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Anthony Sharp, First ?iIajor; Edward Douglass. Sec-
ond Major; James McKean. Jr., Zebulon Hubbard. Jo-
seph ^NlcClewrath, John Morgan. James Frazier. Cap-
tains; Elisha Clary. James Yates, John White. Steven
Cantril, and Thomas Patton, Lieutenants; Peter Loun-
ey, James Hamilton, William Snotidy, John Rule, au'l
Joseph ^Morgan. Ensigns.

George Winchester, Register of Sumner county.

George Winchester, Second ]\lajor in the Cavalry
of IMero District; George Blackp.iore, Ca])tain. au'l
Reuben Douglass, Lieutenant.

June 2, 17VI. William Cage was reaj)pointed Slieriff
of Sumner county, until the July term. 1792. and to
the end thereof, and no longer.

June 14. 179L Richard Cavet api)ointed a Justice
of the ]\"ace forSumner county; George Winchc>lv.r.
First ]\lajor of Cavalrx'. in the place of I'^dwin H.ck-
man, killed.

July 3, 1792. William Cage was ap])ointeil Shcriii.
of Sumner county imti! the Court of Pleas and Oikm"-
ter Ses>ions in Jul}- UL-xt. and to the end thereof, and
no longer.

July 14, 1792. Appointed and c<;>mmissioned the 1"!-
lowing militia officers for Sumner cuUjUy: Lieuienant
Thomas Patt(jn promoted to be a Cajjtani in the jilace
of Captain Wilson, resigned ; Richard King. Lieateii-
ant. and James Wil.-on, Ensign; Peter Lc^oney. a Ca].-

Territorial Laws 41

tain, heretofore a Lieutenant, in tlie place of Captain
McKain, resii^nied ; Rzekiel Xorris, Cai)tain; Josepli
IMorijan, Robert llriii^ance and John Cunimings, Lieu-
tenants; John Butler, an Ensign, and sent to Colonel
Winchester five blank commissions to be filled by ivaii,
whose names he has not yet reported.

March 16, 1793. John Young-, Captain, in the Sum-
ner Regiment of i\Iilitia.

June 16, 1793. William Cage, Shcrilt of Sumner
county to the July term, 1794, and to the end thereof,
and no longer.

September 27. 1794. David \\'ilson a[)pointcd Reg-
ister of Sumner county.

December 26, 1794. Lsaac Walton, a Lieutenant,
and James \\ hitson, an Ensign in the Regiment of In-
fantry of Sumner count_y.

January 1, 1795. \\'illiam Ilall and Edward llogan.
Ensigns in the Sumner County Regiment of Infantry.

January 16, 1795. Edward Douglass, Lieutenant-
Colonel of the Sumner County Infantry; George Daw-
son Blackmore, Second Major of the Cavalry of ]\Iero

January 17, 1795. Reuben Douglass, Captain,, and
Wilson Cage, Lieutenant of the Cavalry of ^lero Dis-
trict; James Erazier, Eirst iMajor, and Joseph Mcl'21u-
rath. Second ]\Iajor of the Sumner County Regiment
of Infantry; William Snoddy and Samson Hansl)or-
ough, Captains of the same; \\illiam liankins and

Jolni \\''illiams, Lieutenants, and Latimer, luisign

of the same.

I'^ebruary 2. 1795. William Cage. Sheriff of Sum-
ner count)-, Collector of the same in Sumner county
for the year 1795.

March 2. 1795. The Governor appointed and com-
mi>sioned Thoma^ Donald a Justice of the Peace for
the County of Sumner.

July 6, 17*^5. Reulten Cage, Sheriff of Sumner
county till the cud of the July term, 1796; William

42 Historic Su.mxkr Couxtv, Ti:xx.

Hall, Cornet ol the Sumner count}- troop of cavalry.

July 27, ]/'•>(). Reuben Cage, Collector of Sumner
County and Public Taxes, for the year 1796.


In war. a? in peace, Sumner county has ever re-
si)onded to the calls of duty. The pioneers themselves
\\ere for the most part battle-scarred veterans — veter-
ans in experiences, thouc^h not in years. Almost every
man of them, and not a few of the women, and every
boy that was large enough to hanrlle a gun. had taken
part in skirmishes with the Indians, and many of the
men had fought the British. General Griflilh Kuther-
ford, General James Winchester, General Daniel
Smith, Colonel Anthony Bledsoe, ,Maj(jr David W'il-
son, Colonel Edward Dougla>s, ^[ajor \\'illirun Cage,
I\Iajor George A\'inchester, Cajttain William J'owen.
Captain George D. Blackmore and others had held
commissions in the war for independence. Isaac Bded-
soe, some of the Wilsons, Frank Weathered. James
Gwin, Nathan i'arker, Hugh Rogan, David Shelby.
George Gillespie, John ^vlorgan, James White, sc>me of
the Neely's anrl others had fought in the ranks in the
same war.

In the second war with the British, Sumner count}'
fm-nished a company commanded by Captain ilamil-
Um. This compan}' >erved under Jackson and wa-^ at
Xew Orleans. In the Seminole war. in 1836, a full
company went out from ."^umner. and tin' three higii-
est officers of the regiment to which the compau}' v.as
assigned were Colonel William Trousdale, J^ieuunant-
Colonel Josei)h Coiui Guild and Afajnr J(j->eph (i.
Meadows, all Sumner c<iuntian<.

When the war with Mexico bri>ke oui. Sumner
connty furni^hefl ihree companies: the ]\)\k Gu;irds.
officered 1)}' C'ajilain Robert -\. J'.einieii, Lieutenants J.
^r. !^haver and Patrick Duffey ; the Tenth Legion, com-
manded by Captain S. R. Anderson, afterwards a iirig-

SuMXKR County in War 43

adier-General in the Confederate service; Licntenaiits
W. M. Blackniore and P. L. Solomon ; and Lci^ion
Second, commanded by Captain W. S. Hatton. Tlie
names of all of those who lost their lives are all in-
scribed on a monument erected by the people of ihc
county in the cemetery at Gallatin. There are now liv-
ing in the comity two survivors of these companies:
W. F. Clendcnninq; and J. W. Rutherford.

Colonel Trousdale was twice wounded at the bat-
tle of Chepultepec and was brevetted Ih-ii^^idier-Generai
in the regular army for gallantry. William B. Camp-
bell, afterwards Governor, who gave the famous com-
mand. "Boys, follow me," and won for his regiment
th.e title of the "Bloody First," was born in Sumner
county. ,

Again, in 1861, when the sound of batile was heard
throughout the land, the gallant sons of Sumner ral-
lied around the Southern Cross and gave to the Con-
federate armies more soldiers than she had voters, arid
no more gallant men ever wore the gray. In all it fur-
nisheil more than twenty-seven com]:)anies. The lirst
to be formed was mostly raised by William B. Bate,
and was commanded by Captain Charlton. Anolhcr
was commanded by Ca])tain Ilumphrey IJate, anoiher
by Captain D. L. Goodall. These formed a part of
the Second Tennessee, of which William B. Bate was
the first Colonel. After his promotion. Colonel W. ].
Hale, now living in Ilartsville, commanded the regi-
ment. The formation of other companies immediately
followed, one under Captain James Barber, and an-
other under Captain D. C. Douglass, were mustered
into the Seventh Tennessee. Captain Barber died in
December, 1861, at -MilLsboro, A'a., and John D. I'ry,
First Lieutenant, was elected Captain and O. II. Foster
First Lieutenant. Captain Fry was variously wound-„
ed at the battle of Seven Pines, and being disabled for
furlhcr services, resigned. Lieutenant Foster was
made Captain, and as such served until the close of
the war. When the regiment was reorganizeil in

44 Historic Sumxi:k County, Ti;xx.

April, 1862, James Franklin was elected Captain in
place of D. C. Doui^iass. At the battle of Cedar ]vun,
August 9, l(:^b2, he received a wound wliich ncce>.-i-
tated his retirement from the service, and Robert G.
i\lillcr ^\•as elected Cajitain and >erved to the clo^c of

■xri ;;


Former Home of Governor. William Trocsdai r;-; Now

THE Home of the Daughters of the Coxfeueuacv.

Confkt:)Erate Monument in Foreground.

the war. Captain A\'. 11. Joyner org-ani-^ec' a company
which was mustered into the Eighteenth Tenne - co in
June, iSdl. Alxnit the same time Captains i-"rank
DulVey and James A. Xinuuo raisetl companies wlueii
formed ])art of the Twentieth Ten.nes.-ce. C'aptaiu Al-
exander J^askerville raised a company, which v.-.t- mu -
tcred into the Twentv-fourlh 'JY-nne^-ee. .\ liitle iaur

SuMxicR County ix War 45

in the same year. Captains 1. L. Carson, ^\'il!ianl A.
Lovell, William T. Sample and John Turner raised
companies whieli beeamc part of the Thirtieth Tennes-
see. . In the latter part of 1861, Captains Joyner and
James L. ^IcKoin raised companies, which were nnis-
tered into the Fortx- fourth Tennessee. Cai)tains C.

L. Bennett, M. H. I'.oude, Air. Griiifin, ]\linnis, J.

E. T. Odom and liaxter Smith recruited companies
for the cavalry service. The first of the cavalry com-
panies to be raised in the county was in the summer of
1861, when Captain (afterwards Colonel) Baxter
Smith raised a company of eighty men. His company
was attached to the .Seventh Tennessee Cavalry, and
he was promoted to Major of the battalion. After-
wards the battalion was consolidated with other troops
and formed the Second Tennessee Cavalry. Major
Smith was then transferred and made the Colonel of
the Fourth Tennessee, and commanded what was
called the "Texas Brigade," composed of hi>: own regi-
ment, two Texas regiments and one Arkan-^as regi-
ment, in the last campaign of the war.

The citizens of .Sumner county contributed a fund
sufficient to build a handsome monument to the Con-
federate heroes. It stands on the grounds of the
Trousdale home, now the home of the Daughters of
the Confederacy. The county has erected a splendid
monument to its heroes of the Mexican war, but many
of the men who fought in the battles of the Revolution
and the men who fell victims to Indian ferocity sleep
in unmarked graves.

In 1840, when the jjcnsion list was revised, the fol-
lowing named Sumner countians were on the pension
rolls, all of them being Revolutionary soldiers:


William liell 82

William Beard 86

William Bruce 87

Elijah Bayless 81

46 Historic Sumner County, Tkxx.

Samuel Cockran, Sr. 84

John Cieburn 82

John Carney, Sr. 106

William I'ortune 94

James Gamblin 90

Albert llendrix 80

Benjamin Haynes 94

Richard Jolnison 80

Joseph Jackson 84

John ArcMurtrv 86

John v.. Miller' /9

William Morris 80

William Alav ^ - _ 85

Ezekiel Marshall 82

John ]\Ic-\(lams 79

John ^IcClung- 80

Henry Titt 75

James Pond 75

Reuben Prewelt 80

Thomas Parish 80

John Sloan 82

Bathl. Slovall 80

Hudson Thompson 77

Hal. M alone, and ]irobably others, refused a pension.
From the Sunnier County News, October 14, 1899:


Sumner county furnished three companies for the
\Yar with Alexico, 1846-7. Two of these were in the
First Tennessee Rei;"imcnt Infantry, commanded by
\\'. P>. Ca.. pbell. These companies were commandcil
by Captains W. 'SI. lilackmore and Robert .V. Jlen-
nett. the former beiuii^ known as the "Tenth Legion."'
and the latter as the "Polk duards." The 'J'enrb Lei^ion
was composed of volunteers from Gallatin and its vi-
cinity, wliilc the Polk Guards was made u]) from en-
listments at Hartsville and that nciqhborhucKl. These


Su.MXKR CorXTY IX \\'.\U


companies were enlisted for and served twelve months
and there were about one hundred men in each com-
pany. S. R. Anderson, the Lieutenant-Colonel of the


• '-i Vi^\^vv«i^t^iJ^ . 'i^^»^l.^

Hon. Jamus \V. Black.moke

I'irst Tei"ine<sce ]\e^"iment. ^vas from Sumner county,
as was also ^Fajrjr Richard 1>. Alexandrv, and was
seriously wounded at Monterey. The llu'rd company
was known as Legion vSecond, and wa- a part of the


Third Tennessee ]\eg"i)nent Infantry, cdniiiianded l)y
Colonel P). I-'rank Cheathat^i. This comjjany was com-
manded l)y Captain William Hatton. Major Perriii
Solomon, of the Thiril Tennessee Rei^-imcnt. v/a''' a
Sumiier countian. Lieutenant Ximrc^l I). Smitl) acted
as Adjutant of the First 'J'ennessee for a wliile.

.\s in the late war with Spain, sij it wa.-, in the war
with Mexieo, the inhospitable climate was often more
destructi\e to life than the missiles of the eneir.y. and
many a young" life succumbed to flie ravages of di.-.-

The First Tennessee Regiment won di.•^tinclion and
p;ained the praise of the General commanding the
American forces for the valor and dash displayed by
it in its charge on the enemy's defenses at IMontcrey
on September 21, 1846. This regiment was brigaded
at Monterey with the ^Mississippi Regiment known as
the Mississippi Rifles, and commanded by Colonel Jef-
ferson Davis, and Avere in Quitman's Rrigade.

General Zachary Taylor, commanding the army, in
his dispatch to Washington in regard to this battle,
said: "The Fourth Infantry and three rer'.nents of
volunteers were ordered to march at once upon the
heavy battery, which was pouring a continuous fire
from five pieces of cannon. The ^Mississippi and leii-
nessec troops, preceded by three companies of the
Fourth, advanced against the works, while the r)hi(>
Regiment, entered the town to the right. The advance
of the Fourth was received by so destructive a charge
that one-third of the officers and men were instantly
killed or disabled. The>- were comi)elled U) retire until
reinforced. The Tennessee and Mississippi cor[)s. un-
der CJeneral Quitman, pushed onward, and with the aid
of Captain Rackus, whose men occupied the roof of a
house in the rear of the redoubt, caiitufed it in gallant
st}'le, taking five ])ieces of ordnance, a large quantity
of ammunition and several Mexicrm ofiicers an<l men

Sumner County in War 49

In this charge tlie First Tennessee suiTercd hcaA'ily
in killed and wounded and won lor itself the name of
the. "Bloody First." IMany noble Sumner countians
gave up their lives in this chari^e at their country's be-
hest, while others were maimed for life. Here Booker
]I. Dalton and John F. Ral])hfi]c, of the l^^lk Guards,
and k'irst Corjjoral Julius C. Elliott, Peter Hinds Mar-
tin, Edward Pryor, Jjenjamin Soper, Isaac Innian El-
liott and Thomas Jones of the Tenth Legion were
killed, and Lieutenant J. Cam. Allen, of that company,
lost a lec^. Llistory states that there were one hundred
and twenty American soldiers killed at the battle of
Monterey. Ei^ht of these were Sumner countains. so
out of every fifteen killed in that battle, Sumner county
mourned one dead son or six and two-thirds per cent,
of the slain in that engaf^ement. Out of these three
companies forty-five men died of disease contracted in
the service in the war with Mexico.

The Third Tennessee Regiment was formed about
the close of the war, after the b'irst Regiment had been
mustered out, and this regiment reached ?\Iexico after
the fighting had ceased.

The First Tennessee Regiment participated also in
the investment and siege of \'era Cruz and in the bat-
tle of Cerro Gordo, April 18, 1847, where Samuel W.
Lauderdale of the Tenth Legion was killed.

General W. B. Bate was a soldier in the war with
Mexico, ilrst as a member of a Louisiana regiment,
and afterwards as a Lieutenant in Captain iJatton's
Com])any of the Thirvd Tennessee Regiment, and acted
Adjutant of that regiment. Sumner county sent, in
the person of iieneral \\'m. Trc.vu'^dale. another dis-
tinguished soldier to the war with Mexico. He was
Colonel of the i'^ourtcenth Regular Infantry, but com-
manded a brigade in the o])erations of the army in
the capture of the City of Mexico, and was wounded
'' iVj and brevetted lor gallantry in the ^lornn'ng of the
'I heights of Chej)ultepcc, and was given h<inui-able men-

50 Historic Sumxkr County, Texx.

tion in General Scott's report to the Government.
Sumner county sustained in the war, as she had in
every war before and has in every war since, her
title to the name of the "\'olunteer County of the
Volunteer State."


Sumner Coi xtv I

By the liberality of its citizens the county erected. (
in 1848, a stone monument in the cemetery here to the j
memory of her sons who died in that war. but time |
and ilie elements have so wrought upon it that it is now >
to])pling' over, and suon even "Old Mortality."' with f
chisel and hanimer. could not preserve from uiter de- )


SuMNKR County in \\'ar 51

faccmcnt the names of those who are inscribed on its
roll of Jionor. To preserve these names and the in-
scriptions on this monument ^^•e present them here-
under :

East Side.

This monument was erected by the
citizens of the County of Sumner, to the
memory of her patriotic sons who sac-
rificed their lives in defense of the tlag
of their countrv, in the war with ^lexico
in 1846, 1847 and 1848.

Glory followed their train, and by
their death, was increased. Their fame
is all that survives them. In their
graves, all their rcmcmliranccs are bur-
ied. Virtuous and esteemed in life, they
have become glorious and immortal in

May our country never feel the want
of such heroes.

John F. I'ialphfile— Horn in Philadeli^iia. Pennsyl-
vania ; received wound in the battle of Monterey on
the 21st day of September, 1846, and died on the
24th day of September, 1846; aged 30 years.

Briscoe Hatchett — l!orn in Sumner county, Tennes-
see; died in Camargo on the 24th day of September,
1846; aged 21 years.

Joseph Marshall — l^orn in Sumner cimnty, Ten-
nessee; died in Camargo on the 5lh day of September,
1846; aged 21 years.

Richard Latham — I'.orn in Sumner county, Ten-
nessee; died in Jallappa on the vid day of September,
1847; aged 26 years.

Thomas Young — llorn in Macon comity, Tennes-
see; died in Lomila on the !Ah tlay of August, 1846;
aged 2d> years.

52 Historic Sumxkr County, Tknx.

Kini:;^ Carr — ]'>i'vn in Sumner county, TcnncssLx ;
flicd in Camargo on the lOth day of September, ]<'>4f':
ai;e(l 23 years.

Booker II. Dalton — ]_'>orn in Sumner county, Ten-
nessee; killed in battle at Monterey on the 21si day
of September, 1846; aged 30 years.

Thomas E. Harris — Born in Smith county, Tennes-
see ; died in Camargo on the 8th day of Xovcmber,
1846; aged 27 years.

George Barker — Born in Sumner county. Tennes-
see ; died at his father's in Sumner county, Tennessee,
on the 12th day of December, 1848, of disease con-
tracted in service of United States Army; aged 21

William Gambell — Belonged to Captain Hatton's
company. Born in Sumner county, Tennessee: died
at his micle's in Sumner county, Tennessee, about the
16th day of Xoveml)er, 1846, of disease contracted in
service of Cnitcd States Army; aged 21 years.

JVcst Side — Tenth Legion.

Captain William ^l. Blackmore's Company — First
Regiment of Tennessee \ olunteers.

First Corporal Julius C. Elliott — Born in Sumnc-r
county, Tennessee ; died at Monterey on the 3d day of
November. 1846, of wounds received in battle on t'lc
21st day of September, 1846; aged 21 years.

Peter Hynds ^lartin — Horn in Sumner county, killed
in battle at ^^lonterey on the 21st day of SeT)tcmber,
1S46; aged 22 years. . \

Edward Pryor — Born in Sumner county, Tenno'^- ^
see; was killed in battle at Monterey on the 21st da\ •',
of September. 1846; aged 23 years. |

Jjcnjamin Soper — Born in Sumner county, Tennes-
see ; was killed in battle at Monterey on the 21st dax"
of September, 1846: aged 21 jears.

Isaac ]. Elliott — Born in Sumner county, Tennessee:
was killed in battle at Monterey on tlie 21st flay of {
September, 1846; aged 22 years. \


Saimicl \\'. Lauderdale — Born in Sumner county.
Tennessee; killed in battle at Cerro Gordo on the IStli
day of April, 1847; a2:cd 21 years.

John D. Watson — Born in Sumner county, Ten-
nessee; died at ^ilatamoras on the 18th dav of August,
1846; aged 22 years.

\\'illiam L. Cantrcll — Born in Sumner county, died
at his father's home in Sumner county on the 20th day
of October, 1846, of disease incurred in service of
United States Army; aged 21 years.

William Bradley — Born in Sumner county; died in
Camargo on the 11th day of September, 1846; aged
24 years.

Zaccheus D. \\'ilson — Born in Sumner county; died
in Camargo on the 31st day of August, 1846; aged 23

Thomas Jones — Born in England ; killed at ^lonte-
rey on the 2d day of October, 1846 ; aged 43 years.

SonlJi Side — Legion Sccoiui.

Captain \\'illiam S. Hatton's Company, Third Regi-
ment of Tennessee \'olunteers.

Pleasant V. Bell — Born in Sumner county ; died in
City of ]\Iexico on the 10th day of January, 1848; aged
28 years.

Powhattan Childress — Born in Sumner county : died
in the City of Mexico on the 31st day of December,
1847; a.'-.d 19 years.

Jose])h Henry — 15orn in .^umner county; died in the
Citv of ]\lexico on the l.>t dav of januarv, 1848; aged
. 19 years.

;' Henry \\'. Perry — IVirn in Pennsyhania : died in
I City of Mexico on the 5th day of January, 1848; aged
\ 22 years.

,' Patrick Sauntlers — I'.orn in Sumner county; died at

u \'era Cruz on the i9th tlav of r.)eceml.)er, 1847; aged
Y 18 vears.

54 Historic Sumxkr County, Tkxx.

Joscpli S. Tennison — Rorn in Sumner county; died
the City of Mexico on the 13tli day of January, 1848;
aged 19 years.

■\larley Young — Born in Sumner county ; died at
Molino del Rey on the 5th day of May, 1848; aged
22 years.

John G. Kirby — Born in Sumner county; died at
Penal, IMexico. on the 10th day of April, 1848; aged
26 years.

Josejih Rhodes — Born in Sumner county; died in
hospital at New Orleans on the 18th day of June. 1848;
aged 22 years.

Joseph Taylor — Born in Sumner county: died at
Pueblo, Alexico, on the 5th day of June, 1848; aged
21 years.

Joseph Blair — Born in Sumner county; died here at
his father's house on the 6th day of August, 1848. of
disease incurred in service of U. S. Army; aged 23

William Curry — Born in Sumner county; died here
at his father's house on the 5th day of August. 1848,
of disease incurred in service of United States Army;
aged 19 years.

Alexander R. Schell — Born in Sumner county; died
at Jalappa on the 17th day of December, 1847; aged IS
years ; buried here.

Albert King — Born in Sunmer county; died at jal-
lappa on the 14th day of May, 1848; aged 33 years.

Ricliard C. Ainsworth — Born in Sumner couiity,
died in City of Alexico on the 29th day of June, 1848;
aged 26 years.

Josei^hus Zarecor — Born in Sumner county, died on
the Gulf of Mexico on the 29tli day of June. 184X;
aged 22 years.

Aser Lemons — Born in Sumner county, died, on the.
Mississippi river on the lOlh day of July, 1848; aged
21' years.

Ste])hen Goarlev — Born in Sumner county, died at
Mempbis on the 19tli day of July, 1849; aged IS year<.

Colonel Axtiioxv Blkdsok 55

James T. Lcddy — Born in Snmner CDiinty. died at'
Mcni])his on the 21st da\- of Jul}', 1848. of disease in-
curred ill service of I'nited States Army; aged 20

William Tin-ncr — I'orn in Suinncr county, died at
Memi)his on the 21st day of Juh'. 18-18. of disease in-
curred in service of the United States Army; aged 22

James K. Frazier — Born in Sumner county, died at
his fatiier's in Sumner county on the 16th day of No-
vemher, 1848, of disease incurcd in service of United
States Arm_\- ; aged 2S years.

Eli Rohertson — Born in Sumner count\-, died at his
father's in Sumner county on the 5th day of August,
1848. of disease incurred in the service of the United
States Army; aged 22 years.

James II. Hogan — Born in Sumner county, died at
his father's in Sumner count}' on the 23d day of
August, 1848, of disease incurred in the service of the
United States Army; aged 21 years.

William Henry — Dovn in Sumner county, died at his
father's in Sumner county on the 20th day of Decem-
ber, 1848. of disease incurred in service of United
States Army; aged 21 years.


The origin of the Bledsoe famil}- is lost in obscurity.
Tliere is a tradition that it came originally from th.e
northern jiart of Italy during the time of the Crusades,
and settled in Kent, j^ngland ; but of this we can lind
no proof. It is believed tliat the name was oritiinally
Bletsoe. and that the famil}- 1)elonged to tlic old no-
bilit}- of b'ngland. I bit this is noi ciainx-d as .'. fact.
J<.)hn B.eaucham]). I.ord of Bletsoe. died ir,' the early
]>art of the iifleenth century. lea\iiig r.'t issue. 1 lis
estate, in Count v Xorthumberland. i)as>ed tii his sis-
ter, Margaret, who married Sir C)liv(.r ."^t. John, wiio,
!)}• this marriage. ac(|n!red the Lor<Uhip of t'>let;>oe

5iS Historic Sumner County, Tenn.

during the reign of Henry \'I. Sir Oliver Oicd in
1437, and sometime ihereafter }>largaret married Jolm
Beaufort, Duke of Sonierset. by whom she hail a
daughter, Margaret, who married Edward Tudor, Earl

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