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1681; Margaret, 20 Oct. 1683; Jeremiah, 21 Aug. 1685; Joshua, 1
Aug. 1687; David, 16 Aug. 1691; Asaph, 31 July 1695; Hezekiah,
17 Sept. 1697 ; and Mary, 7 Oct. 1699 ; every one, with his w. nam. in
his will, 2 Aug. 1708. He d. 14 Sept. foil, and his wid. d. 12 June
1739. Joshua, his s. was early at SuflSeld, where his est. in 1734, was
div. among 5 ch. MosEsJ^Exeter, s. of the first John, m. 26 Oct. 1681,
Dorothy, d. of Rev. Samuel Dudley, had John; Dudley; Daniel;
Stephen ; Joseph ; and seven more, whose names are not kn. Nehe-
miah, Hingham, br. of the preced. by w. Alice had Mary, b. 19 Aug.
1693, d. next mo. ; ano. ch. d. 18 Oct. 1694, whose name was prob^
Jacob ; Daniel, 30 May 1697 ; and Abigail, 10 Dec. 1699. * Samuel^
Exeter, br. of the preced. had James, was rep. 1684. Thomas, Exeter
1639, may have been br. of the first John, bef. 1644 rem. to Hampton,
and d. 28 Nov. 1696 ; leav. says Farmer, s. Hezron, Aratus, b. 1646;
John; Thomas; James, 1652, d. young; Isabel; Jemima; and Heriah;
but the order is unkn. His w. Isabel d. 19 Feb. 1700. His name is
used as a grantee, with John Wheelwright and two others in that
enormous forgery of the deed of the whole S. and E. part of the Prov-

LEB — LEE 71

ince of N. H. with the Isle of Shoala from Indian sachems 17 May
1629, certain, more than seven yrs. bef. the principal "VV. came to this
country, and near nine yrs. bef. that honest pui-cb. by W. of all the Ids.
for 30 ms. bet^. the gr. riv. Merrimack and Piscataqua. Nor can any
evid. be discov. prob. bef. the gen. conflagrat. of this globe, that L. was
here a single yr. earlier than W.

Le Blonde, James, Boston 1689, prob. a Huguenot, whose w. Ann
unit. 1690, with Mather's oh. had there bapt. James, 20 Apr. 1690, d.
soon ; James, again, 7 June 1691 ; Ann, 9 Apr. 1693, d. soon ; Peter, 6
Jan. 1695; Gabriel, 6 Mar. 1698; Ann, again, 15 Dec. 1700; Phil-
lippa, 23 Apr. 1701; Marian, 10 Mar. 1706; and Alexander, 4 Sept.

Lechford, II Thomas, Boston, a lawyer from one of the Inns of
Court at London, came 1637, left here, aft. vain attempt to earn bread,
and being ar co. 1640, in the same sh. with Hugh Peter, Thomas Welde,
and John Winthrop, the younger. He got his book thro, the press
almost two yrs. bef. Welde's, and Cotton says he d. shortly aft. its pub.
I think he design, this as evid. of the displeasure of heaven ; but the
date may be adm. however erron. the construct, of it.
Leck, Lecke, or Leeke, Ambrose, TVickford 1674.
Leddra, "William, Boston, convict. Sept. 1660, of being a Quaker,
next yr. for return, sentenc. on 9th and hang. 14 Mar. An excel, letter
to the w. of his bosom upon the day bef. execut. is preserv. Sewel,
Hist. L 336, 459. 65, 8. Hutch. L 202, calls him Ledea.

Lee, Abraham, Dover 1680, a man of some skill in natural science,
m. 21 June 1686, Esther, wid. of Henry Elkins, and d. of Major Rich-
ard "Waldron, was k. with the f. of his w. by the Ind. 27 June 1689.
His wid. m. Richard Jose, sheriff of the Prov. outliv. him, and d. in the
Igl. of Jersey, says the pedigree of TV. in Geneal. Reg. V. 182. Ed-
"WARD, Hartford 1648, is by me thot. the same as Lay. Henky, Man-
chester 1650, was br. of Thomas of Ipswich, and prob. rem. to Boston
1656. John, Ipswich 1640, had, it is said, come a. 1635, from London,
had John, b.a. 1639 ; and Joseph, late in 1643 ; d. 1671. Fam. tradit.
makes him m. on our side of the water, yet tells not the name of the w.
but gives him four ds. three without names, of wh. one m. a Patch ; one a
Hunkins ; ano. a Tuttle, and exact acco. of the other is, that she was
call. Ann, d. unm. 28 Sept. 1691. On the same evid. it is shown, that
orig. the name was Leigh, and the s. of this man agr. to change it.
John, Saco 1645, was of the gr. jury that yr. but in Dec. 1647, was d.
or rem. John, Farmington 1653, d. 1690, had w. Mary, d. of Stephen
Hart, and ch. John, b. 11 June 1659, bapt. 22 July 1660 ; Mary, b. 14
Aug. 1664; Stephen, 2 Apr. 1667; Thomas, 1671; David, 1674; and

72 LEE

Tabitha, 1677. His wid. m. 1691, Jedejiah Strong, as his third w.;
Mary m. Stephen Upson, 28 Dec. 1 682 ; Tabitha m. Preserved Strong of
Northampton, s. of her mo.'s h. ; and they rem. to Coventry, whither, also,
her br. David rem. aft. some yrs. at N.. John, Westfield; s. of "Walter,
was in the Falls fight, 1676, m. 9 Dec. 1680, Sarah Pi'xley, prob. d. of
William, had John, b. 8 July 1683, d. within two wks. as did the mo. in
one. By sec. w. Eliz. d. of Dennis Crampton, m. 1686, had John, again,
2 Aug. 1687 ; Eliz. 14 Dec. 1689 ; Sarah, 24 Apr. 1692 ; Abigail, 28
Oct. 1694; Ruth, 1 Apr. 1697; Joanna, 1702; Samuel, 1704; and
Margaret, 1707; and d. 13 Nov. 1711. His wid. was Sarah, and' she
with s. John were admors. John, Boston, s. of the first John, by fam.
tradit. is call, a surg. in the navy, and said to have m. and had fam. two
s. and two ds. but no names or dates are giv. and unhap. no illustr. of
this obscurity can be got from rec. of Boston, so that acquiesc. in the
result of the authority, that in this branch the name bee. extinct, is easy.
John, Farmington, s. prob. of John of the same, had John, and Jona-
than, both bapt. 28 Nov. (not 27) 1686; Mary, 4 May 1690; Eliz.
5 Feb. 1693; Samuel, 1 Apr. 1694; and Hezekiah, 6 June 1687.
Joseph, Ipswich, s. of John of the same, m. Mary, eldest ch. of Henry
Woodhouse of Concord, had Woodis, b. 17 Oct. 1679, d. soon; Joseph,
16 Oct. 1680; Mary, 14 July 1682; Ann, 17 May 1684; Henry, 16
May 1686; John, 10 Sept. 1688, d. in three mos.; Woodis, again, 18
Dec. 1689; and Hannah, 10 Apr. 1691, d. next mo. He rem. to Con-
cord, where his w. d. and he m. 15 Nov. 1697, Mary, wid. of Edmund
Wigley, d. of John Miles, wh. d. 25 Nov. 1708. He took third w. 28
Jan. 1713, wid. Mary Fox, and d. 4 Nov. 1716. His wid. m. Daniel
Hoar. His s. Joseph, Henry, and Woodis largely and honora. perpet.
the name. Joseph, Manchester 1684. Joshua, Boston, m. 14 Dec. '
1688, wid. Mary Engs. Nathaniel, Westfield, s. of Walter, m. Abi-
gail Warner, d. of Daniel of Farmington, had Daniel, b. 1698, d. young;
Nathaniel, 1700, d. bef. his f. but had two s. wh. then were liv. ; Abigail,
1702, d. young ; Margaret, 1705 ; Daniel, again, 1707 ; HezSkiah, 1710,
d. young; tw. ch. 1711, both d. soon; and a d. 1717, wh. d. soon; and
he d. 26 Apr. 1745. Robert, Plymouth 1636, was, prob. from London,
adm. freem. 3 Jan. 1637, may have been short time in 1638 at Lynn ;
had w. Mary, and ch. Ann and Mary, was liv. 1654. Either he or his
w. was br. or sis. of John Atwood or his w. wh. left them part of their
est. See Geneal. Reg. IV. 173, and V. 260. Mary m. 26 Oct. 1651,
John Howland, jr. S^-muel, Boston, may seem only a trans, visitor, as
he is call, of Virginia in the rec. of his m. 2 Aug. 1655, to Eliz. Row-
land of B. yet tho. the h. has prefix of resp. I regret to remark, that the
w. is equally unkn. Yet perhaps he was the Maiden man, wh. had

LEE. 73

Eliz. b. Nov. 1670; and she may have m. 24 May 1690, Jonathan
Howard. Samuel, Bristol, b. in London 1623, bred at Magdalen Coll.
Oxford, there creat. M. A. 14 Apr. 1648, and, in violat. of their rights,
made, 9 Apr. 1651, one of the Proctors of the Univ. See Wood's
Fasti Oxon. IL 164. He came over hither 24 June 1686, arr. 22 Aug.
as in Sewall's Almanac, and bee. the sett. min. of B. 8 May 1687;
preach, at the pub. fast in Boston 17 June 1691, and emb. for home, on
the voyage was tak. by a French privateer, carr. into St. Maloes, there
d. in prison the same yr. Mather, IIL 223, makes some amends for the
brevity of his narrat. by the praise of its subject. But Baylies follows
Eliot in more sober estimate of him. Rebecca, his d. was third w. of
John Saffln. In a letter to her h. .19 July 1710, Mather, wh. aft. some
yrs. was m. to her sis. Lydia, shows, in an extraord. manner, exceed,
never Ijy him unless in his intemper. address to Gov. Joseph Dudley,
his harshness of admonit. and resolution to govern. Ano. d. Cath-
arine was w. of Henry Howell, aft. of Stephen Sewall; and this
connex. was assoc. with one of the principal causes of the many miseries
that afflict, the latter days of Cotton Mather. See 4 Mass. Hist. Coll.
n. 122. Samuel, Maiden, freem. 1671, d. Aug. 1676, aged 36, m. 4
Nov. 1662, Mercy Call, d. of Thomas. He may have had Mercy to m.
2 Dec. 1686, Richard- "Wicks ; and his wid.m. 25 Oct. 1 677, John Allen.
Stephen, Westfield, s. of "Walter, m. 23 Dec. 1691, Eliz. "Woodward,
d. of John, had Thomas, b. 5 Nov. 1692; and Samuel, 9 May 1695.
He rem. to Lebanon. Thomas, Ipswich 1648, br. of Henry, and John,
d. 1662, aged a. 82. * Thomas, Lyme, came a. 1641 with his mo. and
two sis. Phebe, and Jane, the f. whose name was Thomas, hav. d. as the
tradit. was, on the voyage, of smallpox. The surv. came from Boston
to Saybrook, tho. the f. of the mo. by the same authority, is call. Brown
of Providence. This s. must have been very young, for Lyme rec. gives
him ch. up to 22 Dec. 1692, and his first, John, by w. Sarah Kirkland,
was b. 21 Sept. 1670; Thomas, 10 Dec. 1672; Sarah, 14 Jan. 1675;
and aft. this w. d. 21 May 1676, he took 13 July foil. sec. w. Mary,
perhaps d. of Balthazar De "Wolf, and had Phebe, b. 14 Apr. 1677 ;
Mary, 23 Apr. 1679; Eliz.; "William, 10 Apr. 1684; Stephen; Han-
nah ; and four more ch. one of wh. d. young. He was ensign, rep. 1676,
and d. 30 May 1705, and his wid. Mary bee. sec. w. of sec. Matthew
Griswold. His sis. Jane m. June 1659, Samuel Hyde of Norwich; and
Phebe m. 1 Nov. 1659, perhaps, John Large of Saybrook. Walter,
Windsor, freem. of Conn. 1654, rem. to Northampton 1656, thence, a.
1665 to Westfield, there d. 9 Feb. 1718, at gr. age. His ch. were John,
b. 2 Jan. 1657 ; Timothy, 8 Aug. 1659, d. soon ; Stephen, 5 Mar. 1662 ;
and Nathaniel, 25 Dec. 1663 ; all at N. ; this last rec. at Westfield, but,

74 LEE

perhaps, some yrs. aft. b. ; Mary, 15 Jan. 1665, rec. at Springfield, prob.
bef. be was fix. at W. ; Eliz. 28 Feb. 1667, d. young; Hannab, 9 Jan.
1668 ; and Abigail, 11 Dec. 1670. His w. d. 29 Feb. 1696 ; and he m.
1705, sec. w. Hepzibah, wid. of Caleb Pomeroy, wh.d. 18. Nov. 1711.
Oft. the spell, is Laigh, and it may sometimes be Lay, wh. see. Twenty-
four of this name had been gr. in 1834, at the N. E. coll. of wh. one
half at Harv.

Leeds, Benjamin, Dorchester, s. of Richard, freem. 1670, m. 17
Sept. 1667, Mary, d. of William Brimsmead, had Benjamin, d. 13 Mar.
1718, aged 80. It would be pleasant to kn. what means the insert, of
this name among freem. 1680. He had sec. w. wh. d. 10 Aug. 1692;
and again m. 11 Aug. 1696, Abigail iKnight, wh. d. 29 June 1712. No
ch. by either of the last two ws. is kn. and all of the name in our vicin.
are descend, of his br. John, New London 1674, mariner, from
Staplehoe, Co. Kent, call. hims. 39 yrs. old in Sept. 1680, m. 25 Jan.
1678, Eliz. d. of Cary Latham, had John, bapt. 13 Mar. 1681 ; Eliz. 16
Oct. 1681; William, b. 3 Mar. bapt. 20 May 1683; Gideon; and
Thomas, both bapt. aft. d. of f 1 Aug. 1697. He liv. on Groton side,
where William Uv. 1712. John, Watertown, had, says Bond, Eliz. ; John ;
Edward; Joseph; Abigail; and Deborah, bapt. 19 Jan. 1688; but he
could not name the w. Joseph, Dorchester, br.'of Benjamin, rem. a.
1661 to Northampton, m. 8 Nov. of that yr. Miriam, d. of capt. Aaron
Cook, had Miriam^b. 1663; one, in 1664; Joseph, 1665; wh. all d.
young; Joanna, 1667; Miriam, again, 1670; John, 1672, d. soon;
John, again, 1674; Joseph, 1675, d. soon; Benjamin, 1677; was in the
Falls fight, 19 May 1676, and next yr. went back to his nat. town, there
had Samuel, 1679 ; Eliz. 1684 ; and Eebecca, -1687 ; d. 28 Jan. 1715,
aged a. 77. His wid. Miriam d. 23 Aug. 1720. Richard, Dorchester,
emb. Apr. 1637 at Great Yarmouth, Co. Norfk. aged 32, withw. Joan,
23, and a ch. whose name is not found in the Eng. rec. ; had a gr. of Id.
that yr. at Salem, says Felt, but did not cont. there, had Benjamin and
Joseph, tw. b. 14 July 1637, bapt. 4 Apr. 1639 ; freem. 1645, a select-
man 1653; constable 1664, d. 18 Mar. 1693, aged a. 98, says the
inscript. over his gr. whereas his declarat. in 1637 would prove him to
be 88. The fond exaggera. of his days is seen in the will, made a few
days bef. d. pro. 1 Apr. foil, begin, with this language : " being by the
patience of God near an hundred yrs. old." It names only s. Joseph,
and Benjamin ; d. Hannah Clap, w. of Samuel, wh. was bapt. 16 Feb.
1640; d.-in-law Miriam, w. of Joseph, and gr.s. Joseph.

Leek, Philip, New Haven, took o. of fidel. 1644, had Philip, b. 26
Aug. 1646; Eleazer, bapt. 12 Sept. 1647, wh. is call. Ebenezer at the
Pro, Court distribut. of the est. of his f. ; Thomas, 21 Jan. 1649, wh.

LEE 75

was a propr. 1685; Mary, perhaps 15 June 1651, but the town rec.
much'more reliab. says she was b. 16 June 1652; and Joanna, b. 22
Jan. bapt. 28 Mar. 1658 ; and d. May 1676. Mary m. 9 Mar. 1675,
John Davis ; and Joanna m. 6 Feb. 1678, Henry Stephens.

Lees, Edwaed, Guilford, perhaps s. of Hugh, m. at Saybrook, 7
Nov. 1676, Eliz. Wright, was a propr. 1685. Hugh, Saybrook 1648,
liv. there 1664. William, Norwalk, prob: s. of the preced. but the
dilig. annalist, Hall, names not w. or eh. exc. Deborah, wh. m. 9 Mar.
1710, John Scrivener ; yet shows him there 1672-87.

Leete, t* Andrevt, Guilford, s. of Gov. William, freem. 1670, rep.
1675, an Assist. 1678, m. 1 June 1669, Ehz. d. of Thomas Jordan, had
William, b. 24 Mar. 1671; Caleb, 10 Dec. 1673; Samuel, 1677;
Dorothy, 1680; Abigail, 1683; and Mercy, 1685; and was a propr.
1685. Plis w. d. 4 Mar. 1701, and he d, 31 Oct. 1702, all the ch.
then liv. John, Guilford, br. of the preoed. said to be the first Eng.
male ch. b. in the town, freem. 1671, was a propr. 1685 ; m. 4 Oct.
1670, Mary, d. of William Chittenden, had Ann, b. 5 Aug. 1671 ; John,
4 June 1673 ; Joshua, 7 July 1676 ; Sarah, 16 Dec. 1677 ; Pelatiah, 26
Mar. 1680; Mehitable, 10 Dec. 1683; Benjamin, 26 Dec. 1686; and
Daniel, 23 Dec. 1689, d. young. He d. 25 Nov. 1692 • and the wid. d.
9 Mar. 1712. § t + William, Guilford, sign, the planta. covenant of 1
June 1639, was an Assist, of N. H. col. 1643 to 57, de^.-gov. 1658,
Gov. 1661 to 65 ; on the union with Conn. bee. an Assist, to 1669, then
dep-gov. to 1676, when, on d. of Gov. Winthrop, [he was chos. to that
office, and so by ann. elect, till his d. at Hartford, 16 Apr. 1683. . He
was oft. a Commissr. of the Unit. Col. of N. E. from 1655 to 79. Of
three ws. I presume the first w. Ann, wh. d. 1 Sept. 1668, or rather was
bur. that day, was mo. of all the ch. : John, b. a. 1639 ; Andrew ; Wil-
liatn; Abigail; Caleb, 24 Aug., 1651, d. at 21 yrs. ; Graciana, 22 Dec.
1653; Peregrine, 12 Jan. 1658, d. young; Joshua, d. 22 Feb. 1660,
prob. very young; and Ann, 15 Mar. 1662. Abigail m. 26 Oct. 1671,
Rev. John Woodbridge of Killingworth, and Ann m. 9 or 19 Nov. 1683,
John Trowbridge, and, next, 1696, Ebenezer Collins ; and Graciana liv.
long, infirm in body and mind. His sec. w. Sarah m. 1671, had been
wid. of Henry Rotherford, d. 10 Feb. 1674. Mary, the third w. wid.
of Rev. Nicholas Street, wh. outliv. him but a few mos. ; bad been w. of
Gov. Francis Newman. * William, Guilford, youngest surv. s. of the
preced. freem. 1671, rep. 1677, d. 1 June 1687, leav. wid. Mary, wh. m.
Stephen Bradley, and d. Mary, 11 Jan. 1672, wh. m. 1 Aug. 1691,
James Hooker.

Leeth, John, Boston, by w. Hannah had Martha, b. 31 Aug. 1654.
It may be the same as Leathe.

76 LEF — LEL

Lefpingwell, sometimes in old rec. read Leppingwbll, or Lap-
PiNGWELL, Michael, Woburn, had Hannah, b. 4 Jan. 1643, d. in few
wks. ; Hannah, again, 6 Jan. 1646; Sarah, 10 Mar. 1647; Thomas, 13
Jan. 1649; Kuth, 2 Jan. 1650; Michael, 8 June 1651, d. in a wk.;
Eachel, 4 Mar. 1653 ; Abigail, 24 May 1655; Esther, 16 May 1657;
and Tabitha, 8 May 1660 ; and he d. 22 Mar. 1687. Geneal. Reg. VIL
284, gives from Boston copy of rec. diflfer. dates. * Thomas, Saybrook
1637, prob. on the E. side of the riv. had Rachel, b. 17 Mar. 1648;
Thomas, 27 Aug. 1649; Jonathan, 6 Dec. 1650; Joseph, 24 Dec.
1652; Mary, 10 Dec. 1654; and Nathaniel, 11 Dec. 1656; was one of
the purch. of the tract from the Ind. 1659, now includ. Norwich and
sev. other towns, and with the first sett, of N. its rep. 1662, and many foil,
yrs. was an active partisan, when he was lieut. in Philip's war. Thomas,
Woburn, s. of Michael, m. 11 May 1675, Sarah Knight, wh. d. 16 Aug.
1691, and he m. 15 Jan. foil. Hannah Duntlin.

Legat, or Leggett, John, Hampton 1640, Exeter 1642, elk. of the
writs, kept sch. in ea. ; at H. in 1649 ; m. 1644, Ann, Thomas Wilson's

Legaeee, Francis, Boston 1690, a Huguenot goldsmith, with two s.

Legge, John, Salem 1631, serv. of John Humfrey, came in the
fleet with Winth. liv. at Marblehead, was freem. 6 May 1635, d. 1674.
John, Marblehead, s. perhaps of the preced. freem. 1680, had Samuel,
wh. was a mariner of Boston in 1671 ; and John of M. 1691.

Legrote, Nicholas, Salem 1668. -

Leigh, John, a soldier in Moseley's comp. Dec. 1675, of wh. I see
no more. Joseph, Ipswich 1651. Perhaps it is the same as the name
of like sound, Lee.' Thomas, Roxbury, neph. of capt. Thomas Brattle,
d. 20 July 1694, aged 30.

Leighton. See Laighton.

Leister, or Lister, Edward, a youth from London, in the employm.
of Stephen Hopkins, came in the Mayflower, 1620. But we kn. no
more of him, exc. his punishm. for flghting a duel with ano. youth from
London, and Bradford, wh. calls him Litster, 4 Mass. Hist. Coll. HL
455, says, he went to Virg. and there d.

Leland, Ebenezer, Sherborn, s. of Henry, by w. Deborah had
Deborah, b. L6 Aug. 1679 ; Ebenezer, 14 Jan. 1681 ; Timothy, 22 Feb.
1684; James, 22 Sept. 1687 ; Susanna, 1690; Patience, 1695 ; Martha,
8 Sept. 1699; Isaac, 19 Apr. 1702; Sibella, 1708; and Amariah, 11
Dec. 1710 ; but by a sec. w. Patience Sabin, were the last five. His
third, w. was Mary Hunt. In Oct. 1742 admin, of his est. was giv. to
his s. Timothy. Eleazer, Sherborn, younger br. of the preced. had w.
Sarah, m. 13 July perhaps of the yr. 1690, but no eh. and d. 5 Dec.

L E L — L E M 77

1703, tho. he made his will, in wh. no name is found but that of the w.
16 Oct. 1691. Henkt, Dorchester 1653, s. of the first Hopeatill, rem.
to Medfield, had • by w. Margaret Badcock, or Babcock, sis. of Robert
(wh. in fam. tradit. he is vainly reckon, to have brot. perhaps with her
first born, from Eng. 1652), Hopestill, bapt. at D. May 1653, d. soon ;
Hopestill, again, 15 Nov. 1655 ; Experience, 16 May 1656! Ebenezer,
2 or 25 Jan. 1658 ; and Eleazer, 16 June 1660; with w. Margaret are
nam. the four ch. in his will of 27 Mar. pro. 8 June 1680. He was of
that pt. of M. wh. bee. Sherborn. Experience m. it is said, 1672, John
Colburn of Dedham. Hopestill, Weymouth, in very recent time
ascertain, to be the ancest. of all *he numer. tribe, deriv. thro, only s.
Henry, wh. was bef. thot. the progenit. of our side of the water. Per-
haps he had sev. ds. beside Experience, wh. m. the first Thomas Hol-
brook, in Eng. He d. at Medfield 1655, aged 75. Morse exults in his
honor, as " one of the most ancient, if not the most ancient," that ever
came to our country, yet presumes the time of his com. was 1624,
when he, of course, could not be over 43 yrs. old. Even if he puts his
arr. a dozen yrs. too early, as to me seems prob. he borders on presumpt.
in clos. with assert. " no monum. inscript, in N. E. but his will date back
to 1580." Surely one dozen, if not 'two, of the first score of yrs. comers
to N. E. includ. Elder Brewster, and Gov. Dudley, must have been b.
as early as this venerab. head of the Lelands. HoppSTiLL, Sherborn,
eldest s. of Henry, had two ws. Abigail Hill, m. 5 Nov. 1678, d. 5 Oct.
1689 ; and Patience Holbrook ; and ch. Henry, b. 22 Feb. 1680 ; Hope-
still, 4 Aug. 1681 ; Abigail, 17 Feb. 1684; John, 11 Oct. 1687; Wil-
liam, 11 Feb. 1692; Eleazel-, 8 Apr. 1695; Joseph, 9 May 1698;
Isaac, 2 June 1701 ; Joshua, 5 May 1705 ; and Margaret, 25 Dec.
1708. In his will, of 18 Aug. 1729, the day bef. he d. pro. 13 Oct.
foU. he names w. Patience, and all the ch. exc. John, and Eleazer. His
wid. d. 5 Oct. 1740.

Lellock, Joseph, Boston, found in the sec. copy of rec. to have, by
w. Joanna, b. to him s. Martin, 22 Nov. 1658. As this seem, to me
almost an impossib. name, occurr. in no other place of county, town, or ch.
rec. I spent a good time in vain attempt to find it or any such ttpm
wh. the pervers. might have orig. but on the older copy couWnot
discern it, nor do I believe it was ever in the true lost rec. This instance
justifies my caution to all interest, in similar inquiries, and to courts of
law, not to accept certif. copies, but to call for orig. rec.

Lemon, Leamond, or Lemond, sometimes Leman, Joseph, Charles-
town, came in youth from Eng. where he was b. a. 1662, m. 12 June
1690, Mary Bradley, had Joseph, bapt. 26 June 1692, wh. was f. of
Joseph, H. C. 1735. Egbert, Salem 1637, by w. Mary had there


78 LEN — LEO

bapt. Grace, and Mary, 7 Apr. 1639 ; Martha, 22 Mar. 1640 ; John, 27
Mar. 1642; Eliz. 17 Dec. 1643 ; John, 12 Oct. 1645 ; and Hannah, 7
July 1650, wh. m. 28 June 1668, Samuel Beadle ; was freem. 27 Dec.
1642, when the name is rec. Leoman or Looman. His wid. m. 19 Nov.
1674, Philip Cromwell. Samuel, Groton, m. Mary, d. of William
Longley, had Samuel, b. 29 Apr. 1667. He was driv. I presume, to
live at Charlestown, and there was impress, into Moseley's comp. in
Dec. 1 675, .or volunteer, to have his revenge.

Lenox, Ralph, New Haven, had John, b. 1655; but some doubt is
felt a. this name.

Lenthall, Robeut, "Weymouth 1637, not pleas, the governm. of our
col. he was forbid, to be ord. went to Newj)ort next yr. where his name is
spell. Lintell, when adm. a freem. 1640,Jiept a'sch. but was glad to go
home 1642. See Lechford; Callende'r, 62 ; "Winth. L 287.

Lenton, Lawkence, Ipswich 1673. Felt.

Leonard, Abel, Springfield 1678, s. of John, m. 4 Mar. 1687, Mary
Remington, had Mary, b. 16 Dec. 1687; and Sarah, 8 Oct. 1689, both
d. young; and he d. 10 Mar. 1690, and his wid. m. Samuel Bedurtha.
Benjamin, Springfield, freem. 1690, br. of the preced. was there 1678.
He m. 9 Feb. 1680, Sarah Scott, ha'd John, b. 12 July 1681 ; Benjamin
3 Oct. 1683, d. young; Nathaniel, 6 Oct. 1685; Ebenezer, 26 Jan.
1687 ; Margaret, 1689; Sarah, 23 Mar. 1691 ; Martha, 23 Oct. 1695 ;
Kezia, 25 Nov. 1697 ; Abel, 27 Aug. 1700; Benjamin, again, 17 Aug.
1702 ; and Rachel, Jan. 1706. He d. 21 Dec. 1724 ; and his wid. d. 2
Dec. 1751. Benjamin, Taunton, s. of the first James, m. 15 Jan. 1679,
Sarah Thrasher, perhaps d. of Christopher, had Sarah, b. 21 May
1680; Benjamin, 25 Jan. 1684; Hannah, 8 Nov. 1685, d. young;
Jerusha, 25 Jan. 1689 ; Hannah, 8 Dec. 1691 ; Joseph, 22 Jan. 1693;
and Henry, 8 Nov. 1695. Elkanah, Middleborough, s. of Thomas, d.
29 Dec. 1714, leav. s. Elkanah, a man of distinct. Geokge, Taunton, s.
of Thomas, highly disting. as the gr. propr. m. 4 July 1695, Ann Tisdale,
had George, b. 4 Mar. 1698; Nathaniel, 9 Mar. 1700, H. C. 1719;
Abigail, 16 Dec. 1703; and Ephraim, 16 Jan. 1706, wh. was f. of the
famous Daniel, H. C. 1760, antagonist of John Adams in the questions
of allegiance, Ch. J. of Bermuda, d. at London 27 June 1829; and d. 5
Sept. 1716. Henet, Lynn, had w. Mary in 1650, it is said, and ch.
perhaps one or more b. in Eng. Samuel, Nathaniel,^ and Thomas, but
certain, at L. Henry, b. 14 June 1656, d. next yr. ; Sarah, 26 June 1663 ;
Mary, 13 Jan. 1666, d. next yr.; was aged 37 in 1655, freem. 1668^ of
Rowley, perhaps, 1674, when certain, bis three s. engag. there in iron
works ; rem. it is thot. to N. J. where the iron works (in wh. he had
been engag. at Lynn, Braintree, and Taunton at sev. times, tho. chief, at


L.) now under the governm. of Carteret, promis. better. Isaac;, Bridge-
water, s. of Solomon, by w. Deliverance had Hannah, b. 1680, and prob.
Isaac, Deliverance, Joseph, and others, as Mitchell thinks. JaSob^
Weymouth, br. of the preced. had Abigail, b. 1680 ; and Susanna,
1683 ; rem. to Bridgewater, and had Experience ; Mary; Sarah, 1699 ;
Solomon; and Jacob, 1702, d. young. In his will, 1716, ment, w. Su-
sanna. James, Providence 1646, Taunton 1652, from Pontypool, Mon-
mouthsh. s. of Thomas, wh. came not, with his br. Henry inspect, iron
works, at Lynn and Braintree ; had Thomas, b. a. 1641; James, a.
1643; Abigail; Rebecca; Joseph, a. 1655; Benjamin; Hannah, wh. d.
25 Feb. 1675 ; and Uriah, 10 July 1662 ; beside John, wh. d. says fam.
tradit. a. 20 yrs. old ; the first two, pethaps in Eng. He had sec. w.
Margaret, wh. bore him no ch. d. bef. 1691, and his wid. d. a. 1701.
Baylies, Hist, of Plymouth, II. 268 ; III. 120. His d. Hannah m. 24

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