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haps went home, d. 1692, Felt says.

Rediat, Ridiat, or Radtate, John, Sudbury, freem. 1645, by w. Ann
had John, b. 19 Apr. 1644; Samuel, 22 Oct. 1653, d. in few wks. and
Eliz. 12 Aug. 1657 ; perhaps others. Deborah R. m. at Concord, 22
May 1679, Daniel Farrabas, as sec. w. is in his will of 5 Feb. 1687, made
at Marlborough, pro. 28 Apr. foil, call his d. Farrowbush, ^nd therein
favored with good part of his est. ano. part to Mehitable, his d. w. of
Nathaniel Oakes, and some provis. for gr.ch. John and Mary R, s. and d.
of his dec. s. John. John, Sudbury, s. of the preced. by w. Susanna
had John; Susanna, b. 1 Dec. 1672; and Mary, 8 Feb. 1675; and d.
1676. His wid. m. John Miles of Concord; Susanna, m. 26 Dec. 1692,
Jacob Farrar; Mary, m. 1 Sept. 1696, Nathg,niel Jones; and John d. 5
Aug. 1694, prob. without issue, and the name perhaps is extinct.

Redington, * Abraham, Rowley 1667, was rep. in 1686, for Tops-
field or Boxford, freew. 1690. I suppose he m. Mary or Margaret, d. of
Zacheus Gould of T. but no issue is kn. to me, unless he be (as highly
prob. it seems), that man, call,, in GepeaL Peg. "VIH. 77, Pedington,
whose s. Benjamin was b. 19 Ap- 16,61. Daniel, Topsfield, freem.
1 685. Thomas, Boxford, freem. 1690.

Redknap or Rednafe, Benjamin, Lynn, s. of Joseph, freem. 1691,
had Sarah, b. 8 Feb. 1675 ; Hannah, 9 Apr. 1679 ; Rebecca, 9 Aug.


522 EED — REE

1682; and Joseph, 20 Jan. 1684. Joseph, Lynn, a wine-cooper from
London, came prob. in 1634, was freem. 3 Sept. of that yr. had a fam.
Nathaniel and Benjamin, or d. Sarah, wh. m. 28 Dec. 1671, Thomas
Laighton ; certain, liv. to gr. age. Presid. Dudley pro. his will 28 Oct.
1686, that was made 20 May 1681, at Lynn. It names only s. Nathan-
iel, to wh. he gave Id. at Springfield; and Benjamin, mak. the latter
excor. and devis. to him est. at Lynn. Hutch L 341, says he came
over at 60 (but he could be little more than 40), and d. in Boston,
aged 110. He foil, authority of Judge Sewall (wh. in one place says he
d. at Lynn), not doubting to draw the conclus. as to his age on arr. when
S. said he liv. here a. 50 yrs. To this weight. Felt, Eccl. Hist. I. 531
offers no resistance. But as the Court rec. of Essex Co. show that giv.
evidence in 1657, he was a. 60, and in 1670, he call. hims. betw. 70 and
80, we may judge with highest confidence, that when he d. 22 Jan. 1686,
he had not run much beyond 90, and perhaps not reached it. Lewis,
whose regard was absorbed by Boniface Burton, barely refers to Sewall's
liberal allowance to Redknap, but gives no addit. to the credit of the
tradit. Sewall was very apt to believe what old persons told him, often
when their habits or power of mind should rather have led to distrust
their evidence. He owned est. at Hampton in Co. Middlesex, called
Blackbush right, near Hampton Court, wh. he sold in 1649 to EdwMd

Redman, John, Hampton, a blacksmith, one of the early sett, in
1685 was call. 70 yrs. old. John, Hampton 1678, prob. s. of the
preced. m. Martha, d. of John Cass, may have had John. Richaed,
Boston 1639, a mariner, was charged for murder, 1645, in Delaware
Bay, long imprison, but acquit, for defect, of evid. See Winthr. IL 237.
Yet the Court rec. seems to permit us to suppose, that his discharge was
for conven. of the prison keeper. Robbet, Dorchester, was of Milton
when he made his will, 30 Dec. 1678, pro. 31 Jan. foil. wh. ment. w.
Luce ; eldest s. John ; youngest s. Charles ; ds. Mercy ; Ruth wh. m.
Everenden, that is an unkn. man ; and s.-in-law William Delene, also
unkn. so by conject. may seem h. of Ruth.

Redway, Redwet, Readawat, or Reddawat, James, Rehoboth
1646, prob. had John, perhaps more, as Sarah, wh. m. 25 May 1660,
Samuel Catpenter ; and was bur. -28 Oct. 1676. John, Rehoboth, prob.
s. of the preced. had James, b. 10 Jan. 1679 ; and John, 10 Sept. 1682.

Reeve, or Reeves, Henet, came in the Speedwell 1656, from Lon-
don, aged only 8 yrs. but to whose care he was deliv. we kn. not. John,
Salem, came in the Christian to Boston 1635, aged 19 from London
prob. as apprent. of Francis Stiles, wh. next yr. carr. him to Windsor •
but in 1643, he had gr. of Id. at S. by w. Jane, a mem. of the ch. 1640,

REG — REM 523

had William ; Freeborn, b. 10 Mar. 1658 ; and Benjamin, 30 Dec. 1661 ;
but he had sec. w. Eliz. wh. may have been mo. of these last two. A
few yrs. later, wid. Reeves was excommun. by the oh. Robert, Hart-
ford, by w. Eliz. d. of John Nott of "Wethersfleld, had Sarah, b. 25 Dec.
1663; Mary, 31 July 1665; Eliz. Dec. 1668; Hannah, Oct. 1670;
Nathaniel, Oct. 1672; Robert and Ann, tw. Apr. 1675; Abraham,
Sept. 1677 ; and Mehitable, Mar. 1680 ; made his will 23 Dec. 1680,
and d. in Feb. foil. One of his s. went to L. I. The venerable Dr.
Stiles in " History of'Three of the Judges," the regicides, gave this name
Peirce, p. 352. Thomas, Roxbury, came in the Bevis 1638, from
Southampton, serv. of Henry Byley of Salisbury, at R. was serv. of
John Grore until 1644, m. at R. 15 Apr. 1645, Hannah Rowe, was
made freem. that yr. had Thomas, bapt. 5 July 1646; rem. that yr. to
Springfield, there had Hannah, 11 Feb. 1649; and John, 12 Mar. 1651,
posthum. d. next yr. was the town drummer and d. 5 Nov. 1650. His
wid. m. 4 June 1651, Richard Exell ; Mary, perhaps his d. m. 17 Feb.
1670, William Webster, and was terribly troubled as a witch. Thomas,
Southampton, L. I. 1673, was prob. that goodman R. of the adjoining
town of Southold, made freem. of Conn. 1662; had a d. wh. m. Peter
Dickinson ; perhaps other childr. and it may be that Tapping R. the
learned jurisprud. of Conn. wh. was b. at Southold, deriv. blood from
him. William, Salem 1668, prob. br. of John, came in the Elizabeth
and Ann, from London 1635, aged 22. William, Medford, s. of John,
m. 14 Mar. 1669, Eliz. Collins, had John, Cochran, and Eliz.

Region, Thomas, a soldier in Moseley's comp. Dec. 1675.

Reith, Richard, Lynn, m. 16 Feb. 1665, Eliz. George, as Mr. Felt
copies the rec. The name is strange ; but he is found at Marblehead

Relph, Ralph, or Relp, Thomas, Warwick, m. 1655 or 6, Mary,
wid. of John Cooke of the same. But he had liv. some yrs. bef. at Guil-
ford, there by w. Eliz. Desborough or Disbrow, had Samuel, and his w.
obt. divorce from him for his fault, and m. 1 Oct. 1651, John Johnson.
He had prob. liv. some time at W. bef. getting the new w. and by her
had Alice, b. 13 Jan. 1657, d. young; Thomas, 12 July 1658; Sarah, 4
Dec. 1661; and Deliverance, 20 Aug. 1666; beside Benjamin, of wh.
the last four with Samuel, are ment. in his wiU, pro. 1682. It also
names gr.ch. William Fenner, and cousin Samuel Stafford.

Remick Christian, Kittery, freem. 1652. In Maine and New
Hampsh. this name is diffus. and on Cape Cod, prob. as descend, are
seen in ea. direction.

Remington, or Rimmington, John, Newbury, 1637, freem. 22 May
1639, rem. to incorp. with Bradstreet, Denison and others as milit. comp.


1645, and was lieut. had Joseph, b.-1650 ; and Thomas. His w. Eliz.
d. Dec. 1657, and he rem. to Eoxbury, there m. Ehoda, wid. of John
Gore, and d. or was bur. 8 June 1667. John, Haverhill and Andover,
had w. Abigail, and s. Daniel, b. 18 Oct. 1661; and Hannah, 3 July
1664. Jonathan, Cambridge, b. in Rowley 1639, perhaps s. of John
the first, m. 13 July, 1664; Martha, d. of Andrew Belcher, had Martha,
b. 18 Feb. 1667; Jonathan, 18 Mar. 1669; both d. in Apr. 1669;
Martha again, 28 Oct. 1674; Jonathan, 27 July 1677, H. C. 1696;
Samuel, 11 July 1679, d. next yr. ; Ann, 30 Jan. 1681 ; John, wh. d. 6
Apr. 1689; and Sarah, 10 May 1688. He was selectman, town elk.
and treasur. d. 21 Apr. 1700, and his wid. Martha d. 16 July 1711.
His s. Jonathan, one of the judges of the Sup. Ct. d. 1745, had Jonathan,
H. C. 1736, wh. d. after two yrs. Thomas, Windsor, had Thomas, John,
and Sarah, perhaps bef. he went there perhaps from Rowley, where he
perhaps had w. Mehitable, and was freem. 1672 ; had Joseph, b. at W.
1 Sept. 1675; rem. to Suffield, there had Benjamin 1677; took p. of
alleg. 1679, with s. Thomas and John, they being then 16 yrs. old and
upwards. Thomas d. 1683, prob. unm. John m. in 1687; and Sarah
m. 1689, Peter Rose; but when the f. d. is unkn. Thomas, Hingham,
m. Mar. 1688, Remember Stowell. Five of the name had in 1798,
been gr. at Harv. and one at Yale.

Rend ALL, James, perhaps of Portsmouth 1686, m. I suppose, Martha
wid. of John Lewis, d. of William Brooking. See Randall.

Retell, J John, Salem, a merch. of London, greatly engag. in the
promot. of settlem. of Mass. Bay, by the Gov. and Comp. chos. an
Assist. 20 Oct. 1629, came in the Jewell, one of Winthrop's fleet, June
1630, but went home next mo. in the Lion. Thomas, New London 1 658,
a merch. from London at Barbadoes 1660, but liv. here 1662-66. Miss
Caulkins thinks he was proscribed at the restorat. having stood for the
Commonwealth, that he is the hermit of Brain tree at a later date, called
" Tom Revel," a regicide, or holy hermit gone crazy, he and bis hog en-
joying their common stye, of wh. absurd tradit. in Whitney's Hist, of
Quincy is given, « that when he d. the Gov. of the Province and other
disting. men came out from Boston, and were his pall-bearers." That the
hog, being nearest relat. was chief mourner, is unaccountab. omit. Usual,
there is some slight foundation of troth, to afford appear, of support to. the
wildest story ; but here even that is wanting. We read the ridic. tale in
a note on p. 36. Every one knows, that there was no regicide of this name ;
that no Gov. of the Prov. after 1691, could have been such a fool, nor
would any Gov. of the Col. after 1660, have shown such public honor to
a regicide ; nor lastly is any such name, as Rev. W. P. Lunt, after scru-
tiny of Braintree rec. assures me, to be found among d. at B.

E, E W — R E Y 525


Eew, Ed-waed, Newport 1638, was of Taunton 1643, where he m.
Sarah, d. of John Eichmond; and Baylies says II. 282, he d. 16 July
1678, leav. no ch. and his wid. m. 4 Nov. foil. James Walker.

Eex, William, unless the name be misspell, was a propi;. of Water-
town 1642, liv. at Boston aft. there by w. Grace had Elisha, b. Aug.
1645 ; Mary, 4 Mar. 1647; and Ezekiel, 30 Nov. 1656.

Eeyner. See Rayner.

Eeynolds, Renold, or Renolds, Francis, Kingstown, in the Nar-
raganset country, 1686, was perhaps s. of James the first. Henrt,
Salem, had gr. of Id. 1642, was of Lynn 1647, and perhaps again of S.
Henry, Kingstown, wh. m. Sarah, d. of James Greene, was br. of
Francis. See 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. 183. .James, Plymouth, if we may
suppose his name to be carelessly spell. Renell in 1643, perhaps rem.
to R. I. jurisdict. and bef. 1674, was with fam. of sev. s. estab. at Wick-
ford, in the Narraganset Id. and in the conflict betw. Conn, and R. I. for
jurisdict. was imprison, by one party. See Trumbull, Col. Rec. II. 540.
James, jr. and Joseph, inhab. there 1687, as well as bef. ment. Francis
and Henry, may have all been his s. of wh. James m. 19 Feb. 1685,
Mary d. of James Greene; Henry m. Sarah, ano. d. of the same; and
Eliz. ano. d. m. also a Reynolds. John, Watertown 1634, freem. 6
May 1635; Sarah, perhaps his w. came with many people of W. in the
Elizabeth from Ipswich, Co. SuflT. 1634, aged 20, rem. in two yrs. to
Wethersfleld, rem. again bef. 1644, to Stamford, and may have been f.
of Jonathan and John, freem. in 1669, of Greenwich, where the fam. long
contin. John, an early sett, at Isle of Shoals, complain, against in 1647
(when he was constable), for having a w. there, as he might have been
on the mainland, for not hav. one. See 1 Mass. Hist. Coll. VII. 250.
John, Saybrook, rem. to Norwich, with first sett. a. 1659, made freem.
1663, selectman 1669 ; had eleven ch. of wh. Caulkins in her Hist. ment.
John, b. at S. Aug. 1655; Sarah, Nov. 1656; Susanna, Oct. 1658;
Joseph, Mar. 1660; Mary, 1664; EUz. 1666; Stephen, Jan. 1669; and
Lydia, Feb. 1671. Tj^ s. John. was k. by the Ind. 28 Jan. 1676. See
Trumbull, Col. Rec. 11. 403. He perhaps was of Stonington 1670, but
d. at N. 1702, leav. only s. Joseph, ds. Sarah, w. of the sec. John Post,
Mary Lothrop ; Eliz. Lyman ; and Lydia Miller. John, Weymouth,
caxpenter, by w. Ann had Mary, b. 15 Mar. 1660, prob. rem. soon, for
in 1664, he sold his W. est. John, Wethersfield, perhaps s. of John the
first, had Kezia, b. 1667; Ann, 1669; Rebina, 1671 ; John, 1674; Jon-
athan, 1677; and d. 1682. John, Providence 1676. * Jonathan,
Stamford, rep. 1667, perhaps br. of first John, d. 1673, leav. ch. Re-
becca, aged 17-; Jonathan, 13 ; John, 11 ; Sarah, 8 ; Eliz. 6 ; and Joseph,
4^. II Nathaniel, Boston, s. of Robert the first, perhaps b. in Eng.


shoemaker, m. 30 Dec. 1657, or as ano. rec. has it, 7 Jan. 1658, Sarah,
d. of John Dwight of Dedham, had Sarah, b. 26 July 1659 ; Mary, 20
Nov. 1660; Nathaniel, 3 Mar. 1662; and by w. Priscilla, had John, 4
Aug. 1668; Peter, 26 Jan. 1670; Philip, 15, bapt. 20 Sept. 1674,
and Joseph, b. 29 Dec. 1676. He was of ar. co. 1658, freem. 1665,
and I think that capt. in Philip's war on serv. at Chelmsford, 25 Feb.
1676. He is in Boston tax list of 1695; but perhaps had some yrs.
liv. at Bristol. His s. John was, I presume, that mem. of the sec. eh.
at Newport, that Presid. Stiles, in MS. Itiner. notes the d. of at Bristol,
30 Jan. 1757, in his 90th yr. Richard, a passeng. in the Mary and
John 1634, of wh. I kn. no more. Robert, Watertown 1635, shoe-
maker, freem. 3 Sept. 1634, was dism. by the ch. 29 Mar. 1636, to form
a ch. at Wethersfield, but prob. after few yrs. rem. to Boston, had w.
Mary, but no ch. is found in town or ch. rec. so that we infer that all the
five ch. named in his will of 20 Apr. 1658, good abstr. of wh. is in
Geneal. Reg. IX. 137, viz. Ruth Whitney, w. of John, Tabitha wid. of
Matthew Abdy, Sarah Mason, and Mary Sanger, w. of Richard, be-
side Nathaniel, above, must have been brot. frotn Eng. He is ment.
with remarka. kindness in the will of Capt. Robert Keayne, and d. 27
Apr. 1659. Robert, Boston, by w. Eliz. had Eliz. b. 2 Jan. 1669 ; and
Ann, 11 Aug. 1670. I think he was a fisherman, may have been s. of
the preced. and liv. at Pulling Point. Thomas, New London, perhaps
on the tax list of 1666, m. 11 Oct. 1683 Sarah, d. of Joseph Clark
the first of Newport, and in 1 680 had a lot at Westerly. William,
Duxbury 1636, m. 30 Aug. 1638, Alice Kitson, may be the same wh.
was in 1634 one of Rowland's men, when the dispute in Kennebeck
riv. cans. d. of two men, and of Cape Porpoise 1653, then adm. freem. of
Mass. to wh. gr. of 200 aci-es at Kennebunk 4 or 5 yrs. bef. had been
made. William, Providence, as early as May 1637. William, Salem,
in Felt's list of ch. mem. it appears that he was adm. 1640. Ten of
this name had been gr. at Yale 1852, and three at Harv.

Rhodes, Roads, or Rhoads, Henry, Lynn,.b. 1608, had Eleazer,
6 Feb. 1641; Samuel, Feb. 1643; Joseph, Jan. 1645; Joshua, Apr.
1648; Josiah, Apr. 1651; Jonathan, Aug. 1654, d. bef. 23 yrs.; and
Eliz. Mar. 1658. Jeremiah, Providence, sw. alleg. in May 1671.
John, and John jr. were at Salem 1678. John, Providence, s. of
Zachary, d. 1712, his will of that date, nam. w. Waite, and ch. Zachariah,
John, Joseph, William, Resolved, Phebe, and Waite, of wh. all but the
first were minors, but of them William and John were by a former w.
I Mercy, youngest d. of Roger Williams, wh. had been w. of Samuel
1 Winsor, and bef that of Resolved Waterman. John, Boston 1659,
shoemaker, may not have been of Providence 1676. John, Lynn, freem.

RICE. 527

1684, perhaps was of Marblehead 1673. Joseph, Lynn, prob. s. of
Henry, freem. 1677 or 1684, and again took the o. 1690, as perhaps did
others a sec. time, after the overthrow of Andros, m. 25 May 1674, Jane
Coates, had Samuel, b. 6 Mar. 1675, d. at 4 mos.; Eliz. 22 Aug. 1676;
Joseph, 14 Apr. 1678, d. at 3 mos. ; Jane, 14 July 1679 ; John, 20 Jan.
1682 ; and Susanna, 18 Nov. 1684. Joshua, Lynn, br. of the preced.
m. 12 June 1678," Ann Graves, perhaps d. of the first Samuel of the
same, had Hannah, b. 28 Mar. 1679; Joseph, 19 Jan. 1681; Henry,
Dec. 1682; and Thomas, 14 Feb. 1685; was freem. 1690. Josiah,
Lynn, br. of the preced. m. 23 July 1673, Eliz. Coates, had Henry b. 1
June 1674; Eliz. 13 Aug. 1676; Mary, 21 Oct. 1677, d. soon; John, 27
Itfay 1679, d. at 5 yrs. ; Josiah, 29 Jan. 1681; and Eleazer, 8 July
1683; was freem. 1690. Malachi, Providence, s. of Zachary, m.
Mary, d. of Richard Carder, and d. 1682 ; his will of 17 Oct. in that yr.
pro. 10 Dec. foil, names w. Mary, eldest s. Malachi, a minor, ds. Sarah
and Mary, br. John, and brs.-in-law, John Low and Daniel Williams..
RiCHAKD, Salem 1669. Samuel, Lynn, br. of Joshua, m. 16 Jan. 1684,
Abigail Coates, had Jonathan, b. 28 Nov. 1 685 ; and Samuel, 2 Aug.
with a wrong yr. in the rec. that may have been intend, for 1 687 ; was
freem. 1691. Theophiltjs, Boston, freem. 1683. Walter, Provi-
dence, " gave engagem. of alleg. to his Maj. Charles IL bef. William Car-
penter, Assist, in the face of the town," 1 Jun.e 1668. William, Block
Isl. 1678. Zachaey, Providence, m. Joanna, d. of William Arnold, had
John, b. a. 1658 ; Zechariah ; and Malachi ; beside a d. Rebecca, wh. m.
Nicholas Power the sec. and he d. 1668. His wid. m. Samuel Reape,
of Newport, bef. the end of Jan. 1669 ; and the s. Zechariah, d. without
issue. He had also some others. This name is oft. found without an h,
but rarely in mod. days.

Rice, Benjamin, Marlborough, youngest of eight s. wf the first Ed-
mund of the same, m. a. 1662 Mary, eldest ch. of deac. William Brown
of Sudbury, had only Ebenezer, b. 1 May 1671; and his w. d. 3 Jan.
1691. Benjamin, Marlborough, youngest of five s. of Edward, m. 1
Apr. 1691, Mary Graves, had Azariah; Lydia, b. 1695; Eliz. 1697;
Simon 1699; Zerubabel 1702; Rachel 1703; Matthias 1706; Priscilla
1708 ; and Damaris 1711 ; and he d. 23 Feb. 1748. Caleb, Marlbor-
ough, s. of Joseph, m. 1696, Mary. Ward, had Martha, Mary, Josiah,
Jabez, Nathan, Rebecca, Sarah, Caleb, Hepzibab, and Kezia ; was deac.
d. 5 Jan. 1739, and his wid. d. 1742. Dajjjel, Marlborough, s. of
Edward the first, m. 10 Feb. 1681, Bethia, youngest d. of the first
William Ward, had Bethia, b. 1682; Daniel 1684; Luke 1689; Pris-
cilla 1692; Eleazer 1695; Deborah 1697; and Hopestill 1702; his w.
d. 8 Dec. 1721,"aged 63, and he d. 14 July 1737. David, Framingham,

528 E I C E .

s. of Henry, m. 7 Apr. 1687, Hannah, d. of Thomas Walker, had Eliz.
b. 8 Sept. 1689; Hannah, 5 Jan. 1692; Bezaleel; Josiah, 19 Aug.
1701. He was deac. his w. d. 18 Dec. 1704; and he d. 16 Oct. 1723.
^jfJEDMUjfD, Sudbury, was from Barkhamstead in Co. Herts, and of the
first sett. 1639, appoint, to lay out the planta. freem. 13 May 1640, and
among proprs. that yr. is a wid. Eice, perhaps his mo. was rep. in
Oct. foil, and 1643, deac. and selectman, b. a. 1594, brot. from Eng.
w. Thomasine, and ch. by her, Edward, b. 1618; Henry; Edmund;
Thomas; Matthew; Samuel; and Joseph; had here Benjamin, b. 31
May 1640. His w. d. 18 June 1654; and he m. 1 Mar. 1655, Mercy,
wid. of Thomas Brigham, wh. surv. him, and had Euth b. 29 Sept. 1659 ;
and Ann, 19 Nov. 1661 ; was among early sett, of Marlborough, and he
d. 3 May 1663, all the ten ch. having div. of his est. His wid. m. Wil-
liam Hunt. Edmund, Marlborough, s. of the preced. b. in Eng. m. 13
Oct. 1680, Joyce Eussell, d. of William of Cambridge, had Joyce b.
1681; Edmund, 9 July 1688; and Lydia, 24 May 1690; Joyce m.
1705, Samuel Abbot. Edmund, Sudbury, sec. s. of Edward the first,
was a deac. and d. 25 Sept. 1719, but of m. or issue I hear not. Edmund,
Westborough, s. of Samuel, m. 15 JJov. 1692, Euth Parker of Eoxbury,
says Barry, and had at Marlborough, Dinah, b. 1693 ; Silas 1695 ; Tim-
othy 1697 ; Nahor 1699, k. by the Ind. at 5 yrs; Huldah 1701 ; Moses
1704, d. soon; Seth 1705; Thankful 1707; Eleazer 1709; Euth 1712;
Ebenezer 1714; and Ann 1716; d. 1726, leav. wid. Hannah. Edward,
Sudbury, s. of the first Edmund, prob. eldest, b. at Barkhamstead, Eng.
by first w. Agnes Bent, says Barry, he had no ch. but John Bent, in his
will of 14 Sept. 1672, speaks of his d. Agnes Eice, so that I doubt she
was not first, but sec. w. unless Agnes and Ann mean one woman.
Childr. by w. Ann, ace. Barry, were John; Lydia, b. 30 July 1648, d.
soon; Lydia, again, 10 Dec. 1649; Edmund, 9 Dec. 1653; Daniel, 8
Nov. 1655; Caleb, 8 Feb. 1658, d. soon; Ann, 9 Nov. 1661 ; Dorcas,
29 Jan. 1664; Benjamin, 22 Dec. 1666; and Abigail, 9 May 1671;
rem. to Marlborough, was a deac. and d. 15 Aug. 1712 at gr. age, and
his wid. Ann d. next yr. Edward, Marlborough, s. of Samuel, m.
25 May 1702, Lydia Fairbanks, had Gideon, and -nine ds. Eusha,
Sudbury, s. of the first Thomas, it is said, liv. to near 60 yrs. Ephraim,
Sudbury, s. of the first Thomas, m., 21 Feb. 1689, Hannah Livermore,
perhaps d. of John of Watertown, had Hannah, d. young ; Ephraim ;
Mary; Josiah; Grace d. young ; Thomas; Gershom ; John; Isaac; and
Hannah, again; and he d. 1732. Of course he was 65, or at most, 69
yrs. old, but the age is kind, stretched to 71, in Geneal. Eeg. XIII. 140.
Gershom, Worcester, br. of the preced. d. 29 Dec. 1768, at the gr. age
of 101, as may be read in Geneal. Eeg. XIII. 140. He had seven ch.

RICE. 529

all then liv. Henkt, Sudbury, s. of Edmund the first, b. in Eng. m. 1
Feb. 1644, Eliz. Moore, had Mary, b. 19 Sept. 1646 ; Eliz. 4 Aug. 1648
Jonathan, 3 July 1654; Abigail, 17 June 1657 ; David, 27 Dec. 1659
Thomasine, 2 Feb. 1662 ; Rachel, 10 May 1664; Lydia, 4 June 1668
Mercy, 1 Jan. 1671; beside Hannah; was freem. 10 May 1648, an
early propr. of Marlborough, rem. to Framingham, there his w. d. 3 Aug.
1705; and he d. 10 Feb. 1711. Eliz. m. John Brewer; Abigail m.
Thomas Smith ; Thomasine m. 1680, Benjamin Parmenter ; Rachel m.
15 Dec. 1687, Thomas Drury; Lydia m. Samuel Wheelock; Mercy m.
EInathan Allen; and Hannah m. 5 Aug. 1675, Eleazer Ward, and
next, 17 Oct. 1677, Richard Taylor. Isaac, Framingham, s. of Mat-
thew, by w. Sybilla, had Sybilla, b. 1691; Martha; Mary; Abigail;
and Ruth; and he d. 1718. James, Marlborough, s. of the first
Thomas, had Jotham ; Zebediah ; Cyrus ; Frances ; James ; Jaazaniah ;
Grace ; and Berzela, if Barry is correct, who adds that he d. at Worces-
ter 1730. His 'age was 61 yrs. but in Geneal. Reg. XIII. 140, made to
run up to 72. Perhaps his w. was Sarah, and he had at Framingham
Daniel, b. 13 Mar. 1705. John, Boston, by w. Mary, had John, b.
9 May 1669. John, Warwick, m. 16 July 1674, Eliz. sec. d. of the
first Randall Houlden, d. 6 Jan. 1731, aged 85, had John, and Ran-
dal, perhaps others. John, Marlborough, eldest s. of Edward the
first, m. 2 or 27 Nov. 1674, Tabitha, d. of John Stone, had John b.
1675 ; Ann, 1678 ; Deliverance, 1681 ; Tabitha, 1683 ; Prudence, 1685 ;
Abigail, 1687; Edward, 23 Dec. 1689; Dinah, 1691; Moses, 1694;
Tamar, 1697 ; and Aaron, 13 Aug. 1700; and d. 5 Sept. 1719. John,
Warwick, s. of John of the same, m. 25 July 1695, EInathan, sec. d.
of John Whipple the sec. of Providence, had John, b. 6 Apr. 1696;
Eliz. 6 May 1698; Thomas, 26 Apr. 1700; Mary, 22 Sept. 1702, d.
next yr. ; Nathan, 20 June 1704; Barbara, 24 Apr. 1706; William, 25
Mar. 1708 ; Mary, again, 24 Jan. 1710 ; Lydia, 30 Dec. 1711 ; Randall,
22 May, 1714; and EInathan, 4 Aug. 1716; and he d. 9 Jan. 1755,
aged 80. Jonas, Sudbury, s. of the first Thomas, said in the doubtful
rep. to have liv. 84 yrs. Jonathan, Norwich, m. Mar. 1661, Debo-
rah, d. of Hugh Caulkins, had Ehz. b. Jan. 1662; and John, 1663;
made freem. 1663, constable 1669. * Jonathan, Sudbury, s.. of Henry,
by w. Martha had Martha, b. 27 June 1675, d. soon, as did the mo. He
m. 1 Nov. 1677, Rebecca Watson, had Jonathan, 1678; David, 1680;
Ann, 1683 ; and Henry, 1685. His w. d. 22 Dec. 1689, and he m. 3d
w. 12 Feb. 1691, Eliz. Wheeler, had Martha; Hezekiah ; Abraham;
Ezekiel, 14 Oct. 1700; Eliz. 28 Feb. 1703; Phineas, 24 June 1705;
rem. to Framingham, there had Sarah, 24 Sept. 1707 ; Richard, 31 Jan.
1710; and Abigail, 23 Mar. 1714; was selectman, rep. 1711 and 20,
vol. III. 45


and d. 12 Apr. 1725. Jonathan, Sudbury, s. of Joseph the first, m. 25
Mar. 1702, Ann Derby of Stow, as by the highest authority is told, was
deac. and d. 7 June 1772, and his wid. d. 23 Dec. 1773. So they had
liv. as h. and w. over 70 yrs. but whether any ch. came of the union is
not told yet, but may be when the fam. geneal. is publish. Joseph ,
Sudbury, prob. youngest s. of Edmund the first, b. in Eng. m. 1658.

^ Mercy King, perhaps d. of Thomas of Watertown, but no issue is found\

"kTBarry, wh. says, by w."^Wrtha he had Martha, b. 14 Jan. 1662 ;
Josiah, 3 May 1663 ; Caleb, 1666 ; and this w. Martha d. 4 Jan. 1669 ;

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