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with Robert, as was had with his brother, John B., the member of
Co. B of the 131st would no doubt have been "reminded" of some
things worthy of being recorded in this Family History. He
briefly mentioned that on the night after the disastrous repulse
ffom the height at Fredericksburg he was detailed with six others
of his comf)any to gather up the wounded, and they were thus

276 The Gernhardt Family History.

humanely engaged until midnight, a perilous duty in which they
made a number of very narrow escapes, as the rebel batteries kept
right on shelling the field, being no doubt apprehensive of a night
assault. "Our dead some places lay three deep," said he, and "we
saw some horrible sights." Never can any one forget the melan-
choly impression that such a direful scene is sure to make. May
the American Union never forget the sacrifices made by the brave
men who fought on such bloody fields for its preservation.

And indeed the great sacrifice and noble service will never be
forgotten. A beautiful and well-kept National Cemetery now
occupies the height up which our kinsmen. Sees and Baker, and
the gallant 131st in battle array charged, with the division under
General Humphrey, which headed the column of assault and met
with such a fearful loss and repulse. Most of the men who died
in the vain attempt to take it by storm now occupy it in peaceful
repose in the grateful Nation's fair necropolis ; and many of the
loyal and brave who' gave their lives in the battles of the Wilder-
ness, Spottsylvania and Chancellorsville, are there at rest with
them. The total number of these honored Union martyrs in the
cemetery is 15,257. Of these 2,487 are known, but the startling
number of 12,770 are among the lamented "unknown." The
graves made after the carnage had as far as possible been care-
fully marked, but when the enemy a few days later reoccupied
the city all the headboards were ruthlessly destroyed. The names
of the dead, however, are preserved in the rosters of their regi-
ments ; the records show how they fell in the best cause that was
ever subject to the arbitrament of war; and their families — and
the soldiers who were disabled in the struggle — have from year
to year been reminded, though far from compensatied, by a be-
holden and thankful government that none are forgotten and are
really "unknown."

6. Caroline Sees*, b. Sept. 23, 1846, only three weeks before

her mother died; m. Abraliam Page, Dec. 28, 1865; r.

Syracuse, N. Y. Six children :

i. Samuel Sces^, b. Oct. 6, 1866; d. at Saratoga Springs,
N. Y., Dec. II, 1891. »

The Gernhardt Family History. 277

Mary Elizabeth S.^, b. Feb. 8, 1869.

Hattie Nenvilla S.^, b. June 29, 1872 ;''m. S. F. Vannos-

trand, Nov. 30, 1897; r. Syracuse. One child:

George Page V.^, b. Oct. 5, 1898.

Oliver Oscar S/>, b. April 25, 1874; d. May 6, 1874.
Helen May S.^, b. Jan. 6, 1876; m. William Adain Rich,

Dec. 4, 1900.

Kirby Clinton^, b. May 6, 1879.

II. JOHN GARNHART3, b. March 12, 1812, on the Sinking
Springs Homestead ; m. first, Louise J. Moritz, June 30, 1833 ; she
d. Sept. 23, 1861 ; m. second, Margaret Parsons, July 4, 1862. Mi-
grated with his family to Ogle County, Illinois, in the fall of 1849,
and was the only one of Baltzer's children who moved away from
the neighborhood in which he was born. Owned a very desirable
farm of 216 acres in Marion Township, on which he resided until
1870, when he moved to Rockford, Winnebago County, 111., where
he died July 26th, 1876. Had eight children :

1. Charles Williams Garnhart^, b. Aug. 27, 1834; m. Caro-

line Lilley, Sept. 9, 1861 ; r. Stillman Valley, 111. ; o. farmer.

Three sons :

i. Lawrence Delmer^, b. Nov. 17, 1863; m. Carrie M. Ly-
man, Sept. 19, 1888; r. Shell Lake, Wis. One son:
Harry W.^, b. Jan. 8, 1890.

a. William Henry^, b. May 13, 1866.

Hi. Clarence Walker^, b. Feb. 25, 1870.

2. Henry Clay Garnhart^, b. Oct. 3, 1836; m. Olive M.

Winchell, of Laporte, Ind., Oct. 11, i860. He d. at White
Rock, III, Oct. 23, 1868. Three children :
i. Louisa Ellen G.^, b. Aug. 4, 1861 ; d. April, 1863.
a. Carrie May G.^, b. July 7, 1863 ; m. Thomas W. Young-
er, April 24, 1895 ; r. Chicago. Three children : Os-
borne G. Y.6, b. Jan. 27, 1896; Olive Elizabeth Y.6, b.
Nov. 27, 1897; Helen Y.^, b. Jan. 18, 1899.
Hi. Ernest Smith G.^, b. Dec. 3, 1865 ; d. Dec. 15, 1868.

3. George Washington Garnhart*, b. Dec. 13, 1838; m.
Ellen J. Moore, Nov. 17, 1863; r. Oregon, 111. Educated

278 The Gernhardt Family History.

at Franklin College, Ind. Taught school several years,

then became a farmer. Served as clerk of School Board

many years. Three children:

i. Dewitt C.^, b. Feb. 14, 1865; d. Oct. 21, 1894.

a. Walter W.^ h. Dec. 10, 1866.

Hi. Alwilda E.^, b. April 20, 1872.

4. David Porter Garnhart*, b. April 4, 1841 ; m. Matilda C.
Miller, Nov. i, 1866; r. near Freeport, 111. ; o. farmer. Six
children :
i, Henry Allen^, b. July i, 1871 ; m. Fannie Kornhaus, Feb.

27, 1895 ; r. in Marion County, Kansas.
a. Maiirice O. G.^, b. Jan. 2, 1878; m. Emma Renner, Oct.

18, 1899; r. Loran Gap, 111. One daughter: Elizabeth

Katharine^, b. April 25, 1902.
Hi. Alvira M.^, b. July i, 1880.
iv. Eva M.5, b. Oct. 13, 1882.
V. Orrin C.^,h. April 20, 1885.
vi. Glenn G^, b. May 5, 1892.

David P. enlisted under the Old Flag Aug. 12, 1862, and
served in Co. H of the 92d Reg't 111. V. Infantry, until discharged,
June 2, 1865. He fought in thirty-three battles, and in some of
the bloodiest, as at Chickamauga and Resaca, but was so fortunate
as to escape without a scratch. The fortunes of war seem to be
as variable and capricious as the wind. The strange thing is not
that many get killed and maimed, but that the greater number
usually escape unharmed. Think of armies battling fiercely for
hours and days, and charging and counter-charging, and shells
and shot and bullets filling the air sometimes almost as thick as
the flakes of snow in a winter storm, and yet the majority escap-
ing without a scratch. And favored certainly is the man who
goes through tihirty-three battles without a hurt.

The battle of Chickamauga is especially impressed on David's
memory. It was in this great struggle that Wilder's division, to
which the 92d Illinois belonged, and Colonel Minty's cavalry bri-
gade, fighting dismounted, to which his cousin, John B. Sees, be-
longed, sustained the weight of the shock on tihe first day, when



The Gcrnhardt Family History. 279

the Confederate army under Bragg undertook by a furious rush
to crush the Union center under General Thomas. Wilder and
Minty had aligned their forces behind rail barricades, from which
they coolly poured on the enemy, when he had approached within
thirty or forty yards, a deliberate and most terrific, continuous,
death-dealing fire with their repeating Spencer rifles, and after
repelling him a number of times in about two hours' time, com-
pelled him to withdraw. These doughty brigades thus remained
in position on the front line, ready at any moment for a renewal
of the assault, until four o'clock the next morning, when they
were relieved by General Palmer's division, to which our plucky
juvenile kinsman, Nathan Kinman, belonged and carried a gun
and a knapsack. Both armies during the night prepared for a
still bigger fight, and the next day one of tihe great battles of the
war was fought. Taken all in all, it may not be claimed as a pos-
itive victory for the Union army, which barely escaped meeting
with a great disaster ; and neither was it a triumph for Bragg, who
lost Chattanooga by it, and two-thirds of his army. But to Gen-
eral Thomas, who did the hardest fighting, it is conceded to have
resulted in a splendid victory, and it was here that he won his well-
deserved sobriquet of "The Rock of Chickamauga."

The soldier's life in camp is made up of many kinds of experi-
ences, not often so unpleasant to dwell on as the details of human
slaughter. After the battle of Chickamauga David was detailed on
special duty, and was sent into camp on the north side of the Ten-
nessee River. Having nothing to eat for several days but grated
corn, he and one of the detail sallied out one day to forage for
something they thought better. Seeing some hogs in a field,
David proposed that they would have some fresh pork for a
change. They tied their horses, shot one of the hogs, dragged it
into the shade under a tree, and proceeded to skin and dress it.
They had not quite finished when the owner suddenly confronted
and surprised them — "a stately woman," said David, "as tall and
slender as a fence rail." She complained that it was hard for her
to lose her hogs, and they murmured that it was hard for them to
live on grated corn. After some further parley she insisted that

28o The Gernhardt Family History.

they should divide the carcass with tihe Johnnies, and that they
might keep the head and the entrails. They meekly agreed to
consider the suggestion, but — they divided the carcass with their
own better- appreciated and more-appreciative messmates.

5. Mary Katharine Garnhart^, b. May 5, 1843 ; m- William
Wallace Walters, March 14, 1866. He d. Aug. 24, 1895 ;
r. Rockwell City, Iowa. Six children :

i. Olive A. W.^, b. April 17, 1867; m. James Louis Rose,
Aug. 22, 1888 ; r. DesMoines, Iowa. One son : James
Louis^, b. Feb. 17, 1890.

a. Eva W.^, b. June 8, 1870; m. Geo. Chas. Sims, Oct. 30,

Hi. Odin Brown W.^, b. Feb. 10, 1872; m. Alma Stauda-
man, Dec. 25, 1899 ; r. Manning, Iowa.

iv. John Franklin Walters^, b. March 10, 1874 ; m. Myrtle
France, Dec. 4, 1901.

V. William Wallace W.^, b. March 31, 1876; m. Lulu An-
derson, Sept. 26, 1899; r- Rockwell City, Iowa. Two
sons: Ralph Arthur^, b. Jan. 15, 1901 ; Raymond
Elmo^, b. Jan. 12, 1903.

vi. Aaron Garnhart Walters^, h. Jan. 29, 1884.

6. Aaron Garnhart*, b. May 5, 1848; m. Addie Derwenf*.
He d. May 17, 1883. He enlisted as a recruit for the com-
pany to which his brother David P. belonged, and joined
the regiment at Concord, N. C, but the war was almost
over, and he escaped the ordeal of battle. Two children :
Ella C. and Lea D. The latter d. in California, and of
Ella no information has been obtained.

•7. John Willis Garnhart*, b. May 8, 1850; m. Caroline V.
Jones, Oct. 15, 1876; r. Ghana, 111. Three children:

i. Mittie L. G.^, b. Aug. 14, 1877 ; m. Frederick Lilley,
Sept. 12, 1900. One child: Ray Ogden^, b. July 20,
1 901.

a. Lula B. G.s, b. Nov. 12, 1878.

Hi. Flossie M. G.°, h. March 8, 1882.

8. Maurice Garnhart*, b. Aug. 16, 1864; d. in childhood.

The Gernhardt Family History. 281

III. BENJAMIN GARNHART3, b. Feb. 22, 1816 ; m. Susan
Martz, March 16, 1840; r. in Muncy Creek Township, Lycoming-
County, only about six miles from the Sinking Springs, where he
was born. Susan d. Oct. 4, 1888, and he d. Jan. i, 1894. Seven
children :

1. Mary Jane^, b. Jan. 23, 1842; m. Colon Logan, of St.

George, N. B., July 2, 1872; r. Watsontown, Pa. Six

children :

i. Susan M^, b. Feb. 13, 1873; m. Arthur Krum, May 19,

1897. Two children: Edner P.^, b. Sept. 22, 1898;

Clara E.^, b. July 7, 1902.
a. Benjamin F.^, b. April 21, 1875; d. Oct. 26, 1878.
Hi. Rosie M.^, h. March 20, 1877; d. Oct. 12, 1878.
iv. Helen E.^, b. Oct. 16, 1881 ; d. March 20, 1884.
V. Clara B.^, b. Aug. 11, 1883.
vi. William A.^h. June 14, 1888.

2. Daniel Franklin Garnhart*, b. Nov. 4, 1843; d. Nov.

27. 1853-

3. Martha Ann Garnhart"*, b. Feb. 11, 1846; m. James

Pressler, Nov. 25, 1869; r. Muncy, Pa. Five children:
i. Edzvard^, b. April 21, 1874; m. Minta Yount, of Hughes-

ville, Pa., Nov. 4, 1903 ; r. Pittsburgh, Pa.
a. Harry Benj. R.^, b. Sept. 25, 1875 ; m, Irene Anderson,

of Pittsburgh, July 15, 1893. One daughter: Roberta

Thorn^, b. Jan. 23, 1895.
Hi. Lillian May^, h. April 19, 1876; m. Edward Michael,

Jan. 6, 1897; r. Muncy, Pa.
iv. Boyd^, b. May 2, 1880.
V. Bessy Pthcnia^, b. June 21, 1884;) d. Aug. 27, 1884.

4. Agnes G.*'' ; died in infancy.

5. Hannah Amanda G.^, b. Oct. 27, 1850; d. March 4, 1885.

6. William Rankin G.^ b. Aug. 2, 1852 ; d. May 10, 1898.

7. James Pollock G.^ b. Oct. 17, 1854.

IV. SAMUEL GARNHART3, b. Oct. 11, 1818: m. Cath-
arine Hoffman, May 6, 1838; r. Delaware Township. Bought

282 The Gernhardt Family History.

and lived and died on land once part of his father's estate, about
three miles from the Sinking Springs, where he was born. He d.
Sept. 21, 1879, a"d she d. May 23, 1884. Seven children:

1. John*, b. May 12, 1838; d. January, 1842.

2. William H. G.^ b. Nov. 15, 1839; d. Jan. 18, 1842.

3. Mary Ann Garnhart'*, b. Oct. 13, 1841 ; m. first, Daniel
Hafer, who was drowned in the Susquehanna River, while
fishing, May 14, 1864; m. second, Harrison Bridinger, Jan.
31,1882. Two children:

i. George Parson Hafer^, b. May 17, 1863 ; m. Sara Berger,
Jan. 10, 1894; r. Montgomery, Pa.; o. merchant. Is a
director of the Montgomery National Bank, of the
Heilman Couch Manufacturing Company, of Fairview
Cemetery, and of the IMontgomerv^ schools. Two chil-
dren: Marguerite^ b. Dec. 18, 1894; William Berger^,
b. March 5, 1898.

'ii. Susannah Katharyn Hafer^, b. Nov. 21, 1864; m. Elmer
E. Best, May 26, 1887; r. Montgomery, Pa. Three
children: Palmer P.6, b. June 7, 1888; Myjtle Cap-
tola^ b. June 27, 1890; Mary Caroline^, b. Sept. 23,

4. Sarah Elizabeth Garnhart*, b. Dec. 17, 1843; "i- fi^st,
George Anderson, Dec. 26, 1865 ; second, William Taylor,
Aug. 4, 1886. Geo. A. lost his life by falling while at
work on the river bridge at Northumberland, Pa., June 14,.
1866. Wm. T. d. Jan. 30, 1889. She lives on the home-
stead with her brother Benjamin. Had one child : Cora
May Anderson^, b. Oct. i, 1866, and d. May 28, 1871. She
was born but little more than three months after the mis-
fortune that befell her father.

5. Catharine Jane Garnhart*, b. July 4, 1845 ! ^n- Porter
Eyster, Feb. 24, 1876; r. Delaware Township, almost with-
in sight of her childhood home. No issue.

6. George Jefferson Garnhart^ b. July 26, 1847; ^- Mary
E. Flick, Jan. 16, 1873; r. Delaware Township; o. farmer.
Six children :

i. Catharine Mila Garnhart^, b. Oct. 23, 1873.

a. Robert Mahlon Garnhart^, b. April 16, 1875; m. Jennie
Nicholas, Dec. i, 1897; r. Kile River, Ogle County, 111..


The Gernhardt Family History. 283

Three children : George James^, b.x 1898 — d. at age
of seven months ; Homer L.^, b. Oct. 26, 1899; Wilfred
Ray^, b. December, 1901 — d. May 25, 1903.

iti. William Flick Garnhart^, b. Nov. 16, 1876.

iv. Samuel Merritt Garnharfi, b. Aug. 13, 1878.

V. Daniel Raymond Garnhart^, h. Jan. 17, 1880.

vi. George Hozvell Garnhart^, b. Dec. 27, 1882.

Benjamin Franklin Garnhart^, b. July 14, 1849; "i-
Catharine Andrews, Dec. 23, 1884; r. on the homestead;
o. farmer. Part of his land was once a portion of his
grandfather Baltzer's farm. Five children :

i-ii. Carrie L. G.^, and Lloyd A.^, both died in infancy.

n7. Cora A. G}, b. April 28, 1892.

iv. Nada C. G.^, h. Nov. 14, 1894.

V. George Harold G.^, h. July 21, 1900.

V. DANIEL GARNHART3, b. May 22, 1825; m. Susan
Treon, Feb. 6, 185 1, a younger sister of Lydia, wife of John
Fogleman. She d. Sept. 10, 1898. They lived and raised their
large family on a subdivision of his father's farm, but since her
death he has his home with their daughter, Mary Etta Berger-
stock, and her husband, who own and now live on a farm adjoin-
ing. Before his wife died Daniel had become totally blind, in
some respects perhaps a greater affliction at his age than if he
had never known the inestimable blessing of good eyesight. He is
now the sole survivor of Baltzer's household, and the last living
member of the third generation still in the neighborhood of the
Sinking Springs and the old family burying ground. He has
always lived a quiet, even and unpretentious life, and is esteemed
as a good and upright citizen. I have known "Uncle Dan" for
a number of years, and have always liked him for his genial man-
ner, his uniform good nature and cheerful disposition, and his
fidelity to what he believes in. He was Overseer of the Poor
upwards of seventeen years, but could serve no longer because
overtaken by the affliction of blindness. Ten children :

284 The Gernhardt Family History.

1. Elizabeth Rejinah Garnhart^, b. Jan. 4, 1852; m. first,
Alfred Paintonx ; m. second, Ernest Roberts, of Manches-
ter, England, Aug. 28, 1893 ; r. Cleveland, Ohio. Seven
children :

i. Edzvard George Painton^, b. Nov. 16, 1872; m. Florence

a. Harriet Susan P}, b. Oct. 7, 1874 ; d. September, 1875.
Hi. Arthur Alfred P.^, b. May i, 1876; m. Florence Janette

iz'. Collins Warren P.^, b. Nov. 27, 1878; m. Frances

Lenore Loraine Whightman ; r. St. Louis, Mo.
z'. Lillian May P.^, h. Nov. 7, 1880; m. Frederick John

vi. Maud P.^ b. Aug. i, 1882 ; d. Oct. 6, 1885.
vii. Theodosia P.^, h. Dec. 4, 1884; m. Alfred Mendole


2. George Treon Garnhart*, b. April 22, 1853 ; m. Cora
Ellen Gififord, Aug. 27, 1879 ; r. Pain's Point, Ogle County,
111. ; o. farmer. Six children :

i. Carrie May^, b. Jan. 7, 1881.

a. William Henry^, h. Aug. 15, 1883 ; d. April 5, 1894.

lii. Clarence Walker^, h. Nov. 19, 1885.

iv. Harrison LeRoy^, b. Sept. 15, 1888.

V. Josephine Cora^, b. April i, 1894.

vi. Ora Kathalene^, b. Feb. 11, 1898.

3. Margaret Ellen Garnhart^ b. Sept. 23, 1855 ; m. Bar-
ney Rock, Oct. 22, 1888; r. Sheldon, Iowa. Four chil-
dren :

i. Belle^, b. April 11, 1889; d. March 8, 1894.

ii. Bessie^, b. Dec. 17, 1890.

Hi. Curtis Roy^, h. Jan. 2, 1898.

iv. Beulalv', b. Dec. 28, 1898; d. Nov. 8, 1899.

4. Mary Etta Garnhart*, b. Aug. 14, 1857 ; m. Albert Ber-

gerstock, Dec. 11, 1883; r. Delaware Township. One
daughter: May Susan, b. Sept. 23, 1884.

5. Levi Henry Garnhart"*, b. March 20, 1859. Went West,

and has not been heard from for upwards of twenty

The Gernhardt Family History. 285

6. John Albert Garnhart^, b. Dec. 23, 1861 ; m. Harriet
Bieber^. Four children : Frank^, Vera^ Floy^, and Lee^.

7. William Thomas Garnhart^, b. March 16, 1864; m. Ida

M. Winters, March 2, 1890; r. on a farm near Exchange,

Montour County, Pa. Three children:

i. Harry^, b. Nov. 24, 1890; d. Feb. 2, 1891.

a. Chester D.^ b. Feb. 28, 1896.

Hi. LeRoy^, b. March 2y, 1898; d. July 2, 1898.

8. Samuel Edwards Garnhart'^, b. May 8, 1866; d. Aug.

16, 1866.

9. Susannah Garnhart-*, b. Jan. 7, 1868; m. Franklin Dver,
Oct. 6, 1888. One child: Iva May^, b. July 12, 1895.
Susannah d. on the i8th of the same month; r. White
Rock, Ogle County, 111.

10. Crissa Alida May Garnhart^, b. Oct. 23, 1875 ; m.
Franklin Dyer, her brother-in-law, Feb. 8, 1896; r. Milton,
Pa. Two children :

i. Artimns^, b. Oct. 23, 1898.
a. Clyde C.5, b. Nov. 10, 1900.



Anna Maria, next to the youngest of Heinrich's children,
was bom Sept. 17, 1786, nearly three years before George Wash-
ington became the first President of the new Republic. She mar-
ried Charles Williams Dec. 13, 1808, three years after the pur-
chase of the Sinking Springs Farm. When Heinrich added the
codicil to his last will and testament, Feb. 28, 1820, she with her
husband and four children — the eldest now eleven and the young-
est five — it appears were at that time living on his large farm, as
it will be remembered that he directed that she and her two un-
married sisters, Elizabeth and Susanna, should remain on the
place for the space of one year after his decease clear of rent, be
furnished with firewood, hay for one cow each, ground "to plant
potatoes on," besides a certain quantity of apples, beef, pork,

286 The Gernhardt Family History.

wheat, corn and buckwheat, and the only stipulation named was
that "the girls must assist in gathering the apples." But death
in time breaks up and scatters every family, no matter how de-
voted to each other the members may be, or how contented, or
how comfortably situated they may be. One by one the sons and
daughters of Heinrich went forth into the wide world, until at
last the family was entirely and forever dispersed. Anna Maria was
the last of the four to migrate to the State of New York, but just
where she resided with her husband and children for about fifteen
years after the homestead was sold I have not ascertained, but
understand the farm on which she lived was in the same town-
ship, and near the river. About 1838 she moved with her family
— now also including a daughter-in-law, John's wife, and a son-
in-law, Nathan Kinman — to the neighborhood of Pekin, Niagara
County, N. Y., where some of her descendants still reside on land
she and her husband bought about sixty-five years ago. She died
April 8, 1862. Her descendants :

I. JOHN WILLIAM3, b. June 15, 1809; m. Mary Levan,
June 9, 1830. Lived for several years on a farm near Limestone-
ville, Montour County, Pa., but, as above stated, moved to the
State of New York in 1838. His wife died Sept. 16, 1845, and
he died Dec. 29, 1881. They had:

1. Charles S. Williams^ b. March 19, 1832; m. Mary Jane
Kelsey, Sept. 20, i860; r. St. Johns, Michigan. Three
children :

i. William A.^, b. Dec. 6, 1861 ; m. Miss Mary Leonie
Lapham, Nov. 26, 1885. One child: Gertrude Beat-
rice W.6, b. March 23, 1898.

a. Everette^, b. Aug. 12, 1863; d. March 12, 1867.

Hi. Charles D.^, b. Dec. i, 1868; d. May 23, 1869.

2. John B. Williams^, b. Jan. 6, 1834; d. in childhood.

3. Theodore C. Williams*, b. June 6, 1835 5 n^- Sarah L.
Root, Sept. 24, 1856; r. Pekin, N. Y. ; o. farmer. Three
sons and one daughter:

The Gernhardt Family History. 287

i. John T. Williains^, b. July 9, 1858 ; m. Elizabeth Staats,

Jan. 22, 1879 ; r. Pekin, N. Y. ; o. merchant. Four

children :
a. Grace Elicabeth W.^, b. Feb. 3, 1880; m. Rupert Glenn

Pool, April 26, 1899; r. Niagara Falls. One son:

Glenn R. PooF, b. Jan. 25, 1901.
h. Frank T. W.^, b. Oct. 20, 1881. . ■ .

c. Charles W.^, b. Aug. 10, 1883.

d. Edna M. W.^, b. April 10, 1900.

ii. Frank C. William^, b. March 4, i860; m. Ida L.

Canell, Dec. 21, 1881. Two children: Clarence C.^

b. July 21, 1883; ClaraS, b. July 10, 1888.
Hi. James R. William^, b. April 22, 1868; m. Alicine Dab-

ney, March 27, 1898.
iv. Sadie W.^, b. March 13, 1873; m. Harry N. Rexford,

April 22, 1902; r. Carnegie, Pa.

Mary L. Williams^, b. April 18, 1838; m. Smith J. New-
man, Oct. 18, 1865 ; r. Pekin, N. Y. Six children :
/. Ida Emma^, b. Dec. 16, 1867; m. Wilbert Seymore
Nichols, Aug. 17, 1887; r. Lewiston, N. Y. Four chil-
dren : May Blanche", b. Oct. 12, 1888 ; Effie Grover", b.
June 4, 1890 ; Ida Winnifred", b. Sept. 14, 1892 ; Lala
Lucinda^, b. Jan. 21, 1894.

//. Anna L. N.^, b. Feb. 6, 1870; m. Howard W. Bradlee,
Dec. 31, 1891 ; r. Ionia, Mich. One daughter: Vernly
Dewey", b. May i, 1898 — the morning that Admiral
Dewey won his great victory and destroyed the Span-
ish ships in Manila Bay.

Hi. Lala Frances N.^, h. March 7, 1871 ; m. Frank J. Cor-
nell, Oct. 28, 1888; r. Niagara Falls.

iv. Carrie May W. N.^, b. May 31, 1872; m. Walter L.
Collins, July i, 1894; r. Pekin. Two children: Ruth
L. N.6, b. Feb. 12, 1897 ; Grace W. N.«, b. May 25, 1898.

V. John Henry W. N.^, b. Sept. 7, 1874; m. Monica Mar-
guerite Kellick, July 7, 1899; n. c.

vi. Charles W. N.^ h. Jan. 7, 1876.

Emma Williams*, b. Dec. 16, 1841 ; m. George S. McCor-
mick, Nov. 25, 1862. She d. Aug. 26, 1864. No

288 The Gernhardt Family History.

II. ROSANNA WILLIAMS^, b. Nov. 5, 1810; m. Nathan
Kinman, Jan. 3, 1829. They moved from Niagara County, N.
Y., to Ohio in 1847. She d. April 4, 1887, at Bellbrook, Green
County, and is spoken of by persons who knew her well as a
bright, intelligent, and dearly beloved and estimable Christian
lady. Her husband was an uncle to Seth Kinman, the famous
hunter, trapper and adventurer, who was noted also for his skill
in fabricating unique objects of curiosity. He and Seth resem-
bled each other in their ingenuity and constructiveness, and in
their tireless and restless dispO'sitions, but were regarded as be-
ing very little alike in other respects. Nathan's handiwork and
inventions were not for mere exhibition, but were things of
utility and profit. He was a millwright by trade, and most of
his achievements were in the line of millwork. The most valu-
able was a Flour Packer, the best device of the kind then invented,
for which he obtained Letters Patent in October, 1849, ^"d from
the sale of which he realized enough to have made him and his
family comfortable for life, yet like many inventors it was never-

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