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Ohio; graduated at Princeton and
New York Medical College;
practiced medicine in Miami Valley,
Ohio, for 40 years. [3856]



3855. John Hunt' and Amanda "Baird had

3856. Elizabeth Hunt'.

3857. Oui-ER Hijnt'.

3858. Anna Hunt', d. young.

3859. John R. Hunt'.

3860. SAMUEr, F. Hunt'.

3861. James Hunt'.

3862. Alethia Hunt', m. Isaac Wetherby.

3863. Edith Hunt', d. young.

3864. Anna Hunt'.

3841. Benjamin Hunt' (Edward Hunt', Phebe Titus', m. Jonathan

Hunt, Elizabeth Moore', m. Content Titus, Rev. John') and Sarah Fur man


3864a. Margaret Hunt", m. Elias Scudder

3842. Varnel Hunt' (Edward Hunt*, Phebe Titus', m. Jonathan Hunt,
Elizabeth Moore', m. Content Titus, Rev. John') and jichsah "Pierson had

Hannah Hunt*.

Jane Hunt".

Benjamin Hunt', d. in Mississippi.

Caroline Hunt', m. Smith.

Charlotte Hunt', m. Smith.


Pierson Hunt*.



SiLLiMAN Hunt*.



Eliza Hunt*.



Jonathan Hunt", d. in Mississippi.



Theodore Hunt*, unmarried.


3846. Richard Hunt' (Edward
Elizabeth Moo^e^ m. Content Titus,
Sarah Scudder had

3875. Cornelia Hunt*.
Abijah Hunt*.
, li Elias Scudder Hunt', m. i. Mar-
garet Hunt (Benjamin); 2. Hannah
Bateman. [3SS4]
Randolph S. Hunt*.
Mary V. Hunt'.

J0.4.B Hunt', unmarried; Mississippi;




Hunt*, Phebe Titus', m. Jonathan Hunt,
Rev. John') and K^uth Smith and

3S81. 11 Jane Hunt', m. James Cook'
(.-\nthony', Jonathan', Anthony').
38S2. Charles Hunt*.


3883. IjLouiSA C. Hunt', m. Elijah L. Hen-
drickson' (Timothy*, Thomas*,
John', William-, John' ); member of
New Jersey Legislature, 1853;
trustee of Ewing Church.


3877. Elias Scudder Hunt' (Richard Hunt', Edward Hunt', Phebe
Titus', m. Jonathan Hunt, Elizabeth Moore', m. Content Titus, Rev. John') and
Margaret Hunt and Hannah "Bateman had

3884. Richard Hunt', d. young. I 38S5. Abijah Hunt', d. young.

3881. Jane Hunt" (Richard Hunt', Edward Hunt', Phebe Titus', m. Jon-
athan Hunt, Elizabeth Moore', m. Content Titus, Rev. John') and James Coolfc

3886. II E. RossEAU Cook', m. Letitia Nee-
ley. [3888]

38S7. IjMaryCook', m. William H. Brace.


3886. E.. Rosseau Cook' and Letitia J^eeley had

3888. Minnie Cook', d. young.



3887. Mary CooK' and William H. "Brace had

3889. LiLLiE Brack'. | 3890. Lulu Brace'.

3883. Louisa C. Hunt' (Richard Hunt', Edward Hunt*, Phebe Titus',
m. Jonathan Hunt, Elizabeth Moore^ m. Content Titus, Rev. John') and Elijah
L. Hendrickson had


Cornelia Hendrickson',

ward M. Burroughs.
Frances Hendrickson'.

m. Ed-


Anna L. Hendrickson', m. George
L. Howell.

3832. Jonathan Hunt* (Phebe Titus'
Moore^ m. Content Titus, Rev. John') and Ab

3895. Daniel Hunt*. 3900.

3896. PSRAHL Hunt*, tn. Charlotte Hunt 3901.




Daniel Hunt*.
PSRAEL Hunt*, m. Charlotte Hunt

(Edward). [3906]
IIJoNATHAN HuNT^, b. May 26, 1756,
m. I. Mary Stout, 6. January 10,
1759, (^. September 20, 1836; 2. Mary
Salter; he d. October 18, 1822.

IIJESSE Hunt*, m. Elizabeth Hunt
(John); he d. Cincinnati, Ohio.

IIRichard Hunt*, m. Stevens.




, m. Jonathan Hunt, Elizabeth
igail J^orth had

Jeremiah Hunt*, unmarried.
[Reuben Hunt*, m. Valeria Mershon,
d. 1S34, aet. 60; he d. 1832, aet. 58.
Rebecca Hunt*, m. Benjamin

Mary C. Hunt*.
Abigail Hunt*.
Abijah Hunt*, unmarried, d. in

Mississippi; killed in duel with


3896. Israel Hunt* (Jonathan Hunt*, Phebe Titus', m. Jonathan Hunt,
Elizabeth Moore', m. Content Titus, Rev. John') and Charlotte Hunt had

3906. ||Mary Hunt", m. Rev. John Boggs,

of the Baptist Church. [3911]

3907. Charles Hunt", d. young.

3908. Hannah Hunt", m. John Vanderveer.

3909. IIJoHN Hunt", m. Lucy Servis. [3913]

3910. Wesley Hunt', m. Louisa Titus

(Joab), Hopewell, N. J.

3906. Mary Hunt' (Israel Hunt', Jonathan Hunt*, Phebe Titus', m. Jona-
than Hunt, Elizabeth Moore', m. Content Titus, Rev. John') and ReV. John
"Boggs had

3911. Elizabeth Boggs'. | 3912. Mary Jane Boggs'.

3906. John Hunt" Clsrael Hunt', Jonathan Hunt*, Phebe Titus', m. Jona-
than Hunt, Elizabeth Moore', m. Content Titus, Rev. John') and Lucy \SerViS

3913. David Hunt'. I 3915. Dr. John Hunt'.


David Hunt'.
Wesley Hunt'.

3897. Jonathan Hunt' (Jonathan Hunt*, Phebe Titus', m. Jonathan

Hunt, Elizabeth Moore', m. Content Titus, Rev. John') and Stout and

Mary Salter had

3916. David Hunt", m. Calvitt,

Mississippi; was one of the founders
of Oakland College, Mississippi; he
gave 150,000 to the Colonization

3917. Dr. Andrew Hunt", lived in New


3918. IIHenrv S. Hunt", *. March 27, 1795,
m. Ida Schenck, Ringoes, N. J.


3918. Henry S. Hunt" (Jonathan Hunt', Jonathan Hunt*, Phebe Titus',
m. Jonathan Hunt, Elizabeth Moore', m. Content Titus, Rev. John') and Ida
Schenck had

3919. Jonathan A. Hunt', m. Elizabeth

3920. ||Ann Mary Hunt', b. October 28,
1831, m. Dr. Jacob R. Ludlow, b.
November 22, 1825, Easton, Pa.

3920. Ann Mary Hunt' (Henry S. Hunt^ Jonathan Hunt', Jonathan
Hunt*, Phebe Titus', m. Jonathan Hunt, Elizabeth Moore', m. Content Titus,
Rev. John') and Dr. Jacob R^. Ludlob).

Dr. Jacob R. Ludlow, born November 22, 1825, at Neshanic, N. J., gradu-
ated at the University of Pennsylvania, 1845, was admitted to the Medical Society
of Somerset County, N. J., 1846, and at once began to practice at Neshanic ; he
was admitted to the Medical Society of Hunterdon County, May 6, 1S51, and was
elected Secretary the same day ; he moved to Flemington at that time and prac-
ticed there until October 28, 1851, when he resigned from the Society, was elected
an honorary member, and removed to Easton, Pa. Here he practiced till the
breaking out of the Civil War, when he entered the army as Surgeon of the First
Pennsylvania Volunteers. He afterwards became Stafi Surgeon, and was in
charge of various large general hospitals at Nashville and elsewhere.* At the
close of the war he settled in Knoxville, Tenn., practicing his profession there
for fourteen years. He was appointed by Governor Brownlow a trustee of the
University of Tennessee, and was also a State Director of the Knoxville and Ohio
Railroad Company. In 1880 he returned to Easton, where he still lives and prac-
tices. Dr. Ludlow has always been much interested in the welfare of the horse,
and he found time some years ago to publish, under the name of " Science in the
Stable," a small work giving the results of a long series of experiments and ob-
servations on the hygiene of that animal.

Ann Mary Hunt' and Dr. Jacob "R.. LudloW had

3921. Clara S. LuDLOW^ b. December 26, Point 1876; Major in Artillery

1852; engaged in studying mosqui- j Corps; author of the Trigonometry

toes in the Philippine islands under j used at West Point,

the auspices of the Surgeon-Gen- | 392116. Dr. David Hunt Ludlow", b. June

eral United States Army; is accred- 14^ 1S57, m. Ellen H. Fulmer

ited with several new species, etc.

392KJ. Maj. Hhnry Hunt Ludlow', b.

April 15, 1854; graduate of West

(William, m. Henrietta Thatcher);
Easton, Pa.

3921b. Dr. David Hunt Ludlow' and Ellen H. Fulmer.

Dr. David Hunt Ludlow\ born at Easton, Pa., June 14, 1857, was a
graduate of the University of Tennessee in 1875. After post-graduate work
there and at the University of Cincinnati, he accepted the As.sociate Professor-
ship of Mathematics at his Alma Mater, but resigned in 1879 to devote himself to
law. He was admitted to the Philadelphia Bar in 1881 and practiced in that
city until 1887, when considerations of health led him to Denver, where he took
up the study of medicine. After graduating and taking two years of clinical
work there, and special post-graduate study at Johns Hopkins and at the
Philadelphia Polyclinic, he returned to Denver and became Lecturer on
Physiology at the Gross Medical College. He was one of the founding members

• For details of his military ser\-ices see records of the Loyal Legion.



of the Denver Clinical and Pathological Society, and its reporting secretary. He
practiced in Denver until he was called to Easton in 1896 to relieve his father
from the more arduous work of his practice, and there he has since remained.

Dr. David Hunt Ludlow* and Ellen H. Fulmer had

3922. Henrietta Ludi,ow', b. August 17,
1901 ; Easton, Pa.

3898. Jesse Hunt' (Jonathan Hunt*, Phebe Titus', m. Jonathan Hunt,
Elizabeth Moore', m. Content Titus, Rev. John') and Elizabeth Hunt had
3922a. George N. Hunt', unmarried.
3923. Louisa Hdnt', d. young.

3924. Jane Frances Hdnt^, m. Hon.
Nathaniel G. Pendleton, M. C.
and father of Hon. George H.

Pendleton', United States Senator,
from Ohio, and of Anna P. Pendle-
ton, who m. Rev. Noah Hunt
Schenck, D.D.

3846. Richard Hunf (Jonathan Hunt', Phebe Titus', m. Jonathan,

Hunt, Elizabeth Moore\ m. Content Titus, Rev. John') and SteVens



3925. Benjamin Hunt*, unmarried,
drowned in the South.

3926. Margaret Hunt*, m.-

3927. Maria Hunt*, m.

3901. Reuben Hunt' (Jonathan Hunt*, Phebe Titus', m. Jonathan Hunt,
Elizabeth Moore', m. Content Titus, Rev. John') and Valeria Mershon had

392S. Jeremiah Hunt*; settled in Ohio.

3929. Lewis Hunt"; settled in Missouri,

where he died.

3930. Harvey Hunt'; went West.

3931. Dr. Charles Hunt*; Illinois.

3932. James Hunt*; lawyer, Ohio.

3933- ilDR. Cicero Hdnt*, m. Annie Iredell
(Robert), Hatborough, Pa.; Rin-
goes, N. J. [3939]

3934. II Augustus Hunt*, m. Wilhemina Wil-
liamson; Philadelphia, Pa. [3943]

3935. HCaTharine Hunt', m. Ralph Mer-

shon. [3950]

3936. Juliet Hunt'.

3937. II Eleanor Hunt*, m. Dr. John

Thomas. [3953]

3938. Sarah Hunt*, m. Nathaniel Furman,

Principal of High School, Newtown,


3933, Dr. Cicero Hunt' (Reuben Hunt', Jonathan Hunt*, Phebe Tit
m. Jonathan Hunt, Elizabeth Moore', m. Content Titus, Rev. John') and Annie
Iredell had

m. Catharine
Frances M. Hunt', m. A. J. McCrea.

3939. Robert I. Hunt


3941. Mary Hunt', m. Andrew Blackwell.

3942. Louisa Hunt', m. Jacob J. Fisher.

3934. Augustus Hunt' (Reuben Hunt', Jonathan Hunt*, Phebe Titus',
m. Jonathan Hunt, Elizabeth Moore', m. Content Titus, Rev. John') and WiU
hemina Williamson had

3947. Mary K. Hunt'.

3943. David W. Hunt'.

3944. Cicero Hunt'.

3945. Annie I. Hunt'.

3946. Sallie W. Hunt'


Emma Hunt'.
Howard A. Hunt'.



393S. Catharine Hunt' (Reuben Hunt', Jonathan Hunt', Phebe Titus',
m. Jonathan Hunt, Elizabeth Moore', m. Content Titus, Rev. John') and
Ji^alph Mershon had

3950. Eleanor Mershon'. I 3952. Lewis Mershon'.

3951. Harrison Mershon'. I

3937. Eleanor Hunt' (Reuben Hunt', Jonathan Hunt*, Phebe Titus', m.

Jonathan Hunt, Elizabeth Moore', m.

Thomas had

3953. EusEBiA Thomas'.

Content Titus, Rev. John") and Dr. John

3836. Richard Hunt' (Phebe Titus', m. Jonathan Hunt, Elizabeth
Moore', m. Content Titus, Rev. John') and Jemima "BlacktOell had

3954. Phebe Hunt^, m

Princeton, N. J.

3955. Elizabeth Hunt*.

3956. Kesiah Hunt*.

3957. Harriet Hunt*.

3958. Catharine Hunt*, m.

Henry Vandyke,

■ Grove.

3959. Jemima Hunt\ m. Abram Vanpelt.

3960. IIJonaTHAn Hunt*, m. Rebecca Blue,

d. April 15, 1S52, aet. 71; he d.
December 10, 1848, aet. 67; buried
at Pennington, N. J. [3961]

3960. Jonathan Hunt' (Richard Hunt', Phebe Titus', m. Jonathan
Hunt, Elizabeth Moore', m. Content Titus, Rev. John') and Rebecca "Blue

3961. Richard Hont^ went West. 3964. Eliza Hunt*.

3962. Maria Hunt". 3965. Martha Ann Hunt".

3963. EzEKiEL Hunt'. 3966. Blackwell Hunt*.


I. — The Disposall of the Vessel!, March lo, 1639/40.
II. — Indian Deed of December 13, 1640.
III. — " The Whaling Squadron," March 7, 1644.

IV. — "A Coppie of ye Combynatiou of Southampton, with Harford."
V. — Harvard College.

VI. — List of Names at Town Meeting, June 24, 1647.
VII. — "A List of the ffreeuien Inhabiting the Towne of Southampton, March ye Sth, 1649."
VIII. — A List of All the Townsmen, May the loth, 1649.
IX. — The Agreement between Southampton and Rev. Mr. Fordham, April, 1649.
X. — Resolution of the States General Authorizing the Sending of Arms and Ammuni-
tion to New Netherlaud, April 11, 1650.
XI. — Extract from the Journal of the Select Men, 3 November, 1650.
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March 21, 1651.
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XVII.— Indian Deed of 1666.
XVIII. — Residents of Newtown, 1655/56.
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XX. — Grant of New Netherlaud, S:c., to the Duke of York, March 12, 1664.
XXI.— Commission of Charles II to Richard Nicoll, etc., April 26, 1664.
XXII. — The General Assembly of Connecticut claims "theislandsadjoining," May 12, 1664.
XXIII. — Nicoll's Call of Duke's Laws Convention, February 8, 1665.
XXIV. — Analysis of the Duke's Laws.

XXV. — Congratulation upon the Enactment of the Duke's Laws.
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XXVIII. — Observacons upon the Charter of New York.
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XXX. — A Declaration of the Inhabitants Soudjers, May, 1689.
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XXXVI.— .Sheriffs of Long Island.
XXXVII. — Island of Nassau,
XXXVIII.— Indian Deed to Daniel Coxe, March 30, 1688.
XXXIX. — " Re-survey of Hopewell Tract for Col. Cox, 31,000," 1707.

XL. — Deed of Thomas Revell, agt. of W.J. Society tojohannis Lawrenson, July 12, 1697.
XLI. — Deed of Johannis Lawrenson to Richbell Mott, May 14, 1700.
XLII. — Deed of Govr Basse to Ralph Hunt, etc., for 100 Acres for Public Uses, March

1 8, 1698/9.
XLHI. — A Duplicate for the Township of Hopewell, June 26, 1753.
XLI v.— Pole of Hunterdon County, N. J., 1738.
XLV. — Abstracts of Wills of Old England, New England, New York, New Jersey and

XLVI.— Other Moore Families.
XLVIL— Some Allied Families.
XLVIII. — Revolutionary Soldiers.
XLIX. — Soldiers 1812-14.

L. — Patent to David Martin.
LI. — Subscribers for Two Silver Cups for the Communion Service of the First Presby-
terian Church of Hopewell, N. J.
LII. — Marriages.
LIII. — Town Officers of Newtown, L. I.
LIV. — Some Early Arrivals in America.




March lo, 1639/40.
" In consideracon that Edward Howell hath disbursed 15 lb and Edmond ffarington
10 lb, Josias Stanborough 5 lb, George Welbe 10 lb, Job Sayre 5 lb, Edmond Needam 5 lb, Henry
Walton 10 lb, & Thomas Sayre 5 lb. Itt is Agreede vpon that wee the forenamed vndertakers
haue disposed of our sewerall ptsof our vessell to Daniel How, In Consideracon whereof hee is to
Transporte them soe much goods either to them, their heirs, executors and Assignes (if they
shall Desire it) as theire sewerall somraeor sommesof Money shall amniountevnto. andmoreower
to each of those psons .\bove named, or their Assignes, he shall transporte to each man A Person
and a Tunne of goods ffree. But in case that any of the forenamed Persons shall not have oc-
casion for the transportation of soe much goods as his monuey shall Animount vnto, that then
the said Daniell is to make them payment of the remainder of the monney by the end of two
yeares next eusueing the date hereof, and likewise this vessell shall be for the vse of the Plan-
tacon, and that the said Daniell shall not sell this vessell without the consent of the maior pt
of the Company. And that the Vessell shall be reddy at the Towne of Lynne to Transporte
such goods as the Afforesaid vndertakers shall Appointe, That is to say three tymes in the
yeare. ffurthermore if In case that any Persons shall not have occasion to Transporte any
goods, that then the said Daniell is to pay them their somme or sommes of money, together
with Allowance for a Tunne of goods & A pson within the tearm of two yeares next ensueing

the date hereof, for the full performance, hereof the said Daniell How has [three or four

lines mutilated and illegible]

" ffurthermore whereas it is expressed formerly that the vessell shall come to our In-
tended Plantacon three tymes in the yeare, wee thought good to express the tymes, viz : the
first Moneth, the fourth moneth and the eighth moneth.

" ffurthermore for the rates of Persons goods and chattels that if there prove any differ-
ence between vs the vndertakers and the said Daniell How that then it shall be referred to two
men whome they and he shall chuse.

" ffurthermore for as much as Allen Bread, Thomas Halsey and William Hark er, Are
by the Consent of the Company come into and pty vndertakers with us, wee Edward Howell,
Daniel How & Henry Walton have consigned three of our pts that is to each man a house lott,
Planting lott and far'me answerable to the rest of ye vndertakers for their disbursements of five
pounds -A man to vs the above said vndertakers, that is to say whereas Mr. Howell had 3 lotts, he
shall have but two & Daniell How for three lots shall have but two & Henry Walton for 2 lotts
shall have but one.

" Edward Howell,
" Daniel How,
" Henry Walton."



" This Indenture made the 13th day of December Anno Dom. 1640, between Pomatuck,
Mandush. Mocomanto, Pathemanto, Wybennett, Wainraenowog, Heden, Watemexoted, Check-
epucbat, the native Inhabitants and true owners of the eastern part of the Long Island on the
one part, and Mr. John Gosmer, Edward Howell, Daniell How, Edward Needham, Thomas
Halsey, John Cooper, Thomas Sayre, Edward ffarrington. Job Sayre, George Welbe, Allen
Bread^ William Harker, Henry Walton on the other part, witnesseth, that the sayd Indians for
due Consideration of sixteen coats already received, and also three score bushells of Indian com
to be paid vpon lawfuU demand the last of September which shall be in the yeare 1641, and
further in consideration that the above named English shall defend vs the sayd Indians from
the unjust violence of whatever Indians shall illegally assaile vs, doe absolutely and forever
give and grant and by these presents doe acknowledge ourselves to have given & granted to
the partyes above me'ncioned without any fraude, guile, mentall Reservation or equivocation to
them their heirs and successors forever all the lands, woods, waters, water courses, easemts,
profits & emoluments, thence arising whatsoever, from the place commonly known by the
name of the place where the Indians hayle over their canoes out of the North bay to the south
side of the Island, from thence to possess all the lands lying eastward betweene the foresaid
bound by water, to wit all the land pertaining to the parteyes aforesaid, as also all the old

* Howell's History of Southampton. L. I.


grouud formerly planted lying eastward from the first creek at ye westermore end of Shinne-
cock plaine. To have & to hold forever without an}- clainie or challenge of the least title inter-
est, or propriety whatsoever of vs the sayd Indians or our heyres or successors or any others
by our leave, appointment, license, counsel or authority whatsoever, all the land bounded as is
abovesaid. In full testinionie of this our absolute bargaine contract and grant indented and in
full and complete ratification and establishment of this our act and deed of passing over all our
title & interest in the premises with all emoluments & profits thereto appertaining, or in any
wise belonging, from sea or laud within our Limits above specified without all guile wee have
sett to our hands the day and yeare above sayd.

"Memorand. Before the subscribing of this present writing it is agreed that ye Indians
above named shall have liberty to breake up ground for their vse to the westward of the creek
aforementioned on the west side of Shinnecock plain.

" Witnesses of the deliverie & subscribing of this writing.

" Abraham Pierson, " Manatacut, his x mark,

" Edward Stephenson, " Mandush, his x mark,

" Robart Terry, " W3'benet, his x mark,

" Joseph Houe, " Howes, his x mark,

" Thomas Whitehone, " Setomniecoke, his x mark,

" Joseph Grifieths, " Mocomanto, his x mark,

" William Howe, " these in the name of all the rest.

" Recorded in ye oflSce at New York Oct. 3 1665, by Matthias Nicholls, Sec."



" March 7, 1644. Yt is ordered by this present Court that yff by the providence of God
there shall bee henceforth within the bounds of this plantacon any whale or whales Cast vp for
the preuention of Disorder yt is Consented vnto that there shall be foure Wards in this Towne
eleaven persons in each ward. And by lott two of each ward [when any such whale shall be
cast vp shall be imployd for the Cutting out of the sayd whale who for their paynes shall bane
a double share, And every Inhabitant with his child or servant that is above sixteen years of
age shall haue in the division of their part an equall proportion prouided that such person when
yt falls into his ward be a sufficient man to (be) iniployed aboute yt.

" Aud yt is further agreed upon that there shall be in each ward eleuen persons."

Ffor Ye First Ward.
William Barnes, Geo. Wood (Westerfieldf), Thomas Cooper (Olney, Buckinghamshire),
Richard Stratton, Job Sayre (Lynn), Thomas Burnett (Lynn), John White (Lynn; Weymouth,
Mass.), William Mulford, Thomas Halsey, Junr (Great Gaddesden, Hertfordshire), Thomas
Talmage, Senr (Newton Stacey, Southampton Co.), and Mr. Johnes (Binder, Somerset).

Ffor Ye Second Ward.

Richard Jaques, Thomas Talmage, Junr, Mr. Pierson (Yorkshire), Robert Rose
(Ipswich, Suffolk Co., England), Mr. Gosmer (Fordwick, Kent Co., England), Thomas Halsey,
Senr, Mr. Stanborough (Lynn), Richard Barrett, Richard Post, Thomas Tomsou (Lynn),&
Robert Talmage.

Ffor Ye Third Ward.

Richard Gosmer (Fordwick, Kent Co., England), Arthur Bostock ( Cheshire, England),
Henry Peirson (Yorkshire, England), John Hande (Stanstrede, Kent Co., England), Thomas
Hildreth (England), John Mulford, John Moore (Lynn: see Savage's Dictionarj' ) , Ellis Cooke,
Robert Bond (Lynn), ffulk Danes, and Mr. Howe (Lynn).

Ffor Ye FonRTH Ward.
John Cooper, Senr, [Trisjtrum Hedges (England), John Cooper, Junr, John Cory,
Mr. Howell (Lynn, Marsh Gibbon, Bucks.), Mr. Odell, John Howell, Richard Smith (Boston),
& Thomas Sayre (Lynn ; Bedfordshire).




" Whereas formerly sume Ouerturs haue by letters paste betwixt sume deputed by the
Jurissdiction of Conectecote and others of ye plantation of Southampton vpon Long Island con-
cerning vnion into one boddy and government, whereby ye said Towne might be interested in
ye general combination of ye united Collonies for prossecution and issuing whereof, Edward
Hopkins and John Haines being authorised wth power from ye Generall Corte for ye Jurisdic-

* Howell's History of Southampton, L. I.

t The parentheses have been placed by the compiler.

} Trumbull's Colonial Records of Connecticut, I, 566.


tion of Conecticute, and Edward Howell, John Gosmer and John Moore, deputed by ye Towne
of Southampton, It was by the said parties concluded & agreed, and ye said Towne of South-
ampton doe by their said deputies, for themselues and theirsuccessorsassotiate and joyne them-
selues to ye Jurisdiction of Connecticote to be subject to al the lawes there established, accord-
ing to ye word of God and right reson with such exceptions & limmitations as are hereafter ex-

"The Towne of Southampton by reson of ther passage by sea being vnder more difficul-
ties and uncertainties of repayring to ye several Cortes held for ye Jurisdiction of Conecticote,

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