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Miss Emily A. Combs, of Chautauqua County, N. Y., Sept. i,
1845. She d. in 1848. He d. Aug. 21, 1857. Had one son:
George W.*, who enlisted in the 23d Independent Battery of N.
Y., and died of yellow fever at Newbern, N. C, Oct. 26, 1864,
aged 18 years and five months. I regret the failure to obtain
some particulars of this lonely orphan relative's service in the
army, as his loyalty and self-sacrifice merit more than this brief

"And though the warrior's sun has set,
Its light shall linger round us yet,
Bright — radiant— blest ! ' '

300 The Gernhardt Family History.



Susanna, the voungest of the children of Heinrich and Rosine,
was born September 24, 1789, and was therefore in her sixteenth
year when the family settled at the Sinking Spring. She was
thirty years old and still single in 1820, when Heinrich died, soon
after he had made his final will and bequeathed to her and her
sister, Anna Elizabeth, certain effects to make their patrimony, as
he says, "equal to what their married sisters get." She married
George Hosteller, but of the date of the wedding no record seems
to have been preserved. She had but one child, Rubet Harion,
born Feb. 6, 1825, who died when in her seventh year, Hay i,.
183 1. The little marble headstone that marks her grave had
sunken almost out of sight, and on one oi my visits to the old
graveyard I spent some minutes scraping away the soil so that
the stone could be raised and the inscription on it read. Susanna
died Nov. 25, 1846, at the age of 57, and her husband died Nov. 15,
1859, aged 75 years. The graves of the three are side by side in
the second tier back of the row (in front rather, because next to
the street) containing the "long homes" of Anna Elizabeth and
Baltzer ancThis wife — and we believe also (between the grave of
Anna E. and the church) the unmarked and forgotten graves of
Heinrich and Rosine, and perhaps the first wife of Philip. See
the engraving of the Delaware Run Church and graveyard.
George lies nearest to the church, just back of the horse-shed, then
Susanna, and then little Rubet Harion ; and there peacefully re-
pose the three of our almost forgotten kindred, of whom we may
say in the words of the beautiful poem, "Why should the spirit of
mortal be proud," that Abraham Lincoln so loved :

"The infant a mother attended and loved,
The mother that infant's affection who proved ;
The hushand that mother and infant who hlessed,
Each, all, are away to their dwellings of rest."

Susanna has, therefore, left no posterity. Her own little
household is not only now long extinct, but while eight of her sis-
ters and brothers already have a multitude of descendants, not one

The Gcrnliardt Faiiiilv History.

drop of her blood now courses through human heart. She always
resided in Delaware Township (once part of Turbut), and passed
all her married days less than three miles from the Sinking
Spring, where she had spent most of her single da}s.

There is the grave of another slumbering Mosteller in the
same row, next to little Rubet Marion's, that is of mterest to the
descendants of Heinrich and Rosine, and yet it is of one of whom
not a living soul that we know has been able to give one word of
information. The headstone bears the following inscription :
"Anna Susan Mosteller, Born a Fetterman, Wife of Heinrich
Mosteller, Born July 26, 1758, Died 15 Sept., 1822." Now, who
was Anna Susan Fetterman ? Was she a sister of our mother,
Rosine? Was she the grandmother of the child, Rubet Marion,
that sleeps under the clods of the valley beside her ? Was she the
aunt of Susan Gernhardt Mosteller? Did the Mostellers settle in
Turbut after or before Heinrich and Rosine? And where was
Heinrich Mosteller buried? No one now living seems to know.
How soon we frail mortals forget, and are ourselves in turn for-
gotten. The next three graves in the same row contain Jacob
Doebler, his wife Susanna, and their daughter Lydia. The
Doeblers had been neighbors of Heinrich and Rosine, and were
members of the same cpmmunion. Mrs. Doebler, we have been
informed, was a sister of George Mosteller's, so the two families
were evidently as closely related in life as they are now connected
in death. Next in the same row are six graves of the Fogleman
branch of the Gernhardt family, viz. :

1. Catharine Fogleman, who died in 1840 — just 20 years

after her father, Heinrich.

2. Peter, Catharine's husband, who died in 1848. In the
picture of the church and graveyard the tall, slightly
curved top headstone just back of the horse-shed marks
Peter's grave.

3. George, infant son of Catharine and Peter.

4. Mary Ann, first wife of Catharine's son, Peter ; d. July

I, 1851.

502 The Gernhardt Family History.

5. William, infant son of Marv Ann (Buck) and Peter,
Jr.; d. July 28, 1 851.

6. John Calvin, infant son of same; d. March 20, 1866.
"Susanna Hosteller loved children," said the still living blind

Daniel, the youngest of Baltzer's five children, "and the children
all took to her." Daniel was born only a few months after Rubet
Marion, but he well remembers his beloved and ever cheerful
aunt, Susanna, who survived her lamented Rubet fifteen years. I
myself saw Susanna but once that I remember, two or three years
before she died, and being then only about seven years old, I have
but a slight recollection of her. My father one winter day de-
livered a load of chairs and bedsteads that had been ordered by
residers in Delaware Township, and took me with him. On the
way home we drove around by her humble abode, which I well re-
member as a one and one-half-stor\-, unpainted, three or four room
house, and made her a friendly call. The weather had suddenly
become disagreeably blusten^ and cold, and I was ill and had be-
come thoroughly chilled. With gratelul feelings I still remember
how my distressed condition appealed to her motherly love, and
how solicitous she immediately became to make me comfortable.
I can still see the dear, loving soul as she poured some whiskev
into a pan and set the fluid a burning, and remember the childish
interest with which I watched the blue flames as they whirled and
twirled over the pan, and wondered what she was doing that for.
I had been dosed so much that I had got a perfect horror of every-
thing in the form of medicine, — the drugging habit is another out-
rage on juvenile humanity, of which I was a victim, — but after she
had with her persuasive kindness given me a taste of the remedy
thus prepared, I was quite willing to take all she was willing to
administer, as I found I was for once getting a remedy that was
not hard to take. More than this respecting our kind Aunt I do
not remember. The early histojy of our American family should
have been written sixty or more years ago.

Not only is Susanna's little family now extinct. The same
sad fate has befallen the households of all her sisters and brothers.
All have had their day, and have gone the way of all the earth.

The Gcnihardt Fainily History


And so have nearly all the 47 families of the third generation
passed away, — eight of Heinrich's 55 grandchildren died single, —
and many of even the 249 families of the 328 great-grandchildren
are now no more. It is the way of the world. Every individual
family now existing is destined some day to be in like manner
broken up. A number of the 373 families of the fifth generation
herein recorded — the record is not as complete as we had hoped to
have it — have already been extinguished or dispersed. And they
of the sixth (many of the sixth are now married) and seventh
generations, who are now in greatly augmented numbers coming
to the front and taking the places of the departed and departing —
they too must follow the same universal trail of the great proces-
sion that never stops moving to the land of silence, where, as Job
says, "the weary be at rest." Human homes are like birds' nests,
and, as Longfellow has tersely said, "there are no birds in last
year's nest." If a family is not soon dissolved by all its members
paying the common debt of nature, as in the case of Susanna's
family, the dissolution presently begins by separation and disper-
sion, as the children grow up, marry, leave home, and themselves
in turn make homes and become the heads of families. Thus sin-
gle families are born and die, come into being and pass away, just
as the ever perishing members that constitute them come and go.
Animals of all orders perpetuate their species, and alike live by
eating, but the noble joys and blessings of family life, the pleas-
ures and comforts that are earned by industr\' and frugality, and
the fruits of reason and rectitude, belong to the human race, for
whom God ordained the sacred institution of matrimony. Love
of home, of children, of brothers and sisters, of parents, of kin-
dred and humanity, and of truth, knowledge, virtue and noble
deeds, should from first to last be the highest aim and daily les-
son of Family Life. To make domestic life a happy condition,
and honor God, man cannot live by bread alone, or exist and sub-
sist merely by eating, as the low^er animals, but must live by every
word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. That is, man
must live as God in His Word has enjoined ; he must love and not
hate, he must be pure and not vile, he must be meek and humble

304 The Gernhardt Family History.

and not vain and proud, and must simply day by day do his duty.
May this be the idea of Family Life and the record of every one
who has in his veins the blood of Heinrich and Rosine Gernhardt.


Twenty-nine members of the family who enlisted in the Union
Army during the Civil War were of the fourth generation, and
four who served in the recent war with Spain were of the fifth
generation. Most of these kinsmen were still under age, still in-
deed boys, when they put on suits of blue, shouldered guns, or
buckled on sabres, and heavily equipped with canteens, haver-
sacks, knapsacks, shelter tents and blankets, started campaigning
down in Dixie as soldiers. All but four or five of the number are
still living. See their respective family records for the particu-
lars of their patriotic service :

Jacob Branch :

1. Philip Garnett, Co. I, 126th Reg't N. Y. V. I.

2. Charles Peter Lilley, Co. B, 177th Reg't Ohio V. I.

3. Washington Garnhart, Co. H, 84th O. V. I. and Co. F,

163d O.

4. Samuel Garnhart, Co. I, 15th O. V. I. ; d. of disease con-
tracted in service.

5. Ezra Lloyd Eckis, Co. M, 8th Reg't O. V. I.— in Cuban

6. Chauncy Wichterman, Co. H, 151st N. Y. V. I.

Philip Branch :

7. Adam Porter Mecum, 23d Ind. Heavy Artillery.

8. Oren Lyman Cole, Co. B, 13th Minn. — in Philippine War.
John Branch :

9. Lewis Donmoyer, Co. E, 17th Pa. Cav. ; d. of wound.

Benjamin F. Donmoyer, One Hundred Day Service.
Randolph W. Donmoyer, Co. E, 17th Pa. Cav.
James Gernert, Co. G, 5th Pa. V. M.
Jeremiah M. M. Gernerd, Co. E. 37th Pa. V. ]\I.
Matthias Gernert, Co. F, 4th Pa. Cav.

The Gcrnhardt Family History. 305

Catharine Br.\nch :

15. Jeremiah E. Baker, Co. H, 131st Reg't Pa. V. I.

16. Daniel W. Fogleman, Co. K, 88th Reg't Pa. V. I.

17. Hiram A. Fogleman, Co. K, 88th Reg't Pa. V. I.

Margaret Branch :

18. Alexander L. Litchard, Co. D, 86th Reg't N. Y. V. I.

19. Almanzo W. Litchard, New York Heavy Artillery.

20. John B. Litchard, Co. D, First New York Dragoons.

21. Frank Ezra Litchard, Hospital Corps of U. S. A. in Span-
ish-Am. War.

22. Royal R. Clemons, Co. E, Ninth N. Y. Heavy Artillery.

23. Julius E. Clemons, Co. E, Ninth N. Y. Heavy Artillery.

Baltzer Br.\nch :

24. John B. Sees, Co. D, 7th Reg't Pa. V. Cav.

25. Abraham S. Sees, Co. L, 28th Reg't U. S. V. L — in late

war with Spain.

26. Robert D. Sees, Co. B, 131st Reg't Pa. V. L

27. David P. Garnhart, Co. H, 92d Reg't 111. V. L

28. Aaron Garnhart, Co. H, 92d Reg't 111. V. I.

Anna Maria Branch :

29. Charles S. Williams, i8th New York Battery.

John Kinman, fell at Pittsburg Landing.
Charles C. Kinman, 23d Kentucky Vol. I.
Nathan T. Kinman, Co. G, 79th Pa. V. I.
George W. Williams, 23d N. Y. I. B. ; d. of yellow fever.

"Oh, Peace! thou source and soul of social life;
Beneath whose calm, inspiring influence
Science his view enlarges, Art refines,
And swelling Commerce opens all her ports;
Blest be the man divine who gave us thee ! "


I thought I had given the proof sheets of this book the most
careful supervision, but after it was in print I had the mortifica-
tion to find that it is marred by some aggravating errors. Other
mistakes will most likely be found by the kindred especially inter-
ested, as in transcribing so many dates and names — often indis-
tinctly written — it was an easy matter to misapprehend. When
an error is discovered it should forthwith be noted on the margin,
so that the record as printed may not pass down to future genera-
tions as being correct. But by a very singular and vexing fatal-
ity in arranging the manuscript it chanced that I had even left
out one whole family. The following registry should have ap-
peared on page 199 as a part of the record of JOHN GERNET^:
6. Ida J.Gernert*, b. May 4, 1862; m. Henry D. Sittler, Sept.
22, i828 ; r. Trexlertown, Pa. Four children : Lizzie B.^.
b. March 24, 1889; Hannah M.^, b. March 11, 1890; Wil-
liam J. 5, b. April 20, 1893 ; Clarence H.^ b. Nov. 30, 1896.


[This index takes in but four generations. To have included
all the names would have required more than treble the number

of pages. The record of any one of the later generations may
quickly be found, however, by first finding the name of the parent,
or grandparent, or the branch of the family to which the member

Ancestors in Europe 23

Altmire, Angeline S 97

Artman, Emma Fogelman'^ 215

Allen, Lettie Litchard"* 246

Amess, Catharine Litchard^ 251

George J.* 252











Billson, Sarah Lilley^ 109

Barton, Sarah Louise Garnett* 1 14

Brubaker, Susan Garnharf* 122

Bloom, Sarah Ann Friedley^ 138-

Brownell, Malina Coller^ 142

Birds, Clara C. Gleason and her pet* 144

Bortz, Catharine Donmoyer'* 151

Mary Ann Gernert Gackenbach^ 177

Bleiler, Catharine E. J. Gernert* 176

Bomgardner, Anna M. Gernert* 194

Baker, Jeremiah* 216

Board, Lvdia M. Fogleman* 226

3o8 Index.

Becker, Emma C. Fogleman* 22^

Bridinger, Mary Ann Garnharf* 282

Bergerstock, Mary Etta Garnhart^ 284

Conestoga Wagons 48

Clark, Lydia Garnet^ 135

Chamberlin, Lovina Friedley'' 137

CoLLER, Catharine Garnhart^ 140

Cruse, Sarah K. Garnhart^ 143

James Hervey'* 144

Cole, Mary Catharine Lyman'* 147

" Oren Lyman* 147

Carr, Harriet F. Litchard"* 231

Clark, Harriet E. Keihle* 251

" Lucy Keihle* 251

Crane, Deliah Steffy* 251

Clemons, Margaret Rebecca Litchard^ 253

" Royal Rowland* 253

" Julius Edgar* 258

" James Elmer* 259

" Clarence Raf aella* 260

Ernest E.* 260

Crayden, Martha Luthera demons* 260

Curtis, Sarah Ann Kinman* 292

Delaware Run Church 64

Denton, Harriet Esther Garnet* 108

Dellinger, Margaret Lilley* 113

Donmoyer, Hannah Gernert^ 151

" William* 152

" Lewis* 155

Benjamin Franklin* 157

Rudolph Wellington* 158

Milton Taylor* 166

Duck Farm, C. W. B. Gemerd's 174

Dangle, Mary C. Mosteller* 205

Hiram P.^ 205

Dunbar, Marietta Fogleman* 214

Downs, Harriet L.* 231

Dunning, Dora Litchard* 246

Dyer, Susannah Garnhart* 285

" Crissa Alida May Garnhart* 285

Index. 309

Easton, Margaret Garnet* 108

Eckis, Martha Jane Garnhart* 124

Ezra Lloyd^ 124

Ey ster, Catharine Jane Garnhart* 282

Family, growth of 79

" names 86

Friedley, Anna Maria E. Garnet^ 137

George* i37

Felty, Anna M. Donmoyer* ; 1 54

Fisher, Maria E. Hinterleiter* 169

" Fianna E. Hinterleiter* 170

Fritz, Hannah M. Gernert* 181

Fenstergiacher, Anna E. Gernerd* 197

Frey, Sarah J. Gernerd* 197

Fogleman, Jacob* , 203

JoHN^ 212

Henry* 213

John* 214

Ephraim* .• . . . 214

Thomas* 215

Simon P.* 215

" Peter3 224

Daniel Wesley* 224

Hiram Augustus* 225

David Emerson* 226

Wilson Jefferson* 226

Charles E.* 226

Rebecca Ellen* 227

Peter Elmer* 227

O. Frank* 227

Frey, Catherine Fogleman^ 216

Fairchild, Elizabeth Keihle* 248

Gernhardt, the name 68

Garnet, George^ 102

Jacobs 102

John* 102

Daniel* 103

George* 103

Jacob* 104

Garnett, Philip* 104

Garnet, William* 107

Henry* 108

3IO Index.

Garnett, John^ 113

Stephen^ 115

George* 115

Garnhart,, Daniel^ 115

John'', (Daniel^) 116

Jacob-* 116

George* 121

David* 122

Washington* 123

Samuel* 123

David3, (PhiHp2) 143

David Bieber* 143

JoHN^, (Baltzer^) 277

Charles William*, (John^) • . . 277

Henry Clay* 277

" George Washington* 277

David Porter* 278

" Aaron* 280

John Willis* 280

" " BenJxVmin^ 281

" James Pollock* (Benjamin^) 281

" Samuel^ 281

" George Jefferson*, (Samuel^) 282

" Benjamin Franklin* 283

Daniel^ 283

" George Treon*, (Daniel^) 284

Levi Henry* 284

John Albert* 285

William Thomas* 285

Gernert, Jonas^ 173

Jonathan* 173

Isaac Granville* 177

James* 1 79

William Morris* 180

John*, (Nathan^) 181

Milton Oscar* 181

Solomon^ 192

Joseph H.* 192

Hiram* 193

Solomon Sylvester* 193

Milton J.*. '. 194

Jeremiah* 194

Henry^ 194



Gernert, Matthias-*, (Henry^) 194

Aaron'* 194

George Alfred-* 195

" William^ 196

JOHN^ 198

Milton^ (John3) 198

Hannah"* 198

Albert Strauss'* 199

Morris^ 199

" Benjamin German^ 199

" Selden Morris S.^ 199

" Addie Lora^ 199

" Alvertie Carthagina^ 199

" Reuben^ 200

Revere^ 200

Emma C."* 200

Oliver H.* 201

Gernerd, Charles Alfred^ 173

Charles Wilso)i B.^ 174

" Nathan^ 178

" Dr. Harrison Augustus* 179

" George William* 180

David3, (John2) 181

Jeremiah Meitzler Mohr* 182

" James William"* 196

Milton Jonas'* 197

" Charles Peter* 198

Gleason, Clara W. Cruse"* 144

Gackenbach, Charles W.* 178

Grumbein, Helen Gernert* 193

Grey, Mary Amess* 252

Gaston, Lelia Alberta demons* 259

Generations, the first three yj

Hinterleiter, Catharine Gernert^ 167

Jacob* 167

" Joshua* 168

John G.* 170

William G.* 171

Daniel* 172

Charles Alfred* 172

Hess, Sarah A. Hinterleiter* 170

Hitt, Martha Ann Garnett* 114

312 Index.

Holben, Fianna A. Gernerd* 176

Haines, Eliza A. Gackenbach^ 1 77

Hassinger, Susanna Gernert* 193

Hilliard, Caroline Fogleman^ 214

Hoffman, Rachel Fogleman'^ 215

Harlem AN, Elizabeth Fogleman^ 215

Joseph F.4 215

" Davis Emmerson^ 216

Hart, Lucy E. Harleman* 216

Holland, Alma J. Fogleman* 226

Harger, Harriet Hosteller^. 252

Indians, passing of the 33

Indian Walk 43

" Net-sinkers 53

Indians, shamefully treated 118

Indian Relics 187

Inheritance, law of 85

Kreider, Conrad, W. M. General 36

" Caroline Gernert* 195

Klotz, Ellen Fianna 197

Kuder, Maria A. Gackenbach^ 177

Keller, Sarah E. Gernerd^ 180

Keihle, Elizabeth Litchard^ 247

Rev. David Litchard^ 247

Rev. Amos .Augustus^ 249

Alvin Melvin* 251

" Carrie Louise^ 251


Seth 288

John* 292



Nathan* 294

Language and Living, change of •. . y2

Lilley, Susanna Garnet^ 109

John W.* Ill

" Jacob* Ill

*' Charles Peter* iii

" Daniel* 112

Long, Susanna Wichterman* 130

Lyman, Hannah Bieber Garnhart^ 146

Charles C*.
William H.4.


Index. 313

Lyman, Albert Clark^ 146

James Hope'* 147

Eddy Ellsworth^ 148

Leslie, Anna M. Lyman^ 146

Levan, Anna Maria Gernert* 178

Laudermilch, Sarah A. C. Gernert^ 195

Loudenslager, Hannah M. Fogleman* 212

LiTCHARD, William^ 230

John William'* 230

David^ 231

George^ 231

Alexander^ 232

" Hon. Almanzo W.* 234

John B.* 237

" Frank Ezra^ 240

" Lemuel H."* 246

George Roger^ 246

Alerrill, Carrie Garnetf* 115

McNinch, Clarissa Cruger* 141

Mecum, Rosena F. Garnhart^ 142

Adam Porter'* 142

'Aleitzler, Ellen C. Gernert^ 181


" Joshua David* 204

William H.4 205

Hiram Washington* 212

John* 251

William* 252

jNIcCormick, Emma Williams 287

Mule "Dave," Seth Kinman and his 289

Maloney, Mary Sophia Kinman* 294

New World Life 25

Northampton County, exodus from 45

Northumberland County, settlement in 49

"Now and Then" 185

Norman, Loretta Elsie demons* 260

Newman, Mary L. Williams* 287

Owings, Elizabeth Garnhart* 1 16

Otis, Adilla Leonora demons* 259

Politics and Religion 53

Progress of the Human Race 74



Philpot, Susanna Lilley* 109

Palmer, Mary Lilley'' no

Priestley, Dr. Joseph 1 50

Page, Caroline Sees* 276

Redemptioners 21

Revolution, War of the 33

Religious Sects, the unification of 56

Reed, Melvina C. Fogleman* 225

Roberts, Elizabeth Rejinah Garnhart* 284

Rock, Margaret Ellen* 284

Sinking Springs 49

Superstition 58

Spiritualism 62

Siiaf er, Magdalena^, and Andrew 89

Henry^ 90

" George* 91

John* 92

Andrew* 96

Schafifer, Frances A. Garnet* 108

Sherman, Orra Ann Lilley* 113,

Sipe, Esther Garnhart* 122

Sotzen, Lovina Garnhart* 124

Seigfried, Eliza Hinterleiter* 169

Stronninger, Mary A. Gemerd* 196

Stuckert, Alice Amanda Gemert* 200

Snakes as Pets 206

Sheadle, Mary C. Harleman* 2x6

Stadler, Elmira Fogleman* 225

Smith, Elizabeth Litchard* 23T

Steffy, Mary Litchard^ 251

" Monroe* 251

Sees, Mary Garnhart^ 263

" William H.* 263

" Jacob Sylvester* 263

" John B.* 264

'' Abraham Smith^ 273

" Robert Dunn* 275

Scott, Ellen Jane Kinman* 294

Taming Wild Birds 144

Tavlor, Sarah Elizabeth Garnhart* 282

Index. 315

Witchcraft Farce 62


John D.4 130

Chauncy^ 132

Edward L> 134

Charles Luther* 133

Widrig, Mary J. Wichterman* 131

Wringal, Amanda Friedley"* 138

Walton, Maria W. Garnhart^ 148

Wieand, Magdalena A. Gernerd* 198

Walters, Mary Katharine Garnhart* 280

Williams, John^ 286

Charles S.* 286

Theodore C* 286

Charles C.^ 299

Georg-e W.* 299

Young, Maria Garnet* 107

#88 9

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