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^7 Corina Cage. No information.

194 HisiORic SuMxi£R CouxTv, Tknx.

No. 6.
Sally Cage, daughter of William and Elizalxth
(Douglass ) Cage, was a twin sister of William.
She married Jack C'arr, of Sumner county. Had
children —

58 J-.etsy Carr. married :\lr. Holt.

59 Priscilla Carr, married Mr. ^Murray.

60 \\'illiam Cage Carr, married Aliss Willis.

61 James C. Carr, married Mrs. Belote.

62 Ann Carr. married R. Allen.

63 John Sewcll Carr. Xo information.

64 Wilson Carr. married Miss Baskerville.

65 Reese Carr. Xo information.

66 Orvey Carr, married !Mr. Cren:^ha^\■.

67 jMartin Carr. Xo information.

68 Jesse Carr, married, first. Miss Brewer; second,

j\Iiss Woods.

69 Sarah Carr, married Samuel Wallace.

70 I'atsey Carr. Xo information. -

71 Xame unknown. Died voung.

Xo. 8.'
Edward Cage, son of \\'illi.am and l-dizaheth
Douglass) Cage, married Elizabeth Jarretl. Had
children —

72 Alva Cage.

75 Alfred Cage.
74 Edward Cage.

7^ Priscilla Cage, married Mr. Xoland.

76 Elizabeth Cage.

No. 9.
John Cage, son of William and Ivlizabeth
(Douglass) Cage, married Thankful ^Morgan, of
Sumner county. Had children —

77 William Clinton Cage, married Mi-s L}nch.
7>^ }^Iinerva Cage, married Peter Hubbard.

7\> Claiborne Cage, married Miss Stewart.

SO Jack Cage.

81 Edward Ca!^e. married ^Nfiss Youn^".

Gi:xi:alogv of thf. Cage Famha' 195

82 James Capfe.

S>3 Elizabeth Ca.i^e. married Mr. Frazier.

84 Priscilla Cage, married David Barry.

85 iSenjamin Cage.

No. 10.
Lofton Cage, son of \\'illiam and Elizabeth
(Douglass) Cage, married Xabury Gillespie. Had
children —

86 b'liza Cage, married L. Coleman.

87 Selima Cage, married ^Nlr. Elliott.

88 Albert Cage.

89 Fanny Cage.

No. 11.
Jesse Cage, son of William and Elizabeth
(Douglass) Cage, married Polly Gillespie. Had
children —

90 Elizabeth Cage, married Smith Franklin.

91 William C. Cage, married Julia Franklin.

92 Jack J"". Cage, married Hilary Cantrell.

93 Sophia Ann Cage.

94 Jane Cage.

95 ^laria Cage, married Dr. James Franklin.

96 Caroline Cage, married Thomas I'letcher.

97 Minerva Cage, married Jmlge \\"illiam Sharky,

of ^Mississippi.

No. 13.
Harry Cage, son of \\"illiam and Elizabeth
(Douglass) Cage, married Catherine Stewart.
Had children —

98 renclo[)c Cage. Died in infancy.

99 ]!)uncan S. Cage, married Jane Coimell.
10'^ Albert G. Cage, married Elvira Gayden.

No. 15.
Robert Cage, son" of William and Elizalieth
(Douglass) Cage, married Lucy Hutdey. Had
children —
101 Albert Ca^e. married Amanda Garroil.

196 IIisTOKic SuMxiiR County, Ti:xx.

102 Elizabeth Cacje, married General Harry Hays.

103 Catherine Cai,^c, married Mr. Taylor.

104 Minerva Cajj^c, married Captain John (iidiere.

105 Rebecca Ca-e, twin of Minerva, died in child-


106 Lucy Cage, married, first, Mr. \\'ithers])oon :

second, Jack Ratclitif.

107 Jane Cage, married Judge William Holmes,

108 Harry Hays Cage, died during the Civil War.

109 Robert Cage, married Mary de \'alcourt.

Xo. 16.

Elizabeth Cage, daughter of William and Eliza-
beth (Douglass) Cage, married Harman Hays.
Had children —

110 Jack Hays, married Miss Calvert.

111 "William Hays, married Mi-s E. .^tc])hens.

112 Mary Ann liays, married J. C. Lewis,

113 Sarah Hays, married Calvin Lea,

114 Harry "Hays, married I'.ettie Cage.

115 Robert Hays,

116 Jane Hays.

No. 17.

Patsey Cage, daughter of William and Eliza-
beth (l)ouglass) Cage, married Thomas Morton.
Had chiKlrcn —

117 Susan Morton,

Xo. 28.

Cyrus B, Hale, son of William and IViscilla
fCage) Hale, married Eliza Taylors. Had chil-
dren— -

117' William J. Hale.

117- Priscilla Hale, married D. J. Harper.

117^ Ellar Hale, married J, B. Lipscomb.

117' James Cage Hale.

Gknealogv or tiif. Cvcf-: Family 197


No. 90.

Elizabeth Capcc <^lau,£:;hter of Jesse and Poll}'
(Gillcsjiic) Caj^e. married Smith I-Vaiiklin. Hail
chil(h"cn —

118 lUanchc l-'raiikHn, married Hon. Stephen


No. 91.
. William Ca.qe, son of Jesse and Polly CGilles-
pie) Cage, married Julia JM-anlclin. J lad chil-
dren —

119 Ann Cac^c. married James Piashaw.

120 John Hogg Cage.

121 P)etsey Cage. Died young.

122 IVfartha Cage, married Isaac Guthrie.

123 Gertrude Cage. Died young.

124 Cora Cage.

125 Laura Cage, married William Seay.

126 Florida Cage, married John Scott.

No. 92.
Jack F. Cage, son of Jesse and Poll}- (Gilles-
l)i<') Cage, married IMary Cantrell. Had chil-
dren —

127 lesse Cage, married Sallic Douglass.

128 Willie Cage. Died young.

129 Polly Cage, married h'rank Douglass.

130 l'\annic Cage.

131 James Cage, married Sallic Boddie.

132 "Walter Biigg Cage.

133 Lou Cage, married ^^^ C. Di>mukes.

134 Jack Cage.

No. 95.
JMaria Cage, daughter of Jesse and Polly ((lil-
lespie ) Cage, married Dr. Janu-s l''ranklin. Had
children —

135 Mary [■'ranklin. married Mr. Pondurant.
13() Carrie I'ranklin. married lohn ]'.arr\- .

198 Historic Sumnku County, Tf.nx.

137 Minerva Franklin.

138 Jessie Franklin.

139 James Franklin.

140 Jack Franklin.

No. 99.

Duncati S. Ca,C!;e. son of Harry and Catherine
(Stewart) Cage, married Jane Connell. Had chil-
dren —

141 Leonora Cage, never married.

142 Harry Cage, married Jane IJisland.

143 Liza Cage, never married.

Albert Cage, son of Robert and Lucy (Hun-

145 Hugh Connell Cage, married I^Iadge Baldwin.

146 Duncan S. Cage. Jr., married Ellen Morgan.

147 Jane Cage, never married.

Xo. 100.

Albert Cage, sun of Robert and Lucy (Hun-
(Stewart) Cage, married Elvira Gayden. Had
children —

148 Duncan Cage, never married.

149 Catherine Cage, married J. Baker Bisland.

150 Agripi)a Gayden Cage, married Loula Lyle.

151 ^lary Cage, married Judge John Clegg.

152 Harry Flays Cage.

153 Elvira Cage, married \\'illiam IMcCollam.

Xo. 101.

Albert Cage, son of Robert and Lucy (Hun-
ley) Cage, married .\manda Garrett. Flad chil-
dren :

154 Sallie Cage, married Will Powell.

155 Lucy Cage, married John Craig.

156 Harry Cage, married Miss Handy.

157 I'mily Cage, married John Bc)bb.

158 Bessie Cage, married J )an i^ose.

159 Isa Cage.

160 Albert Cage, never married.

Gi:xi:.\i.o(iv ok tiik C'Ar.i-; I'amilv |99

No. 102.

EHzabctli Cage, dauj^lUcr of Robert and Lucy
(Ilunlcy) Ca.q;c, married General JJarry I lays.
•Had children —

161 Jack Hays. Died in Januar)-. 1888. Unmar-


162 Lnoy Hays, married Franklin Mix.

163 Kate Hay.^. married Harry Hays.

164 Minerva Hays, married Sydney Guyol.

Xo. 117a.

William J. Hale, son of Cyrus D. and 1-lliza

(Taylors) 1 fale. married . He entered

the Confederate Army in 1861. as Captain of a
company in L'.atei>' Second renne^sec Re.!..,^iment,
and was afterwards promoted to Lieutenant-Col-
onel. A\'her. W. 1'). I'.ate was commissioned J'>rii;-
adier-General, Hale was promoted to Colonel of
the rej^iment, and commanded it until the cK)sc
of the war. He was a brave and j^'allant soldier
and was loved and respected by all his men. After
the war he eni^a^ed in merchandisinj:,^ in Harts-
ville. where he still resides and conducts a success-
ful business. In 1883 he was electeil to rej^re-
sent Trousdale, Sumner and ."^mith counties in the
Legislature, and served two terms, with satisfac-
tion to his ]ieo[)le and honor to himself.

His son. W. 15. Hale, served a term in the Leg-
islature, and was afterwards a Captain in the war
wit.. Spain.

Xo. 103.

Catherine Cage, daughter of Robert and Lucy
(Hunley) Cage, married Mr. Taylnr. I lad chil-
dren —

16.S llunlev Tavl'ir. Died in 1880. L'nmarrie 1.

200 Historic Su.mnkr Couxtv, Tkxx.

No. 104.
Minerva Cage, (lauq;litcr of Robert and Lucy
(liunley) Cac;c, married j<3lin (lidiere. Had chil-
dren —

166 Kate Gidicre. married Horace Ree>e.

167 Harry Gidiere.

168 I'hilip (iidiere.

No. 106.

• Lucy Cai^e, daui^hter of Robert and Lucy
(Hunley) Cage, married, first. ^^Ir. \^'ilher^poon ;
second, Mr. Ratclill'e. Had children —

169 Minerva W'itherspoon, married i-"rank Hind-


170 Jack RatclilTe.

Xo. 107.
Jane Cage, daughter of Robert and Lucy (Hun-
Icy) Cage, married Judge William Holmes. Hail
children —

171 Ivobert IL Holmes.

172 ]-:thel Hohnes.

173 \\'illiam Holmes.

174 11 irry Holmes, twin of William.

175 M uirry Holmes.

Xo. 109.
]\( )ert Cage, son of Robert and Lucy (Ilun-
Ic}- ) .'age, married }^Iary de N'alcourt. Had chil-
dren -

176 J"A..Ji Cage.

177 ]5essie Cage.

178 Marv Cage.

179 Robert Cage. Jr.

Xo. 127.

Jesse Cage, .von of Jack \\ and ^lary CCan-
trell ) Cage, was born in Sumner county, January
30, 1841. The military records at W'ashing'K'U
City show that on IMay 26. IXid, he enlisted a> a
l)rivate in Comjiany L. Seventh r<-nnes: ee in-

Gkvkai.ocv oi- Tin-: Cagk I-'amilv 201

fantry, Confederate \ctcrans. ]Tc was apjwinted
Third Seri;eaiit, April 20. 1S(')2: Second Ser-
t;eant in April, 1864, and First vSerj^eant. l^ebru-
ary 24, 18(j5. The record shows that he was
wonnded in action before i'ctersburc^. \'irjj;'inia,
April 2, 1865, and was cai)tured and his le.c; anii)U-
tated. lie was then sent to Lincohi Hospital,
Washington. 1). C, where he \\ as held until May
30, 1865, when he was released, after the surren-
der of (iencral Lee. He then returned to his
home in Sumner county. In ]8f)0 he was ajipoint-
ed County Court Clerk for Sumner county. In
1870 he was elected 1o the same office for a term
of four Acars. In Aut^ust, 1874, he was reelected
without opposition. In 1878 he declined to olTer
again for the office, and in 1884 removed
to Xashville, and served a> Chief Deputy under
Colonel John T. llillman, I'nited States Revenue
Collector inider Cleveland's first administration.
Since his term expired he has been with the Xash-
ville Trust Company, lie was called by the peo-
ple of Xashville to, and was elected justice of the
peace, and is now. 1908. holdinj::: that office.

On Xovembcr 3, 1870, he married Sallie T.
Dout^lass, dauj^hter of Robert ]'. and Delia A.
(Mitchell) Doui^lass. Has chiklren —

180 Dou.i,dass Ca.c^e. Died in infancy.

181 Louisa Mitchell CaL;e.

182 Trousdale Ca-e.

183 Xellie Ca.q;o. Died at 18 months of a<::^e.

184 Maria 1'. Ca^c.

185 Mary ( aL;e. Died at tiie at^e of i\\c years.

186 Henry C"aL;e. Died in infancy.

Xo. 12'.).
Polly Ca,!L^e, daui^hter of jack V. and Mary
(Cantrell) Cai:;e. married h'rank ]3ouL;lass. Had
children —

187 Cai^e D(nit;lass.

188 Mary Dou.L;lass.

202 Historic Sumxkr Countv, Ti:xn.

189 Eastman Doiig;lass.

190 ]\obcrt Dou.i^^lass.

191 Ellen Douglass.

Xo. 131.
James Cage, son of Jack E. and Mary ( Lan-
trell) Cage, married Sallie Bo.klie. Had ciiii-
drcn —

192 Lizzie Cage.

193 Charles Cage.

194 Mary Cage.

195 Sue Cage, twin of Mary. Died young.

196 Eields Cage.

197 Alice Cage.

198 Josephine Cage, twin of Alice.

199 Jessie Cage. Died voung.


The Dougla.>s family has been prominent in Sum-
ner county since 1785, when Edward Dougla>s, with
all his children, settled on Station Camp Creek a few-
miles north from Gallatin. He was born hi Earquier
county. \'irginia ; married abmit 1740, Sarah George.
He was a commissioned officer in the War for Inde-
pendence, and a man of education, and a lawyer,
though he had never practiced law. He. when callcil
upon, gave legal advice to his fricnd> and neighbors
without fee or reward, always counseling them not to
go into the courts. He was one of the first magis-
trates of Sumner county, and was active in all ]>u!/lic
ai'fair^. His home was near Salem Camp Gruinid. on
lands ^till in po>session of his desccndarits.

Xu. 1.
Colonel Edward Douglass and Sarah (George)
Douglass had ciuldren —
2 John Douglass, killed by Indians while on a mis-
sion to them from Colonel Anthonv I'.lo'lsoe.

Gkxicalogy of Till-: Douglass Famili- 203

3 William Douglass, niarriod Pci^'Cry Stroud.

^4 Elizabeth ]Wui;lass. married William Cage.

5 Elmore Douglass, married Betsey Blakemorc.

[6^^ l^.zckicl Douglass, married ^^ay Ciibson.

/" Sally Douglass, married Thomas Blakemore.

8 Edward Douglass, Jr., married riizabcih How-


9 Reuben Douglass, married Elizabeth Edwards.

10 James Douglass, married Catherine Collier.


No. 3.

William Douglass, son of Coloviel Edward and
Sarah (George ) Douglass, married Teggy Stroud.
Had children —

11 John Douglass, married ?kliss Gregory; moved

to Arkansas.

12 Jesse Douglass. Drowned.

13 "EhV.abcth Douglass, married IMatlhew Scoby ;

moved to Arkansas.

14 Sally Douglass, married James ]Mays. Xo in-


15 Polly Douglass, married Abner Donent. Xo in-

formation. ^

16 James Douglass, married Miss Dobson. Xo


17 Mired ^l. Douglass, married Cherrv T'crrcll.

Xo. 4.
Elizabeth Douglass, daughter of Colonel bid-
ward and Sarah (George) Douglas. - , married
William Cage. (See genealogy of the Cage fam-

Xo. S.
Elmore Douglass, ^on of Colonel Edward and
Sarah (George) Douglass, married lietsey Lilake-
moro. Had children —

18 John Douglass.

19 "Cclia Douglass, married John Pages.

204 Historic Sumxi:u Couxtv, Tkxx.

20 Sally Dmic^'lnss, married Isaac Hooks.

21 Nancy noti,L;la>s. niarried Aloscs Pincton.

22 Elizabeth I)<>u,i:;lass. married Mr. Cvopcr/j^c''^ '^^ .

23 luhvard Douq-lass. married Miss Green. Went

to MississipjM.

24 Elmore Don|L,dass. Jr.

25 Jjurchet JOouglass. married Patscy McGec.

26 lly Douglass, niarried Harris.

27 Eiinis DouL^lass, married yir. Harris.

28 Asa Dou.Qlass. married I'annic Harksdale.

29 l^elia l)t>u;.;lass, married Mr. 15rooks.

No. 6.)
Ezekicl Douglass, son of Colonel Eflward and
Sarah (George) Douglass, married Aviary Gibson.
Had children —

30 John Douglass, married Polly Kcllum. Moved

to Arkan-as.

31 James Douglass, married Fvina limit.

32 Sally Douglass, married '\\v. Joselin.
?i3 George Douglass, niarried Mrs. White.

34 Robert G. Douglass.

35 Tenipy Douglass.

Xo. 7.
Sally Douglass, daughter of Colonel Ivlward
and Sarah (Get.H-ge) Douglass, married Thomas
Jilakemore. Ihul children —

36 James Plakemore. married i*atsey Taylor.

37 A\'illiam lUakemore.

38 John Plakeniore, married Miss Rankin.

39 Reuben Plak'eniure. married .Miss I'leiilley.

40 4\)urblen lilakemore.

41 lulward lilak-emore, marrieil Mi>s Murray.

42 George Plakemore.

43 Lee Plakemorc, married Charlotte hjlin-^on.

44 Wesley ]*lakcm<>re. niarried Kiliy Xeely.

45 Albert' Plakemore.

-\() I'.lizabeth Rlakemore, married William Dicker-

GKNi:.\r,()c.v of tiik Dour.r.Ass Family 205

47 Coena lllakc-niore, married John I'.lack.

48 Ann I'.lakcnioro, marricl Mr. 'ra\I(jr.

49 Matikla likakctnore, married ilenr\- Hart.

50 Fieklini;- Uhdvcmore, married Jvchecca Joimson.

No. 8.

Kdward l^ougias.s. Jr., <.on of Colonel Edward
and wSarali ((jeor^^e) Douglass, married Eli/cabeth
Jloward. 1 lad children —

51 \\'illiam 1 lt:>\vard Douglass, married Sallie Ki\-

:'2 Harry Light f<jol Douglass, marrietl, hrst. Miss
P. Shelby; second, ]\li>s Z. Allcorn; third,
Mis^ J. Crabb.

53 Patsey S. Douglass, marricil John Hall.

54 Delia Douglass, married lulward Douglass.

55 Elmore Douglass, married, hr^t, Eliza Eulton ;

second, Eliza Houston.

56 Xorval Douglass, married Priscilla Cage.

37 Eliza G. Douglass, married C. Grandison San-

No. 9.

Reuben Douglass, son of Colonel Edward and
Sarah (George) Douglass, married Elizabeth ]£d-
wards. Had children — ■

58 Willie J. Douglass, married, first, I-lliza Wat-

kins; second, Lucy Grimm.

59 Sophia Douglass, married Charles Watkins.

60 Leggy Douglass, married Lewis Green.

61 hAalina Douglass, married William I'ranklin.

62 Malissa Douglass.

63 r.ennctt Douglass.

64 William Douglass.

65 Latsy Douglass, married AFr. Larlee. Moved

to W'est Tennessee.

66 Emma Douglass, married William Clark.

206 Historic Sumner Couxty, Tf.xx.

No. 10.

James Douglass, son of Colonel Edward and
Sarah (Gcori;;'c) Douj^lass, married Catherine
Collier. Had children —

67 Alfred H. Douglass, married, first. Lucy Ben-

nett ; second, Rebecca ]''ulton.

68 ^^atilda G. Douglass, married, first. J. Cook;

second, Joel Parrish.

69 Edward L. Douglass, married Delia Douglass.

70 Isaac C. Douglass, married Eliza Raker.

71 James S. Douglass, married Luck Scarlock.

72 Harry C. Douglass, married Elizabeth Elliott.
7}i Young X. Douglass, married ]\Iiss B. Rawlings.
74 Robert G. Douglass, married Elizabeth Blythe.
7}> William C. Douglass, married Lticy Seawell.

76 Thomas C. Douglass, married Erancis Can-


77 Louisa E. Douglass, married G. \\'. Allen.


No. 11.

John Douglass, son of William and Peggy

(Stroud) Douglass, married Gregory and

moved to Pulaski county, Arkansas. Had chil-
dren —
7(S Thomas Douglass.

No. 13.
Elizabeth Douglass, daughter of William and
^<^t^j?y (Stroud) Douglass, married .Matthew
Scoby. They removed to LaEayette county, Ar-
kansas. Had children —

79 Jesse Scoby.

80 i'atima Scoby.

SI Josci)hinc Scoby.

' No. 17.
Alfred Douglass, son of William and Peggy
(Slrcviul) Douglass, married Cherry i-'crrell. Had
children —

Gknkai.ogv oi' Tin; Dolglass J'amilv 207

S2 JniiK's DouLjlass, married ^Tary Rogers.

83 Alfred W. Douglass, married r^Iourning H.


84 Louisa Douglass, married LUircbett Forrcll.

No. 19.
Celia Douglass, daughter of Elmore and Betsey
(Blackmon) Douglass, married John Pages. Had
children —

85 Seawell Pages.

86 Thomas Pages, married Miss Ledbetter.

87 ' Douglass Pages.

88 Norval Pages.

89 Louisa Pages.

90 Nancy Pages, married Thomas Watson.

91 Betsev Pages, married Air. ]3onald.

92 Pc.lly' Pages.

93 Martha I'ages, married Dick Shalton.

No. 30.
John Douglass, son of I'>.ekiel and Mary (Gib-
son) Doug]a>s. married Polly Kallum, and re-
moved to .Arkansas. Had children —

94 Polly Douglass, married Jared C. Alartin.

95 A. Ciibson Douglass.

96 Sophia Douglass.

97 James Douglass.

98 John Douglass.

99 I'lmily Douglass.

100 Patsev Douglass.

101 Earl 'Douglass. .

No. 31.
James Douglass, son of Ezekiel and I\lary (Gib-
son) Douglas-^. married Kina Hunt. Had chil-
dren —

102 Patsey IX-nglass.

103 Mary Aim Douglass, married Merry C. A>ton.

104 Robert I'.. Douglass, married Delia A. Mitchell.

105 Albert G. Douglass, married Dorotha Turner.

208 Historic Sumxkk County, Tkxx.

106 Evaline l)ouL;Iris>, married Charles Ijoddic.

107 Sarah T. Dou-ia^^.

108 D. W. CHiUon Di)u-lass, married Martha Ann


109 Wiluam i)oii-Iass.
no Harry Don-iass.

No. 33.

Gcorj^c I^oii;^!a>>, son of li^/.ckiel and Mary
(Gibson) Douglass, niarricd Mr>. White. I lad
children —

1 1 1 Gcori;e Dou-lass, Jr.

112 Mary Ab.^ton l)<)Ui4la>s.

113 Washington La Fayette Douglass. Died young.

No. 36.

James Ulakemure, soil of Thomas and Sally
(I^ouglass) lUakemore. married Patsey Taylor.
Had children —

114 William Tilakemore.

Xo. 43.

Lcc Pilakcmorc, son of James and Sally (Doug-
lass) lUakemoro. married Charlotte John>un. Had
children —

115 Mary IMakemorc.

Xo. 50.

Fielding r.lakemore, son of James an<l Sally
(Douglass") lilalcemore. mai rie<l Rebecca J()hnson.
Had children —

116 ]e-.-e Thomas r.lakemore, married Mary F>.


117 William r.lakemore. married Ann Thernn-n.

118 Sally I'.lakemore.

119 Clinton l'.!akeiu>-.rc.

120 Ann l-^li/abeth Plakemore.

121 I'ieklino- j)rid<ill r.lakemore.

Gi:\i:.\i.()(;V oi- tiik Dolgf.ass Famjj.v 209

No. 51.
William JJoward l)oui;Iass, son of Edward
Dous^lass. Jr., and Elizabeth ( Howard) Donj^lass,
man-icd Sally J'-dwards. Had children —

122 Henry L. Donj^lass, married .Mary Hall.

123 J^lizahcth H. J3uu;;lass. married I )r. James

Mitcdiell. Moved to Te.xas.

124 W'ilHani E. l)i)n,i;la>s. Died in An-iin, 'JY-xas.

Xever married.

125 Sarah J-,. Douc^lass, married Dr. James Glass.

^loN'cd to ^lississi]')pi.

126 Cullen E. Donc;lass, married, first, Harriet

llain ; second, ]\tar_y Estes.

127 Ivoljei't r.. ])onc;lass. Never married.

Xo. 52.

Harry Light foot Doni^lass, son of JCdward. Jr.,
and h.lizaheth (Howard) DouL;iass, married
Priscilla She'by, and after her death. Miss Z. All-
corn, and alter her death, Jane Crahh. Had chil-
dren —

128 Triscilhi Dou-lass, married Dr. R. C. K. Mar-

tin. (See Colonel Anthony Jlledsoe geneal-

129 \\'illiam R. Don-lass.

130 ]-:iizal..ctli \l. Don-lass.
One child by each Avite.

Xo. 53.
Patscy S. Don.Q'lass, dan^hter of hMward. Jr..
and l'',li/:abeth (Howard) DouL;"lass. married loini
Hall. Had children—

131 ^^'illiam y\. Hall, married Jane Allcorn.

132 Elizabeth I-:. Hall, married John V>. Iw.rrester.
1.^5 Cornelia T. Hall, married,' first. !•:. D. Hicks;

.second, James 1. Gnion.

134 l^elia Ann Hall, niarrieil William Crenshaw.

135 l\obert T. Hall, married Marv Sharkey.

136 Tulia V.'l lall. married Dan R." Rn^sell.

137 Edward D. Hall.

210 Historic Sumxer Couxtv, Tfxn.

. No. 54.
Delia Douglass, daughter of luhvard and Eliza-
beth (Howard) Doumiass, married Edward
l)ou,i;"la>s. Had children —

138 .William Howard Doui^dass.

Xo. 55.
Elmore Dons^lass, son of Edward and Eliza-
beth (Howard) ]")oiij:^la5s, married, first, Eliza
I'\dton. Had children —

139 Edward Douglass. Drowned in 1834.

140 David I"\dton Douglass, married S. Helen Rice.

Xo issue.

141 Xorvell Douglass, married, first, Mourning- !MiI-

ler ; second, J. Dillon.

142 George Bell Douglass.

143 Catherine S. Douglass.

144 I'llizabeth S. H. Douglass, married John A.


145 Cynthia ]Z. Douglass.

146 Sophia Ann Douglass, married Dr. James Tiii^.

147 Xedella Douglass, married Richard l'"ond<'lan.

148 J. J. White i)ouglass.

After the death of his first wife. Elmore mar-
ried Mi.-s T. Dillon. Had children—
1-19 Martha .\. Douglass, married William D. Hag-

150 H.' Eouis Douglass.

151 Susan M. Douglass.

Xo. 56.
Xor\al Douglass son of Edward. Jr.. and ICliza-
beth (Howard) Douglass, married I'riscilla Cage.
1 fad children —

152 l-dmore Douglas>.

153 Granderson S. Douglass.

154 Mary 1'. Douglass.

155 Ivdward H. Douglass.

156 Jt-)hn J-"orrester ^\)Ugla^s.

Gekealoov of the Douglass Family 21 1

157 Wilson Ca.j^c Dous^lass, twin of above.

158 Harrv Xorval Doiii^lass.

159 Ellen E. Douglass.^

No. S7.
Eliza G. Douj:^lass. danqhtcr of Edward J. and
Elizabeth (Howard) IDous^lass. married C. Grand-
ison Sanders. Had children —

160 James I). Sanders.

161 lilizabeth H. Sander.-^, married William E. Iil-


162 ]\Jary S. Sanders.

163 Delia A. Sanders, married Mr. Briscoe.

164 jNIartha Sanders.

165 Cornelia A. Sanders.

166 Norval D. Sanders.

167 David .AI. Sanders.

168 Edward D. Sanders.

169 Eliza G. Sanders.

Xo. 58.
William J- Douiii^lass, son of Reuben and Eliza-
beth (Edwards) i^ouy^lass. married, first, Eliza
^\'alkins ;• second, Lncy Grimm. Had children —

170 William W. Douj^lass. married Miss iJell.

171 Jane A. Douglass, married Dr. J. Franklin.

172 Richard E. Douc^lass, married Sarah Walton.

173 Guy M. Douc^lass. married Miss Harris.

174 Reuben Doui^lass. married ]\Irs. Turney.

175 Charles ^^'. Douglass.
By second wife —

177 Elizabeth Douj^lass, married Joseph Miller.

178 Willie J. DouLj^lass. married, first, Helen Dou-

bleilay; second, Eliza B. Douq-lass.

179 A\'altcr Dou;.,dass, married ("lara D<")ubleday.

180 Evaline Douglass, married lohn Brown.

No. 60.
l\\cfgy Douglass, daughter of Reuben and
Elizabeth (I'^d wards) Douglass, married Lewi>
Green. Had children —

212 Historic Sumnkr Countv, Ti:nx.

181 William Green.

182 Ivcuhcn D. Clrccn, marrioil Kale Ru\ slon.

183 Sarah Green.

184 Eli;^aheth Green, married Clinton Ijled.^oe.
.185 Edward D. Green,

186 Sophia Green, married Thomas Bell.

187 Peggy Green, married .Mr. Gordon.

Xo. 61.

Evaline Douglass, daughter of Rcnhcn and
Eli/'abelh (F-dwards) Douglass, married Wilh'ar.i
Frankdiu. Had children —

188 Marv Fraiiklin, married Kleber ^liller.

189 FJizabeth Frankdin.

190 -Margaret Franklin.

191 Jane h'ranklin.

192 Ben I'ranklin, ihed in the Confederate Arm}-.

Xo. 65.

I'atscy l!)ouglass, daughter of Reuben and.
Elizabeth (lidwards) Douglass, married Mr. Pfir-
tee. Mad cliildren —

193 Reuben D. Partec.

194 Bennett D. Partee.

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