and Apn, 25 Oct. 1679. Ichabod,
Dover, perhaps s. of James, was taxed 1665. James, Newbury, freem.
14 May 1634, was of Dover two yrs. after, and in 1656, fined for neg-
lect of public worship. Jasper, -Roxbury, came with w. Joan in 1632
prob. for 11 June 1633 he was adm. freem. went early to Wethersfield,
soon aft, to Windsor; but back to R. bef. 1646 ; there m. 8 June 1651,
wid. of Thomas Griggs, perhaps Hannah, to wh. by his will of 7 Jan.
1666, pro. 13 June 1667, he gave all his est. unless any of his ch. came
here to sett. I beUeve they all contin. in Conn. He was of Boston 1654,
and aft. John, Boston, by w- Judah had Gershom, b. 29 Jan. 1686 ; and
perhaps more. Joshua, Boston 1671, mariner, s. of sec. Thomas, by w.
Abigail had Abigail, b. 25 May of that yr. wh. m. Oct. 1686, Zechariah
Kirk. Nathaniel, Scituate, s. of Thomas, came with his f. to Roxbury
1630, m. 4 Sept. 1652, Lydia, d. of Richard Sylvester, had Eliz. b. 1 Mar,


510 RAW

1654, d. young ; Euth, 27 Sept. 1655 ; Patience, 1658 ; Nathaniel, 1659 ;
Eliz. again, 1661; and Nathaniel, again, 7 Sept. 1662; and d. 23 Dec.
1662. Hiswid.m. 25 May 1664, Edward Wright. His d. Eliz. m. 1679,
James Torrey. Nicholas, Newbury, m. 31 Oct. 1679, Rebecca, d. of
Robert Long of the same, had John, b. 1 Dec. 1680; Daniel, 21 Mar.
1682; Mary, 10 Apr. 1683; Joseph, 25 Mar. 1685; Benjamin, 2 Mar.
1687; Rebecca, 1 Oct. 1689; and Martha, 5 Nov. 1692. Richard,
Boston 1638, a plaisterer, adm. of the ch. 1642, freem. 10 May 1643,
had w. Mary. Robert, Amesbury, sw. alleg. 20 Dec. 1677. Samuel,
a soldier at Hadley in 1676, was perhaps s. of Thomas the sec. of Bos-
ton. Thomas, Eoxbury 1630, perhaps br. of Jasper, " came with the
first comp." says the ch. rec. that is, with Winth. bef. either Eliot or
Welde, bring, with w. five ch. Thomas, Mary, Joan, Nathaniel, and
John, was made freem. 18 May 1631, hav. req. that benefit 19 Oct. bef.
His w. Mary d. a. 1639, and he soon rem. to Weymouth, thence to
Scituate, and few yrs. later to Boston, where his w. Emma d. 27 Dec.
1655, and he m. 2 May 1656, Sarah, wid. of David Mattocks of R. and
d. 15 Mar. 1660. His will of three days bef. pro. 4 Apr. foil, names
only w. Sarah, and s. Thomas and Nathaniel. Mary, the d. brot. irom
Eng. m. Apr. 1639, William Parker, and Joan m. 28 Jan. 1646,
Ephraim Kempton, both of S. but their ws. were d. bef. this will.
Deane has slightly confus. the acco. Thomas, Weymouth, mariner, s.
of the preced. came 1630, with his f. freem. 3 Mar. 1636, prob. rem.
after b. of Thomas his first s. and Joshua, b. 2 Dec 1642, to Boston,
there had Caleb, 8 Mar. 1645 ; Joseph, bapt. in right of his mo. of the
ch. of W. at B. 25 June 1648, a. 11 days old ; Mary, b. 24 Nov. 1652 ;

Samuel, 1 Sept. 1 655 ; and his w. Hannah, mo. of these ch. was admor.
of the est. 1677. Thomas, Dorchester, of wh. all we kn. comes from

the gr.-st. that he d. 7 July 1693, aged a. 70 yrs. Thomas, Boston, s.

prob. of the sec. Thomas, by w. Sarah had Thomas, b. 20 Jan. 1667;

but no more is found on the rec. and we may presume he d. or rem.

Almost universal, this name is become Rollins.

Rawlinson, Thomas, Ipswich, freem. 2 May 1638. See Row-


Rawson, * Edward, Newbury, b. 16 Apr, 1615, at Gillingham, Co.

Dorset, near the bounds of Hants and of Wilts, from both of wh. came

many of our Newbury people, arr. I suppose, in 1637, and in Mar.

1638, freem. was first elk. of the town, rep. 1638, 9, 42, 4, 6, 8, and 9,

and Seer. 1650 to 86, d. 27 Aug. 1693, having rem. to Boston, 1650;

was long reg. of deeds for Suff'k. Co. as well as Seer, for the Col. for

wh. office the vols, of rec. exhibit strange evid. in many places of his

incompetency or more wonderful neglect. One instance is specified


under Adams, Joseph. He had s. Daniel, bef. 1662. He m. in Eng.
Rachel, d. of Thomas Pii-ne, or Perne, and his first ch. a d. was b.
there, and left at home ; beside her, six more ds. are said to have been
b. to him, and five s. Of these we can hardly be sure of the dates of
more than half; Edward, H. C. 1653; and Rachel, wh. m. at Boston,
18 Jan. 1653, William Aubrey, we may suppose to have been b. in Eng.
also ; but the rest would prob. be b. here, though we may mistake names
as well as dates. David, b. 6 May 1644; Pirne or Parnell, 1646 ; and
Grindall, 23 Jan. 1649, wh. d. young, we may admit to have their b. at
N. as Coffin gives them; tho. his Susan wh. d. in Roxbury 1654, must
be rejected, since the town rec. is silent, and by inspect, of the ch. rec.
it seems prob. Susanna, d. of Edward Payson, was thus read. John,
wh. went to Eng. and never came back, and William, b. at B. 21, bapt.
25 May 1651; Rebecca, 19 Oct. 1654, d. soon; Rebecca, again, b. 21,
bapt 25 May 1656; Sarah; Eliz. 12 Nov. 1657 ; and Grindall, again,
23 Jan. 1659, H. C. 1678, will complete the number without the con-
jectural Susan of Roxbury. His w. had d. 11 Oct, 1677. Mary m. 15
May 1657, Rev. Samuel Torrey; Rebecca m. 1 July 1679, one Thomas
Rumsey, a scoundrel, wh. pretend, to be Thomas Hale, jr. a neph. of
the great jurist. Sir Matthew, Ch. J. of Eng. wh. carried her to Lon-
don, and immediate, abandon, her; and Sarah m. Thomas Broughton
of Boston. JEdward, Boston, eldest s. of the preced. went home, and
was a sett. min. at Horsmanden in Co. Kent, whence; after the Restor.
he was eject, by the former incumbent. Grindall, Mendon, youngest
s. of Edward the first, so nam. in honor of the puritan Archbp. of Can-
terbury in Elizabeth's day, was sec. min. in that town, freem. 1 683, ord.
7 Apr. 1684, m. Susanna, d. of Rev. John Wilson of Medfield, had
Edmund, b. 1684, d. soon ; John, 26 Apr. 1685, d. next mo. ; Susanna,
3 Oct. 1686; Edmund, again, 8 July 1689; Wilson, 23 June 1692;
John, again, 1 Oct. 1695 ; Mary, 22 June 1699 ; Rachel, 6 Sept. 1701 ;
David, 25 Oct. 1703, d. in 3 mos. ; Grindall, 6 Sept. 1707 ; and Eliz.
21 Apr. 1710. He d. 6 Feb. 1715, and his wid. d. 8 July 1748, in her
84th yr. William, Boston, br. of the preced. m. 11 July 1673, Ann,
only d. of Nathaniel Glover of Dorchester, had Ann, b. 11 Apr. 1674;
Wilson, 1675; Margaret, 1 Aug. 1676; Edward, 6 Sept. 1677, d. soon;
Edward, again, 29 Aug. 1678 ; Rachel, 16 Oct. 1679 ; Dorothy, 8 Aug.
1681, all d. young; William, 2 or 8 Dec. 1682, H. C. 1703 ; David, 13
Dec 1683; Dorothy, again, 19 June 1686, d. young; rem. to Dorches-
ter, there had Ebenezer, 1687, d. young; Thankful, 6 Aug. 1688, d. in
few days; rem. to Braintree, there had Nathaniel, 1689; Ebenezer,
again, 24 July 1691, d. in few mos.; Edward, again, 27 Jan. 1692;
Ann, 28 Aug. 1693, d. soon; Patience, 8 Nov. 1694, d. soon; Pelatiah,

512 EAY

2 July 1696; Grindall, 24 Aug. 1697; and Mary, 1698; but the last
two d. soon. The names of these twenty ch. of wh. only five liv. to
grow up, it is said are record, in the anc. fam. bible, and so, we presume,
are the dates ; one of wh. is impossible to be true.

Ray, or Rea, Caleb, Boston, by w. Eliz. had Caleb, b. 19 Feb.
1683 ; and by w. Mary had Mary, 28 Aug. 1691. Daniel, Plymouth
1631, rem. to Salem, and prob. was that freem. of 14 May 1634, spell.
Wray in Col. Rec. and perhaps h. of Bethia, adm. of the ch. 1637, and
Sept. of that yr. was on the gr. jury, liv. there 1644. He had d. Bethia
wh. m. first the brave Capt. Thomas Lothrop, next Joseph Grafton, and
last deac. "William Goodhue. But other ch. were Joshua, Rebecca, and
Sarah. James, Hingham, m. in Jan. 1682, wid. Hewett, perhaps relict
of Thomas. Joshua, Salem, s. of Daniel, may have been brot. from
Eng. freem. 1665, was a taverner,, 1693. He m. 26 Feb. 1652, Sarah
Waters, possib. d. of Richard, wh. d. 19 May 1700, aged 70, had Dan-
iel, b. 30 Mar. 1654, wh. serv. in Philip's war 1676; Rebecca, 4 Sept.
1656; Sarah, 10 Nov. 1658, d. soon; ano. Sarah, and Eliz. dates of
whose b. are so. confus. in Essex Inst. III. 16, that tho. it is clear, that
one is false, we kn. not wh. besides Bethia, 3 Jan. 1663; Joshua, 6
Aug. 1664; John, 23 May 1666 ; and Hannah, 1 Aug. 1668. Rebecca
m. that Samuel Stephens, k. Sept. 1675 at the fight of Bloody Brook,
and her f. report, to the governm. that his br.-in-law, Capt. Thomas
Lothrop, and his s.-in-law, Samuel Stephens, both k. by the Ind. in that
serv. left fams. depend, on him. Richard, Warwick 1656. Simon,
Braintree, came, it is said, from Braintree, Co. Essex, and d. 30 Sept.
1641. His will was copied on one of the lost pages of our Vol. I. in
Prob. Court, if we may believe the Index ; and his inv. of 20 Feb. foil,
shows good est. Perhaps Mary, wh. m. 15 Nov. 1651, Samuel Deer-
ing, was his d. Simon, Block isl. s. of the preced. an orig. propr. of the
isl. in 1661, m. Mary d. of the first Nathaniel Thomas of Marshfield,
had Mary, b. 19 May 1667; Dorothy, 16 Oct. 1669; Simon, 9 Apr.
1672; and Sibel, 19 Mar. 1675. He liv. to see num. progeny thro,
male and fem. lines, and d. 17 Mar. 1737, in 102d yr. says the gr.-
stone ; and from him came into the fam. by subseq. interm. the Hon.
Nathaniel Ray Thomas, one of his Majesty's Counsellors of Mass. Bay

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