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(Bledsoe) Xeely. Married ?kFar<;aret Read. Xo

Xo. 46.
Joseph X'ecly. son of William and Rachael
(Bledsoe) Xeely. Married ^^liss Deloach. Had
children —

132 Julia Xeely. X'o information.

Xo. 47.
Polly X^ecly, daughter of William and Rachael
(Bledsoe) Xeely. Married Charles Blakemore.
No information.

Xo. 48.
Caroline X'eely, daughter of ^\'illiam and
Rachael (Bledsoe) Xeely. Married a Mr, Greer,
of Memj)his. Had children —

133 J. Xeely Greer. X'o information.

Xo. 49.

Emma A\'eatherred, daughter of James and
Polly (r)ledsoe) AW-atherred. was born in Sum-
ner county. Married, first. Mr. Frainham ; sec-
ond. Mr. .\lcLeod; third, Mr. Pratt. This branch
of the family lived in Mississippi. X'o other in-

Xo. 50.

Richard Wcatherred. son of James and Polly
(loledsoe) Weatherred, was l)orn in Sumner
county. Married a Miss King, of .Malxima. X'o

118 Historic Sumxi:k Couxtv, Ti:x.v.

Xo. 51.
Mildred WeathcrrL-d. daii.crlitcr of Tames and
Polly (J'.ledsoe) Weatherred. Married a .Mr.
I'uck of Mississippi. Xo infonnation. Has
numerous deseendants. among- ihem ^Ir. ]. C.
II. r.uek. of Texas, and liis two .sons. Major I'uck
and Lieutenant Buck of the United States Annv.
Xo. 52.
]Mary \\'eatlierred, daug^htcr of James and
Polly (IJlcdsoe) Weatherred, was l)orn in !^um-
ner county. Married, first, Mi\ Brig.gs ; second.
Mr. Kcllv. third, James Blair, a native of Xcw
York, who was postmaster at Tu>kaloosa, Ala-
bama, in the early seventies. Slic died at Tu.^ka-
loosa in 1874. Had children by Kellv —
134 A daug-hter, wlm married a .Mr. Skelton,

."^hcritT of Tuskalo^sa countv.
13:' Alice Kelly. Married Judge Ford. Xo issue.
Xo. 5.x
.^arah Shelby Weatherred. daughter of James
and I'l.lly (lUedsoe) \\'eatherred. was born in
Sumner county. Married \\'illiam L. ^Talone.
son of Mai. Malone, a Revolutionary soldier, who
came to Tennessee from Petersburg, \irginia,
about 1798. Had children—

136 Harriet Malone.

137 Bettie Malone.

138 Mildred Malone.

139 Susan !\faliinc.

140 Mary Catherine .MaK.ne.

HI Thomas .Mah^ne. Xe\er married.

142 .AIcAfurray .Malone. .Xever married.

143 John WcNk-y .Mal<.ne.

Xo. 54.
Charlotte Weatherred. daughter of James and
Polly (liledsoe) Weatherred. Ararried'Mr. Mas-
scngill, of Mi>sissi])pi. Has descendants li\ing

GkmvAI.ogv of Tin: iJi.icDsoi: Family 119

ill Texas. aninn<T ihciu Mr. j. A. Massciigill, vi
Diboll. Xo inlorniatiuii.

Xo. 59.

.Anthony Cleiulenini;", son of James and Betsey
(Jjledsoc) Cleiulening. Married Miss l^attcrson
and removed to Arkansas. Had a son —

144 I'nlton Clendening', who hved at Helena. Xo


Xo. CO.

Richard Clendcning, son of James and Betsey
(Bledsoe) C'lendeninti:. Married a ]\liss J'atter-
son and removed to Giles eonntx. Had children —

145 John C Clendenini.;". Xo information.

146 James Clendening;. Xo information.

147 \'iolet Clendeniiii^'. X'o information.

148 David Clendenini;. Xo initnination.

Xo. 62.

Elizabeth Clendenin,^^ daughter of James and
Betsey (Bledsoe) Clendenint^. ^^larried John
Patterson. Xo information.

Xo. 63.

Ivachel Clcndenim;-, daughter of James ami
Betsey (liledsoej Clendening-. ^Married William
Patterson and settled in Giles comity. Had chil-
(hen —

149 John Glendenin-;- I'atiersun.

150 Maria Hendersun I'atterson.

151 W'ilham Bledsoe i'atterson. Xe\'er married.

152 David ."-^helljy Patterson.

153 James Henderson raiterson. Xe\er married.

154 Martha i-di/a I'atierson.

155 Loi^an .\la<Hson Patterson.

156 Marvarella X'iolet Batlersoii. Xever married.

120 JTisTOKic SnMXKR County, Ti:xx.


No. 64.

Ann Sliclby. daii.qliler of Dr. John and Anna
Maria (Minnick) Slielby. Married Washinijton
• Barrow, wlio was born in Davidson comity, Ten-
nessee, October 5, 1817. lie was a lawyer by
profession, and a man of affairs. lie was i\\v
first President of the Nashville Gas Company. Ik-
was jNIinister to Portuj^Ml from 1841 to 1844. and
a Representative in Cong-ress from 1847 to 1849.
Was for a time editor of the Nashville Banner.
Was State Senator in 1860 and 1861. Was
identified w^ith the Confederacy during- the Civil
War. Was arrested by order of xA.ndrew John-
son, but soon afterwards was released by order of
the President. Died in St. Louis October 19,
1866. Had children—

157 John Shelby Barrow.

15S A daughter, who died young.

No. 65.

Priscilla vShelby, daughter of Dr. John and
Anna Maria (Minnick) Shelljy. ]\farried David
\\'illiams. of West Tennessee. Mad children —

159 John Shelby Williams.

160 Joseph Minnick \\'illiams.

161 Anna Minnick Williams.

No. 66.

Sallie Shelby, daughter of Judge Anthony
Bledsoe and Marian (Winchester) .Shelby, was
born in Sumner county. ?»Iay 10, 1812. Married
Dr. Miles Selden Watk-iu'^. of Mississi])pi. llad
children —

162 Selden Watkins.

163 Leigh Watkins.

104 Marian Shelby Walkins.

105 Lrskine \\'aikins.

Genealogy of the Di.edsoe Family 121

166 Nettie Sholhv \\-atkins.

167 Fearn W'atkins. Xo infonnatioii

No. 67.

David Shelby, son of Jndf^e .Vnthon}- Bledsoe
and Marian (\V'inchester) Shelbv, was born at
Gallatin, May 7. 1814. Married Mary T. I'.ouldin,
Januar\- 14, 1837. Had children—

168 ' Anthony Bouldin Slielbv. Born October 10,


169 David D. Shelby, born October 24, 1847.

170 Maria Bledsoe Shelby.

171 Marian Winchester Shelby. No information.

172 Yancy Howard vShelby. No information.

No. 69.

Priscilla Kate Shelby, daui^hter of Judge An-
thony Bledsoe and ^Marian (Winchester) Shelby,
was born in Sunnier county, July 15, 1818.
Married J. C. 1'. Hammond, of .Missiifsippi. Had
children —

173 Eli Shelby Hammond.

174 I^^. McLaren Hammond.

175 Priscilla IT.ammond.

No. 71.

Julia \\'inchester Shelby, daui^hier of Judjjc
Anthony Bledsoe and Marian (Winchester) Shel-
by, was born at Gallatin. July 15, 1822. ^Tarried
Air. Ware, a lawyer, of Jackson, Mississippi, llad
children —

176 Winchester ]^>ledsoe Ware. Died youni^".

No. 73.

\\'inchcsler Blodsoc Shelby, son of Jud^c An-
thony IWedsoc and .Marian (Winchester) Shelby,
was born at Dixon S])rinL;s. Tennessee, January
18, 1827. iie served in the Confederate Armv,

122 IIisTOKic Su.mxi:k County, Trxx.

with tlic rank of Colonel. Married Margaret
.AK'xander. I lad children —

177 r,lc<lsoe Alexander Shclhv.

178 ^^'illianl H. Shelhv.

179 lulwin Shelhv.

180 David Shelby.

Had tlauL;hters, hnt have no information.

Xo. 79.
Priscilla l)ou,qlass. daui^htcr of ITcnry L. and
Priscilla ( SlK'll)y) Donqlass. married Dr. Robert
C. K. Ma.rtin, who was born in Xashvillc, Au.e^ust
9, 1808. After receixini;- a elas.'^ical education he
g^radnated from iManklin Medical Collc.Qe. Phila-
delphia, with distin,L;iiished honors, then succcss-
. fully ])racticed medicine for aj)proximatcly forty
years, winning- eminence in his i)rofession, and
was noted for his ithilanlhropy. flis life and
character can best be described by the followinii'
e])itai)h on his monnnient. which was erected to
his memory b\- his female ])atients:

'"An accomplished plusician, he ^t^ax'e his

'bo the aftlicted. Honored 1)\- his

And beloved by the public.
Of men the most genial and Q-entle,
Of ]jhysicians the most generous and

He died in Xasbville. Pebruary 9, 1872. Had
children —

181 liettie Martin.

182 Mary Shelby Martin. X'exe'r married.
18.> Alice M.-irtin.

184 Ibnry l)ouglass .Martin.

185 iMa\er .Martin, .\ever married.

186 Robert C. K. .Martin. Jr.

187 Maria Martin.

188 Shelb\- Martin. .\ever married.

Gi:xi:.\r.OGv of tiu: I5li:i)soi-: Family 123

No. 80.

Caroline l")eslia. (lau}:;:htcr of General Robert
and Xellie (Shelby) Desha. Married, first. Rob-
ert Barney; second, Llo}d Abbott. Xo informa-

Xo. 81.

r'hoebe Ann Desha, daiiqhtcr of General R^^b-
crt and Xellie (Shelby) Desha, married Dr. Mur-
ray I'orbes Smith, of Mobile, Alabama. Had chil-
dren —

189 Armide Smith. Xo information.

190 Desha Smith. Xo information.

191 Alva Erskine Smith.

192 Mary \*irg-inia Smith. :

193 Florence Smith.

Xo. 83.

General Joseph Orville Slulby. son of Orville
and Caroline (Winchester) Shelby, was born at
Lexington, Kentucky, in 1831. Received a liberal
education and cngagetl in mercantile pursuits.
Removed to W'averly, Missouri, in 18.^0. and
commenced the manufacture of baled rt)pe. Soon
•afterwards tiie Kansas trouble broke out. and he
returned to Kentucky, where he organized a com-
pany for territorial service. When quiet had
been restored he returned to his rope factory. At
the breaking out of the Civil War he raised a
Company of cavalry and entered the Confederate
service with the rank of Ca])tain. In 1862 he re-
cruited a regiment, of which he was chosen
Colonel, and was given command of a brigade,
of which his regiment formed a i)art. In March,
1864. he was commissioned a iJrigadicr (ieneral,
and later a Major General. "Shelby's J'.rigade
was one of the most famous commands in the
Confederate service. General Shelby was a l,>orn
leader of men. I '.rave, daring, chivalrous, anil

124 Historic Sumxi:r Couxtv, Tf.xx.

knew not the meaning- of the word fear. He wa<;
the idol of his men, and was feared and dreaded
by his country's foes. He was to the Trans-
Mississippi dejiartment wliat Forrest was to the
I£ast. Xo braver man tlian "Did Joe S'nell\v.'
ever (hxw a sword." In 1893 he was appointed
L'nited States Marshall by I'resident Cleveland,
and held that office until his death. February 13.
1897, at his home in Adrian. Missouri.

No information as to his marriage and de-

No. 84.

Carrie Shelby, daughter of Orville and Caro-
line (Winchester) .'^helln-. }>Iarried Henry
Blood. Had children —

194 Henry F.lood. Dead.

195 Lawton r>lood. No information.

196 Mav Blood.

197 Laura Blood.

198 Olga Blood. No information.

199 Maude Blood.

No. 85.

Isaac Shelby, son of Orville and Caroline
(\\Mnchcster) Shelby, a younger brother of
General Joe O. Shelby, was born in Lexington.
Kentucky. RcnK)ved to Missouri. He served in
the Confederate Army as color-l)earer in Gordon's
Brigade, in the Trans-Mississippi department,
and was distingui^hetl for his daring. No other

No. sr^.

I\lary Fearn. daughter of Dr. Thomas and
Sarah r>1ods(-»e (Shelby) Fearn. Married Gus-
tavus L. ?yfastin. Flad childi\-n —

200 Arabella Abastin. Never married.

201 Thomas ^[astin.

202 1-Vank Masliii. Never married.


203 James Mastin. Xo informaliuP.,

204 SalHe Slid by .Masiin.

205 Gustavus L. Mastin, Jr.

Xo. 87.

Sarah Fcarii. daui^hlcr of Dr. Thomas and
Sarah Dlctlsoe (Shclh)) l-Y-arn. .Married Colonel
William V. l>arr\-. Had children —

206 \\'illiam Shelby Darry.

Xo. 88.
Kate Fearn, daughter of Dr. Thomas and
Sarah Bledsoe (Shelby) Fearn. .Married Col-
onel JMatthew Steele. Had children —

207 Thomas Steele.

208 Sal lie Steele.

209 Eliza Steele. Xover married.

210 George Steele. Xevcr married.

211 Robert Steele.

212 ]'.ernicc Steele.

213 Matthew Steele, Jr.

214 Tracy Steele.

215 Katy Willie Steele. Xever married.

Xo. 89.

Ada Fearn. daughter of Dr. Thomas and Sarah
Bledsoe (Shelby) I'earn. Married Dr. George
Steele. Had children —

216 Anna Steele.

217 I'earn Steele.

Xo. 90.
Maria Fearn. daughter of Dr. Thomas and
Sarah Bledsoe (.Shelby) Fearn. Married Col-
onel William W. Garth, of Huntsville. Alabama,
who served on the staff of General Fongstreet
during the Civil War. He was born in Morgan
County. Alabama ; pursued classical stiulies at
Lagrange and at lunory and Henry colleges, then
studied law at the University of \'irginia. Com-

126 Historic Su.mnt.r C\<uxtv, Tk.xx.

menced practice at lluntsvillc. FJcctcd a Repre-
sentative ill Coiii^^ress in 1S77. and served one
term as a Dcnincral. ]iad chiMren —
218 W'insidn F. (jarih.

Hon. Wirj.jAM Wir.i.is Gartu

Xo. 02.

Lucv Fee I'earn. daughter of Dr. 'Idi'.nias and
Sarah Jiled.soe (Shelby) l\arn. nuirried Geori;e
Mills. Xo issue.

Xo. <)4.
Gertrude Fdedsoe. dau.^hter of ( )?car F. and
.Mary (llardwiek) Hledsoc, married Lieorge !'»•

CJfXKALOGV of TIIF. ]i[.FI>SOF 1'amilv 127

SchlakT, of JMcKjucniinc. Louisiana. Had chil-
dren —

219 Kissa Dosha Schlater. L'nmarricd.

220 Nannie Schlau-r.

OscAK F. Bleosoe, Third

Xo. 96.
Oscar F. P)lcdsoc. second, son of Oscar I-", and
Alary ( 1 lar<hvick ) iJledsoc. was horn in O^luni-
bus, Mississippi, in 1840. (iradnaled witli the
first honors from the Hterary de])artnient of tlic
University of Mississippi, and then from, the law
dci)artment. At the commencement oi the Ci\il
War he entered the Confederate service as a


private in I'.lylh's battalion. Afterwards was ap-
pointed a member of the staff of (ieneral b)hn
Adams, Avho was killed at tlic battle oi iManklin.
After the close of the war he bi'came a ])lanur,
and is now one of the lar^e.-t cotton planhr>
and one of the wealthiest men in his State, lie
resides in (jrenada. lie was the J 'resident of tlu-
lUedsoe Alonnment Association, which was or-
ganized in 1908. for the purpose of erecting a
monument over the graves of Colonels Anthony
and Isaac P)lc<lsoe. at Bledsoe's IJck, Tennessee,
and contributed for that purpose $500. double
the sum given by all the other descendants of the
two distinguished brothers. At the time this is
written he is a candidate for Congress. He mar-
ried, fn-st. bdorence Pcgues. a member of an old
Huguenot family, of South Carolina. Eleven
months after their marriage his wife died, leaving
a daughter —

221 Florence Bledsoe.

He then married Sallie Cannon, of Columbus,
Mississippi, a member of the same family as Gov.
Xewton Cannon, of Tennessee. Had children —

222 Oscar F. Bledsoe, third.

223 Cannon Bledsoe. Died yoimg.

224 Marv Lou Bledsoe.

Xo. 100.
\\'illiam Oscar Bledsoe, son of Anthony C.
and !\[argaret (Xeely) Bledsoe, married and is
living at llealdsburg, California, lias ciiildren —

225 Howard Bledsoe. Xo information.

226 Clifton Bletlsoe. X'o information.

227 Alva Lledsoc. Xo information.

Xo. 101.
Carson r>ledsoe. son of Anthony C. I'.ledsoe. is
marped and living at llealdsburg, California.
Has a daughter —

228 Xame unknown.

Gemcalogv (n- Tin-: Blkhsoi-: Family


Xo. 112.
William Bledsoe, son of Thomas Jefferson and
(While) lUedsoc, lived in Missouri. Unable to
get information.








Clifton Bledsoe

Hcaldsburg, California

Xo. 113.

Abraham Bledsoe, son of Thomas Jefferson
and (White) lUcdsoe, married !Miss Lauderdale.
Xo information.

130 Historic Sumxkr County, Tkxx.

Xo. 120.

Bcttie lUcdsoc. (lau.^lUcr of Geor.u:c W'a^^liinj?-
ton and Martha (Lauderdale) Uletisoo. married
Thomas White, of Odebsa, Missouri. Had one
son —
229 Eugene White. Xo information.

Xo replies have been received from the Mis-
souri branch of the lUedsoe family, and the lit-
tle information received from various sources is
not entirely reliable. P.ut it is a well known fact
that the Confederacy had no more gallant de-
fenders in the Trans-Mississippi department than
the lUcdsocs. Captain Hiram P.ledsoe's battery,
which formed a part of Shelby's brigade, will not
be forgotten as long as any of the Federal soldiers
who served in the West are living. Captain
Josiah Bledsoe was e(|ually famous in the Mis-
souri and Arkansas campaigns.
X<\ 127.

Thomas Jefferson Bledsoe, sc>n of Tames and
Harriet (Armstrong) lileilsoe. married Zettira
Reed, and died March 2. \^0^\ buried at Atlanta.
Georgia. Had chiMren —

230 Ivliza Ann Tdedsr-e.

231 Mollie Craig IMedsoe.

232 William Duncan Bledsoe.

233 Henrv Perrv Bledsoe.

234 Ilattie Belle Bleds(K\ Died at the age of eight


235 Thomas Mallory I'.led-oe.

236 Pearl Dines I'.ledsoe. resides witli her mother

in Xashville.

237 Stella Brent Bledsoe.

Xo. 12S.
William Henry ]Ueds(K\ son of James and
Harriet (Armstrong) Bledsoe, was a Captain in
the Confederate .Army, and was killed at Port
Hudson, L«:)uisiana, in 186-1.


No. 131.
Eliza Ann liledsoc, dautj^iitcr of James and
ITarriol ( Armstroni:^) I'.Iedsoc. niarrieil John 1*".
Lockcn. Died January 12, 1908. Xo is.sue.

Xo. 136.
Harriot Malone, dauo-htcr of William L. and
Sarah Shelby ( W'catherred ) Malune. married
Charles Goodall. Xo information.

Xo. 137.

I'cttie ]\l alone, dauj^hter of William L. and
Sarah Slielh}- (Weatherred) .Malone. married
George Wray, of Tipton c<junt}. Xo informa-

Xo. 138.

Mildred r^Talone. daughter oi William L. and
Sarah Shelby (Weatherred) Malone. married
Charles ]\. Smith, of Tipton county. 1 lad chil-
dren —

238 Fannie G. Smith, born in Tipton cc)unt_\-. Octo-

lier 15. 18,^4. I'nmarried.

239 Tohn W. Smith, born Mav 24. 18.v.

240 Charles !•:. Smith. Jr.. born I'ebrnary 8. 1862.

Xever married.

241 Catherine Smith, born July 22. 186".

242 Bcttie Sue Smith, born September 11. I860.

243 Blanch Smith, born Mav 9, 1872. Died .March

12, 1879.

Xo. 139.
Susan Malone, daughter of William F. and
Sarah Shelby (Weatherred) .Malone. was bom in
Sumner rounty. .March 4. 1840. .Married Thomas
W. Winn, of Tipton county. .September 16, 1856.
Died in Tiptf^i countv. ITad children —

244 Sarah Winn.
24.5 Willie \\ Winn.
246 Marv A. Winn.

132 Historic Su.mxi:r County, Tkxx.

No. 140.

Mary Catherine Malone, dauy;htcr of William
L. and Sarah Sliclby (W'eathcrred) Malone, was
born in Sumner county, April 2, 1824. Marriid
May 16, 1839. llaleni L. Purslcy, \vho was b'Tn
January 2, 1814. and died at his farm near L'ninn
City, Tennessee. July 1'^ iSi/). In 1871 Mary
Catherine married Coktnel Uert Stovall. who was
Speaker of the Tennessee Slate Senate in 1861.
She died at l.'niun City, .Vugust 7, 18S(3. IJad
children —

247 Pattie J. I'ursley. born October 1, 1840. Died

in young womanhood.

248 Bettie E. Pursley, born September 3, 1842.

Died youngf.

249 P.rice W. Pursley, l)orn June 6, 1844. Died

wdien a young man.

250 Jennie S. Pursley, born February 25, 1846.

251 Laura Addie Pursley, born February 14, 1848.

252 Mildred Georgie Pursley, born August 2, 1851.

Xo. 143.

John Wesley ]\ [alone, son of William L. and
Sarah Shelby (Weatherred) }ilalone, married
Bettie Yost, of Kentucky. Xo information.

Xo. 149.

John Clendening Patterson, son of William and
Rachael (Clendening) I'atterson. married lilea-
nor Benson. J lad children:
/253 William l-'arly Patterson. Xever married.
254 Hugh Lawson Patterson.
^ 25.-> Pressley Foster Patterson.

256 Alary Jane Patterson.

257 ICleanor Obedience Patterson.

258 Sue Patterson.

^259 ]^>eniamin P.ledsoo Patterson.
260 Maria Palurs..n.

Geni:alogv or the Bledsoe Family 133

261 M attic I '.ell I'atterson.

262 Violet Rachael Patterson.

/263 Francis Ann Patterson. Never married.

264 Josc]ih Thomas Patterson.

No. 150.
IMaria Jfenderson I'atterson. dauj^hter of Wil-
liam and Racliael (Clendenins^) Patterson, mar-
ried A. A. Sherrell. Had children —

265 ^^'illiam Sherrell. Never married.

266 Belle Sherrell.

267 After the death of A. A. Sherrell she married

Drew yi. Perkins. Had children —

269 Elizabeth Perkins.

270 Francis Perkins.

271 \'ance Perkins.

No. 152.

David Shelby Patterson, son of William and
Rachael (Clcndeninc;-) Patterson, married Eliza-
beth Cheatham. Had children —

272 Alaria Snsan Patterson.

273 James Solomon Patterson. Never married.

274 Francis Elizabeth Patterson. Never married

275 Dr. William P.. Patterson. Never married.

276 David Henderson Patterson.

277 \^iolct Patterson. Unmarried.

278 Cornelia Rebecca Patterson.

279 Virginia Ijclle I'atterson.

280 Emma Josephine Patterson.

No. 154.
Martha Eliza Patterson, daughter of William
and l-Jachael (Clendening) Patterson, married
Dr. 1. L. Sherrell. TIad\diildren—
2^\ D. C. Patterson Sherrell.

282 \'iolet Ann Sherrell.

283 Tcnnie Sherrell.

284 V:. Matt Sherrell.

285 T'enjamin Sherrell.

134 Historic Sumxkr Couxtv, Tr.xx.

No. 155.
Lo.qan Maclison Pallcrson, son of \\'illiam and
Rachacl (Clendcning;) i'attcrson. married IVi-
scilla Leatherwood. He was shot at the battle of
Shiloh, while commanding: his company, and dit-d
two days later, April 8, 1862. Had children —

286 James Lawson Patterson.

287 'William Shelby Patterson.

288 Logan ATadison Patterson. Jr.


No. 157.
John Shelby Barrow, son of ^^'a^hingto^^ and
Ann (Shelby) Ikirrow, married ^^liss Armstrong.
Had children —

289 A daughter, w lio died voung.

290 John Shelby P.arrc^w, Jr.

•Xo. 159.
John Shelby \\ illiams. son of David and Pris-
cilla (Shelby) Williams, married Mattie Sevier,
daughter of Hon. Ambrose H. Sevier, formerly a
Senator in Congress from Arkansas. Had chil-
dren —

291 David Shelby Williams.

292 Juliette Sevier WilHams ; (bed young.

293 Maude Johnson \\'illiam>.

294 Anna Passman Williams.

295 Ambrose Sevier Williams.

Xo. 160.
Joseph Minnick Williams, son of David au'l
Priscilla (Shelby) Williams, married l-!inily Polk,
daughter of Cleneral Lucius Polk, of Maury coun-
ty. ITad children —

297 Emily Williams. Died young.

298 Henrv Veaieman Williams.

299 Joseph Minniek WilliauK. \y.

Genealogy oi" tiik liLKDSOK Familv 135

300 Anna Maria Williams. Died yoiinj;.

301 Eliza William-^. Uieil youni;.

302 Lucius W illianis. I'lniiarried.

303 I'riscilla Shelby Williams.

' No. 161.
y\nna ^.linnick Williams. daucilUcr of David and
I'riscilla (.Shelby) Williams, married Frank i'^ass-
man, of Xew Orleans. Had children —

304 ]\Iaria Shelby P"'a.s.sman.

305 Anna Minnick Passman.

No. 102.
Scldon Watkin.s, son of Dr. Miles Selden and
SalHc (Shelby) Watkins.
No. 103.
Leigh Watkins, son of Dr. ]\Iiles Selden and
Sallie' (Shelby) Watkin^. married Willie Kear-
ney, of ]\latlison county. Mississippi. Had chil-
dren —
300 Mary Lci.c^h Watkins.

307 Leigii Watkins.

No. 164.
ALarian Shelby Watkins, daughter of Dr. Aliles
Scldon and Sally (Shelby) Watkins, married
William Ewing Ivoss, of Madison county, Missis-
si])])i. Had children —

308 Willie 1^>. Ross.

309 :Marian Shelbv Ross.

310 Sallv Shelbv Ross.

311 Watkins Ross.

312 lames 1). Ross.

No. 165.
Erskine Watkins. son of Dr. Miles Selden and
Sally (Shelby) Watkins, marrieil Alice Petrie. of
Jackson, Mississijipi, where ihcy now reside. Had
chiltlren —

313 Rosa l-'arrar Walkin.s.

314 Marian Shelbv Watkins.

136 Historic Sum.\i:r County, Tf.nx.

315 Erskinc W'atkins. Jr.

316 Herbert Pelric Watkins.

317 Alice Pelric Watkins.

An infant who died unnamed.
No. 166.

Nettie Shelby Watkins, daughter of Dr. Miles
Scldon and Sally (Shelby) Watkins. Unmarried.
Resides in Jackson, .Mississippi.
No. 168.

Anthony I'ouldin Shelby, .son of David and
Mary T. (Uouldin) Shelby was born December
10, 1845. No information.
No. 169.

David D. Shelby son of David and Mary T.
(Bouldin) Shelby,' was born October 24, 1847;
marrietl August 8, 1872, Annie Eason Davis. In
1882-86 he served in the Alabama Senate, was ap-
pointed Judge of the United States Court, Fifth
Circuit, ISyh. Resides in Iluntsville, Alabama.
No children.

No. 170.

Maria Bled.soe Shelbv, daughter of David and
Mary T. (P.ouldin) Shelby,"" married May 14.
1871. Samuel I'lcasants. Had children —

318 Nellie S. Pleasants, born May 2, 1872.

319 Marian Shelby Pleasants, born in March. 1874.

No. 173.
Eli Shelby Hammond, son of J. C. P. and Pris-
cilla Kate (Shelby) Hammond, was born at ]*ran-
don, Alississii)pi. April 21. 1838. Served in the
Confederate army, then studied law and prac-
ticed until 1878. when he ',vas appointed United
States District Judge for West Tennessee, and
served to his death. December 17. 1904. He niar-
ricd January 13. 186-1. J'annic Davis. Had chil-
dren —

320 Patty Hammond.

321 C)rlando 1). I lammond.

Gkxealogv of Till-: Blkusol: Family 137

No. 174.
F. ^rcLarcn Hammond, son of J. C. P. and
Pri.'^cilla Kate (Shelby) Hammond, married
Mary Mayes. Had children —

322 Cora Hammond.

323 l'\'rdinand McLaren Hammond.

324 Mary Hammond.

325 Harry Hammond.

Xo. 175.
Priscilla Slielby Hammond. dau.c;hlcr of J. C.
P. and Priscilla Kate (Shelby) Hammond, mar-
ried J. ]\I. Scru^-gs, at Bvhalia. Mississippi. Octo-
ber 19, 1864. Had childfcn—

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