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^by third w. Mary, by Bond thot. d. of Capt. Richard Bgsig, he had Joseph,
5 June 1671 ; Eleazer, 26 Oct. 1672; rem. to Marlborough, was freem.
1672; had there Mary, 13 Aug. 1674; perhaps driv. by the Ind. w«r

> to Watertown, his w. d. there 13 May 1 677 ; and there by 4th w. Sarah,
had Jonathan, 26 Mar. 1679; and Sarah, 14 Feb. 1681, wh. d. soon;
and again might have, at Marlborough, Phineas, 24 Aug. 1684. Joseph,
Marlborough, s. of the preced. had w. Eliz. wh. d. 13 Oct. 1733, aged
48, and he d. 3 Dec. 1745. Joseph, Marlborough, youngest ch. of
Samuel, had Jesse and sev. ds. Joshua, Boston 1663, shoemaker, s. of
Robert, by w. Bathshua, had Joshua, b. 3 May 1664. Joshua, Marlbor-
ough, s. perhaps eldest, of Samuel, freem. 1 690, by w. Mary, had Sam-
uel, b. 1693; Nahum, 1695; Sarah, 1698; Zephaniah, 1700; Andrew,
1703 ; and of him, w. or ch. I find no more in Barry. Matthew, Sud-
bury, s. prob. fifth of Edmund the first, b. in Eng. freem. 1660, m. 2
Nov. 1654, Martha Lamson, perhaps d. of Barnaby of Cambridge, had
Sarah b. 9 Sept. 1655, wh. m. a Loker; Martha, 17 Aug. 1656, m. John
Bent as his sec. w. ; Deborah, 14 Feb. 1660, m. 23 Jan. 1684, Thomas
Sawin; Ruth, 2 Apr. 1662, m. 21 Nov. 1682, Joseph Hastings, and d.
two mos. aft.; Eliz. 20 May 1663, d. soon; Dorothy, 14 Feb. 1665, m.
a Ware; Isaac, 1668; and Patience, 5 Mar. 1671, m. a Leiand. His
will was pro. 30 Dec. 1717. Michael, New London, freem. 1663, as
in Trumbull, Col. Rec. I. 406, yet the name is not in Caulkins. Na-
thaniel, New London, freem. 1669. Nathaniel, Sudbury, s. of
Thomas the first, had Nathaniel, Mary, and Patience, but he had two ws.
Sarah, and next m. 1704, wid. Patience Stone, and he d. 13 Nov. 1726.
His age of 66 yrs. is swell, to 70 in Geneal. Reg. XIII. 140. Nehe-
MiAH, New London, freem. 1666. Nicholas, Boston 1672, hir. a farm
of Gov. Bellingham. Peter, Marlborough, s. of Thomas the first, by w.
Rebecca had Elisha, b. 1690; Zipporah, 1691; Cyprian, 1693; Pela-
tiah, 1694; Elnathan; Peter; Abigail; Deborah; Rebecca; and Abra-
ham, 1709. His w. d. 1749, and he d. 28 Nov. 1753, aged 95 yrs. and
one mo. less a week, allow for change of style. By the common tendency
to exagger. he is made 97 in Geneal. Reg. XIIL 140. Sev. of his ch.
reach, old age. Philip, Boston 1640, is call, a tailor, on his unit, with

RICE. 531

the ch. 21 Nov. 1641. He d. prob. in 1665. Phineas, Sudbury,
youngest s. of Joseph first of the same, m. 2 Oct. 1707, Eliz. d. of
Daniel Willard of the same, had sev. ch. by her, wh. d. 9 Mar. 1761,
but I kn. neither names nor dates, and he d. 4 Sept. 1768. Eanball,
Warwick, s. of first John of the same, had childr. but no rec. is seen of
them. EiCHAKD, Cambridge 1635, rem. to Concord 1636, freem. 2
June 1641, had Eliz. b. 27 Oct. 1641; and John, 23 Feb. 1644; d. 9
June 1709, aged, says the rec. more than 100 yrs. wh. Shattuck judicious,
reduced. Farmer reports that he left 8 s. wh. liv. to gr. ages, showing
how easy tradition borrowed for him the facts of EdmYind, of wh. he is
not kn. to be a relat. Robert, Boston, spelled Roys, Roise, and Royce,
in dif. rec. freem. 1 Apr. 1634, had prob. come 1631, as he is No. 137 on
the list of ch. mem. by w. Eliz. had Joshua, b. 14, bapt. 16 Apr. 1637 ;
Nathaniel, bapt. 24 Mar. tho. town rec. says b. 1 Apr. 1639 ; and Pa-
tience, b. 1 Apr. 1642, bur. next week; Nathaniel d. young. His wid.
m. I presume, Michael Tarne, for they call. Joshua R. their s.' when in
1668 the three unit, to mortg. est. Perhaps there were both Rice and
Roise. See Roise. Robbkt, Stratford 1656, was of New London
after, freem. 1669. Samuel, Sudbury, s. of Edmund the first, b. in
Eng. m. 8 Nov. 1655, Eliz. King, had Eliz. b. 26 Oct. 1656, wh. m.
2 Jan. 1677, Peter Haynes; Hannah, wh. m. . . . Hubbard; Joshua;
Edmund; Esther, 1665, wh. m. 1 Nov. 1683, Daniel Hubbard; Samuel,
1667; Mary, 1669; Edward, 1672; Abigail, 1674; and Joseph. He
had rem. to Marlborough, m. 1668, sec. w. Mary, wid. of Abraham
Brown, wh. d. 18 June 1678 ; and he prob. d. 1684, or early next yr.
for his will was pro. 7 Apr. 1685. Samuel, New London 1669.
Thomas, Sudbury, s. of Edmund the first, b. in Eng. by w. Mary had
Grace, wh. d. 1654; Thomas b. 30 June 1654; Mary, 4 Sept. 1656, m.
1678, Joseph White; Peter, 24 Oct. 1658; Nathaniel, 3 Jan. 1660;
Sarah, 15 Jan. 1662, m. John Adams; was freem. 1660, rem. to Marl-
borough, had there Ephraim ; Gershom, said to be b. 9 May 1667 ;
James, 1669; Jonas, 1673; Grace, 1675, m. 1702, Nathaniel Moore;
perhaps EUsha ; and Frances, wh. m. an Allen ; and in Geneal. Reg.
XIII. 140, was made to live 96 yrs. His will was pro. 1681, so that we
may be sure his age was by ten yrs. magnif. by his s. as in Geneal. Reg.
XIIL 140; and the will of his wid. was pro. 1715. Thomas, Marl-
borough, eldest s. of the preced. by w. Ann m. 1681, had Jedediah, b.
1690 ; Abiel ; Ann ; Arthur ; Adonijah ; Perez ; Vashti ; Beriah ; Jason ;
Thomas; and Charles. In Geneal. Reg. XIH. 140, his age is call. 94;
but my doubt is so strong, that I wish to kn. the day, mo. and yr. when
he d. Timothy, Concord, freem. 1690, m. 27 Apr. 1687, Abigail, d. of
John Marrett of Cambridge. Twenty-four of this name had been gr. at
Harv. in 1849, and six at Yale.


Rich, Obadiah, Salem 1668, had w. Bethia, to wh. admin, on his est.
was giv. Jan. 1678. Richard, Dover 1671, mariner, m. Sarah, d. of
Thomas Roberts, perhaps rem. after 1675, to Eastham, there d. 1692, had
Richard. Richard, Eastham, s. of the preced. by w. Ann, had Sarah,
b. 22 Jan. 1696; Richard, 28 Feb. 1699; Rebecca, 15 June 1701;
Zaccheus, 2 Apr. 1704; Obadiah, 16 July 1707 ; Priscilla, 5 Feb. 1710,
d. young; Huldah, July 1712 ; Joseph, 5 Oct. 1715; and Sylvanus, 4
Sept. 1720.

Richards, Benjamin, Boston, merch. s. of Thomsis of Weymouth,
m. 10 Oct. 1661, Hannah, d. of "William Hudson, jr. d. early, and prob.
without ch. His wid. m. 1666 Richard Crispe. David, New London,
youngest s. of the first John of the same, m. 14 Dec. 1698, Eliz. Ray-
mond, perhaps d- of Daniel of the same ; but Miss Caulkins does not
enlarge upon him. Edward, Dedham, m. 10 Sept. 1638, Susanna
Hunting, perhaps sis. of the first John, had Mary, b. 29 Sept. 1639;
John, 1 or 10 July 1641 ; Dorcas, 24 Sept. 1643 ; Nathaniel, 25 Jan.
1649, not bapt. as Geneal. Reg. XIV. Ill, says, next day, wh. was Fri-
day; and Sarah, 1651 ; was freem. 2 June 1641. From his will, 1684,
shortly bef. his d. we learn, that John and Nathaniel were then liv. that
Mary m. Nathaniel BuUard, and ano. d. m. a Hearsey ; that a gr.d. was
Mary Gay, prob. w. of Jonathan, and d. of Bullard ; and that if Nathan-
iel would bring up one of his s. at the coll. he should have £60.
Edward, complained of 1646, by Gerard Spencer, may have been of
Lynn, a joiner in 1661, was in 40th yr. had William, b. 7 June 1668;
in 1678 swore that he had liv. there 45 yrs. and d. 26 Jan. 1690, in 74th
yr. it is said, leav. s. John. Israel, New London, sec. s. of the first
John of the same, had Israel, Jeremiah, and sev. ds. as Caulkins tells,
but ment. no dates, nor name of w. nor time of his own or her d.
J James, Boston, s. perhaps of Thomas of Dorchester, freem. 1652, rem.
a. 10 yrs. later to Hartford, there made freem. of Conn. 1664, m. Sarah,
only ch. of William Gibbons of H. had Sarah, b. 22 Feb. 1662 ; Mary,
16 Aug. 1663; Jerusha; 28 June 1665; Eliz. 19 May 1667; and
Thomas, 16 Sept. 1670; all nam. as liv. in his will of 9 June 1680,
where he also provid. for unb. ch. after call. Ann ; beside three nam.
John, and d. Abigail, wh. all d. inf. He was in the highest esteem,
chosen an Assist. 1665 (and contin. I suppose, in that office till his d. 11
July, 1680), Commiss. of the Unit. Col. of N. E. 1672 and 5. His est.
was of the largest. The wid. Sarah ra. Hupphrey Davie of Boston, and
next Col. Jonathan Tyng of Dunstable, as sec w. and his d. Sarah m.
Capt. Benjamin Davis ; Mary m. Benjamin Alford, both of Boston ;
Jerusha m. Rev. Gurdon Saltonstall of New London, afterwards Gov. of
the Col. ; Eliz. m. John. s. of Humphrey Davie wh. bee. baronet by


desc. from his uncle Sir John, and next m. Jonathan Taylor ; and Ann
d. unm. bef. 1691, so that br. and the sis. had the £700, her sh. of the
est. James, "Weymouth, by w. Ruth, had Benjamin, b. 22 Feb. 1684.
James, Dedham, m. Hannah, d. of Jonathan Metcalf, early in the 18th
cent. J*|| John,. Dorchester, s. of Thomas, perhaps eldest, b. in Eng. ar.
CO. 1644, was establ. in 1649 at Arowsic Isl. Kennebeck, to trade with
the Ind. rem. 1653 to Boston, but had two yrs. bef. been at London, m.
3 May 1654, Eliz. wid. of Adam Winthrop, d. of Capt. Thomas Haw-
kins, wh. d. 1 Nov. 1691, and he m. 1 Sept. foil. Ann, d. of Gov. .John
Winthrop of Conn, but he had no ch. by either ; was lieut. capt. and
major, rep. 1671-3 for Newbury, 1675 for Hadley, and 1679-80 for
Boston ; was speaker this last yr. and next elect. Assist, until the coming
of Andros ; a high friend of liberty, named counsellor in the new chart,
bee. a judge of the Sup. Ct. and d. very suddenly, as Sewall says, 2
Apr. 1694. His wid. d. 27 June 1704. John, New London, of whose
orig. or date of arr. in our country we are ign. was there bef. 1660, says
Caulkins, had eldest s. John, b. 1666"; Israel; Mary; Penelope; Lydia;
Eliz. ; and Hannah ; but when she assures us that all the seven were bapt.
26 Mar. 1671, we necessarily deduce that most, if not all, of the ds. were
b. bef. the eldest s. and that careful writer suppos. he was m. bef. he sett.
at New London. He had also David, bapt. 27 July 1673, and d. 1687.
His d. Lydia m. 15 Nov. 1678, William Mynard. John, Dedham, s. of
Edward the first, by w. Mary, had John, b. 20 July 1663, was freem.
1671. John, Lynn, perhaps s. perhaps br. of Edward, m. 18 Nov.
1674, Maiy Brewer, had Mary, b. 16 Oct. 1675 ; John, 1 May 1677;
Edward, 13 June 1679; Crispus, 20 Oct. 1681; Eliz. 1683; Joseph,
1685; William, 1688; and Abigail, 1691; was freem. 1691. John,
Hartford, s. of first Thomas of the same, b. in Eng. had w. Lydia, d. of
George Stocking, and ch. John, Thomas, and Samuel ; was freem. 1669,
and in 1695 was 64 yrs. old. John, Weymouth, s. of William, freem.
1 681, by w. Sarah, had Sarah, b. 20 June 1 672 ; Bathshua, 1 6 Nov. 1 674 ;
John, 20 Feb. 1680; William, 12 Apr. 1685 ; Ephraim, 30 Apr. 1687 ;
Grace, 16 Mar. 1689; and Lydia, 8 Nov. 1691. John, Westfield, by
w. Abigail, wid. of John Mun, .m. 7 Oct. 1686, had John, b. 26 July
1687; Abigail, 10 Jan. 1689 ; and Thomas, 7 Nov. 1691. John, New
London, eldest s. of John of the same, m. Love, d. of Oliver Manwaring
of the same, had ten or more ch. of wh. four only, John, George, Sam-
uel, and Lydia, outliv. him, wh. d. 2 Nov. 1720. Joseph, Weymouth,
s. of William, was prob. one of Johnson's comp. Dec. 1675, freem. 1681,
by w. Susanna had James, b. 28 Sept. 1680 ; and by w. Sarah had Deb-
orah, 19 Oct. 1684; Benjamin, 7 Apr. 1686; Mary, 6 Mar. 1689; and
Daniel, 28 Feb. 1695. Justinian, New Hampsh. 1689, pray, for Mass.



jurisdict * Nathaniel, Cambridge, came to Boston in the Lion, 16
Sept. 1632, as pub. by me in 4 Mass. Hist. ColL I. 94, reprint, in
Geneal. Reg. XIV. 301, was freem. 6 Nov. of that yr. rem. as one of the
first sett, at Hartford 1636, and early in 1652 at Norwalk, where in
1655 were but four men with larger est. and only two in 1671, was rep.
at Oct. sess. 1658, prob. left no ch. for his will of 7 Oct. 1681, gives all
his est. to the hs. of four ds. of his w. Rosamond, by her former h. Henry
LindaU. Nathaniel, Dedham 1642, perhaps was br. of Edward.
Nathaniel, Dedham, s. of Edward, m. 21 Feb. 1679, Mary, d. of deac.
John Aldis, may be he wh. took o. of aUeg. at Springfield, 1 Jan. 1679,
and freem. at D. 1690, and d. very sudden. 15 Feb. 1727. Obadiah,
Farmington, s. of Thomas the sec. had perhaps by w. Hannah, d. of John
Andrews of the same, John, b. 1668 ; Mary, Jan. 1670; Hannah, Nov.
1671; Esther, June 1673; Eliz. July 1675; Sarah, Apr. 1677; Oba-
diah, 1 Oct. 1679; wh. were all bapt. 21 Mar. 1680; rem. to Water-
bury, and had Rachel, bapt 6 May 1683; Thomas, 9 Aug. 1685;
and Benjamin, 5 Apr. 1691, and d.'ll Nov. 1702. His wid. d. May
1725. RicHAED, Salem 1667, d. prob. June 1678. Samuel, made
freem. of Conn. 1658, but of what town is uncert. See Trumbull, Col.
Rec. I. 315 ; and the name is not found among the freem. of 1669, in Vol.
II. Perhaps he was s. of the first Thomas, of Blartford, m. Dec. 1665,
Mary Graves, and d. early without issue. Thomas, Dorchester 1630,
perhaps came in the Mary and John, with s. James and John, bef. ment.
rem. to Weymouth, freem. 13 May 1640, d. soon aft. 17 Dec 1650.
His will made at Hull on that day, pro. 28 Jan. folL names s. John,
James, Samuel, Joseph, and Benjamin, calling the last two minors ; and
ds. Mary, Ann, Alice, and Hannah. This last ch. d. 10 Nov. folL His
wid. Welthian, mo. of these ch. in her will of July 1679, pro. Nov.
folL ment only James, John, and Ann, w. of Ephraim Hunt, as then liv. ;
Mary, m. 7 Dec. 1641, Thomas Hinckley of Barnstable, after Gov. of
that Col. and d. 24 June 1659 ; Alice m. William Bradford, the Dep.
Gov. of the same Col. ; and d. 12 Dec 167L Thomas, Hartford 1639, d.
early, leav. wid. wh. d. 1671, and ch. John, Mary Peck of Milford, per-
haps w. of Joseph, beside Thomas, and Obadiah. Descend, are num.
in Conn, but some of them erron. suppose they derived from James bef.
ment s. of the former Thomas, wh. had only s. Thomas that left not
male issue. || Thomas, Boston, freem. 1645, ar. co. 1648, of wh. no
more is kn. Thomas, Hartford, only s. of James that grew up, m.
Joanna Dodd, had Joanna b. 21 July 1702 ; and Mary, 14 Oct. 1703 ;
and d. 5 Dec 1714. His wid. m. Dr. John Cutter, as is slid. William',
Plymouth 1633, Haz. I. 327, but in 1643, he is not found there. Deane
thmks he rem. to Scituate; but he presumes him to have rem. also to


Weymouth, wh. may be true, and yet not be what Deane thought, the
same as William, Weymouth 1648, perhaps br. of Thomas of the same,
by w. Grace, had William; James b. 1658; John; Joseph; and Benja-
min, of wh. this youngest was b. 19 May 1660, all nam. with w. Grace,
in his will of 18 June 1680, pro. 23 July 1682. William, Weymouth,
prob. s. of the preced. was freem. 1681. Of this name seven had been
in 1834, gr. at Yale, two at Harv. and ten at other N. E. Coll.

Richardson, or Rioheson, often in old rec. * Amos, Boston, merch.
tailor, perhaps one of that gr. London guild, by w. Mary, had John bapt.
26 Dec. 1647, H. C. 1666; Amos, 20 Jan. 1650, in right of their mo.;
Stephen, b. 14 June 1652; Catharine, 6 Jan. 1655; Sarah, 19 July
1657 ; Samuel, 18 Feb. 1660 ; freem. 1665, rem. next yr. to Stonington,
of wh. he was rep. 1676 and 7, and there d. 5 Aug. 1683. His w.
Mary liv. but few weeks after him. Beside those s. he had ds. Mary,
m. June 1663, Jonathan Gatline, or Gatliffe, of Braintree, and Pru-
dence, many yrs. younger, m. 15 Mar. 1683, John Hallam, and next 17
Mar. 1703, Elnathan Miner. He had been agent of Stephen Winth. and
was after of Gov. John, his br. was of gr. enterprise, and good est. one of
the purchas. with Winth. Atherton, Hudson, and others of the Narra-
ganset Ids. on wh. he first sett, at Westerly, and when the claim of
Conn, was subject, to R. I. jurisdict. he crossed over to S. A good
letter from him to Fitz John Winthrop, at Cardross in Scotland, writ. 13
Sept. 1659, sign. Amos Richerson, as often the name is in rec. was giv.
me. Caleb, Newbury, s. of Edward of the same, m. 31 July 1682,
Mary Ladd, had Ruth b. 1 Mar. 1683; and Mary, 12 Jan. 1685.
Edward, Newbury, had Edward, b. 21 Dec. 1649; Caleb, 18 Aug.
1652; Ruth, 23 Nov. 1655 ; Moses, 4 Apr. 1658; and Mary, 2 Sept.
1660; and he d. 14 Nov. 1685, as Coffin tells, who adds that ano. Ed-
ward R. d. there, 25 Mar. 1655 ; but he does not inform us, whether this
were ch. or adult. One was 61 yrs. in 1678. Edtvard, Newbury, s. of
the preced. m. 28 Oct. 1673, Ann, prob. d. of Christopher Bartlett, had
Mary, b. says Coffin, 25 Oct. 1673, d. young; Edward, 2 Sept. 1674;
Mary, again, 25 Aug. 1676; Moses, 22 Jan. 1680; and Margaret, 7
July 1682 ; and he d. as in Coffin, 14 Nov. foil. But there was an
Edward of Rowley, a serg. in 1691. *Ezekiel, Charlestown 1630,
came prob. in the fleet of Winth. with w. Susanna. They belong, to the
ch. of Boston, and were dism. with others, 11 Oct. 1632, to establish a
ch. at C. freem. 18 May 1631, by the Court appoint. 1633, constable,
and by the peop. rep. 1635, with many of his townsmen unit, in remon-
strance against the Act of the governm. towards Wheelwright, in 1637,
and, his heart failing him, in Nov. express, his contrit. and had his name
crossed over. In 1640, when a selectman, he favor sett, at Woburn, and


there d. 21 Oct. 1647. His will of 20 July preced. is in Geneal. Reg.
VII. 172, names eldest s. Theophilus, and the wid. Excors. other ch.
only Josias, James, and Phebe, and brs. Samuel and Thomas are ment.
Phebe was bapt, in Boston, 3 June 1632; Theophilus, 22 Dec. 1633;
Josiah, 7 Nov. 1635; John, 21 July 1638; Jonathan, 5 Feb. 1640;
both d. young; James, 11 July 1641, at C. and Woburn rec. proves that
his d. Ruth, b. 31 Aug. 1643, d. in a week. Phebe m. 1 Nov. 1649,
Henry Baldwin. Geobge, Watertown, came in the Susan and Ellen
1635, aged 30, from London, had small fam. in 1642, says Bond.
Henet, came from Canterbury, Co. Kent, with w. Mary and five ch. in
1635 or 6; but I kn. no more than is told in 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. VIII.
276. Isaac, Woburn, m. 19 June 1667, Deborah, d. of Thomas Fuller,
had Jonathan, b. 12 Dec. 1669; Deborah, 22 Jan. 1672; Joseph and
Benjamin, tw. 25 Jan. 1674; Mercy, 27 Oct. 1676; tw. 13 May 1678,
both d. very soon; David, 4 Feb. 1679, prob. d. soon; Phebe, 14 Feb.
1681; Mary, 14 July 1683; Eliz. 8 Nov. 1685; and Samuel, 2 Feb.
1687 ; and d. 2 Apr. 1689. James, Woburn, prob. br. of Ezekiel, rem.
1659 to Chelmsford, m. 28 Nov. 1660, Bridget, d. of Thomas Henchman,
had Thomas b. 26 Oct. 1660, as the rec. shows ; James, 26 Oct. 1661 ;
and sev. other ch. Farmer says. His wid. perhaps m. 8 Oct. 1679, Wil-
liam Chandler of Andover. John, Watertown 1636, may have been at
Exeter 1642. One of this name having recently m. Eliz. Tryer here,
having w. in Eng. the m. was in Nov. 1644 declar. void. John,
Woburn, eldest s. of Samuel of the same, m. 22 Oct. 1658, Eliz. d. of
Michael Bacon of the same, had John b. 24 Jan. 1661 ; and Joseph, 3
Jan. 1667; and m. 28 Oct. 1673, Mary Pierson, perhaps d. of Bartholo-
mew, had Pierson, b. 29 Sept. 1674; Jacob, 15 Feb. 1676 ; William, 29
June 1678, d. in few weeks; and by third w. m. 25 June 1689, Mar-
garet Willing, had Willing, 5 Oct. 1692, d. at 12 yrs. ; and Job, 30 Apr.
1696; was a lieut. and d. 1 Jan. 1697. John, Newbury, eldest s. of
Amos, by w. wh. is not nam. in Coffin, and by Farmer was mistak. for
w. of the preced. had Sarah, b. 9 Sept. 1674; John; Mary 22 July
1677 ; Eliz. 29 Apr. 1680; and Catharine, 15 Sept. 1681 ; was ord. 20
Oct. 1675, and Farmer says was freem. that yr. of wh. I do not see the
proof. He had early been a mem. of the corpo. of Harv. Coll. and
engaged, I am sorry to say, in the less reput. business of rem. Presid. Hoar,
and d. 27 Apr. 1696. Joseph, Woburn, s. of Samuel of the same, m. 5
Nov. 1666, Hannah Green, had Hannah, b. 21 Oct. 1667; Mary, 22
Mar. 1669; Eliz. 28 June 1670; Joseph, 19 May 1672; and Stephen,
7 Feb. 1674 ; was freem. 1672, and d. 5 Mar. 1718. Joseph, Newbury,
s. of William, m. 12 July 1681, Margaret, d. of Peter Godfrey, had
Mary,b. 16 Apr. 1682; William, 22 Mar. 1684; Joseph, 31 Dec. 1686;


Eliz. 28 Feb. 1689; Daniel, 4 Apr. 1692; Sarah, 19 June 1694;
Thomas, 15 Feb. 1697; and Caleb, 9 June 1704. Joshua, Newbury,
m. 31 Jan. 1679, Mary Parker, had Esther, b. 15 Mar. 1683. His w.
d. 7 Mar. 1685, and by sec. w. Jane, he had Judith, b. 25 June 1688 ;
Hannah, 9 Oct. 1690; Abigail, 6 Aug. 1692; Eliz. 4 Nov. 1694;
Joanna, 6 Mar. 1697; and Joshua, 20 May 1702. * Josiah, Chelms-
ford, s. of Ezekiel, m. 6 June 1659, Remembrance, d. of William Under-
wood, had Sarah, b. 1660; Mary, 1662 ; Josiah, 18 May 1665 ; Jona-
■ than, 8 Oct. 1667 ; John, 14 Feb. 1669 ; Samuel, 21 Feb. 1672 ; and
Remembrance, 20 Apr. 1684; was town elk. selectman, capt. rep. 1689
and 90, and d. 22 July 1695. Descend, are very num. and much diffus.
Mosiss, Rowley, or Newbury, youngest s. of Edward of N. m. Lydia, d.
of Tobias Coleman ; but I kn. no more. Nathaniel, Woburn, freem.
1690, by w. Mary, had Nathaniel, b. 27 Aug. 1673 ; James, 26 Feb.
1676 ; Mary, 10 Mar. 1679 ; Joshua, 3 June 1681 ; Martha, 1683 ; John,
25 Jan. 1685; Thomas, 15 Apr. 1687; Hannah, May 1689 ; Samuel, 24
Sept. 1691 ; Phineas, Feb. 1694; Phebe, 4 Mar. 1696; Amos, 10 Aug.
1698 ; and Benjamin, 27 Aug. 1700 ; and d. 4 Dec. 1714. His wid. d.
22 Dec. 1719. Richakd, Boston 1654, had w. Joanna, and d. Joanna, b.
25 Feb. 1658 ; and s.-in-law Timothy Armitage. RiChaed, Lynn, m. 20
June 1665, Amy Graves, had John, b. Apr. 1670, and Thomas, 15 Apr.
1674. Samuel, Charlestown, prob. br. of Ezejkiel, by w. Joanna, had
Mary, bapt. 25 Feb. 1638, prob. m. Thomas Mousall; John, bapt. 12
Nov. 1639 ; was freem. 2 May 1638, rem. early to Woburn, there had
Hannah, b. 8 Mar. 1642, d. next mo. Joseph, 27 July 1643 ; Samuel,

22 Apr. 1646 ; Stephen, 15 Aug. 1649 ; Thomas, 31 Dec. 1651, d. bef.
his f. and Eliz. was one of the founders of the ch. 24 Aug. 1642, and d.

23 Mar. 1658 or 9. His wid. Joanna, wh. d. 1666, in her will of 20
June 166, the last fig. being lost, names eldest s. John, and other ch.
Samuel, Stephen, Eliz. and Mary Mousall. Samuel, Woburn, s. of the
preced. by w. Martha, wh. d. 20 Dec. 1673, had Samuel and Thomas, tw.
b. 5 Nov. 1670 ; Eliz. a. 1672 ; and Martha, 20 Dec. 1673, prob. d. very
soon. On 30 Sept. 1674, he m. Hannah Kingsley, perhaps d. of Samuel
of Braintree, had Hannah, wh. at the age of one wk. with her mo. and
br. Thomas were k. by the Ind. it is said, 10 Apr. 1676 ; and next he m.
7 Nov. foil. Phebe, d. prob. of Henry Baldwin of W. had Zechariah, b.
21 Nov. 1677 ; and she d. 20 Oct. 1679. By fourth w. Sarah Hayward,
perhaps not a maiden, m. 8 Sept. 1 680, he had Thomas, b. 18 Aug. 1681,
d. next mo.; Sarah, 20 Aug. 1682; Thomas again, 25 Sept. 1684;
Ebenezer, 15 Mar. 1687 ; a s. 17 Aug. 1689, d. without name ; Hannah,
11 Aug. 1690; Eleazer, 10 Feb. 1693; Jonathan, 16 July 1696; and
David, 14 Apr. 1700 ; and d. 29 Apr. 1712. His wid. d. 14 Oct. 1717.


Stephen, Woburn, br. of the preced. m. at Billerica, 2 Jan. 1675,
Abigail Wyman, perhaps d. of Francis, had Stephen, b. 20 Feb. 1676;
Francis, 19 Jan. 1678, d. in few days; William, 14 Dec. 1678; Francis,
again, 15 Jan. 1681; Timothy, 6 Dec. 1682, d. in few wks ; Abigail,
14 Nov. 1683 ; Prudence, 17 Jan. 1686; Timothy, again, 24 Jan. 1688;
Seth, 16 Jan. 1690; Daniel, 16 Oct. 1691; Mary, 3 May 1696;
Rebecca, 10 June 1698, d. at 13 yrs.; Solomon, 27 Mar. 1702; and
Henry, 1704; was freem. 1690, and d. 22 Mar. 1718. His wid. d. 17
Sept. 1720. Stephen, Stonington, s. of Amos, was a man of import.
1676, and after. Theophilus, Woburn, s. of Ezekiel, m. 2 May 1654,
Mary, d. of John Champney of Cambridge, had Ezekiel, b. 28 Oct.
1665; Mary, 15 Jan. 1658; Sarah, 23 Apr. 1660; Abigail, 21 Oct.
1662; Hannah, 6 Apr. 1665; John, 16 Jan. 1668; Esther, 25 June
1670; Euth, 31 Aug. 1673; and prob. Bridget; and he d. 28 Dec.
1 674. Thomas, Woburn, br. of Ezekiel, had liv. few yrs. at Charles-
town, freem. 2 May 1638, one of the founders of the ch. at W. by w.
Mary, had Mary, bapt. 17 Nov. 1638; Sarah, 22 Nov. 1640; both at
C. but at W. had Isaac, b. 14 or 24 May 1643 ; Thomas, 4 Oct. 1645 ;
Ruth, 14 Apr. 1647; Phebe, 24 Jan. 1649; and Nathaniel, 2 Jan.
1651 ; and d. 28 Aug. 1651. Thomas, Farmington, perhaps came to
Boston in the Speedwell, July 1656, from London, aged 19, had Mary,
b. 25 Dec. 1667; Sarah, 25 Mar. 1669; John, 15 Apr. 1672; Israel;
and Thomas;, rem. to Waterbury, there had Rebecca, 27 Apr. 1679,
the first ch. says the rec. b. there; Ruth, b. 10 May 1681 ; Joanna, 1
Sept. 1683, bapt. 8 Apr. 1684; Nathaniel, b. 28 May 1686; and Eben-
ezer, 4 Feb. 1690, bapt. 28 June 1691 and d. 1712. His w. was Mary;
d. Sarah m. 1691, James Williams of Hartford ; and the name common,
was writ. Richason. Thomas, Billerica, s. of Thomas the first, d. 25
Feb. 1721, says Farmer, wh. adds that he had many descend. Ano.
Thomas, was of Gallup's comp. 1690, for the adventure against Quebec;
but I dare not conject. wh. was his f. William, Newport 1638, and
there liv. 1655, when the name appears Richinson. William, Newbury,

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