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closed and the church was filled to its utmost capacity."]

9. Daniel Hinterleiter^, b. May 14, 1846; m. Hester A.
Beiber, April 9, 1865; she d. Jan. i, 1889; r. Lebanon, Pa.
Six children :

i. Alpha L. H.^, b. July 31, 1865 ; r. Pittsburg, Pa.

a. William W. H.^, b. Oct. 26, 1867; r. Jonestown, Pa.

Hi. Kate L. H.^, b. April i, 1869; d. July 23, 1894.

iv. George W. H.^, b. Oct. 20, 1871.

V. E. D. H.^, b. Dec. 26, 1873 ; r. Lebanon, Pa.

z'i. Laura E. H.^' b. Oct. 26, 1875.

10. Charles Alfred Hinterleiter-*, b. Nov. 30, 1848; m.
Miss Emma Catharine Barto, of Rockland, Berks County,
Pa., Dec. 26, 1881. He d. at Lebanon, Pa., May
13, 1901. United with the Seventh Day Baptists,
and was a zealous worker in that fold. He was a house
painter, but the trade did not agree with him and was, per-
haps, the cause of lowering his vitality and producing the
disease, consumption, that slowly but finally carried him
to his grave. Like his beloved niece, Minnie H. Sands, he
rejoiced in the faith that he would be awakened out of his
deep sleep in the grave, and that as he bore the image of
the earthy, so he would in both soul and body bear the
image of the heavenly.


The Gcrnhardt Family History. 173

III. JONAS GERNERT3, b. Xov. 21, 1809; "i- Lea Zeig-
ler, Aug. 9, 1829; she d. Nov. 4, 1876; he d. March 4, 1893; r.
in Upper Alacungie, on a farm adjoining the place of his birth.
Had ten children :

1. Jonathan Gernert"*, b. May 25, 1830; m. Lucy Lentz,
Feb. 21, 1858; r. Upper Macungie, on the homestead; o.
farmer and butcher. He d. June 18, 1896. Five children:

i. Frank GcnicrP, b. July 28, 1859; m. Annie R. Leibens-
perger, May 13, 1882; r. Trexlerstown, Pa. Two chil-
dren: Herbert F.*^, b. Jan. 13, 1884; Lucy S.^ b. Dec.
28, 1887.

a. Mary Ida G.^, b. April 15, 1861 ; m. O. P. Leibensper-
ger, June 4, 1881 ; r. McKeansburg, Pa. Five children:

a. Clarence F. L.^, h. March 20, 1882 ; m. Mary Richard,

March 7, 1901. Child: Fordua Leibensperger'^x

b. Harry O. L.^, b. Nov. 22, 1883.

c. Lula L.6, b. Aug. 15, 1886.

d. Lester D. L.\ b. March 5, 1889.

e. Eva R. L.^, b. Oct. 22, 1893.

///. Emma Caroline G.^, b. April 19, 1863; m. Alvin
Stephen, Jan. 5, 1889; r. East Texas, Pa. Five sons:
Harvin R. S.^, b. July 7, 1889; Harrison F. S.^, b. May
16, 1892; Willis A. S.^ b. June 2ix— d. April 9, 1896;
Phaon S.6, b. Nov. 4, 1897; Ellis O. S.«, b. April 8,

iz'. Hannah Elmira G.^, b. Nov. 27, 1867; m. Stanley Grim,
Jan. I, 1889; n. c.

■I'. Harry C. G.^, b. Nov. 4, 1875 ; m. Clara Haaf, Sept. 17,

2. Sarah Anna Amanda Gernert^, b. July 17, 1832; m.
Jacob Gift, June 25, 1864. She d. Dec. 23^ He is also
dead. They had two daughters : Callie and Mary^.

3. Anna Caroline G.^, b. Feb. 5, 1834; d. unm. Feb. 14, 1862.

4. Charles Alfred Gernerd^, b. Aug. 8, 1836; m. Elemena
Gackenbach, April 8, 1858; r. Trexlerstown, Pa; o. min-
ing iron ore and farming. Had :

174 The Gernhardt Family History.

i Charles Wilson B. Gerncrd^, b. Sept. 5, 1858 ; m. Miss
Ellen V. Schmoyer, May 2, 1877; r. AUentown, Pa.
Children: Frederick Benjamin^, b. Nov. 22, 1879;
Jennie Mabel'', b. Sept. 21, 1880; Bessie Rebecca^ b.
Sept. 24, 1882.

Charles Wilson G.^ has become widely known as the origi-
nator and owner of the famous Lehigh County Duck Farm. In
July, 1900, I had the pleasure of inspecting this most interesting-
duck bi'eeding establishment, located on Cedar Creek, near Al-
lentown, and seeing what six years of assiduous and enthusiastic
devotion to a pet pursuit had then already accomplished. At the
time of this visit he had as many as 16,000 ducks on his premises
of about seven acres, nearly through the centre of which a swift
and sparkling stream flows on its way to unite with the Lehigh
River. The hatch since the beginning of the year had been about
25,000 ducks, and was expected to reach 27,000 before the end
of the season. The sight of such an aggregation of clean, pure
white, healthy, moving mass of ducksl — great care is taken to
keep the grounds clean and in proper sanitc.ry condition, in con-
sequence of which, and other wise precautions to protect them,
but few birds are ever lost — is in the highest degree pleasing and
interesting. The place being quickly accessible by a trolley line
from the city of AUentown, attracts a great many visitors ; and as
the visitors require more or less attention, and come well sup-
plied with questions, it was found necessary, as well as a proper
source of revenue, to charge each one a nickel for admission with-
in the attractive enclosure. An elevated boardwalk runs through
tlie length and across the ground, — as may be seen in the illustra-
tion in this history — from which the visitors look down into and
have a full view of the various pens, without entering them and
disturbing the birds.

In the hatching house, seen in the foreground of the accom-
panying picture, we were shown 56 large incubators, capable of
hatching out more than 16,000 eggs at one time, if needed. The
Prairie State Incubator Company, in their 1903 catalogue say
this is "the largest incubator room in the world." There were al-

Proprietor of the Duck Farm.

The Gernhardt Familv History.


ways kept on hand from 500 to i ,000 old ducks for Living-, though
many of the eggs are bought from the farmers living along the
creek and in the neighborhood. The proprietor was then feeding
more than a ton of mixed bran, chopped oats and corn, besides
great piles of green food ; and was every day butchering — in a
building especially constructed for the purpose, at the far end of
the boardwalk — and by rail shipping about 100 ducks (a good-
sized flock) to New York, to one man, who had contracted to take
all he can raise, and who supplies such hotels as the Imperial and
the Waldorf-Astoria. The ducks are voracious eaters, grow fast
and fat, and are ready for the market before three months old,
ai which age some weigh as much as five pounds each.

Besides the ducks our enterprising kinsman also had quite a
flock of pigeons, chiefly runts, the large squabs of which he was
shipping to New York to the same party. Charles is by taste and
nature well suited to build up such an enterprise, and perhaps
not one in a hundred who think they would like to engage in the
business would succeed as well. I remember that he was a real
lover of birds, domesticated and wild, taking a true naturalist's
delight in studying their ways, and that he was even quite an ex-
pert taxidermist when yet a mere boy. His large yearly exhibits
of poultry and pigeons since then at the Lehigh County Fair,
noted as being one of the best agricultural fairs in all the land,
always attracted a great deal of attention, and never failed to win
for him a long list of premiums. He is certainly the right man in
the right place, and is getting the experience that will enable him
to accomplish still greater results. He has, I learned since, pur-
chased an additional 38 acres, and when I last heard was prepar-
mg for a large extension of the duck-producing business. He ex-
pects, after he has everything arranged in accordance with his
gradually matured plan, to raise double and treble the number
of ducks he has heretofore raised, besides increasing the yearly
hatch of pigeons to about 10,000 pairs. The man who builds up
such a plant is a public benefactor.

a. Harvey Americus Gernerd°, h. Nov. 12, 1859; m. xA.nnie
M. Diefifenderfer ; n. c.

176 The Gcrnhardt Family History.

Hi. Christopher Peter G.^, b. Feb. 27, 1862 ; d. in childhood.

iv. Annie Leonora G.^, h. April 6, 1865; m. Elmer Peter
Werley, June 14, 1888; r. Allentown, Pa. One son:
Elmer Alden Werley^ b. March 17, 1889.

V. Joseph Alfred Gernerd^, b. Oct. 12, 1866.

vi. Jennie Atilla G.°, b. Dec. 12, 1869; m. Ernest Harry
Baines, Oct. 22, 1896; n. c.

5. FiANNA Amanda Gernerd'*, b. Sept. 16, 1838; m. Joseph
Holben, of Lyon Valley, Pa., Jan. 30, 1864. He d. Sept.
17, 1901. Three children :

i. Albert Peter Holben^, h. Oct. 23, 1864; m. Jane Ever-
itt^; he d. at Ironton, Pa., Sept. 29, 1899; o. butcher.
Five children : Preston Franklin^, b. May 23, 1889 ;
Lasda Cedella^ b. Aug. 10, 1890; Leda Jane^, b. Oct.
/ 25, 1891 ; Penna Celestia^, b. June 6, 1895; Warren
Albert^, b. Sept. 23, 1896.

a. Franklin Jonas Holben^, b. Aug. 21, 1868; m. Alice
Walbert, March 4, 1886. Is a practitioner of medicine
and proprietor of Lyon Valley Hotel, at Lyon Valley,
Pa. Three children: Estella M. F.^, b. Aug. 27, 1886;
Pearl L. D.^, b. May 7, 1890; Arthur F. J.^, b. April
12, 1893.

Hi. Milton Joseph Holben^, b. Nov. 27, 1871 ; m. first, Ma-
lara Werley, Dec. 25, 1893; second, Amanda Krummx,
1898; r. Weisenberg, Lehigh County, Pa. Children:
Lila Malara^, b. July 4, 1893 — d. May, 1894; Lawrence
Charles^, b. April 18, 1895 ; Nevin^, b. June 22, 1899.

6. Ellen Jane Gernert*, b. Nov. 17, 1840; m. James M.
Gift, Oct. 16, 1864.

7. Catharine E. Josephine Gernert^, b. June 9, 1842; m.

Willoughby J. Bleiler, Oct. 26, 1867 ; r. Allentown, Pa. Mr.
B. d. Oct. 24, 1894. Three children:

i. Charles Jonas Bleiler^, b. June 6, 1868 ; m. Minnie G.
Swartz, Oct. 10, 1895 ; r. Allentown, Pa.

ii. Osear W. Bleiler^, b. June 28, 1869 ; m. Elizabeth Siep,
Oct. 31, 1890; r. Andreas, Pa.; o. Tel. Op. and Ag't of
Lehigh Valley R. R. Children : Ralph C. B.^, b. June
7, 1892; Charles M. B.^, b. Nov. 9, 1893.

The Gernhardt Family History. 177

Hi. Morris C. Bleilcr^, b. Aug. 22, 1871 ; o. traveling sales-

8. Isaac Granville Gernert"^, b. June 13, 1846; m. Hannah

Louise Butz, May 25, 1865; r. Allentown, Pa.; o. hotel
keeper. Nine children :

i. Annie Louisa G.^, b. July 21, 1866 ; m. Preston B. Schadt,
Nov. 15, 1888.

ii. Mary Cecelia G.^, b. Sept. 13, 1867; m. Charles C. Haas,
December, 1882. She d. March 28, 1886.

Hi. George Milton G.^, b. July 21, 1872; m. Miss Clara

Meeker, March, 1896.
iv. Ida Virginia G.^, b. Aug. 12, 1878.
V. Sallie Ann Irene G.^, b. June 9, 1881.
vi. Mabel Ehnira G.^, b. June 9, 1886; d. Feb. 7, 1887.
vii. Jeremiah B. G.^, b. May 20, 1875; d. Feb. 25, 1876.
viii. Ellen Jane^, d. in infancy.
ix. Charles Alfred"^, d. in infancy.

9. Cecell\ Gernert^, b. Jan. 29, 1849; d. Aug. 18, 1852.

10. Marl\ Gernert*, b. Nov. 30, 1850; m. John Fineaur,
Sept. 12, 1876; r. Allentown, Pa. Had ten children — five
sons and five daughters, six of whom are deceased^.

IV. MARY ANN GERNERT^, b. July 25, 181 1 ; m. first,
Charles Gackenbach, in 1834; second, John Bortz, March 10,
1850; r. near Trexlerstown, Pa. She d. March 17, 1868. Had
five children :

1. Marl\ a. Gackenbach^ b. Oct. 29, 1835; m. Tilghman

Kuder. She d. April, 1861. He d. March 20, 1869. Had
four children : Tilghman^, Elenora^, Victor^, Isadore^.

2. Eliza A. Gackenbach-*, b. Nov. 22, 1837; "i- William
Haines, Oct. 15, 1864. He d. June 28, 1903. She resides
in Allentown, Pa. Five children :

i. Ulysses C. Haines^, b. July 4, 1865.

ii. Minnie A. H.^, b. April 7, 1867; m. W. C. Hoats, April
7, 1899.

178 The Gernhardt Family History.

Hi. Liacie E. H.^, b. Oct. 11, 1873 ; m. Herbert Fehr, Aug.

9, 1900; he d. June 28, 1902.
iv. Maggie E. H.^, b. March 28, 1875 ; d. Jan. 27, 1884.
V. Harry W. H.^ b. April 15, 1880.

3. Elvina Gackenbach*, b. March 8, 1840; m. Henry A.

Scheridan, Dec. 24, 1867. She d. Feb. 26, 1880. They had:

i. Bra H. S.^, b. July 11, 1871 ; r. Breinigsville, Pa.; m.x
July 12, 1892.

a. Harry C. S.^ h. Feb. 11, 1875 ; d. April 19, 1882.

Hi. Bertha A. S.^, b. Aug. 25, 1877; ^- Breinigsville, Pa.;
m.^ April i, 1899.

4. Charles W. Gackenbach"*, b. Nov. 18, 1842 ; m. Miss Jane
A. Schneck, of Schnecksville, Pa., July 7, 1862; r. Wichita,
Kansas. Three children :

i. Annie M. G.^,h. Jan. 30, 1865.

ii. Farley A. G.^, b. July 14, 1867; m. Clara Leith, of Al-
lentown, Pa., Nov. 30, 1887 ; r. Wichita, Kansas. Child :
Blanche G.^, b. April 18, 1888.

Hi. William^, b. May 15, 1869; d. in infancy.

5. Oscar M. Bortz*, b. July 14, 185 1 ; d. young.

V. NATHAN GERNERD3, b, j^n. i, 1813; m. Salome
Steininger, of Upper Macungie, Pa., Feb. 25, 1834. He d. June
13, 1879, and she d. Feb. 3, 1876. They bought and for many
years lived on the Gernert Homestead, in Macungie. They had
eleven children :

I. Anna Maria G.^ b. Oct. 28, 1834; m. William Levan, of
Reading, June 6, 1854. He d. April 20, 1881. She and
her daughter, Alice, live together in Reading. She had
seven children : ,

i. Alice M. Levari^, b. Oct. 4, 1855; m. Edward Smeltzer,

May 29, 1884. He d.x.
ii. David Levan^, b. April 11, 1859; d. unm. May i, 1900.

Hi. Ellen Levan^, b. Jan. 8, 1861 ; m. Cyrus Bollinger, June
15, 1882; r. Reading, Pa. Children: Claude Henry
B.6, b. June 23, 1886 ; Levan B.6, b. Nov. 24, 1889.



The Gernhardt Family History. 179

iv. Sarah G. L.^, b. May 7, 1863; d. Sept. 12, 1864.

V. Charles Henry L.^, b. Oct. 14, 1864; m. Elmira Seig-
fried, of Reading, Pa., July 24, 1886; r. Altoona, Pa.;
o. merchant tailor. Charles has been in business for
himself about fourteen years, and by good business hab-
its, never being idle, and by living up to his promises
and studying to please his customers, has been reward-
ed with deserved success. He carries a large stock of
woolens, employs thirteen people in making up men's
suits, and owns a handsome home. He and wife are
members of the Episcopal Church.

vi. Annie May Levan^, b. May 10, 1868; m. Harry Steve,
June I, 1886; r. Reading, Pa. Children: Helen Eliza-
beth SteveS, b. April 22, 1887; Alice Marie S.^, b. April
8, 1889; Robert William S.^, b. Feb. 10, 1898.

vii. Rosie Esther Levan^, b. Oct. 29, 1872; m. Sylvester
Oscar Houser, April 24, 1897; r. Reading, Pa.

James Gernert*, b. Nov. 6, 1837; m. Sarah Jacoby, Jan.
29, 1855 ; was a member of Co. G, Sth Pa. V. M.
(1862), and served during Confederate invasion of
Maryland ; r. Allentown, Pa. Ten children :

i. Sylvester T. G}, b. March 28, 1855.

a. Alice M. G.5, b. Dec. 4, 1856.

Hi: Obadiah J. G.^, b. Jan. 5, 1859; m. Carolina Sanwalt, of

Ohio, 1885 ; has resided near Tiffin, O., since 1881 ; o.

farmer. Children: Eva Luella^, b. Feb. 16, 1886; John

Elmer6, b. Jan. i, 1888; Daisy May^, b. May 25, 1894;

Charles Wesley^ b. June 27, 1899.
iv. Morris J. G.^, b. Oct. 24, i860.
V. Stezvart G.^, b. March 18, 1865.
vi. George L. G.^, b. May 18, 1867; m.x Dec. 31, 1889.
vii. Eliza J. G.^, b. Jan. i, 1870.

via. Harrison G.^, h. March 6, 1872; d. April 6, 1873.
ix. Laura V. G.^, b. Jan. 22, 1874.
X. Elmer R. G.^, b. June i, 1875; d. July 10, 1893.

. Harrison Augustus Gernerd*, b. May 2, 1839 ; m. Caro-
lina Shafifer, of Bath, Pa., Nov. 3, i860; r. Bath; o. dentist.
One son :

i8o The Gernhardt Family History.

i. Elmer Ellsworth Gernerd^, b. Aug. 13, 1861 ; m. Mary C.
Kromer, of Bath, Pa., Oct. i, 1881. Graduated, from
Philadelphia College of Dental Surgery in 1883 ; r.
Bethlehem, Pa. Has four children :

a. Carrie Eovina G.^, b. Jan. 8, 1882.

b. Robert Pattison G.^, b. Dec. 25, 1883. Graduated from

Philadelphia College of Dental Surgery in 1902.

c. Floyd Harry G.^h. May 28, 1885.

d. Emily Kromer G.^, b. June 11, 1889.

4. Sarah Eliza Gernerd^, b. July 23, 1841 ; m. Obadiah B.
Keller, Dec. 25, 1863; r. Lyons Station, Berks County, Pa.
Four children :

i. Harry A. K.^, h. June 18, 1865 ; d. Feb. 27, 1871.

a. Emily G. K}, b. Sept. 22, 1867; m. Charles M. Hoch,
July I, 1885 ; r. Woodside, Del. Children : Harry^, b.
Jan. 9, 1887 ; Elmer^, b. April 10, 1889 ; Walter^, b. Aug.
16, 1891 ; Charles Ira^ b. June 16, 1894; Ernest^, b.
May 2, 1897; Paul^ b. Feb. 13, 1899.

Hi. Frederic Amman K.^, b. Jan. 3, 1872 ; m. Miss Annis
Frost, of Brockwayville, Pa., Aug. 15, 1894; r. Tion-
esta, Pa., and is at present Treasurer of Forest County.
Has: Raymond Wilson K.^, b. March 16, 1897; How-
ard Frederick^, b. Nov. 13, 1899.

iv. Sarah May K?, b. Oct. 19, 1882.

5. George William Gernerd^ b. Nov. 4, 1844; m. Rebecca

M. Zeigler, May 27, 1882 ; o. farmer ; r. Rockland Town-
ship, Berks County, Pa. He d. March 8, 1888. One daugh-
ter : Sarah Elizabeth R. Gernerd^, b. Aug. 21, 1883.

6. William Morris Gernert*, b. July 11, 1847; "i- Amelia B,

Rothermel, of Blandon, Pa., May 28, 1868 ; r. West Lees-
port, Pa., o. farmer. Seven children :
*. Oscar Jeremiah G.^, b. Feb. 26, 1870; m. Mary Bushy,
Aug. 20, 1892; r. Allentown, Pa. Children: Deborah
Rebecca G.^, b. Oct. 3, 1896; Charles Elmer G.^, b. Oct.
30, 1899.
a. Annie Martha G.^, b. Oct. 15, 1871 ; m. John Yenser,
Oct. 19, 1890 ; r. Lyons Station, Pa. Children : Irvin
Jeremiah Y.6, b. Feb. 16, 1890 ; Helen May Y.^ b. Nov.
16, 1891 ; Florence Amelia Y.^, b. May 23, 1896.



The Gcrnhardt Family History. i8i

Hi. Mary May G.^, b. May 17, 1873; d. June 17, 1874.

iv. William Nathan G.^, b. Nov. 28, 1875 '' rn. Emma Clay,
Dec. 17, 1898 ; r. Rickenback, Pa. Son : Earl Jacob
G.^ b. Jan. 7, 1901.

V. Harry Allen G.^, b. Nov. 4, 1877.

vi. Edmond David G.^, h. Dec. 19, 1879.

z'ii. Eva Salome G.^, b. Nov. 22, 1881 ; m. Charles Ricken-
back, Nov. 25, 1899; r. Rickenback, Pa. Children : Ma-
bel Rebecca R.^, b. April 8, 1900; Alva Salome R.^, b.
April 20, 1 90 1.
7. Ellen Catharine Gernert^, b. Sept. 2, 1849; m. Jacob

Meitzler, July 4, 1869; r. Braddock, Pa. Three children:

i. Annie Meitzler^, b. Aug. 30, 1870; m. Charles H. Huns-
berger, Dec. 22, 1888. She d. Nov. 6, 1901, and was
buried at Allentown, Pa. Two children : Esther Ellen
H.6, b. Oct. 29, 1889; Ruth Minnie H.^, b. March 16,

a. George N. J. M.^, h. Jan. 6, 1874; m. Annie Virginia
Moyer, April 18, 1897.

Hi. Lydia G. M.^, h. April 5, 1881 ; m. S. A. Wallace, June
12, 1901. One son: Albert L. M. Wallace^, b. Jan. 5,

9. Hannah Martha Gernert*, b. July i, 1854; m. Jeremiah
Fritz, July 20, 1872; r. Reading, Pa. Children: Irvin Clin-
ton F.5, b. Oct. 25, 1872; Harry Nathan F.^, b. Feb. 5,

10. John Gernert*, b. May 14, 1857; ^- Kathe Mathis, Jan.
10, 1886; r. Sandusky, O. Four children: Reistolf G.^, b.
May 9, 1890; Milton G.^, b. Sept. 4, 1892; Ellie M. G.^,

b. Sept. 2, 1895; Maria M. G.^, b. Oct. 15, 1897.

11. jNIilton Oscar Gernert^, b. Nov. 10, 1859; ™- Addie S.
Smith, of Salfordville, Pa., Dec. 8, 1880; o. harness maker.
Four children: Ednia G.^, b. July 21, 1881 — deceased;
Verdia G.s, b. Aug. 6, 1885; Alice G.^, b. March 15. 1888;
Webb A. G.5, b. Feb. 2, 1896.

VI. DAVID GERNERD4, b. April 13, 181 5 ; m. Miss Lydia
Mohr, of Fogelsville, Pa., in 1835, settled in Muncy, Pa., in 1839;
0. chairmaker. Learned his trade in the same shop where his

i82 The Gernhardt Family History.

father had been an apprentice before him. He died Dec. 31. 1846,
ii.i his 32d year.

If he were to rise from his grave now and find his little boy
an old gray-headed man, more than twice as old as he was when he
died, he would — one may imagine — ^be amazed by the change.
Great surprises are no doubt in store for all. He was a devout
believer in the Book which declares that the things which God
hath prepared for them that love Him have not entered into the
heart of man. My mother died May 6, 1855. I was an only
child, and was born on the old homestead (where my father was
born), July 22, 1836. Married Louise C. Sieger, of Allentown,
Pa., July 15, 1862. We likewise "had but one child: Lydia Sieger
Gernerd^, b. June 5, 1868, and d. Nov. 18, 1893.

Lydia in August, 1893, fell from a swing while at a picnic,
from which accident — though not at first regarded as serious — a
three months illness resulted. An internal abscess developed, every-
thing was done for her that medical experience advised, a sur-
gical operation was resorted to, but there was no relief until death
came and ended her sufferings. I can not trust myself to write
■v\hat my heart would dictate of one so dutiful and appreciative,
whose life was so dear to her parents, but I copy the following
from a notice of her — written by a friend who knew her intimately
all her life — that appeared immediately after her deach in the
Muncy Luminary:

"Few deaths have occurred in our community that awakened
the sympathy and caused such universal sorrow as that of Lydia
Sieger Gernerd, who passed away at 7 o'clock on the eve of No-
vember 18, 1893, after weeks of painful illness, which she bore
with heroic fortitude, all the time contending she never would get
well, but manifested no fear of death.

"She was the only child of J. M. M. and Louisa S. Gernerd,
and was born in Muncy, June 5, 1868, and brought up by her
parents in the most careful and painstaking manner, with every
wish gratified, whether 'uttered or unexpressed,' and she repaid
them with an affectionate attachment and lovingness, manifested
by her obedience and assistance as a dutiful daughter and a
fondness for her home. * * * jj- would be ungen-


(;ernek1)->, muncy, pa.


The Gernhardt Family History. 183

erous and ungrateful to withhold giving voice to the
many noble qualities that adorned the whole life of Lydia
S. Gernerd — happy, amiable, generous and confiding, she won
hosts of friends, and was a leading spirit among her companions,
wiio mourn her loss with a deep, unutterable sorrow. She was a
worker in the church, Sunday school, benevolent societies, and
among the King's Daughters was one of the most active. For
several years she was organist in St. James' P. Episcopal Church,
and her touch and renditions were so pleasing that there was uni-
versal regret when she resigned.

''Her pilgrimage here was short, but by labors of love she well
fulfilled the ministries of life, and we treasure up in our memories
many incidents of a pleasing kind connected with this bright, win-
some girl, whose speaking lips the Angel of Death hath so cruelly
closed, but set a seal of Peace upon her brow, for if ever a dead
face told of perfect Rest and Peace, that of Lydia's did, as she lay
in her handsome casket upon a bed of roses and white carnations
— (her mother's tribute) — while all around her were heaped the
most beautiful floral gifts of affection from friends, relatives and
societies. The last sad rites took place from her home at 3.30
o'clock on Tuesday afternoon, where hundreds of her friends as-
sembled to take a last look upon all that was mortal of Lydia S.
Gernerd. * =i< ;!= When the funeral cortege reached the cem-
etery, there too had the hands of affection been busy, beautifying
the open grave and upturned earth with lovely flowers, so her last
resting place was amid the beautiful blossoms she so loved to imi-
tate upon canvas when living, but now

' Death lies on her like an untimely frost
Upon the sweetest flower of all the field.' "

A word about myself. If to pass so many of the family with-
out special notice of their lives and narrate some of the facts of
my own, may seem unseemly, let it be remembered that everything
of interest respecting others that could be obtained without the
opportunity of personal interviews has been given, and that what
1 failed to get I could surely not give. Years have been spent in
gathering and arranging the data for this imperfect history, and
no one can realize how irksome such an undertaking is without
experience. In many cases I failed to secure even complete family
records. At least two hundred letters must have been written that

184 The Gernhardt Family History.

were never answered, and numbers were returned bearing- the
postoffice stamp, "unclaimed." What I write of myself are facts
ready at hand, and required no effort to get. Allowance should,
therefore, be made because this valuable space is not devoted to

I attended our common schools until twelve years old, but sel-
dom enjoyed the privilege. Was a sickly, nervous, wayward
youngster. When a year or two old was so puny that Grand-
mother Gernert declared I would never grow up, but — such is the
mystery and hap of life — the frail boy has already lived to be much
older than both his parents and three of his grandparents, and now
at an age when his other grandparent was a physical wreck is en-
* gaged in the laborious task of compiling a Family History. If
allowed to live more in the open air and sunlight, and not forced
to go to school so much against his will, the boy might have grown
more robust and liked school better. But a fond and well-meaning
father, who himself had but a few months schooling, and no

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