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legislators, too, who jncscribed the rules and regula-
tions for civil conduct of the settlers durini:,'- th.e time
the parent state, being' engrossed with the affair.-, of the
Revolutionary War raging within its borders, left these
far away subjects or settlers on her territory to be a
law unto themselves.' And alter the i»arent state
turned its attention to these strnggiing and neglected
subjects and extended the jvgis of her laws and courts
over this territory and its inhabitants and accorded to
them the right of representation in its law-maUing horl-
ies, these brothers were selected to ]>artici]-)ate and aid
in enacting laws and tlispensing justice through the
organized courts.

"Anthony IMed^oe was a practical surveyor, in
whom much conhdcnce was reixjsed, and in 1771 he
examined th.' boundary line between \'irginia and
Xorth Carolina (then), but now between Kentucky
and 1\'nnessee. He w^as a captain from X'irginia in
the Continent.il army.

"In 1783 he was a commissioner of the State of
Xorth Carolina to lay oft' lands granted to officers in
the Revolutionary war.

"In ]787 he was a member of the legislature of
Xorth Carolina. In 1788. July 20. he was killed by the
Indians in an attack, at night, on llledsoc fort, built by
his brother Isaac, which stood on, or near, the sjjot
where we are now assembled. He had two sons,
Thomas and Anthony, killed by the Indians.

Li:.\DlXG MAX.

''Xext to l^obertson, Colonel Anthony Bledsoe was
the most valuable member of the Cumberland commu-
nity. He >vas an educated man of cool courage, sound
judgment and wide experience in jiublic affairs, hav-
ing held various civil and military positions of imjiort-

98 Historic Sumnf,r Couxtv, TiiXn.

ance in older settlements. His relations with Sevier.
Governor Caswell and other i)roniincnt men were of
an intimate character; but, for many years he had
been the bosom friend and trusted counselor of Rob-
ertson, who, since Tjledsoe's arrival on the Cumberland,
had acted in no alTair of imjjortancc without his a'l-
vice and co-operation. In the event of Robertson"-
death he was ]M-ol?ably the only jnan in the settlement
who could have brought it safely out ot the fiery (jr-
deal throu,L;"h which it was ])assing-.

"Isaac IWedsoe, in 1771. came to this >ccti(.)n. of the
country with Kasper .Mansker and others, known a-
the 'Long' Hunters.' on a hunting and ]jro>pecting c.\-
])edition. 'to spy (v.u ilio land." and. like Caleb of old.
he took back with him to the older settlements such a
good impression of the country and gave such gl'"*rv-
ing accounts of the abundance of game and the fer-
tility of the soil, that he determined himself and he
induced other> to 'go uj) and possess it." When he
returned to the Cumberland cmnitry is not detiniiely
staled, but |)resumably as early as 1779.

"In 1784 he built "lUedsoe's Fort.' on. or near, tlcc
ground on which we are assembled tola\-. In 17S'>
Sumner count}- was laid (jff and establishe(i by the Leg-
islature of Xorth Carolina, and he was one of the fir-i
magistrates of this county. AjM-il 9. 1793. he was killed
by LuHans while working in his held, which is adjtjin-
ing the site of this monument, dedicated today. Mi>
son, Anthony r.ledsoe. Jr., had met his death at the
hands of these foes prior to this ilate.

"Each of the iJledsoes had sons in school as early as
1784, and it \\a< while on their way to school they
were killed by Indians. This is the first historical rec-
ord of any school in this section. The laws or regu-
lations prescribed by the 'notables.' who were the law-
makers for the settlers on the Cumberland river, were
based on tenq)erance and good morals.

Hon. James W. Blakfmore Speaks


. i' 'iv ■

*;■ ■■

■wr- T'.vaT rf^pMSr^-"*"?'



.SpRrNG P'rom Which the Inmates of Coi onki, Isaac
Bledsoe's Fort Proci rkd Water

100 Historic Sumxi:r Couxtv, Tkxx.

Blkdsok Monument

IIox. J.\Mi:s W. ]^>r..\CKMOki': Sfkaks 101


"At that early day wc find that they |.>rr»nuilp;'atcd
ljrohibiti\c laws against the manufacture and sale of
intoxicating lic|uor. In the year 1783 an onlinance was
])assed that there shall be no distillation of liquors in
I Davidson county, and Colonel James Ivobcrtson, the
father of the Cumberland settlement, declared that 'the
conversion of crops of grain into spiritous litjuors is
an innvarranted ])ervcrsion, unserviceable to white men
and devilish for Indians.' and ex])ressed the hope 'that
there may never be any waste of grain by di^tillation
or waste of estates and ruin of soul by drinking liquor."

"This county and State iiave held in grateful re-
membrance the distinguished services and high char-
acter of these brother pioneers. The State has hon-
ored them with the name of a coutuy. the county has
perpetuated their name in the name of a noble stream
and in institution? of learning, and the coimty scat by
one of its chief avenues. The streams are made to
proclaim their fame as they rush with swollen tide to
the sea as well as when appropriated as the motive
power of mills and manufactories ; the schoolhouses.
like beacon lights, lend lustre to their names ; the at-
mosi)here here is made vibrant with the praise of ihe
Illcdsoc's, and the example which they have set by
their courageous devotion to duty, wisdom dis]jlayed
in the discharge of public trust and the sacrifices they
made for others encouraged their contemjjoraries and
have borne good fruit in the generations which have
followed them.

"Their descendant-^ in thi> and other States have
proven that they were wortiiN' sons of illustrious sire-,
and the story of their live> has inspired the men of
this and other sections to deeds of valor and endurance
in times of war and to lofty ambition and high ideals
of statesmanship and public service in times of peace.

"Let us rejoice then today that we can. with ^enti-
luents of gratitud.e and with reverence for their mcmf»-


rics. j)arlici|)atc in these exercises of unveiling;- tliis
inoiiuinent U) niaik the hallowed ci^round where the>e
worthy patriarchs have slept for these more than one
iiundred years. They were careless, perhaps, oi mon-
uments by their graves when they lived and wrought,
hut they have built one themselves in the woriil — a
monument by which men are taught to remember not
where they died, but where they lived."

Professor II. H. Donaho, wiio acted as master of
ceremonies at the dedication exercises, i's a great
grandson of JJillie Donnho. a ])ioneer to Sumner coini-
ty, and a friend and cominmion of the I>le(l.>oes. im
one occasion he had his hat knocked ott by an Indian
tomahawk, near Bledsoe's Lick, but escaped being hurt.
On another occasion when the Indians attacked the
fort, he had the presence of mind to exiinguish tlie
fire, which, by its light, favored the attacking j^arty.

I'rofessor Donaho has for the past several ycar^
been princi])al of Bledsoe Academy on the grounds of
w hich the monument was built.

FIRST gi:x-i:r.\tiox.

Xo. 1.
George lUedsoe was the llrst ni the family of
which we can tind any trace in America, lie
lived in Xorthumberland county, X'irginia. His
will was probated in that county July 23, 1704.
r)oul)tles5 had other children, but the oidy orie we
can find was —

2 Abraham lUed^oe.

.sKcoxi ) ( ;i-: X i:r.\tiox.

Xo. 2.
Abraham Bledsoe was probably burn in Xortii-
umberl.ind county. \'irginia. but after his mar-
riage settled in that jxut of (•)range county wliich

Gkxfalogy or Tin-: BLicnsoi': Family 103

was aflerwardN embracer! in Culi)Ci)er county.
Amonc,^ his children were —

3 Anthony Bledsoe.

4 Isaac l.^)ledsoe.

5 Abraham Bledsoe, Jr.

Til I UP (;i-:xi:ratiox.
Xo. 3.
Col. Anthony IHcdsoe, son of Abraham Blc-l-
soe, was born in what is now Culpejicr county,
\'ir<^inia, then Oran.^e county, in 1733. About
1760 he married Mary Ramsey, ol Augusta coun-
tv. He was killed by Italians at Bk'dsoe"s Lick,
Summer county. Tennessee, on Juh' 20, 1788.
Mary Ramsey wa^ born in .-\ugusta ccjunty, \'ir-
ginia in 1734, and died in .Sumner county. Ten-
nessee, in 1S08. They had eleven children — five
sons and six daughters, one of uhich was born
four nionths after the death of Colonel Bledsoe.
Their children were —

6 Abraham Bled-oe, born in \'irginia a!)Out 1762.

7 Thomas Bledsoe.

8 Sarah I'.ledsoe. b<irn in X'irginia in 1763. "^^ ■-^>^"''-^-

9 Anthony Bledsoe. Jr.

10 Isaac iJled.soe.

11 llenrv Ramsev Bledsoe.

12 ]>:acha('l lUedsoe.

13 I'ollv Ble<!soc. borri in X'irginia in 1780.

14 Belsy ]')ledsoc. - ' ■ r- '

15 I-rudrnce Bledsoe.

16 Susan ]iled<oe.

rouu'Di c.i-.xi:u.\') lox.
Xo. 6.
Abraham Bledsoe, son of Colonel Anthony
and Ma'y ( Ram>ey ) Bkd.^oe, was born in what
is now I'^incastle cou.nty, \ irginia. abou' 1/62;
came to Sumner county, Tctnie-<see. with his {par-
ents in 1781. lie served as captain of a company

104 Historic Sumxer County, Tkx.v.

in tlic Tennosce Rei^nlars inulcr Jac-kson in the
Creek War. lie was in the battle of the llor>c-
shoc, and the several battles at Xew Orleans in
Deeeinber. 1814. and January, 181.^. lie married
Amelia Weathered, daughter of Frank Weathered,
a soldier of the Revolutionary War. Her nvjlhcr
was a sister of General Sumter of S<:>uth C\''iroliMa.
Died on his farm in Sumner county, and \va>
buried at llojiewell church. They had children —

17 I)a\id iJledsoe ; died }ouni(.

18 A dauq;hter, who married Alfred Shoulders and

moved to West Tennessee. \o otiier infor-

Xo. /.
Thomas Bledsoe, son of Cr)loncl .Hnthriny and
l\Iarv (Ramsey) Bledsoe, was born in \'irinriia
about 1774. Was killed by Indians near Green-
field, Sumner county, Tennessee, on October 2.
1794. I'nmarried.

Xo. 8.

Sarali Bledsoe, dau^iuer of Colonel Anthony
and Mary (Ramsey ) i'.ledsoe, was born in \'iri;in-
ia in 17^)3. Came to Sumner countv. Tenn., in
1781. ^tarried David Shelby. Died' .March 11.
1852. ac^ed 89 years. David Shelby was a son
of Ca])tain John Shelby, of Washinti:ton coun-
ty, A'irf^inia. He was born in \'ir^inia about 1793.
Of his early life but lilile is known. He was a
soldier in the re.q'iment which Isaac Shelby com-
manded in the battle of Kimi's Mountain, lie
married Sarah, the oldest (kiu.^hter of Colonel An-
thony Bledsoe, in 1781. and the same year came
with the I'lledsoe family lo Sumritr comiiy. W hen
the countv was ori;anize.l he was cho>en Clerk of
the court, and held that position until hi-^ death in
1822. Mad chil.lren—

19 l,,hn Shelbv. born Mav 24. ]7^<?.

20 Anlhonv I'.le Isoe Shelbv. born lannary L-. 1789.

GEXi:AFi)GV OF Till': ]'.LKliS()F, Familv 105

21 Philii) Davies Sliclbv, Ix.rn March 7. 1791, died

May 27, 1799.

22 Priscilla Shelby, horn ^rarcli 8. 1793.
2?> Lucinda Shrlhy. born March 24. 1795.

24 James Slielbv, born July 13, 1797, died August
28, 1797. '

Mrs. S.vhaii Bikiisoe Siielbv

25 Xellie Shclbv. ])orn fanuarv 14. 17"»').

26 David Davies Shelby, born' July 15. ISOl. .lied

Aui^^nst 2. 1805.

27 Orvilie Shelbv. born lanuarv 21, 1803.

2S> Sarah I'.ledsoe Shelbv. born' lanuarv 21, ISOo.
29 Albert Shelbv. born Alav 25."l8U8. '

[06 Historic Sumxi:r County, Texn.

No. 9.

Anthony Bledsoe, Jr., son of Colonel Anthony
and Mary (Ramsey) Bledsoe, was born in \'ir-
i^.inia; was killed by Indians near Rock Castle, the
residence of General Daniel Smith, where he was
boardinc: and attending; school, on April 21, 179-1.

Xo. 10.

Isaac Bledsuc, son of Colonel Anthony and
Mary (Ramsey) Jiledsoe, was born in Washinj;-
ton county, \'ir£;inia; came to Sumner county.
Tennessee, with his parents in 1781. ^Married
Marqaret Nccly. 1 lad children —

30 William Bledsoe. No information.

31 Abraham Bledsoe. No information.

32 Zurithy Ijledsoe. Never married. Died in Cal-


33 Oscar F. Bledsoe.

34 Anthony C. Bledsoe.
3? Amanda Bledsoe.

36 Gertrude Bledsoe.

No. 11.

Henry Ramsey lUeflsoe. son of Colonel Anthony
and Mary (Ramsey) Blcflsoe, was born in W'ash-
ing"ton county. \ ir^inia. Came to Sumner county,
Tennessee with his parents in 1781. He served as
a private in brother Al)raham's comj^any in the
Creek War and at New Orleans. Died at Natchez.
Mississij)pi. with yellow fever about 1738. ^^hi!e
on a tradiui^ expedition. His companion ou the
jom-ney was attacked by the disease, and Mr.
Bledsoe remained and nursed him until he had re-
covered, when he himself was stricken. Hi>
comrade whom he had s<,) <;eneronsly cared for
deserted him to die amonq stianijl^crs. He mar-
ried Nancy (lillespie. Had children —

37 Isaac Newton Bledsoe.

Genkalocv of the Rmidsoe Family 107

38 Thomas Jefferson Ijledsoc.

39 Georti^c W'a^liinp^ton lUedsoe.

40 Richard Blcdsoc.

41 Kenrv Rainsov lUedsoe, jr.

42 Polly' IJledsoc.'

43 Ophelia ]51edsoe.
-^4 lames liledsoc.

No. 12.

Rachel Bleilsoe, dauqhler of Colonel Anthony
and ]\Iary (Ramsey) Bledsoe, was born in Wabh-
ington county, \'irginia. Came to Sumner county,
Tennessee, with her parents in 1781. Married
^^'illianl Xeely, a brother of Margaret Xeely, who
had married her brother, Isaac. Had children —

45 Anthony Xeely.

-16 Joseph Xcelv.

47 Polly Xeely.'

48 Caroline Xeely.

Xo. 13.

P(dly Jjledsoe. daughter of Colonel Anthony
and ^lary (Ramsey) Bledsoe, was born in Wash-
ington county, X'irginia. about 1780. Came to
Sumner county. Tennessee, with her jxirents in
1781. In 1799 she married James W'eatherred,
son of Frank \\ eatherred. a Revolutionary sol-
dier, and wdio was under General La Fayette at
the seige of Yorktown. After the close of the
Revolutionary War he marrieil a sister of General
Sumter, of South Carolina. James W'eatherred
was ft>r many years a justice of the i)eace in Stun-
ner county. In 1826 he removed to Mississippi,
wdiere he remained several years, then returned to
Sumner county. Had children —

49 Emma W'eatherred.

50 Richard W'eatherred.

51 ]\IiMreil W'eatherred.

52 Mary W'eatherred. -

53 Sarah Sheli)V Wealherred.

108 Historic Sl'mner Couxtv, Texx.

54 Charlotte Weathcrred.

55 Bledsoe W'eatherred. X'o information.

56 Marcus Weathcrred. Xo information.

57 Abraham W'eatherred. Xo information.

Xo. 14.

Betsy Bledsoe, daughter of Colonel Anthony
and Alary (Ramsey i Bledsoe, married James
Clendcning', who wrote the will of her father after
he had received his mortal wound from an Indian
rifle. Had children —

58 Thomas Clendening'. Was killed. Xever mar-


59 Anthony Clendening.

60 Richard Clendening.

61 Patsev Clendening. rr> y^-

62 Elizafxnh Clendening. ^ .-: -.^ -^a^^^'^

63 Rachael Clendening.

Xo. 15.

Prudence Bledsoe, daughter of Colonel An-
thony and Mary (Ramsey ) Bledsoe, married Cap-
tain Joseph Sewell. Xo information.

Xo. 16.

Susan Bledsoe, daughter of Colonel Anthony
and Mary (Ramsey) Bledsoe, married William
Penny. Xo information.


Xo. 19.

John Shelby, son of David and Sarah (Bledsoe")
Shelby, was the first white child to be born in
what is now Sumner county. Tennessee, on .May
24, 1785. He received a lil)eral educati(Mi. then
went to Philadeli^hia. where he studied melicine.
and where he married Aima Maria Minnick.
After his return to Tennessee, he located on a
large tract of land on the cast side of the Cum-
berland river, where East Xashville now i>. lie

Gi:xi£.\i,()(;v of tiik l'.I.^.l)^(ll•: I'amii.y 109

was for iiian\- \cars one of the most useful and
enterprising citizens of Davidson county. lie
was tile founder of Shelby Medical College, after-
wards merited into the medical department of the
University of Nashville, lie was the prime
mover in the company which built the first sus-
pension bridiije at Xashvillc. lie was one of the
founders of St. .Ann's Episcopal church. Jt was
for him that Shelby avenue was so named, lie
was a warm per^onal friend of .Sam Houston ami
other men of prominence of his day. His resi-
dence stood near the centre of Woodland street,
directly in front of tiie present residence of iior.
A. \\ Gocjdjiasture. Had children —

64 Anna Shelbv.

65 Priscilla Shelby.

Xo. 20.

Anthony lilcdsoe Shelby, son of David and Sa-
rah (Blcclsoe) Shelby, was born in Sumner coun-
ty on January 15, 1789. Married 3,larian Win-
chester, daughter of Stc]>hen Winchester. He
studied law, and after practicing at Gallatin for
some time removed to Texas and assisted in gain-
ing independence for that State. He was one of
the Justices of the Sujjreme Court of the Republic
of Texas, and was prominent in other ways. Later
he removed to Mississippi and settled at Brandon,
~~ where he died about 18.^5. Had children —

66 Sallie Shelbv, born in Sumner county. May 10,


67 David Shelbv, born in ."^umncr countv, Ma\- 7,

6S Marian Jane Shelby, born July 31. 1816; died
Scptemlxr 6. 1817.

69 Pri.scilla Kate Shelbv. born Tulv 15. 1818.

70 Annie W. Shelbv. i...rn |ulv ' 10, 1820; ilicd

August 27, 1821.

71 Julia Winchester Shelby, born July 15. 1822.

110 Historic Sumxi-.r Couxtv, Ti:xx.

72 Stephen Winchester Shelbv, born Tulv 22. 1824 :

died July 13. 1828.
72) Winchester i)led>oe Shelbv, born lamiary 18,


Judge Anthony I'.i.hdsoe .Suelhy

74 I.ucinda Henderson Shelbv, btirn December 31.

7^ Marian W Shelby, born Xoveniber 10. 18.il.

76 Uennett Henderson Shelbv, ix^iii March 24.


77 Antonette Marian .Shelbv. born Xoveniber 16.

1834: dietl in 1837.
7'S. Xel-on Shelbv. died in 1838.

Gf.xi:alogv ok the IjLedsok Family 111

No. 22.

rriscilla Shelby, daughter of David and Sarah
(lUcdsoe) Sliclby, was bt)ni in Suinncr county.
Married 1 lenry L. l)ouj.:^la - s. a native of Sumner
county. He was a mercliruit in \'icksl)urg, Mis-
sissippi, where lie died in 18,^4. Had children —

79 IViscilla Douglass.

After the death of his wife. I'riscilla Shelby.
Henry L. Douglass married Miss Alcorn, si.-ter of
the late Governor Alcorn, of Mississippi, .\fter
her death he married !Mrs. Jane Crabb, mother of
Henry Crabb, of Sonora fame. Colonel Dou,L^las>
was one of the largest merchants in Xickslnng.
and was owner of the first cotton com])ress in

Xo. 23.

Lucinda Shelbw daughter oi IXavid and Sarah
(Bledsoe) Shelby, was born in Sumner county.
March 24,1/95. Xo information.

Xo. 25.
Xellie Shelby, daughter of David and Sarah
(Bledsoe) .^helby. was born in Sumner comity,
at Spencer's Choice, January 14, 1799. Married
General Robert Desha, son of Robert Desha.
General Desha's mother was, before her mar-
riage, ICleanor Wheeler, who was a daughter of
Jose])h Wheeler, a Captain in the Revolutionary
War. He served as a Ca])tain and a I'rigade-
!Major in the war of 1812. Was a representative
in Congress from 'lY-nncssee from 1827 to 1831.
He was for some time a merchant in Gallatin and
later removed to Mobile, Alaliama, where he con-
ducted a flourishing business until liis death,
February 8, 1849. Had children —

80 Caroline Desha.

81 Phoebe Ann Desha.

S2 Tulia Desha. Xo information.


Historic Su.mnkk Covstv, Ti:xx.

Xo. 27.

Orvillc 5>hcl!)y. <()u of Da\i(l and Sarah ( lUe'l-
soe) Shelby, was born in Sumner county on Jan-
uary 21. 1803. Married C'aroh'ne \\'inchest(.r.
dauj^htcr of ("icneral James \\ ineher^ter. and >()on

Doctor Thomas F'earn

thereafter removed to Lexington Kentucky. Had
children —

83 Joseph Orville Shelby.

84 Carrie Shelbv.

85 Isaac Shelbv.'

Gi:xi:alogy or thk r.Lrinsoi-: Family 113

Xo. 28.
Sarah T-lcclsoc Shelby, Dau,<:::htcr of David and
Sarah (Bledsoe) Shd'hy. was born in Sumner
countv, January 21. 180'6. Married Dr. Thomas
Fcarn' on February 26. 1822. Died^Iay 22, 1842.
Dr. I'earn was a son of Thomas Fearn. and was



Mrs. Maria Ei.i/.a Fkarn Garth

born in IMtlsvlvania County. \'irs:inia. Xovcm-
ber 15, 1789;'dicd January 16, 1863. Had ciiil-
drcn —
S6 Mary Fearn.

87 Sarah Fearn.

88 Kate Fearn.

114 Historic Sumnkr Couxtv, Tkxn.

89 Ada l-carn.

90 Maria J-cani.

91 I'.einice Fcarn. Xevcr jnarricd.

92 Lucv l^ce Fcani.

Xo. 29.

Albert Shclhy. son of David and Sarali (Uled-
- soc) Shelby, was born in Sumner county, ~\Iay
25, 1808. Xo information.

[■' Xo. oo.

Oscar 1'". I'Jlcdsoe. son of Isaac and Margaret

; (Xccly) lUedsoc, was born in Sumner county.

■ ric served as a commissioned officer in the Flor-

: Ida ^\'ar. Studied law and removed to Colum-

• bus r^lississippi. where he became prominent in

his profession, and where he accumulated a lari^e

fortune. He married Mary IJardwick. Had

children —

93 Randall Bledsoe. Dierl young-.

94 (lertrude I'.ledsoe.

95 L<aac i'dedsoe. Died in 1857. while at school

in l^ebanon. Tennessee.

96 Oscar V. P.ledsue. secontl.

Xo. 34.
Anthou}- Clinton liledsoc, son of Isaac and
l\largaret ( .Veely ) lUedsoe. was born in .^lunner
county. ^Married I'dizabeth (jreen and removed
lo California. Had children —

97 ^Marq'aret P.ledsoe. Xo information.

98 Finn P)ledsoe. .Xo inl'oiination.

99 Jefferson Davis iUedsoe. Xo information.

100 William (')scar Fdetlsoe. Xo inf(M-mation.

101 Carson F.ledsoe.

Xo. y?.

Amanda F.ledsoe. daughter of Isaac and Mar-
garet (Xeely) lUedsoe. married Fucellius Win-
chester. X''.i issue.

GtiNr.ALOGV (»F Tin: Blkhsof. Family 115

Xo. 36.

Gertrude lUcdsoc, daui^htcr of Isaac and .\rar-
garet (Xccly) Bledsoe, was born in Sumner
county. Married a Mr. Strauq^hton and rc:noved
to California. Xo information.

Xo. 37.

Isaac X'cwton Bledsoe, son of 1 Icnry Ramsey
and Xancy ( (iillespie ) I'ledsoe. was born in
Stunner comity. Married and rem(i\ed to La-
faxctte CDimty. Missouri. J lad children —

102 Elizabeth Bledsoe. Xo information.

103 Amanda Bledsoe. Xo information.

104 ( )])helia Bledsoe. Xo information.

105 l-"rancis ]^>le(lsoe. Xo inf()rmation.

106 Cordelia Bledsoe. Xo information.

107 Sarah Bledsoe. Xo information.

108 Clara Bdedsoc. Xo inft»rmation.

109 Callie Bledsoe. X'o information

110 Graham Bledsoe. Killed in the Civil War.

111 Dick Bledsoe. Killed in the Civil War.

Xo. 38.
Thomas Jefferson Bledsoe, son of Henry
Ramsey antl Xancy (Gillespie) Bledsoe, was born
in Sunnier county. Married a Miss White and
removed to Missouri. Had children —

112 William Bledsoe. Xo information.

113 Abraham Bledsoe. Xo information.

114 Isaac I'ledsoe. Xo information.

115 Ivina B.ledsoe. X(^ information.

116 .A daughter, name unknown. Xo information.

Xo. 30.

^ George Washin,i;ton Bledsoe, son of Henry
Ramsey and Xancy (,Gillesj)i) Bledsoe, was born
in Sumner county. Married Martha Lauderdale
and removed to .Missouri. Had children —

117 John Bledsoe. Died in I.a]-'a_\elte comity.


116 Historic Sum.nkk Couxtv, Tf.xn.

118 James I'ledsoc. Killed in the Civil \\'a.r.

119 Joseph lUetlsoc. Removed Id Texas.

120 lietlie Pdedsoe. Xo information,

121 Laura L'.ledsoe, Xo information.

122 Iviehard IMedsoc. X'o information.

Xo. 40.

Richard Bledsoe, son of Henry Ramsev and
Xancy (Gillespie) Bledsoe. Xo information.

Xo. 41.

Henry Ramsey ^ded^oe, Jr.. son of Menry
Ramsey and Xancy (Gillespie ) JUcdsoe, was born
in Stunner county. Married Xancy Byrns and
removed to Missouri. He was murdered in 'rexa>
before the Civil War. Had children —

123 iVbraham Bledsoe. Xo information.

124 Plunk l'.ledsoe. Killed in the Lawrence raid.

125 Isaac Bledsoe. Murdered bv Federal soldiers

in 1862.

126 Henr}- Ramsey Bledsoe, third. }klurdered by

Federal soldiers after he had been wounded
and surrendered.

Xo. 42.

Polly l^dedsoe. daughter of Plenry Ramsey and
Xancy (Gillespie) Bledsoe. Married, first,
Charles iJealer; second, Alexander Baskerville.
Xo information.

Xo. 43.

0])helia Bledsoe, daughter of Henry Ramsey
and .\anc}- (Ciilles]-)ie) Bledsoe. \\'as a famous
beauty. Married Rev. George Gillespie, Xo in-

Xo. 44.

Janics l^lcdsoe, son of Henry Ramsey and
X'ancy (Gilles|)ie) Bledsoe, was born in Sumner
county. ^Married Harriet Armstrong, of the
same count\-. Had children:

Gkxkalogy of Till-: Blf.dsoi-: Family 117

127 Thomas Tcfferson Bledsoe.

128 William llcnry Bleclsoe.

129 Lydia Alelvina Bledsoe. Died in Xashville at

the aj:;c of 10 years.

130 James I'ledsoe, Jr. Died in Xashville at the

age of 12 years.

131 l^liza Ann Bledsoe.

Xo. 45.
Anthony Xeely. son of William and Rachael

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