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GaUop's comp. 1690, of the expedit. against Quebec, but where he was
b. or whether he outliv. the serv. I kn. not. William, Newton, s. of
William of the same, by w. Eliz. had William ; Daniel ; Jeremiah, b.
22 Oct. 1705 ; Eliz. 11 Sept. 1707 ; Hannah, 16 Sept. 1709 ; Josiah,
17 Sept. 1711 ; Ichabod, 2 Sept. 1713 ; Thankful, 3 Sept. 1715 ; and
John, 1722 ; was selectman. His w. d. 1747, and he d. 1754, leav.
large est. § William, South Kingston, youngest s. of Rowland of the
same, by two ws. of wh. the first was Mary, had thirteen ch. as he says ;
Rowland, b. 1719; John, 1721; Margaret or Mary, 1722 ; Eliz. 1724;
Martha, 1725 ; Christopher, 1727 ; William, 1729 ; Mary, 1736 ;
James, 1738; John, again, 1742; Sylvester; Thomas; and Abigail;
perhaps the last eight by sec. w. He was Gov. of the Col. and d. a.
1751. The first w. was d. of John Potter, and the next was wid. Abi-
gail Hazard, d. of William Gardiner, both of South Kingstown. All
the ch. exc. the sec. and third, wh. d. young, were m. Of this name
(oft. mistak. as Robertson, wh. was exceeding, rare in N. E. bef. the
last century), there had, in 1832, been gr. twelve at Yale, seven at Harv.
and ten at the other N. E. coll.

Rock, Joseph, Boston, by w. Eliz. d. of John Coggan, wh. brot.
him good est. had Eliz. b. 5 Feb. 1652 ; Sai-ah, 17 Jan. 1653, d. next
yr. ; Rebecca, 16 Mar. 1655, d. at 6 mos. ; John, 2 Nov. 1656, d. Aug.
foil. ; Joseph, 1 Feb. 1658 ; Benjamin, 9 Sept. 1659, d. soon ; Lydia,
21 Apr. 1661 ; Samuel, 17 May 1662; Benjamin, again, 3 Sept. 1663;
and Elisha, 16 Feb. 1667 ; was freem. 1652 ; one of the founders of the
3d or 0. S. ch. In his will of 18 Jan. 1683, pro. 3 Jan. foil, he ment.
d. Hannah Brading, wh. was m. 9 Oct. 1657, and her h. James ; gr. ch.
James and Joseph B. and gr.-gr.ch. Eliz. Bromfleld. That Mary R. wh. d.
13 Sept. 1713, in her 81st yr. I presume was his sec. w. One Thomas
R. wh. d. at Weymouth, 15 July 1642, is call. serv. to Edward Smith.

RoCKETT, Benjamin, Medfield 1678, Wrentham 1680, perhaps s. of
Nicholas, by w. Judith had Bethia, b. 4 July 1679, at M. ; Judith, b. at W.
17 Mar. 1681 ; Mary, 2 Oct. 1683 ; Patience, 20 May 1686 ; and Hez-
ekiah, 26 Aug. 1688, wh. d. 1689. John, Dorchester 1633. John,
Mendon, s. perhaps of Richard, had John, b. at Braintree, 18 Aug.
1663, wh. was k. by the Ind. when they burn, the town in 1675 ; rem.
to Medfield, there had Joseph, with perhaps two or three more ; but cer-
tain. Trial, 28 Feb. 1677 ; and Deliverance, 31 Oct. 1678; in the inter-
val suffer, much from Ind. and still had w. and six oh. to support. Jo-


SEPH, Rehoboth, m. 5 Jan. 1681, Mary Wilmouth, had Mary,b. 14 Dec.
foil, posthnm. for the f. was bur. 21 July of that yr. unless the rec. be
confus. JosiAH, Medfield, prob. s. of Nicbolas, m. 9 May 1677, Mary
Twitchell, d. of Benjamin of Dorchester, had Israel, b. 26 Feb. 1678;
Mary, 3 Aug. 1681; Bethia, 21 Feb. 1684; Mehitable, 14 Oct. 1686;
Hannah, 24 Oct. 1691 ; and Joanna, 28 Dec. 1693. His w. d. 15 Sept.
1699, and he m. 10 Nov. 1703, Sarah Wheelock. He had serv. in Phil-
ip's war. Nicholas, Dedham 1640, in the part made Medfield, was
freem. 1666, had by w. Jane, Samuel, b. prob. at Braintree; Benjamin,

8 Sept. 1651 at M.; Josiah; and his w. d. 15 Dec. 1654. He m. 16
July 1656, Margaret, not, as giv. HoUiocke, in the copy of Medfield rec.
Geneal Reg. XHL 217, but Holbrook, d. of John the first, had Eliz. b.
3 Apr. 1657 ; Joseph, a. 1659 ; John, 12 Feb. 1662 ; and Nathaniel, 3
Feb. 1665. This w. d- 23 Apr. 1670 ; and by third w. Silence, wh. d.

9 Nov. 1677, he had Isaac, b. 22 July preced. but wh. d. bef. his mo.
and the f. d. 26 Jan. 1680. Eliz. m. John Partridge the younger, of the
same. Richard, Dorchester 1635, perhaps br. of John, rem. to Brain-
tree, where by w. Agnes, wh. d. 9 July 1643, he had John, b. 1 Dec.
1641. Perhaps his w. was d. of Zachary Bicknell, whose est. they
sold to William Read. See Col. Rec. I. J.89. Oft. this name is Rock-

Rockwell, Abraham, Windsor, of unkn. parentage, m. 4 Dec. 1640,
Mary whose surname is unkn. and wh. d. 8 July 1677, without ch.
John, Windsor, one of the first sett, may therefore have been first at
Dorchester, was infirm or old eno. in 1649, to be exempt from watch,
and train, d. 1662, leav. two ds, Mary, wh. m. 10 Dec. 1646, Robert
Watson, and one wh. m. Zachary Sanford of Saybrook, beside s. Simon,
wh. d. 1665, unm. and gave to his sis. his est. and possib. other s. John,
Windsor, s. of William, prob. b. in Eng. m. 6 May 1651, Sarah Ensign,
perhaps d. of James, had Sarah, b. 12 May 1653 ; Ruth, 5 Mar. 1655 ;
and Lydia, 27 Nov. 1656. His w. d. 23 June 1659. He m. 18 Aug.
1662, Deliverance Haynes of Dorchester, rem. to Stamford, had John,
b. 6 Sept. 1663; Hannah, 30 May 1665; Joseph, 8 July 1668; and
Eliz. 5 Feb. 1671 ; and he d. 3 Sept. 1673, aged 46, aU his ch. exc.
John, being then liv. Sarah, m. 8 Oct. 1676, John Crampton of "Norwalk,
unless Hall, in his Hist. 188, be wrong. But Stiles, 762, says that she
m. David Hall ; Ruth m. Daniel Mix ; Lydia m. Joshua Atwater, 24
June 1680, and h. and w. d. next yr.; Eliz. m. 1 Feb. 1694, James
Ward. John, Greenwich, or Rye, d. prob. 1676, leav. w. and ch. See
Trumbull, Col. Rec. 11. 313. Jonathan, Norwalk 1687-94. Joseph,
Middletown, s. of John the sec. may have first liv. at Norwalk, m. 1 Feb.
1694, Eliz. Foster, and had John and Joseph, tw. b. 1694; Edwin


558 ROC — ROD

and Eliz. tw. 1700; WilUam, 1702; Hannah, 1704; was a deac.
JosiAH, Norwich, perhaps s. of William, had Uv. at New London sev. yrs.
and had there most of his ch. perhaps even the eldest, Hannah, 6 Sept,
1658, d. at 3 yrs.; Josiah, June 1662; Joseph, Mar. 1665; John, Dec.
1667; Mary, Feb. 1669; Hannah again, 23 Aug. 1672; and Samuel,
posthum. 30 Sept. 1676. He was k. by the Ind. near the end of Jan.
1676, at the same time with young John Reynolds ; and his s. Josiah was
tak. by them, and soon restor. Josiah, Norwich, s. of the preced. m. 8
Apr. 1688, Ann, d. of Thomas Bliss, had Daniel, b. 24 Oct. 1689 ; John,
3 Apr. 1692; Jerusha, 6 Mar. 1695 ; Hannah, 6 June 1698; and Eliz.
19 Apr. 1700. His w. d. 19 Feb. 1715 ; and he d. 18 Mar. 1729.
Samuel, Windsor, s. of William, perhaps b. at Dorchester, freem. of
Conn. 1657; m. 7 Apr. 1660, Mary Norton of Saybrook, had Mary, b.
18 Jan. 1662 ; Abigail, 23 Aug. 1664; Samuel, 19 Oct. 1667; Joseph,
22 May 1670 ; John, 31 May 1673 ; Abigail, again, 11 Apr. 1676 ; .and
Josiah, 10 Mar. 1678. William, Dorchester, f. of John the first, came
prob. in the Mary and John, req. adm. as freem. 19 Oct. 1630, and was
sw. 18 May foil, was one of the first two deac. rem. to Windsor, in its
sec. yr. there d. 15 May 1640, leav. wid. Susanna (prob. sec. w. to wh.
Hist, of D. gives the surname Chapin), wh. m. Matthew Grant, and ch.
John; Samuel; Joan, wh. m. 15 Nov. 1642, Jeffrey Baker; Ruth, wh.
m. 7 Oct. 1652, Christopher Huntington; Mary; Joseph; and Sarah,
wh. m. 22 Mar. 1658, Walter Gaylord, as his sec. w. Stiles makes
Mary m. Jefirey Mahon ; but I doubt the outlandish surname, and sus-
pect the bapt. name was borrow, from the h. of Joan. Of this name, ten
had in 1829 been gr. at Yale and one at Dart.

RocKwooD, Samuel, >Bldest s. of Nicholas Rockett (wh. see), Med-
field, freem. 1682, m. 15 Dec. 1671, Hannah, d. of John Ellis of M. had

Hannah, b. 1 Oct. 1673 ; Susanna, 31 Oct. 1675 ; Samuel, 11 Apr.

1677, d. at seven yrs.; Abigail, 17 May 1679; Eleazer, 18 Apr. 1681;

d. at 12 yrs.; Patience, 14 May 1682; d. soon; Joseph, 8 Sept. 1686;

and Deliverance, whose b. or that of the preced. must be wrong in Morse.

His w. d. 7 May 1717, and he m. ano. w. Sarah, and d. 17 Dec. 1728.

Six of this name, in the early time oft. writ. Rockett (from wh. much

doubt is cans.) had been gr. in 1828, at Harv. Dart, and Middleb. two

at ea.

Rod GEES, whose name of bapt. is unkn. a young man sent from Eng.

with Allerton early in 1628, to be min. at Plymouth, but sent back next

yr. as disord. in brain. Mass. Hist. Coll. IV. 109. It is oft. spell.

without d. * John, Bristol, a selectman 1686, patriotic to resist Andros,

rep. 1689. 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. VH. 171.

Rodman, Thomas, Newport, br. of John, came from Barbados, a


Burgeon, m. Hannah, d. of <jov. Walter Clark, but she was, I presume,
sec. w. for the Friends' rec. of N. show his m. 7 June 1682. with P a-
tience Malins, and Grov. Walter Clarke's d. was then rather too young.

Roe, Anthony, Falmouth or Scarborough 1663-83, of good repute
in 1670, as by the court with ano. he was made conjoint, constable
of both towns. Edward, Exeter, sw. alleg. 30 Nov. 1677. Elias,
Charlestown, m. 17 July 1656, Rebecca, d. of Robert Long, had John,
bapt. 27 Nov. 1670. He d. 18 Jan. 1687, his w. hav. d. earlier. Hugh,
Hartford 1661, rem. perhaps to Salem, but, in 1669, is on the freem.
list of Conn, and bef. 1678, was at Suifield, there d. 5 Aug. 1689, and
his w. Abigail d. 3 Sept. foil. He had first liv. at Weymouth, and there
his d. Esther d. 11 July 1655 ; and his s. Samuel was b. 14 Jan. foil,
wh. d. the yr. bef. his f. and other ch. nam. in his will were Peter, Mary
Denslow, Eliz. Merrill of Saybrook, and Abigail Taylor ; gr.ch. Abigail
Kent ; and three Warners. John, Charlestown, prob. s. of EUas, by w.
Ruth, had Elias, bapt. 26 Aug. 1688, d. in few days; John, 27 Oct.
1689 ; and Ruth, 5 Apr. 1691. BIark, York 1666, serv. that yr. on the
gr. jury. Peter, Suffleld, s. of Hugh, m. 1689, Sarah, d. of Thomas
Remington, and had sev. ch. Richard, Charlestown, br. of Elias, wh.
had admin, of his est. after he perish. Nov. 1666, by casual, at sea.
Sometimes, but rarely, these names are enriched with a w.

Rogers, Andrew, a passeng. from London 1671, in the Arabella, of
wh. no more is heard in our country. Daniel, Ipswich, s. of Tresid.
John, m. Sarah, d. of the first John Appleton, tho. the Appleton mem. p.
16, makes her w. of Samuel R. had Sarah, wh. d. inf. ; Sarah, again, b.
27 Apr. 1694, d. soon; Sarah, again, 29 May 1695 ; Margaret, prob. 8
Jan. 1699; Eliz.; PrisciUa; Mary; Daniel, 17 Oct. 1706, H. C. 1725,
the min. of Littleton; John, 16 Sept. 1708; Patience, 4 Sept. 1710;
and Nathaniel, 6 Aug.* 1712, d. in few days. He was sch.master, town
elk. and reg. of probate, tho. his handwriting is ill, and he perish, in a
cold snowstorm on Hampton Beach, 1 Dec. 1722. See Geneal. Reg. VL
70. David, Braintree, had Ruth, b. 3 Jan. 1641 ; and he d. 24 Sept.
1642. Eleazer, Milford, was freem. 1669, and the name was perpet.
there to 1713. Ezskiel, Rowley, first min. there, s. of Richard, a
disting. Purit. divine of Weathersfield, Co. Essex, wh. is assum. by the
author of the mem. of Fam. of Nathaniel, but with slight, or, as I think,
not even slight, support for his assumpt. to be s. of him burned at the
stake 1555, was bred at Cambridge, where in 1604, he was of Corpus
Christi, when he had his A. B. and of Christ's CoU. in 1608, on rec. his
A. M. came in 1638, with his w. Sarah, d. of John Everard, citiz. of
London, wh. d. in ten yrs. He had serv. long aft. 1621, with great
reput. and favor of Archbp. Matthews, in that parish in Yorksh. whose


name was adopt, here by the people wh. accomp. him; and in a com-
mission oat of chanc. for inquisit. into misapplica. of funds giv. by the
Queen, he was includ. by her Majesty, as first among seven clerg. after
the Archbp. of York, the E. of Cumberland, three baronets, six knights,
and eight esqrs. See Oliver's Hist, of Beverly, 195, 6. He was freem.
23 May 1639, had for sec. w. a d. of Rev. John "Wilson, wh. d. bef. giv.
b. to her first ch. and the third w. Mary, wh. surv. him was wid. of
Thomas Barker, m. 16 July 1651 ; but when he d. 23 Jan. 1661, leav.
good est. there was no ch. to inherit ; nor is it kn. that he ever had a s.
EzEKiEL, Ipswich, s. of Eev. Nathaniel, m. Margaret, wid. of Thomas
Scott, d. of William Hubbard, and sis. of the histor. had Martha;
Nathaniel, b. 14 Aug. 1664; John, 12 June 1666; Ezekiel, 4 June
1667 ; Timothy and Samuel ; and d. 5 July 1674. His wid. d. 1678, and
her will of 22 June was pro. 17 Sept. of the same yr. In it she speaks
of being extrix. of her s. Thomas Scott's est. and gives £40 to the s.
Rogers, and d. Snelling of her d. Snelling, the name of wh. d. was, I
believe, Margaret. Gamaliel, Boston, s. of Simon, by w. Mercy, had
Jane, b. 3 Jan. 1689. George, Maine, was of the jury 1650, but of'
what town I see not. Henkt, Springfield, took the o. of alleg. 1678.
It is not kn. whether he' came from Eng. or was b.*here, but prob. the lat-
ter ; and he m. 30 Dec. 1675, Mary, eldest d. of Richard Exell of S. had
Mary, b. 23 Dec. 1676, d. within 4 yrs. John, 5 Mar. 1678 ; Dorothy,
5 Sept. 1679 ; Mary, 8 Aug. J 681 ; a. d. Apr. 1683, d. soon; and Henry,
28 Dec. 1687, and d. 26 Sept. 1724. His wid. d. 23 Oct. 1732. Both
his s. had fams. Mary m. 1702, Samuel Cooper; and Dorothy m.
1704, James Taylor the younger. James, New London, is by Miss
Caulkins thought to be that passeng. in the Increase from London,
1635, aged 20, and was early at Stratford, there m. Eliz. d. of Samuel
Rowland, rem. to Milford, had Samuel, b. a. 1640 ; Joseph, bapt. 1646 ;
John, 1648; Bathsheba, 1650; James, a. 1652; Jonathan, b. 31 Dec.
1655 ; and Eliz. 1658 ; soon aft. he rem. to N. L. was the richest man
in the settlem. after Gov. Winth. freem. 1660, rep. 1661-8 and in
1676, began to make with his childr. much opposit. to inf. bapt. and d. a.
1688. Bathsheba m. 4 Mar. 1670, Richard Smith of N. L. and next
Samuel Fox as his third w. and Eliz. m. 9 Feb. 1682, the sec. Samuel
Beeby. From this man, thro, his fifth s. Jonathan, is deriv. the ancient
imperfect vol. contain, the Psalms and New Testam. with a ch. liturgy
thot. to be of the days of Edward VI. James, Newport 1638, adm.
freem. 1640, and is in the list of 1655, and was gen. serg. 1661-3.
James, Eastham, s. of Joseph, m. 11 Jan. 1671, Mary, d. prob. of the
first Thomas Paine, had James b. 30 Oct. 1673 ; Mary, 9 Nov. 1675 ;
and Abigail, 2 Mar. 1678; was a lieut. and d. 13 Apr. foil. James,


New London, s. of James of the same, a sea capt. m. 5 Nov. 1674, Mary>
d. of Jefirey Jordan, of wh, very pleasant tradit. is told by Caulkins, p.
202, tho. as nothing was ever heard of her f. or mo. or bro. or sis. it may
fell of truth in some partic. had James, Mary, Eliz. Sarah, Samuel, Jon-
athan, Richard, and William. In 1677, his w. was fin. for absence from
pub. worship as estab. by the governm. and soon after he and his w.
were vexed for worsh. estab. by his f. and friends. He d. 8 Nov. 1713.
Jeeemiah, Dorchester, m. Mehitable, d. prob. eldest of John Pierce, and
had three ch. as in the will of their gr.f. Pierce in 1661, is ment. viz.
Margaret, bapt. 1653 ; Mehitable, b. 6 Oct. 1658 ; and Ichabod, bapt. 27
May 1660, brot. to D. for the ordin. from Lancaster, whither his f. had
rem. beside prob. that Sarah, wh. by rec. of D. d. 21 Sept. 1657.
John, Duxbury 1634, prob. of Plymouth 1631, rep. 1657, by w.
Frances, had John, Joseph, Timothy, Ann, Mary, and Abigail. In his
will of 1 Feb. 1661, he calls hims. of Marshfleld, names w. and the six
ch. beside gr.ch. Greorge and John Russell. Ann m. John Hudson ; and
one of the other ds. m. the sec. George Russell. He may have been br.
of the flrsf Thomas. John, Watertown 1636, freem. 17 May 1637;
John, Weymouth, m. 16 Apr. 1639, Ann, d. prob. of Hugh Churchman,
had Lydia, b. ^7 Mar. 1642, rem. 1644, to Scituate, going thither,
with Rev. Mr. Witherell. This led Deane, he says, to conject. that he
was a descend, of him of Smithfleld, whose martyrdom was above 99
yrs. bef. and perhaps a slighter conject. never was brought in aid
of a trifling tradit. A tradit. prob. equal, worthless, to sustain that,
is giv. by D. that the mo. of W. was also a descend, of the mar-
tyr. He had also John, Thomas, and Samuel, prob. the first, if not
more, b. in Eng. and went back to W. there d. 11 Feb. 1662. The
Weymouth man was a deac. and his will of 8 Feb. 1661, pro. 30 Apr.
foil, satisfied me, that Deane had confus. two if not three Johns into one.
(See Geneal. Reg. X. 265-6.) It gives est. to w. Judith, s. John, ds.
Mary Rane, i. e. prob. Rand, w. of John, Lydia, wh. m. 19 Sept. 1660,
Joseph White; Hannah m. the same day, Samuel Pratt, and Sarah.
The h. of Mary was John. So that we may be sure the Scituate man,
with s. Thomas and Samuel, was ano. and that Deane misled Barry in
his Hist, of Hanover ; and Winsot in his Hist, of Duxbury. John,
Watertown, freem. 13 Mar. 1 639, in J.g.40,_Priscilla Dawes at Boston^
whT on "her join, the ch. is call, maid serv. of our Elder Thomas OlivSf',
had John, b. 11 Sept. 1641 ; Mary, 26 Oct. 1643 ; Thomas ; Daniel ;
Nathaniel ; and prob. sev. ds. was perhaps a baker, rem. to Billerica,
there his d. Abigail m. Arthur Warren of Chelmsford; Triscilla, wh.
m. 19 Jan. 1682, Simon /Soolidge, as sec. w. was prob. ano. His s. John
was k. by the Ind. 5 Aug. 1695, as was also, on the same day, his br.


Thomas, and his s. Thomas, aged 11 yrs. Both these s. as well as
Daniel and Nathaniel, and d. Priscilla are nam. in his will, made three
days aft. that date, of wh. T. and N. were excors. From this we learn
also that he :|had"^. w.]for he gives to his w.'s s. George Brown, and
her d. Mary BTS^IEe d. 25 Jan. 1686. But ano. John, prob. older,
was of Watertown as early perhaps as the preced. and may have
been of Dedham 1636, m. so late as Nov. 1653 (but it may have not
been iirst w.), Abigail Martin, had Abigail, b. 21 Jan. 1657 ; and he d.
22 Dec. 1674, aged 80. Dr. Bond suppos. he was f. of Billerica John.
John, Scituate, s. of John of the same, prob. b. in Eng. m. at Boston, 8
Oct. 1656, Rhoda, d. of Elder Thomas King of S. had John, and perhaps
Abigail, or others, but not, I think, the Mary, or Eliz. or Hannah ascrib.
to him by Deane, as they were ds. of the Weymouth deac. ; Mary was
sis. of her wh. m. Joseph White of S. and of the other two, prob. unless
the dates for m. of the three several, were by him intend, to mean dates of
b. Confus. in Deane is here evident, but what he should have said is
uncert. Abigail m. 1678, Timothy White of S. John, Milford 1646,
d. 1684. John, Huntington, L. I. adm. 1664, freem. of Conn, and in
1669, had been two yrs. perhaps of Branford, d. bef. 1676, prob. without
being m. or at least without ch. for his br. Noah inherit, his est. John,
Ipswich, eldest s. of Rev. Nathaniel, b. in Eng. early in 1631 (not 1620j
as Geneal. Reg. X. 148), prob. at Coggeshall in Essex, where liv. the f.
of his mo. but Farmer says at Assington in Suff. was both physician and
preacher after lea v. Coll. 1649, and some yrs. I believe, was of Boston,
but of so common a name, a mistake is very easy; freem. 1674; m.
Eliz. only d. of Maj-Gen. Daniel Dennison, had Eliz. b. one acco. says
3, ano. 26 Feb. 1662 ; Margaret, 18 Feb. 1664; John, 7 July 1666, H.
C. 1684; Daniel, 25 Sept. 1667, H. C. 1686; Nathaniel, 22 Feb. 1670,
H. C. 1687; and Patience, 13 or 25 May, 1676; preach, occasional.
as aid to Cobbett and Hubbard, was chos. Presid. to succeed Hoar,
1676, but declin. and his classmate Oakes was appoint, but aft. d. of
O. he was again chos. 1683, when Mather and Torrey had declin. the
offer, and d. 2 July 1684, less than one yr. from enter, on his office. His
wid. d. 13 June 1723. Eliz. m. 23 Nov. 1681, John Appleton ; Marga-
ret, m. 28 Dec. 1686, Dr. Thomas Berry, and next, 25 Nov. 1697, Hon.
John Leverett, and d. 7 June 1720 ; and Patience, m. 15 Apr. 1696,
Benjamin Marston of Salem, and d. 22 May 1731. Never, I think, is
heard any suggest, that he was of the stock of the martyr of Smithfield,
when it might have been difficult to avoid that topic of congratula. had
any of his relatives or friends believ. it; John, Duxbury or Marshfield,
perhaps s. of Thomas of the Mayflower, and left at home some yrs..Winsor
gays, had Eliz. wh. m. 17 Nov. 1668, Nathaniel Williams of Tiaunton ;


Abigail, wh. m. a Richmond ; and Plannah, m. 23 Nov. 1664, John Tis-
dale; beside, I presume, that Thomas, bapt. at Scituate, 6 May 1638.
John, Duxbury, m. Nov. 1666, Eliz. d. of "William Peabody, had Han-
nah, b. Nov. 1668; John, 22 Sept. 1670; Ruth, 18 Apr. 1675; Sarah,
4 May 1677 ; and Eliz. He may be the same 'whose d. is rec. at Marsh-
field, 7 May 1717, in his 85th yr. if liberal discount be allow, for exag-
ger. Far more prob. is it that the other John of D. was thus long lived.
John, Eastham, s. of Joseph, m. 19 Aug. 1669, Eliz. Twining, perhaps
d. of William, had Samuel, b. 1 Nov. 1671, d. soon; John, 1 Nov. 1672;
Judah, 23 Nov. 1677; Joseph, 22 Feb. 1679; Eliz. 23 Oct. 1682;
Eleazer, 18 May 1685; Mehitable, 13 Mar. 1687; Hannah, 5 Aug.
1689; and Nathaniel, 3 Oct. 1693. His wid. Eliz. d. iO Mar. 1725.
John, New London, s. of James the £rst, m. 17 Oct. 1670, Eliz. d. of
Matthew Griswold, had Eliz. b. 8 Nov. 1671 ; and John, 20 Mar. 1674 ;
began, bef. the end of this yr. to assert opinions and follow forms in
relig. wh. disgust, his w. wh. desir. divorce next yr. and aft. 18 mos. gain,
the reluct, assent of the Ct. wh. allow, her to retain both the ch. Yet as the
ch. grew up, they took to their f. perhaps bee. the mo. had m. 5 Aug. 1 679,
Peter Pratt, and, in 1691, a third h. Matthew Beckwith. He was found,
of a new sect, call. Rogerenes, but tho. he had the glory of kn. that his .
writings were condemn, and burn, as pestilent heresies, yet without
cans, much light to be spread, the schism went off soon aft. his d. wh. was
17 Oct. 1721. A sec. w. Mary Ransford caused him more trouble than
the first. John, Boston, of whose est. admin, was giv. 25 Apr. 1 672, to
his wid. Eliz. John, Weymouth, perhaps s. of John of the same, m. 8
Feb. 1663, Mary Bates, had Mary, b. 3 Apr. 1664; Lydia, 1 Mar.
1666; Experience, 29 Nov. 1667; and Hannah, 23 July 1670; was
freem. 1671. John, Salem 1681, a glazier. * John, Bristol, was rep.
1689. John, Ipswich, eldest s. of Presid. John, was ord. 12 Oct. 1692,
as coUea. with his uncle Hubbard, m. 4 Mar. 1691, Martha, d. of Wil-
liam Whittingham, had John, b. 19 Jan. 1692, H. C. 1711, min. of Kit-
tery; Martha, 20 Nov. 1694; Mary; William, 19 June 1699; Nathan-
iel, 22 Sept. 1701, H. C. 1721, min. of Ipswich, collea. with his f. ;
Richard, 2 Dec. 1703 ; Eliz. 1705, d. young ; Daniel and Eliz. tw. 28
July 1707, of wh. Daniel was H. C. 1725, min. of Exeter ; and Samuel,
31 Aug. 1709, H. C. 1725. He d. 28 Dec. 1745, and his wid. d. 9 Mar.
1759. Jonathan, Huntington, L. I. adm. freem. of Conn. 1664. Jon-
athan, perhaps of Westerly bef. 1 680, m. Naomi, d. of Robert Burdick.
Jonathan, New London, youngest s. of James the first, d. 1697, leav.
large fam. but only s. Jonathan. Joseph, Plymouth, s. of Thomas, brot.
by his f. in the Mayflower, 1620, had two sh. in the div. of Ids. 1624,
prob. on acco. of his f. wh. d. in the first six mos. but in the div. of cattle


had single sh. in the comp. with Gov. Bradford, liv. at Duxbury, there
had Sarah, b. 6 Aug. 1633, d. soon; Joseph, 19 July 1635; Thomas,
29 Mar. bapt. 6 May 1638; EHz. 29 Sept. 1639; John, 3 Apr. 1642;
Mary, 22 Sept. 1644; James, 18 Oct. 1648; these six liv. says Brad-
ford, in 1650 ; and Hannah, 8 Aug. 1652 ; was some time at Sandwich,
but as early as 1655 at Eastham, was lieut. and d. at E. 1678. Eliz.
m. 9 Jan. 1660, Jonathan Higgins. Joseph,- Eastham, s. of the preced,
m. 4 Apr. 1660, or Feb. 1661, as in Geneal. Eeg. VI. 235, is said, tho.
I think with mistake of the mo. by its numeral, 2, wh. in ano. and higher
auth. Coll. Eec. foil, by Geneal. Reg. III. 379, stands 4 Apr. 1660, Su-
sanna, d. of Stephen Deane, had Joseph, perhaps posthum. for the f. d.
27 Dec. or Jan. foil, by injury in a fall. His wid. m. 28 Oct. 1663, Ste-
phen Snow. Joseph, Salem, d. a. 1668. Joseph, Boston, s. perhaps
of Simon, by w. Eliz. had Susanna, b. 4 Dec. 1688. Joseph, New
London, sec. s. of James the first, d. 1697, leav. large fam. Joshua,
Boston, m. 12 Oct. 1653, Ann Fisen, if that be not an impossib. name,
had Joshua, b. 20 Feb. 1655, but the rec. notes his d. on 15 of that mo.
Nathaniel, Ipswich, sec. s. of Eev. John of Dedham, Co. Essex, Eng.
fondly report, in mod. times with very little, or rather no probabil. to be
descend, of the first martyr in Queen Mary's day, was b. a. 1598 at Ha-
verhill, where his f. was then min. bred at Cambridge Univ. where he
was matric. of Emmanuel, 1614, had his deg. 1617 and 21, first preach.
at Booking in Essex, next at Assington in Sufflk. where were Gurdon
and other Purit. gentry, the Bp. of the diocese, after fill, by Wren,
the puritan-disturber, having comforta. respect, him five yrs. He m.

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